Friday, May 15, 2009

The newest weapon of "mass de-straction".

I am no fan of Nancy Pelosi. I think she is a typical weaselly politician who puts politics before principal. And, to be honest, she has probably done the dumbocrats more harm than good. (I bet right now his O ness is wishing that she would just go away)

This latest brouhaha over whether the frat boy's administration authorized torture is a prime example of Lady Nancy being a problem for the dems. Did she or didn't she know that Dick the devil et al were torturing alleged terrorists for fun? She says that she never knew; the CIA said that they briefed her; she says that they are liars. Who do we believe? In any case, she has taken this debate to an entirely different level, and she has caused us to lose focus of the real issue: Just why the hell was the frat boy and his minions breaking the law in the name of national security? That, my friends, is what we should be focusing on. That is what this debate should be about. Not whether Nancy Pelosi was briefed and sat on her rich ass or not. If she was and did nothing, I wouldn't be surprised. That is what I would expect from a career politician. Test the political wind and act accordingly. And if you will recall, at the time this was all going down the political wind was blowing in an entirely different direction.

But this is a typical republican trick: change the focus and distract. And Lady Nancy has fallen right into their trap. The folks at FOX are having multiple orgasms (what's that white stuff all over the studio floor?) because they have possibly caught a powerful dumbocrat in a lie. Their leaders are foaming at the mouth with phony outrage, and they haven't sought out the microphone this much since the days of Bubba's blowjobs. (speaking of white stuff on the floor. ) Of course this could not have come at a better time for a party that was disintegrating before our very eyes. Now, possibly, they have found something to rally around, and they will ride this donkey (no pun intended) until it's dead.

"I think this is the most despicable, dishonest and vicious political effort I've seen in my lifetime." "She is a trivial politician, viciously using partisanship for the narrowist of purposes, and she dishonors the Congress by her behavior." "Speaker Pelosi's the big loser, because she either comes across as incompetent, or dishonest. Those are the only two defenses,”

Oh Newt, put a lid on it. Save all of your phony pontification for the FOX studios. They might believe your bullshit, but fortunately, no one else does.


Christopher Chambers said...

Barack needs to stop acting like Barack and more like LBJ.

Anonymous said...

"Just why the hell was the frat boy and his minions breaking the law in the name of national security?"

That is the question we need to answer isn't it? I am no lawyer, but I've read a lot that leads me to think a case can be made. I smell rats.

matw (can't get my google accnt to work)

Anonymous said...

We need a truth commision to sort this out. Leon Panentta is in charge of the CIA now, right? Dem on Dem death match!11


boukman70 said...

Oh, the woman's lying. You can tell by all the different tales she's come up with. But, you know, I already blogged about that.

Though I hate the man with every fiber of my being, you've got to hand it to Dick Cheney for totally flipping the script on the terror debate. Pelosi, et al, have been acting all high and mighty over this for years, and now we find out they've been compromised the whole time.

And here's the Dickster saying, "Oh, you're calling me a war criminal?! You want to have truth commissions and trials?! All right then ... there will be blood."

There's no telling how many Democrats can bring down. Maybe he is an evil genius, after all.

boukman70 said...

PS. Chris is right. There are a lot of tough decisions that need to be made for our country's future. Obama needs to stop being this great compromiser and actually get some shi'ite done!

matw said...

FN said: "And Lady Nancy has fallen right into their trap."

I would say painted into a corner. She, and others in the D party, seem to have known much for quite a while now. Did the CIA lie to her? Let's hope a forum develops to air all of the facts (wishful thinking I know).

Szpork, you gave me a good laugh. D on D death match. Evil. ;)


field negro said...

matw,I think we could say yes to both. She was painted into a corner and then fell into their trap. As boukman 70 said, maybe the evil one knew something all along. Still I am waiting little longer before I say she flat out lied about whether she was briefed. Hey, it's not like the CIA hasn't lied befoore. As someone who saw first hand what Philip Agee and the CIA did to undermine one of my heroes from history, Michael Manley, I wouldn't put anything past them.

Christopher I hear ya. But quite a few folks on the right would argue that he is doing too much. You and I don't think he is going far enough, but his O ness, forever the politician, is afraid to overreach.

BTW, did you see my "fightens" with his O ness today? The buzz here is that his O ness was all that, because he knew all of their personal stories. Talk about prepared.

matw said...

"BTW, did you see my "fightens" with his O ness today?"

No. Link?

matw said...

"She was painted into a corner and then fell into their trap."

Or maybe she painted herself into a corner? I'd really like to know. It's an agent vs. victim question. I have no idea what the truth is, and I hope it comes soon (again, probably wishful thinking).

Cal Soldier said...

This whole situation is ridiculous. If anyone remembers the political climate in 2002, you would know that Democrats couldn't take a leak without asking permission from President Bush and the Republicans. There was NO way that Pelosi (or any other Democrat) was going to "out" a classified briefing. And, for the Cheney-cons to imply such a thing is beyond stupid.

What the press needs to focus on is the accusations by COL(R) Lawrence Wilkerson (Colin Powell's former chief of staff). He claims that the whole "enhanced interrogation techniques" was used simply to connect Saddam Hussein to Al Qaeda. Now, if that is true, then that means over 4000 of my fellow Soldiers (including 2 of my own men) died for a lie concocted through a war crime.

I'm withholding judgment until all the facts come out. However, if this turns out to be true, then some people need to fry. And we can start with Mr. Cheney.

matw said...

Cal Soldier, I was about to argue with you about "There was NO way that Pelosi (or any other Democrat) was going to "out" a classified briefing.", but, you reminded me of the climate, and it was pretty red white and blue (in a very repressive sort of way).

Swiff said...

Spelling Nazi Alert!

"mass distraction"

Black Diaspora said...

As they seek to cook her goose, the Repubs are going to bake their own.

If Pelosi committed a crime, it doesn't rise to the level of turpitude, and stinkification that those in Bush's administration committed by devising the EITs, legally supporting them with questionable legal analyses and opinions, justifying their use and misuse, and, under the guise of protecting the nation from terrorists, violating their oath of office, and breaking the law to boot.

Evil minds can devise evil plans, and set malicious traps for the unwary.

It seems that Repubs are adept at this kind of chicanery, and can exploit any situation to make it serve their nefarious purposes.

Dems have eagerly gone along with what Bush wanted from congress, giving him authorization to go to war, if need be, to pressure Saddam Hussein into coming clean on WMDs.

This willingness to be duped by the Repubs is one of the reasons Dems have the reputation of being too easy on terrorists, and don't have the heart for war and bloodshed.

Although I think that this is poppycock, it still offers Repubs talking points with which to use against the Dems.

I believe that Obama knows the depth, height, and breadth of the "torture scandal," and is reticent to open that can of worms for fear of who might be snared in the net of justice.

Nevertheless, this is one scandal that's going to prove to have a strong pair of well-developed leg muscles and he would be better served to meet it head-on, and appoint a special prosecutor, and a truth commission to get to the bottom of it--who knew what, when, and how, and to what degree they were involved.

Dick Cheney knows more than he's revealing, and is working tirelessly in front of and behind the scenes to influence the power structure, and public opinion before he's called on for an accounting of his actions.

His frontal assault suggests that the scandal runs deeper than we could have ever imagined. And what was done under the pretext of keeping us safe is more heinous than we may be willing to digest, or attribute to a country that prizes itself on its purity, and adherence to the rule of law.

I say, if you wish to get to the truth about this, bombard your congressperson, and the president with demands to know what they know, and to persist in the asking.

If congress believes that their political future hangs in the balance by keeping a lid on this potentially explosive expose, a few cowardly ones will call for an investigation.

If we say nothing, they will do nothing.

I say ask, insist, and then demand that we know the truth.

At least we will know the extent to which we've been lied to.

The truth may not set us free, but a lie will certainly keep us chained to a repetition of the lie at some future time, in some not too distant age, under another administration, because we neglected to deal with it at a time when it would have been fruitful to do so.

Many child psychologists say that a child should be chastised as close to their infraction as possible, so as to draw a connection between the offense and the punishment.

These are adults, but I believe that the same rationale may be applied here, and applied with equal results--to prevent a repeat of what most of us see as reprehensible behavior (unless, of course, you're on the other side of the political spectrum and see waterboarding as a pleasant pastime, causing victims only a mild discomfort, rather than seeing it as the torture that it is).

Ernesto said...

The big distraction is that both sides are full of crap on this issue. The Republicans started the war and the Democrats were accomplices. Now all we get is posturing while people are dying and another 97 billion dollars get sucked out of the treasury. Republican/Democrat = two sides of the same rotten AIPAC coin and that includes the current administration that is being nothing more than Bush-lite lately.

Jody said...

Amen Ernesto! I am so disappointed with the decisions to hide the truth, avoid hearings, and continue down the same path of destruction for so many innocent people.
I understand Obama has instructed his staff to pull out so many letters from people a week for him to read personally. I suggest we all dust off our pens and paper and write those letters. Personal, handwritten letters are more likely to be read than blast forms, emails, or petitions..... So, lets all go old school and give him a piece of our minds!
As for Pelosi..... if she was informed that we were torturing people and did not speak out... time for her to go down with anyone and everyone else involved in this traitorous behavior.

John Stewart's commentary was on point.. we torture people to get information, we fire those who can translate the information for being gay, and then refuse to show the pictures of the torture, because THAT will create more hatred. Huh? Not the torture... just the pictures.. What a fucking insane world these idiots have created. Only sunshine and honesty can clean up this mess.

Christopher said...

Poor Speaker Botox.

Lost in the wilderness now that the Democratic CIA director (and fellow Californian) Leon Panetta, came forward to contradict Pelosi's nutty claim that the agency lied to a senior member of Congress.

Perhaps now, Pelosi regrets uttering those five infamous words, "impeachment is off the table." What did it get her? Not a fucking thing.

It's high time President Barack stop "looking forward" and look backward for a spell. He needs to direct AG Eric Holder and the Congressional leadership to appoint and fund a special prosecutor (Patrick Fitzgerald, possibly?) to investigate torture. Who ordered it? We know Cheney played a role but, who else broke U.S. law, and violated the covenants of the Geneva Convention and engaged in human rights abuses at Guantanamo Bay, in the Abu Ghraib prison and at the secret/no-so secret torture facility in eastern Bulgaria?

I think, and I believe, we can't move forward as a nation as long as lawless son-of-a-bitches like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Armitage, Rice, Pelosi and Goss, are roaming free to play politics.

Obama can base the investigation on Nuremberg or the South African truth and reconciliation hearings, it matters not one iota to me. What does matter is, if the U.S. is indeed a nation of laws -- as conservatives are so fond of saying, then we can't sweep this terrible period under the rug and pretend it never happened.

It's up to Obama what his legacy will be.

sick freak said...

If the CIA lied, why did they lie only to the grandma of torture??

If Bush broke the law ,why doesn't the chicago thug we have in the whitehouse have the onions to put him in jail???

If grandma torture knew Bush was breaking the law and she didn't report it than she is also guilty under the law.But its ok for Democrats to break the law,its only Republicans we need to go after.

If the Republican party is disintegrating,than why are you moonbats still obsessed with what Republicans do or say?

I'm glad to see the community organizer following Bush's lead on wiretapping, military commissions,detaining terror suspects indefinitely and renditions.

Anonymous said...

Strange Press Conference...thought I was watching that scene from the Wizard of Oz...
You know, where the Wicked Witch melts...
Any Y'all see that guy at the NASCAR race wearin an Obama Mask and holdin a bucket of KFC??? Man, they cut away from that faster than A-rod backpeddlin on how Diabinol ended up in his pee...
Heard he's gonna start showin up at sporting events like that guy with the Orange Afro did back in the 80's...

Jody said...

sick freak... Can you read? Nobody here is saying that the democrats are immune from our ire or that they should not face charges. Let me ask you, do you believe in the rule of law? If so, Do you believe that no one is above the law? If you believe in that fundamental principal upon which this nation was theoretically founded, then hearings must be had, charges must be brought if there is evidence of violations... and I think there has been enough admissions, even by Cheney, that laws were broken.... So, if you believe in American principals and the rule of law, what do you think they should do???

field negro said...

"What the press needs to focus on is the accusations by COL(R) Lawrence Wilkerson (Colin Powell's former chief of staff). He claims that the whole "enhanced interrogation techniques" was used simply to connect Saddam Hussein to Al Qaeda. Now, if that is true, then that means over 4000 of my fellow Soldiers (including 2 of my own men) died for a lie concocted through a war crime.

I'm withholding judgment until all the facts come out. However, if this turns out to be true, then some people need to fry. And we can start with Mr. Cheney."

Cal Soldier, that was dead on. I agree 100%.

LOL@ Swiff with the "spelling nazi" reference. Actually, swiff, destraction IS a word that would be applicable here.(This is what happens when you are married to an engineer, these types of words get stuck in your mind)But destraction, in engineering terms, means to seperate and destroy which is what is happening here.

But I added a slight alteration to the heading to cover all basis.:)

"Although I think that this is poppycock, it still offers Repubs talking points with which to use against the Dems.

I believe that Obama knows the depth, height, and breadth of the "torture scandal," and is reticent to open that can of worms for fear of who might be snared in the net of justice."

BD, I hope that is not true. Because if the law was broken, then people should be rought to justice and I don't care who it is.

Christopher said...

FIXED Noise reporter Major Garrett was the only reporter to dare to ask White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs what the White House's reaction is to Speaker Botox's fast-moving narrative.

Gibbs gave the biggest bullshit answer I've heard since Ari Fleischer was lying for George Bush:

[President Obama is] "keeping the American people safe by looking forward."

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh brother. It's looking like this is going to be another Watergate summer.

Anonymous said...

The Dems were under the mistaken impression that the Rethugs were going to lay low on the prosecutorial stuff...

Pelosi is most likely, guilty.

The only thing the Rethugs are going to accomplish is to force the Dems to let the dogs loose.

It isn't the Dems who would take the major hit from that.

Unknown said...

Time to burn the house down. If neither side is any good, it's time to get rid of both.

sick freak said...

After this Obama lie--

"The Chrysler bankruptcy will not disrupt the lives of the people who work at Chrysler or the communities that depend on them"

Obama needs all the weapons of "mass de-straction" he can get.

field negro said...

sick freak, i have a serious question for you: If the GOP's philosophy is to let the free markets dictate everything,and to let failing companies go under and rebuild. Wouldn't the end result of what is happening now with the car companies been exactly the same under a republican president? In fact, one could argue that it would be worse.

Just curious.

Unknown said...

Nancy made a big mistake. The first rule of holes? When you are in a hole, stop digging.

Nancy is in a hole. She needs to shut the phuque up and get busy with passing legislation in support of the Obama agenda.

Can she do that?

unokhan said...

oh her. nancy "impeachment-is-off-the-table" pelosi. the sort of creature who gives weasels a bad name

Anonymous said...

I am doing the first summer - "Grill Slam" in preparation for Memorial Day.

Wanna see if the Field can walk the walk around the manly art of the outdoor fire!

Any of the regulars or lurkers who THINK they can burn, are welcome to join in, either by providing a link to their best efforts on their own blog, or posting them in comments.

Is it true conservatives can't cook?

Liberals only use that bottled sauce?

Time to find out.

Hathor said...

In a way I hope she ignites and extinguishes her career. She has thwarted the President even before his inauguration. First setting the Presidents agenda, then not trying to curb the pork in the stimulus package. She just let the Democrats act as if they were five year olds in a candy store.

Denier said...

This will backfire on the Republican'ts like their last 100 moves. I never cared for her either, but she just may be telling the truth when she states that waterboarding was never brought up in the briefings. Newt's attack was over the top and piling on.

sick freak said...

Maybe,maybe not FN, but we are dealing with Obama's promises and policies.When Obama tells us that no jobs will be lost, no communities will be effected ,than are we not suppose to believe him?

But than again Obama supporters are blinded by their love for their messiah.So it doesn't matter what he says.He will be loved.

Bush is no longer president.

So its time to start focusing on Obama and what he is doing to this country.

sick freak said...


Jody said...

sick freak... you are so blinded by your Hatred of Obama that you can not read the criticisms of Obama by people on this blog. people who voted for him. people who do not agree with everything he is doing.... Go back and reread the comments here. But wait, anytime we have challenged a statement you have made... you jump to another completely different subject. Can you not stay on topic?

Dirty Red said...

Of course Nancy Pelosi is lying. She is the highest ranking politician in congress. There is nothing that goes on in the Political World that she does not know about. If it is, then she should not be in her position. That is just like a parent saying they did not know that their 15 year old daughter is 8 months pregnant. Either they knew and tryed to act like they did not know,hoping it would just go away, or they are poor excuses for a parent and they don't need kids. Now which one is Madam Speaker?

Anonymous said...

If you are a DEMOCRAT and you are posting, why are you beating up on NANCY PELOSI, she didn't start this mess, the republican's came after her when the PRESIDENT threatened to release those torture picture's! this is all strategy, and the DEMOCRAT'S need to smash this and get back on track, and if Pinetta is a democrat, why is he not finding way's to help PELOSI out of this mess, he is fighting her tooth and nail, their is a way to resolve this, the REPUBLICAN'S stick together no matter what wickedness they do, and yet the DEMOCRAT'S are willing to hang NANCY PELOSI out to dry, what if she did know about what was going on at that time, who was she going to complain too, keep in mind the REPUBLICAN'S were in POWER, the DEMOCRAT'S had nothing! DEMOCRAT'S and LIBERAL'S will turn on each other at the drop of a hat!

Black Political Buzz said...

Hello Field,

As usual you rock when it comes to this type of "Tell it like it is-Investigative Blogger reporting".

"what's that white stuff all over the studio floor?" Now you know that is too much! ha ha

I don't believe that Speaker Pelosi is lying. (Please no shoe throwing)

Speaker Pelosi is for the moment, currently being used as a G.O.P. Smokescreen.

Only a Wimpy Political Party with problems accepting Female Leadership, would choose a Woman to pick on to help pull itself out of the trenches.

I will continue to support and stand by Speaker Pelosi unless I see reason not to.

To date that reason does not exist.

As it relates to the CIA lying, it wouldn't be the first time now would it?

Of course she was briefed regarding the nature of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques but I don't believe she was made fully aware of how inhumane those techniques were.

Let's be real before we start pointing fingers shall we?

Several years ago the entire country was still reeling and afraid of possible future Terror attacks.

Everyone desired a certain level of revenge in exchange for the lives lost on 9-11, both Democrats and Republicans alike.

This includes Speaker Pelosi.

As she stated during her speech on the House floor back in 2006, "Those individuals were not being prosecuted for just simply chewing gum. They committed heinous crimes."

However while making that same speech she also intensely urged Congress to NOT allow the use of Torture because it would be a direct violation of the Geneva Conventions Treaty.

Keep us posted on this one Field.



Stop hating on Nancy ya'll.

BBCSR53 said...

I agree with BLACK POLITICAL BUZZ on this one, simply put: Pelosi is a G.O.P. Scapegoat on this issue.

matw said...

BPZ, I respect what you said, but I think you're giving Nancy P way too much slack. I think she knew much. Many things bad, and she didn't speak up.


StillaPanther2 said...

In our government there have always been a segment that was impervious to blame. After taking down ths usual GOPs and Ms Nancy, who then? Are you going to be satisfied with just the politicians. What about the military commanders? They thought this issue was a non-issue after the convictions of a few low level soldiers after generic tortures. Again, will the CIA and others of that secretive gang be outted? How deep will you have to go/expose for all to be happy? Maybe Brother Obama maythink; if I can't please all- then I will please none. I say pay the victims and their families off and lets move on. The cost of throwing people under the bus and investigating and prosecuting will be much more costly than the pay-offs. Why torture a man that you have held for years when the info most likely be outdated. I still contend these exercises are know who I am going to say. Praying for and thinking of "Sister Granny".

Mr. Noface said...

Partisan politics is entertaining for a little while (like an episode of Flava of Love) but then after a while its gets tedious and depressing (like seasons 1 and 2 of Flava of Love). Though Pelosi has her issues to deal with in all of this, that should not distract from the fact that our former president and vice president gave the order authorizing torture in violation of the Geneva Conventions. But this is American Politricks and that's how American Politricks works (or doesn't depending on your perspective).

momo said...

I was fuming in the car over this very issue before I came home and read this post. Thanks for writing it so eloquently so I can stop fuming and consider it said! I no longer live in California, but I still find it exasperating that Feinstein and Pelosi, two liberals, are representing my home state, instead of truly progressive politicians. But they are a hell of a lot better in some ways than their conservative alternatives. I'm still pissed about "impeachment off the table" but on the other hand, would Obama ever have been elected if we were embroiled in an impeachment attempt that would have given the Bush/Cheney team more fuel for ginning up a defense of their policies? I think that more information and debate (and potential accountability) will be available to us now than would have been the case 2 years ago.

Anonymous said...

still waiting on the zombie apokolypse

Royal Model said...