Saturday, May 30, 2009

The first ever group post: (I think)

This is a great time to be a racism chaser in A-merry-ca because racism still exist and because Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich make such big, fat targets. Racism is still alive and well, despite the best efforts of so many to challenge, educate, and legislate to end it. We will stop chasing when justice for all applies to all equally. We are now seeing the depths and breaths of this "post-racial" society in a series of racial back-lashes.
But are the cases of alleged racism that we have been seeing a result of real racism or just frustration caused by the leader of the country outshining any leader before him. Or by a lack of REAL dialogue about the subject, such as that suggested earlier in the year by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Or is it caused by the realization that the status quo is fairy tale. It's more than meets the eye and plenty of folks are starting to become aware of it.

It's sad, because as a country we have the resources and diversity of cultures to actually be an official UN headquarters. As a country we are one nation of people that should be able to get along, enjoy the same equal rights as any other citizen regardless of race, and be able to have the right to the pursuit of happiness and the American dream. Thinking that our neighbor is different, we often do terrible things. We beat, oppress, condemn, jail, spy on, or steal from them. Would we do these things to our friends or family? I doubt it.
But all is not lost, if we learn to stand together in unity, respect one another as fellow human beings, learn to live in peace with one another, and see each other as equal human beings. Out of the limelight of the media and the cameras and newspaper reporters, there are fierce, wonderful, intelligent people working in their own communities to challenge the status quo, to bridge the divides that have been created, who dream a dream of justice at night and then in their waking hours work with passion to make justice a reality for all peoples. For all the dismal problems and tragedies, we are still surrounded by the signs of progress, and, on the part of most people, a willingness to pursue harmony and reconciliation.

This is how we can solve some of our problems: Sit down and have an honest, open conversation and lay all of our grievances out on the table. Then work together on trying to solve them as one people. Make decisions together that will guarantee equal rights, opportunity, and justice for all of our citizens and not just one that is deceptive, lopsided, one-sided, a pacifier, or bandage, but that is real and will make all parties involved satisfied and happy. Let's get the Blacks, White, Hispanics, Asians, Educated, Uneducated, Wealthy, Poor, Gay, Straight, etc., all together for a National Cultural Understanding Dialogue Day.Get it all off your chest (in a civil manner of course). All the crap which stems from Ignorance and lack of Cultural understanding, get that crap all off your chest!Then shake hands, sit down, enjoy some Fried or Baked Chicken, corn bread, lemonade and have a few laughs. Eradicate the foolishness and ignorance that has been floating around for years and get to work. The tools are there...use 'em! Showing the world we're not a Nation of cowards by opening up a serious dialogue on race & living the golden rule.

Finally,we need to learn and respect each other’s ethnic cultures, embrace one another, and redo history books to reflect our American society as a whole adding the contributions of all races to the building of America. In addition, we should eliminate the stereotypes, and educate our children and teach them while they are young racial tolerance. If we can do away with the institutionalized racism that is so ingrained and pervasive in this country, afford equal protection and opportunity under the law, we may no longer need racism chasers. We'll be in a "postracial" era when there are no more racists telling us they're not racists because we're in a postracial era.

Okay field Negroes and honorable field Negroes, that was awesome! You all have some skills.
Thanks for writing this post for me. Your checks are in the mail.


brohammas said...

This was a great idea.

Though I'm still waiting for the racial mad-libs.

ArtMaggot Hysteria said...

A beautiful collection of thoughts!

Grégoire said...

I really enjoyed this, and it's part of the reason I'm a regular visitor to your blog. Your readers are as interesting as you are, FN; and it's to your credit that you've assembled such a great group of friends for input.

sick freak said...

"This is a great time to be a racism chaser in A-merry-ca because racism still exist and because Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich make such big, fat targets"

That just shows how much class the left has in this country.

And this person calls himself/herself a Christian??

Anonymous said...

Don't worry sick freak, most of the people who read field's blog on a regular basis "get it".
Obviously YOU don't.

aloha from makaii on Maui

Have been on vacation to New Orleans Jazz Fest and southern Alabama and Los Angeles, all in all the USA is a wonderful place.
Thanks field for keeping up your blog every day with interesting , thoughtful essays, rantings, etc.
Hang in there, you too will get to retire someday. and maybe visit Maui too!

sick freak said...


The only people who are demonizing the black man are black men.

Jody said...

Woop! I think after that powerful collective activity, poor ol sick freak's head is about to explode... yep.... thar she blows!

I have often said that the best idea that I might have will never be as good as ideas that come from collective thought. Thanks field for the opportunity.

TrueBlue said...

This was fun, Field

TrueBlue said...

And it gives me a little hope too

matw said...

Wow! Never would have thought it would come together like this. Great!

What editing job Field. My hat's off to ya. That was fun. M

Field Negro George said...

This is off the subject, but thanks for opening my eyes to Rod Wheeler. Damn! Didn't know he engaged in house Negro behavior that is off-the-chain. I'll have to update my "honorable people" list, SOON :0)

field negro said...

Don't worry folks, sick freak is what we call a "hater". :)

Nice job, all of you.

makaii, I hope you still have a room for me at your crib. I will need a place to stay when I visit your beautiful island.

Thanks Gregoire, and these FN and HFN thank you too.

Anonymous said...

Mr. and Mrs. Field will always be welcome here at my humble little condo. Aloha from makaii

Hathor said...

Like minds know what is necessary. Unfortunately the argument to "Sit down and have an honest, open conversation..." has been preempted by one of our race hustlers.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully done, Field and friends.


Black Rose said...

I wish we could send this to everyone.
Thanks Field and friends.

Gregory said...

"Thanks for writing this post for me. Your checks are in the mail."


Sometimes it sounds better in Latin.

Prescriptio in manibus tabellariorium est.

Saleema said...

oh man. I'm too late.

Who's a honorary field negro? I don't think you have blessed me yet. LOL

B# said...


Thanks for this. You are a genius. I do believe that you are in the wrong profession between the hours 9a-5p M-F.

Well, maybe not. We all need a day job to bring in the money.

Thanks again.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Wow! Now see, that's what I'm talking about unity in thought. And it sounds even better with collective and sincere input. I'm impressed.

old white guy said...

Very nice. Congratulations everyone!

Anonymous said...

You can't lecture about racism and not critize Eric Holder. szpork

Anonymous said...

Gonna suck for Y'all when O-bama gets the Lung Cancer...
"Gets"? I think he's already got it... By the time you start to cough its too late.
And guess what, ole Joe Biden won't appoint a Brutha as VP and resign either...
Don't blame me, blame whoever invented cancer...

Seda said...

This was a great idea, Field, thanks. I'm impressed by the way this came together, by the collective wisdom expressed.

Laurel said...

Your a Genius! Thanks Field for including my thoughts on the subject of Racism in your post.

The Mainstream Media should read this. The ideas listed are simple, yet so profound for the healing of our nation's racial divide.

You should consider (after discussing it with the Mrs. of course) running for Public Office in Philly. I'm serious! Let's get it while its hot right?

God Bless you my brother:)

field negro said...

Cancer, Frank? Wow,where did that come from?It can't be a good place.

Saleema,if you are on this site and you weren't born a Negro,with a few exceptions (the aforementioned Frank comes to mind)you are an HFN.:)

Szpork,we aren't "lecturing" we are having a conversation.And why would I criticize Eric Holder?

Anonymous said...

excellent post!

momo said...

most excellent!

DuchessDee said...

FN, this was nice. Now tell this to the wife of Officer Omar J. Edwards, 25, a black officer was shot died by a white officer in NYC.

Do you think she wants to "Sit down and have an honest, open conversation...guarantee equal rights, opportunity, and justice for all of our citizens".

How do you think she will raise her children to "educate and teach them while they are young.

Prayfully she will overcome her grief and teach them to love all mankind, to teach them to turn from hate while simaltaneously another race continues to suppress and lock up our black sons, brothers and fathers at an alarming rate.

Jody said...

Off topic, but just so incredibly horrible and ironic... Dr. George Tiller, one of the few doctors to perform abortions in Kansas, was shot and killed today... at his church!
So much for Pro-Life!

Anonymous said...

If y'all knew how many black babies Dr. Tiller had aborted in his 30+ years in the biz....
Even in Kansas it's a bushel load...

Lady-Cracker said...

Very know that there are so many...very sad to know that the "deaf" are so profoundly "deaf."

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of having an honest, open conversation with Frank.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Abortion is a subject that I stay out of because I'm torn between the two. And when you have a war waging in your mind concerning an issue you won't choose wisely and with me abortion is where a war begins in my mind. That is why I'm going to share something with you and everybody.

When I was a teenager in school, I knew this girl. She got excellent grades in school, was a very pretty girl, and was well-liked by everyone. She was quiet but pleasant to be around.

Anyway she got pregnant. No one knew she was pregnant not even her closest friends. Her fear of her parents and friends finding out was so great until she took it upon herself to do her own abortion. Her method was a clothes hanger. She bled to death.

I often wonder to this day, to myself, if there would have been abortion clinics would she still be living today. Or if she wouldn't have did what she did, what would her life have been like. Or I think about women who have been raped by their own kinfolks or some criminal. How it would effect their mind mentally and every time they looked at that child it would be a reminder of what horrible injustice was done to them.

However, on the other hand, I cherish life and think about how, maybe, a unborn child a woman is carrying could be someone of greatest that might invent a cure for all diseases or save our world from castrophe, etc. Or that child's right to live as the mother who is alive. In addition, I believe that God gave us all a free will to make our own individual choices in life and that this is one of those choices that is an individual moral choice and that I have no right to make for anyone. Therefore, I choose to stay out of the debate concerning abortion.

I am a older woman with grown children, grandchildren, and even a great-great aunt. In my lifetime, I've experienced so much in life and seen more than you could ever imagine, good and bad, and that people even older than me have not witnessed. I've traveled many places and experienced different lifestyles and cultures even within my own family and met and know people from all walks of life of different races. However, the one thing that has stayed embedded in my mind is the young girl's face that I knew who bled to death because her fear was so great, that it was greater than two human lives, that of her own, and the childs.

Hathor said...

Whoever killed Dr. Tiller chose death and they did not chose their life to save others.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Off Topic:


Every time I come over to visit y'all blog I feel like kicking off my shoes like I am at home. I love it over there. Keep up the good work. (smile)


Amen! It's sad. I wish people would stop killing people.

sick freak said...

Wow talk about a late- term abortion.

Now for the next few weeks watch the same leftwingers that told us we shouldn't blame all muslims for 9/11,look at minorities has violent, they will blame every anti-abortion rightwinger in this country for his death.

The moonbats will group every rightwinger,every Christian together and call us killers.

Liberals will blame us all has a group.

Jody said...

No we won't sick... cuz see, we understand that you don't group a whole class of people and make gross generalizations about who they are or how they think based on the actions of one person, who happens to share the same view on one issue (or race, or gender, or sexual orientation).... sound familiar?

alicia banks said...


very cool!


La♥audiobooks said...

This was a great group effort. Maybe you can do it often. I have to come back to read the comment section.

sick freak said...

joan walsh from

And here it starts

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

“Randall Terry, Operation Rescue Founder, Says He's More Concerned About Obama's Reaction Than Tiller's Murder.”

He is upset because Obama was shocked and outraged behind a man’s life being taken in a senseless murder. Unbelievable! These people are looney tune crazy.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, excellent, excellent, Field! Cool!

Bob said...

Great idea. Do it again sometime. You could also do a "Best of GrannyStandingforTruth."

Eurasian Sensation said...

Hey Field, nice work on the Dyson show. Have you ever seen the movie "The Road to Guantanamo"? It's about 3 British Muslims visiting Afghanistan who were accused of being Taliban, taken to Cuba and tortured, then set free with no charges laid. Really brings to light what you were saying about the ethics of torture.

Anonymous said...

FN said "Szpork,we aren't "lecturing" we are having a conversation.And why would I criticize Eric Holder?"

Field, I'm still mad about the panther deal and I guess I was hoping you would criticize Holder for that decision. Civil rights apply to everyone.


Whitney B. said...


You are an editor extra-ordinary genius, or you had some help with this. Incredible reads, both.


vanishing point said...

Field, thank you so much for this, I really enjoyed reading all the comments and then your post.

allheavens said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
allheavens said...

@sick freak
Does anyone really care about what the right wing as to say these days outside of their base?

But I won't generalize about the killing of Dr. Tiller. However, people need to realize that not only do elections have consequences so do words.

Having said that I do think the Pro-Life Movement should be called the Pro-Fetus Movement because after delivery as far as the right is concerned these live births are on their own. And they had better wipe the spittle from their face, reach down to the shoelaces of their hightops and pull themselves up because they WILL NOT get ANY assistance from the far right.

Hathor said...

Feigned moral outage is so tiresome.

Anonymous said...

while the end of this posting is laudable and a grand ideal whose time has long since past, let us not forgot which peoples originated the concepts and conceptualisation of race and racism. Should we not let the weight of the burden of the global pandemic fall squarely on the shoulders of its originators for correction? What and why should i as an African male of 50 odd periods of 365/366 days be called to heal and correct that which i have been a global victim of? Every day in your eurocentric Ah-mer-re-ka, i have to be on average three different people to my white colleagues one. The african doing the job well, the african they think and presume they know based on how i perform the task at hand and the african they will never ever know at all [the real one]. Two masks and one bit of reality and if i give the whites the real african, the reality one, you can bet it was be duct, cover and roll from the verbal fire i am compelled to release in their grills based on all of the stupid, anti-african, ignorant commentary i hear on a daily basis.

But what is really bugging the heck out of me, is the blatantly anti-African stance of your recently elected Mr. Obama. It seems Mr. O goes to great lengths and distances to recant and recall his white-euro heritage past but never or rarily any thing regarding his Kenyan African roots.. He is a white mama's boy for sho nuff. Check him out.. goes to Germany to a Jewish holoclaust memorial makes more grand oratory about history should not forget, has a survivor chime in and mention the state of Zionism and ignore the Arab folks altogether but has yet to pop his head in Kenya to bear witness to the post elections African on African violence there nor to the best of my knowledge check in on the folks scattered because of hurricane Katrina.

Some of you all thought bruh O to be Moses but i dont know.. the track record is looking a bit too pale for me. But i understand if you are a bi-racial kid abandoned by you dad and left with your mom which side would you chose, my brothers

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