Monday, May 18, 2009

"Onward Christian Soldiers"

"Their arrows are sharp, all their bows are strung; their horses' hoofs seem like flint, their chariot wheels are like a whirlwind." ~Isaiah 5:28~

I guess, in a way, this all makes sense. I mean those Muslims were fighting a holy war, why shouldn't we?

Seems our former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, was putting "gospel talk" in his memo briefings on the war to his commander "the thief", W. What better way to get the frat boy's attention than to put a little religion into the mix? No wonder it took the frat boy so long to get rid of him. The guy knew how to stoke his boss. Just let him think this war was ordained by god and it's all good. So you kill a few thousand people, what's the big deal? it was all god's will. I guess those Muslims who blew up those tall buildings in New York felt the same way. What's 3,000 or so infidels in the big scheme of things? It was allah's will.

"The cover of an April 10, 2003 Pentagon memo prepared for the president showed the statue of Saddam Hussein being toppled and scenes of grateful Iraqis. Below the images were the words: 'Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him ... To deliver their souls from death.'...The cover of another memo featured the words, 'Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?' above a soldier who appeared to be bowing in prayer. Below, were the words, 'Here I am Lord, send me!' Isaiah 6:8."

Wow! These people are truly crazy. Thing is, I don't even think Rumsfeld is particularly religious, (I think he belongs to the 4th Presbyterian Church USA, look it up) which just goes to show you what a snake and slime ball the guy was. That's not me,field, saying that, that's his former colleagues putting him out there. And the hits just keep coming. How much more will we learn about this bunch before it's all said and done?

I guess this Pelosi dust up couldn't come at a better time for the repubs. But we can count on the main stream media to keep Lady Nancy on the front page and this little gem of a story buried way in the back.

Oh, that's right, we can't inflame the Muslim world; they might actually start thinking that their religion is better than ours.


Anonymous said...

Ashcroft and Runsfeld were unfortunate choices, no doubt. Didn't Obama nominate an anti-semite for some position? Freeman or something like that, it got shot down. That would have been interesting.


Gregory said...

Jesus, please protect me from your followers. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me started. Sometimes the Democrats and the Republicans are two heads of the SAME SNAKE.

Jody said...

I want trials... but not in the US. I want Rumsfeld, Yoo, Cheney, Wolfowitz and Bush, through abduction and rendition, to be flown to Iraq, be held at Abu Graib, and then brought before a people's tribunal of Iraqis. I want them to be tried by the Iraqi people and served up whatever justice they want to mete out to them.

Anything less would not be justice.

sick freak said...

More weapons of "mass de-straction" from the FN general straight from the top HN in the whitehouse.

This only matters to the moonbats in this country.Lets not forget religion has been used by almost every leader we had.

Jimmy Carter tried to use religion top get re- elected and Franklin Roosevelt asked Americans stop what they were doing and pray on D-Day.

And why hasn't Obama stopped his illegal religious war??

sick freak said...

"Iwant trials... but not in the US. I want Rumsfeld, Yoo, Cheney, Wolfowitz and Bush, through abduction and rendition, to be flown to Iraq, be held at Abu Graib, and then brought before a people's tribunal of Iraqis. I want them to be tried by the Iraqi people and served up whatever justice they want to mete out to them."

We must demand the same for Pelosi and the Democrats.Its the only way we can get the truth from these people.

Anything less would not be justice.

Gregory said...

So sickfreak admits war crimes and torture occurred, thus his insistence that Pelosi was an accessory after the fact. Fair enough, she gets 10 years while the Bushco junta gets life.

Gotta love wingnut logic, it always provides humour when most needed.

sick freak said...

And where did i admit war crimes and torture occurred???

I guess using moonbat logic i did.

Jody said...

sick... in 2001, the majority in both house, senate, and executive branch was republicans. It was the architects I listed above that preyed on people's fears from 9/11 to manipulate and lie to Congress and the American people. The media abdicated their responsibility and did not question or investigate and those that did were dismissed as unamerican. Do you not remember that climate? Those that were opposed to this (myself included) were beaten, arrested, dismissed as irrelevant, despite that our marches against the war had 100s of thousands of people participating.

No, I will stick with the architects... Nancy Pelosi and the other democrats were shut out of decision making in the mess... and the republicans, who, remember were in the majority of all 3 branches, cheerleaded these actions..... Sorry, on THIS issue, the republicans are SQUARELY responsible....

As for Obama, he is working to clean up this nightmare as fast as it can be done.....

tjwash said...

Surprised? Not really. Above all else, never forget that Rumsfeld was always Cheney's man.

I first read about these briefings almost a week ago, and the first thing I thought was " versus, pictures...they were obviously just trying to brief a complete moron, and were trying to keep it as simple as they possibly could."

I mean really now, it's an obvious choice. The bible has some of the most kick-ass justifications and simple, boiled down to easy common denominator reasons to kill everything that's in your path that can ever be found, if that's what one really wants to do. That's one of the reasons why, for hundreds of years, it was actually against papal law for anyone but clergy to possess a copy of it.

They teach us all about war, and the justifications thereof, starting when we are little kids in Sunday school.

For every verse in the new testament that tells of Jesus preaching about loving ones neighbor, turning the other cheek, and blessed are the peacemakers, I can show you 10 versus in there that are all about about smiting your enemies, salting their fields, and placing the survivors into slavery.

ch555x said...


That religious talk reminds me of these southern christian kkknights if you know what I mean...

grinder said...

Between this and the recent poll showing that white evangelicals are the most likely group to support torture, I think it's about fuckin' time that the "secular progressives" got a little more goddamn militant.

Goddamn Christians are a pack of lying, warmongering assholes from hell, not to put too fine a point on it.

Saleema said...

All religious extremists, belonging to all the religions, deserve each other. Why can't the fight it out alone and leave the rest of us out of it?

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Co sign on what Saleema said.

Bob said...

Why media do obsessed with Pelosi? She didn't start the fire. Even John Kerry caved. All of them typical scared politicians. The Rumsfeld stuff was highly disturbing, Apparently Frat Boy never studied metaphor in college. No George, The Full Armor of God isn't a freakin' tank. It's not even real armor.

Black Diaspora said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Black Diaspora said...

If God has to be invoked by any side in a war, then perhaps that should be reason enough not to fight in the first place.

And the notion that God takes sides in a boxing match, on the gridiron, or the basketball court is equally ludicrous.

She has no vested interest in the outcome of war, or a boxing match.

To say that "God is on our side" in a conflict is only partially true. God doesn't take sides: She's on everyone's side, which is to say, He's on no one's side in particular.

field negro said...

ch555x, I know just what you mean.

tjwash, that is a good breakdown of the "good book".

Co-sign with Jody.

sick freak, unlike you, I say bring on Pelosi and everyone else. Let the chips fall where they may.

Christopher said...

Now Field, you know as well as me that these radical, rightwing, neocons were doing "God's work."

Manifest destiny, and blah, blah, blah.

God spoke to the Motherfucker from Midland as he drove around his 1,500 acre ranch in his toy pickem' up truck in the sweltering Texas sun, stopping along the way to chop cedar.

God told this Texas Hee Haw to invade Iraq, slaughter thousands and get control of their oil. Expanding the American empire is the Lord's work, God damn it.

matw said...

Szpork, Freeman is not an anti-semite. Go back and read what he said, courtesy of Steve Rosen (one of the cheerleaders of Freeman's demise). Be informed.

matw said...

I agree with everything you said Black Diaspora. Unfortunately, a lot of people get pretty perked up by that sort of stuff. What has me concerned is that a significant members of our services suck this stuff up and act on it. Anyone remember General Boykin? The guy who said "I knew my god was bigger than his. I knew that my god was a real god and his was an idol." That sort of fool can get (shall I say got?) us all into a load of trouble.

Anonymous said...

The American Taliban ran this country into the ground for 8 years...

Rummy and the Dick's Holy War.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Cheney cooked up this idea for Rummy to do by adding Bible quote on the cover page of daily intelligence briefings for Bush. Yeah, let's really get him on board.

Anonymous said...

Field, please explain the theory of what they mean when say church and state are separate.

alicia banks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
alicia banks said...


it is tragic and ironic that religious people are the most evil, hateful, and violent people on earth...


vanishing point said...

I remember Congress singing "God Bless America" on the steps of the Capitol on the day of the 9/11 attack. It surprised me that they did that.The video is long, it's at the end when they start singing.

those religious verses with the daily briefings are sick.

grinder said...

I say bring on Pelosi and everyone else. Let the chips fall where they may.<>

BINGO! I don't give a shit what party they are from. If they were complicit, they should face the consequences. The sole condition should be that everyone gets investigated.

By the way, I'm not inclined to accept the "I was just following orders" defense from the lower ranks.

Marketing Diva said...


I had prepared a great comment about your blog today but this headline on another site stopped me cold.

" My Twin baby boys have different Fathers"

It just seems like we as a society praise and celebrate all the wrong things. I have attached a link so with all of the deatils:


equa yona(Big Bear) said...

Idealogue fanatics use whatever authority they can muster to further their disastrous causes. Often it is the religious fanatic, often it is the racist fanatic,the 19th and 20th centuries were the era of the bloody empire builders and the atheist Communists and fascist monsters. Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, and their followers etc were right up there with the worst of the abusers of religion. Let's face it, we are a fucked up species.

grinder said...


Well it is the Daily Mail. London tabloid rarely accused of having a whole lot of class. My main question is just how far apart these "affairs" were. The story said it could have been any time while she was ovulating, but I'm wondering whether someone was pullin' a train. She's lucky it wasn't triplets.

field negro said...

Marketing Diva, I wish I had a smart response to you, but all
I can say is DAMN
right back at ya.I have to read that article again.

Honest John said...

Why do we even listen to any of this Moolie babble? Have we not seen the incapable Obama's failure after failure? This is the best they have to offer and yet we continue to give even their most educated bruthas a forum to continue blathering? I'm beginning to think if we would just stop giving blacks the impression they matter, perhaps this country could pull its head from its ass and begin to heal.

field negro said...

Rrrrringggg~~~~~Hey Honest John, it's your probation officer on line 3.

Anonymous said...


cinco said...

... Michael Steele will you please go? Please go now!!!

I know off topic. His rhetoric today made me want to scream. He's not only a Repub, he's. Also a repub that tries to be comical and isn't!

sick freak said...

Wow pistol whipping cop killer gets a global day of justice??

"gospel talk" bad

cop killing good

Honest John said...

From where I sit, blacks are far more likely to have a probation officer than me, son. In fact, you even bringing it up indicates a familiarity that might make one wonder. So have YOU ever been in jail? Any of your friends of family? Be honest with ole Honest John. Tell me about your felonies.

field negro said...

Honest John, you are new here, so let me help you:I actually defend scum like you and try to keep you OUT of jail, so that Bubba doesn't toss your salad and have you clean his cell every night.

"From where I sit.."

Don't forget to wipe your ass when you get up.

You'll Get Over It said...

Honest John, Hey pally,
I wouldn't want to meet you in a dark alley,
Or on a well-lit street,
For fear my sized-nine feet
Would fail me in a pinch.

Only thing missing is your Daddy's white sheet,
And some poor, innocent black to lynch.

It's Obama time, you freak,
But you missed that e-mail I see.
Honest John your rap's so weak,
A black blog is the last place you want to be.

Javier said...

tjwash, FN:

The Bible was prohibited on pain of death from the people to keep them ignorant to what it teaches about salvation.

At the time the catholic church was taxing/extorting the people so that it could expand its empire. Look at the size and breadth of your typical european catholic church. Just the typical ones! Then take a look at the cathedrals.

A vast amount of wealth was taken from the people by means of the selling of indulgences to build the church into what it is today: a religio-political behemoth.

People were told that the only way to heaven was in the purchasing of indulgences for the forgiveness of sin. Anyone with a Bible would have had access to a deeper understanding and true cost of salvation from sin.

If you are unclear as to the reasoning behind the catholic churchs restriction on the bible look to the history of the reformation. Look at what men like Luther, Huss, and Wycliffe. Read up on what was done to the Waldenses by the catholic church.

Why would any religion deem the book upon which its faith supposedly is founded upon bar its adherents from possessing it for themselves? Why would mass be held in a ancient tongue not spoken by the laity for centuries until its usage was abandoned at Vatican II?

God is found in his Word and anyone who chooses to read it will see in it an account of humanity that has turned its back on its Creator time and time again and the path one takes to find their way back to Him. It is a choice and always has been.

Cursing God for the ill in the world is self-deception because we fail to take responsibility for our own choices. While following God does not guarantee you an easy life, in fact the opposite is true, it does teach you how to love Him and your fellow man and if more people, myself included, dug deeper in the Word perhaps greater truth would be given to us.

Jody said...

sick.... seriously LEARN TO FUCKING READ!!! Troy Davis may very well be an innocent man who is about to be murdered by the state.... There is compelling evidence he is innocent. At the VERY least, the new evidence needs to be presented before a court. How appropriate that a post about right-wing nuts who lied and faked "evidence" that led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands is a post where you would attempt to condemn another killing by the state.

Jody said...

I meant "attempt to condone another killing by the state."

field negro said...

"Wow pistol whipping cop killer gets a global day of justice??

"gospel talk" bad

cop killing good"

And killing man good in the name of god?

BTW, if he did kill that cop, he should spend the rest of his life in jail. He shouldn't be put to death by an imperfect system. But I guess you fail to see the logic in that. It's so New Testament.

Javier said...


Don't be fooled by Bush the public figure we've seen the past eight years. He is no "Hee Haw." He is from an elite New England family educated at Andover Academy and later Yale University where he was invited to become a Bonesman. There is nothing Texas about the Bush family. It was a persona that suited the times quite well.

While I agree that he certainly wasn't the most intellectually curious President he was no idiot. He new his place and his role. A figurehead, if you would. Someone to rally the people behind all while an agenda was being pushed.
The crack in our system of laws, rights and principles has been laid. The foundation for a slow but steady onslaught on our old way of life has begun. The choice for President then becomes who will bring us to ruin faster, choose the other guy.

Javier said...


There are too many out there who have encountered the hate of a supposed Christian. "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."
Too many people can tell a painful story of a Christian not living up to the example of Christ and mistreating, abusing, hurting and even killing in His name.

Unfortunately, those peoples words and deeds have a ripple effect in the world.

There are some out there who think they have salvation because they call themselves Christian who are lost and there are those who've never heard the name Christ who know more about Him than those carrying His name.

Sort of off topic: I don't know Dr. Paul Farmer's beliefs but I believe his example is a reflection of Christ. Dr. Farmer spends six months of his life running a hospital in Haiti providing much needed and life-changing care to Haitians. The other six he is a professor and physician at Harvard Medical School.

Don't know if he's ever been given the honor, Field but may I suggest Dr. Farmer for HFN award for his work in Haiti and other parts of the world?

sick freak said...

Jody-- So you want a innocent man [Bush] who hasn't been convicted of a crime and never will be,abducted and sented to Iraq to be put to death yet you want a man who killed a cop,pistol whipped a homeless person, and shot someone earlier in the evening to be freed?
[Didn't the shell casings from both shootings match?]

FN,should anyone be sented to prison using this imperfect system?

Javier said...

sick freak:

How exactly do you determine Bush to be an innocent man? If in the literal sense that he has not been indicted and found guilty for authorizing torture and crimes against humanity then you are correct. He is innocent under our form of justice at this point.

Jody said...

Sick... I said he should be arrested... I think there is plenty of probable cause on that... and I if you read my post... I said tried by the Iraqis and justice served by them. If he is innocent, then let the Iraqis find him so..... You assumed they would just kill him. I'm convinced it would be a war crimes tribunal.... where he could defend himself.

As for Mr. Davis, the issue is recanting of witnesses.. which most have.....

field negro said...

"FN,should anyone be sented to prison using this imperfect system?"

Yes, but not put to death. See the difference?

BSweet said...

Organized religion has always made me uneasy. (understatement of the century)

BSweet said...

Organized religion has always made me uneasy. (understatement of the century)

grinder said...

So you want a innocent man [Bush] who hasn't been convicted of a crime and never will be,abducted and sented to Iraq to be put to death yet you want a man who killed a cop,pistol whipped a homeless person, and shot someone earlier in the evening to be freed?<>

I want Bush arrested and put on trial for war crimes, using the Nuremburg Principles as the guide. Along with him, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Yoo, Feith, and anyone in the military and the CIA who carried out the illegal torture orders.

Honest John said...

How utterly ridiculous. You people are insane.

TrueBlue said...

Comin' from you, that's a compliment!

Gregory said...

"Honest John",
Does your mother know that you are trolling from her computer. She will probably ground you for a week and take away your Playstation when she finds out that you have been impersonating a racist arsehole.

Honest John said...

I am surrounded by racists here, so I don't know who you are to talk pal. And your attack is typical. I am a kid playing on my parent's computer. How clever. I am actually a man who has lived a long time and seen a lot of bullshit. I know you and your arguments well. If only the day would come where blacks were able to comprehend common sense. That's not racism, it's the sad truth. Deal with it, fix it or shut up.

grinder said...

John, your blog is a hoot! By any chance did you used to write the "Ed Anger" column for The Weekly World News, or are you just a freelance psycho?

Gregory said...

What's the matter, disHonest John? Did the negroes steal your date when you were in high school?

You may not be an angry teenager blogging from your parent's basement but you might as well be, given that your maturity and intellect seem to stuck at that level.

Gregory said...

What's the matter, disHonest John? Did the negroes steal your date when you were in high school?

You may not be an angry teenager blogging from your parent's basement but you might as well be, given that your maturity and intellect seem to stuck at that level.

Gregory said...

Apologies for the double post.

Honest John said...

Yes Grinder, I am a freelance psycho. I enjoy angering blacks to the point where they begin to reference their penises and attribute my bitterness to having my white girl stolen by a colored boy. Sometimes if I go that extra mile, I can get you to call me a trailer trash redneck West Virginia inbred with a microscopic dick and tell me about how you raped my mother and my sister and they both loved it. Indeed, I have herd all of your brilliant arguments, all before I even grew into adulthood.

Lady-Cracker said...

Hi Marketing Diva,
I feel with you.

However, The parents of the twins are going to get married. They did not say whether it would be before or after the baby sister would be born. Trying, a little too little a little too late? Also it looked there was about a 20 year age difference. He seems to be really engaged with both babies.

Sigh--it does seem though that the couple is trying to be loyal and good and decent to their kids.

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