Sunday, January 06, 2008

"O" Happy Day!

This is a feel good post from the field. And although he vowed that 08 would be more of the same, just for tonight he would like to leave a real happy post.

There will be no cynical observations about life in A-merry-ca. There will be no calling out the hypocrites among us and the PC crowd. And there will be no excoriating of the frat boy and his minions. Nope, none of that. With this post the field wants to spread nothing but love and happy feelings.

The field does not want to be a spoiler of the "O" happy day movement that has been sweeping A-merry-ca. The field is happy tonight, and he will carry his happiness into Monday morning. The field was out and about today and everywhere he went he felt the happiness and the love. Everyone was soooo happy. Even old white men. Quite a few old white men smiled at the field today. I swear this Obama effect is real and contagious.

What a feeling! Tonight I wish I could just ask everyone in A-merry-ca to hold hands and sing "we are the world" together. Tonight I wish I could buy everyone a coke. Tonight, I am happy. And I suspect "O" might have something to do with it.

Hey "O" please don't stop doing what you are doing. Keep spreading that glow. Keep giving us happiness. Keep giving us hope......


-D said...

I was talking with some other whites today, and we were wondering out loud whether Obama getting elected President would do anything towards healing the racial divide in this country?

I hope so, though that's not why I'm supporting him.

He's ahead in NH now! One poll said it's a double-digit lead over Hillary.

Uh oh, there's gonna be some yelling over in Chapauqua. "You and your blankety-blank penis!"

Blinders Off said...

I co-sign with you about today Field...It is an O Happy Day for me too. My Baby Girl called this morning and she is no longer mad at me for speaking truth to her.

Anonymous said...

I love your unabashed expression of joy, Field.

Oops, I was about to say something negative--that somebody is sure to spoil all this by saying some negative.

I'm glad it wasn't me!

Keep the feeling alive! At least until your next post.

Unknown said...

I bet that Hillary and Bill are beginning to feel like Hurricane Katrina is blowing over them...

Hurricane Obama wins in double-digits tomorrow in New Hampshire.

field negro said...

before the mayflower, you almost ruined my happy post:)

BO,glad to hear about your dgthr.I bet she is feeling O love too.

Jimbo,if the O man can't heal. the racial wounds in a-merry-ca no one can.

Francis Holland said...

Field, you almost slipped into sarcasm when you said, "hold hands and sing "we are the world" together". That might be just what America needs right now. :) HAHAHAHA

Tonight I wish I could buy everyone a coke.

You CAN buy everyone a coke, Field, starting with me!

Hey, if Obama wins New Hampshire, then every one of us is going to be smiling broadly tomorrow, and whites will be smiling at us too, thinking that soon our "brother" will be in the White House.

[flahy] [blak] [chik] said...

Even if Obama comes out victorious this election, in the DC/MD area, he still won't be able to gain membership to one of it's most prestigious Golf/Country Clubs that Bush belongs to.

The more things change, the more they stay the same...will be the new slogan.

People are mistaking him for 'miracle worker'..but I like to make him a comparison to a band-aid. You can cover up a wound all you want with one, but the scar will always remain there.

Christopher said...

24 hours before the New Hampshire primary and according to USA Today/Gallup:

Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton a staggering 41 to 28 points.

At this moment life is good and after 7 years of the Bush/Cheney nightmare, how often have we been able to say that?

It's no longer a matter of "Could Barack Obama win in New Hampshire," it's now a question of how big will his victory be over the Ice Queen?

If my man Barack takes this to Nevada and South Carolina, I think we have ourselves the Democratic nominee! It's only taken 230+ years for a black American to potentially become president.

Yes, life is good.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I agree, Obama's working a spell. I just don't want the brotha to crack under real pressure if he gets the White House (do you ever notice how someone with dark hair leaves the White House gone totally gray or white)?

And that's the worst picture of the Borg Queen (aka Hillary Clinton) in your blog sidebar that I've seen in a long time. Must have been before the BoTox shots...

Honestly, the way she's attacking Obama, now I've got to root for the man, because she's taking entitlement to a whole 'nother level and I can't have that.

Blinders, you do what good mothers do - speak truth and drop knowledge to our children. Your daughter saw the light, so keep providing it.

Christopher said...

(S)Hillary is a bald faced liar.

She's been distorting Obama's record as an Illinois senator, his position on Iraq and abortion.

Miss Thing is getting desperate and the American people are onto the Clinton's filthy politics.

If I didn't know better, I'd swear she's hired Karl Rove to try and destroy Barack.

Anonymous said...

Yes, field, this fever is contagious. I'm as hardbitten and cynical as the next person, but even I can catch a glimpse.

It's not about him being a miracle worker. It's really almost not even about him, though he is certainly the agent. It's about recognizing, after so many decades of fear and hatred, that history does, in fact, move ahead in fits and starts, and that we might, might, might be at the brink of such a leap, a tremendous leap.

Go to CSPAN and listen to the clip of Michelle Obama speaking yesterday in NH. This woman has more talent and brains and utter self-possession in her left fingernail than anyone in Washington. Together, she and O show the world -- and far more importantly show US -- how large we are.
Why resist it? It's like falling in love -- why not take the risk and believe?

Anonymous said...

Field,I am also enjoying this happy and euphoric feeling, but I of the perspectiive that it will be short-lived and ephemeral. RESPECT my brother!!

Unknown said...

It's some damn good Kool-Aid, Field, drink it up!

-D said...

You know, I support Obama...truly... but I would advise caution against everyone swooning over the guy and failing to adequately 'vet' him.

Hillary needs to stay in the race, force him to sweat a little, answer some tough questions.

I do not like, at all, how he is obviously getting a free pass from the media and all these, frankly, starstruck people.

He will only be maximally ready and tested to go up against the inevitable Repugnican smear machine if we force him to get specific and away from all this "hope" fluff.

They Republicans will attack his race, his age, his lack of experience, and they will call him "naive."

He needs to be ready, and we are not truly acting in his (and our own) best interests if we don't do what it takes to make him ready.

Force Obama to prepare, so he doesn't get sideswiped.

Obama '08

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Jimbo, I work with a group of African-American activist who do just that; vetting African-American elected officials because we're past celebrating "Black Faces In High Places".

While I've caught the enthusiasm, the political scientist in me is urging caution because Obama's track record as a U. S. Senator isn't matching the talk. While he didn't vote for legislation like the Patriot Act, he did fail to do what he could to filibuster the Supreme Court nominations of Roberts and Alito; he also failed to cast that objection to accepting the outcome of the Ohio vote (my home senator, Barbara Boxer, did that), and I'm re-researching to see if he had a hand in getting that BK bill passed.

He's also responsible for voting on tort-reform legislation - which makes it harder for you and me to sue manufacturers if we get injured by their faulty products; and he was a former DLC member who is still benefitting from DLC largesse.

Having said that, if I have to go with the lesser of two evils, I can go with an Obama-Edwards, or Edwards-Obama ticket.

I just don't want to see another President named Clinton, when we had eight years of that, with twelve years of Poppy and Shrubya wedged on both sides of Clinton.

And as for Clinton being the "first Black President", I have to say, policy-wise, that title should have gone to Ted Kennedy as opposed to Clinton, because he was good at selling out and making Black people love it (we didn't even whine when he left Lani Guinier hanging before she even got to plead her case before Congress, and he slung Joycelyn Elders under the bus for suggesting that sessions with Palm-etta were more healthy than sex with condoms {because Orin Hatch whined like a lil' byotch when the comment was made}).

That's my rant and I'm sticking with it.

RedLipstick said...

I'm definitely supporting Obama. I just can't see the country moving forward if we keep alternating BushClintonBushClinton.

I do agree with the above posters about Obama's meek nature. I often find myself thinking of Jimmy C. and we know how that ended. If he wins he will definitely need some pitbulls in his camp to buffer the attacks from the other side.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

That photo of Hillary is priceless.

Her camp is reeling. They really thought they were going to grab the nomination no problem. She has the money, the name recognition and Bill. However after 27 years of having either a Bush or Clinton on the ticket Americans might be in an "enough already" type of mood.

DJ Black Adam said...

While being a victim of Crook county, I mean Cook County Democrats for a while made me initially want Hillary over Barak, her silly attacks on Barak have made me change my opinion.

I'm willing to give Barak a chance, more than any of the other candidtates.

Anonymous said...

who is this? and what have you done with fn?

Woozie said...

Hmm....Woozie cannot tell if he detects sarcasm from Mister Negro. This seems very "un-negroish" of the Field Negro.

Woozie said...

But if The Negro has been infected by Obamamania, then Woozie wishes to inform the Field Negro that Woozie prefers Pepsi over Coke.

The First Domino דומינו said...

That some of the people of this nation will place unrealistic hopes on an Obama presidency, is almost a certainty, not the least of which will come from blacks.

If Obama tries to assert that he's neither a black nor a white messiah, he will be seen as ineffectual.

If he fails to deliver the "promise land" both blacks and whites may nail him to the cross.

His lot as president will be fraught with thorny crowns, excoriation from the "right," and possible tongue lashings from blacks.

I don't envy his presidential run, nor the possibility that he may reside in the White House at the end of all of this.

Yet, he's still the man for the season.

My hopes are high, but not because I expect "miracles" from Obama, but for the "consciousness raising" and the transcendent reality that a black person's successful bid for the White House will bring about.

Once the nation gets beyond that "mental hurdle" of color, by placing a black person in a commanding position of authority and leadership, the transforming power of such an act will free this nation to envision, and embrace, even greater possibilities.

The impact of an Obama becoming president will be felt more in the unseen realms of our daily existence, than in what we've come to know as our pedestrian, mundane one.

Change is not always seen with the naked eye

field negro said...

"Crook county" That's classic!

"unnegroish"? Now woozie, why would you say that?

Anonymous said...

jeez Field, I don't know if I like this feel good stuff, it will force me to write some feel good stuff on my blog as well!

Seriously thought , The "O" man is cast a spell on folks and the funny part is they know it but can't help it.

Malacyne said...

I have problems with long time (more than one term) senators running for Prez: they were in place to check Bush from the get go and didn't. Since the 'Iraq War', I've determined to self-educate myself on the US Constitution and for kicks Robert's Rules of Order.

No one but the president (current and past) knows what it's like to sit in the 'Big Chair' at 1800 Pennsylvania Ave. To me both the Hill and John have joined the 'old-boy's network'. Obama hasn't been in long enough to get that dirty. Politics is a soul-selling business (I guess that's why so many of them are lawyers, eh?- no insult to you Field :))