Monday, January 14, 2008

We never trusted them.

The irony of the latest little racial problem in A-merry-ca is rich. Here we have the first black man running for the highest office in the land with a legitimate chance of winning. And not only has he predicated his entire campaign on being race neutral, but he has built his entire movement around a future in A-merry-ca where everyone looks past race and show nothing but love for each other. But then, to get to that office, he has to beat the first woman candidate with a legitimate shot at winning the highest office in the land, a woman who will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. And here is the irony; she has actually used race to attempt to derail the race neutral man's campaign.

People always accuse me of being a "racialist" (like that's a bad thing). In fact, my white friends (yes I have some) will tell you that me being a "racialist" is why we get along as well as we do. They know where I stand on issues of race. There is no hypocrisy, no hidden agenda, and no bullshitting with each other. They take me as I am, and I do the same with them. We know that in order to be able to communicate with each other and to develop any type of relationship, the racial component of our relationship has to be dealt with honestly. Straight no chaser.

Unfortunately for the Clintons it doesn't look like they ever developed that type of trust and goodwill from us black folks. Oh I know the conventional wisdom was that they did, and that Bill was the first black Prez. But now we are seeing that it's not true. That was never the case, it was just another phony racial front; one of many that we put up with when we deal with each other here in A-merry-ca for the sake of just getting along. If there was that goodwill, and if the Clintons had it like that, we wouldn't be experiencing the democratic version of "Ali Frazier Two" right now. Black folks wouldn't be so offended when other black folks come out on behalf of the Clintons. Black folks would have given the Clintons the benefit of the doubt when all of this was going on. Instead, like that old PE song says; we just "can't truss it".

But black folks we know that we never trusted the Clintons all along. We just pretty much tolerated them because our natural enemies in the white supremest party hated them so much. What's that saying? "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"? It was a friendship of convenience if you will. But now it looks like that friendship is over. Don't listen to the high profile black folks coming out in their defense, listen to the man on the street. Listen to black folks talking at the water cooler at the offices. Listen to what we are saying amongst each other if you really want to know what's going on. (Sorry white people, I know some of you can't listen because you don't know any black folks like that. But just take my word for it on this one, you will have to just trust the field)

Today I saw Sheila Jackson Lee, and Charlie Rangel coming out for lady Hillary. She is not a racist, Hillary is committed to civil rights.... and on and on. That might or it might not be true. But the problem for lady Hillary is that the people who seemed to have been her most loyal supporters all along, never really trusted her in the first place.


rikyrah said...

The Clinton Attacks Obama Wiki. I've been contributing to the Incidents Page. We're up to TWENTY ONE Incidents. Very interesting to see how many, at the bottom, in the 'Latest Status' column have the following:

The comment was ' misunderstood'....the English Language has been ' misinterpreted'.

I find that curious that folks, for whom English is their primary language, are being continuously being told that they don't understand the English language.

Of course I stand by my belief that..

When 'Isolated Incidents' are neither




Then, it forms a PATTERN.

Now, you figure out what the PATTERN says and respond accordingly.

The Clinton Attacks Obama Wiki Incident Page

And, I've been wondering, WHY have Clinton Defenders so fiercely and narrowly clutched to the Defense over the MLK/LBJ comments?

As my fellow blogger, Prometheus 6, put it:
I believe they are trying to bury the email forwarding, Bill Shaheening, Bob Kerreying, 'Pig' Penning that Hillary approved. They're trying to make the controversy about the MLK comment (which was ambiguous) instead the the Southern Strategy she's been implementing.

Well, my my, think that the folks who've been telling me it's all in my ' imagination', don't want to confront the PATTERN?


Maybe it's in his 'imagination' too.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the big deal is...neither Obama or Clinton are the best democratic candidates. Both have lousy right of centre voting records and have both been bought and paid for by coporate America.

All this bickering has done is take away from any candidate speaking to the issues. And if you have a look you will see that some do speak to the issues and not just empty rhetoric.

I guess America does indeed get the President they deserve.

A liberal American is needed urgently as your President...don't let corporate media narrow you as voters into a Obama or Clinton choice.

Anonymous said...

burpster you are so right about Clinton and Obamaa.
Black America is in such a romantic notion about Obama they cannot stomach anyone challenging his ass on anything.
The Clintons have their own racial ghosts to battle and black folks are sure as hell giving it to them.

Yet, my concern is OBAMA and all this "I am staying away from race syndrome" What the f*ck are black people going to do when after he wins the office based on disavowing race and he surely cannot sit in office and attack black problems becasue white folks are not trying to hear that shit.
Remember this Field, white folks love this man and all this transcending of race, but they do not love the black misery index when you point out housing, black unemployment, mass incarceration rates for blacks, black on black crime, a health care crisis in the black community. Where is all that damn love then when black folks are catching hell from institutional racism. Obama Obama cheerleading doesn't mean shit when you struggling to live and pay rent and feed your damn family. Get off this bs and have a real dialouge about issues that are serious with the black community. I am sick of hearing people say Obama is better off to not talk about race. That means he cannot be a free black man in this country because to speak truth to power makes whites uncomfortable. So in reality if he cannot be questioned why does he need the black vote. Are black folks voting for his skin pigment and do not have any questions for this man. WAKE UP PEOPLE AND AT LEAST ASK SOME SERIOUS QUESTIONS.

And Clinton is not the answer either, but damn when have you ever heard of a politics that suggests you keep your issues hidden, but I got you once I am in.

That is some ish you tell your mistress.

Anonymous said...

Observations from a race traitor for the Clinton campaign (and whitefolk generally):

A five step program...

First step: realize that most black folks probably don't like you.

Second step: realize that they have some DAMN good reasons for not liking you.

Third step: shut the fuck up and listen.

Fourth step: put your money where your own goddamn mouth is if you say you want to make it different.

Fifth step: repeat steps one through four.

Addendum (in a minor key):

Admit when you've done (are doing) the wrong thing. Make amends.

Also: don't demand credit for doing the right thing. It's what you were supposed to be doing all along anyway.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a conflict here?

We shouldn't blindly follow current black leaders but we should buy into Obama--blindly--as a reflexive position against the Clintons.

My bottomline is focused on the worst case scenario for black folks. I ask who of the candidates can I most count on to stand against the wholesale slaughter or concentration into camps of black people.

I know Bill will sell us out. He has. I guess Obama would because he is doing this now, playing us down--unless he desparately needs us.

The only one who has practice--and has demonstrated a ruthlessness that might assure that she would challenge powers that be--is Hillary.

Look at Hill on health care for example. She is like a ghetto roach, she has never given up on the issue even though it made her a laughing stock and the whipping girl of the Republicans. Now, everbody is singing her tune.

Bill couldn't stand the heat around health care--and pulled Hill off the issue. Obama won't shoulder the heat of close affiliatin with blacks. So he shuts up on issues. Gore couldn't stand all of the rejection around his global warming agenda--and exited the Senate in defeat.

But gangsta Hill--though regularly knocked down--has gotten up and keeps coming. That's who blacks will need come the recession-related challenges of the future--when people of color no doubt will become economic scapegoats.

Remember LBJ had to steamroll over the South to secure the passage of the Civil Rights Act. He knew Southerners wouldn't like him or the Democratic party after the passage. He was willing to sacrifice his likeability for the cause. Hillary doesn't rely on likeability. The others do--and, therefore, are vulnerable to manipulation.

Anonymous said...

Reality check: If a Black politician speaks to issues that severely impact lower class Black America and inner-city residents they are viewed as playing the race card or worse yet, they will not take a stand on such issues because White fright would cause the White flight of any White votes the Black candidate hoped to garner.

However, take note when Hillary or any White or non-White politician talks about saving the “American Middle class” there is no talk about them playing the “White race card”! Reality Check: Middle class is actually a ‘code word’ meaning 'White America - White blue collar America. Of course there are the so called African Americans that are happily basking in a piece of the dream that has not dried like a raisin in the sun; and the happily employed middle class 'Latino/Hispanic/Asian/Middle Eastern/Indian/Pakistani/Eastern European immigrants' that feel they are in the club and under the new census rules can classify themselves as ‘White’.

The economy is in a recession – depression in the inner-cities; Bush and the Democrat controlled Congress think about rescue measures and tax rebates to save the banks and America’s Middle and upper class. Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke pledges to lower interest rates as needed to benefit the banking industry. Some people think the Federal Reserve Banks are United States Government institutions. They are NOT government institutions. They are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators; and rich and predatory money lenders.

Reality check: Have no doubt there are major investigations underway into the cause of the ‘subprime’ disaster. Real estate agents, appraisers, mortgage brokers better review all those easy deals you made in the past because you may be the fall guy. Investment banks and the big players have covered their ‘buts’. Authorities all over are investigating whether Wall Street banks hid crucial information; looking at loans made to people who did not have any documents verification for key requirements normally applied to mortgage borrowers.

Reality check: The main objective of the aid offered by politicians is to boost spending on big- ticket high profit margin items such as homes and cars, etc. with the hope of jump-starting and revitalizing economic activity for the key players. What about jump-starting free healthcare, free education, affordable housing for those who are below the poverty line, homeless, unemployed and unemployable for various reasons? Hillary and Obama table paltry 100 million dollar plans - a Band-Aid – a gesture to the American Middle class - what about the American poor? What about putting Hillary and Obama demanding a 50 billion dollar plan? My goodness, the tiny country of Singapore put 5 billion on the table to help Merrill Lynch out of their subprime trouble. It is insulting to the American people for Hillary and Obama to speak of a 100 million dollar ‘stop gap’ measure. The American people better start shouting ‘show the US poor the money’ and stop trippin’ on whether a women or a Black man can be elected. The only real difference between the whole bunch this time around is there is a woman in the mix.

Wake up ‘Negro Black American’ – I am talking about the Black America that knows what the ‘noose’ signifies; the Negro Black America that knows what ‘Jim Crow’ was and is all about; the Black America that stood on the frontlines during the heat of the Civil Rights movement. I know there is a generation that feels the Negro nothin’ but a ‘Tom’. To those who feel that way I say go back and read deeper into our history – not HIStory about you or the books ‘the conquer’ has written about you. The term African American does not measure up to what a real “Negro Black American” is – understand Negritude it is more American than ‘apple pie’ ever could be and retains more of what some call our ‘cultural identity’ or ‘roots’.

You see all immigrants: Hispanics, Asians, Europeans, Middle Easterners that come to these shores all maintain ‘cultural identity’.

Reality Check: Jessie Jackson coined the phrase African American and his intention at the time was to cause Negro Black America to recognize they have a historic and genetic tie to the continent of Africa. Some how the term has come to mean or represent some new type of ‘melted pot’ mentally assimilated American that identifies more with the so called ‘American Dream’ and ‘we are integrated therefore accepted by the dominant culture as equal’. This is a subject that legions of our renowned Negro, African, and African American Phd.s have written excellent books on.

Ever heard of an intellectual free thinking lemming (lemmings overcome by deep-rooted impulses deliberately run over a cliff) ? Good luck in finding one. African Americans have wasted their political capital since they gained the right to vote back in the 60’s. The Democrat Party doesn't feel they have to work for the Black vote, neither does the Republican Party, they know you have know alternative and they know you will be grateful for any ‘token’ benefits they had out. There is a major problem when a racial or religious group gives unfounded loyalty towards a political party or system that doesn't deserve it.

Pay close attention to how the Hispanic voting block moves and the benefits they extract from the candidates. Pay close attention how Obama and Hillary will pander to the Hispanic vote in the coming weeks and support the Hispanic issues. Will they be accused of playing the Hispanic card? What specific promises will Hispanics demand from them? Can you blame the Hispanic/Latino voters and their political leaders and grass roots groups for flexing their muscles and not being afraid to demand whatever they want? I think in order to get a job in Miami you might have to be able to speak Spanish?

Query: can the Hispanic and the Black vote come together? Or does the Hispanic vote feel they can extract more from the political machine by keeping a distance from the Black vote? Or does the Latino voter feel he is in a separate class and does not have the problems and needs of Black America?

Strange how all the indigenous native people of South America, Central America and Mexico have been branded Hispanic or Latino simply because the were forced to learn the language of the conquistadores Latin of the Roman Catholic Church; Spanish of Spain and some Portuguese of Portugal. Hispanic or Latino is not a race! One point many who cross the border agree on is they know the evil brutality of the oppressor and would rather be identified with him than those he has kept oppressed in the Americas for over 500 years. Even the so called American Indian would rather identify and pander to the ‘oppressor’ than align themselves with the ‘oppressed’ – sad but true.

Reality check on Hispanic/Latino Power: Follow what bills are being proposed, supported -- review the Black Congressional Caucuses voting history on illegal immigration and see how they vote! You will be surprised to see they pay closer attention to serving the Hispanic/Latino needs than the needs of “Negro Black America”. White and Black politicians from city councils to mayors to governors now cater more to the Hispanic vote -- Talk about change and shifting of political power – Wake up Black America, wake up! Show some love for self and make others remember who you are and how the north, south, east, and west was really won! The two party system is a fraud on you and every other American.

There is not really any difference between the Republicans and the Democrats! Vote for Obama or Hillary or the Republicans or may be none of the above -- Just kidding, for now anyway! What if there was the Asian American Political Party; the Hispanic American Political Party; the Negro Black American Political Party; and the African American Political Party. Reality check: with so many ethnic groups in America that have differing objectives it is apparent that the Democratic Republic model is antiquated. Especially now that both parties walk and talk the same -- you know – if it walks like a duck and quacks, it is a duck! The only way the White American dominated CorporateMilitaryAxisofEvil can maintain the status quo and keep their ‘flow’ is to keep everyone locked into the Democratic Republican matrix! There is no freedom; there is no choice, voters are on ‘lock down’. Could a Clinton/Obama ticket work? The question is: Work for who?

Peace & Power

Anonymous said...

Yo FN, it's one thing to comment on a situation thoroughly, and another to actually write your own post as a comment. Not that I'm some sort of comment guru, but it concerns me when a comment is much much longer than the actual post. Anyways, I never viewed the Clintons as Black, and it bothered me that just because dude played the sax for Arsenio and got head in the office, he's associated with us. While most of us don't believe in Clinton as a BP, there's still a few of us that do, and that's unsettling in light of your post.

Keeping it real with all your friends about your racialism is the way to go; otherwise, they get surprised when you write posts like these ;-).

Blinders Off said...


Very good post, believe me my household discusses what you are talking about. The recession is about to hit and hit hard. As for as the real estate BS, that is white-collar crime at its best.

The Willie Lynch Mentality is still in full effect in the black community.


I like the proud black voter ribbon...I proudly put it up on my blog. Thanks for sharing.

field negro said...

I" like the proud black voter ribbon...I proudly put it up on my blog. Thanks for sharing"

No problem BO. Thank some of the people over at the Afrospear, like Wayne Hicks from Electronic Village, and Yobachi. I think the campaign was their idea.

anon.1:32 AM, I love the five step program.

burpster and thinkaboutit, you both make good points abpout following Obama blindly. I think we are all well aware that an Obama presidency doesn't mean the end of all the bull shit in A-merry-ca for black folks. I have posted on this before, and I was called an angry cynical black man.

We will see. Everyone on the good ship "O" seems to think his presidency would change A-merry-ca. Well it looks to me like he will have to start with the leadership in his own party.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

The list of "Desperate House Niggers" is ever growing, with Sheila Jackson-Lee and Charlie Rangel being long members on it.

The question is what has Clinton promised them in exchange for their support? If it's anything like Fox Network promised the Congressional Black Caucus to host those Presidential debates ($1000 donations to the campaigns of the aforementioned CBC members, along with Elijah Cummings; plus internships at Morgan State University - total cost: less than $25K), she bought them on the cheap as Fox did.

If we're going to sell out, I wish we'd learn how to get fat paid for taking the risk that comes with selling out your position and your reputation. Jeez.

Obama forced Lady Hillary to take the high road, damn him. Now you can see what a tool she is. If he hadn't forced her to dial it back a notch, we would have seen the Big Dog on another talk show discussing Obama's Canterbury Tales again.

Anonymous said...

Hillary has been pretty active in the civil rights department.
But, so has Obama. So that cancels each other out.
In order to beat Obama, she has to prove to all voters that she can win a national election where 50% of those polled already say they won't vote for her.
In that same poll, Obama had the highest approval rating. That's no accident.

If you think these racial arguments are ugly now, Field Negro and readers, wait till the Swift Boaters get involved.

Anonymous said...

So, now Obama can't even stand and define the most MLK, Jr.--a national hero. Rather than defend MLK--and thereby suggests a black allegiance, Obama runs away from th fight. Is that someone on which Blacks should pin their hopes?

Anonymous said...

That is to start my prior comment, "Obama can't stand and defend the palatable MLK--a national hero even."

Anonymous said...

I see said the blind man, some sensible people are starting to post. Thank goodness, mayhap this is starting to blow over.

Anyway, as to the so-called Bill Clinton 'KID' remark; I still do not see it in text, nor hear it via video or audio.

#11- 'Fairy Tale' & 'Kid' :

Christopher said...

The Borg Queen's camp has pledged to stop the race-baiting.

Let's see how long until one of her supplicants starts causing trouble again.

My prediction is, the moment Barack wins another state primary -- like South Carolina, Miss Clinton will start stirring the pot again.

Unknown said...

The true state of affairs , we shouldn't even have to have this as a topic of discussion.

Christopher said...


We've been talking about the "O" man. Check this.

The "O" woman, Oprah Winfrey is getting her own network in 2009.

NEW YORK - Oprah Winfrey is getting her own TV network.

OWN: for O.prah W.infrey N.etwork will debut next year in nearly 70 million homes with cable and satellite, part of a deal announced Tuesday with Discovery Communications. It will replace the Discovery Health network.

The announcement builds a media empire that already includes the top-rated TV talk show, a magazine, a satellite radio network, a Web site and TV movies made under her banner.

Way to go, Oprah!

ZACK said...

I'm not going to write a dissertation like the people above me. (DAMN IT, It's someone else's blog not yours people! J/K)

Briefly, I feel that the Clintons are quite clever but at least you can tell they are. Yes, BET is garbage but it is a guilty pleasure of mine to at least watch it so I can talk about it.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Just so you know, Zack:

Since you admit BET is garbage; GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT.

Get in where you fit in, brotha.

Anonymous said...

Well Obama and Hillary made up and well should have because the real enemy is the Republican Party. There is no need to go encouraging people to vote against the democrats. Talk about biting off your nose to spite your face.

Anonymous said...

I just Googled "Lani Guinier" to see if she's had anything to say about this situation, and didn't come up with anything.

Someone should ask Lani what she thinks. The Clintons tossed their "good friend" Lani under the bus when she was the subject of a vicious racist smear campaign by the Republicans. After that wahy should anyone be surprised about what Hill-Billy are doing now:

C-dell said...

Excellent post. i tell you I never really got the whole Clinton was the 1st black pres. thing it seem to set black standards too low. As for this whole thing I thought that bill was a pretty guy and had some degree of care for the black community. I not saying that I still don't think that it is just I think that the clintons want to win more and will do what it takes. All I am saying is maybe they do care about black people, just not more than winning. I really to tell you the truth don't have and opinion on this one. Yes my view of bill has changed somewhat, I see him more aligned with the tactics and motives of his wife. That is really all that changed.

field negro said...

"I see said the blind man, some sensible people are starting to post. Thank goodness, mayhap this is starting to blow over."

nsabgoma, sensible people are always posting bra!

john b, funny you should mention Lani Guinier. I was on a radio program with a professor today from Spellman ( I can't remember the brother's name) and he mentioned how the Clintons threw her under the bus. Nope, black folks haven't forgotten that either.

Anonymous said...


You were great on NPR's "To the Point" this afternoon (that's why I'm here). It was an interesting discussion and a fascinating contrast between you, Professor Cobb and Leon Wynter on the one hand and that older state senator from South Carolina who was backing Hillary on the other. What did you think of the show?

Oh, and your blog tells it like it is.

Anonymous said...

this is all very sad

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap. Did you hear what Fat boy Dittoman said today? Go to Crooks and Liars for the radio clip.

Looks like the Reverend has a new date.

Michael Fisher said...

Hillary broke that race thing off the fence on purpose. Check out her "Meet the Press" appearance. Full of racist code language.

Brian said...

Ironic Indeed.

And can you please put Bob Johnson on the sidebar permanently... under "House Negro"?

Or create a special section for him.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Lani Guinier said in her book that she hasn't talked to the Clintons since being slung under that bus.

That's been 15 years ago. She said in her book that they haven't even bothered to call and apologize for slinging her under said bus.

And it's funny no one's approached her and asked her how she feels about Hillary Clinton's running, but if she comes out and makes any statement towards Obama or even Edwards, the shyt will hit the fan, and she will remind everyone else how badly she was treated by the Clintons.

No, Black folk haven't forgotten how girlfriend was treats - almost as bad as Anita Hill.

If Obama or Edwards gets the White House, the best revenge would be to send Lani Guinier and Anita Hill forward as nominees for the Supreme Court.

Imagine how Unca Clarence would feel if he has to go to work and see Guinier and Hill's faces every damned day...

west coast story said...

I posted elsewhere that my distaste for the Clintons begins with Lani Guanier, Jocelyn Elders, and Hazel O'Leary. And ends with Rawanda.

Black self hatred is pathetic. I read Obama's bio and as someone who does community organizing, I know that Obama gets it. He gets it more than middle class cheese eating, white wine sipping colored folks and he certainly gets it better than his opponent, Mss. Anne.

Anonymous said...

I'm gettin tired of the Black self-hatred that's called "integration" too. When will Black people learn our problems can be eliminated by moving into white neighborhoods and white school. 100% integration is unrealistic and impossible