Monday, May 04, 2009

The field offers his services to the Repubs: Just for tonight.

"A great party needs give. It must be expansive and summoning. It needs to say, 'Join me.'"

~Peggy Noonan~

Tired of people like Newt,Rush, and Dick being the face of their party, the repubs held a little retreat in Northern Virginia this past weekend. It was billed as the first in a series of town hall meetings-sound familiar?-to reconnect the GOP with real A-merry-cans.

The retreat was called by one of the new faces of the party, the telegenic Eric Cantor.

They are calling the initiative The National Council For White America and.....OK that's bullshit, I kid. It's actually called The National Council For A New America, ("New America". Get it?)and it's supposed to get the party's "fortunes back on track". Good luck with that Eric. After eight years of the frat boy you are not only going to have to get back on the tracks, you are going to have to build the tracks as well.

I am sorry but in case they haven't noticed, the "New America" that they are looking for looks nothing like the old America. Barack and the dems figured it out, but they were slow to the party. They were too busy playing up the old political strategy of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove. While they were watching FOX NEWS and pushing hate the rest of the country passed them by.

It's ironic that on the weekend that the grand old party lost one of their best men-- a man who begged them to expand their tent-- they decided to try a different strategy to connect to the A-merry-can voter. Too bad for them that the men leading the charge (maybe with the exception of Jeb Bush) couldn't connect to the typical A-merry-can voter if you locked them alone together in a room filled with table games. But this is what happens when political parties are in the dumps. We get the likes of Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and yes, even Eric Cantor, emerging as leaders.
"Certainly our party has taken its licks the last few cycles, but that's why we're here,' said House Minority Whip Eric Cantor. 'The reality is the prescriptions coming out of Washington right now are not reflective of the mainstream of this country."'

Ah, Eric, did you see the results from this past election? I would say that they (the folks in Washington) have that prescription down pretty pat, wouldn't you? See Eric, one of the first things that you are going to have to learn to do if you want to be the leader of a party is to be able to read the signs. Don't delude yourself into thinking that a bunch of town hall meetings, some tea parties, and well paid right wing talking heads are going to do it for you. You need a new message, and some new messengers to deliver it.

Anyway, let me see if I can help you with starting down the right path, because I am a such a nice guy. Here goes:

Recruit some grass roots black folks into your tent. I don't mean the self hating black folks we see commenting on FOX News and who take your money to promote themselves. I mean real community activists (I know you hate that word, but get used to it) who are doing real work in their communities and who are respected by their neighbors. And while we are talking about black folks: would it kill you to talk about issues that effect us just once? Instead of defense, tax cuts, and the right to bear arms 24/7; how about talking about education, crime, and affordable housing every now and then?

Stop making social issues the focus of your party. In case you haven't noticed most A-merry-cans don't give a damn who marries who. And while a majority of us might be for protecting the life of the innocent (and for the guilty as well) we really do believe that a woman has the right to do whatever she wants to do with her own body. So guess what? You can actually be pro choice and pro life as an individual.

Lose Sarah Palin. To steal a popular phrase: "Just do it".

Listen to folks like Peggy Noonan, and some of the moderate East Coast snobs in your party. It's nice to be able to count on the Bubba vote, but you have got to expand. We all know that Arlen Specter switched parties for political survival, but you all made it too easy for him to do that. If I make a peace sign with my fingers I have the total number of republican Senators in the Northeast, now if that doesn't scare you all I don't know what will.

Give us your plan, any plan. We know that Obama is a Socialist Muslim- traitor, who is going to make Cuba the 51st state, but what do you have to offer?

Stop knocking government. In case you haven't noticed times are hard and people are depending more and more on the government. Most A-merry-cans believe that we got into this mess because the private sector got too greedy and pissed over all of us. They want more government (which by the way represents us) to fix the problem, not less.
And finally, bring back J.C Watts (yeah I heard the whispers too) and lose MC Mike. A black face leading your party is nice in the age of Obama, but it can't look like you are just doing it to be like the other guy. Watts was there before Obama, and unlike MC Mike he knows when to shut up. Besides, we know that you all don't like MC Mike , so why don't you end the charade now before it gets any worse?

Eric, I will send you my bill. But please don't write me a check.


Jody said...

They still haven't fessed up to their role in the past 8 years. They still don't get that the majority of Americans ARE fed up with their policies and direction. They STILL cannot say mistakes were made....
Unlike Obama, who is admired the world over for recognizing that admiting a mistake is a sign of strength, not weakness... a sign of wisdom, and not childish machoism... they will stay right where they are.... and frankly, I have absolutely no problem with that.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a stranded whale coordinator in real life (INASWCIRL?), but they're in trouble for sure. There will be voter backlash for the Obama policies but you can't really build on that for long. I think fiscally, we're going the California route. Flame away if you want, I won't respond.


Max Reddick said...

At this point, I don't think Cantor or anyone in his party has the credibility needed to pull this thing off. "The Frat Boy," as you call them, completely depleted the party of that. If that's what they are selling now, nobody's buying. It's just another gimmick to see if they can find some political traction.

SickupandFed said...

First off,

I'm not a stranded whale coordinator in real life (INASWCIRL?), but they're in trouble for sure. There will be voter backlash for the Obama policies but you can't really build on that for long. I think fiscally, we're going the California route. Flame away if you want, I won't respond.


What you are is stuck on stupid.

What backlash? He is doing EXACTLY what he campaigned on. If you would quit listening to Fake Snooze Channel you could hear a familiar sound every time he acts. It's the sound of most of us breathing a sigh of relief. And the sound of many cheering and encouraging him to go further.

Get your head out of your ass and get on the winning team. Or you can be left behind with the rest of "those people'.

Now for you, Field.

You can offer them all the help in the world but they won't listen.

See you have too much melanin in your makeup.

Nice try though.

Hathor said...

When one is for anarchy, why does one seek to govern. There is no such thing as less government, it is a question of why govern and for what purpose. TANSTAFL is applicable to government too.

Anonymous said...

Field, it's no use they will not listen to no one. All they want is to destroy Obama at this point. One think they would focus on saving there own party.

But many like the Republican trolls who visit this site leaving dumb messages like "Republicans are doing great its you libs that or in trouble". Now, how stupid can one be to believe that mess. These people refuse to accept the fact they are deep doo doo. I really do feel so sorry for these fools. :(

Anonymous said...

The truth be told, sarah palin exposed the REPUBLICAN/ CONSERVATIVE PARTY'S, and she showed their true color's and what they really stand for! they believe in WHITE PURITY! and they were not ashamed to show it during the campaign, and that's why they are falling! and that's a good thing, they attack the PRESIDENT on a daily basis! they are a bunch of RACIST!

Anonymous said...


Rejoice and be confident then, my friend, because everything is dandy now that O-ness is in charge. Why you be so mad?


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

The Republican party is putting Jeff Session and old, hope to die racist on the Judical Committee that is getting ready for the hearing of whoever will be the nominee that President Obama picks. Yup, the Republicans want to renew their brand all right. They plan to go all out and put their whole heart into racism. Smh!

George Abdul-Mahdi said...

LMBAO ! This entry is a classic ! Loved every bit of it. Without intelligent voices like yours, I'd probably have left the U.S. a long time ago (lol).


LACoincidental said...

And I thought the Green Party was a mess!!! They're out of ideas and they're stuck trying to take down a President, who a present, doesn't have any weak spots they can really stick him on.

Field, I don't think the GOP would take your suggestion -- as abandoning the Southern strategy for a radically 'progressive' approach of supporting something other than war and tax cuts might make the average Republic hemorrhage from the eyes and ears.

icebergslim said...

Excellent diary, a MUST READ for all Republicans who want their party out of the tank, they need to take the advice, but they are stuck with the south. nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Thats how that Tuskeegee Experiment got started, Peoples lookin for that Free "Special Treatment" for Bad Blood... You'd think if any group was suspicious of Government it'd be Y'all, lets see, we brought ya over here in chains, made ya pick cotton for 300 years, sit in the back of the bus for another 100, invent AIDs, Crack, and Basketball to keep y'all in the Ghetto...and ya keep comin back for more...


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


You overlooked something though. We have a black President and CHANGE done come to the WHITE HOUSE. (wink)

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I bet they try to make Condi the scapegoat for the torture case and the only one that will be convicted for it. That is if they decide to convict anyone.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Yup, the Republican Party is really going all out to rebrand their party. Take a look at this:

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

It's time to flood folks with complaints about Fox. They've really stepped over boundary lines now. Suggesting assassination! They are slick with it. People should send them a picture of that page to the last link in my prior post to Homeland Security and Secret Service and complain so that they can start investigating and keeping an eye on these crazy people.

Here is the link of contacts:
Department of Homeland Security

Secret Service contact.shtml

Secret Service.
Operator Number: 202-282-8000
Comment Line: 202-282-8495

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

correction on secret service website:

Bob said...

I don't see how the Repugs can do it unless Barack & the Democrats screw up big time (& it could happen). Sen. Lindsay Graham said, "our party's politics is closer to America ideologically than President Obama, but he's connected with young people. We lost ground with the Hispanics, we got to repair the damage there." First, it's delusional to believe most Americans even have a political ideology (Most Americans vote sentiments). Second, young folks love Barack & Michelle, "connected" is an understatement. Third, they'll never win Hispanics by advocating mass deportations.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I agree with Bob.

I don't know how the Republicans are going to change with the leaders they have now. Every time I listen to one of them on Faux News I don't understand what version of America they are seeing.

lincolnperry said...


Don't worry Granny, they did themselves a diservice by allowing the previous admin to install the Patroit Act, so be rest of sure, they are being watch and monitored!

field negro said...

Granny, thanks for the link from Newshounds. It's a great site.

Co-sign with Bob.The repubs only chance is a dumbocrat screw up, and knowing that crowd, it could easily happen.

LACoincidental,(love that name)the "Southern strategy" has been good to my friends in the Bubba party.

GM,don't leave just yet, we need somebody to turn the lights out.:)

Max,it's not a gimmick to them,but like you said, they don't have anybody who can pull it off.

Constructive Feedback said...

Filled Negro:

You and a good portion of your bloggers are a walking, talking example of the argument that I make as I observe your strategy of "Keeping Conservatives On Trial".

Jody - do you ever think that you or Filled Negro would ever craft in your minds the statement "The Democrats who run the city of Philadelphia.....will never own up to what they have done to the city in the past 30 years?"

If in fact these evil Republicans have hit the rocks are are sinking YOU all should be able to point to a sound future as your enemies are out of the way. Instead there are numerous examples where despite a domination of progressive powers - the question of your future existence in a fiscally sound city/state/country has never been more at risk.

We all know that you all know how to tar and feather Republicans.

I'd like to hear you all take the grievances that you continue to have where you have "won the ground game" and turn these places around with your policies that are more sound.

Christopher said...

The GOP has itself to blame for its destruction.

Around the 2008 election, they handed the Republican brain trust to a 400lbs. junkie and pedophile named Rush Limbaugh, and then wondered why the majority of voters rejected the GOP after he started tried to push noncoms like Eric Cantor, Sarah Palin, Jeb Bush and Newt Gingrich.

At the end of the day, today's Republican party is small, regional of older, white, religious loons who remain stuck in the Lawrence Welk 1950s. In order to survive, they must change and adapt.

It looks increasingly like this will not happen.

east austin said...

i do not know about peggy noonan being a moderate voice of the gop. when torture was front page news.. peggy’s comments were:

"it’s hard for me to look at a great nation issuing these documents and sending them out to the world and thinking, “oh, much good will come of that.” sometimes in life you want to keep walking.. some of life has to be mysterious." - peggy noonan, april 19, 2009.

“keep walking ... some of life has to be mysterious”.. a segment of my sisters in the gop could really have a reoccurring role in 24 as jack bauer peer.

if the gop could get pass needing to have a “daddy image” to lead and question authority .. once in a while. their talking points of the day would not include how to interpret code words and call it a conspiracy.

that’s when you really know the situation is dire, when the gop employs conspiracy as a tool to unite the base.

a change in strategy indicates the gop understands using fear and panic of the unknown as a tool … is not really working.

Dr. Nuwang said...

To your point Frank, you forgot to mention how the gov't was able to use Black doctors and nurses to carry out those experiments in Tuskeegee. I'm just saying........

Personally, I'd LOVE to hear JC Watts' opinion of the direction of the Republican party these days.

Javier said...

Why is it the conservative blacks that post here seem not to offer there views on how conservatism can bring about solutions to Americans problems. Instead we have blacks bolstering the comments of a bored racist with nothing better to do than try and instigate comment with one forgettable comment after another.

Can anybody answer this for me? Is self-hatred a prerequisite to being a black conservative. And for any of you black-cons reading this thread, what exactly about conservative solutions do you hold to be beneficial to blacks or any minority for that matter? Did you attend any McCain/Palin rallies during election season? Did you see an curious george stuffed animals with Obama stickers on them? Did you cheer along when people around you called for him to be lynched? Is this really the political movement you chain yourself to?

Black doctors and nurses where mentioned and yet when I envision what they looked like I think of six college degrees, fly and with a big ol' chip on their shoulders. If you look past the exterior you are so enamored with you might catch a glimpse of that young girl you grew to hate so much in your youth.

uptownsteve said...

"I am sorry but in case they haven't noticed, the "New America" that they are looking for looks nothing like the old America. Barack and the dems figured it out, but they were slow to the party. They were too busy playing up the old political strategy of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove. While they were watching FOX NEWS and pushing hate the rest of the country passed them by."

Damn if you aren't RIGHT ON here Field.

It's also ironic that on the very same weekend as the National Council for White America (tee hee) the great Jack Kemp passed away.

The one conservative who was telling the GOP that race baiting wedge politics will ultimately be the undoing of the party.

Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary, but, one thing, the GOP does not want blacks in the party as real members of the party, who else would they have to use as objects of fear and hate? They have not made a real effort for the black vote since 1964 and said the other day they need Hispanics. They need blacks and gays to bash and vilify to keep the party faithful a the booth in the Deep South and rural west to keep in power.

Adam said...


Interesting post.

Conservative Republican Aaron Schock (age 27) from central Illinois swept the vote with every group - the young, the Latin Americans, the African-American community, and international communities, and most whites.

Do you how he did it? He put two feet to the ground and knocked on doors. He invested himself (foe years) in the betterment of the communities that were struggling.

He showed that he cared about people acrossed all backgrounds.

Javier said...

If more republicans concerned themselves with their communities back home instead of lobbyists on K street perhaps more people would vote for a conservative like Aaron Schock. Same applies for democrats. I don't much care for either party but at least the things that concern me are address on the D side. It's as uptownsteve said re: Jack Kemp. The wedge politics (immigration, gay marriage, abortion) do nothing but divide.

Unknown said...

They basically threw their own chairman under the bus because he didn't tow the line, try to say how all minorities are the enemy, don't like the poor, made an extra government department eventhough they supposedly want a smaller government, haven't caught the guy who started a lot of this crap when he ordered buildings to be taken down, and sank the economy, but now every American is supposed to forgive and forget? Rebuild something useful for once and then maybe we'll talk.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, and thankfully, we won't have to wait for the re-pugs; neo-con/federate 60+ aging white males to resurrect/constitute themselves, i.e., "rise again!". They and their jaded, hackneyed, worn out ideologies; and corrupt strategies are imploding into themselves: Most A-murder-cans have moved beyond the cultural divide/curve; and - (Thanks be to god[?], the ONE UNIVERSal absolute - DEATH!) - the 'good ole boy' constituents of the obsolete 'good ole days' are dying out (not fast enough, albeit).
As the neo-con/federates wither on the toxic vine of "hate/divisive" politics, are we radical and progressive 'field negs' prepared to fill the void/vacuum with the intellectually rigorous and universally inclusive ideologies; the vigorous 'boots-on-the-ground' footwork necessary to redeem A-murd-ica? I'm not holding my breath. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

When some A-rab that got paroled from Git-mo flys an Airbus 380 into Yankee Stadium in October 2012, effin TRIG Palin could get elected...
Y'all DO know the White Man invented the Hiv-ie???


Fans and Friends of Lydia Cornell said...

Great blog! Thanks for leaving a comment on my site.

Very interesting.

Dr. Nuwang said...

J, and all the other ignoramusus that have something to say to me, quit throwing rocks then hiding behind your private or anonymous profiles, "man up" if you can, and send me an email at:

Otherwise, shut the fuck up and stay on the dam topic!

Dr. Nuwang said...

I said it a couple times now, we need at least 2 additional political parties. I'm envisioning one of them being a cross between a liberal republican and a conservative democrat. The other one, who knows?

Javier said...

Sorry that's where you forget yourself. I'm not your husband or your children that you can think to silence me with your projected self-hatred. You've had plenty to say to granny, no1kstate and myself that had NOTHING to do with any topic at hand. You've done your share of rock throwing so why the double-standard? You are a joke and not because of your political views.

BTW if you want that email you'll have to work for it. I'm sure you're used to that. Explain how your conservative views are going to turn our economic picture around. How are they going to extract us from two wars that are making little if any progress? How are your views going to change the black community for the better? Where are your ideas? All you've shared is your that little horn you like to blow for yourself and hatred for other blacks.

uptownsteve said...


Great questions.

I've been asking them of conservatives, particularly black conservatives like Constructive Feedback, for about 2 years now.

Expect either silence or diversions to rants about crime and promicusity.

That's all the little pinheads have left.

Whitney B. said...

I read an old NY Times article the other day, where are the "liberals" were up in arms over HW Bush's nomination of Souter to the Supremes. They claimed he would wreck Brown vs. Board of Ed and Roe vs. Wade, and wouldn't follow the Constitution at all.

Well, he really fooled everyone, didn't he?

I think what we need to do is some stealth infiltration of the Rebubbas, especially now that they're pissing all over themselves not knowing which move to make when. Now it would be easy to mess up all their agendas. Hell, the man on the street doesn't even like his own party now. Trash Dumbah is still catterwalling, but is anyone really paying attention to these nimrods?

The best part is the Christian Right has been proven Wrong, and their tactics are backsliding on them!

Let's get our sheeps clothing!

Ernesto said...



Anonymous said...

Chris, I can give ya the 400lb Junkie slap, but whats with the Limbaugh Pediofile rumors?? Any evidence to back it up, or just a projection of your own Id? I mean, someone could say YOU are a Jeff Dahmer wannabe who stores little black boys heads in his freezer and disseminates his Hiv-ie strain at Blood Drives... Not that there's anything wrong with that...


tjwash said...

J...waste of time buddy. At best you will get a "no true scotsman" type answer from the cons when their views are legitimately challenged. be honest about that 2-front war thing; that is not an argument that will end well for you, if you are wanting to slap them around with that shit.

War and occupations are right in the dems wheel-house. The unfortunate thing, is that history proves that the dems have never met a war they didn't like. Most of the dem opposition to the Iraqi occupation in the last 6 years, has sprang from them just hating that the cons were in charge of the slaughter machine, and not them.

Even counting the invasion and occupation of Iraq for the past 6 years; the cons still have a hell of a long way to go before they match the body counts of Truman or LBJ.

And...I don't see Obama breaking that shameful tradition any time soon.

allheavens said...

In order to rebrand their party the Republicans will have to set aside the idea of “rugged individualism” and realize that in a complex society the "communal good" sometimes outweighs the rights of individuals.

They have elevated individualism above community, above country and along the way they have aligned themselves with authoritarians who are anti-government, anti-gay, anti-poor, anti-choice, anti-rule of law, anti-judicial and anti-social order.

All sense of community or the "common good" has been stripped from the Republican party; it is the party of rich socially conservative white males whose main goal is the acquiring of individual wealth and social power.

It started with Nixon's Southern strategy and culminated with the Republican Religious Right platform. They opened up and invited into their tent the Dixiecrats and social conservatives to solidify their power thinking they could control the agenda.

These two constituencies have made the party too pedantic, prejudiced and ideological to appeal across a broad base; driven most moderates and true conservatives from the party; cowered any party member who dared dissent; used fear and coercion to keep the rank-and-file in line and driven the once Grand Old Party into the political sewer.

Religious extremism and unfettered profit making offer no long-range benefits to the average voting citizen. The Republicans need to take the blinders off and step back from the ledge. But with the current party "leadership" I think they will keep marching toward the abyss.

And in their current incarnation that might be a good thing. New party anyone?

vanishing point said...

hey Field,
in the 1980's I worked for a top stock brokerage house, I went all over NYC and westchester fixing all their accounting mistakes. The guy who trained me used to say that if we made bombs we would blow ourselves up, same thing with the Republicans, they make one foolish mistake after another, it's quite humorous to me to watch them flounder and perform all their damage control. When Tedisco was running against Murphy to replace Kristy Gillibrand, he actually did robo-calls with that townhall crap, with these whispers about the dirty politics in Chicago. In an area of huge traditional Republicans, who lost? They are like old dogs who can't learn any new tricks.

Javier said...


Never said I was democrat or happy with one's execution of said wars. I agree with you points, but looking back to election time if I had based my decision solely on the execution of the wars I still wouldn't have voted McCain.


See how that works? An exchange of ideas without the nonsense you bring. If you sit back and read for a while you'll see adults do it. In your case your age doesn't make you an adult here.

Dr. Nuwang said...

tjwash said...
"J...waste of time buddy. At best you will get a "no true scotsman" type answer from the cons when their views are legitimately challenged."

WRONG! If people would take the time to READ they may see what people views are. Bottom line, I don't recall a post by Field titled "black conservatives MUST explain/defend their views, so why must ONLY Black conservatives be required to do so?

Second, not every black conservative is a Repulican. Let me reword that for the McStupids in the group, NOT EVERY BLACK CONSERVATIVE IS A REPUBLICAN. Not that there's anything wrong with being a Black Republican I say if that's what you want to do, have at it!

My Blackness isn't threatned by folks who espouse different political views but some of you extremist liberals both black and white seem to think you'll loose your "down with the poeple" card by simply letting others live their own lives.

I've seen it too many times, the biggest Black liberal on the planet does nothing but talk shit about Black conservatives and does NOTHING in the Black community.

Blaque Swan said...

Hathor - I don't get it either! What they seem to do in office is underfund and/or understaff the very services everybody counts on. By understaff, I mean not hiring enough and hiring people who aren't qualified.

szpork - I've heard that accusation before and haven't been able to piece it together. What do you anticipating happening during/because of the Obama administration that people will protest? And, if you don't mind, could you explain this without referring to the tea parties? Unless you plan on explaining why people who will be getting a tax cut were protesting being over-taxed? And please, explain what and how conservative ideas will serve the best interests of the individual, the black community, and the nation.

Field - Why are you helping them? I'm hoping the Republican party will shrink and the Dems will split into a conservative-moderate party and a liberal-progressive party. For that to helping, the Repubs need to keep shrinking.

And someone mentioned some guy in Ohio doing outreach, I'd be happy to hear someone explain how conservative policies help me out as an individual, help my community, help the nation. But, I'd like the convo to stay on the topic of policy and not delve into stereotyping or name-calling or any such thing.

Anonymous said...

Fly burbles - I've seen it too many times, the biggest Black liberal on the planet does nothing but talk shit about Black conservatives and does NOTHING in the Black community.That's funny!

Define "The Black Community"

I'm busier than hell today, but I stopped by for a good laugh from a proto-conservative.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


lincoln the only thing that bothers me is that these crazy folks are allowed to have a public arena to incite assassination and treason. They should be locked up for treason and threats towards a government official. The thing is even in government buildings that are for the public, they have signs posted telling folks the penalty of jail and a fine for doing the same things that they are doing. What gets me is that these people can incite assassination and treason towards the President of the USA, the highest office in our nation and nothing is done about it, but let some common ordinary citizen go into a government building for example DMV and threaten or argue with a government employee and trust me they will be sitting in a 9 by 5 cell before the day is over with and the key will be thrown away.

uptownsteve said...

"I don't recall a post by Field titled "black conservatives MUST explain/defend their views, so why must ONLY Black conservatives be required to do so?"

Because your "views" seem to be "white folks = wonderful, black folks = subhuman."

If I'm wrong, explain how.

Blaque Swan said...

Fly -

1)If you're not a Republican, then please help us understand what you mean when you call yourself "conservative." Is the Repub party too conservative for you, not conservative enough? Do you go for small govt or social conservatism?

2)No one can decifer your politics by your comments because your comments are always full of insults, name-calling, but never anything to do with policy.

3)This isn't about "grilling" anyone. We just want to know where you're coming from politically. And whenever anyone asks you, you cop attitude and go on about not proving anything to anybody and your degrees and how liberal blacks don't work in the community or dare someone to email you personally, as though with all the profanity and insults and name calling, someone would want you to have their email address. But you never explain your views. If you don't want to, just say you don't want to. But don't pretend the issue is us.

Anonymous said...

Why do I get this image of a noose tightening?

Couple of days ago the Porch Simian, AKA CF sent me this video to display the destructive nature of crack on a community -

The video is based in Liverpool, England.

The gang members committing mayhem, selling the drugs, and carrying guns are all white - and as such, the Porch Simian couldn't bring himself to condemn the gang members (instead blaming the drug) as for instance where...

The gang members committing mayhem, selling the drugs, and carrying guns are all black, such as in "Killadelphia". (ergo black folks are f'ed up)

Which is a basic parable for the black conservative dysfunction.

If we review the similarities between Liverpool and "the ghetto" here in America, we come up with a number of similarities -

a) Drugs... check
b) Youth violence... check
c) guns... check
d) high unemployment (40%) and multi-generational poverty... check...

To be a black conservative you have to either Tom enough, or stupid enough to believe that item "d" is totally unrelated to any of the other three, and in the case of American black folks, and ONLY American black folks...

It's their own fault.

AKA the "Problem in the black community" game.

If the Rethugs wish to be a viable party some time in the future, they need to recognize one thing, and one thing only...

Its the RACISM, Stupid!"

uptownsteve said...

BT, my man!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Off Topic:

BT, I, finally, found that biography book that was out of print on Edmond Hall. It was expensive for 164 pages and used but I brought it. *sigh* Also, I found a Web Site that has snippets of his albums that you can listen too. Another thing, I discovered was that he was in two movies, "High Society" and "Satchmo the Great"

east austin said...

btx3 ..

that’s interesting, formal or informal education is missing .. if education was an option, would we continue to see high unemployment/ multi-generational poverty, drugs, youth violence and guns ..

Anonymous said...

Granny - please drop me those sites over at my place, or just link to btx3 off Field's link list.

Most kool you were able to get the book!

Dr. Nuwang said...

uptownsteve said...
Because your "views" seem to be "white folks = wonderful, black folks = subhuman." If I'm wrong, explain how."

I have a better idea. Why don't show me EXACTLY what I've said that equates to this, because you had to reach so far up your ass to pull this one out I think I see your esophagus.

Now, I'm guessing you're no mathmatician becuase you've definitely used some "fuzzy" math twist what I've said into something so unsubstainted, illogical, and just plain dumb. Arguments like this which as far as I'm concerned amount to Black folks like you running around shouting racism on every street corner, makes you look like a whinning negro ignoramusus who blames "da white man" for every problem you have and that exists in the Black comunity. Any one whose taken a history class KNOWS the source, when are Black folks going to start DOING something in great numbers?

Riddle me this. PG County Maryland, overwhelmingly Democratic boasts the highest income among Blacks in the nation. So why are the schools some of the worst in the state of Maryland?

So don't give me this na na de boo boo shit about Black conservatives because apparently most Black liberals ain't doing shit either.

EzMun said...

What is the Black conservative solution to:
1. the financial crisis?
2. the related mortgage/home sales crisis?
3. unemployment in inner cities/urban America?
4. Joblessness among African descendants in America?
5. Joblessness among Africans and African descendants outside of America?
6. Racism?
7. Education or the lack of it among African descendants in America?

I hear/read a lot of critique, but see little in the way of solutions. If the argument is that American Black folk have sold themselves and their future to the Democratic Party, a statement that I will not challenge for sake of this argument, what is the solution from an alternative viewpoint (Black Conservatism) that responds to these ills?

I'm dying to hear solutions.

And while we're at it, what are Black "conservatives" trying to conserve?

Dr. Nuwang said...

"a) Drugs... check
b) Youth violence... check
c) guns... check
d) high unemployment (40%) and multi-generational poverty... check..."

To be a black conservative you have to either Tom enough, or stupid enough to believe that item "d" is totally unrelated to any of the other three, and in the case of American black folks, and ONLY American black folks...

So how do you explain the fact that these things didn't exist to this extent 50 years ago in the Black community when discrimination was at it's peak?

Playing the "blame game" in the 21st century is about as useful as masturbating (except for Sharon from WI). It will take care of a short term goal but after a while gets old and tired.

NO ONE forces Black men to abandon their children. NO ONE forces Black women of few means to have numerous babies out of wedlock. NO ONE.

Now as a former science teacher at a high school in the 'hood of Norfolk back in the 90's, I can tell you for a fact my kids couldn't have given a dam about my political views. Just that a face, like theirs, was in their community trying to teach them something and make a difference.
I can also tell you as a former student at an urban school that poor resources as NO EXCUSE to not achieve. And did I mention that this school was in the DEEP south with NO AC?? It was hot as hell in there trying to learn but it got DONE!!!

So hell yeah, I support the republican issue of vouchers to get our kids out of poor performing schools and into private schools and I see with my own eyes the difference that has made in cities like DC.

So I'll take the noose, while you continue to wear those chains.

Dr. Nuwang said...

EzMun, you need to address you questions to a Black conservative wither in Politics or with political aspirations. Or you can post this question to any number of the Black conseravatives who blog on this issues. Sugar and Spice is one I believe and so is Ms. Barber (whose first names eludes me).

Click on my username if you want to read about issues important to THIS Black conservative.

Or you can continue to do what some of the folks here have done here and asininly assume to know what every Black conservative thinks and supports.

Anonymous said...

Austin - The ugly answer to that is only a very qualified yes.

The most likely employer of a black kid from "da hood", educated or not is a black owned business. Black owned businesses are 6 times more likely than their white counterparts to hire black folks, even when those folks have less than stellar qualifications. Where thoe young black folks have records, or few skills - that number jumps significantly.

Over the last 8 years we have seen the systematic, intentional destruction of black and Minority businesses by the Republican administration, having the impact of both significantly reducing the number of companies, and stagnating the emergence of new companies.

For background and statistics backing up those statements, go here, which just happens to be something I had already put together yesterday on the subject -

What this means is that these kids face a double-bind. By reducing the number and revenue of black owned businesses, the opportunity for these kids, even with doing the right thing, has gone down from about 1/3 as likely as their white equally trained counterparts to be hired...

To 1/10.

That specifically is one of the the Albatrosses of conservative racism, and why the discussion about guns/drugs/murder/illegitimacy which are popularly the ONLY subjects conservatives, either black or white want to talk about ...

Is utterly bullshit.

One more time, for any conservative craniums too thick for it to have penetrated the first time -

Its the RACISM, Stupid!

Anonymous said...

Fly spurts So how do you explain the fact that these things didn't exist to this extent 50 years ago in the Black community when discrimination was at it's peak?The difference between me, an Engineer and "scientist", and you - a 15 year old fake wannabe, is simply this...

Anything I say I can back up statistically, and with research data.

Now, if you really want to go there -I'm more than happy to kick your dumb, simpleminded ass all over Mr. Field's board...

Which recently - seems to have become an Olympic level team sport around here, with a good half-dozen folks kicking perfect "10's" with "Size 13's".

And, as a person who obviously slept though History Class, you wouldn't know that "discrimination" was not "at its peak 50 years ago" - that would have been in the Post WWI period, when 20,000 Klansmen marched on Washington, DC, and an average of 30 black folks were lynched a month.

Its the RACISM, Stupid!

grinder said...

It might also be a good idea to tell Republicans to quit calling President Obama a "thug," as if people don't notice the coded racism there.

Javier said...

Fly said: Or you can continue to do what some of the folks here have done here and "asininly" assume to know what every Black conservative thinks and supports.

Yet you seem to have every black pinned. Since they all make babies and walk out and they all are promiscuous as hell.

When you perpetuate a negative image of an entire group of people without offering solutions to those problems you simply reinforce that image making it acceptable for those outside the community to define it on those terms.

Not every black man/woman fits into your simplistic view of the black community. No one is ignoring that problems exist but what have you offered up? Disdain, anger, hatred. We all get that you don't like the problems in the black community but what does your anger do to change people? Nothing. Just shows you for what you are.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

grinder said...

"It might also be a good idea to tell Republicans to quit calling President Obama a "thug," as if people don't notice the coded racism there."

Grinder, I agree with you 100%.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Here you go.

Hathor said...
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Hathor said...

The major difference is that alcohol is legal. The amount of illegal activity in numbers and gambling was as prevalent as the selling of drugs is today. Another difference blacks are more in control of selling of drugs than when alcohol was illegal or the control of the numbers running. It has always been black on black crime, because one never dared rob or kill a white person. Today black people are still afraid to kill a white person. Gang Rape a black child and suddenly that child became a vixen in white justice eyes, a black woman synonymous with whore; so those crimes could be done with impunity. There may be a larger percentage of the black population effected now than 50 years ago, but it may not be a larger percentage than that same element in the white population. With the availability of guns, both populations have seen an escalation of more violence.

The erosion of culture is American culture, it is consumer and media driven. It is affecting more than just black people, but we are the ones who have the most to overcome. I am not speaking about money, it is the way we are perceived. I have noting to offer except a personal anecdote. I have worked in too many places where lazy persons of color who are nor Negroes are perceived to be more productive that blacks, even when their mistakes have cost the company money. A black having a degree or several degrees will only get you an offer of a cup of coffee from these employers.

Blaque Swan said...

Fly - I took the bait and read your profile. It doesn't do anything to explain the ways in which you consider yourself a conservative. Med school - great. Breast cancer research - great. Ending the health disparity - great, and hardly a conservative issue, but great.

You can't accuse black liberals of thinking we know what you think just because you're a black conservative while refusing to tell us what you think when we ask. Having your cake and eating it too increases your risk of breast cancer.

And I have to say that I find it quite odd that you're unable to articulate any particular policy and/or value that you adhere to that you consider conservative - besides arguing with black liberals. I guess to be fair, I should say "unwilling." But at this point, it really does seem to be more a case of inability. I'm more than happy to apologize if I'm wrong.

And before whatever nasty attitude comeback you got in mind, I repeat, if you don't wanna outline your political values, fine. Just say so. Don't ack like anyone's done anything to offend you. Several people have politely asked you several times to give us some insight into your political views. You never do. I also find it odd that you seem to only respond to those comments with which you can feign some indignation.

True Blue Texan said...

off-topic but interesting story about Texas "law enforcement".

kid said...

Hey Field a great man once said that a black man voting Republican is like a chicken voting for Col.Sanders.J.C. Watts father said that.This was the conference I was talking about. A brother stood up like James Harris did at the McPain rally. I wanted to yell ..cut.That's a take.Boy that was phoney.

Granny I will put the information up in the chatroom.

kid said...

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor.

Minority Whip ? First tea baggers now this.They need a marketing expert too.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Okay, Kid.

Ellen sent me an e-mail telling me they need me over there. The Newshounds and I keep in touch. You know I love those Newshounds like family. They're good people. So I might see you over there, kid.

Anonymous said...

Whoever drew this ostrict with his head in the sand should go big time with this graphic design like the people over at Daily Kos may do with their Gopsaurus. T-Shirts, hats, etc. This picture speaks volumns. Wow!

Dr. Nuwang said...

Hathor, that's a very compelling argument you present.

"The erosion of culture is American culture, it is consumer and media driven"

This may be true but if this is the case for all Americans, how do you explain the fact that Asians are typically getting the job done academically?? I can't get in a Science class at ANY level without stepping over one of them and they are often 2nd generation Asians. Even when they attend crappy inner city schools, they STILL excel. So what's the difference? And I do NOT buy that they are smarter than we are. No, they are more committed to their education which explains why when I go to my local MickeyD's at 4:00 in the afternoon, I see mainly Black kids hanging out but right next door in the library parking lot are all the asian kids hanging out.

Media driven cultural destruction is also an interesting point especially given that 99.9% of the rump shakers in the videos are either Black women or women of color. So how do we as Black women reconcile that with our perception in the media? The answer is we can't.

I also understand that the history of this country makes things difficult for Blacks but at what point do WE change past history and focus on writing a new chapter in our history? I haven't seen a decent answer yet for why PG County Maryland has some of the worst schools in Maryland despite the Black wealth, and the excuse of long term racism in this country just doesn't Fly, pun intended, in the 21st century.

Finally, it's a weak and tired agrument to always use racism as the excuse for why so many Blacks are in dire socioecomonic situations. What I'm saying is stop blaming the white man for everything and start first with personal responsibility followed by responsibility to your community. THAT is what we had more of 50 years ago to a far greater extent than we do now.

Dr. Nuwang said...

btx3, one of the occupations I held in the 90's was as an AIDS Counselor. Now I'm a believer in live and let live I don't care who sleeps with whom, who raises unwanted kids, ect.

I say all that to say that you my friend remind me of my days as an AIDS counselor and the viciously angry black men living on the down low I had the unfortunate opportunity to come across too many times to count.

Blaque Swan said...

Once you hold for socio-econ status, our issues are no better or worse than anyone else. Our disproportionate poverty is due to past and present racism. The attention on our community problems is due to racism. Many of our community problems are due to racism. The truth is that to stress "morals" at the expense of acknowledging the very real and documented impact of racism on the lives of even Asian-Americans is to demand our community be more upstanding than the next, more upstanding than the white community.

As much as your argument makes some sense, Fly, it just doesn't hold up to the facts. It also hearkens back to past centuries of whites arguing that the lack of morality was the reason first for slavery; then neo-slavery/segregation; now the issues today.

This is not to say that we just ignore the crime. This is not to say that we encourage all children to do well and go to college. This is just to say our biggest problem is racism, not ourselves.

Hathor said...

Rump shaking? Not exactly what I was speaking of. Rump Shaking only became indecent because the white Christian told us it was and the more conservative Muslims enforced it on its people, probably influenced by the new Western Civilization. When sex was as necessary to survival as eating, representation of natural body movements were not considered immoral. As African, our sense of morality was not dependent on our dance or our degree of nakedness, we have been made ashamed.

The sad part of our adopting this culture is that we have sexualized our bodies and made our dance taboo, capitalizing on the "tee hee" effect of the white patriarchy.

I can't say what South Africa's new president will do for his country, but I felt a certain envy when Zuma danced with his supporters on stage to express joy and happiness at winning the election. Then I notice how we Negroes get a little edgy about the way President Obama moves.

Dr. Nuwang said...

Hathor said... "Rump Shaking only became indecent because the white Christian told us it was and the more conservative Muslims enforced it on its people, probably influenced by the new Western Civilization"

I'm certain you understand the difference between shakin' your rump to celebrate a plentiful harvest versus doing it in a thong and bikini top to the words of tip drill?

I can appreciate the historical reference to dancing, but come on now, that argument was a HUGE stretch, LOL!!

EzMun said...


Your unwillingness on multiple occasions to even attempt to answer questions about what you believe is quite telling. Instead you give the ultimate cop out by referring those asking questions to "other" Black conservatives.

It has been said, but it bears repeating. I don't hear solutions from conservatives, Black, White or otherwise. What I do hear is unbridled criticism of anything Obama and to a lesser degree anything "liberal" or "democratic." In the specific case of Black "conservatives" you hear unbridled criticism of Black people and our systemic problems, most of which are the product of slavery and its progeny of continued discrimination.

I'm not saying that we can't overcome these issues to a degree, but it's B.S. that there is not a concerted effort in America to neuter, limit, disenfranchise, discredit, and otherwise keep down the voice of African descendants all across the damn diaspora, whether by overt or subconcious act. To ignore this is to lie to oneself.

And I ask again, what the hell are Black "conservatives" trying to "conserve?"

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I read that they even discriminate in prisons by giving better food, health care, educational programs, and living facilities in the ones that house predominantly white than they do in the ones that house predominantly minorities. Now, that was a shocker to me.

Dr. Nuwang said...

EzMun, this is Fields blog NOT mine, as mine would focus on health disparities in breast and prostate cancer morbidity/mortality in minority communities. YOU may think I owe you an answer to such a broad question, but the fact is I don't owe you jack shit 'cause I don't know you. People in my inner circle know exactly where I'm coming from and that's all that matters.

Now some people respond to hostility with fear. Some with anger. Now that I'm past being angry, I'm at the point where I'm about to pop one of my surgical stiches laughing at these lames ass bullying attempts.

These days I can't decide who is more pathethic and ignorant, Rush Limbaugh and his crew or some of YOU guys, LOL!!

Dr. Nuwang said...

And BTW ExMun, how much pro bono work are you doing for the brothers and sisters?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Looks like you sized them up and had them down pat. You get an A+!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Night, Granny going to bed. I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. Have a victorious and blessed day!

Blaque Swan said...

Granny - Thanks.:/

Dr. Nuwang said...

And Field, I actually like the term neo conservative since it seems to represent many of the people I know who are Black and conservative, who have views very different from conservatives of old.

Having said that, I do not believe that term neo conservative represents in any way what the republican party is trying to do these days.

You know I think you ought to get a patent on that term.

Anonymous said...

Granny - That lead-in to Sweet Georgia Brown is so off the hook...

It's on another planet!


EzMun said...

I do plenty pro bono work for my brothers and sisters. More than my fair share. I have more than 5 pro bono matters, including three that are in litigation.

OK. So now that I've answered a question directly... Help me understand what "you" mean by Black "conservative" or Neo "conservative." I'm not trying to be cute. I do want to understand what you're trying to "conserve" or if there is a better way to explain the term "conservative" in a way that you understand it, please shed some light.

This is not a gotcha question. You do a lot of talking on the blog, but I still don't understand your constitution.

Dr. Nuwang said...

EzMun, are you trying to liberate anything or are you in some way loose, as the word "liberal" would imply? Do you now understand what the wording of your question to me is vague and outright ridiculous?

I've been posting on this blog for a few weeks now and I've outlined a few of my political positions. I simply refuse to keep doing that every time one of you Dems (usually) demands an answer for why I'm a Black person with conservative political views.

And my particiption on this blog doesn't require yours or anyone elses's understanding, just as I haven't demanded to know why some of you here are not just liberal Dems but extremist with your political views. I realize what apparently most of you do not, that at the end of the day, NOTHING about this line of questioning alleviates ANY of the problems in the Black community.

More than that, I have NO problem accepting and respecting folks with views different from mine.

EzMun said...


The difference between you and me on this is that I haven't described myself as anything. You on the other hand have described yourself as a "Black" or "Neo conservative.

I haven't described myself as a liberal. You assume that I am. I'm only asking the source.

I can see that this is going nowhere. You've done this in a lot of other posts. You infer that I'm trying to come at you. You're wrong. Blogs are for discussion. I'm not calling you names or being rude. I'm simply asking a question without agenda or pretense. I'm not sure why you feel the need to read into it more than is here. But, it's your right. I can say that it does, however, make you appear to be overly defensive ... for reasons I have no idea.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"Granny - That lead-in to Sweet Georgia Brown is so off the hook...
It's on another planet!

I'm glad you liked it. I can tell you really are a jazz fan. Granny liked the ones she listened to also. I believe there are more Web Sites with downloads of his songs and I think they might be whole song, not sure. Try google...

Dr. Nuwang said...

EzMun, if I really felt defensive about anything you'd see Field's blog loaded with explinations about why I have the political views I have. As such, I don't feel that way at all, defensive is just a word peole sling around to get people to respond, explain and well, act defensive.

You're an attorney, when a person mounts a defense they're usually trying to explain something. I simply don't feel there's anything for me to explain.

As for making assumptions, I've been compared to Limbaugh, Thomas, called a token, coon, Tom and bitch (hang on, I'll take that ame as a compliment) based on absolutely nothing and you now expect me to defend/explain/comment about my conservative viewpoints in the face of such unsubstaintiated bitchassness? I don't think so. Or as they used to say on in living color, hommie don't play that, LOL!!!

As for assuming you're a liberal, I don't hear/see/read about any conservaties asking me to explain my views so in this case my assumptiom is likely correct.

sick freak said...

I see someone who was on the Rush Limbaugh program gets props on this site. Good Job FN.

If Republicans are in such a mess, than why are so many on the left worried about what they do??