Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What if nothing "happens in Vegas"?

'"I am disappointed at the hypocrisy shown by this Administration,".... "President Obama is coming to Las Vegas later this month for a political fundraiser, but he will not help the struggling families in Las Vegas and Nevada who are out of work because of his reckless comments." Governor Gibbons noted, "President Obama is coming to Las Vegas to raise campaign cash for Senator Harry Reid, apparently our money is good enough for the President, but our tourism, jobs, and economic future are not."...... "This is politics, pure and simple, President Obama stood for change, but all he has done is brought negative economic change to Nevada."'

That Obama is such a party pooper. O man, why did you have to go and diss the good people of Vegas? Didn't you know that they have families to feed like the rest of us? Apparently when you said this: "You can't get corporate jets. You can't go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer's dime" in the most non Las Vegas of places, Elkhart, Indiana, you touched a nerve. And it seems that you caused over 400 organization to cancel their conventions and their trips to Sin City. Which, by the way, cost the good folks of Nevada over a hundred million dollars in revenue. (Or so they say) Now O man, if that's true, that is some serious cash.

How does it feel to have such power O man? No wonder the repubs are terrified of you. So all it took was a few words from you and over 400 groups canceled their planned conventions? Imagine that. And to think I thought it was the bad economy and tough times that we are facing which caused them to cancel. Nope, it was you and your O-mnipotent power.

Poor Tim Gibbons he is so mad at his O ness that he doesn't know what to do. He wants a meeting and the chosen one won't even give it to him. Even Oscar Goodman, (you gotta love a mayor named Oscar) the good Mayor of "Sin City" was getting into the mix, and was giving his O ness an earful about dissing his city.

But I will give it to his O ness, he sure knows how to pick his enemies. I am guessing that there aren't many people in the rest of the country who are crying a tear for the folks in Vegas right about now. I know that there are lots of girlfriends and wives saying serve them right. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Well what if nothing happens in Vegas, how do you like them apples?"

Ahhh "The City of Lights". Hey, isn't that where they shot Tupac?


Jody said...

Las Vegas sits on the stolen land of the Paiute Nation. Las Vegas is a city that should not be. It is in the desert and uses ridiculous amount of water and electricity in an area that has very scarce water. They have golf courses and casinos that suck down resources, both environmental and desperate peoples.

I have very little sympathy for a city whose entire existence is based on deluding people into thinking they too can be rich by hitting the jackpot... well, that and prostitution.....

Jody said...

Off topic... looks like Seth Williams is our new DA... THANK GOODNESS!!!

Anonymous said...

Cry me a river...Sin City is a joke! These still more money from the poor then wall street. How many suckers have gone to Vegas with the hopes of making it big only to end up living on the streets.
They have suckered millions of people for years out of there money. Nobody gives a Damn about Vegas. But the freaking gambling addicts.

True Blue Texan said...


so . . . it's bad to take stimulus money for expanding unemployment benefits but it's okay to take taxpayer money for gambling and the other, shall we say, nonessential goods and services Las Vegas offers?

Anonymous said...

More rooms for us! $42 a night at the Luxor through the end of summer.

Swiff said...
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Swiff said...

Damn I love Vegas. I had a great time out there last month.

That said, boo fucking hoo. Another GOP guv bitching and whining and hoping it gets him something to do in 2012. Shouldn't this Gibbons guy be threatening secession by now?

sick freak said...

Maybe when Obama gets done raising cash for his rich white Democrat friends, he would go visit some of those unemployeed Chrysler people who he said wouldn't lose their jobs under his plan.

Swiff said...

"On May 2, 2008, Governor Gibbons filed for divorce on grounds of incompatibility, citing an undisclosed incident in Reno"

lol, damn

sick freak said...

Its clear that Obama is one of those do what i say not has i do Democrat.

Bob said...

First, Gibbons has terrible approval ratings with his own constituents. Second, blaming Obama for an economic downturn in Vegas business during a recession is giving him waaay too much influence.

boukman70 said...

That's where Obama shot Tupac!

Mr. Whitey said...

I dont know if Obamas words cancelled luxury outings to Vegas, more like his words cancelled luxury trips period.

Slight hypocrisy from Mr. Whitey here. I gamble BIGTIME. Only sporting events though. (THANK YOU NUGS +5, billups is a STUD!) pigs, hoops, some fights some pucks. Never dropped a coin in a slot and never got behind a card.

Vegas is like another dimension. Not of this world. When judged from afar it is obcene, garish, pandering to all the evil that lurks within man. But when inside it is... well, ..obcene, garish and uh, I guess panders to the evil within mankind. But somehow that doesnt seem that bad.

The guv knows his "bartertown" is crumbling and hes lashing out at anyone and everyone. Selling sin isnt that easy without excess disposable cash is it?

Went to the $4.99 all-u-can eat buffet, found out you get what you pay for. Im sure that was actual meat, was it? Found out that Siegfried isnt REALLY magic, but Roy is. Saw the rows of little old ladies pulling the slots. The alcoholics sitting at the blackjack tables hitting at 27. The sidewalks of Japanese tourists looking around like they just landed on Jupiter. The hundreds of hotels whose only difference was the costume the cocktail waitresses wore.
NOPE, Vegas wasnt for me. Never saw the allure. Its like seeing the Grand Canyon, you see it once and there is never anything new.

Thank God for the internet where a sportsbook is just a click away and theres no god awful cigarette smoke or some guy looking for an angle on the Jets game. Now even the old ladies can pull the one armed bandits in the privacy of their room at the nursing home. Alcoholics can get juiced in thier rented room and hit on 78 if they want to. Hell, even those hard-up can order a hooker on craigslist and save a trip to the bunny ranch to get a hardened aged platinum blonde bacteria cozy for a half hour.

Looks like Vegas' days are numbered. No tears from Mr. Whitey

SouthernGirl2 said...

Nope, it was you and your O-mnipotent power.

Your too funny, Field! Don't let those rethugs see that! :)

Unknown said...

the president is correct.. i am an event manager and yes we have had to be more responsible both financially and socially, and creative in our spending...
times have changed... and the perception of these things matter....

the 'services' in vegas are a 'luxury' not a staple - gambling is not an everyday activity unless you are on wall street...
vegas should get creative..

i personally co-sign with jody... the place is a drain on the planet and there are better and 'greener' places to have a conference..

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Vegas is an illusion, not a real city. During bad times no one really NEEDS to go there.

I'm not surprised convention business is down. Companies who are laying off people know it's bad PR to spend major $$$ on "meetings".

field negro said...

I have hit "The Strip" a time or two in my life and it was fun. But let's be honest, in the big scheme of things, it's a town built on partying. Nithing else. To blame the president for their economic down turn is laughable.

"That's where Obama shot Tupac!"

boukman70, you need to quit. :)

Swiff, no wonder the guy is so miserable.I guess a divorce will do that to you.

Yes Jody, Seth is it. (DA)But we might have to talk.

Christopher said...
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Christopher said...

Tim Gibbons is one of those white men who looks like an old lesbian.

In any event, there's much we can be angry at Obama over: protecting the CIA on torture, dragging his Prada shoes on repealing 'DADT,' and rejecting single-payer health, but visiting Las Vegas -- a major U.S. city and attending a fundraiser, isn't one of them.

Gibbons' knuckleheaded diss is right up there with Cokie Roberts' bizarre diss about Obama vacationing in an "exotic place like Hawaii," seemingly clueless that Hawaii is our 50th state.

Miranda said...

"Tim Gibbons is one of those white men who looks like an old lesbian."


Anonymous said...

"Tim Gibbons is one of those white men who looks like an old lesbian."

give it up for Christopher.....LOL

got the visual, hilarious

uptownsteve said...

I heard "Mr. Whitey" IS an old lesbian.

uptownsteve said...

Nevada was in line to get almost a half billion dollars in stimulus money?

Did Gibbons turn down the package?

If so he needs to shut the fuck up.

Jody said...

As an "old lesbian" may I ask that you STOP insulting me and mine. I find it very interesting that any woman that men find sexually useless are fodder for insults... so, well, FUCK YOU! and FUCK your homophobic shit... that includes you my rainbow family member, Christopher... internalized homophobia is just as ugly.

uptownsteve said...

Didn't mean to step on any toes Jody.

My apologies.

Christopher said...


I am tempted to say "FUCK YOU" back but I don't want you getting any ideas.

There's a website devoted to the topic and it's a hoot. 99.9% of people find it funny -- that wouldn't include Jody.

men who look like old lesbians


Jody said...

Christopher.... I can counter with all kinds of websites that think gay bashing is Hi-larious..... that still doesn't make it ok or funny. All I'm sayin, is show a little love for your sisters in the fam.....

Christopher said...

Jody - All I'm saying is try to have a sense of humor. The quality of your life will be much better if you do.

Amanda said...

"Gibbons' knuckleheaded diss is right up there with Cokie Roberts' bizarre diss about Obama vacationing in an "exotic place like Hawaii," seemingly clueless that Hawaii is our 50th state."

Its our 50th (stolen, forgive the aside) state and where his family lives. Just had to add.

boukman70 said...


Not to get too far off-topic, but Hawaii's royal family was asking to be annexed by the US as early as the 1850s. They would've done it, but they were afraid that they'd become a slave state and have their people in chains. So, while America has never been above stealing folks' land, I don't think they did it in Hawaii's case.

alicia banks said...



i love your locks


alicia banks said...
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alicia banks said...
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alicia banks said...
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alicia banks said...


"Tim Gibbons is one of those white men who looks like an old lesbian."


for a gay man, you post a lot of uniquely and rabidly sexist bs

i will be remain a gorgeous femme lesbian even as an elder...


alicia banks said...



that is routine bs from c...further evidence that our worst enemies are often clones...especially when gay wm sexists/racists



your apology to jody was very cool!...thanks!


alicia banks said...
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alicia banks said...


i have a great sense of humor

but real humor never hurts...as your posts often do


Anonymous said...

O said don't use your stim check to goto Las Vegas (Sin City).

He left off Old E 40's, cigs, beer, whiskey, lotto tickets, Gucci Bags, fast food, rims, race tracks, Indian Casinos, guns, & the list goes on & on

Repubs got it right on this one. I live in Los Angeles (Not L.A.) and my pepz live in Las Vegas, It's a great place to visit I lived in Henderson, Nv. for a while and rearly gambled.

Oh! I left from my list fathers that don't pay child support and wives that bitch all the time.

That leaves Walmart & Church. You keep the change & the check

Terry said...

Count me as another one who never saw the allure of Vegas. I went there twice (once working for the Obama campaign) and it was all so anti-climatic. *meh*

grinder said...

Las Vegas sits on the stolen land of the Paiute Nation.<>

Let's be honest: The entire United States sits on land once occupied by one native tribe or another.

I have very little sympathy for a city whose entire existence is based on deluding people into thinking they too can be rich by hitting the jackpot<>

I'm not even remotely a fan of Vegas, but I think that's the wrong criticism. To me, the place is a nothing but big, extremely tacky, and outrageously overpriced shopping mall.

There is one upside: The existence of places like Vegas (and the various theme parks) keeps millions of people out of the places I prefer to go. So, at least on that ground, I'm kinda sorta appreciative of those places.

Same goes for Texas. Just imagine what it would be like if 20 million Texans moved north. O! The horror!

SAME OLD B.S. said...

you mean where WE shot TUPAC ?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hey Field,

I should start by saying I am an Obama supporter. However, I understand where the Governor is coming from. I work in the tourism industry and my company does several large conferences in Las Vegas. We have not pulled our conferences but we have taken a large drop in attendance to our Vegas conferences. When surveyed our members said they were not able to travel to any conferences even if it was for continuing education credits to places that are perceived as luxury or resort destinations. Being in the industry several of my colleagues have experienced the same problem. We have not been able to even look at Las Vegas or several other cities to book our 2010 conferences, because our attendees that are predominantly employed by public companies and just can't justify the expense of going to those types of places. Vegas really is taking a big hit since Obama's comments. I have colleagues in the hotels in Vegas and they really have had significant cancellations, where my colleagues in places like DC have seen some cancellations but not nearly on the same scale. I imagine for Mr. Obama It is both a blessing and a curse to have so much influence over the actions of people.


Sharon from WI said...

Field, the "City of Lights" is Paris, not Vegas. :-)

field negro said...

Brandi5, I hear ya. I know you are in the business so you have more of an inside scoop than I do. Still, that's an awful lot of credit to give to one man's words.

Sharon from WI, I think you might be right. Paris might just be the real "City of Lights".

"Same goes for Texas. Just imagine what it would be like if 20 million Texans moved north. O! The horror!"

Saleema, that was ginder, not me.

FreeMan said...

Vegas has to hurry up and rebrand their motto. How about Las Vegas the whores will make you holler and your dollar will go farther (ok it's supposed to be further but I had to make it rhyme)

People still have money it's just they can't afford to extend theirselves. So why doesn't Vegas tell people it's not as expensive as you think. Cut the hotels in half and make everything half price down to the McDonalds' on the strip. Then people will say it's 2 for 1 and just like your hamburgers you'll go and buy two where they hope you spend more money.

Vegas has to try harder! Obama didn't do anything but make you realize it's unnecessary.

grinder said...

Who is "Saleema?" I see no comment from such a person.

RisingTide said...

Las Vegas runs on conferences and rich Californians. But videoconferencing is cheap. And airfare is high (or at least used ta be). And California's done gone bust. Again.

So Las Vegas is dying.

They don't need Obama piling on more shit, but they shouldn't go saying it's his fault.

Next casino place is in China.

Vegas was a crazy fun place to Not Gamble. I liked the Pinball Hall of Fame (took the bus out there, got the hairy eyeball from the driver, sayin' "you realize the strip's the other direction?" Then we took the tourist hats off)

Vegas buffets cost an arm and a leg, but they're worth it. Best Damn Cafeteria Food Ever.

RisingTide said...

The difference between going to Vegas and NYC is that vegas will let you eat dinner in shorts, and vegas is a hell of a lot cheaper

lebeasley said...

Look, being one of the few posters that actually lives in this turd of a town (that said, even as a native Detroiter, to give you a frame of reference), the O-man's comments were/are valid (for any sane individual); and the similar "uproar" over those same comments were ass-covering market protection of a three-legged horse market (the other two legs being construction and mining).

Yes, it's a desert surrounded by mountains, lacking water (it's their fault, and the idiot water commission -- that's what happens when you give away your water rights and then experience a record drought) and resources (since there are none naturally).

Note: it's JIM Gibbons, not Tim. And yes, he's an idiot and his party knows it (now, anyways, after they voted him in).

All the crap you see and experience is limited to the Strip (which is NOT in Las Vegas, never has been), downtown Las Vegas, and some of the more "affluent" areas (very relative). The reality of living here is FAR different.

Listen, thanks for the visit, and come back again; but the Las Vegas Valley was hurting more from the housing issues, lack of varied business interests/opportunities, and residential flight than from a few words of the Prez (but it did have some effect -- just not that much).

And although there is an Official scale replica of the Eiffel Tower here (right down to the Official paint), Paris (France) is (and always will be) the City of Lights.


cinco said...

Perhaps President Obama should become a mute. But then there would be plenty of people to complain about his silence. No man can please two people. And we akready know he's not a "God".

Every tourist type area is auffering, some more than others. Las Vegas was never all that great. Living on the east coast, we have plenty of casinos. Plenty of 'night life' cities and no need or desire to go to a desert.

Anonymous said...

BOYCOTT LAS VEGAS! What kind of a state lets its prisoners rot to death of gangrene (yes, it's true!), has an old hag of a governor who spends his days texting mentally unbalanced women and pays out all the taxpayers money in civil rights lawsuits because the governor is too lazy to pick up a phone or a pen. Californians should stop going there. The land should be returned to the Paiutes and Shoshones and the city should sink back into hell.