Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pro life?

Hey, notice something in that picture I have up there? Take your time, I will give you a minute or two to look at it................Did you look? What did you notice? If you said that the main protesters at the Pro-Life anti Obama protest in South Bend are all men; go to the head of the class.

I always thought that if it were men who were given the unenviable task of carrying babies for nine months, that there would be drive-through abortion clinics. I guarantee you that the world would be an empty fucking place. So my views when it comes to this abortion debate is pretty simple: Since I can't have babies, and I don't have to carry the little crumb snatchers in my stomach for nine months, I figure I have no say in the matter. Period!

But tomorrow his O ness goes to a fine Catholic institution of higher learning and there are plenty of good Catholics who do want their say in the matter, and they are not too pleased. They don't want Notre Dame to give his O ness an honorary degree (What's with these universities and these honorary degrees? They sure are stingy with them for this president. ), and they have no problem with letting the world know about it.

"I do not feel comfortable going and celebrating him as the university hands him an honorary degree -- "

So says senior, Emily Toates. Question for Emily: Emily, do you support the death penalty? Oh field, there you go with the if you support the death penalty you can't be pro life. We are talking about an innocent life as opposed to someone who has been found guilty. Hmmmm, I see. Found guilty by who? I thought only god could be the judge of that? Didn't he die on a cross to make that point?

But tomorrow should be fun. Not since the folks in South Bend actually knew how to play the game of football has there been so much excitement on the Notre Dame campus. And I am not mad at you Catholics, it seems that the majority of you think that this is much ado about nothing. Apparently you have no problem with his O ness speaking on your hallowed grounds. But, sadly, some of you do.
"If he was invited to a town hall meeting, a panel discussion, something where we were discussing these issues ... then I wouldn't have a problem with it. I would go and hear what he has to say," she said. "The problem is, a commencement isn't the context for a dialogue. He's going to be standing up on the stage speaking to us in our seats. There isn't that opportunity for dialogue."

Yes, we want dialogue. Dialogue is always good. Do you hear that Obama? Dialogue.

Finally, just a quick note: Today I was in North Philadelphia doing my usual thing with some young bucks who I try to mentor and keep on the straight and narrow, and I actually felt good about what I saw and how my young bucks were doing in school, etc. Like Ice Cube would say, I thought it was going to be a "Good Day."
But then I got home and while watching the news I saw where some animals tried to rob a man of his gold chain (not far from where I was today), and when he wouldn't give it up, they shot him and the three year old he was holding. A FUCKING THREE YEAR OLD! Dialogue.....


west coast story said...

No comment about Obama 'cos I'm done dealing with the anti abortion crowd. Abortion is legal, deal with it.

But that other thing is something else altogether. There are people who cannot be saved. If you shot a three-old baby, I don't care how old you are, pass Go,head straight to jail and rot there for life.

I don't think the cops here ever caught the shooters (yes, more than one loser opened fire on babies) of the one-year old, four-year-old, and 14-year old in Oakland.

If the shooters in either of these cases is underage, their parents should be horsewhipped and I mean literally horsewhipped. Then sterilized.

Ask me how I really feel about an animal that shoots babies.

unokhan said...

cops at play:

o wait, that boi couldha raped mah sistah, dam

matw said...

Violence is wrong, especially when it affects an innocent child. Much pissed am I. A robust law enforcement presence would have helped.

Can I get on a soap box and say that we have near not enough officers to keep the peace? Else s*** like this wouldn't happen.

In Japan, there's a police station pretty close by anywhere. Local cops who keep up on the local haps.

Wish we had the same. M

Unknown said...

What do they want to debate at a graduation? Are they going to argue why they should have a degree and he's going to tell them why not? I guess they're just mad they can't tell him how it's going to be according to them.

SouthernGirl2 said...

Shooting a 3 year old?

Merciful Jesus, they have no conscience, no soul!

May they burn in hell forever!

matw said...

Clarification: cops in the neighborhood deter bad s*** from happening. Wish the victims in this case had the help. M

cinco said...

...protesters with too much time on their hands and money to waste.

No real comments on Pres. Obama- speak whereever and to whomever he desires.

In terms of the 3 year old. I believe in capitol punishment$ in the right to kill yourself and in the rampant 'justice system' that is frequently carried out behind the doors of prison.

Black Diaspora said...

The Repubs are scrambling to find a cause celebre, and it appears that some Catholics are, too.

Perhaps those Catholics are feeling like the Repubs: They wish to get back to their core values.

And Obama, characteristically liberal, has upset the apple cart of both.

We know that the Repubs' core principles are trotted out only when we have a Dem for president, and a congress that's predominantly liberal.

Those principles, to which they now genuflect, were, for more than eight years of the Bush administration, in moth balls, but that hasn't stopped Repubs from reasserting them at a time when Americans have grown weary of a government of convenience, a government for the wealthy, and a government for wartime profiteers.

If we must have government--and it has asserted by its actions that the little guy doesn't count--then let that government tip the scales in favor of the downtrodden, and the people it was really created to serve.

The Catholic church (some members), reasserting its support for unborn children, have not sought to protect the children in their midst, once they're born, from lustful, lascivious priests.

Where were these protesters when priests were singled out as child molesters and shipped off to other dioceses to escape the long arm of the law, and the wrath of angry parents?

Shouldn't their core value of protecting the lives of children, whether born or unborn, have kicked in?

Because these protesters have been largely silent on these issues, and have allowed other presidents who have supported capital punishment (a position that the church also opposes) to speak at the hallowed halls of Notre Dame, their hypocrisy rises to a level rarely rivaled by those in other churches.

Therefore, I believe that those who oppose Obama's invitation to give this year's graduating class commencement address are disgruntled republicans, no more faithful to their "core values" than any others, but are, rather, dedicated to the destruction of Obama and the Democrat party.

La♥audiobooks said...

Field, I always felt men fighting for pro-life is a form of control. There has got to be something egotistically pathological about this. I could go on...

What I also find interesting, we all know it takes two, but the same people are quick to tell women "men don't get pregnant, so the burden is yours"... or some dumb bullshit or the other.

Why is there even such a debate on abortion? You know, If it was more black women having abortions instead of white women, there wasn't even going to be such an issue with the church and courts.

black grl #1 said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for saying what has always been a no-brainer many of us! i used to wrk in the reproductive rights/women's rights movement and we discovered a couple of little known facts about opponents on the abortion discussion: over 85% of pro-life organizations were headed by men and that these same DEFENDERS-OF-ALL-LIFE were often: supporters of the death penalty and supported the Iraq War. Go figure!

i participated in a HUGE pro-choice demonstration during the early Bush years in D.C. there were close to a million people and like a gay parade in West Hollywood the pro-life nuts were there in full force of about 250. they were AWFUL.

they had fanny packs and wore lots of flowered print, they held up graphically horrific pictures and literature, they yelled incredibly offensive, misogynistic, and RACIST, name-calling. and the most galling thing of all: a group of Black militant brothers among the mix! apparently they remained oblivious of our failing black communities, littered w/ father-less children.

i mean i'm not only pro-choice but i'm a firm believer that not everyone should be allowed to have children! in fact, i wish there was some way it could be regulated. i know this may be harsh, but my family works for the welfare system in Newark, NJ... i can attest that it's unfortunate that anyone is allowed to have children (Octo-Mom anyone?)... but considering how imperfect the human spirit is - regulating who can have children wouldn't work. perhaps these pro-lifers have figured out something we haven't.

Visibility said...

Praises to God, a merciful and just God, that the baby boy is alive.

And praises be to any woman who has the courage and brains and decency to know that she doesn't want a baby, can't raise a baby, can't give a child a life, nor can she raise a baby to a true citizen of the planet. I think those women are doing us a favor by not

Lady-Cracker said...

I would love to see a huge push for pregnancy prevention or equally pregnancy delay. Young girls should not be having babies. Young women who have a stable life and ability to really care for children should have babies. I could not even begin to think out the complexities of creating fair[?] and just[?] laws to attempt to shift the birthrate a little later. Better educated moms have healthier babies and are better able to raise them with or without a father in sight. I feel that every woman that wants a baby; a baby. Octomom? not able and is not having healthy babies; 2 of the first six have problems.

Did President Obama say he was going to do anything other than the "graduation address?" There should be no dialoge required for encouragement and motivation.

Black Diaspora said...

I'm both pro-life and pro-choice, a hydra-headed liberal who supports Life, but believes that a woman should have dominion over her body.

As one who believes in the sanctity of life, I feel that we should do everything possible to encourage women, especially young girls, to carry a fetus to full term, and give it up for adoption, rather than resort to abortion.

Unwanted pregnancies is often the reason that abortions are sought, regardless of how the child was conceived.

The Catholic church's stance on the use of contraception, unless it has soften its position over the years, is unrealistic.

And the "just say no" crowd is ignoring reality. I would say ask Bristol Palin, but she has recently changed her tune and is now advocating abstinence, sort of:

"I think abstinence is like the, like the, I don't know how to put it - the main - everyone should be abstinent, whatever, but it's not realistic at all." Bristol Palin

Pregnancy prevention, as Lady-Cracker has observed, should be the primary goal.

You can't have an unwanted pregnancy, if you're never pregnant in the first place.

Bob said...

Friend of mine graduated ND in 1992, the year President George H.W. spoke. As a liberal & a Catholic, he was not pleased. But other Presidents have spoken at ND commencements; Eisenhower, Carter, Reagan, Frat Boy.

RiPPa said...

I looked at the picture, and I didn't see all men; I saw ALAN KEYES.

Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, protestst just ain't the same anymore.Just for this protest I wish they would have brought back water hoses and those racist German Sheherds. I would have given money to see Keyes get that kind of treatment.

Then again, maybe that's what he needs to remind him of his color.


Alan Keys gets arrested; does that mean he's officially Black now?

Sandra said...

Whatever happened to praying for people. If they feel Obama's beleifs are wrong, then the thing to do is to pray for his soul and not protest. The commencement ceremony is not the place to protest Obama because it is not about him. Let the students have their day.

Black Diaspora said...

Is Alan Keyes acting like a spoiled two-year-old who's crying uncontrollably because he's been denied a second icecream cone, or what?

Losing the Senatorial race to Obama has really frosted his oreos.

It seems that his lone mission in life now is to bring down Obama "by any means necessary."

What a pathetic mission, from an even more pathetic, and mean-spirited individual.

Repubs can only blame themselves for their fall from grace. The more they talk the more they're seen for the a-holes they are.

From Rush Limbaugh, to Newt Gingrich, from Sean Hannity to Glenn Beck--their rhetoric is strident, weird, and vacuous.

SpkTRUTH2Pwr said...

Good freakin' post! I agree with you here:

"Since I can't have babies, and I don't have to carry the little crumb snatchers in my stomach for nine months, I figure I have no say in the matter. Period!"

I also found your point about the death penalty and pro-life a poignant one. Keep writing my friend.

Jody said...

If we lived in a society that truly valued life, women would not have abortions, except for health reasons or in the case of rape or incest... If we lived in a society where all babies were cherished into adulthood, that the community saw their well being intimately connected to the well being of every child.. so much so that we made sure that every child had proper food, clothing, security in their homes, education, healthcare.... that their creativity was fostered by the community through arts and sport and play.... If we lived in a society that truly believed in families, we would treat each other as one big family and babies would be welcomed and celebrated and cared for by all.

But, that is not America. Those are not American values.... and therefore in America, abortion must be available to women.

Anonymous said...

Thats the dirty little secret about Conservatives... maybe not so secret... we don't like abortion cause of that whole killing a baby thing, or at least sucking out a fetus with a vacuum cleaner... but we like the 35 million fewer black people it's given (or not given) us...
3 Year old shot?? So it was a typical weekend...

sick freak said...

We conservatives are torn on the issue of abortion. I mean for the first time America is a pro-life country-

but abortions have kept the black population low.Thanks Planned Parenthood.Margaret Sanger was wise beyond her years.

sick freak said...

Why is it that the majority of people who support abortions are against the death penalty??

You think its ok to use a Hoover vacuum cleaner to suck the fetus right out of a woman yet you don't want to put to death someone who has killed people?

Anonymous said...

Its like in "Minority Report"...sort of a "Pre-Execution" if you will...

field negro said...

black grl#1, I am starting to think that maybe it's not too harsh. Do you think the parents...I take that back (because I know that there is more likely than not no daddy around),the mothers of those animals who shot that little three year old should have been given an option? Just saying. Honestely, of course it's harsh, but maybe it's time to have that debate.

Black Diaspora, if I ever decide to run for public office I am going to need you as a speech writer. You kick some serious ass.

Sandra, who told you that they want to pray for Obama? If they pray for him it will be that he takes his black ass back to Chicago.

"And praises be to any woman who has the courage and brains and decency to know that she doesn't want a baby, can't raise a baby, can't give a child a life, nor can she raise a baby to a true citizen of the planet. I think those women are doing us a favor by not"

Amen visibility, Amen! Don't you all get me started on Sunday morning. Where is granny when you need her? :)

"I looked at the picture, and I didn't see all men; I saw ALAN KEYES."

Rippa, you should be on stage, Negro. LMAO.:) :) :)))))((((

"Why is it that the majority of people who support abortions are against the death penalty??"

sick freak, let me see now, *reading my post again*......nope, don't see where I said I supported abortion. In fact, I see where a few of the folks commenting above said that they prefer life. What I did say was that I will leave that CHOICE up to the person carrying the child in her womb. I am pro CHOICE. NOT PRO ABORTION. In fact, change that. I am pro or con nothing, because it is not my choice to make. My views do not matter in this debate unless I helped the woman make that particular child she is carrying. There is a difference. Let's not play that political trick of changing the label to suit your argument.

Dr. Nuwang said...

I no longer believe in abortion for any reason other than endangering the health of the mother, rape, or incest.

A girlfriend I've had since junior high school had an abortion when we were in college. Back then, I supported a woman's right to have an abortion under any circumstances. But for the last almost 20 years, I've watched her "celebrate" what would have been "milestones" in what would have been that child's life and she has deep regret about her choice because she did it out of convenience. She now has 3 beautiful kids but still "misses" the one she didn't have.

This experience with her changed my mind and I can still recall the look on her face after the procedure was over. However I think current laws regarding abortion should be respected.

Dr. Nuwang said...

One more comment. I think that people who have had abortions or partners of people who have had abortions that now don't want anyone else to, are hypocrits!

Anonymous said...

So, because an alleged someone has issues with their alleged abortion, we should restrict others. Hmmm. I smell troll.


La♥audiobooks said...

FlyNMy40s, I don't know if I could personally have an abortion,.. But the decision and aftermath is based on the individual.

I would rather have an abortion than to give a child up for adoption. I think "blind" adoptions are more cold and selfish. How can someone bring a child into this world and not know where he/she ended up, without looking back?

If your friend had kept the child, maybe she would not have been in this secured place in her life. If she had given the child for adoption, she would have been more of a helpless wreck. Could you imagine the guilt she would feel not knowing if that someone is enjoying life and being loved as her present children.

Anonymous said...

If I weren't so tolerant, I would say that Catholics are crazy nutjobs for taking reproductive advice from a bunch of allegedly celibate, allegedly straight old men. But I am not as intolerant as they are, so I woun't say that.

Anonymous said...

The second thing I saw in the picture (after Alan Keyes, OMG) is the white supremacist picture of Mary they were carrying.
And Frank Drackman-thanks for claryfing what we already suspected.

sick freak said...

Awwww word games Democrats like to play.Pro-abortion is soooooo yester-year and pro-choice is sooooo last week.I believe the new term is "pro women's rights"

Dr. Nuwang said...

"If your friend had kept the child, maybe she would not have been in this secured place in her life."

Absolutely NOT true. She was in Physical Therapy school and he was a military pilot who also wanted her to keep the kid. I personally think it was the shame she would have felt about having a baby out of wed lock which is why she chose to have an abortion. Adoption wasn't an option for her.

And this brings up my other point about abortion. In my friend's case, the child's father desperately wanted the baby but she didn't so when a woman makes this decision, it seems unfair to men. And yes I get there's no way to "split" the repsonsibility of carrying a child, but it doens't change the unfairness of it for me. Just MHO.

Dr. Nuwang said...

La♥Macs said...
"FlyNMy40s, I don't know if I could personally have an abortion"

I know I couldn't unless one of the situations I described was the case, and I have pretty much had this position for as long as I can remember. But at the same time, I don't judge people who have because I imagine it must have been/be a difficult decision to make. And maybe I can recall too many other tragic abortion stories like the classmate of another friend who died from a botched abortion at age 16.

Anonymous said...

I love numbers, must be the Baseball fan in me...since 1973...roughly 50 million legal abortions, of those about 40% people of color...Hommina Hommina, thats 20 million, about 1/2 women of course, the oldest of whom would still be in the prime child bearing years... "Conservatively" figure 2 kids/woman...that adds another 20 million, and yeah, I know a bunch of em would have been shot, or executed, of died of the Hivie, still, thats alot of Peoples that ain't around...

And don't blame ME, I'm against killin Babies, got the T-shirt and everything...


La♥audiobooks said...

"it seems unfair to men. And yes I get there's no way to "split" the repsonsibility of carrying a child, but it doens't change the unfairness of it for me. Just MHO."

What's unfair about it? If he decides to leave her one day to raise the child by herself (even if he pays child sup. every month), society isn't going to say how unfair it is for that poor woman. She will be plagued with "move on, "get over it", "be strong for your children" etc. etc. etc. etc. and etc. How many people do you know feel that sorry for single unwed mothers? They are going to say she made that choice to have babies. Married couples might be a little more complex situation, but at the end it's the woman's choice. And some men want to take this away as a form of control.

This is how I see it. The average woman wants to feel safe and secured in her life, relationship or marriage in order to bring a child into this world. If a man is in a relationship/marriage with a woman who wants to have an abortion... instead of hosting a pity party, he needs to do some self evaluation on what he's maybe not doing to make her feel physical, financial or emotionally secured to have a bay with HIM. And at that point, maybe everyone in that relationship/marriage should do some re-evaluating about each other.

SouthernGirl2 said...

Black Diaspora @1:04 am

Preach it!


TrueBlue said...

I saw where some animals tried to rob a man of his gold chain (not far from where I was today), and when he wouldn't give it up, they shot him and the three year old he was holding. A FUCKING THREE YEAR OLD!<>

They are human beings who committed an act that removed them from the human family. If caught, and convicted, they should be executed with little fanfare.

I don't think the "pro-life" movement is about "life" at all. It's actually about controlling sexuality, and in particular female sexuality. This explains why the same people who are "pro life" are so often "pro death penalty" and "pro torture," and "anti-welfare."

I feel much more consistent, anyway. I'm in favor of legal abortion. I favor the death penalty, although I would more tightly restrict its application to particularly heinous murders where there is direct and overwhelming evidence of the perpetrator's guilt.

If someone has a kid and then relies on public funds to support the child, I would require sterilization of the mother and the father.

Lady-Cracker said...

Yikes! Grinder! Talk about being harsh. So many public assistance kids are born to very young kids.

My sick desire for being controlling and harsh would be to put birthcontrol in the water. No one under the age of 23 is to have kids without having been in a legal marriage for at least a year. No kids should be having babies, the mothers are too young and the fathers are too young.

Since people in their teens are wildly sexually over hormoned, let them get over that. No accidental humans, no unplanned babies! It would save so many tragedies, better educated mothers have healthier babies and can give them better care.

Remember Field the mother of 10 that moved to get her kids out of harms way? If she had not been able to get started until 23 and nine months, might she not have had a better job and been able to provide better for her fewer kids?

Frankly, I feel that every woman that wants one, whether married or not, able to support fully or not should be able to have one baby. Just not at a very young age and certainly not to try and capture a mate.

What is so damn wrong with lots and lots of protective birth control? [[{{Hissy fit!}}]]

DuchessDee said...

This weekend was a bloody mess in Philly.

Mendo Coast Current said...

That picture is of the Virgin de Guadalupe...not Mary!


grinder said...

Lady Cracker, my idea would give a woman one freebie. But if it involved the public dole, then she gets her tubes tied. And if they can find the baby daddy, he gets himself a free vasectomy. No questions and no appeals.

It's not about the sex, it's about the money. We've got lots of needs out there, and I'd rather spend tax money on things other than the babies of babies. Harsh? Yeah, I suppose.

Ivan Ivanovich Renko said...

Field, Field, Field... didn't I tell you a long time ago that BY DEFINITION, conservatives are our enemies?Conservatives have led the way for our oppression since long before the American Civil War; and Sick Fuck and Frank Dickbreath are merely representative of the breed.

Anonymous said...


I ditto everything you just said!

Dr. Nuwang said...

La♥Youtube said...
"What's unfair about it? If he decides to leave her one day to raise the child by herself (even if he pays child sup. every month), society isn't going to say how unfair it is for that poor woman"

My initial thought when I think of a pregnant woman is that of a married, post secondary school educated woman because that's they way I rolled. So I'm not inclined to go "poor pregnant woman your man is gonna leave you one day" because conceiving a child when you "have a man" and a paycheck is the best way to go IMHO. I think people either don't know of forget that conceiving a baby and have that baby make it to 1 month in utero is a difficult process. That's why it's hard for me to believe that many people get pregnant by accident.

In other words, if you're grown enough to lay, then you need to deal with the consequences. Abortion as birth control is insane.

Dr. Nuwang said...

excuse the typos!

Anonymous said...

you don't make sense as usual.

Jody said...

Saw Obama's speech at Notre Dame... once again, he reminded me why I voted for him..... I would like to think that those that were yelling outside the gates feel about 2 feet tall about now... His call for dialogue and respect of other is exactly what needs to happen on this issue... That and seeking common ground, which is that everyone would like to see a society in which abortions are reduced.... that is something that everyone, regardless of how they feel about this issue can agree.....

While I will continue to disagree with Obama about some things, he reminded me again today that we have a thoughtful, intelligent, articulate man as president.

Hathor said...

Just think of the many women who are married and become at risk of being murdered when they become pregnant. Marriage is not protection of the unborn.

It is interesting how the nuclear family became sacrosanct with the conservatives; seeing that family structure produce the Hippie subculture. For the most part families has never been so isolated from grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins as that time after WWII. Before there were probably many single parent households, because of untimely deaths of spouses and especially from women dying in child birth, other family members had to step in to raise children or often they were sent to orphanages. Mankind has survived and will continue. If one were to compare what is happening now in urban America I would suggest one look at Dickens' England.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it I-Ronic...if Abortion had been readily available to Barak's Mom, he probably wouldn't be here today...
Heck, I probably wouldn't be here today...

vanishing point said...

all three options suck, and you can't go back either, if you have an abortion, you might feel horrible for the rest of your life, if you carry the baby to term and then try to raise the baby, your life will never be the same, and if you give the baby to adoption, you may grieve for that baby for the rest of your life.
Young girls and women need birth control, plus protection from all the diseases they can get.

the Catholic Church is a bunch of hypocritters, the Pope is a Nazi, they rather have McCain in, even though he is/was a low life wife cheater.

TrueBlue said...

Drackman, in your case I'd be happy if the abortion were retroactive.

Anonymous said...



La♥audiobooks said...

FlyNMy40s said.. "My initial thought when I think of a pregnant woman is that of a married, post secondary school educated woman because that's they way I rolled."

Then you're not being practical. Also, when you talked about abortion being unfair to men, you were still not specific about marital status (it's still the woman's choice in the end). So apart from marriage, what are you still trying to say? Abortions are only unfair to men as long as they don't knock up poor woman who are uneducated and not in secondary school?

"So I'm not inclined to go "poor pregnant woman your man is gonna leave you one day" because conceiving a child when you "have a man" and a paycheck is the best way to go IMHO."

Again you are not being practical much less realistic. Hathor made an interesting point in her first paragraph. As I tried to explain to you earlier, men can leave anytime, and having a "paycheck" may not cut it alone for some women. There is more to raising a child than "having a man" and a "paycheck". The decision is still personal.

"In other words, if you're grown enough to lay, then you need to deal with the consequences"

Ok, so this is really about sucking it to those women who dare to think they can escape a life of "consequences" that others choose to deal with.

"Abortion as birth control is insane."

Sigh. Now, how many women actually use abortion as a form of birth control? Why do you pro-control people always try to use that inaccurate statement to trump up leverage for your cause? There is a small percentage of women that actually have multiple abortions, and even so it's still their body.

FlyNMy40s, I too believe that birth control, and or abstinence should be the first defense, but some women do find themselves in an unwanted pregnancy situation. These women still have to deal with their situation. Also, It's understandable for anyone to support abortion due to health factors. However, based on the "life is a life" argument, how can pro-lifers like you contradict that argument and support abortion due to rape? Think about it, a physically healthy pregnancy is still a life, right? You guys can't flip flop like this and expect to taken seriously. It's all about control and "punishing" certain women for wanting choices.

LACoincidental said...

I'm with FN on this one -- I don't have a say in abortion because I can't have a baby. If men could bare children, there would be RU-486 right next to the Cialis pills at your local Walgreens.

As for Keyes, that Negro, like Mike Steele, are still crying in their milk that Obama is everything they're not -- true to himself and his people, amicable, powerful and a talented politician. Think of it as the Buppie Wonk version of Penis Envy.

Who cares if Keyes got arrested? When was the last time that fool had a real job other than paid spook-by-the-door for the Nazi Right of the GOP? And to be quite honest, he's even good at that.

The GOP and their friends in the religious community realize that they can't solve real problems (the environment, terrorism, the economy). ** So, they go for what they know. As Nader put it, the GOP are only interested in "gonadal politics" -- worrying about what goes on in your bedroom, where no government should be. Remember, one of the many reasons we couldn't catch Osama bin Laden or his hijackers on 9/11 is because the Ashcroft DOJ was too busy spying on a prostitution ring in NOLA.

** And to be honest, the far left, a la Green Party, Socialist Party and the anti-globalization protestors who throw bricks at Starbucks, ain't much better at doing real political work either. That's Pelosi is in charge and Nader is hawking bucks at Earth Day conventions.

Christopher Chambers said...


The real egg on the right wing's face is that very quietly, the Vatican's official newspapers published a series of essays basically caling for dialog, not rank ideology, and then aiming those essays to the folks at ND. The upshot is that this exposed the "protest" as having shit to do with religion, and all to do with the usual wingnut racist bullshit. That's a sad state of affairs when a conservative (I'd say right wing) Pope has to tell right wing Americans to chill!

Now the speech has come and gone. It was a great speech, the kids getting their diplomas chanted "yes we can!" and again, the right wing looks like a bunch of howling assholes.

At Georgetown, the Jesuits do it right. We had a hell of a graduation, with all kinds of people getting degrees, speaking on many subjects at all of the different colleges and programs. One of the best was Freeman Hrabowski, III, speaking on how to spiritually prevent the very type of murder you saw, Field. The Jesuits are not about the drama.

Anonymous said...

MendoCoastCurrent-what's the difference?

Black Diaspora said...

@Jody: "If we lived in a society that truly believed in families, we would treat each other as one big family and babies would be welcomed and celebrated and cared for by all."Jody, just as with Granny, I read your entries with anticipation.

Clearly, your humanity is well-advanced, a quality that I don't see too often in others, but one that is regularly epitomized in the words of Field on this blog.

Jody, we're living in a culture of polarization, where "common ground" is an anathema to the agendas of many.

We see that agenda on talk radio, and cable news.

Too many in our midst are vested in creating division, rather than unity, dissension and discord, rather than harmony.

Because they appeal to our baser instincts (fear, distrust of that which is foreign, and survival at all cost), we come to think in those terms, where we see ourselves pitted against the other, and often for no rational and sane reasons.

They, with Machiavellian zeal, use these base emotions to manipulate us and to add to their already overflowing coffers, and to assure a tighter grip on power.

Obama gave us something new, what he called "change." It only seems new and a "change," because we have for too long suppressed it, and allowed others to suppress it.

He also called it "hope," this change which he was offering.

Think of it: We gravitated toward "hope," something that should have been ingrained within our heart from the very beginning, which some have sought to deny us in order to manipulate us for their own selfish gain.

Hope versus fear, distrust, and survival at all cost.

The choice seems obvious, but not so obvious to minds that are held captive by government, mass media, and political parties lusting for power and control.

The American people, to their credit, repudiated fear this time around, and embraced hope, and that gives me hope.

Keep posting: your voice is needed, and your humanity is an inspiration to us all.

Granny, we're missing you!

Jody said...

@Black Diaspora...Wow, thank you for your kind words... I too share your vision of what is possible, beyond the fog of fear and division and believe with all my heart it IS possible... all that is required is our collective will to make it so.

La♥audiobooks said...

Jody, are you for abortion, or are you just being tolerant?


black grl #1 said...

Now that everyone has chimed in, I’d like to add my oh-so-unhelpful observations.

As a Black woman, a “Recovering Catholic,” and as someone who has had an abortion and know many other women who’ve had abortions, I can tell you this issue drives me nuts when people say things like, “"In other words, if you're grown enough to lay, then you need to deal with the consequences." As if you can somehow simplify something so incredibly complex. Aside from the obvious problems like rape or the health of the mother, what about if the mother is a crack-head, what if she suffers from severe postpartum depression, what if she has absolutely no resources other for pre-natal care, much less prepare for an upcoming baby? What if her partner is physically abusive? What if due to communities now ‘flush’ with free Viagra ( to millions of “suffering” men, there’s an accident and she gets pregnant and well… she just doesn’t want it?

Then I think about families like the Duggars and you just KNOW that if that had been a Black or Latino family TLC would suddenly find it a lot less attractive to feature a woman, practically a ‘walking fetus’ who has given birth to 18 children because “God willed it…” I mean, not for nothing… but when you’re talking about most early-term abortions we are just talking about eggs, as opposed to children.

Because let’s face it; we live in a world where we have systemically failed our children!
For example, in almost any state system that addresses children and family, there’s a term called, “Ruined Children.” These are children who are victims of violence or sexual abuse by their parent or family members and the psychological and physiological effects are often ever-lasting.

But we have ‘ruined children’ all over the world, from the child soldiers of Somalia to El Salvador. To children pimped out in India or Thailand or the children of the South Side of Chicago who bore witness to gang-related violence last year with an unprecedented number of killings ( are only small examples of how we continue to fail our children.

So clearly “life is precious” only when it pertains to the womb, than after that – you’re on your own! Want to fight a war, no problem –like the radical Muslims we “love to hate” defending our freedom or taking ‘it’ to the “evil-doe-ers” even at the cost of innocent lives is justified. But only if there’s a lil’ something we can get out of it. After all if it was just about the protection of life then the millions of women who’ve been brutally raped or continue to be raped in places like the Congo would matter ( Then you gotta love the death penalty debate, “ hang em’ – twice” because so far it’s been proven that ‘everyone’ on Death Row is guilty!

It’s ALWAYS easy to pass judgment on actions or decisions that often don’t impact you – I mean how could it impact the Catholic Church? Other than what the Church has learned through the centuries of raping and pillaging whole countries, you’re talking about a group of allegedly celibate old men who know almost next to nothing about the trials and tribulations of girls and women… after all how could they with this lil’ doozy in Brazil earlier this year: (,8599,1883598,00.html).

As for Alan Keyes? Considering the crisis-state of Black communities around the country, compassion or empathy (or sexually active) aren’t words I would ever accuse Mr. Keyes of, after all he’s disowned his own daughter. I mean who does that in this day and age – give a her a Sony Wii and just ignore her like so many other parents of done.

Black Diaspora said...

black grl#1 said:
"Now that everyone has chimed in, I’d like to add my oh-so-unhelpful observations."

black grl#1, you're too modest. Your words show thoughtfulness and wisdom born of experience.


Dara said...

I have never heard anyone express this so beautiful as you did. You really raised some great points.

field negro said...

black grl#1 I co sign with BD, that was profound. And thanks for sharing your personal experience with us. I know that wasn't easy.

That was serious field Negro behavior on your part.

Jody said...

La Youtube.... I am very much pro choice. Just like black girl 1, I too have had an abortion and am extremely grateful that at that time I had the CHOICE to go to a clinic where it was clean, there were doctors and nurses to do the procedure, and it was legal. I was using birth control, but I had a minor sinus infection and was on antibiotics. No one told me that would interfere with the birth control, but it did. I was a college student, single mom of 2 young sons, and worked full time cleaning houses.... the LAST thing I needed was pregnancy and another child. It would have derailed my life in a way that I was not willing to do..... So, for the well being of the children I did have and our futures, I made the choice.... It was not easy, but I have absolutely no regrets. I would never want to deny another woman the choice I had.

Dr. Nuwang said...

"Because let’s face it; we live in a world where we have systemically failed our children!"

Brining in arguments like this to substainate your decision and the decision of some other women to have abortions is a weak method to debate a personal choice. Children raped in India? Come on, what does that have to do with living in an industrial nation where you can buy birth control in the grocery store? I don't hear people lamenting the cause for the kids in Africa when they're wearing and showing off their bling. Where's the cry for the poor children of the world then?

Let's keep this post on topic. I'm speaking to American women NOT women in Shangri La. Far too mmay other factors come into play when were talking about women in 3rd world countries.

"I can tell you this issue drives me nuts when people say things like, “"In other words, if you're grown enough to lay, then you need to deal with the consequences."

And what drives me nuts is people not taking responsibility for thier actions. It's pretty darn hard to pregnant "by accident" not to say that it never happens. And my feeling is based on the extreme measures I took in taking reponsiblity for my sexual actions outside of marriage and I should be real, having a mother that worked in the STD clinic of a local health department was an amazing motivation to protect myself. Hello, is anyone black thinking about AIDS?? Everyone has a diffferent moral compass that they answer to, great, I get that. But there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with feeling like abortion on demand except under the situations mentioned above, is the easy choice for not being sexually responsible. It's not about judgement and I personally feel that anyone who jumps on that bandwagon needs to deal with their own guilt about their decision. I maintain solid relationships with many people who have had abortions and they know how I feel about. It's alot like discussing how many times we make love to our spouses, it's personal business that never gets discussed (unless there's a problem, LOL).

Dr. Nuwang said...

As a former AIDS counselor, I just have to give this little speech. Getting prgnant should be the LEAST of a black woman's worry. Being on the pill does NOTHING to prevent exposure to a man's sperm.

My suggestion and the one I gave my clients was, do NOT rely on the pill for birth control, wrap that penis in a condom, AND use a spemicide.

I have yet to see/hear of someone getting pregnant or contracting AIDS when those THREE things are done and again, contracting AIDS should be the bigger worry here.

alicia banks said...

amen fn

i have said the same for decades!
so nice to her a man agree with me...

you made my day...thanks

Mindless, sexist, and ignorant arguments against abortion have taken center stage in this ugly presidential election. Republikkkans are obsessed with unborn children. Curiously, they are reticent about children who are already born and impoverished, unemployed, homeless, starving, uneducated, single moms, etc…

Abortion is murder. Like patriotic genocide and self defense, it is justifiable murder. No one, especially no male, ever has the right to police any woman’s womb!!! Abortions are personal issues between pregnant women and God only!

Like sex, abortions always have happened and abortions always will happen. They will happen legally or illegally. If John McCain and Sarah Palin win this election, ALL abortions will be swiftly outlawed. But, rich girls will still “vacation” abroad to get abortions legally. And, poor girls will still die in alleys and apartments trying to get abortions illegally.

Droves of unwanted children are abused and murdered daily. They fill America’s prisons, all grown up. They ruin generations of grandparents’ golden years, as these elders are forced to become surrogate parents. Abortion is often a superior choice, though it is never an easy one.

Real men admit that most men are eternal whores. If men gave birth, legal abortion clinics would be as abundant and efficient as jiffy oil changes. Abortion clinics would be attached to every strip club, sports bar, and brothel in America. Employment laws would mandate days off for abortion recovery. Abortion insurance would be a lucrative industry…

Palin and her fellow neocons pretend that abstinence only education actually works for sex-crazed teens bombarded by sexual images and lyrics in all media. They pretend that sex education for teens is toxic and unnecessary. Palin’s very own pregnant teen daughter did not abstain and could have benefitted from sex education. That exposes Republikkkan hypocrisy. Its blatancy clearly makes it fair game.

McCain harps about his love of life. Yet, his greatest love is murderous war. He will swiftly reinstate a military draft, by necessity, if he becomes the perpetually warring president of Amerikkka.


Anonymous said...

Oh, please, Field. I canNOT read too many times about the hypocrisy of the pro-death penalty/anti-abortion stance. Say it as often and as loud as the spirit moves you! I am in your pew!

uptownsteve said...


On Point.

alicia banks said...


racists and sexists rule the anti-abortion movements

too many black babies are being born as most aborted babies are white...fear of a black/brown planet intensifies as young hispanics and blacks breed wildly...

as whites increasingly become a minority...anti-abortion activists will become more rabid as they equate the victory of outlawing abortions with saving white supremacy...

and sexist insecure men will do anything to keep women barefoot and pregnant/financially dependent/out of corp amercica & political arenas as competition/peers/immobilized by child care etc...

re: killers

i have never been pregnant and i never will be...i thank god for that daily as this world worsens for children each day...

there is a new breed of youth who have destroyed our schools and streets....they are turbo criminals...heathen spawn of young toxic parents who should have aborted


Dr. Nuwang said...

"If men gave birth, legal abortion clinics would be as abundant and efficient as jiffy oil changes. Abortion clinics would be attached to every strip club, sports bar, and brothel in America. Employment laws would mandate days off for abortion recovery. Abortion insurance would be a lucrative industry…"

Truer words have NEVER been spoken!

alicia banks said...

thanks fly!

ditto to all you have posted herein

when i say that FN is a real man
this is what i mean

real men are great dads who practice repsonsible birth control and support women's right to control their own wombs...


RisingTide said...

What get me are the Leaders of these UltraConservative Churches (or whatever religion you like). All for "pro-life"... all the while they're systematically raping younger members of their flock, and then marrying them off to cuckolds. All the while saying that the girls can't get an abortion, to get rid of the priest's baby growing in their belly.

Bristol was the third girl that her ex-fiancee raped. She didn't say no, so it might not hold up in a court of law, but she didn't want sex -- nor Levi as a hubby. The best part? They've got videotape of the whole thing. Because the Right Churches love to spy (watch jesus camp if you don't believe me!)

allheavens said...
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allheavens said...

alicia banks stated:Real men admit that most men are eternal whores. If men gave birth, legal abortion clinics would be as abundant and efficient as jiffy oil changes. Abortion clinics would be attached to every strip club, sports bar, and brothel in America. Employment laws would mandate days off for abortion recovery. Abortion insurance would be a lucrative industry…

"Sir, would you like an abortion with those fries?"

Yeah, if men could become pregnant, who'd be able to get an abortion along with your supersized fries.

krystal*lyte said...

Where was all this angst whende Bush sent well over 5,000 U.S. troops into the WRONG country and that have died with more than 20,000 wounded based on his administration's mistake....just save it.. Its not like people ENJOY getting abortions for Gods sake...No one is "pro abortion". People are pro a woman's right to choose. Don't approve of abortion? Don't have one. You have no right to make that decision for another woman. Anti abortion legislation does NOT stop abortions. It only forces women to back alleys and they WILL have one if they need to. Many don't want to remember what it was like before abortion was legalized and its not like its a luxury to be thown about. Someone close to you may NEED a choice. Abortion has been and will be around since the dawn of man. Legislation will not stop it.

Lola Gets said...

I have way too much to say on this subject, so perhaps Ill just post about it.


La♥audiobooks said...

Jody, I figured, but I asked because it's sometimes hard to interpret words online in the correct context in which they were meant.

Hathor said...


Didn't you know women have to pay for having sex. It is more than about unborn potential human life. Abortion is now being defined as preventing the egg and sperm from coming together. Pregnancy must be a punishment, the result of sex at all times.

older_not_wiser said...

I'm surprised none of you recalled the succinct and memorable take of Florynce R Kennedy on the subject: "If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament."

kid said...

If I was married to Hannity's, Oreilly's , or Limbaugh's womenfolk,they would preform the abortion themselves. I said MARRIED, NOT RAPE. They would do me like the brother in Mandingo and boil me in oil. Most of the women having abortions are white. In Outfoxed Neil Cavuto said there aren't enough white kids, have more white babies.That's what they're worried about.

field negro said...

I heard an older woman say that the reason most americans (51%) considder themselves pro choice now is because no one is old enough to remember how terrible it was for women when abortions were illegal.

krystalxlyte you and Hathor make some great points.

Lola, looking forward to that post.

cinco said...

I agree with Krystal. Too many people are confused about what the real issue is. No one in their right mind supports abortion, we support our ability and desires to make our own choices.