Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another White House snub.

I am not impressed with celebrity. I have had the opportunity to meet some pretty famous people in my life and I have spurned the opportunity to meet others. Nothing against them, their fame is not their fault. It's just that it's not in my DNA to get hyped over certain things, fame being one of them.

But then, I am not in a profession where one of the rewards for my success is meeting the president of these divided states. If it was, and I did reach that pinnacle, I doubt seriously if I would turn it down. I mean there are famous people and there are FAMOUS PEOPLE. The president of these divided states qualities as a famous person with capital letters.

Which brings me to James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers. This ignoramus refuses to meet with the president of these divided states with the rest of his Steelers for the lamest of all

"This is how I feel -- if you want to see the Pittsburgh Steelers, invite us when we don't win the Super Bowl. As far as I'm concerned, he [Obama] would've invited Arizona if they had won."

James, with all due respect, you are a fucking idiot. Not only is Barack Obama the most powerful man on earth but one could argue that he is one of the most important historical figures --even at this early stage-- in the history of these divided states. He is just not a famous person he is a famous person with capital letters. You, as a black man, should be ashamed of yourself. Where is your sense of history? (For the record, you were just as dumb to pass on meeting W with your teammates) It would have been something to tell your children and grandchildren; the fact that you visited the White House and met the first black president. Don't you get that? What a shame, all that money you make from playing ball and you can't even buy a clue.

You are not hurting the president by not accepting his invitation, you are hurting yourself. His O ness has met many famous people and he is famous himself, you taking some kind of righteous stand not to visit the White House just makes you look stupid.

Oh field, stop it. If this was a republican president and the guy had refused to meet with him you wouldn't even have posted about it, but because it's a black president and a black football player dissed him, you are all up in arms. Isn't that true field?

Well, yes and no. I would be up in arms and posted about it if it was a black republican president. (What's the chance of that ever happening?) Because James Harrison should have a sense of history and he should understand the historical importance of having the first president of color in the White House, whether he agrees with the man's politics or not.

Oh well, just one more reason not to hold these athletes up as role models for our children. They continue to do great things on the playing field, but dumb things off it. As if this wasn't bad enough. Harrison's stance on visiting the White House should get him flagged for unnecessary stupidity.


rikyrah said...

This guy it too clueless for words. He would have the picture for his children and grandchildren. They will just look at him and go ' huh', when he tries to 'explain' himself.

Anonymous said...

I overheard this conversation at a supermarket once. Two ex-classmates teenagers met and the female cashier asked the guy if he'd found a job yet. He said, "Nope, they gotta come to me if they want my work." Somehow dissing has expanded to include damn near everything.


Jody said...

Well, I guess Wikipedia can add his picture under the definition of "stupid."

field negro said...

spork, that's actually pretty funny.

rikyrah, he will just brag that he was a pro football player. Hopefully the kids won't be impressed and will be dissapointed that he didnt meet the president.

Anonymous said...

Maybe his brain's still lacking oxygen from that interception and run back he made in the Super Bowl? I don't get it. Meeting President Obama is like having a drivers license. It's a PRIVILEGE to meet the President, regardless what party elected him.

tjwash said...

Hee...he obviously doesn't make the big NFL money because of his critical thinking skills ;)

I'd actually have more respect for him if he did skip the meeting because of some political difference with the President, like Mark Chmura did in 1998. Then at least, it would actually have to be a thought out basis for his action.

Didn't Tiger Woods say about the same thing when he was asked to join Bill Clinton and Rachel Robinson at Shea to officially retire Jackie's number? Said that he should have been invited before he won the Masters, or some such thing?


This dude can sit at home in his three ka-jillion dollar mansion, drive over to Starbucks for a six dollar latte in his Ferrari, and just chill while the rest of his team goes to meet the President. No skin off his back, and none off of Obama's either.

LACoincidental said...

Proving once more that having a big paycheck can't buy you a brain. You skip out on an opportunity to meet powerful man on earth because of what?! He's not a true Steelers fan?! This monkey is letting all the money, ectasy and white women go to his steroid inject cranium.

Lord, when will the day come when we start paying attention this muscle bound 'Bamas based on their contribution to the Diaspora and not their ability to run a leather ball down astroturf?

It also doesn't help that I detest American football.

Pete in AZ said...


Can I go in his place?

rikyrah said...


contrast this adult fool with the child in this picture:

this picture is so deep.

And the child shall speak the truth

Daktari said...

Ya know field, I'm no big shot in my profession, but if by some miracle I did manage to snag a prize that got me an invite to the White House, well, I think I'd have passed on a W visit, although I would have gone to see his Dad or Reagan. Just something about W that way.

Maybe it was the torture. Or the non-existent WMDs. Or maybe it was just HIS massive stupidity.

But I don't think Harrison has thoughts like that. His loss.

Unknown said...

Harrison? Isn't he the guy who almost cost the Steelers the game by getting a flag for a late hit in the 4th quarter and giving Arizona an auto first down? Yeah, if I were the owner he'd be going to the Raiders about now.

Anonymous said...

I've never ever thought that these athletes were the brightest bulbs in the box.

Uncle played in the league WAY back in the day, my cuz was in the league, and wifey's nephew has SB rings.

But nephew is broke now, after 7 figure signings, Cuz coaches up your way FN, and Uncle is my favorite FN......LOL.


SouthernGirl2 said...


I love that picture. Just too precious. He's a darling!

Mr. Noface said...

"This is how I feel -- if you want to see the Pittsburgh Steelers, invite us when we don't win the Super Bowl. As far as I'm concerned, he [Obama] would've invited Arizona if they had won."

LMAO! This guy is S-M-R-T without the "A"becuase he is Astoundingly clueless and too caught up in his own hype. OF COURSE THE PRESIDENT WOULD HAVE INVITED ARIZONA IF THEY HAD WON! I mean isn't tha what Presidents do, invite the WINNING TEAM to the White House? SMH and LOL @ this guy!

west coast story said...

Who is James harrison?

Gregory said...

Historically, the winning teams are invited to the White House. Duh. Not too hard to understand why the Detroit Lions (no offense to Lions fans) are not likely to get a similar invitation any time soon.

Maybe Mr. Harrison should reconsider his position. Just a thought.

Saleema said...

Wow. He gets the Idiot of the Century award.

Bob said...

What an idiot. Winners get to meet the president, no matter who the president is or who the winner is. It's honorary, & you earn it, & all you gotta do is show up. If you're lucky, like the UConn women basketball team, the Prez might even hang out with you for awhile.

SouthernGirl2 said...

He would have the picture for his children and grandchildren.He is too selfish to think of anyone but himself! Jerk!

Black Diaspora said...

James Harrison needs to work as hard in the field as he does on the field.

The gridiron may be his second home, but the field should be his first one.

Some of us become so big in our own minds that everyone else around us look like lilliputians.

And even when a real giant shows up, like President Barack Obama, we still see lilliputians, and refuse to alter our perception of the world--that in reality we're the one's with lilliputian brains, with diminutive world views.

What makes Harrison believe that what he does is more important than what the president does, that his exploits on the gridiron makes him so much more important than the president, that he, the president, should invite him to the White House without him first doing something meritorious to prompt such an invitation?

I would have met with George Bush had I been invited, and I'm no George Bush fan.

I would have used the occasion to ask him about all the e-mails that I sent him urging him to end the war in Iraq, and to better equip our military so that it might fend off attacks, or, at the least, to survive them.

James Harrison, thinking you're all that on and off the field is what gets you, and other athletes like you, in a world of trouble, and land you in jail, or doing a long stint in prison.

Get over yourself! You didn't hurt the president, you merely damaged our estimate of you.

grinder said...

Even by the low standards of professional athletics, Harrison is a laughable moron,

Anonymous said...

Harrison is dumb beyond words, I see why the Ravens cut him.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

His lack of logic is mind blowing. The winning team goes to the WH.


Anonymous said...

I had a chance to meet the Pope, the one before the current one, and declined...
Nothin against the guy, just had better things to do...
NOW if I could meet Winona Ryder that would be different...


field negro said...

I think we are all in agreement here. This was a dumb thing for the guy to do. And I agree with thwash; I would have had more respect for the guy if he didn't go because of his personal political convictions.

rikyrah, thanks for that link.

Frank, you should have taken the chance to meet the Pope and asked for confession. :)

Christopher said...

Never heard of James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It isn't like he's Manny Ramirez, Derek Jeter, or David Wright.

For that matter, he isn't even Beyonce, Cher, or Aretha.

James Harrison sounds like a regular idiot, if you ask me.

Whitney B. said...

Is Harrison an oxy-MORON (black Rebubba)?

Whitney B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
alicia banks said...

wow...thanks FN!

i am rarely so impressed by any athlete

jh made my day!

obama = gwb 2.0

i admire jh's consistency and courage

i respect his truth and honesty,

kudos to jh!!!


Anonymous said...

Harrison is a hero in Pittsburgh- and I couldn't agree more--stupid personal choice and even worse considering his 'role model' status in the Burgh.

Hoping the Rooneys step in and help him change his overblown mind.

Christopher Chambers said...


Here is yet another slice of lack America (besides (1) bammas still murdering each other or pumping out kids, (2) the big record company-supported wing of Hip Hop, (3) mega preachers and (4) Tyler Perry fans) who did not get the memo on 1/20/09.

Even the wingnuts didn't waste time on his ass.

Now, playing wingnut's Devils Advocate, what if Manny Ramirez or a newly sprung Mike Vick shows up at the White House? Should O man tell them to step, or embrace them?

uptownsteve said...

This fool makes Charles Barkley look like Socrates.

Nan said...

James Harrison sounds like he's played way too much football while not wearing the helmet.

Dr. Nuwang said...

Puleeze! NONE of you would have respected the guy for not attending for political reasons. You would have commented by calling him a Stupid, Uncle Tom, house negro.(roll eyes)

So much for live and let live.

Whitney B. said...

Off topic (sort of):

Just checked in with my peep over at Stuff White People Do and there is a guess article by a woman who is from Ghana ranting about the term "Aftrican American".

I agree. Field is not African American. He is from Jamaica. He is a Negro or black person.

There was an article in our local paper the other day about legal immigrants from Haiti and they were referring to these folks as "Aftrican Americans". HA!

The article is very good, check it out.

uptownsteve said...

"I agree. Field is not African American. He is from Jamaica. He is a Negro or black person."


Whitney, had our histories not been stolen from us American black folks would be able to refer to themselves as Gambia-Americans, Ghananian-Americans or Senegali-Americans just as white folks refer to themselves as Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, so forth.

As Peter Tosh said, "no matter where you come from, as long as you're a black man, you're an African."

Jody said...

Fly... your statement ASSUMES alot... if the guy had said it was political, that would be one thing.... and a REASON for not going. But that is not what he said. His reason is because Obama just wanted him to come because he was on the winning team..... which is what EVERY president has done and does and will do.... a time honored tradition to invite and congratulate the winning teams of various sports, both professional and amateur to the white house. Thus his reasoning (if you can call it that) is just plain idiotic. And fyi, it's not about Obama, he said and did the same thing with Bush.

Dr. Nuwang said...

Assuming isn't that hard on a blog filled with left wing extremist, Jody.

I'm just wondering if turning down an opportunity to meet Prez Obama is the new true field negro lithmus test, LOL!!

alicia banks said...

ditto fly!

i give jh an A+ for rejecting that blackish/gray man in that white house...

and he did the very same thing to his mentor/puppeteer gwb...

so he is cool by me


Whitney B. said...

UT Steve,
I am a mutt. I refer to my own self as an American or white, not caucasion. My husband is a Cajun, not a Cajun American.

The only reason white folks are doing this Italian American or Irish American thing is because (from my perspective) they're being contrary.

I have had people call me Irish American because I have red hair. Not true, I am a decendent of a long line of warrior Clansmen (Scots), and other nationalities, but no Irish folks.

This gal from Ghana is not an African American, but she says she gets lumped by dumb ass folks. Typical stuff white people do.

Read the article. Some interesting points made.

Alicia B:
You're right about Harrison sticking to his guns. He refused to meet with Dubya.

If you had the opportunity to meet Barack or Michelle Obama, would you?


uptownsteve said...

"The only reason white folks are doing this Italian American or Irish American thing is because (from my perspective) they're being contrary."

Explain this please.

They've been doing it all my life.

Hyphens only became a problem when some blacks started calling themselves "African-Americans.

alicia banks said...


i would definitely decline!

i will never be an obama fan

even though i do like my homegirl michelle:

I have always adored Michelle Obama. I do so even more now. As always, she was regal, intelligent. classy, and beautiful. And, her powerful speech was flawless. Her loving and proud brother and mom shone also.

As a native of Chicago, I have always felt a uniquely kindred connection to Michelle. My parents were Lakeshore buppies with infectious Southside rebel souls. Like the Obamas, they eventually left lucrative capitalist careers to become legendary educators... My middle name is Michelle. And, my married parents were outstanding nurturers who inspired me to become an afrocentric overachiever…


uptownsteve said...


Just curious.

If it were up to you, who would be US President currently and why?

alicia banks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
alicia banks said...

real choices:

cynthia mckinney
barbara lee...
michael eric dyson
mumia abu jamal

only real option:

who i proudly voted for until obama was the last sane choice left

hc has more power over gwb and his ilk than obama and bubba is icing on that cake...

the lesser of 2 evils is still evil


Anonymous said...

50 years from now, assuming the conservative don't get to establish as fascist state - school children will open their e-books and see a picture of President Obama next to the other Presidents...

Not even Google's then world spanning Search Engine will be able to find Harrison.

'Nuf said.

uptownsteve said...

okay then.

alicia banks said...



i want a prez that will help poor people as much as obama and gwb help rich people...

ar is one of the poorest states in america

and bubba and hc know that...


RisingTide said...

Hon, we gotta talk. You do realize the Big Guy from dat White House was rooting for you guyz? Your republican owner was campaigning for Obama last year (Franco Harris too)! Of course he's going to root for you guys!

Not showing up for a famous fan? That's just dumb.

[we burghers love our Steelers more than we love anything else. well, right now we're high on the Pens!]

allheavens said...

Football, just one of the many plantations of professional sports.

Doesn't the draft remind you of a slave auction, the brothers just wear suits instead of chains.

But enough about these overpaid, overpraised, overpampered gladiators.

Don't we have bigger fish to fry?

Incognegroach said...

The baller's action epitomize the "mentally weak and physically strong" characterization espoused in the Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave. Status via the cash vehicle is fleeting but knowledge still drives power.

grinder said...

I think the only president I might have declined to meet would've been George W. Bush, for fear that I'd have done something that would get me arrested.

Whitney B. said...

I dig what you're saying. Michelle and his O'Ness both bring a lot of class to the White House, she more so.

She is flawless, regal, gorgeous, hyper-intelligent and kind to everyone. During the campaign she kept her distance and kept her cool whilst being attacked by all the Rebubbas. And, I really really admire her speeches and her candor.

Being a native Chicagoan myself, I appreciate the fact that Mr. Obama adopted the city for his homeplace and found such a classy woman to marry.

I do not agree, nor like, everything that he and that durty rotten Congress have done, but I think he is a far cry from the scoundrels that tried to destroy our country for the last 12 years.

It's early days yet for all the sweeping changes that need to take place, but I think Michelle will be a big force behind upcoming reforms.

As for Hill 'n Billy, yep, that would have been a good team, but can't you see what a real field day the Rebubbas would have had if she had won?

Michelle is my best friend's name, we've been BF for 49 years.

UT Steve,
A subtle form of racism. "Italian American", etc. Trust me, I know. I'm white, remember? I get to hear stuff you don't and when I do, I tell folks to knock it off. I don't listen to racial jokes, either! I don't tolerate that kind of behavior and am not afraid to tell anyone off (including management)! Been doin' it all my grown up life!

I do enjoy ethnic stand-up comedy because everyone is poked fun of and it's all up front, no whispered slurs, etc.


uptownsteve said...

"I get to hear stuff you don't and when I do, I tell folks to knock it off."

I fail to see what this has to do with someone choosing to call themselves "Italian-American", "African-American" etc...

Anonymous said...

Biden Reveals Location of Secret VP Bunker

Eleanor Clift, Newsweek magazine's Washington contributing editor, said Biden revealed the location while filling in for President Obama at the dinner, who, along with Grover Cleveland, is the only president to skip the gathering.

God i love this admin.....LOL

like the blind leading the blind....LOL

oh, let me put a little name here so yo bloogers don't freak out.....hummm

got it "JJ"...Dyn-Oamite

Anonymous said...

no wait can i change that name to "Bubba"...yeeeehaaaa

slap the wheels on the trailer Mamma we mov'in

Anonymous said...

Happiness Is ... Being Old, Male and Republican

Happiness is a complex thing. Past studies have found that happiness is partly inherited, that Republicans are happier than Democrats, and that old men tend to be happier than old women.

i'm sorry my little dumocrap friends...he-he we still luv you

Sharon from WI said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sharon from WI said...

This football player is an idiot. Of course the winning team gets an invite to the White House. And the team invited attends, regardless of the president's politics.

When Reagan was in office, Lorraine Hale was lauded for caring for bsbies of drug-addicted and HIV-infected women in New York City.

(There was a subsequent scandal over her and her husband's handling of funds at Hale House, but that's another matter.)

Her efforts earned her an invitation to the White to meet the president.

There were people who expressed wonder that she would meet with Ronald Reagan in light of his foot-dragging on the AIDS epidemic when news of the disease broke in the early 80's.

She countered, "If you received an invitation to meet the president of the United States, would you turn it down?"

Whitney B. said...

UT Steve,
Before the use of "African American" how often did you hear "Italian, Irish or German" American. These labels came about to denigrate the use of the word "African" in front of American. It is true.

The only time "Irish Americans" were anything more than Americans was on St. Patty's Day. Except in Chicago where all the white peeps are Irish, Italian, and Polish instead of Americans.

uptownsteve said...


Are you kidding?

During high school I used to work partime next door to a chapter of the "Italian American Civic League" on Crotona Ave in the Bronx.

That was 30 years ago.

Like I said, "hyphens" only became uncomfortable when black folks started doing it.

alicia banks said...



but no one can slay a republikkkan neocon like the clintons

hc would have been a brawl...
but they brawl quite well

they slew republikkkans for decades in ar and dc...


vanishing point said...

Field, I learn so much about sports here,lol.

Well, at least he is consistant, but on the other hand, i wouldn't want to meet shrub, but i wouldn't mind meeting Obama, so i do think he is an idiot.

uptownsteve, i agree, there is the Hiburnia or however ya spell it, then there is the Polish American Churchs with Polish language schools,and the Elks club used to have Polish night with Polka dancing,then there is the Russian Orthodox Church, the list goes on and on, plus, Whitney, I don't really see how you can determine for Field what he wants to identify as.

tjwash said...

Republicans are happier than DemocratsWell; ignorance IS bliss you know.

Give the red-state peabrains some guns to play with, some gay folks to hate on, and a white-anglo-saxon bowflex Jesus to smile and tell them that killing tons of brown people thousands of miles away is just A-freaking-OK, and they are as dumb and happy as a pig in shit.

Keep tossing them those shiny distractions that keep them from noticing that the U.S. is rapidly approaching the third world status of a Mexico, or a Nicoragua, as the the economy inches closer to a complete and irreversible collapse.

and that old men tend to be happier than old women.Well duh...there's an "8 of the little old ladies to 1 of the little old men" proportion going on after a certain age. What's not to be happy about if you happen to be the 1 guy that's lucky enough to live that long.

uptownsteve said...


When I was growing up everybody was hyphened except negros cuz' there was no "Negroland".

Whitney B. said...

UT Steve,
Argument doesn't fly. There are zillions of orgs and leagues that are ethnological.

If a white peep asks another white peep, what are you? They usually say their heritage name, as in "I'm Irish", not Irish American.

And Jewish people always call themselves Jews, not Jewish Americans. It's a race and a religion, except if your pa is Jewish (which was mine), then you're just white.

Since so many black immigrants have come to this country in recent history, do we now call them "African Americans" even if they don't come from Africa? That's like saying all Latinos are Hispanic.

Hey Alicia B!
But, I like the classy approach of a woman like Michelle. She stays out of the fray and maintains her cool. Even Rebubbas can't smack her down because she doesn't give 'em a chance.

Besides, wouldn't you rather see a world figure like Hillary doing what she does best? Charming the pants off of these dictators! Maybe she learned a thing or two from Slick Willy.

Field Negro, black, Jamaican. Field rarely uses African American himself unless quoting.


alicia banks said...


it was a done deal for hc when i voted for obama by default...

but he enrages me more each day...

and yes
hc will do well in any post


vanishing point said...

hi Whitney, I understand that part, I thought you were telling FN what he was or wasn't, maybe I misunderstood you?

uptownsteve said...

"Since so many black immigrants have come to this country in recent history, do we now call them "African Americans" even if they don't come from Africa?"

If they're recent immigrants, they're not Americans.

And I do know of people of Jamaican ancestry who refer to themselves as Jamaican-Americans, Caribbean-Americans or Jamericans.

my coffee is always said...

i think it's all been said...

La♥audiobooks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
La♥audiobooks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sharon from WI said...

And Jewish people always call themselves Jews, not Jewish Americans. It's a race and a religion, except if your pa is Jewish (which was mine), then you're just white.Jews certainly do refer to the different ethnicities within our community. There are Syrian Jews, Ethiopian Jews, Soviet Jews, East Indian Jews (Bene Israel), etc.

There are even organizations that attest to this:

Union of Councils for Soviet Jews

American Association for Ethiopian Jews

Be’chol Lashon (In Every Tongue)

And, in light of the various ethnicities and skin colors that Jews come in, it would be more accurate to say that Jews are a people, not a race.

Gregory said...

My $.02 on the term/label "African American" --

First the disclaimer of perspective, I am white and I have spent a lot of time in Africa. There were times when I was the only european for miles around because I often lived with the Africans as an african.

I think the words are right but are in the wrong order, that "American African" would be more accurate. "American" lays claim to the birthright of a citizen and the equality promised to all. "African" acknowledges the cultural heritage of Africa that still lives on, despite the dedicated efforts of unrepentant racists.

Ultimately, I don't really like group labels because they are almost always used as shorthand for "You People" and distracts from the fact that there is only one race (human).


Christopher Chambers said...

"This fool makes Charles Barkley look like Socrates.

9:43 AM"

I love it.

Rudy said...

This is an instance of "Catch 22."

I understand where James Harrison is coming from.

The man's position is that the president only inviting the Steelers to the White House because they are Superbowl champs. If they were not champs, Obama wouldn't give two-shits about the Steelers.

But then again, that's the whole point of the invite-- acknowledgement of the feat of winning the Superbowl. This isn't just any run-of-the-mill acknowledgement; it's from the leader of the free world.

James should save that reasoning from the groupies.

field negro said...


And yes, all you yawdies living in A-murder-ca can use it. You have my permission. :)

grinder said...

I have to say that "people of color" took time for me to get used to, given that "colored people" was hopeless lame and carried the connotation of racism when I was a kid.

"Jamericans?" I have to say that I really appreciated it when Obama called himself a "mutt." I laughed.

La♥audiobooks said...

[I delted my first comment above for personal reasons: I'm re-posting the second part of it instead.]

Whitney B, I think Field would be the one to determine his status. Also I do agree that some "white people" like to lump all black people as "African Americans". I have seen it done to describe non-US Blacks living in other places of the world (wtf).

Personally, I'm a lost African born as an American. So sometimes I prefer "African Caribbean American" or "Black American", and only because there are white people now "migrating" out of Africa to America claiming to be "African Americans" (rolling eyes). But I still don't see anything wrong with the the hyphenated terms. White people living in America also get lumped as "white Americans", no one complains.

As for Harrison , I wouldn't mind taking the idiot's place.

Phil4Real said...

How much you want to bet he accepts the invitation to Disney World? So Mickey's more important than the President.

What a clown...He's probably hanging out with Donald Duck at the club. Disssppiccable the way Minnie Mouse wears those daisy dukes. Then he's going to a ball with Cinderella. You know those black Atheletes like pink toes. After a fun night with Ciny, he'll probably chill with his boy Pinnocio telling lies about how smart he is, while Dumbo smacks him in the back of that bald head with those big as ears screeming, "Who's the dumby James? They should call you Dumbo for not going to see Obama".

RisingTide said...

whelp, growing up in PA, you can get scholarships for having 1/64th Indian -- and having that be your "minority scholarship" [umm, he's REAL white]

Poor guy (I think his friends filled in his application)-- at least he had the good grace to feel bad about it.

Anonymous said...

i'm from Pgh and James Harrison is the same dumba$$ that calls himself "Silverback" while the white people laugh at him behind his back

Anonymous said...

Sorry there's still a tinsy bit of democracy left in your country isn't there? If the man doesn't want to meet the present war criminal of the USA he doesn't have to. Will meeting this person assist people who are losing their homes, their health care or will it just be another photo op of no substance. Thanks for your comment Anonymous now the truth about this person's allegiance is coming out the tears are drying white on black faces and white people are rolling about laughing at all of us suckers.