Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Blackening of Barack.

I have been tricked! Hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Set up and played by the Clintons, and I fell right into their trap.

Oh don't act like they didn't trick the rest of you Negroes too. I read all the nasty comments and e-mails about Billary and their dirty tricks and racial politics. And the tone was all the same: "Why are you picking on one of us? Why are you racializing this election? Why are you playing the race card?"

I know you all meant well, and you were just looking out for one of your own. I read all the righteous indignation on your blogs, I heard it on black radio, and I heard it in your day to day conversations. But you were acting just like "Billary" wanted you to act, and you followed the script to a tee.

So what did we do? We helped to turn South Carolina into the 2008 version of Sista Souljah. The Clintons knew that by blackening up the "O" man, they would force us to come to his defense, and ultimately, make this election about race and nothing else. And what better place is there to set up a racial firewall than South Carolina, with black folks making up almost 50% of their democratic voters?

I heard it all night tonight from the lily white pundits and anchor people. "Boy race really played a part in this election." The blacks really came out for Obama." "Obama got 81% of the black vote which is far more than both of his opponents.... and on and on it went. When it was over, it was as if Jessie Jackson was running for president. Did I say Jessie Jackson? Oh yeah, and just for good measure; Bill mentioned him too. Just in case we forgot that Obama, like Jessie, is a black man.

A-merry-cans will wake up tomorrow and realize for the first time that Barack is black.
"Honey did you know that Beerack feller is black?""He is?" "Yep they have been talking about it on the news all night. Bout how he got 81% of the black vote, bout how all dem black folks are rallying around their own after the Clinton attacks." "Well I will be damned....I guess a woman president wouldn't be so bad after all."

Poor Barack, all that candidate of change stuff, all that morning in A-merry-ca rhetoric; and yet.....A-merry-cans will wake up tomorrow and see his Kenyan father and not his white mother from Kansas. His quest to achieve racial neutrality and to bridge the racial divide in A-merry-ca will be shot down by the politics of racial division and wedge issues. But the Clintons knew this all along. South Carolina was a small sacrifice to pay in order to blacken up the "O" man for their fellow A-merry-cans.

Honestly, listening to all those pundits tonight I wasn't surprised to see that Pat Buchanan was the only one who got it right. Think what you want about old Pat; he is, at least, honest. And he will usually tell you how white folks really feel. The other pundits were saying that the Clintons divisive politics of the nineties would fail, because this is a new day in A-merry-ca and blah blah blah. But Pat knew better, and said so. He told them that white folks will start seeing Obama as a "black candidate" now, and thus, their votes will not be as forthcoming. As a result, this little bump in South Carolina will be beneficial to the Clintons in the long run. I agree with him. And I bet Bill and Hillary agree with him too.

Damn those Clintons are good.


tryexcellence said...

It's my understanding that Barack won the white-male vote, the college vote, and the vote for the richest County in South Carolina.

Not quite sure how Buchanan was validated in light of the fact that Obama received the highest percentage of the votes from each of these demographics. Even Joe Scarbrough, a very conservative pundit, acknowledged that Obama was successful b/c of winning more of the white-male vote than did Clinton

Donald said...

So by winning Barack will lose?!? I don't get it Field!? I wonder how the MSM racist jargon would have sounded if Billiary had won?
"Barack not black enough for South Carolina." Give me a damn break. If there is a person who doesn't know Barack is Black, they are not very smart. Barack won in Iowa and in South Carolina. Face it the man appeals to allot of people regardless of race. So what if Pat Buchanan is honest, he's a Republican. Isn't that a Oxymoron?!

Anonymous said...

Yes Obama got broad support, read it:

Field is just a negative brother who is full of conspiracy theories and can not believe that America could even propel Obama this far, because it is so against his world view of blacks being "black balled" and permenatly downtrodden and victimized. He doesn't realize that most white folks don't spend hardly anytime thinking about black folks, definitely not the amount of time he spends thinking about whites. South Carolina is historically a divisive state racially but even in that about 25% of whites supported Obama, when he was polling at 10% approval with them just a few days ago.

This will definitely give Obama a boost. This is a decisive hit on Billary. Buchanan has a stake in it. He wants to spread more racial discontent for a reason.

He wants the Repubs to run against Hillary so they can tare her divisive ass apart, starting with White Water and working their way all the way up to Monica Lewinsky, etc. they don't know what to do with Obama, so better to jinx him in the primaries by spreading nonsense. What Pat said is what they have been saying on Foxnews all week long FIELD. Now what does that tell you? You think they got Obama's back over there? Hell no. If they seem like they are supporting OBama or talking against Clinton that is because REpub see it in their benefit to do so.

White males tend to hate Hillary, and I'm talking about Democrats, Republicans, and independents.

there will definitely be blood next week as Billary regroups, because they did not expect to loose this badly. They lost by 28 FREAKING VOTES. That is a huge huge margin and they lose a lot of delegates. Remember, it is all about delegates.

This is why they whey they are trying to cheat to get Florida and Michigan delegates counted although it was agreed they would not campaign in those states or count the delegates months ago.

field negro said...

Well yes, honest republican is an Oxymoron. But when it comes to race, Buchanan knows his peeps.

Hey listen, I don't mean to burst anyones bubble, and the "O" man gave a great speech tonight. But I am just trying to keep you folks grounded, so that when the reality that is A-merry-ca hits you it won't feel so bad.

tryexcellence, I think you have to check those stats again. The "O" man got one out of four of the white votes. And it was a proven fact that most of them broke for John Edwards after Billary and co. started doing their thing. I agree that he got most of the younger and more college educated voters, but at the end of the day, I am not sure if those votes will follow him nationally. We will see.

Hey, if I am wrong, I will gladly let you tell me that you told me so. But If I am know I am going to say I told you so as well :)

Anonymous said...

If the race had been close I'd agree with you. But I think that the margin of victory was even a shock for the Clintons. I mean...over double the vote? That's ridiculous. I don't think anyone really saw that one coming.

Anonymous said...

Also, I don't see Edwards supporters voting for Hillary. If they really are letting race factor into it, I see them just not voting before voting for Hillary. Edwards and Hillary are almost opposite ends of the spectrum. I'm not saying some wouldn't do it, but I don't think the majority of those votes would go to Clinton. Remember, Clinton is not a lot of people's second choice.

field negro said...

"Field is just a negative brother who is full of conspiracy theories and can not believe that America could even propel Obama this far, because it is so against his world view of blacks being "black balled" and permenatly downtrodden and victimized"

Field's world view of blacks is a correct one. And as a world citizen I resemble that remark.

But I know you don't consider yourself a part of those blacks outside of these borders dragon horse, so I know where you are coming from.

Why would I not believe A-merry-ca could propel the "O" man this far? Hey, I know that A-merry-ca loves her black people. I see Oprah, and MJ, and Tiger, and you. I get it....... :)

Anonymous said...

haha Field...back at you.

Now...Caroline Kennedy just wrote in NY Times she supports Obama because he is "like her father" wow

One thing I have seen. Educated white women love them some Obama, just as long as they are not too old. Over 65 is Clinton territory.

Not Your Mama said...

Do you really believe the majority of white people are still that incredibly stupid??? Some are but my guess is not the majority any more. We knew he was black, we got that...thing is...we don't really care.

My husband & I decided to vote for Obama because he is the best candidate. That he happens to be black and that may very well stop some of the racial foolishness that has gone on for too damned long in this country was a bonus cookie for us but would not have gotten our votes by itself.

Granted I can't speak for "white a-merry-ca" any more than any one person can for any other group of people but this is two white, middle-aged, middle-class, rural Nevadans who really do not care much about the issue except in the sense that it damages all of us as long as we keep it going.

I hope I'm right and you are wrong on this one. I really think the Clintons waaaay overplayed their hands and to be honest...I think if she succeeds in getting the FL vote to count I think it may very well backfire on her.

Now will someone please tell Edwards to go back to chasing ambulances.

Donald said...

Easy Field. On a more Worldly view...a Barack Presidency may bring some visibility and could raise the stature of other Black world leaders. Kofi's over in Kenya trying to "Do some things" probably a little Mia Copa for the bang up job he did at the UN. But I digress. Field, hope springs eternal. If not I will be here for all the I told you so's.

Jonne Austin said...

I actually agree with Field.

The stats that I read showed that 4/5 black voted for him, I also read 80% of blacks voted for him while only 1/4 of whites came to ride for him.

Yahoo has some great articles about this. Better than CNN in my opinion.

I hate to say this, but I rejoiced and I was excited and almost as soon as I became aware of the situation, it hit that he will now be known for being hugely supported by blacks.

Let's be real here. When blacks come out in DROVES to support one of their own or something, that person is marginalized and only known for his support among blacks. It's no secret that we don't have the best image so then that person is equated with whatever term du jour for blacks.

When whites come out in droves to support one of their own and it's evident, it usually isn't equated with negativity by them. It's equated as being fair, balanced. Not racist at all. How can it be? They've got "black friends."

Anonymous said...

"Damn those Clintons are good"

Field, you mispelled "scum". Hope that helps!

Colin Bowden said...

White dominion over American and thusly world politics IS the status quo. I guess it's up to Obama and his Obamaniacs to start showing some of that sweet, sweet unity he's been talkin bout.

Jonne Austin said...

Field is not alone in his thoughts people!;_ylt=Ah7dvQ3ArcxaXq0U9R946r1h24cA

-D said...

Astute analysis, but one-sided, Field.

Astute because you nailed the Clinton gameplan, but you didn't quite land it as well when it came to white perceptions.

Obama won 25% of the white vote. He won with all whites under 30, tied Hillbilly with whites 30-65, and only lost the AARP vote to her.

My Clintonista mother said she will vote for Barack in the MA primary because Hillary's comment about Obama praising Reagan, and Bill's attack dog posture towards Barack really alienated her, and she wants the first woman president to be elected on her own terms and without cheating or hubby to the rescue and such.

I can guarantee you that right now the Clintons are poring over the polls, trying to figure out if Bill foaming at the mouth helped or hurt them.

I'm just one man. I can't speak for all whites, just for me.

But my opinion? Iowa whites got Barack in the race, and many of us were hoping that South Carolina blacks would simply step up and do their part to keep Barack in it. Thankfully, they did.

I don't fault the blacks down there for it; I'm just glad they came through.

Take it for what it's worth, Field.

Anonymous said...

Field, I think you're giving Hill-Billy too much credit here. If losing SC was all part of the Master Plan, why did they even bother campaigning there?

I think that Hill-Billy knew they were going to lose SC, but by a much smaller margin, and that they would get a larger percentage of the Black vote than they did. Else why would they bother to trot out their stable of black toadies, Rangel, Stinkin' Dinkins and the like? It ended up the O man got a higher percentage of the white vote than everybody expected, too.

They're already trying to spin this. I suppose they'll say it doesn't matter so much because black votes are only worth 3/5 of white votes.

Fuck Bill and his wife both in the ass!

Donald said...
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Anonymous said...

I predict he will suffer big time is populated white areas. However, if blacks and some whites keep supporting him in certain states he'll be fine.

I do think Clinton will in the end get the Dem ticket. Though I plan to not vote for her if she makes it to general election. Look, Obama won South Carolina and downplaying it is what the White media wants. They simply want to write off the black vote.
I hope Clinton does make it to the White House and that she does a horrible job! So, then she'll become the last White women to ever win is my dream. Karma is a bitch!

field negro said...

'"Damn those Clintons are good"

Field, you mispelled "scum". Hope that helps!"


jimbo, and not your mamma, I don't think you guys reprersent the typical voter in the majority population do you?

blackinusa, you make some good points about a Barack presidency and how it would effect world politics. And honestly, it would be nice...but....hey, what can I tell you; dragon horse might have been right about me 0)

"I can guarantee you that right now the Clintons are poring over the polls, trying to figure out if Bill foaming at the mouth helped or hurt them..."

That might be the truest thing posted so far.

-D said...

"jimbo, and not your mamma, I don't think you guys reprersent the typical voter in the majority population do you?"

Field, if I could give you a direct answer "yes" or "no," honestly I would. But I don't know. Sometimes I feel like I've got "my people" figured out, and then they go and astound me. Other times they make me want to curl up and cry.

I've been reading your blog for over a year now. Over a year of your observations that I've learned to respect. I've learned alot. But you also come from a position of deep mistrust and suspicion.

I'm not saying that I blame you, or that it's even unjustified.

But the politics of hope demands sometimes that we make ourselves vulnerable in order to move forward.

Maybe for alot of us, the fear that Barack instills in us is not a fear of him losing, but a fear of us investing in him and THEN him losing, dashing our hopes again like they've been dashed so many times.

But I love this country, and I'm young. I know my generation is ready for a black President. So maybe it will require dragging our parents kicking and screaming, but it's worth it.

Maybe Barack will win, maybe he won't. But mark my words, these kids today... they aren't going to settle for what their parents tell them has to be.

And it won't happen through a revolution. Simply put, one day they'll get up in sufficient numbers and inform the old folks that they've got some ideas too, and that they're going to be in change from now on.

And they will be.

Donald said...

Field, here is an answer to your question on whether Bill was too aggressive. Yup!

rikyrah said...


I don't think you or anyone else was hoodwinked. I understand what you're saying, but here is how I see it.

They race bait, and folks are just supposed to say, 'Okey Dokey'?

See, that is the entire insidiousness of Dogwhistle Politics.

I feel for Barack, and I know he's running and all, but dammit FN, if there's anything that our forefathers and mothers gave us, it was the right to speak up when being done wrong.

They have been Blackening him up, and that's their strategy. It's also the reason I'll never vote for her.

Anyone watch CNN? How beautiful was it when they were fiddling with that state map, showing who won what by color, and Obama's color (pun intended), covered darn near the entire state.

Bottom line - 155,000 more Black folk in South Carolina voted tonight than in 2004 - that's a good thing.

I cannot and will not accept that our Brothers and Sisters who voted in South Carolina - that their votes count less than those White women in New Hampshire, or those Latin Uncle Ruckus' who still voted for her AFTER she tried to disenfranchise them. HELL NO, I'm not going to accept that.

plez... said...


you and pat buchanan missed one important detail, Black Obama won Iowa and pulled off a statistical tie with hillary in New Hampshire... the white people there knew damn well how Black he is, he's been campaigning door-to-door there for over 6 months!

his "problem" in south carolina (up until 2-3 weeks ago) was that the Black people there didn't think that Obama was Black enough and were more inclined to vote with Black Bill Clinton's wife. but when the Black Obama showed up in SC (in the barbershops and beauty salons), he flipped the script on the Black Clinton vote (with substantial help from Bill)!

two months ago, hillary was winning in ALL categories in south carolina (Black people included). in the SC Primary, the ONLY categories she won was a slim majority of white females and them old white folks who would probably be voting for Strom Thurmond if he was still alive! plus Obama's message resonates with young voters.

remember, Obama won IA outright by a substantial margin and he only "lost" NH by 3 or 4 points... if Obama can continue to stay "on message", energize the democratic electorate, and continue to win 35 to 40 percent of each demographic (and let billary & edwards split the difference), he'll be in good shape to win LOTS of delegates come Super Tuesday.

kid said...

On some sites they said Hillary won her states because of the "Tweety Effect", because Chris Matthews attacked her so much. I think Obama won because of the "Bush Effect". He got elected twice(well not at all really.)He never fooled around on his wife. He prays all the time, and the economy is crap and white people are losing their home in record numbers. Fox can't paint that rosy picture of Mr. Decider any more. After two terms of funkin up the country, I think some racist whites bigots know to hand the keys to Hillary or Obama , it just doesn't matter anymore. I know that they are thinking , should we give to republicans a third chance? While looking at their furniture get taken from their foreclosed home, I think not.

Anonymous said...

Dick Morris via plugg said:

"But here they have a way of appearing to seek the black vote, losing it, and getting their white backlash, all without any fingerprints showing."

This is now being called "Winning by Losing." See my earlier post on this topic.

Field, I posted this a blog post or two ago, long before the SC election.

This could have been their tactic. We'll just have to wait and see how it shakes out.

jimbo said:

Maybe for alot of us, the fear that Barack instills in us is not a fear of him losing, but a fear of us investing in him and THEN him losing, dashing our hopes again like they've been dashed so many times.

But I love this country, and I'm young. I know my generation is ready for a black President. So maybe it will require dragging our parents kicking and screaming, but it's worth it.

Damn, jimbo, I've got to give you props for this. I come from a world where you would have been lynched/shot for saying that out loud.

You further confirmed my belief that one day King's Dream will become a reality in this country.

And if I can say that coming from my world, anything is possible.

And I don't think I'm pollyannaish, just prophetic.

Anonymous said...

once again, you missed the boat on this one. i think u need to turn off your TV and perhaps read a bit more. your over-the-top cynicism (read: apathy in disguise or, er, blackface) is tiresome. barack obama garnered a SIGNIFICANT amount of votes from EVERY demographic! a history making moment that you seem to be in cahoots with the clinton machine to minimize. and u call yourself a 'field negro'? damn, maybe you've gotten a little sunburned and lightheaded from the fields and need to come inside for some water and rejuvenation so that your brain can function at its most optimal level. you bestow the clintons with FAR too much strategic intelligence-- or, at best, a moxie that they clearly do not possess! this blowout was something they not only were not prepared for--they couldn't even acknowledge it in a dignified manner. they were blindsided in a serious way. but hey, according to 'field negroes' like yourself, this was all a part of the clintonian master plan. it couldn't possibly be that the youth, blacks, whites, browns of america are tired of the same ol', same ol'...

Jonne Austin said...

Calling the latinos that voted for her in record numbers Uncle Ruckuses was spot on LOL

Nelson said...

Yes, Field. You are trying to lower our expectations so we don't get hurt. But this is politics, if we can't get hurt shouldn't we just stay out?

Listen, Billary's people were expecting a 12 point loss yesterday afternoon. They got creamed by 28. All those new black voters will not be going for her in November, imo. So far all her and Bill's masterminding wizardry they couldn't come up with that concoction.

Barack won the white vote in Iowa. He did pretty damn good in NH. Barack won the state of Nevada outside Las Vegas. He won young white voters in SC. All that together tells me old deep-southern whites are out of step with the rest of the nation, which is what I believe Eugene Robinson, an SC native, was trying to hint at when Buchanan was whistling Dixie about white voters.

I think it's true that Billary is still the favorite to win the nomination.

I think it's true that their strategy was to blacken Barack. (Although for this to really work the media has to play along, and they didn't do that last night when they talked about Barack's surprisingly high white support)

But Billary didn't knock this one out of the park, and even if they win the nomination, I'm not sure they will do so in November, as they run for a 3rd term.

Unknown said...

Barack made a remarkable victory speech last night. Team Clinton and Pat Buchanan made one large mistake ... Obama is a better candidate than Hillary by a mile. Obama inspires. Methinks that America ... even white folks ... especially young white folks ... will find Barack Obama a POTUS for the future. Hillary is a POTUS for the past. The choice is the past vs. the future.

The future will win.

Don said...

co-sign villager's comments.

A change is coming our way, step by step and day by day.

I happen to think Bill Clinton is hurting his wife's campaign.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with you Field if this wasn't 2008 and the opponent weren't the Clintons.

Many more people out there absolutely HATE Hillary and Bill, probably as much or more than those who absolutely hate black people.

Her/their divide and conquer strategy may work on Feb 5th, but in a lot of those states, Hillary has always been the front runner. I'd like the say the polls are right...but as NH can tell you, often they are not.

Hillary's going to need to repair her image after this campaign, and soon if she's gonna be competitive after the nomination.

Anonymous said...

She has always been the frontrunner and if she takes Feb 5 it wont be because they "blackened" Obama.

I laugh at the Clintons attempts to downplay her frontrunner status and her own expectations.

Christopher said...

The longer Bill Clinton remained in South Carolina, doling out his race-based attacks and smears of Barack Obama, the lower the Borg Queen dropped in the polls and the higher Barack Obama rose. In a peculiar way, Bill Clinton became a good thing for Barack.

Voters under 40, white, educated and not the least interested in a third Clinton term, are schooled in the "Old Democrats-style" of the Clinton politics. This demographic (in which I happen to fall) support Barack in far higher numbers than the Borg Queen.

I think Barack's stunning victory in South Carolina sends a powerful message to African American voters everywhere; from Georgia, to Florida, New York and Massachusetts, that yes, America can and will support a black man for president.

Hathor said...

I do believe there were a lot of Republicans ready to vote for Colin Powell, so if Obama were to get the nomination I think he will get a lot of crossover votes, especially in the northeast.

Getting the maximum delegates is all that matters in the primaries, whether he is perceived as the black candidate or not.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jimbo on this. Absolutely, that was the Clinton game plan. And maybe it will work. America is still America.

But slowly, incrementally, inch by inch the human race does drag itself forward. I'm going to choose to keep hoping this is such a moment, regardless. Field, you are a deep and intuitive brother, but if you keep on this track I'm going to have to stop reading you. Life is hard enough without beating our heads constantly against the concrete.

I know you consider yourself a realist. So does my mother. But, trust me, there is a difference between realism and pessimism.

And the difference is deeply corrosive to the soul.

Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

Field this is what I have been saying for weeks! Not only did black folks fall for it Obama going around using Malcolm X quotes “bamboozled” and “hoodwink” plays right into the Clintions plan. What concerns me is at the root, it’s not about having faith in Obama, but have faith in whites to vote for him is disturbing. Obama had to distance himself from Farrakhan; you think whites forgot about that! Nope. I am so sad that these “I see no black & white” speeches inspire people. He has a 26 year white guy writing mess and people are inspired by it. The speeches sound like an after school special. For me I can NEVER support this kind of rhetoric. I saw an old interview with historian John Hope Franklin and he said the reason race is always an issue is because America with not acknowledge certain truths like it was our forced free labor that built this country and we were wronged! All this “I don’t see black and white” to me is really “I don’t see right and wrong”. I don't like the Clintons and I did not like them when in office or out. I did not start questioning their policies because Obama came along. Most of this Clinton HATE is disingenuous. Where was this anger when Clinton was sending Haitians back left and right, where was this hate then? Where was the hate when his administration help destroy the banana industry in the Caribbean, Where you then? No damn where! Give me a break! THe hate was not their before or after his time in office.

What you chickens are chirping is quite amusing. All this fake” Clinton hate" and Obama love is reason to redeem you for nothing paying attention for 8 years of his administration. Truth be told you are fueling these white limousine liberals with the racist accusations but who do you think it REALLY hurts? Not Clinton. You guys are letting these Limousine Liberals who don't like Clinton for other reasons to use in their "race commentary". You really think that white people are going around calling the Clintons because black people said they are racist. 99% of white don't even believe their racist!

Ex. I have seen no less then 5 programs that quietly rebutted black people charge about MLK and LBJ as racist ( a few are CBS Sunday Morning, Bill Moyers, & LBJ special on PBS that was NOT on the schedule pre HC comments) Wake up!

Every time black people get on TV and talk about "how this country NEEDS to elect a black man" white people stomachs turn. Have you wondered why they barley ask WW about being a woman President? I'm still trying to figure out how Clinton went through 8 years with No charge of racism. Either you people did care or did pay attention. I will go with did not care. Please continue your Fake Clinton Hate it's comical. My lord, the places Obama has won has not been racially mixed. He lost in Nevada which is the most racially mixed of all the primaries. Wait till we get to the big cities where racial intermingling is a part of the daily life. No reason to fear black people in Iowa there aren't any! Sorry I don’t have that kind of faith in white people, never have, and never will.
At least I can say with a clear conscious I come by my dislike for the Clintons honestly.

Christopher said...

Here's how MSNBC describes Barack's glorious South Carolina victory:

There were two true stunners Saturday night: the size of Sen. Barack Obama’s margin of victory over Sen. Hillary Clinton — 28 percentage points — but just as significantly this number: total turnout for Democrats in their primary was greater than the turnout for the Republican primary in this state, which is one of the most loyally Republican in the nation.

Just think of it: a 28 point victory over the Borg Queen and this is in the old south, where racism is slow to finally die.

If Barack can take this to Missouri, Tennessee, Florida and at least half the Super Tuesday states, he should have a comfortable delegate lead.

But make no mistake, if this happens, the Clintons will scream for a brokered convention. They're not going down without a fight.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I agree with you Field about the Clintons objectives BUT I think they backfired. They expected to lose by 12 percent not 28. Obama split white men with Edwards and won the younger vote.

I still think Hillary will win due to her coalition of Latino and older white blue collar women. However, I do believe she is going to have a very tough time in the general.

Read Frank Rich in the NYT today. Very interesting. You have Caroline Kennedy endorsing Obama today and Rich pointing out there are many unanswered questions about who funded the Clinton library. Seems alot of those donors are from certian oil rich countries. Who do you think the Repubs want to run against? I'd say the sleazy, lying, power hunger couple who have just alienated a large part of the democrat base, younger voters and indepedents.

Anonymous said...

I think that we as Black People have forgotten the one true advice of our forefathers,"Never Trust The White Man" personally I thought that white a-merry-ca would be a little slower and come to the realization the Barack was black when they were in the voting booth.

Ann Brock said...

Field, Feb 5 is Super Tuesday in Alabama we will see how the O man do.

J said...

Well they racist Clinton's are certainly trying. We'll see if it works.

Anonymous said...

Field, I believe you! At first, I thought the Clinton's were so desperate to return to the White House and so suprised by the strength of Obama's campaign, they would willingly throw the good will of Blacks away. But the Clintons have never been that desperate. They have something up their sleeve. Maybe they just want to reverse them omentum, so all the Chicos-big-jewelry, elastic-pants wearing, middle aged women come to Hillary's rescue again like they did in NH. But I fear it is far more nefarious than that.

Anonymous said...

White, middle class, sixty-three, female, retired: I will vote for Obama even if he is NOT on the ticket. I will write in his name.

I do NOT want another tag-team presidency. Bush-Cheney was enough! Bill is, and always has been a loose canon, and he brought down his own presidency and brought down the whole Democratic Party and now he’s going to bring down his wife’s candidacy. If she is the candidate, the Republicans will celebrate and there will be a landslide against her and a lot of people like me will want to sit out this election. I say vote for Obama anyway. Write in his name if he isn’t the candidate. Just do it!

And Field! Stop grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory! Sheesh! And I though I was a bitter old hag! Just support Obama in every way possible. He can win I tell ya!

Christopher said...

I hate, no I detest the Clintons.

Here are Billyboy's exact words in South Carolina yesterday afternoon to a reporter:

"Jesse Jackson won South Carolina twice".

All laced in cornpone and that special aw shucks manner Billyboy uses as he smiles at cha' and then sticks a knife in your stomach.

Fuck you, Bill Clinton.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Obama will come out on top on Super Tuesday, but he does not have to. He has to minimize damage, he needs to come out as close to Clinton as possible and then focus on states like Ohio, Maryland, VA, DC, other Southern states, etc.

The goal is to minimize Billary in California, NY, NJ, buy losing by about 10 points or so...that's okay.

The Southern states are more populated than the Western states (but for Cali) so they are not as important.

I also believe Ted Kennedy will endorse him in Mass, small states, but over 100 electorates. I am sure Caroline is lobbying him or she came out in coordination with him...

Watch for Billary to get even more negative in the next 9 days or so.

Anonymous said...

I agree with about the Clintons. I never liked them mofos the whole time they were in office. Yet, black people used to give me hell when I would critique Bill Clinton. Now as you suggest blacks have thrown all caution to the wind in their support of a black man talking about a racial coalition that tells black people there is no racial divide in this country just focus on the future and all will be well. There is something a little off message for me because you are right there is some twenty something year old white guy writing Obama's speeches which to me is why they sound so good to the ears of white folks. At the same black folks are in some type of Medusa trance and cannot hear the bs ringing in their ears because a black face is in front of them. This we are all one ish is some wicked mess. How can we be all one when you are asking us not to acknwoledge our fucking pain this country and in the larger African Diaspora.
Oh yeah the media do not say race card when they talk about courting Latino voters. Why when they discuss black folks they speak of Obama shouldn't talk about race? Hell race is just not black and white, but these are the games people play.
Oh yeah a question no one every ask or attempts to answer what is a fucking race card? I hear it all the time from blacks, whites and bullshitters. There may have been a discussion about race in this campaign, but there has been no discussion of racism in this courntry or in this election period. They are not the same and the confusion is maddening at times. I still say Barack makes white folks feel good. That shit is like a drug it is gonna wear off and reality will hit your ass.

field negro said...

anon.9:30AM,your post should be required reading for all the factitious intellectuals out here, who would dare tell this field Negro to come into the house to clear his thoughts.

Trust me callgirl, I have seen what's in the house, and I will take my chances outside if it's all the same to you.

" and pat buchanan missed one important detail, Black Obama won Iowa and pulled off a statistical tie with hillary in New Hampshire... the white people there knew damn well how Black he is, he's been campaigning door-to-door there for over 6 months!"

plez, I understand that, but NH, and more than likely IA were going to be blue states this coming electins anyway. I am not talkig about "limousine liberals" voting for the "O" man, I am talking aobut FOX NEWS A-merry-cans in purple states where he has to be competitive. If it happens, you know me, I will be the first person to post and say that I was wrong. But somehow I don't think that will be happening. Look, the guy won 85% OF BLACK VOTES IN A STATE WITH OVER 50% RGISTERED DEMOCRATIC BLACK VOTERS. IT'STHAT SIMPLE! You Obamaholics need to chill. Let's see how this shakes out before you start planning your trips to the inauguration.

Look, I know a thing or two about urban politics, and let me explain something to you folks: If you think some of these row house blue collar Irishmen [Poles & Italians] who are registered voters here in cities like Philly are going to vote for the "O" man, I have a beautiful antique cracked bell to sell you. And the last time I checked; winning cities like Philly will be imparitive to winning "swing states" (I take it you folks know what that means)like Pennsylvania and Ohio.

But bring it on folks, I love your passion and committment to the "O" man. I just hope you are as passionate and committed to doing things on your own turfs. Or should I say houses? ;)

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Yea, you got that right. when I began to see the results come in with such a huge disparity between the black and white votes, I knew it wasn't a good thing.
This is a very bad thing for an America that seemed, for just a second or two, to be coming around. I think Billary knows it's not a good thing, but he/she did it anyway. That's recreant behavior. . . .horrid, self centered, and self absorbed recreant behavior.

tryexcellence said...

"tryexcellence, I think you have to check those stats again. The "O" man got one out of four of the white votes. And it was a proven fact that most of them broke for John Edwards after Billary and co. started doing their thing. I agree that he got most of the younger and more college educated voters, but at the end of the day, I am not sure if those votes will follow him nationally. We will see."

Thanks for the correction Field. I meant to say that Obama received more of the white-male vote than did Clinton. But in reality he received 27% and she received 28%, which in my opinion is still significant.

Re: Buchanan, he is still pontificating under the auspices of "hope" as well. His hope is to return us to the days of the late 1800s when black folks were enslaved and only white male property owners over the age of 25 could vote. His time has come and gone.

Woozie said...

So the white male vote broke away for John Edwards. And? How long do you think John will last? You think John "Fuck The Establishment" Edwards would throw his support behind Hillary Clinton?

You're also neglecting the negro's oratory skills. Should this Sister Souljah angle get any real coverage, all he has to do is drop the line "I don't want to be president of black America, I don't want to be president of white America, I want to be president of the United States of America" in one of those inspirational speeches. Lines like that go over really well in all demographics.

I think part of the reason you're being so hard on the O-Man is because you don't want to be let down if America tells him to go to hell. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst right?

I understand your thinking, but you're sounding like you want America to put Obama down. And I know you don't.

Anonymous said...

Have your children learn Mandarin or Brusselsese. It is all over but the shouting.

Waving Goodbye to Hegemony

Do we really want it written in the history books, that a Negroe was in charge here in the USA, as the USA declined?

Anonymous said...

Huffington Post is speculating that Ted Kennedy might endorse Obama:

Now we just need Gore before Super Tuesday and all of them campaigning...with Kerry...Billary will have an conniptions fit.

-D said...

Nsangoma, I read that editorial. One of the best things I've read in years.

But man, I read something totally different in it. If we partner effective leadership with good management, we can navigate this country into the strongest position possible in a "brave new world" where we're not top dog anymore, but have to share the top with Europe and China.

If Barack's the best we can produce right now, why NOT give him a chance? Does anyone think that we WON'T look to George Bush's invasion of Iraq as the point when things started to go sour?

Anonymous said...

Sorry...correction. Ted Kennedy will endorse Obama.

I told you, Caroline would not do that on her own.

Mass. will go to Obama. :-)

Anonymous said...

jimbo said...
... Does anyone think that we WON'T look to George Bush's invasion of Iraq as the point when things started to go sour?
1:31 PM

'We', meaning black folke, or 'we' meaning white America.

Anonymous said...

I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH THIS POST! Field you are dead on!!! Preach. Barak is now a black candidate and that ain't good. Clinton machine knew they were going to have to sacrifice South Carolina for the bigger win. Clinton's played the race card, sent out Bill the attack dog in overdrive and disseminated way too many negative ads. So, yes black folks voted in droves which sent out a message. But, it hurt Barak. This will mobolize white women. Just like it did in New Hampshire. They'll come out and save Hiliary. Barak is finished.
Bush Sr. 4 years, Clinton 8 years. Bush Jr, 8 years. The Clinton Bush dynasty will continue. Damn!!!

Anonymous said...

Field, I understand your point, but I have two words for you. "Doubting Thomas". This won't be settled Feb. 5th. Plus Ted Kennedy's endorsement will help move democratic votes to Obama. Did you read Caroline Kennedy's Op-Ed piece from the New York Times? Remember among many White Democrats, The Kennedys still hold a 'sacred place'.

Bellini said...

Field, you are riling folks up. It ain't over and actually you are feeding into the mainstream's simplistic analysis about the race. Like Clyburn said -- Sharpton ran and loss the black vote, it's a 2 sided coin and you have to analyze both sides. Let's see what Tsunami Tuesday will bring, I want to ride this out to June. It's 08 -- you're supposed to expect the unexpected. I'll let you have your opinion, but please don't fall for the okey-doke yourself. I expect more from you.

Not Your Mama said...

jimbo, and not your mamma, I don't think you guys reprersent the typical voter in the majority population do you?

Jimbo is obviously younger than I am so for myself...quite possibly not for my generation but as the mother of 3 young adult Obama supporters...well...I have great hopes for our young people.

Yes, we might not win the nomination and that would be a tragedy for all of us but the fact that Obama's obviously viable candidacy is possible at all I think speaks volumes about the changing attitudes in the younger generation.

Honestly I think he has at least a good 60-70% shot at the nomination if for no other reason than most delegates will come to realize that a Clinton nomination would just about guarantee us 4 more years of republican rule.

Simple math: Clinton cannot and will not beat McCain, I doubt she could even beat Mittens Romney. Obama can. Any delegate in remote contact with reality is going to have to acknowledge this at some point.

Anonymous said...

field, I just want you to know I noticed the picture on your blog showing a light-skinned Obama on one side and a darker Obama on the other. The darker side looks like a brother when he has just been arrested and booked.

Of course Barack was blackened. But the Clinton/Rove plan went too far, and it not only brought out blacks in record numbers but quite a few whites for Barack. Why, a lot of Bubbas with rebel flags on their front door came out and pulled a lever for Barack Jessie Jackson Obama. The Clinton/Rove plan of blackening a light-skinned brother backfired. If Hillary got sympathy in New Hampshire, Barack got it in South Carolina. Now, here's what to look for from the Clintons in the future:
1. Look for Hillary to reel Bill's ass in and tell him in no uncertain terms: "Bill,cut the badmouthing of Obama because a 28% loss in South Carolina and an 83% black vote means black folk were pissed at what you said that we're about to lose the completely; and we're going to need them in the general election to beat that large number of white folks who hate the Clinton's guts!"
2. Look for a PAC organization and surrogates to attack Obama with seemingly no relation to the Clintons. These swiftboaters will be both democrats and right-wing Republicans. Why Republican? Because they want Hillary to win the nomination. They know that, if Obama wins the democratic nomination, he will probably be the president of the US. However, if Hillary wins, another Republican will be in the White House in 2008. The reason for this is because the Clintons have beaten Republicans for years and twice for presidency, despite the fact that they have been engaged in scandal after scandal. They have plenty of ammunition to use against her and are just holding back until she gets the democratic nomination. This is in part the reason why pundit Buchanon and even some fox pundits are taking Hillary's side right now.
3. Since South Carolina showed that a sizable number of white women love them some Obama, look for Hillary to do another round of talk shows and magazine interviews to get those votes from Obama.
4. Lastly, look for Hillary to come up with some great plan for the elderly. Why? Because, unlike the young people that's for Obama, the elderly take their medication and then come out in droves to vote, even those who live in public housing.

The real question is this: Did the Clintons piss off white folks, Republicans and Democrats, to the point where they are willing to vote for Obama? We'll know on the evening of February 5th.

Anonymous said...

Cynicism is easy, field. That's why so many young people feign it -- I know because I teach.

It takes courage to see the world for what it is, but believe that it can change.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little surprised at the reactions here - interesting to me that in all the numbers dissection, almost everyone downplays what Edwards managed to do, which was win the white vote - Obama may have come close to Clinton, but Edwards won white voters with percentages in the forties.

Put another way, 76% of white voters picked Hillary Clinton or John Edwards; 78% of black voters picked Barack Obama. I don't know how this shows America coming together, or that Obama doesn't have a problem going forward.

That said, I don't know that I agree with Field Negro that this about the Clintons and some super-expert strategy of pushing Obama into pursuing the black vote; I'm not sure he had much choice (and I don't know that Bill Clinton really impressed anyone with his defensiveness on his own record, never mind the allusions to Jesse Jackson). Obama, it strikes me, would have lost blakc voters f he'd played the same message he'd been selling in Iowa and NH and elsewhere, which downplays racial divisions in favor of vague notions of everyone being as one (and the point, it seems to me, is that he may well have lost in that case not to Clinton... but to Edwards). White people like Obama's message as he'd been selling it because it makes past racial injustice something of a non-issue; and that alone, I think, explains why it tends to turn minority voters off. I'm happy to move forward together, but we can't pretend this is a nation without a past.

At this point, I don't think it's clear what happens next... and while people are focused on blaming or praising this or that candidate... what depresses me about South Carolina is this: the large numbers of people who apparently decided that "voting for your own" meant more than taking a chance on someone different. That's the reminder to me, that we have not come very far as a country, and have so much farther to go.

Anonymous said...

Man I got to get out of church earlier.(lol) Look what I missed out on.

Field your analysis is right on. But you know where I'm coming from so you probably know that I think either Hilary or Obama will be good for those in power -which aint us. They both will do a good job of obscuring the real issues that folks face and won't have any real ways to fix things, like the broken and unequal public education system, the unjust justice system, or figuring a way to put folks to work, or make sure that those who are working earn enough to live on. And neither are going to end the war in Iraq. Brother Barack very sneakily said during the S.C. debate that he would withdraw about 2 regiments a month after he got the withdrawal plan together. You how long that would take.Maybe I'm slow but that ain't ending the war.

And both will probably have a backward solution to dealing with our illegal brothers and sisters. Yeah Field I got an international perspective, I am citizen of the world we are all God's children.

-D said...

... Does anyone think that we WON'T look to George Bush's invasion of Iraq as the point when things started to go sour?
1:31 PM

'We', meaning black folke, or 'we' meaning white America.'

Nsangoma, I don't understand. Are you saying that because Obama is black, white America will blame him for America's deterioration in international standing?

Obviously, I don't know what he would do if elected. But assuming that all he does is spend his presidency trying to fix the budget deficit, get us out of Iraq and foster peace in the Holy Land, which I believe he would take seriously... then all "honest brokers" would understand that Bush racked up the deficit, got us in Iraq in the first place, and didn't do jack about Israel.

Some people on the right would definitely blame Obama, but they would blame any Democratic president. That's just the game they play. Most people would see that for what it is; blame-shifting.

Christopher said...

What the stellar endorsements of Caroline Kennedy and her uncle, Sen. Edward Kennedy, is telling Billary in no uncertain terms is, "you sir, are no John Kennedy."

In fact, Billary isn't qualified to carry Barack's golf clubs.

Anonymous said...

Sen. Edward 'chapaquidick' Kennedy, is not a good endorsement.

Jonne Austin said...

NSangoma said...
Have your children learn Mandarin or Brusselsese. It is all over but the shouting.

Waving Goodbye to Hegemony

Do we really want it written in the history books, that a Negroe was in charge here in the USA, as the USA declined?
That was actually a really good article.

The problem is that anyone with half a brain wouldn't blame Barack Obama for the decline of the USA. They have a long line of presidents, all white men, who did that for him. There is little he can do in just 8 years to fix the DAMAGE these people have done, let alone 4 years should it come down to it.

If he does manage to do so, and it's not entirely impossible but it would be miraculous, then you damned right I want a black man to be the one to take the credit. It would change the world.

Anonymous said...

Look, I'm tired of letting White America tell me why I voted for somebody or who I should or should not vote for and analyzing my motivations from the point of view that, as a Black person, I'm some sort of retarded leper.

I'm a person with my own mind who is capable of making good, informed, independent decisions about situations and people and I am voting for Obama because, at this time, he has proven to me that he is the best candidate.

I am tired of worrying about what White America will say or do. I'm tired of them being the starting and ending point of conversations about everything, everywhere. I'm tired of them taking the wind out of sails because they aren't ready to change the status quo, why should they be when the status quo EVERYWHERE benefits their asses?
When will they be ready when the status quo EVERYWHERE benefits their asses? Why the hell does it seem we are always being forced to wait for them to catch the hell up and be civilized?

If White Americans are to dumb, racist, misguided, close minded, and afraid to realize what Obama has to offer on his merits, screw them. [And no I'm not saying that if you're White and you don't vote for Obama you're racist. I get that there are lots of White people and Black people who have looked at Obama based primarily on his merits, and aren't voting for him because they don't agree with his policies but you can't have it both ways where you tell me I should or I'm just focusing solely on race in making my decision and then get all offended when I throw that framing back at you) I'm voting for Obama anyway and if he loses, so be it, at least I'll know that I did the best that I could do to help America elect leadership that I honestly felt would do a good job of getting this country out of the shit hole mess that it's in

Anonymous said...

Why are people using South Carolina as a model for all fo this? Does anyone think whites all around the country are a homogenous group-think mass and South Carolina is representative of the other states, especially outside the South?

I'm almost certain the income levels are lower and the education level is lower than the MidWest, West Coast, and definately East Coast (as is typical in the South) which means:

1) South Carolina has more poor backward whites.

2) South Caronlina has a strong history of racialism, racial division, etc.

How does that represent states outside the South?

Christopher said...

It was on a November day in 2005, near the end of Barack Obama’s first year in the Senate, when he was asked to deliver a keynote address at a ceremony commemorating the 80th birthday of Robert F. Kennedy.

The invitation was extended by Ethel Kennedy, who at the time referred to Mr. Obama as "our next president."

"I think he feels it. He feels it just like Bobby did," Mrs. Kennedy said that day, comparing her late husband’s quest for social justice to Barack Obama’s. "He has the passion in his heart. He’s not selling you. It’s just him."

Anonymous said...

Well, Field, we'll see...if you are correct & Billary waltzes into the nomination, then get used to saying "President McCain", because the Billary haters in the general election will come out to vote against her, and youth & most Minorities will stay home, thus ensuring another Repug win in November...

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

In the end, last night, I noticed one major thing:

Hillary lost South Carolina, and for a woman who has publicly said she doesn't need her husband to do her campaigning for her, someone needs to ask her why wasn't she in South Carolina yesterday and why did she leave Bill to give her concession speech last night, while she was on the West Coast?

Last night I heard white women foaming at the mouth, as in saying she's lost their vote because she's showing she can't get it don without the Big Dog, and their dog attacks on Obama just made Obama more appealing to them, than making history by electing Hillary.

America is ready for a woman President or a Black president. In the case of the woman Pres, JUST NOT HILLARY.

Anonymous said...

weboy said:

White people like Obama's message as he'd been selling it because it makes past racial injustice something of a non-issue;

Liking the message is one thing, but will they vote for the messenger?

Anonymous said...

jimbo, seattle slim; thou doth haveth more confidence in deh Buckra than I.

Anonymous said...

@ not your mama:

...the fact that Obama's obviously viable candidacy is possible at all I think speaks volumes about the changing attitudes in the younger generation.

I agree NYM. We could point to many reasons for this change, but none that is more important than the fact that the change is happening.

Jonne Austin said...

Nsangoma fair enough! I don't have 100% confidence in these politicians myself. I'd like to see someone with the convictions of Che or MLK in office one day. Someone who could change the world but maybe I'm too idealistic. LOL

Anonymous said...

@ christopher:

yes, America can and will support a black man for president.

This has been a long time coming, but I think you're right. It doesn't mean that O will win this time, but it does mean that the possiblity is either here now, or is on the way.

-D said...

"Last night I heard white women foaming at the mouth, as in saying she's lost their vote because she's showing she can't get it don without the Big Dog, and their dog attacks on Obama just made Obama more appealing to them, than making history by electing Hillary."

christian progressive liberal, I saw what you saw too.

I think alot of women are thinking now that while they want a woman President, they want one that can win *on her own terms*

Bill's behavior recently says one of two things; either
1) Hillary can't keep control over her own house, or
2) she condones Bill's racializing of Obama and his twisted comments about how Obama is in love with Reagan.

Either way, it's turned alot of women off.

Anonymous said...

@dragon horse:

I'm almost certain the income levels are lower and the education level is lower than the MidWest, West Coast, and definately East Coast (as is typical in the South) which means...

In all honesty, dragon horse, I'm not following you.

Are you saying that only whites in a lower social/economic/educational strata will vote for Obama?

If that's the case, I think that gives him a greater chance of achieving the presidency.

Please clarify.

Manic Impressions said...

Oh yeah.

tusk91 said...

I have been having this very same argument with a friend of mine since the results came back. We both saw the Buchanan commentary when he said it and speaking for myself I don’t agree.

I remain hesitantly hopeful that the old Clinton fatigue is starting to kick in and that is what the results were showing.

I remain hesitantly hopeful that the question of what Bill’s unchecked role in the White House would be, continues to disturb people.

I remain hesitantly hopeful that the point that Hillary trails Obama in almost every head to head match up with Republican’s settles into the typical democrats mind.

I remain hesitantly hopeful that all if not most of those John Edward voters would not go to Hillary, and that John will stay in the contest anyway.

I remain hesitantly hopeful that although race is always an issue in this country it does not necessarily mean that white people will cut off there nose to slight there face.

Although the polls are what they are me and my friend agreed to wait and see what the numbers say as the week goes on into Super Tuesday.

Anonymous said...


You’re correct about the Clintons. They’re playing the usual political games and winning them by distracting us. Here we have a discussion rooted in the historic black voter turnout in the 2008 SC Democratic primary election focused on the “black candidate” ruse. It certainly keeps our minds off of the growing movement underway to change the way current politics dictate how our representatives are elected, and thereby control how our elected officials govern. A change, by the way, that doesn’t coalesce well with how the Clintons operate.

Senator Obama is the leader of the aforementioned movement and he is bringing it with conviction. On January 26, 2008 the majority of black Democratic voters in the SC primary election decided Senator Obama is their choice for the Party’s presidential nomination. In spite of, because of, or didn’t even know there was, a “black candidate” game being played.

It is estimated that black voters in the 2008 SC democratic primary election were 280,000 strong!! I am proud of how they exercised their hard fought for right to vote in this country, whether for the “black candidate” or not. Field Negroes all!

Anonymous said...

seattle slim said...
Nsangoma fair enough! I don't have 100% confidence in these politicians myself. I'd like to see someone with the convictions of Che or MLK in office one day.

Che who??!! Ernesto Che Guevara?

The following quotes are attributed to Che Guevara, does anyone know if he actually said these things:

The Negro is indolent and lazy, and spends his money on frivolities, whereas
the European is forward-looking, organized, and intelligent.
-- Che Guevara, Congo Diary

Mexicans are a band of illiterate Indians.
-- Che Guevara

Ernesto Che Guevara was an Argentinean; Argentina tried to exterminate its Negroes.

Bob said...

The Clintons are damned smart. But they're a true test for Obama, because he has to outsmart them for the nomination, which is the only task that could prepare his campaign team for going up against the Repugs. & I don't put it beyond Hillary & Bill to set up Obama to lose the general election so she can try again in '12.

Hathor said...

You have beaten so many dead horses; enough to create glue for the rest of this century.

Woozie said...

nsangoma: I couldn't find anything on the first quote, and only stuff from MySpace and Stormfront on the second.

Besides, just because Che was an Argentinean doesn't mean he supported their extermination policies. Eli Wiesel is a Hungarian, and he certainly didn't support the Hungarian government's involvement with the Nazis.

Anonymous said...

Hathor, I thought I was your Hero, er, Heru.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the idea that white folks needed Bill Clinton to remind them that they are white. I also don't understand the idea that when and if an overwhelming majority of white folks vote for a candidate that looks like them it is seen as racist and when an overwhelming majority of black folks do the same it is seen as progress.

I like Barack well enough but since he has gone out of his way not to run as the "black candidate" then I feel free to judge him on the merits alone, and I am not yet sure that he comes out on top.

west coast story said...

Field: You need to start a 12-step program for black people who support Billary (or Hillbilly, take your pick) despite the disgustingly racist tone of the Clinton Squared campaign. I just don't know what to say about black people who are gleeful to see attempts to roll over a brother by white people who are trying everything they can to put the brother "in his place." We aren't talking about a huckster like Al Sharpton, we are talking about a black man of significant accomplishment. Reminds me of Malcolm's comment in one of his speeches to a Princeton student waaaay back when, to paraphrase:

Know what white people call a Princeton educated black man? A nigger.

Anonymous said...

found this over at huff post...

I think its worth a read.