Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mitt is angry and Huck just wants to pray.

I caught the little dust up between the sociopath slash presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, and that AP reporter today. It seems the reporter, Glen Johnson, called Romney on his bullshit, and of course Romney didn't like it. There is nothing a poli-trick-ster hates more than being caught in a lie or having to take an uncomfortable position. (Remember Hillary and her little driver's license issue in that democratic presidential debate?)

"I don't have lobbyist running my campaign. I don't have lobbyists that are tied to my....and this is when the poor reporter couldn't take it anymore. "That's not true governor, that is not true. Ron Kauman is a lobbyist." Yes, and so is Barbara Constack who also works for his campaign."Did you hear what I said?" "Did you hear what I said Glen? (Yes I am sure he did, but you are such a fucking liar that I am sure he doesn't believe you) I said I don't have lobbyist running my campaign and he is not running my campaign." To which the incredulous reporter replied: "He's a senior advisor!" This is when Mitt made the distinction between working and being a senior advisor on his campaign, and actually running his campaign. Yeah, just like his dad didn't actually march with Dr. King, but was with him in spirit. A-merry-ca, there is something very dangerous about Mitt Romney. So you can fuck around and elect this guy if you want to. But if you do, I can gurantee you that you will regret every minute of those four years.

The irony of screaming against lobbyist of course, is that Mitt's own daddy was a lobbyist in Washington for the auto industry. And now he is acting like he is so far removed from K street and all its greed and corruption. Honestly, you gotta love these repukes. When you think that Mitt Romney might be the most viable candidate that they have, you have to admit that you want to just say a little prayer for the republic.

And speaking of prayer, just what the fuck is wrong with Mike Huckabee? That crazy SOB admitted to eating squirrels in college. And he worries about Gays marrying each other in A-merry-ca? Shit we need to be worried about his crazy ass and people like him. I would rather live in a town full of gay married couples than living with people like his ignorant ass around me.

"You don't like people from outside coming in and telling you what to do with your flag."

"YOUR FLAG?" Yeah well their flag represents something very tragic to people who look like I do. And for your ignorant ass to make a statement like that is just proof positive that you are not ready to lead this country and become president for all the people.

I mean how pathetic is the repukelican party? Mike stinking Huckabee? The guy thinks all AIDS patients should be quarantined. He doesn't believe in evolution. He tries to imply that homosexuals aren't normal people, and he wants women to stay in the kitchen and serve their husbands. And this guy wants to be my president? The scary thing is he actually won a primary. (Remind me not to go to Iowa any time soon).

And Mike, I was thinking; if you want to be president so bad, why not just ask god to make you president? Why go through all the bullshit? I mean you are the lord's candidate right? Shouldn't you be praying instead of campaigning ?

Just remember that when you start praying you should be careful, because the president we have now did a lot of praying too, and you see how that turned out.


Jonne Austin said...

If Mitt gets this presidency, they'll rue the day the even looked at his name on the ballot. I get this ill feeling about him, 10 times worse than I did with Bush. That can't be good.

As for Huckabee, at the end of the day I think the more he opens his damned mouth to talk the more he will disenfranchise himself from the general American public.

I think his brand of Christianity based leadership would prove disastrous.

Anonymous said...

My God, is this the best we can do as a nation?

Neither party is giving us choices that will assure us a 'man for the season.'

Or woman.

What we usually end up doing is electing the least-evil candidate.

In the republican party we got the retreads, and a few odd balls aspiring to become Prez.

In the democrat party we got the retreads albeit one with pinafores, and a untested, new-thread that makes us all wonder if he can hold up under severe, road conditions.

Why can't we hope for the best and the brightest to lead us, regardless of race, or ethnicity?

We're living in some of the most precarious times of our existence, and we're pinning this nation's hopes and future on those that are currently running.

It's a scary proposition, one that we'll have to live with if we guess wrong. I say guess because, despite the positions these candidates adopt now, not one has to live up to them.

Hell, we need more choices, or maybe a few better choices.

John B. said...

I dunno, Field, I gotta love a guy who eats squirrels for dinner.

Christopher said...

Willard "Mitt" Romney (don't cha just luv these millionaire elites with little boy names?) is a huge supporter of George Bush and the Iraq war. Willard also has six, healthy, good looking draft-age sons. When asked by a reporter why none of his sons were serving their country by volunteering to go to Iraq, Willard said his boys were serving their country by helping their daddy get elected president of these here, United States. I guess that's why the Bush twins, busy partying and whoring around, never served in Iraq either.

Mike HuckaBible, like many far, rightwing, religious lunatics, is obsessed with gay people. In fact, he thinks about gay people more than me and I'm a gay man. But his ideas and beliefs are as perverted and bizarre as they come. Mike HuckaBible penned himself a book back in 1998. In it, he equated homosexuality with bestiality. I'm not joking here. HuckaBible is one sick dude who could benefit from a few decades in psychotherapy.

The Republican party is the gift that just keeps giving and giving and giving.

Anonymous said...

"The Republican party is the gift that just keeps giving and giving and giving."

They may be the gift that keeps on giving retorically speaking, but they keep winning. IMO it would be foolish for democrats and independents to veiw this current crop of candidates as cooks...That's a loosing strategy.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Honestly, Charity on Huck's part begins at home with those two dork, pig-for-brains sons of his who torture animals and look like potential Friends of Dorothy.

As a Christian, the thought of Huckleberry in the White House is giving me indigestion because we all know he's going straight dominionist, even though the Bible teaches that man was created with free will.

If you're ever in a room with Huckleberry, stand at least 20 feet away, so when God aims that lightening bolt at him, you won't catch residual burn.

RedLipstick said...

I saw something interesting about happiness on ABC last weekend. One thing that caught my eye was the orderly ways in Singapore. Apparently, government officials in Singapore get paid ALOT of money (about a million I think it said) and this helps attrack the best people to public service and also serves as a buffer from outside influences (like lobbys).

I got to thinking that I might be able to get on board with an idea like paying the prez, senators and reps in the millions if I could be assured that they would actually work together to solve some damn problems.

However, people who are in these high level US government positions tend to have alot of ego; very self focused. Unfortunately, qualified persons with real experience (not like Hill's 35 years) and who understand the importance of setting priorities and making sacrifices to achieve realistic goals tend to avoid the "fairytale" that is American politics. It's just too bad because these are the folks we desparately need in our government.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with eating squirrels. Not alot of meat but very tasty.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Anyone from the South knows about eating squirrel stew - ask Mrs. Field.

My father was a connoseur of anything that crawled and could be shot and cooked (armadillo, squirrel, raccoon, possum, rabbit). Surprisingly enough, until he started drinking too much, Daddy never got sick, didn't have high blood pressure or diabetes, and any other health issues we as African-Americans had because of poor diet.

He did draw the line at chittlins' and rattlesnake (which is a delicacy out in the West, especially Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming and parts of Texas).

So, Huck might not be squirrely because he ate them in college (which means he was piss-poor during his college days - even I kept a supply of Cup-A-Noodles), but squirrely because he's a Dominionist, and not a Christian.

Here's your sign...

Amaretto said...

LOL! I can only laugh at this whole political arena, no one is saying anything that respresents me or my view. I feel the only constituents the candidates care about are the rich ones. So much for democracy or a republic.

And is Hucks completely clueless?! My goodness if he's elected I will have to go grab my straw hat, my cotton barrel and act like I can't read.

Woozie said...

Romney and Huckabee are wastes of time and space. More Romney though, at least Mike has a funny name. You can't say president Huckabee without laughing.

SouthernGirl2 said...

"And is Hucks completely clueless?! My goodness if he's elected I will have to go grab my straw hat, my cotton barrel and act like I can't read".

dc_speaks said...

im truly concerned about the world my sons are goin to grow up in. I give the republican party no love. I look for all the holes in their speeches and watch lots of them squirm on Meet the Press with Tim Russert every Sunday.

God Help us All in this coming election.

Great post, FN.

Happy New Year and all that since I haven't been around in a minute.

field negro said...

Wazuup dc-speaaks hope the New Year has been good to you.

Marcus and jon b,sorry I can't get with the squirrels.I will eat the f**k out of some crried goat,but no suirrel.
Christ prog.You are right my father in law will eat that little sucker.And turtle stew too:)

I co-sign with Francis,even though we might think these guys are cluelesss,the keep winning. It would be folly to take them for granted.

C-dell said...

Well it seems that Mitt is showing his true colors, & every since I found out that Huckabee is a minister I was worried about him. Also to be fair on all ends a lot of people in winnfield Louisiana eat squirrels, I don't but it is not at all uncommon down here in the dixie. I am really woried in gerneral about this election. We have the liar-Mitt, The minister-Huckabee, the ultraconservative-Thompson, & that is just on the Republican side. the only real problem with the dems I have is Clinton, she is shady in my eye, wolf in sheeps clothing. I support Obama, & Edwards is okay with me. This election is very important.

SLDC said...

That was a hilarious post.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't even their flag to begin with. I think a poster on a different thread said it best: the Confederate Battle flag didn't even exist in the form it does now until 1950. Not 1850. 1950!
Maybe what Jack Kemp said about the GOP was right; they are the party of the "Country Clubs". Old racist white men puffing cigars in closed-door rooms, having butt-sex in aiport bathroom, supporting the Confederacy, and complaining about "the Coloreds" or "the Islamofascists" or "those dirty illegals".

This campaign 2008 will be remembered as the most fucked up campaign in democratic history. What are we, Kenya? What are we becoming, Russia? Burma?

houstonmacbro said...

I agree with the first response. The choices in this election are truly frightening.

Anonymous said...

"The scary thing is he actually won a primary. (Remind me not to go to Iowa any time soon)."
-Obama won the Democratic primary in Iowa, so the state might not be that bad.

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