Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One big party and ZERO delegates.

Obamaholics hear me out on this one. I know you are thinking this is going to be a post saying I told you so about the Clintons strategy working (she is up by 20 points in Florida as I write this), because she is currently on my television giving a fucking victory speech.

But my question to Shrillary (that damn voice of hers is driving me nuts) would be why? Why are you giving a victory speech in a state where you won the most votes and yet got zero, yes zero delegates? Anything to stop the "O" man's mo right Hillary?

I mean how fucking sneaky can you get? You and all the candidates pledged not to even campaign in Florida. You did because you know that if you didn't you would not have been allowed to compete in Iowa or New Hampshire, because they guard their place on the political calender like the very future of their states depend on it. Yet you go to Florida and campaign (yeah I know you said you were just fundraising, but that's bullshit), and when you win the popular vote you have a big fucking celebration and declare victory? I see Alcee Hastings, I see Bill Nelson, and all the other usual suspects from South Florida; so it looks like you pulled out all the stops. Hillary please give me a break! You are trying to move the "O" man off of the news cycle by this little distraction, but I don't think it's going to work. Not this time. The other shit I gave you credit for, but I think people are seeing through this latest move.

And another thing Hillary; I am pissed at you for this little number. Why would you have one of your surrogates declare that Teddy Liberal and the "O" man are running a "gang bang" on you? "Let’s put a stop to the psychological “gang banging” of women and girls. Let's stand up and be counted by way of the hard-won votes we can now cast!" GANG BANG? I mean that was some tacky shit. And please don't tell me that girlfriend isn't one of yours (she is the President of New York's chapter of NOW for crying out loud), we all know she is.

But nice move sending Bill to New Jersey.--Yeah if you want to hide someone send them to Jersey---Now let's hope Bill keeps his mouth shut from here on out. And let's hope you start playing fair. I want to be able to tell these Obamaholics I told you so without having to listen to their bullshit about how you cheated.


Toure Zeigler said...

Woooooooow at the psychological Gangbang of Hillary.

If NOW goes that route, can we say that the Clintons were trying to lynch and castrate Obama in SC?

Anonymous said...

FN; why are you giving a victory speech in a state where you won the most votes and yet got zero, yes zero delegates?

The irony is that 69% (early voters) of the votes were cast back in December when she was the inevitable front runner. My guess is that most if not all of those folks wish they could take their votes back. In fact if you look at those people who voted today Obama won going away.

Your right though, the Clintons will try to spin this in their favor...but do they really have a choice? After the events of the past week any news is good news.

Admiral Komack said...

"And let's hope you start playing fair."

You're killing me!
My sides are cramping!
O.K....I've stopped laughing...let's see...In my opinion, Hillary is going to want the Florida and Michigan delegates seated under her banner, so the convention should be very, very interesting.
But, don't worry, she'll...she'll play fair...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :-)

rikyrah said...

I'm glad you caught that absurdity in that 'Gangbang' statement.

And people want to get on me for saying that I want no parts of White Feminism.

You are on the money with your post, though.

I'll say it again - I'm NEVER voting for her.

Ann Brock said...

Field you are good, "gang bang". The picture that you have painted of Hillary is priceless.

Undercover Black Man said...

GANG BANG? I mean that was some tacky shit.

Absolutely fucking mind-blowing. To put “gang bang” in the title of an official N.O.W. press release is borderline psychotic. Not to mention idiotic, seeing that the left-blogosphere is now all aflame about Ms. Pappas’s “rant.”

Field, I paused when you described Pappas as a Clinton “surrogate”... but then it didn’t take much Googling to find this: a photo of Marcia Pappas and other NOW leaders in Iowa, volunteering for Hillary in advance of the caucuses.

You figure Sen. Clinton will feel compelled to distance herself from Ms. Pappas’s “divisive” rhetoric?

Unknown said...

I think if Hillary had won South Carolina, she would not even give Florida the time of day because of the fact that there are no delegates to be had in Florida. One thing I can say, Hillary is not going down without a fight, even if it means throwing more mud at Obama. He'd better be ready to take her on because from the last polls, which probably don't mean too much, she is leading in most of the Super Tuesday states. Great post.

Anonymous said...

What's more frightening is that she wants to make a push for the Floridan votes to count. Can we say desperation? Now that she's "won" Florida, it's so important that the delegates count. I wonder what her speech would have been if Obama won.

Christopher Chambers said...

Dude--she got a Cali endorsement from maxine watters. maxine is a shrew and goddamn useless politician. All hot air. This would be the perfect time for black folks to start revolting against the self-serving tools who come to us for votes time and again. We got one here in Md, Albert Wynn. I'd rather see white people taking these districts then suffer another term with 75% of the fools in the Congressional Black Caucus...and yes, Field, I include Chaka, because what has he and his prettygirl ex-anchorwoman (who's pal with my ex-wife's shrew of a friend Monique Braxton) really done for the folk of Philly besides looked good at CBC black tie events? Hope and the future. Time to dump the clowns of the past. maxine walks the plank first. Ritual Japanese suicide is preferable though...

Unknown said...

Yeah, that's funny with her latest push to "recognize" Florida. I hate to diss another woman, but damn, she's a little witch! What I am extremely thrilled about is the fact that Rudy Giuliani is dropping out tomorrow. Good riddance. Now, if only Billary would get lost, but that's not going to happen so easy!


Chris said...

I found her celebration completely tacky.

-D said...

Oh man, Field, there's so much going on with this post.

OK, first of all...my name is Jimbo, and I'm an Obamaholic.

Second, good job on the Suharto sidebar. 100% right on

Third, we disagree on campaign outcomes but it's like we've switched places this time: you're thinking people will see through this tactic, but I'm thinking that it's actually a shrewd move on Hillbilly's part.

You're right; she is taking Obama out of the news cycle, right after the Kennedy endorsement. And how many salt-of-the-earth, God-fearing Dems (you know, people unlike us who are news junkies) REALLY know that this was a 'symbolic' contest?

They're all going to think she 'won' Florida now.

And to anyone who responds with 'so?'... well, this stuff matters to alot of people. We like to think we're all individualists, but it's more comfortable to go with the pack.

SouthernGirl2 said...


I hear you on Hillary's voice! It's so d%mn rough & ugly!

Yeah, it's one more dirty trick of hers. But one thing is for sure---Obama's got her @ss on the f-ing run!

Run b%t%%---cuz you're scared!

Anonymous said...

The Best thing about John McCain winning Florida is that he might go on to be the Repbulican nominee. Thus, he will in the end split the "HISPANIC VOTE" with Hillary. Thus, making the Black race in the general the ultimate deciders of who will be President.

Right, now Hillary is banking on Blacks loyally voting for them no matter how bad they treat us. I think strategically there is so many ways blacks could demand different certain things from the Clintons.

field negro said...

"OK, first of all...my name is Jimbo, and I'm an Obamaholic"


OK, I have noticed more and more of you Obamaholics coming out, I like that :) And I am glad we co-sign on Suharto. What an animal.

Chris, I am dissapointed in Maxine Walters. But hey, it looks like old vs. new fo real.

"One thing I can say, Hillary is not going down without a fight, even if it means throwing more mud at Obama. He'd better be ready to take her on..."

janet it already started.

undercoverblackman, thanks for that link. You are on your game as usual.

jjbrock PLEASE, it's too late now. I don't want to go to bed with that picture in my mind :)

baatin. said...

watching her, i feel like I'VE been psychologically gang banged by her and her crew. 'sup field?

SouthernGirl2 said...

I have to admit:

I'm jonesing bad!

Yes We Can!

rikyrah said...

The Best thing about John McCain winning Florida is that he might go on to be the Repbulican nominee. Thus, he will in the end split the "HISPANIC VOTE" with Hillary. Thus, making the Black race in the general the ultimate deciders of who will be President.

Well, he won in Florida tonight, and he took the lion's share of the Hispanics there, so you're probably right.

Anonymous said...

I wish African Americans realized the power of their vote. Democrates for a very long time have been taken advantage of the Black vote. Right now, we may end up in the position to decided who will be a King or Queen in the general election.

We can swing this election folks. I figure John McCain will get a large portion of the White male vote and Hispanic's with some women in a general. While divide and conquer Hillary (I will do anything for a vote) Clinton supports are Older White women in there mid 40 to 60s and Hispanic voters with some White men.

She needs the black vote!!!! Badly, so you'll see plenty of so called black leader con artist tell us to given to Hillary. I say we demand certain things from the Dems and don't given to easy.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why everyone here is bashing Hillary. Politics is a danggone BLOOD SPORT. You think this "victory" speech was stink? Hell, you've not seen anything yet. Wait until we get closer to nomination time. Both candidates will come out swinging and when they finish, there will blood on the knuckles and sweat on the faces. This stuff, at this time, is lightweight, my friends. Hell, the woman is trying to win. Neither one is going down w/o a fight.

Christopher said...

Hillary Clinton won the delegate-less Florida Democratic primary Tuesday night, an event that drew no campaigning by any of her presidential rivals and awarded no delegates to the winner.

Fresh off her 28 point loss to Barack Obama in last weekend’s South Carolina primary, Clinton arranged a bizarre photo-op rally as the polls closed.

The event was an attempt to garner media attention and regain campaign momentum. While some have argued that a win is a win, I would argue a delegate-less win is like saying masturbation is the same as sex.

field negro said...

"Sup" baatin. "I'm jonsing bad". Justice try to remain calm and take some anti Obama meds. Watch FOX NEWS for a minute, that might help.

Anonymous said...

Kerry responded to Billary's cheating.


Anonymous said...


You guys should keep in mind Hispanics are not a monolith and do not vote stupidly like blacks throwing all their support behind the master who "beats them less" and get a pat on the head and nothing really done. Then walk around like zombies foaming at the mouth for a white person (like the CLintons) who will play the race card on them in a minute if they have to, but say they are "your friend". Hispanics make both parties compete for their vote (which is far more intelligent politics).

Florida Hispanics are mostly Cuban and have been Republican for decades.

In places like Cali it is more like a 80-20 split in favor of Democrats (although Hispanics don't often show up to vote in the numbers that are registered, definitely not like blacks).

In the NE, most of the Carribean Hispanics vote Democrat pretty solidly...similar to blacks.

The overall Hispanic vote, especially due to immigration issues will probably split 70-30 or maybe 65-35 in favor of democrats.

Christopher said...

John Kerry Calls Hillary on Her Florida Bullshit

Sen. John Kerry held a conference call with reporters a few minutes ago, diminishing any outcome in tonight’s Florida Democratic primary. He said the Clinton campaign has been pushing reporters to cover it “in some kind of serious fashion,” but cautioned that that would be a mistake.

“I know what this race is about what it is ultimately about is delegates. The bottom line is that Florida does not offer any delegates. It is not a legit race. It should not become a fabricated race.”

Clinton’s team has begun to push the notion in recent days that Florida’s delegates should be seated at the convention (Michigan’s, too, for that matter). While she hasn’t overtly campaigned there, which would violate the early state pledge, she has raised money in Florida, and she thanked supporters in Davie, FL last tonight.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see white people taking these districts then suffer another term with 75% of the fools in the Congressional Black Caucus..."
What a sad group the Black caucus is. We need to throw most of these people out and get some serious field negroes in there.

By the way, John Kerry was on The Ed Schulz show, a Progressive Talk Radio program that's listened to on radio stations across the country, taling up Obama, sahing he was more qualified than Hillary. He said that, because of his work in Illinois, Obama has more legislative experience than Hillary. Because of his community organizing experience, he's more connected to the longings of a diverse group of people in America, including hispanics, with whom he (Obama) worked with in Chicago. He also talked about Obama's ability to bring together senators on both sides of the isle to get things done, implying that Sen. Clinton doesn't do this as well. All in all, I think people figured out what Sen. Clinton was doing in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is business as usual. More of the same, higher and deeper.

Anonymous said...

All is fair in love and politics.

kid said...

I'm sorry I'm doing this but they are about to throw me out because i didn't give them the address. It's http//: kid-kidfunkadelic.blogspot./I can't get in to tell them I can't get in. One more thing . On my site a black high school want to go to the olympics to perform. Could u put them on blast. Good lookin'.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Hillary's Hispanic firewall


Nice article on how illegal immigratione effects black.

leftist sellout black scum sticking up for white liberals hoping to whoo Hispanics away from the Republicans are now trying to answer questions and apologize for racist ass Mexicans and Central Americans who will not vote for black folks given a choice.

Moderate and conservative blacks (and a lot of poor blacks who are otherwise liberal) have been screeming bloody murder about this issue for 2-3 years.

Oh my how the eyes are now wide open after Nevada.

Meanwhile anti-black ethnic cleansing and economic suppression continue in Cali and is starting up even in the Southeast.

What happened to that black/brown alliance to fight "whitey" Field?

Didn't you try to tell me a few months ago illegal immigration and the increase in the overall Hispanic population was not a problem for black folks???


Field's pesimission only applies to white folks, but then again about 50% of HIspanics in this country consider themselves white and are more racist than whites when it comes to voting for blacks.

Yeah...open the freaking border and let all of Mexico and Central America in...they love black folks.

Go to Columbia, Panama, Southern Mexico and you can see how much they love black folks...they got black people living like they were in rural Kenya.

Christopher said...

John Edwards is out.

Now, it's a true horse race between my man Barack and the Borg Queen.

Blinders Off said...

I think John Edwards is about to throw in the towel, a news conferences is schedule at 1:00pm.

If this is what he is about to do and announce his endorsement, this will shake up the outcome of Super Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Get off the patio with Obama and stay in the fields, field.

For the election of Obama will not halt incidents such as this:


Sleeperwithheavyeyes said...

She has no class

field negro said...

Dragon horse,what's with the Latino issues? Sorry,I have nothing but love for my brown brothers and sisters. Trust me on this one,they are not the folks you need to be worried about.

You seem like a pretty worldly guy who has traveled to various Latin American countriesa.You see how they live,you see the black white racism within their cultures,so you should undrstand the dynamic that drives their way of thinking. I have been to quite a few of these countries and I have seen it first hand.Instead of bitching about losing their votes you and the rest of the Obamaholics should be trying to reach out to them.

Rachel's Tavern said...

I noticed Alcee Hastings standing up there with Clinton, too, and I got a good chuckle about the fact that his Clinton sign that he was parading around was upside down. I'm sure I'm one of a handful of folks who noticed that, but it was kinda funny.

I am surprised to see how many CBC folks are lining up behind Clinton. I guess they feel ther will benefit more from clinging to the Democratic establishment.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Short, Sweet, Simple:

Ted Kennedy didn't like the race baiting, because he has two dead brothers to his name who are dead because they fought for civil rights.

The Clintons forgot that Kennedy legacy when flinging around racial slurs and whipping out the handkerchief heads to shuck, jive and buckdance for their asses.

Load, Lock, Fire that endorsement towards the O man, because you do not piss off the patriarch of the Kennedy clan, regardless of his air-headed niece who couldn't beat Bobby "do-nothing Ehrlich in a gubanatorial race that was hers to win.

And her mother's endorsing the "O" man, too, so what does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

I'm still undecided. I like Hiliary but I'm actually kind of turned off by what she did. It's real sneaky and just oozes slime.

The Clinton machine will do everything in their power to make those votes count. TRUST!

west coast story said...

It's disappointing that RFK, Jr. has reaffirmed his support for Billary. I'll assume it's because Obama isn't green enough for him, since that's RFK's passion. Billary might have promised him a post in his/her administration. Although that's hard to believe because Billary is pretty conservative and RFK, Jr. is pretty radical when it comes to the environment. Having heard RFK, Jr. speak, I honestly can't imagine him supporting her.

Big Man said...

I respect the sister's comments about lynch and castrate. Obama would have been asked to immediately denounce those comments by the media.

Anonymous said...

"I'm still undecided. I like Hiliary but I'm actually kind of turned off by what she did. It's real sneaky and just oozes slime."
-- Anonymous

Anonymous: If Hillary is "real sneaky" and "slime" now, how do you think she'll be when she gets in office?

My guess is that she'll be sneaky and slimy as president-- just like her husband was.

yliza said...

I don't know if you read many blogs by Women of Color, but if you do, the NOW article would come as no surprise.

The biggest complaint we women of color have against white feminists is that they marginalize us. Many white feminists don't recognize how they speak from a position of privilege, and if they're called on it they play the victim.

This is just more of the same. Not Feminism, but White Feminism. Clearly, they think it's their turn, and they're willing to ignore divisive tactics to get what they think they deserve.

Just $.02 from a proud Obamaholic.


grown said...

Field, your cynacism is beginning to rub off on me. Most Americans don't think for themselves. We are talking about the same people who voted for George Bush. Twice. She's going to ride her Florida "win" all the way to the bank on Tues. And this is coming from an Obama stan...

So now that Edwards is out, does is it still technically a 'gangbang'? Wouldn't it had been a 'threeway' all along?

grown said...

Oh and co-sign Yliza! I hate when white women play the victim when the entire United States was designed to cater to them!

Anonymous said...

I'm really worried about Obama. I think Edwards supporters will now defect to Hilary's camp. I'm been reading some pro-Edwards blogs and the comments are reluctantly embracing Clinton. I really wish Edwards would have stayed in....

Woozie said...

I read and posted about that NOW bullshit yesterday (Tuesday) too, that was a bitch move. No pun intended. She's be smart to distance herself from it.

As far as Florida goes, an autistic chimpanzee could see that all she was trying to do was take the media's eye off of The O Man's 2:1 throttling of her in SC. It's a good move to slow his momentum, but I think she made it too clumsily to have the major effect she wanted it to.

Well, Jack Cafferty was on CNN pronouncing her the frontrunner, so maybe it did work.

Anonymous said...

This is so funny. If yall think Billary played fast and loose with the truth you aint seen nothing yet. The GOP is gonna clubber him. I guarantee that every Repug will be saying Cocaine every other statement. Fox News will run a special about it. So stop whining about Billary, if anything, they're toughing him up.

Lola Gets said...

I found out today that Edwards backed out of the race. That kinda ticks me off, cause I was planning on voting for him in DCs primary (yes, we get one!). I dont like the other choices that much, but I might vote for Obama. That is, if I dont write in my cat - Ivan for President!


Anonymous said...

Teddy's endorsement should help the O man with the Hispanics. When I was a kid in Arizona there were three pictures you saw in every Mexican home: Jesus Christ, the Virgin of Guadalupe and John F. Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

I am truly disgusted by Hillary's underhanded tactics. Don't say you're the best person for the job, then run your campaign like you can only get elected with dirty tricks.
Forgive me if you've already seen this, but I'm adding a link (I think) to a youtube video of Lorna Brett Howard. She was the president of Chicago Now. She was a Clinton supporter until a few weeks ago, when in Iowa and New Hampshire, she heard Hillary say that Barack was soft on choice. She has two videos saying Hillary lied about Barack's record.

LittleMissSolo said...

"I really wish Edwards would have stayed in...."


Well, I really wish Edwards would endorse Obama...

Lola Gets said...


I second that emotion!


Anonymous said...

"You seem like a pretty worldly guy who has traveled to various Latin American countriesa.You see how they live,you see the black white racism within their cultures,so you should undrstand the dynamic that drives their way of thinking. I have been to quite a few of these countries and I have seen it first hand.Instead of bitching about losing their votes you and the rest of the Obamaholics should be trying to reach out to them."


Answer me this.

If you live in a town where black people are 10% of the population and 89% white, 1% other.

About 80% of the whites (majority are racist and hate your black @$$) and it has been this way for years.

Eventually your people fight and fight and die and die. Finally after many years you shrink that percentage of racist or at least the degree of racism so you can breath and get you a piece. Things are not perfect but they are going in a positive direction.

Now all the sudden new people flood in to your town from region X, and a good percentage of them, maybe 80% of them have a history of treating your people just slightly better or maybe even worse than the white people you have fought long and hard to civilize. Let say those people become 12% of the population, more than your people and are growing due to running up in your town illegally.

Which is easier

Work to stop those people from comin?

Or convincing them not to be racist against you?

Historically what is easier?

I understand the dynamic Field, that is why I know that it is hard to change hate. This is not an issue of "misunderstanding or just ignorant stereotypes" this is an issue of hate and hate is damn hard to change in an adult. You know that.

The very fact Hispanics might cost Obama the election, and you say "oh it is no big deal" what are you smoking?

What you said makes no logical sense. It is Pollyannish at best, dishonest at worst.

There ideology is also different from ours based on culture.

They do not recognize and have never had the concept of a "one drop rule" that is why there has been no civil rights movement in Latin America, not anywhere, because everyone is convinced upward mobility comes from acting and marrying white and then their kids are "better than them" and not the "same lowly dark grouping as them".

Those type of people will always think "white is right" and although you were not born here history might instruct you that every large immigrant group who has came here, NOT ONE HAS BEEN GOOD FOR BLACKS IN THE LONG TERM. NOT ONE. They are always favored over us.

So once again what is more logical?

trying to "open folks hearts" or seek to control the population influx to minimize potential problems we will face?

Forget the roses, time to smell the shit.

There is not INTERNATIONAL...the COMECON is finished.

There will be no Maoist brown masses rising up against the capitals (i.e. rich whites), neocolonialism as one dark mass.

That is finished. Real world, 2008 politics is often brutal identity politics and it is a zero sum game.

Hispanics will work with us when they have no choice just like we will work with them on common goals when we have no choice.

When they do have a choice, like in Nevada they don't want to see your black @$$ in their hood, there are places in DC and places in Houston, places in L.A. that are 90% Hispanic (with a few white trash folks) where if I walk I have a very good chance of being shot dead or beaten.

You want some specific zip codes to visit bro? I got you. Convince the Tejanos and Chicanos you are their "brother" when they call you Malo and start whuppin you like white folks on Staten Island or in Jena.

You know damn well if some white folks were ethnically cleansing blacks out of hoods where they have been for decades the same way they are doing in SOCAL you would scream bloody murder.

Is a black life only important to you when a white man takes it?

I don't get it.

I'm not saying black folks should go out and declare war on Hispanics. There are Hispanic communities like the PRs, Dominicans where we have had good relations. What I'm saying is we need to be pragmatic about what is in our interest and what is not, because NOBODY is looking out for us but us. In the end rapid Hispanic immigration is no threat to the average whites, despite what rednecks say because 50% of Hispanics consider themselves white already and show they will side with whites. Hispanics are a threat to folks who will directly compete with them poor whites, about 25% of blacks who are poor...and especially blacks who are already marginalized twice for being black and poor. WAKE UP BRO.

Francis Holland said...

Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill have made a very clear and obvious decision to try to fan the flames of whites' color-aroused fears and stereotypes in their efforts to win white people's votes from Barack Obama. Triangulating once again, they hope that although they may lose Black Democrats' votes, the can win the votes and favor of the many Republicans who hate Black people . . . At least John McCain hasn't claimed he was gang raped by the nation's only Black US Senator.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, those post-menopausal harpies in NOW are really losing it!

Anonymous said...

One last thing Field. I think I can understand your lack of urgency on immigration issues. Your parents were both doctors who immigrated here already set for upper middle class. You are a lawyer in a protected field. The Bar Association makes it so only American Citizens can be lawyers...you don't have to worry about Jose Vasques from El Salvador taking your job.

I don't either. I work in a comfortable middle class job and make more money than the average white American, have traveled more, and am more educated. At my work there are no Hispanics but for those people who take out the trash. There are a handful of blacks (some foreign) and the majority Asian (Chinese and Indian) and white. The only Hispanics are the mail room guy and the janitors.

That being said I have a uncle who works at a manufacturing plant in the Midwest. I have an uncle who is a mechanic. I have an uncle who is a welder. I have an aunt who is a cook, and another aunt who is a clerk at Walmart.

They feel what unregulated immigration does the same way blacks did when the Irish came, the Italians came, and the Eastern European Jews came.

Is your family feeling it?

Anonymous said...

No doubt that they are issues with segments of the Hispanic immigration who hate blacks. Education, and time is the key to fixing that IMO. The way we treat some of them probably doesn't help their perception of us either. I'm a black Caribbean immigrant who parents are blue collar and he can testify to some of the shitty treatment native Black folks can dish out. The immigrant jumping fences at the Rio Grande coming here aren't the ones who set up the social structures, they are the victims of it themselves, that's why they risk life to come here. Mexico for example has a tremendous amount of natural and capital resources, that is basically funneled up the white ruling classes. I'm not jumping into the gutter with the Stormfront's and the Tom Tancredo's of the world and complain about the Mexicans coming here to due non-skilled menial work, I know where that story ends up, with them turning on me. As for the jobs competition issue, we as black folks have opportunities to move into the skilled labor market that the first generation immigrant doesn't have. So in other words, get up off your asses and go trade school or college and get a good job. If our economic survival is going to depend on unskilled labor, those jobs are leaving because of automation and outsourcing anyway, and black folks will lose badly at that game. BTW, the Cuban Republican thing is an interesting thing, the white landowning class that lost all their shit to Castro are the ones who vote Rep., thinking that we'll help them get their filthy quid back one of these days. The black masses that were the labor class in Cuba that have come later aren't so reliability Republican and are ripe for the picking for the right Democrat IMO.

Anonymous said...


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Field, I might have to take a break from the news and your blog. I am so pissed off about this NOW statement and Florida spin I can't take it.

Michael Fisher said...

Gloria Steinem, 8 January 2008, on why she opposes Obama.

"Black men were given the vote a half-century before women of any race were allowed to mark a ballot, and generally have ascended to positions of power, from the military to the boardroom, before any women (with the possible exception of obedient family members in the latter)."

Susan B. Anthony in 1866:

"I will cut off this right arm of mine before I will ever work or demand the ballot for the Negro and not the woman."

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, the early leaders of the white feminist and suffragist movement, were as far as Douglass figured, black folks' allies. Once the civil war was over and the question of full citizenship and suffrage for the newly emancipated black slaves were put on the table, however, both women showed their true color(s). Namely... White.

To Douglass' consternation, Susan B. Anthony argued that black men should not be endowed with the right to vote before women had achieved that same right. Thus she opposed the effort. In this she allied herself with Henry Blackwell, who argued for the white women’s vote in the South on all to familiar grounds:

"Your 4,000,000 of Southern white women will counterbalance your 4,000,000 of Negro men and women, and thus the political supremacy of your white race will remain unchanged.”

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, (suddenly former) friend of Frederick Douglass, for her part chimed in as follows:

“I would not trust [the Negro] with my rights; degraded, oppressed himself, he would be more despotic with the governing power than ever our Saxon rulers are. …If women are still to be represented by men, then I say let only the highest type of manhood [white men] stand at the helm of state.”

Frederick Douglass:

"When [white] women, because they are [white] women, are dragged from their homes and hung upon lampposts; when their children are torn from their arms and their brains dashed upon the pavement;... then they will have the urgency to obtain the ballot."

You may want to check out this series on white feminism and black folk.

Anonymous said...

@ Michael Fisher:

"I would not trust [the Negro] with my rights; degraded, oppressed himself, he would be more despotic with the governing power than ever our Saxon rulers are."

I wonder how much of this sentiment is still present in today's society?

Stanton expressed what whites have believed for years: that blacks would somehow, one day, seek reprisal for their assault upon us as a race, and as a people.

Why? Because she would have. It's curious that she compared oppressed and degraded blacks with Saxons, themselves being white.

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Christopher Chambers

Monique Braxton is my cousin and definitely not a shrew. Stop hating because she didn't give you any. You're the most negative person like, ever. You need to be careful what you say about people because you never know if their relatives are online or not. You need to stop name dropping because there was no other reason for you to put Monique's name in your post.