Thursday, January 03, 2008

Do they really love the troops?

I honestly don't like to blog about the frat boy anymore because it gets so frustrating just seemingly pissing in the wind all the damn time. I am convinced that the only thing that could enrage A-merry-cans about their fearless leader would be to watch him burn a new born baby to death on the evening news. And even then I bet we would get cries of; "hey, that's just George being George."

But just when I think it can't get any worse, I read the editorial from my hometown paper, "The Inquirer", about the latest slight of hand from the man who inhabits the White House.

So get this: The frat boy actually refuses to sign a defense spending bill because it might bolster a lawsuit filed by U.S. soldiers tortured in the1991 Persian Gulf War. Yes folks, the same George Bush who argued that Saddam needed to be tackled because he tortured his own people, won't sign a bill that would allow our soldiers to sue the very torturer he wailed about. Now that's hubris!

And why is the frat boy taking this position? Because such a lawsuit would "imperil billions of dollars of Iraq assets", that's why. In fact, did you know that after the soldiers who filed the lawsuit were awarded a $959 million judgment, the frat boy's lawyers intervened and argued that the verdict should be thrown out, and they won? Proof positive that our soldier loving flag waving President is a fucking hypocrite; just like the rest of the people in his phony ass party. (cobb, please feel free to comment on this post as well. I know how sensitive you are about your re-thug-lican friends )

We shouldn't be surprised though; according to "Rolling Stone Magazine" they supported the troops in 2007 by:

"1. Requiring that soldiers discharged early because of battlefield injuries repay their enlistment bonuses.

2. Sent the longest serving National Guard unit home after 729 days of combat in Iraq-one day shy of the 730 that the soldiers needed to qualify for education benefits.

3. Omitted 20,000 cases of brain trauma from the official tally of troops injured in Iraq.

4. Denied medical benefits to 22,000 veterans suffering from post traumatic stress by discharging them for having enlisted with 'pre existing personality disorders'"

So there you have it folks. Just a few more reasons (as if you don't have enough) to hate the hypocrites inhabiting A-merry-ca's right brain.


Anonymous said...

Hell no, they don't care about the troops unless they have all their limbs and can fight.

And most people don't stay aware. I did a post on veterans and how Black people need to think of that as a "Black issue" as well. Save the yellow ribbons and the lapel pins.

Think about our families that are separated. Are the Black families getting support while their family member is in war?

Who thinks about the Black men who served this country and are now homeless?

Who thinks about the rapes and assualt of Black women in the military?

I think Black servicemembers and veterans are forgotten by the Black community.

Bob said...

I read somewhere that the bonus repayment was standard policy long before President Monkeybrain. But when you add up the all the ways soldiers get bamboozled, starting with a recruiter encouraging kids to sit in the spotless armored humvee they roll out for street fairs in my city (sign here & you get one of your own), & then think of those Blackwater guys pulling down outrageous salaries, it makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Real Patriots are in the trenches risking their lives daily--and they're being called mercenaries.

Real Patriots are coming home in body bags--and they're having their funerals desecrated by protesters that say, "You're Going To Hell," and "God is Your Enemy".

Real Patriots are coming home with mangled bodies and missing parts--and they're given second-rate medical treatment.

Real Patriots are on the frontline without the best equipment money can buy--and we're wondering why so many of them are being injured, and killed needlessly.

Real Patriots are just that, REAL,
Ready, Eager, Able, Lasting.

And they have earned our respect, and some of the billions of dollars of Iraqi assets -- but I'm afraid that more than 14 billion of it can't be accounted for, thanks to the U.S. government, the CPA, and war profiteers.

If you wish to see an eye-opening video on how the people of Iraq were ripped off,
Go Here

Anonymous said...

Where are the black journalists who should being out these facts? And know it's off the subject, but I finally choked down Ebony magazine's pitiful piece on Whyty, I mean Michael, Jackson and found it so pandering and off the mark I was wondering have there been much reaction to the piece? is it just me or is ebony and jet still stuck in the 50's?

-=Topper=- said...

All this is just fucked up. A day short of getting education benefits?

That is all just terrible. Patriotism and flag waving is something I do not understand in this day and age of the most hypocritical America that I have ever seen.

I really hate what this nation has become.


guerreiranigeriana said...

@ symphony: are so right on...

@ field: this information is pitiful...disgusting...unacceptable...i don't care for war (its an archaic, primitive, outdated and unevolved way of solving problems), but the way soldiers are treated is inhumane and unacceptable...especially since in most ancient/older/simpler societies, warriors (those protecting the society's sovereignty (sp?)) were revered, respected and held in high esteem...somehow, the west got that shit all fucked up...

...its i think more pitiful that american citizens don't do anything to hold the government responsible and make them honor the troops/soldiers who risk their lives...its not enough to be outraged about it...we really need to actually do something to make the government change the way it treats those who sacrifice their lives for the interest of a few...maybe if the government was made to truly compensate soldiers and their families, they'd think twice about engaging in wars...a nice funeral, putting their names on some walls, flying the flag a little lower and running around saying 'i support the troops' isn't really enough for me

...i may have to go dig up a blog i wrote about this on myspace...happy new year!!!!...missed reading you while in naija...

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Field, since I now live in DC, I passed by Walter Reed Hospital, and it is as much of a cesspool as Jack Murtha and other Congress Critters said it was.

A Republican Congress Critter's wife had to actually go and raise hell when she went to visit and found soldiers laying in their own piss, vomit, excrement, for days at a time.

The Frat Boy's intervention also guarantees that any profits the Bush family made from their earlier partnership with Saddam Hussein would not be disclosed, because in court, full disclosure of Saddam's assets would be required and forced. One look at those records would probably find Saddam collecting a check from the American Government, just like his pal, Manuel Noreiga.

Cobb, if you read this, the only thing I would ask you to do is justify Black People even considering joining the Republican Party, since this type of management in the name of Patriotism is bat shyt crazy, and serves no real purpose in uplifting anyone, especially if they are African-American.

If you can do this without engaging in name-calling....?

Princess Wanderlust said...

Yes, and we can also add the horrific and substandard conditions that were uncovered at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Sad commentary.

Anonymous said...

Adding to before the mayflower's post...

Real Patriots are also the families that sacrifice so much in order to care for their injured soliders once they return home.

These people have to wade through a sea of red tape, and raise hell in order to get their loved ones the proper care.

They have to, in many cases, give up their jobs, or their retirement in order to care for their loved ones.

Foofa said...

This information is some of the saddest I have heard in a while but I am not at all shocked. This president has always been about saying what sounds good and doing what will net people who don't need it the most profit. Somehow there are people out there who can still support him.

Lionel Todd III said...

Real Patriots are just that, REAL,
Ready, Eager, Able, Lasting.

LOL, womp womp. I do like your article though, but that could've been left out. Took it back to 2nd grade with that one.

field negro said...

before the with you about "real patriots".And someone mentioned the families,let's not forget them.

Christ.prog.I doubt if we will hear from our friend,I think they are all hoping the frat boy would just go away.

Unknown said...

"2. Sent the longest serving National Guard unit home after 729 days of combat in Iraq-one day shy of the 730 that the soldiers needed to qualify for education benefits."

I'm in the USMCR so I want to elaborate on this one.

In the reserves you only get Reserve GI Bill benefits while you're contracted. (6 years active reserve x 2 years inactive reserve)- Meaning you can't use them when you're done.

The benefits are chump change but they increase after a deployment of more than 180 days, and go even higher after a full year, with a plan called Reserve Education Assistance Plan (REAP).

They did this same thing to the guys from my unit that were dumb enough to stay for a year of active duty. They cut them short 3 days of a year. These guys begged and begged and even offered to stay for free, but they basically said fuck off Marines, go home.

This situation with the National Guard becomes even more heinous when you know that after two consecutive years of active duty you are eligible for the active duty Montgomery GI Bill. Which pays you about $1300 a month compared to the max $650 you get for REAP. And continues past your contract unlike REAP and the Reserve GI Bill.

Love the troops? They love the photo-ops and the votes many young service men who don't know a thing give them...

But most of all, they love the treasure we obtain for them.

C-dell said...

he is a hipocrit and only worries about what gets him ahead, he doesn't care about the troops he uses this war and the troop and good old fashioned american values crap to manipulate people into doing what he wants. I am ashamed to say he is my president

Simple Yet Complex said...
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Christopher Chambers said...

Field, this is the type of stuff that Pelosi et al should have been harping on. She and the Dems in Congress are a bunch of self-serving pussies so it's all going to have fall on barack's shoulders. is he up to it--growing some nuts and some spikes? Doubtful, but Hillary sure won't rock the boat, and Edwards is likewise incapable of this. The other would be that GOP clown Ron Paul...then again, as nutty as he is, he seems to communicate the fantasy of this war better than anyone.

Anonymous said...

Corrected me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it chimpies dad the refered to soldiers as OFU's? OFU meaning One Fodder Unit.

Anyways, having just returned from celebrating the holidays in Seattle one thing really struck me while there. There is almost no coverage of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Nobody was talking about it at parties or family get togethers, the only sign that a war was going on was ocne you were on the freeway with vehicles sporting "I Support the Troops" stickers. One has to wonder if anyone even cares about the shit going half way around the world anymore?


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

01 04 08

Hey FN:
I hate harping on the President as far as ad hominems are concerned, but Damnet to hell, his POLICIES MUST BE CRITISIZED!!!! You have done a good job outlining why he has done the soldiers wrong. POINT BLANK! It is utterly hypocritical for him to rally the American people behind supporting our troops when his administration has done nothing to do that. We have been abusing our soldiers since Vietnam, but this really takes the cake! I am so upset that these poor folk are suffering when they felt a moral imperative to fight for our country. They come back and get NOTHING in return for their hard work and sacrifice. Screw these jerkwads who make policy for the GWB administration! I am totally fed up! GRRRRR! I am so happy my brother was discharged from the Air Force BEFORE we went to Iraq this last time, God was with him!

field negro said...

john, thanks so much for that insight, and thank you for your service.
"I think Black servicemembers and veterans are forgotten by the Black community."


Happy New Year to you too guerrei...

c-dell how have you been? How are things in the Northern end of "the boot"?

C-dell said...

I have been really busy, I am an officer in three organizations, plus work, and I am just waiting for some of my time to free up so I can begin blogging again. Better Busy than bored.

field negro said...

I hear you. Keep doing what you do by putting in the work. You might have some Jamaican in you :)

Anonymous said...

Jamel Toms said...
"Real Patriots are just that, REAL,
Ready, Eager, Able, Lasting.

"LOL, womp womp. I do like your article though, but that could've been left out. Took it back to 2nd grade with that one."

Thanks, Jamel, but I wasn't just referencing soldiers.

Patriots are those who're...

Ready to step up and insist this country lives up to it's commitment to freedom and those who sacrifice to protect and preserve it.

Eager to be counted as a member of this nation, whether it's to give their elected officials a swift-kick in their backsides when they screw up, or seek personal goals to the exclusion of national ones, and ignore goals that actually serve the people and not special interest.

Able to open their mouths and their wallets to support those things in which they believe, as well as those in whom they believe. Too often we leave this patriotic duty to others.

Lasting when called upon to keep the faith, not to quit when the going gets tough: if you have a cause in which you believe, one which betters the country and strengthens the bond that holds us together, and makes us one, hold fast, don't shrivel at the first sign of opposition.

In short, a patriot should be a REAL patriot, not just a make-believe one.

Hathor said...

It is good for someone in the military, like John, to elaborate.

I don't know why the veterans had chosen Bush, when during Viet Nam, those that joined the Guard were not looked upon too favorably. I say this because I was in the military at that time and heard soldiers talk. The reserves and the Guard were rarely used in to fight at that point time, in the 60's.

I am a little tired of patriotism being determined by whether one says "I support our troupes." It is such a meaningless statement. I wish veterans would be more truthful about all the "catch 22" situations in the military. It wouldn't diminish their reasons for being a part of the military, but it would give the civilian population the chance to know what is happening and possibly get involved when those benefits are trashed in those large defense bills.

Anonymous said...

Hator said:

"I am a little tired of patriotism being determined by whether one says "I support our troupes." It is such a meaningless statement."

You're right--a patriot acts, not sit on his/her duff, complain, and speak platitudes about patriotism.

Words, as you know, are useless, if not followed up with well-applied action.

You also said:

"I wish veterans would be more truthful about all the "catch 22" situations in the military."

And there are many of them. Could fear be one factor holding them back? If so, I would like to see them use a public forum such as this one, and others, to make their grievances know.

Even talk radio could serve as one of those vehicles to promulgate what they may be reticent to say publicly for fear of reprisals.

Jonne Austin said...

This makes me SOOOOO damned ill!!! I am sick to my stomach. As a know what? Words can't express. Let me get the hell on.

Jonne Austin said...

Field I hope you don't mind I copied and pasted this for my blog, and gave you credit.

field negro said...

seattle slim, you are always free to use whatever from this blog. We are, after all, fam.

Thank you for your service as well.

Dark Daughta said...

I don't mean to blame the soldiers for being treated as dispensable pawns, but why are people still enlisting to fight in the village idiot's oil war in droves?


"A-merry-cans about their fearless leader would be to watch him burn a new born baby to death on the evening news. "

Trust me, at this point from what I see of amerikkkan news, if CNN and Fox reported that they baby was a terrorist and was behaving in a threatening manner and that the village idiot suspected it of having weapons of mass destruction hidden in its diaper bag, they could easily make a case for the complete and utter annihilation of the little long as they made sure to follow that segment with copious anti-depressant telephone shopping commercials...sometimes viewers just need to take the edge off, don't'cha know...