Friday, January 18, 2008

"The last angry black man"

A friend of mine was introducing me to someone today, and for some reason he felt the need to tell her that I blog. "He has a blog called field Negro. I think he is the last angry black man left in America." Ha ha ha ha, laughs all around.

Of course dude was right. At times it seems that there are no angry black men left in A-merry-ca. I think the angry black man has been ashamed into accepting his fate, and his place in the A-merry-can scheme of things. But there is nothing to be ashamed of. Not when your anger is driven by disappointment and not resentment. You see it's like this: most people think that the angry black man, like yours truly, is angry because he is somehow feeling left out and is disappointed with his station in life. While this might be true with some angry black men, it isn't the case here. (Although to be honest, I couldn't really blame any black man for being angry and pissed off for the state of his condition. The shit that some of us -and yes I say us because whatever that black man goes through effects me as well-go through, I wouldn't wish on my worst white enemy). I am quite happy with pretty much all aspects of my life, both socially and professionally, but I am still angry.

Seeing untapped potential and squandered opportunities makes me angry. You can't live in a city like Philadelphia and see all the urban decay and hopelessness in the greatest country on earth and not be angry. You can't look into the face of some of the beautiful children here, knowing that they have no shot in life, and not be angry. You can't see all the money at our government's disposal being wasted on bullshit, while people are struggling to make ends meet and not get angry. All that shit makes me angry and will continue to until the people with real power in this country act like they give a damn.

Of course there used to be lots of angry black men in A-merry-ca. The Black Panthers were angry. Hell they had to be, their survival depended on it. Some of our politicians from back in the day (Shirley Chisholm comes to mind) who really cared about our condition as a people were angry. There are no angry labor organizers like Cesar Chavez anymore. No angry social activist even. Why? Because A-merry-ca has moved forward, we have gotten past the little problems of race, and class, and poverty(did you hear Tim Russert). And everyone has a chance of achieving the American dream now...yeah right! Jim Brown was an angry athlete, that's why he ran like that; he ran with anger. Malcolm X was angry. He was angry at A-merry-ca, his own people, and even at his mentor.
Boy it sure would be nice to have some high profile angry black men in A-merry-ca. But we know how that is, it will never happen now. Money and independent wealth does wonders for that ailment known as the angry black man's decease. Now, instead of real anger, we have been given Barack, and Tiger as our modern day black icons. And they ain't angry. In fact, Barack is trying to unify A-merry-ca, and Tiger is trying to pretend he is not black. People making lynching jokes about Tiger won't make him angry, and instead of getting angry at the political process in A-merry-ca, Barack praises the fake ass cowboy from California.

People like Mrs. Field are always getting on me about my anger. I am called an ABM (her abbreviation for Angry Black Man) damn near every day I am maneuvering through Philly traffic. She wonders where it comes from. If she only had half of the things I did growing up, most people black and white could only wish they had it so good. Well....I hate to break it to Mrs. Field, but as I said before, this anger isn't about envy or victimology, it's about disappointment. And when your anger is fueled by things other than your physical condition or your station in life, what you have or don't have as an individual is irrelevant. It's about the collective, and what is being done to the people in the world that looks like you. It's about our apathy to it while we party and play our lives away. It's about turning our backs on an entire generation of our children, and not having the discipline to raise our families in the proper way. Yep, all this shit makes me angry, and if I ever stop being angry, I won't even know myself.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you need to get with the program and wake up. how in the hell can u even begin to compare barack to tiger woods? what has tiger woods ever done for anybody other than himself? do you even know anything about barack obama, other than a lame comment he made during an interview? i suppose you've never said something that you later regretted? look, this man is running for president of the united states, not president of the black student alliance! he has to appeal to a broad range of constituents or his candidacy would go the way of dennis kucinich, jesse jackson, al sharpton, et cetera. when was the last time a black candidate stood a real chance at becoming president that YOU know of? if he came out saying every single thing that he was angry about right off the bat, where would he be? yeah, nowhere. anger without power to DO SOMETHING about it is meaningless. grow up.

Anonymous said...

some people don't have a clue. your point about being an abm is well taken (as apparently i'm still an ablm). the only difference between me in college and me now is that my words are more refined, but they still pack a bunch. kinda like liquor. the older it gets, the more potent, and that's important to recognize. there aren't any more angry black men on tv because they think (and many people in our community think) that abms are the ones toting guns and pimpin' hoes in dumb movies, music vids, and alcoholic advertisements. but again, what is an ablm to do FN? tell me we got some solutions ... not to our anger but to build MORE angry ones ...

ZACK said...

Naw, u aint the last one......
follow the dramatic pause to my blog Chicago Zack ( to find out

Anonymous said...

We don't have to wait for the people with "real power" to act like they give a damn. They will never give a damn. What we need to realize is that we are the ones with the power to improve our communities and waiting on the government to play daddy with our children is sure as hell not going to get the job done. We need to get up off of our Black asses and set our own communities straight and screw the people who you seem to think have "real power."

kid said...

I thought of a concept that is too deep. People who are sentence for crimes should have the option of going to prison for a while, or taking manitory college classes. College is cheaper than prison. Were not trying to reward them but,stop this stuff. If everybody try to do this for real we could uplift not only our nation, but the world.

Anonymous said...

Day-Um Field, what is up wid yo' boi? 666, Ronald Wilson Reagan, was a straight-up racist and neo-colonialist.
He, Reagan, told American that it was o.k. to be white and racist again.

Lyndon Johnson had the experience and the connections to get his agenda through congress. (No disparagement meant therein to Dr. Martin King).

Does Barack Obama have an agenda; if so, does he have the experience and the connections to get that agenda through congress?

More importantly, does Barack Obama have punk-gott-damn common matrilineal-fornicating sense?

Praising Reagan indeed:

I'll have to admit that I have not at this time viewed the entire interview; at 49 minutes of length, I'd rather read the transcript of the interview. Hopefully, somewhere within this interview, Obama says that the Reagan transformation of America, was not a good transformation.


Anonymous said...

Brother Field, You are truly on time. Your observation of "one day in Ameikka" about ABM was on time. I agree with one of the responders. The description I see as an ABM is a Black male that have succeeded in AmeriKKa and still feels so disappointed in our race. I have lived the "American Dream" and still feel so low when I look at My kind. Thank you Bro for holding and having the bar high. I am too angry to present on my Blog site. Dont want to hear that feedback. Like many others I have a (little phd) living in Amer. Thank you also for your writing... my daily theraphy. StillaPanther

Anonymous said...

Still A Black Panther here. Bro. Field keep doing what you are doing. That ABM syndrom will cause more than anger outburst,, The physical toil it takes on our bodies will shorten our lives. I had the good fortune to have lived with my Black Queen for 35 years- so I can vision how your "Queen" be trying to let the air out of you, Now my "tirades" are much shorter but the pain of disappointment persists. At least now this angry Black male have retired from "going up to the Big House" every day. Thank you again for the perspective that you accorded the Black Panthers. There is still a few left.

Jonne Austin said...

"this anger isn't about envy or victimology, it's about disappointment"-FN

When I first started my happy nappy head blog, and would promote it on my personal page or what have you, or just do a quick summary on that personal page, people black and white would email me and ask "are you okay? Why are you so mad? Is it the baby?" Assuming that i was mad as hell because I was pregnant or just bitching just to bitch. Excuse my language.

It's not about WHINING or being a victim because I don't see myself as one. But as a veteran, having been let down from the day I got out of the military by the same government that promised to take care of me and mine for OUR sacrifice, I was very disappointed and pissed off even MORE that the American Public was dumb enough to be pimped like whores by their biggest "daddy": BUSH.

I've always said that if you don't like something, GET MAD and do something about it. Use that anger for action. It's energy isn't it? Use it for good.

Field, have you seen 1976's "Network" with Faye Dunaway? The movie where they scream out "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

If you haven't, I highly recommend it. It's a timeless movie. You will definitely empathize with the main character. I know I did.

Francis Holland said...

Yeah, Field, when your anger isn't about what you DON'T have personally but it's about what Blacks as a group have not been able to attain, then you can't be bought off with a fancy car and a fancy address.

Some angry Blacks are just getting the hell out of the United States. Randall Robinson moved to St. Kitts and I've moved to Brazil. (I'm too afraid of and angry at US police to live in the US anymore. They always seem to be waiting and angling for an opportunity to shoot us in the back.)

You said,

"It's about the collective, and what is being done to the people in the world that look like you. It's about our apathy to it while we party and play our lives away."

I want to share a link with you about otherwise intelligent and aware brothers nonetheless coming to Brazil to purchase sex from women who lack other economic alternatives:

[Paid] Sex, Brazil and the Brothers

the poet Shazza said...

Just to let you know, I AM AN ANGRY BLACK MAN. my anger worked and focused so I can see some results.

I enjoyed the Blog entry, keep the FAITH and let those BUSTERS collect mental dust. Critical Mass is all you need. Not everyone participated in the Civil Rights Movement, some sat on the couch talking $&*#.

Anonymous said...

Black men are angry...and Black women are sick and tired. And we are all disappointed and disallusioned. Funny how that works out. Have you ever tried loving an ABM? Can Mrs. Field blog an entry and explain to me how I'm supposed to deal with ABMs, and Crying Miss Annes, and Reaganites, and crime, and bad ass kids, and a looming recession, and gas prices, and still keep my head up? Sometimes, I see a picture of Barack holding Michelle and I go put on Roberta Flack's Blue Light in the Basement and dream*t, I don't know, I just dream. Sorry this post didn't have any political relevance. It bees that way sometimes. Love yr blog

Anonymous said...

kid, the schooling idea for prisoners is a good one, but many of the people who end up in prison need to start back at grade school and high school level. Many of the men and women who become criminals dropped out of school early on. Some dropped out because of disfunctional family circumstances, others dropped out because they wanted to hang in the streets, and some actually have learning disabilities or mental issues that went undiagnosed. I wish there were some type of process where people who commited crimes could be screened. There are those who need help and should get help. There are the ones who want to change and should be helped to change. And there are those who cause trouble and will always be trouble. It's that last group that really need to remain behind bars.

Unknown said...

kellybelle - AMEN! I posted a picture of Barack and Michelle for just that reason.

Field - You aren't the last one. My Papa is one and he raised four angry daughters. I co sign with shazza, we just need critical mass, so keep working. When it gets really bad remember that you aren't alone...or scream...whatever helps.

Anonymous said...

Angry Black Man, for real. Its what we do with that anger, how we focus it. My focus is now on us, we Black people. We have the power to repair ourselves, yet like sheeple, many of us respond only to the bling bling and empty talk of the day. We are preaching to the choir here. The issue for me is how to get people outside of the circle that we function in to take a peak into this world and ask questions at a minimum. Why are our people so lulled to sleep about real issues and concerns? Many think if they had more money that would lessen their problems, but if we can't change their minds they will still be stuck in the same problems they think more money would rescue them from! I tend to lean a bit more towards fear than anger, because the more we work to enlighten people on this level the more the mainstream medium of Te-lie-vision hypnotizes the masses!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, count me in as an ABM.

I'm angry because any change, any program, anything whatsoever that will benefit black people will be summarily rejected by the conservative (white supremacist) establishment.

And poor white men will go right along with that even though it works against their own best interests because they never want to see their "hard earned tax dollars going to benefit lazy shiftless people who won't get off their welfare sucking asses and work."

I'm angry because goddammit, I can't really be angry; every day I'm surrounded by conservative white men and my living (and I ain't talkin' opulence, here) depends on not offending their fucking ofay asses.

I'm angry because survival as a middle class black man depends on being seen as "acceptably black."

I'm angry because Barack Obama cannot be angry; or white people will turn on him in droves (not to say that they won't any way-- they're predisposed to believe the worst about black people. It's like they have some kind of "racial memory" of Nat Turner's Revolt-- if we're angry, it means we want to slit their throats in their sleep, the stupid fuckers.) Could anyone have not noticed the difference in the treatment that Barry Bonds has gotten versus Roger Clemens? And to hear the BS explanations for the disparity-- "Bonds is always so angry..."

I'm angry because I/we have to educate our children on how to survive the goddamn police.

(Pull over immediately. Turn on the dome light. Roll down all the windows. Be sure that everyone in the car has his/her hands IN PLAIN SIGHT. Be polite. Say "sir." NEVER RESIST. Your job is to stay alive. ALWAYS ASSUME HE WILL KILL YOU WITHOUT HESITATION.)

Bet your ass I'm angry.

randino said...

Keep up the good work, field negro. I have been a fan since I was turned on to you, by another blogger at - of all things - a web site for paddlers. I am, by the way, a white guy living in Cleveland who sees a lot of what you talk about. I fancy myself a writer as well, and appreciate your blow the doors off the house style. Keep up the good work. Just had to send you my regards.


field negro said...

"nowhere. anger without power to DO SOMETHING about it is meaningless. grow up."

I am trying, will you be willing come to Philly and help me?

jose,that's the thing my brother, we all have to grow up sometimes, and see the shit that's going on. I guess we all wish we could be kids forever.

zackattack, I will check you out fam., I am sure you are holding down on your blog. Thanks for the link.

Seattle slim,thanks again for your service, and keep holding down sis.

"sheeple" damn I love that word! I get a new one every day from you mofos. I need a dictionary for this shit. ensyn, I hope you officially claimed that bad boy :)

kellybelle, honestly, I don't know how Mrs. Field does it. She is incredibly supportive and she puts up with my bullshit on a daily basis. Kids haven't come into the mix yet, so I think she can turn her focus to other things such as her career when I truly get on her nerves. But you might be on to something. Maybe I should ask her to post something so that we can see how she really feels. Hell, I might be surprised at some of the things she writes.

"Pull over immediately. Turn on the dome light. Roll down all the windows. Be sure that everyone in the car has his/her hands IN PLAIN SIGHT. Be polite. Say "sir." NEVER RESIST. Your job is to stay alive. ALWAYS ASSUME HE WILL KILL YOU WITHOUT HESITATION.)"

ivan, I am going to print this and give it to every one of my clients for future reference :)

shazza, what scares me is the fact that these "busters" think that the "mental dust" that they are collecting, is actually something we can use.

field negro said...

Thanks randino, please keep coming back. I always have shit to say, and so do the people who comment here. I actually learn more from them than any news medium out there.

francis, a few years ago I would have been nagging you to come and visit you for all the wrong reasons:) Fortunately, with age comes wisdom. But keep holding down my brotha, I love your work. And thanks for the shout out in your interview.

Hathor said...

It is unfortunate, but to counter the conditions there will have to be another charismatic leader. One who can penetrate the vast media driven pop culture and the technology driven stimulation that our young people are accustomed to. Ensayn is right.

I tend to lean a bit more towards fear than anger, because the more we work to enlighten people on this level the more the mainstream medium of Te-lie-vision hypnotizes the masses!

Another impossible solution is that when there is total anarchy and the threat of martial law is imminent in our neighborhoods; that some would see the real enemy and turn that inward self destruction and apathy to outward anger and reconstruction.

Anonymous said...

and i was beginning to think i was alone. i agree with you that money seems to take away any bit of anger that black men and women have at the present social and economic conditions in black america. it seems to make them deny racism like tiger and barack or blame all poor people like bill cosby.i do have hope that we will return due to the worsening economic conditions of america. maybe the next go round we won't allow people to be bought out.

Christopher said...

I'm angry because Barack Obama cannot be angry; or white people will turn on him in droves...


Barack is juggling a lot of race-driven bullshit and as you say, not appearing angry is definitely one of them.

Look at how he's forced to handle the Borg Queen with kidgloves or he risks appearing as the a "black man threatening a white woman," thing.

The Borg Queen is one smart cookie and she exploits this to her advantage. She's always needling Barack because she knows she can get away with it.

C-dell said...

I was just thinking about this. I watched a movie about the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Black people cared about their lot in life. They wanted things to be better than what they were, and they took a stand. I don't think that something like that could happen today, black people have become complacent with their lot in life. I know so many people who are okay with the ghettos that they grew up in. These people do nothing all. They get a dead end job just to get by. Because all they want to do is hang out in the streets. The apathy in the black community is sad. I just don't understand. Why don't they care. So many people hated High school because they wanted to just hang out all day. I don't know why. They didn't & don't want anything more.

What was Obama thinking with that Reagan comment. I do not think that he was a good president. He hurt this country more than he helped.

Anonymous said...

"Seeing untapped potential and squandered opportunities makes me angry. You can't live in a city like Philadelphia and see all the urban decay and hopelessness in the greatest country on earth and not be angry. You can't look into the face of some of the beautiful children here, knowing that they have no shot in life, and not be angry. You can't see all the money at our government's disposal being wasted on bullshit, while people are struggling to make ends meet and not get angry. All that shit makes me angry and will continue to until the people with real power in this country act like they give a damn."

This is what makes me an angry black woman. Yes it would be nice just to have a Black Leader that will really focus on our future. Money does make a person forget cause they no longer have to struggle. I get sick to my stomach on a daily knowing I am working hard that the next person and what. I am still in the hole.

Get blog and I am glad I found ya..

Blinders Off said...

"this anger isn't about envy or victimology, it's about disappointment"-FN

Definitely understand your point! and Kellybelle summed it up how the ABF feel.

Black men are angry...and Black women are sick and tired. And we are all disappointed and disallusioned.

Keep doing what you do Field.

Dirty Red said...

I have not commented in a while, but I still tune in every day. I am also an ABM. I don't see how a black man can be here in the good 'ole u s of a and not be one. I guess it has gotten a little too comfy sitting in front of the master's fire for some of us. But anyway keep telling it like it is and I will keep reading. I get more news here than the "conventual" news outlets also. You are the truth man!!!

Christopher said...

People are stupid. They don't stop to think about the information they're getting in an election cycle.

Especially, when the information is coming from the King and Queen of Sleaze, Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The Obama campaign has released a recording (mp3) it says came from a Nevadan’s answering machine of an anonymous robocall that criticizes Obama for taking money from special interests while repeating, four times, his rarely used middle name: “Hussein.”

“I’m calling with some important information about Barack Hussein Obama,” the call begins, before saying that “Barack Hussein Obama says he doesn’t take money from Washington lobbyists or special interest groups but the record is clear that he does.”

After mentioning his full name once more, the call concludes:

“You just can’t take a chance on Barack Hussein Obama.”

Hillary Clinton: she’s filthy enough to make Karl Rove smile.

Anonymous said...

Damn Field,
I feel you bro. I thought I was the last angry black man too. Until I found your blog and a comrade who understand that the struggle means more than some damn Starbucks coffeed and a sweet smile from Ms. Ann or Mr. Charlie. Hell to tell the truth I have been angry most of my adult life when thinking about the condition of black people not only here in America but in the African Diaspora as well. Hell some people look at me crazy, but I am not standing here just because. I am here because somebody paid some debts and I owe those slaves and sharecroppers, Fannie Lou Hamer, Paul Robeson, Martin Delany, Mary Church Terrell, Mary McCleod Bethune, James Baldwin. Hell it was Baldwin who once said "to be black in this country and be conscious is to be angry all the time" he told the damn truth.
Oh yeah Field, Obama has got to explain this bs praising of Ronald Reagan. That ish don't fly with me and I could give a damn what folks think, but he gonna have some explainin to do.
Oh yeah Field stay angry it helps you think clearer and stay focused.

Anonymous said...

I was just going to post the Christopher. The Clintons ain't %$#@!
I just went from sick and tired to mad as hell. Where's my diary?! I'm one mad Black woman!

Christopher said...

I'm one mad Black woman!

Me too, Kellybelle!

Anonymous said...

My Brother Field,
You're not only the ABM. Hold on to that anger; making sure you channel that "righteous rage".

When some tries to use that label on me, I simply say, "I'm not angry... I'm f*cking furious! I'm absolutely beside myself!"

Then I ask them to go look up the word "militant" in the dictionary...

kNOw Justice
kNOw Peace


rikyrah said...


I worry about you ABM's. I worry that you let it upset your physically. I have a Sistafriend that is an ABW, but she says that letting it out, and never letting anything slide is her way of keeping her pressure down. I just don't want you to internalize it and let your health pay a penalty for it. So, if being the ABM keeps you healthy and on course, then keep on keeping on.

Jonne Austin said...

Well I went from angry to LIVID in 10 seconds after seeing that Hillary won Nevada. The usual suspects came out to vote for her.

Christopher Chambers said...

First--the Mexicans went for Hillary, 3 to 1. They know the deal. Second, time for Barack to have a sit down with John Edwards (as maybe Rudy G needs to play kingmaker; that would feed his ego more than being Prez).

Third--Field, the key to life is knowing the difference between angry and stupid.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that a prominent golf magazine (whose name just escaped me) featured a a picture of a noose on its cover (in response to the Tiger/noose comment of recent)? The magazine was pulled from distribution because the outcry was so volatile. This news was on the Internet (on Jan. 18, 2008). The guy who was responsible for the cover (managing editor?) was fired/reassigned) because of the fervor. Can you do a bit of clicking around and then post a picture of the magazine on your site? The mag cover is quite unbelievable. Thanks

rikyrah said...

Now, the chick who said the comment was only suspended, while the guy who put the noose on the cover to discuss is was fired....hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

"Hey, you know something people?
I'm not black
But there's a whole lots a times
I wish I could say I'm not white"

Frank Zappa wrote that about forty years ago and it's as true today as it was then.

Jonne Austin said...

Only way I am voting democratic in this race if SHE continues to move forward is if Edwards/Obama get on a ticket together and they beat her. IF she wins the democratic ticket, McKinney will get my vote. I like the green party except for the legalization of marijuana.

Invisible Woman said...

Well said FN.

When I'm not blogging, I'm not Invisible Woman (tho in a way I am) I am Angry Black Woman--the exact equivelent to my male counterpart, Angry Black Man.

And I grew up with "priviledge"'s so not about the crumbs we get/had.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people on board with you, Seattle Slim. Edwards/Obama gets broad support, but Hillary Clinton the Dems' ticket? Just the Democrats returning to their most racist roots following the Civil War. Nobody on my block, and I mean nobody, would vote for a Democratic ticket that had Hillary Clinton on it.

Now there are reports that the KKKlinton campaign (sorry, just couldn't resist adopting this very appropriate label) took part in blatant voter suppression in Nevada-- closing down the caucuses early, pushing caucus-goers away, "running out" of registration forms.

You know, the people who've been talking about civil unrest if Hillary is nominated, I didn't think much of it at first, but this is what happens when the democratic process is subverted and people's right to vote is so arrogantly tampered with.

And that's what the KKKlintons have been doing-- directly interfering with people's right to vote, blatant disenfranchisement.

Yet more proof that even when the African-American people do everything right to finally reach the halls of power, and participate fully in the process--

well, we're still screwed over by corrupt Whites in the system, in this case the KKKlintons.

Never, ever vote for a Clinton, ever-- you'd only be validating the KKKlintons race-baiting and voter suppression tactics.

Anonymous said...

BTW people, take heart--

Barack Obama actually won Nevada, he took more delegates in Nevada than Hillary Clinton did. This seems to have been a part of the strategy, with major campaign pushes out in the rural districts which yielded more delegates. The caucuses and primaries are a race for delegates, that's all, and Barack came out on top not just in Nevada, but nationally as well.

Thus even with their voter suppression attempts, the KKKlintons failed in Nevada. Time to destroy the Clintons for good in the states after this. Turn out and vote, vote, vote as you've never voted before. Make the Clintons feel pain!

Christopher said...

Barack Obama actually won Nevada, he took more delegates in Nevada than Hillary Clinton did.

Right on Sagamore!

Barack leaves Nevada with 13 delegates and the Borg Queen leaves with only 12.

Nevada was a victory for Obama!

Blinders Off said...

Seattle Slim,

Are you against legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. If yes, Why?

Anonymous said...

What is instructive about Nevada is the fact that Hispanics voted overwhelmingly for Hillary against Obama. I do believe that is largely racial.

White racist will play blacks and Hispanics against each other, knowing that Hispanics are obsessed with whiteness as they come from nations that are focused on color caste system where everyone is trying to squeeze out that small percent of Iberian "marrying good (i.e. whiter). This is also why most Hispanics in America consider themselves WHITE.

Light skin Hispanics will be accepted as whites and darker ones will be marginalized...Hispanics won't complain about this because this is just like Latin America, this is their culture...look at Spanish TV, look how Amerinidians and blacks are treated in Latin America compared to whites and light skinned Mestizos/Mulattos in this nations.

The writing is on the wall, black folks are on notice. Black people in he ghettos have about 15 years to get their crap together before their rode gets 100% harder than it is today because all the kids of these illegal immigrants will be of voting age and they don't have the same interest we do...believe that and they tend to have more negative feelings about us than many blacks (when I say this I'm talking more of Continental Hispanics like Mexicans, and Central Americans and not as much Carribean Hispanics who are a minority in the Hispanic community).

Oh yeah...once Hispanic registered voters surpass black (right now they are 8% and blacks are 12% of the electorate) forget having a black president.

In fact they didn't even support Richardson. they will always vote for the whitiest person they can find willing to pat them on the head just like they do in Latin America.

No more negros winning primaries in any state with a large Hispanic population (which tend to be the states with the most electoral votes).

Hispanics in L.A. trust blacks less than anyone else. Most of these Hispanics are Mexican...most of the Hispanics immigrating here legally and illegally are also Mexican.


Any black liberal who thinks that any "dark person" who gets here by hook or by crook is good for black folks is a damn fool. Hispanics, despite being poorer than blacks and less educated do not side with us. We sided with them in L.A. but when it is obvious they consider themselves white and side with whites (at least the continental ones who are the majority).

Wake up. Illegal aliens are bad for a black man's health. Hell more white folks voted for Obama in every state than Hispanics did by percentage in Nevada.

Jonne Austin said...

Blinders off,

Not for medicinal purposes. But it the diagnosis/condition must be compelling. Like I do believe in it for cancer patients or what have you. But to legalize it as in Amsterdam is not something I agree with.

Anonymous said...

I hear you dragon horse, but then I listen well.

There are some who read this blog and posts here, who're going to think that your tale is one of bigotry and insensitivity, rather than a cautionary one.

Hispanics have posted to this blog singing "We shall overcome". I don't know their true intentions, but until they show me that they're truly with us, I'm holding back my support.

Thanks to black voters, and support from community leaders such as Magic Johnson and others, Antonio Villaraigosa was elected Los Angeles first Hispanic Mayor since 1872.

For those of you living outside of the Southwest, black/brown issues are real, creating tension and violence both in the suburbs and the inner cities of those states.

Hispanics have always found acceptance in this society, and were, for the most part, treated as whites when we were still languishing educationally and economically within all-black schools and communities, which were "separate but never equal."

I don't remember them coming to our aid during those oppressive years.

This country is slowly but inextricably turning Hispanic. In less that 50 years they'll be the majority or damn close to it.

And yes, thanks to the now dashed efforts of the likes of McCain and Kennedy and Bush.

This trio have felt the pressure of lobbyists that're pushing to make a few million Irish legal citizens, although some sources place the number under a million.

I ask, despite the history of Hispanics in this country, why must they be the ones to inherit this country.

One of those reasons is that whites would rather see them with it, than non-whites. (For the most part, they see Hispanics (primarily Mexicans) closer to them racially than blacks.

Aren't there other groups in this multiracial, multicultural world, that are eager to come to our shores?

If I'm right (and I hope I'm wrong), Hispanics (after using us to gain more political and social power in this country) will turn on us, and the American dream will be nothing but a nightmare for us.

I know this sounds cynical. But I speak from what I've observed, not speculation.

Illegal immigration will undermine the gains that blacks have made as Hispanics and blacks compete for a piece of the shrinking American pie.

This is certain to increase tensions between black and brown, not decrease it.

I hope I'm wrong.

Lionel Todd III said...

I stand agreed. I am angry alongside, with every right.

I am espescially angry, that in my "African American Leadership for Change" no one is angry.

I'm tired of talking about, socialism, coalescense, the past.

I want to talk about how my cousin in DC told me she wanted to live in Virginia, because it would be nice to "not having to worry about dying."

SagaciousHillbilly said...

You can't live in a place like West Virginai and see all the rural decay and hopelessness in the greatest country on earth and not be angry. You can't look into the face of some of the beautiful children here, knowing that they have no shot in life, and not be angry. You can't see all the money at our government's disposal being wasted on bullshit, while people are struggling to make ends meet and not get angry. All that shit makes me angry and will continue to until the people with real power in this country act like they give a damn.

I used to be really, really fucking angry. The older I get, the less angry I am and the more disgusted I become. Anger hurts me. Disgust motivates me.

Most people, black or white, just don't give a shit.

Anonymous said...

You have to read this book I picked up on Amazon titled "The Angry Black Man's Guide to Success" I think it will really open your eyes to the causes of this anger and then outline ways to turn the anger to motivation, drive and success. The author also tells you ways to really make a differerce. This bok is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Blacks should use barack momentum and file classaction suits, for offering their 14th amendment birthright to all immigrants and the whole south America. stop running, and start unifying. If these dumb as fucking black males was not so busy trying to fuck white women all the time, then they could be seen as men. They pussify themselves fucking their oppressors for pale mutations

Anonymous said...

were not dead yet, there's still the radio DJs Star and Bucwild, as well as a alot of underground rappers, are holding the flame of angry blackman

hermitonthehillcarolinewong said...

I LOVE your blog! nice to know someone who says it like it is, straight on to the gut. the world needs more angry and passionate people who are not afraid to say it like it REALLY is. BLACK PRIDE! AFrica is the motherland of all races. its' very nice to know people who have that FIRE, passion and anger.
a healthy individual is a proud individual
not a submissive apologizing sycophant. an individual who is capable of BEING PASSIONATELY ANGRY .

It's amazing how this world has evolved into a white-worshipping, bible-beleiving world...all product of white colonization and indoctrination as a result. I feel every very strongly and agree on most things you say. obama is too people-friendly and neutral for my taste although the idea of a black president is great. tiger woods, i won't even comment on him. there are more passionate black people but unfortunately the world loves friendly uncontroversial ones. I love your sense of humor, biting sarcasm and down to earth style of writing. More power and keep it on!!

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criticpapa said...

I wish that he would be the last angry negro!

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