Saturday, May 09, 2009

"Guess who is coming to dinner"?

The stars were out in DC tonight to see his O ness do his presidential stand up routine. (What? No Sarah Palin?) I have to say, that like most presidents before him, my man was pretty good. Some of you witty regulars here must have been writing some of those lines for him, because they were dead on.

I loved the line about his two daughters stealing Air Force One and going to New York. And I loved the line about Rahm Emanuel and Mother's Day. The fact that he called out MC Mike, and the clowns at FAKE NEWS made his routine even that much better for the kid.
So his O ness passed this test as well. I am sure the wingnuts were hoping he would fall flat on his face, but he didn't. His delivery was as smooth as a Roger Federer backhand. And it was a winner.
Before I go I want to say something on the eve of Mother's Day:

The first strong black woman I ever knew taught school full time and took care of her family while her husband went through years of graduate school. She then went on and got her own advanced degrees and became a renowned educator and leader in her own right. All this while doing a pretty damn good job of raising two children and holding down the home front.

Mom, I will always love you!!!


Anonymous said...

I read that O-ness did a teleprompter joke. That was a good call.


Anonymous said...

field you didn't say anything about WANDA SYKE'S, she was RUTHLESS! it's about time, she called out FOX NEW'S! and all the other's that have been persecuting the PERSECUTING! without a doubt they will come after her, but, she can hold her own, and beside's, was her material looked at before she did her joke's?

field negro said...

Anon.I finished my post before Wanda Sykes did her routine, and I was out so I didn't get a chance to see it live.

I will have to check out the tape later. I am glad she called out FOX, but I don't think that they usually pre screen the comedians like Sykes. Remember Colbert and the frat boy?

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot about this. I was visiting fam at my father's WSZ 'hood and I've been watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I hope this is on YouTube later tonight.


Anonymous said...

I caught the show, and I must say that the president was funny as all get-out! He is so wonderful, and we all (I hope) just love him to death. Right now, the man can't do any wrong. He's witty and smart as a whip. Wanda Sykes was good, but not as edgy as I thought she would be. She called out the folks who needed to be called out. One or two of her jokes were a little over the top -- like the one about the possibility of Sojourner Truth's picture being "moved to the kitchen" if the next president is white (or something to this effect), and also the joke she told regarding teachers being underpaid and sleeping with students (or something to this effect). I watched Obama's reaction to some of the jokes, and he chuckled and was, of course, gracious, but he didn't always react to a ribald joke as if he thought it was funny. Nobody asked me, of course, but overall, on a scale of 10, I would give him a 9, and I rate Sykes a six.

Blaque Swan said...

I don't know. If the anchors at Fox can manage to complain about the president putting spicy mustard on a hamburger, they'll find a way to complain about this. And that just may well be the funniest joke of all.

rikyrah said...
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rikyrah said...

leafsfan16 said...
I totally forgot about this. I was visiting fam at my father's WSZ 'hood and I've been watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I hope this is on YouTube later tonight.

Here you go:

Wanda Sykes at the DinnerAnd here is the other great one:

The President at the DinnerI think both of them hit it out of the park.

sick freak said...

Scaring the hell out of New Yorkers was something to make fun of.

Once again this was a typical night for the left.

The jokes were lame and mean spirited.

More childish attacks against FOX NEWS and the right.

Wanda Sykes is a washed uo never was while FOXD NEWS remains the most watched cable news network and Rush is the most listened to radio host.

Jealousy is a bitch isn't it Wanda?

SICK FREAK said...


Javier said...

sick freak:

I think I found your sense of humor. Call me.

Javier said...

left blah! liberal blah! evil blah! communism blah! conservative blah!

If I ever declare for the republican party and give up my free agency do I get a packet in the mail of canned talking points to show my disdain for anyone who doesn't agree with Rush? Can I call people communists AND fascists in the same sentence without a hint of irony in my voice? Can I tell people "love it or leave it" when my parties in power and talk about secession when we lose it? Can I ignore that I probably have more in common with low to middle class America on any side of the political spectrum and still align myself to people who don't know what it's like to worry about bills, wage freezes and layoffs?

Sorry for the off topic tirade but I had ust finished laughing my ass off over 44 and Wanda Sykes(BHO's got jokes!) and sick freak had to sober my upper with his/her bitterness.

Javier said...

*sober me up*


Anonymous said...

2 Children???
You Sure You're Black?
Just Bustin Balls...
Seriously, its not quite as detailed as my own Mother's Day Post, but very sincere...


sick freak said...

"bitterness" Yeap that describes the left in this country.Thats why Pew Research shows Republicans are happier than Democrats.

"love it or leave it" when my parties in power and talk about secession when we lose it?"

Isn't that what you liberals were doing the last 8 years?? Remember Vermont?Remember all you blue staters wishing you could join Canada??Remember Democrat Lawrence O'Donnell calling for a civil war?

I guess secession is only kool when Republicans are in the whitehouse.

"Can I call people communists AND fascists in the same sentence without a hint of irony in my voice?"

You've done that for the last 8 years why stop now?

Don't forget the last 8 years libs were screaming dissent is patriotic!!!dissent is patriotic!!!

Now that your guy is in the whitehouse dissent is no longer tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Sickly whines - Now that your guy is in the whitehouse dissent is no longer tolerated.I don't see any of you right wingdizzies in jail...

When is the roundup?

Now, I think Wanda was a bit over the top in some of her comments...

But in the vein of what the fascists on the right did to the Dixie Chicks - I think she was perfectly right about calling Drugbo's "I wish he would fail" what it is...


Where she went off the rails is the "oxy" line. However, Drugbo is a big boy, with a big microphone and vicious hyperbole has never been his weak suit.

As to The Dick - I wouldn't want my kids in a car alone with him either.

Dr. Nuwang said...

Beware!!! The second link provided by Rikyrah is associated with either spyware or malware.


Anonymous said...

Hey, looks like we got Sean "sick freak" Hannity posting here! Gotta admit that's a good handle for the lad.

field negro said...

Frank, you actually have a mother? Wow! Go figure. :)

Anonymous said...

I gotta agree with Wanda, I hate that mother effin Fat Drug Addict, Alcoholic...
Yeah, Ted Kennedy's an A-hole...
Its gonna be ironic when he dies on the Chappaquidick anniversary...


Jody said...

sick... we lefties NEVER called shrub boy and his ilk communists.... fascists, yes, communists no....

I thought Obama was pretty funny, especially enjoyed his jab at Steele... and to Steele's credit, he took it in the humor that it was intended. Good for him.

Stankoniforous 0ne said...

I thought Wanda was on point. If you can't go hard, then don't go at all. Colbert did so she had to follow suit.

It's about time for a new party to emerge so it makes sense that the Reps are slowly dying. Parties remake themselves about every 40 years. Goldwater to now is about that long.

allheavens said...

Damn, Pat Buchanan is already whining. They're such sensitive little bitches.

44 was funny, loved the line about Rahm. Wanda was ruthless. I wonder how Limbaugh is going to attack her? Will it be the gay angle, the Black angle, the woman angle, the liberal angle, the elitist angle or all the above.

Pass the popcorn.

Cheney on Face the Nation this morning, stating he prefers Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell. Yeah Dick, keep going down that path to oblivion.

Pass the Raisinets.

grinder said...

Mama Field cranked out a hell of a blogger!

west coast story said...

I am not a fan of Sykes so I skipped the routine. She's not funny.

Obama was good.

The whining about the Rush oxy comment is a big yawn. Joe Klein of TIME ripped some conservative female on Reliable Sources over this. Klein reminded her that Sykes like Rush is an entertainer and if he can dish it out he better learn to take. Klein then went on to talk about the daily diet of lies Rush feeds on and the outrageous things HE says.

Rush is a big fat junkie. Anyone who believes what comes out of the mouth of a junkie is a complete fool.

west coast story said...

Let me clarify. Obama was good. He wasn't great. It's fine for a comedian to say some of the things he said. It isn't okay for the President to say them. The NY joke was in really poor taste. Obama seems to be somewhat a victim of pop culture snarkiness. He should lose that.

It must be a generational thing. I love hardhitting political humor but in the proper context and venue.

This wasn't a celebrity roast and yet it felt like it. As much as I detest Bush, I felt the same way about colbert's shctick at last year's event.

Anonymous said...

Sykes 'killed'.

The part I loved was when she pointed out that she likes paying her taxes. The room, full of the whitest folk I have ever seen, became quiet as death. Must be that none of them have ever had need of the social safety net...and denigrate those, like Sykes, who have had to use it.

What a bunch of stuffed shirts! Colbert called it and Sykes reminded them of their inability to laugh at themselves and their oh-so-seriousness.

Too many bad haircuts, too many geriatrics who had no clue, and too many self-inflated egos.


sick freak said...

"Anyone who believes what comes out of the mouth of a junkie is a complete fool."

Yet you believe Obama.

west coast story said...

This is what is wrong with the white wing. If you can't make a point with real facts, you just make up something.

Please provide any evidence that Obama has ever been addicted to anything besides nicotine. Any evidence from Area 51, will be automatically dismissed.
While you are at it, some proof that Obama is a Muslim, a radical black revolutionary fundamentalist Christian, a fascist, a communist, a socialist, a Manchurian candidate, is not a natural born US citizan, and finally, provide proof he murdered Vince Foster. Ooops, forget that last one. Wrong white wing conspiracy theory.

west coast story said...

Rush was convicted of. illegally obtaining a controlled substance. He went to rehab. The reports of his drug abuse indicate a monster addiction that would have killed most people. He's an ex offender and a junkie. Worshiping your porcine drug addicted hero can only be a reflection on you. It certainly has nothing to do with Obama.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

West Coast Story:

I doubt if sick freak is capable of answering your questions, he/she probably has go back to Fox Nation and find out what fallacy to use next. What gets me is how someone with a name sick freak can have the nerve to say anything with a name like that. Just think about it...a freak that is sick, now, that says a lot. Is there a psychiatrist in the house? I think a sick freak is missing in action and skipped out on their daily dose of prozac.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

BTW. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you ladies that are mothers. I pray that you are blessed abundantly and that your blessings overflow on this special day.

allheavens said...

Dear sickfreak don't get yourself all in a tizzy over Wanda's remarks about Rush.

After all, isn't he the guy who had so little control over is physical and spiritual being that he caused himself to go deaf due to the massive consumption of painkillers (if anyone believes that AIED diagnosis he bought for himself, I have some swampland in Laos I want to sell you), weighs 400 lbs. (more control issues and Black is so slimming), has racked up three marriages AND three divorces (Who would marry this asshole?), got a deferment from military service in Viet Nam because of an anal cyst (What? Rush, you couldn't just man up?) and thinks Sarah Palin is the great white hope of the GOP (Oy!).

And those are his good points.

Yeah Rush, the voice of clarity and the confederacy of dunces.

Javier said...


Did you notice Steele immediately stopped clapping and his smile faltered a little the second 44 mentioned Rush. His smile reminds me of a submissive dog baring his teeth. He lost his credibility the second he started believing he was the Republican answer to Obama.


If you think smokin' herb makes you a junkie then perhaps you never have and are naive. Hardcore pothead does not a junkie make and 44 was not a hardcore pothead or his butt wouldn't have gone on to bigger things. Now on the other hand if say a President was snorting cocaine, hypothetically speaking of course, wouldn't that make them a little more worthy of the junkie label?


You brought up a sore subject for me. I can shrug off a lot from the Bush Administration but the sheer number of draft-dodging war mongers was astonishing. I know. I know, sick (whiny voice) "What about Clinton?!" Clinton didn't lead us into two disastrous wars and work tirelessly to suspend civil liberties.

Javier said...

Take a look at the note on Tom Delay. You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

sick freak said...

Ummmm J,west,you need to read "Dreams From My Father"written by Obama .There Obama admits using cocaine and smoking herb.

But he didn't use heroin because he didn't like the way the dealer looked.

Look Obama even has heroin named after him.

Vérité Parlant said...

I enjoyed his routine, but I'm sure this week Rush Limbaugh will be having a field day with Wanda Sykes and the Prez. He spends his time ripping others but loathes folks taking a swing at him.

sick freak said...

Rush was charged with a crime that only 1 other person in the state of Florida had been charged with.

Rush wasn't convicted.He worked out a deal.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Whelp, Sick freak, that is past tense, not present tense. If you still want to label him a junkie, all I can say then is, maybe, we should let more junkies be President, because he has gotten more done in 100 days than 43 of them have gotten done in over 200 or more years and they were I guess in your opinion without human flaws.

Jody said...

J.... I didn't see videos that had crowd reactions, so I didn't see Steele... I read his comments from an interview he did after. I am no fan, but I do think its fair to give props where they are due, and Steele did take it in stride, at least when asked for his take.....

Sick..... there is a BIG difference between trying pot and coke and being an addict. Using them does not make you an addict. Obama does not exhibit ANY behaviors of a drug addict, especially a coke or pot head...

However, Rush was busted, he did not volunteer info of his drug use and the ONLY reason he went to rehab, as any lawyer will tell you, was to avoid jail time... So, his "recovery" is in question as far as I am concerned. Not sayin he isnt but most folks that go to rehab because they are being forced by others do not succeed.

sick freak said...

Is Obama's illegal war in Iraq still going on? He hasn't ended it yet?? Guess theres only so much he can do in a 100 days.

Javier said...

I stand corrected then, sick.

So he did cocaine! Now 43 and 44 share something in common.

Now the biggest difference. One president worked to destroy American ideals and the civil liberties that are the rock bed of the republic. The other is trying to restore America to its former standing in the world community and turn around an economy that through Republican-championed policies has run aground.

You bring up Liberals bashing Bush during the dark years but the man had an approval rating in the 90's! He worked VERY hard to squander that and earn the ire and disrespect of many Americans both on the left and right.

But I'm sure you're a patriotic armchair quarterback who wants Obama to fail just like your hero Rush.

I've got some sour grapes for your salty crackers.

Javier said...

or bedrock

Sharon from WI said...

This wasn't a celebrity roast and yet it felt like it. As much as I detest Bush, I felt the same way about colbert's shctick at last year's event.<<

What I found funnier than anything Colbert said was the apparent fact that the folks who invited him apparently didn't get his humor.

Sharon from WI said...

got a deferment from military service in Viet Nam because of an anal cyst (What? Rush, you couldn't just man up?)<<

What is it with Rush Limbaugh and this anus/anal sex imagery?

He has repeatedly referred to refusing to bend over and hold his ankles (like that is possible)in reference to agreeing with Obama, the Democrats, etc.

And then there is the allegation (unproven) that he vacations where the sex trade in young boys is prevalent.

And now this.

Christopher Chambers said...


Just saw Star Trek film. AMAZING. Loved it. Even saw this high troll "sick freak." At least I think so. He was the Romulan lunatic. Could tell by the tattoos and references to a tiny dick.

your fellow yardie

field negro said...

"Let me clarify. Obama was good. He wasn't great. It's fine for a comedian to say some of the things he said. It isn't okay for the President to say them. The NY joke was in really poor taste. Obama seems to be somewhat a victim of pop culture snarkiness. He should lose that."

WCS, those lines were written for him, so I don'think the jokes were a reflection of him per se. But this is what's supposed to happen at the WHCD.

Happy Mother's Day to Granny and all the mothers commenting and reading this blog.

Chris, I heard that the new Star Trek film was good.So even though I am not a Trekkie,I think I will check it out.

Sharon from WI said...

But he didn't use heroin because he didn't like the way the dealer looked.<<

Read the book again.

From Dreams From My Father, p.93

Pot had helped, and booze;maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack, though--Mickey,my potential initiator,had been just a little too eager for me to go through with that. Said he could to it blindfolded, but he was shaking like a faulty engine when he said it...But he didn't look like he was shaking from the cold. Looked more like he was sweating, his face shiny and tight.He had pulled out the needle and the tubing, and I looked at him standing there, surrounded by big slabs of salami and roast beef, and right then an image popped into my head of an air bubble, shiny and round like a pearl, rolling quietly through a vein and stopping my heart.If anything, the man was a cautionary tale from his own use, the shaking and then being a little to eager to have him try heroin.

Obama also, in his own words, reflected about the path he was taking and where he was headed if he didn't stop.

It's not as if he refused because he didn't like the way the man parted his hair.

Dr. Nuwang said...

I guess when you're obsessed with everything Obama, you can read his own words in his book and still not believe it's true.

So the man did a few drugs, big deal! Folks need to get over thinking our President has led a perfect life.

Christopher Chambers said...

Field, other than Tyler Perry being in the film, it was flawless...

PS Have you seen Dick Cheney on TV saying Rush Limbaugh, rather than Colin Powell, is a better American and better Republican? It's the gift that keeps on giving...

west coast story said...

FN: I figured O doesn't write his material but a couple things really made me cringe and the NY comment was one. Coming from Denis Leary (who probably wouldn't joke about this) or Lewis Black (who probably would) I would have been amused.

I've watched this event for the past few years and it's becoming more Don Rickles like. Didn't Lewis Black do it one year? He pulled his punches despite his stand-up which savages Bush. It's still the President, not the Friar's Club. Like I said, maybe this is a generation thing.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Thank you Field! I'm enjoying the day with my family. Our daughters and nieces are doing the cooking today. Thank you Jesus!

I read both of his books, he didn't say he was perfect, and he even said that during the elections and after he became President. However, the one thing that is different from him and Bush/Cheney is he is not robbing the people or working in behalf of the Corporate America or the rich. He is for the people and he is a pretty decent guy, even some of the Republican have said that.

BTW, sick freak, it's not President Obama's illegal war, it is your ex-President's illegal war. President Obama didn't start the war, BUSH did!

rikyrah said...


must co-sign about Star Trek. I went because it was a Summer Movie and thought I should. I had no expectations.

I went to see Wolverine, and it was entertaining. It was a ' Summer Movie' - nothing more. I didn't dislike it, but it was just worth a matinee price.

Star Trek.


Loved it.

I'm someone who has seen, maybe 10 episodes TOTAL of all the Star Trek series. I know the basics, but not much more than that. I'm not a Trekkie.

That was ON SPOT.

JJAbrams got casting right. Beyond right.

I can't wait to see it again.

RisingTide said...

GW was on drugs in da white house. Obama's not.
And Mccain was addicted to gambling.

I'm glad Barry got his wild dayz out before the white house, if you know what I mean?

If you Don't -- reference Harding, and the secret tunnels out of the white house.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one here who didn't know who Wanda Sykes was???...
Thought I'd tuned into a "Little Rascals" episode by mistake...
You Know....

BUCKWHEAT!!!!! She even sort of talks like him...



Carissa said...

Sorry Field,
Can't agree with your post.
Obama wasn't funny, his jokes weren't self-deprecating (which is typical of the WHCD), they were just more of the same arrogance we have come to expect from him.

Laughing at Sykes just demonstrated that the man is a child with NO class. No wonder his nickname is "Zero".

Amazing behavior coming from someone on the campaign trail who touted "changing the tone". Sure.

Just like his history of misogyny and hate directed at women. The man has serious issues. Several psychologists have already written columns outlining why he needs to view as a dangerous narcissist.

Even my diehard Obot friends admit voting for him was a big, big mistake.

For the rest of you here, I feel sorry for you, wallowing in your victimhood and loathing and hate.

Grow up.

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