Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"I wanna hold your hand"

"That nigger ain't shit"

This is what I hear some knucklehead saying about me (I am sure he wanted me to hear) while talking to a group of other knuckleheads in the lobby area of my 9-5 plantation today.

Of course I would have loved to have done a pirouette, step in his grill, and ask the mother fucker just who the fuck he was talking about? But I couldn't. I had to take the high road and pretend I didn't even hear the little motherfucker. It's one of the things I hate about my job. I have to be the bigger man all the time and take shit like this from folks, who for whatever reason, feeel that I, or the system, messed over them at some point in their miserable ass lives.

So that little incident today, and watching all the pundits tonight, had me thinking about the "O" man's diss of Hillary. Of course it wasn't really a dis. Girlfriend, bright red dress and all, tried to grandstand the "O' man and pretend she was his friend by offering her hand (or so she says) while the two were getting ready for the State Of The Union Address. And this is when some photographer caught what he must have thought was the shot of a life time. [see sidebar] The "O" man, seeming to turn his back on the Ice Queen, right at the moment she was reaching out to shake his hand.

Sadly, the "O" man lied and said he didn't see her. “I was surprised by the reports this morning. There was a photograph in the [New York] Times about me sort of turning away. I was turning away because Claire [Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri] asked me a question as Senator Kennedy was reaching for me.”......come on "O" man, you saw her. But so what? Now Hillary is making a big fucking deal over a small dis. Anything to score political points. "Well, I reached my hand out in friendship and unity and my hand is still reaching out,”... And I look forward to shaking his hand sometime soon.” That sound you hear is me throwing up. Are you kidding me? The truth of the matter is I think there is too much faux civility in politics. I would have respected Hillary more if she went over to the "O" man and Teddy Liberal and said: "So you two pieces of shits think that your little announcement today is going to slow me down? Well fuck both of you." I mean she could have just leaned over and whispered it, and no one would have been the wiser. But the phony ass I want to shake your hand move for all the world to see was just pure crap. And I would have respected the "O" man more if he admitted, as the New York Times reported, that he was dissed by the Ice Queen before, and wasn't trying to be dissed again. (Once bitten twice shy) I mean who would could blame him? But he is a politician, and they don't act like real people. Real people say stuff like...well, "that nigger aint shit". Not that Hillary would have said that, although I am sure she might have been thinking it :)

Sow now all the televison pundits have picked up on this little photo. It's getting more screen time than the Manning brothers for crying out loud. Some of these pundits are all over the "O" man for not being civil to the lady, and the National Organization of Women has made a cause celebre out of this shit: Men behaving badly. Funny how Hillary can be a poor damsel in distress when it suits her, and a tough as nails take no prisoner war-hawk when she has to take that route. Hey, that's why she is a politician I guess.

But this is the problem with politics, you can never be honest because you want to get elected. I am sure the "O" man's handlers are reviewing that little picture over and over again to see what the negative effects might have been. Now they are thinking; minimize the damage, get in nice guy mode to the quickness. Can't have all those women across A-merry-ca thinking the "O" man dissed a lady.

I bet they will be real nice and cordial to each other at tomorrow night's debate. The "O" man will be a perfect gentleman, and that hand Hillary claims she is holding out will finally be taken.


SouthernGirl2 said...

What a liar!!!

Hillary is not even looking in the direction of Barack Obama. She is giving the eye contact & the extended hand to Ted Kennedy!

That lying....hussy

And she is milking it for all it's worth!

I despise that woman!

Anonymous said...

I agree to the max!

FN: "Some of these pundits are all over the "O" man for not being civil to the lady..."

She'll use his supposed indiscretion in much the same way she used the crying game: to cast Obama again as a "gang banging" male so that she may win votes she might otherwise have never received from women.

Hell, compared with politics as a sport, football is a cleaner, more honest, and loftier game.

Damn, I respect the game of football more than I do politics and politicians. In football the rules are clear, and the officials are less corrupt--not so in politics.

Anonymous said...

All props to Missy.

She has brass ovaries.

In an attempt to humiliate her, she was publicly dumped in the high school gym; that very same night she shows up at the prom stylin-nin in florescent red.

Saying what up punk m-f's, I'm here, yall ain't shit and yall ain't done shit; I'm still here, I ain't running from you, and I'm not going to stop running for president.

Sticking out her hand in a gesture as to say, humiliate on these great big brass ovaries right here, punk mofo's.

She got right in their faces didn't she; one lacked the testicular fortitude to look her in the eye.

Hear them clang.


Anonymous said...

Full set of pictures can be found here. See them as you will. As it is, it looks to me like Teddy reached out to Hillary first (based on the first and second picture). And if Hillary has such a pair on her, why (for starters) did she lie about the situation after in order to make is seem like she was?

Anonymous said...

Above 3:03 AM comment should say:

"And if Hillary has such a pair on her, why (for starters) did she lie about the situation and make it seem like she was snubbed?"

Hathor said...

When I saw the picture in your side bar, I didn't understand the caption. Now that I know what the caption is about, I looked again, I still don't see it.

Anonymous said...

Also, final addition to my 3:03am comment above, if you scroll down through the comments of the thread for the set of pictures linked, you'll eventually see a post of a picture taken from another angle that shows Obama *GASP* talking to McCaskill at the time of the alleged bullshit snub...

And for the record: Obama didn't say he didn't see Clinton.

kid said...

I don't know if this will come out but, there is another picture taken earlier that show Obama reaching out to shake someones' hand , while she was reaching for Ted. This is dumg. You would have think it was the J.F.K. assination tape.

gordon gartrelle said...

The level of political discourse in the mainstream media is pathetic. I would expect more from high schoolers.

John B. said...

Here's an excellent take on the whole thing:

Anonymous said...

I liked the other angle from above because you can see o's disgust. dude, maybe obama was taking the high road instead of making a scene. that's just as equally possible. plus, hillary's "nice enough." why would you shake her hand knowing she's that much of a prick? i'm good.

field negro said...

Yeah the whole thing is pretty pathetic isn't it. The very fact that we are even discussing this is kind of sad.

anon.3:303AM thanks for the link.

And stop the presses: I actually might agree with nsangoma, inspte of what I said in my post. She wore that red dress and got right back in their faces. Maybe it's the "O" man who should grow some.

Christopher said...

The Borg Queen had better thank her lucky stars that Barack didn't slap her across the face.

I am not a violent person and I don't condone violence against women but after the shit coming out of her mouth targeting Barack, if anyone deserved a slap, it's Hillary Clinton.

Loved her Chinese red dress.

In corporate Murika, red is seen as a power color. Witchcraft Nancy Reagan and the Big Dick's lesbo wife, Lynne Cheney, used to wear Chinese red dresses to SOTU addresses to let everyone know that they were the Belle's of the Ball and not to be fucked with.

Anonymous said...

if he snubbed her, he should have. why should he kow-tow to hillary. she's been nasty as hell. i don't blame him if he snubbed her. she snubbed him before. suppose he had reached for her hand, only for her to pretend that she was extending it to someone else in the crowd. i don't blame the O man for the snub. i like the O-man. i would've snubbed her ass, too. we all know, however, that talk of "the snub" will be over in a chili pepper minute, then we'll move on to more substantial topics.

Anonymous said...

Diss?? (right-click, open in new window)

O.K., where is Claire McCaskill?

My view, it looks like Ted Kennedy initiated the hand-shake; Hillary Clinton looks surprised initially, (or at least she feigns surprise) but then she gets up in Ted Kennedy's grill, our boy punks out. Where is Claire McCaskill?

Has Hillary been taking sister girl lessons?

A show-nuff sister woman, after a so-called rebuff, would have attended chuch the next Sunday in a florescent lemon yellow or a florescent tangerine orange or maybe a florescent lime. The sistahs in Hillary's crew should have helped her pick a much more louder and brighter red.

I believe Michelle Obama will give Hillary some props and some skin the next time they meet, and say to her on the sly, "Hoe, where did you learn to do some shit like that?" "You a bad mo-fo; you must have a sistah or two up in your crew, telling you how to handle yo' biz-zi-ness."

Christopher said...


ROFLMAO! Priceless!

I totally agree. I think Michelle Obama, who stands a foot taller than the Borg Queen, could go all Chicago on the Borg Queen and kick her ass back to Westchester County and never break a sweat.

Barack to Michelle: "What was all that about?"

Michelle to Barack: "Oh, nothing baby. I was just taking care of some bidness."

Christopher Chambers said...

Am I crazy or are we distracted by this crap? Look, right now Diebold is rigging the touchscreen voting machines; the Supreme Court is ready to re-instate poll taxes and "certain photo i.d.'s" as before you can vote. The Swifties are gearing up. The only difference is that now it'll be truly freelance and on the D-L, for I can tell you true John McCain doesn't play that sh*t (some of the fools around him, maybe). But Mitt, hey he's dirty.

So let's not loose sight of the real enemy. And let's make sure we pull up the crooked politicians, the old guard civil rights tools, the greedy pastors, the rappers, the video vixens, the fans of Tyler Perry et al before this election so if O is the nominee, he's not having to look over his shoulder at what the House negroes and ghettocracy are doing. He;ll have enough to worry about when all the non-Democrat-leaning precincts in Ohio suddenly have voting machine problems...

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I'm sympathetic to the "O" man, here, Field.

She shouldn't have started slinging mud the way she did - and her performance in South Carolina made it worse.

Obama is showing he's human - hell, there's no one on this board that wouldn't have been tempted to snub the Borg Queen, giving her tactics of late.

She's getting the memo that white women are getting pissed off with her and the Big Dog trying to get a de facto third term of POTUS. I've spoken to several Miss Annes' since January 24th here in DC, and they all said while they were considering Hillary, her bringing up Obama's race was the big turn off; not to mention she can't campaign on her own, so the Big Dog has to do it for her.

They feel she's set the feminist movement back 30 years, and they are also saying Gloria Steinham doesn't speak for them.

Talk about pissing off sistas - it's a whole 'nother level you're talking about when it's white women involved - those Jersey girls didn't get all up in the Government's grill over losing their husbands on 9/11 for nothing...

Anonymous said...

Field--Mr. Negro---I have mad respect for you. I like the way you've yet to drink the kool-aid, but you keep an eye on what's going on. Myself, I've drunk the kool-aid and I'm making another picture, but I appreciate your ABM-ness. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I really do not understand why this is a huge deal particularly was already established that Clinton and Obama do not really like one another. Such as like there are going to be some people that you will interact and not get along with him or her. I think what is more interesting how we are now seeing that the Clinton are not as well liked by a lot of people with in their parties and burned bridges along the way.

Obama and the so-called snub, I really do not know about that as we are only looking at on photograph and unable to tell what transpired before and after the taking of the picture. Remember Collin Powell presentation before the UN making the case that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and the best evidence he presented was a photograph of a truck. Yes a photograph of truck, but not a photograph of contents inside the truck. Nevertheless, people assumed something must be in the truck since Powell.

Of course we can look at this from a very shallow point of view which a lot people tend to do as we do not always examine everything with the greatest of detail. We look things how they appear to be, and not as they really are. In the meantime, we are spending trillions of dollars for a war that does not make sense, a sub-prime loan crisis in which we have Clinton to thank for that has he signed to deregulate the Glass-Stegall in 1999 (read February's Harpers Magazine), and the economy is slowing down possibly into a recession. I think have more important things to be concerned with a possible snub.

Anonymous said...

... , I've drunk the kool-aid and I'm making another picture, ...

Got day-um baby sis, you are most definitely drinking a kool-aid of some sort if you spell pitcher, picture.

Or, is that on porpoise?

Anonymous said...

I'm at work, LOL! I'm not focused. My bad. I will do penance with this poem from Maya Angelou written for Hillary Clinton as printed in The Guardian:,,332141812-119093,00.html

State Package for Hillary Clinton

You may write me down in history

With your bitter, twisted lies,

You may tread me in the very dirt

But still, like dust, I'll rise.

This is not the first time you have seen Hillary Clinton seemingly at her wits' end, but she has always risen, always risen, don't forget she has always risen, much to the dismay of her adversaries and the delight of her friends.

Hillary Clinton will not give up on you and all she asks of you is that you do not give up on her.

There is a world of difference between being a woman and being an old female. If you're born a girl, grow up, and live long enough, you can become an old female. But to become a woman is a serious matter. A woman takes responsibility for the time she takes up and the space she occupies. Hillary Clinton is a woman. She has been there and done that and has still risen. She is in this race for the long haul. She intends to make a difference in our country. Hillary Clinton intends to help our country to be what it can become.

She declares she wants to see more smiles in the family, more courtesies between men and women, more honesty in the marketplace. She is the prayer of every woman and man who longs for fair play, healthy families, good schools, and a balanced economy.

She means to rise.

Don't give up on Hillary. In fact, if you help her to rise, you will rise with her and help her make this country the wonderful, wonderful place where every man and every woman can live freely without sanctimonious piety and without crippling fear.

Rise, Hillary.


Anonymous said...

printed in The Observer. my bad.

-D said...

Field, I will be honest with you; I'm kind of bored of the whole thing. Everybody knows these two type-A competitive people are in it to win, and don't have time for each other. I mean, what's the revelation?

"Sow now all the televison pundits have picked up on this little photo. It's getting more screen time than the Manning brothers for crying out loud."

Now THERE is some drama. Big brother Peyton, sitting at home in the dark, watching his little bro Eli play the game while brooding about what could have been. I'd be a fly on that wall.

Anonymous said...

Where's Sen. McCaskill? Right here:

Anonymous said...

Just joshing, kellybelle. I am no Englishcian myself.

... but she has always risen, always risen, don't forget she has always risen, much to the dismay of her adversaries and the delight of her friends. ...

A big sister-girl church hat with a big looping feather, would have set that red suit off just right. But alas and alack one can't wear one of those hats inside the House of Representatives.

Obama, Hillary has some sho-nuff sistahs on her squad, and they are most definitely telling her how respond to a brother. Especially, to a pretentious brother who doth not want to show his colour.

Like I said, Michelle is going to tell Hillary that she is a bad bitch and give her a high five, the next she sees her.

Mark said...

as jay smooth says, are we electing a president here, or kicking somebody off survivor island, or finding a mate for flavor flav? it's a sad commentary that this is our political discourse. a mega non issue.

dc_speaks said...

this is actually news worthy? c'mon FN, this is just some more attempts to bring about the division of the Democratic party whilst John McCain strolls in for the presidency.

certainly more things are important. like my gas prices in Cleveland rising up 23 cents on a f*cking Tuesday...the weekend will be hell. lol!

Jonne Austin said...

I can't believe they are making a big deal out of this. I don't think he's lying per se because what I saw was that she was shaking someone else's hand. If she as looking dead at him that's one thing, but she's not.

Anonymous said...

"The latest Rasmussen phone survey released Wednesday gave Clinton a mere three-point lead, 43%-40%. Two weeks earlier the same survey had Clinton with a five-point lead 38%-33%."

Remember the Republican primary IS NOT OPEN, but the Dems is. That means independents will likely vote in the Democratic, historically they vote for Obama so add that on to this figure.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi has not formally backed Obama but all her surrogates are out in force in Cali.

Does any of the Democratic Establishment want Billary to win???

Seems Billar has a lot of enemies inside the Beltway.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Kathy and I am a Fieldaholic. I like Obama too.

The "Gang-banging" from NOW is over the top. I bet she loses more votes from that.

What happened to the sour look on Hillary's face during the address?
I don't see any pictures of that, and it was the most memorable image from the broadcast. She looked like a mean hag. I would turn away from her too.

Anonymous said...

Uh uh uh. While a picture is worth 1000 words, the exact 1000 words depends on who's telling the story/providing the commentary/"creating" the story.

I agree with the comment that this [potentially manufactured] grade-school playground quibble is smoke and mirrors -- sent to conceal much more sinister issues (such as those dang voting machines).

While some examine the photos with a jeweler's glass, Diebold will be making "curious enhancements" to the voting machines [while looking nervously over their shoulders].

And field, I agree that Hillary made me vomit a little in my mouth with that "my hand is extended..." crap - and Obama should reserve the right to decline a fake-shake and be honest about it. hehe

Christopher said...

The Borg Queen Silent As WalMart Stopped Union Efforts

In six years as a member of the Wal-Mart board of directors, between 1986 and 1992, Hillary Clinton remained silent as the world’s largest retailer waged a major campaign against labor unions seeking to represent store workers.

According to an investigative report by ABC News:

Clinton has been endorsed for president by more than a dozen unions, according to her campaign Web site, which omits any reference to her role at Wal-Mart in its detailed biography of her.

Wal-Mart’s anti-union efforts were headed by one of Clinton’s fellow board members, John Tate, a Wal-Mart executive vice president who also served on the board with Clinton for four of her six years.

Tate was fond of repeating, as he did at a managers meeting in 2004 after his retirement, what he said was his favorite phrase, “Labor unions are nothing but blood-sucking parasites living off the productive labor of people who work for a living.”

An ABC News analysis of the videotapes of at least four stockholder meetings where Clinton appeared shows she never once rose to defend the role of American labor unions.

Anonymous said...

"Loved your answers on immigration tonight "O" man. You are right, it is wrong to blame immigrants for the loss of jobs for minorities in this country. "We should not use immigration as a tactic to divide..." Amen Brother! "


Can you give me a quantitative study showing this is true.

The fact is Obama was pandering to Hispanics because he had no choice, he is not dumb enough to believe that.

Hillary actually told the truth for once and I was shocked, but what she said was dead on.

This is not an issue of "immigrants" my wife is an immigrant. This is an issue of "illegal aliens", that is what you call someone who crosses the border without permission.

Reality is Hispanics who are legal and poorly educated have a lot of the problems of blacks, if you are legal then there is no benefit in corrupt employers to hire them and try to exploit them.

I have already shown you a full study and a summary of another study Field on this very issue which directly contradicts what you "believe in".

So answer me this..."what type of man stands in the face of firm evidence and still states the opposite"?

I know you did not do well on your LSAT logic quiz by saying...

Well..."it must be A) because I feeeeeel like Anne must be 2 years older than Tommy and 6 months older than John"

So I know you know better. I guess cognitive dissonance is a b$*# You can await your united anti-white Maoist insurgency to come...LOL

Some of us actually care about black folks more than they care about ideology. Like I said it is easy to sit in an office with the fam and you set up nicely and pontificate about the joys of illegal aliens, but all African AMericans don't have that pleasure.'

I broke this down simple in the link above, which you have read Field, but since that time more studies have come out and all of them say the same thing and it does not jive with your rainbow coalition hopes. Time to wake up bro.

Anonymous said...

@dragon horse:

The fact is Obama was pandering to Hispanics because he had no choice, he is not dumb enough to believe that.

Don't be so sure.

Here in this country we can't even decide on what to call it (illegal immigration) that is suitable to all pundits.

Terms are important. When we refer to terms in less than legal, honest, and accurate ways, we risk muddled thinking.

Illegal immigration is not "legal immigration," and no amount of "dress up" is going to make the word less than what it is.

We all know what "porous borders" have created and I'd hate to have to recount them here, but let me do it any way:

Illegal drug trafficking, human trafficking and sex slavery, the gang explosion in poor neighborhoods (read: barrio, and ghetto), increased violence on the border, influx of the sick, seeking free medical care, or mothers wishing to anchor their babies as a pathway to citizenship, or those who carry deadly diseases, criminals of all stripes (murderers, child molesters, thieves, burglars, rapists), and, yes, terrorists.

Despite what some have said, there's evidence that potential terrorists have crossed our Southern border.

And we know who the culprits are-- those who have aided and abetted this outrageous influx of the poor into our country--the Mexican government and the U.S. government.

Both are guilty of allowing this unbridled flow of people across our borders. And the Mexican government has set up an administration in their government to foster the influx, and to assure that the flow continues, and that the money that is earned here is returned there.

Mexico, the U.S. and Canada are putting into place now, the foundation for the NAU (The North American Union). The currency (the Amero) has already been designed, as well as the logo for this union.

A Goggle search will turn this all up.

North Carolinians have the design on newly issued drivers' licenses, and those who received the new license had no idea what it represented.

Here's a shocker: not all Mexican-Americans are on board with this amnesty thing for illegals.

My son-in-law who's Mexican is not down with it, and I know many others who're not, but they're not going to go against the Hispanic organizations that are sponsoring it.

That they depress wages in certain sectors is well known: the carpentry trade, the meat, and landscaping industry.

I could go on.

California has had to shut down many of its Emergency Rooms in Hospitals because illegals use them as primary care facilities.

The pressure on medical care, schools, and other social services, is on the verge of bankrupting the state, and what with the sub-prime mortgage crisis, fewer tax dollars are coming into the state coffers, prompting a call for new state taxes.

I can't blame poor people for wanting to better their lives, and to give their children the best future possible.

But, do we wish to become the "welfare nation" for the rest of the world?

That's surely what we're becoming now.

I would rather help people where they are.

Further, a country like Mexico is rich in resources: they can sustain the economic welfare of their people. They choose not to.

Why should they when we're sucker enough to allow their poor to come here virtually unopposed.

Mexico has a dozen very wealthy families that hold the bulk of that country's wealth. They're not about to give any of it up for the peons in their midst.

Ask yourself, why is it that Mexico is not one thriving country (Canada is.) existing, as it is, next door to the richest country in the world?

They have a willing workforce, but seem to never get their economic act together.

And this myth of black/brown cooperation is just that--a myth. It's never going to come to fruition. Mexicans are just as mesmerized by colorism as are blacks.

They will use us to gain political clout and drop us hard when we're no longer needed.

Let me sum it up this way: both the Mexican and U.S. governments are benefiting immensely from this cheap labor. Neither wish to stop the exploitation of Mexican people.

We could regulate the flow of workers across our Southern border using the same model as Canada, but that would be too expensive for the government and the businesses who employ them (they would have to finally pay them a living wage, and protect them in other ways).