Friday, January 04, 2008

O Time!

Damn it Barrack, I wish you wouldn't do this. I really do.

You need to stop teasing all these black folks and well meaning white folks out here.

I caught your little act in Iowa last night, and it was impressive. I gotta give it to you my man, you have some skills.

Honestly, my ankles are hurting from jumping on and off your damn bandwagon. And right now I am feeling like jumping on again. People have been telling me that I should stop being so cynical and get on board the Obama train but.....I mean I am just saying. Having a black Prez would be cool and all (at least a half a one anyway). But will having a black Prez cause our children to stop popping each other like they are all living in a video game? Will it cause one more misguided teenager to put on some protection before he has sex with some poor fatherless girl? Will it stop corporations from being greedy? And will it stop that racist cop or DA from doing something he would have if a white Prez was in the White House? I am pretty sure it won't. Our problems are much deeper than having one of us acting as commander in chief.

Still, the symbolism would be nice. And it would say something about A-merry-ca. I for one would have to reconsider some of my views of A-merry-ca and all the people in it. I would certainly start looking at my white neighbors in a more positive light. After all, if I am going to rip them when I think they do wrong, I have to praise them when they do right.

So I might ride with the half and half man for now (I don't want to be the odd man out with my fellow Afrobloggers), but I don't want to get too involved, because in the back of my mind I am still aware of where I live. "But field we have come so far. Look at Tiger Woods, look at Oprah. A-merry-ca has moved beyond race field; face it, you are living in the dark ages."

OK, we will see. Come November if all you black folks are on suicide watch after a presidential white out don't come crying to the field's blog. Because from the way things are going I will be just as hurt as you are, and I won't have any damn answers over here for you.


C-dell said...

I have been really busy, I am an officer in three organizations, plus work, and I am just waiting for some of my time to free up so I can begin blogging again. Better Busy than bored.

I for one am on the Obama bandwagon. I think that he is a good candidate with good ideas. I also see your point I have mixed views. I want him to win, but I don't know if he can

-D said...

Not fair, Field. You're trying to have it both ways... just look at the language you're using.

You're always railing against Bush (justifiably) for things he DID or DIDN'T DO.

But when you talk about how things would change under Obama, you say:
"Our problems are much deeper than having one of us ACTING as commander in chief."

So what does that mean exactly? Big-Hat-No-Cattle gets to actually cause damage with his real power, but the black dude in the Oval Office, well, they're just letting him sit in the big chair. You know, so they can feel good about themselves.

"I would certainly start looking at my white neighbors in a more positive light. After all, if I am going to rip them when I think they do wrong, I have to praise them when they do right."

Damn right you would. A 94% white state just did this. 94%, Field.

Get on the train, already.

-D said...

Furthermore, I'm tired of hearing this:

1) Obama being Prez won't change the world.
2) I don't want to get my hopes up in Obama just so I can watch him lose.

Here's my thing:

If you think ANYONE in office is going to reform society, or solve global warming, or make the lions lay down with the lambs or whatever, you are putting way too stock in anyone.

He's the President. He has real power. But the corporations will ALWAYS be greedy, the shit's always gonna stink, and waking up on Day 1 of a black Presidency, we're still going to have Republicans, taxes and other flies in the ointment.

And as far as getting our feelings hurt... man, join the club. I'm so white you'll go blind looking at me directly, and I've watched the guys I've rooted for crash and burn for 20 years.

But the stakes are too high now, the Iraq war drags on, the Supreme Court hangs in the balance... and honestly, Barrack needs to win just so poor Judge Stevens can finally retire.

The man is 105 years old, and he just wants a nap.

Obama '08

field negro said...

good points jimbo you might have me there. If you look at this from an ideological and not racial stand point, you definately do. But still......hey, I am just writing how I feel right now. Some people are looking for that "magic negro", and I just don't want them to get their hopes up for nothing.

Christopher said...


What a beautiful picture of Barack.

He looks so young and handsome.

Iowa was so exciting. We watched MSNBC and stayed up until midnight drinking in the reality that Barack came in first. Well ahead of John Edwards and of course, ahead of the Ice Queen.

Iowa also means the beginning of the end for the Motherfucker from Midland's tenure as president. Our long, national nightmare is coming to an end.

Barack's victory in Iowa was decisive -- it was HUGE, and the torch was passed from the older generation to a younger generation, eager to elect black American president.

Barack, Michelle, and their adorable daughters reminded me of the pictures from 45 years ago of Jack and Jacqueline Kennedy and their two kids.

Camelot 2.0?

If Barack wins New Hampshire and I think he will, then South Carolina and Nevada, he will own the Democratic nomination. This is the America I want to live in.

Martin Lindsey said...

Camelot 2.0, humm. Hey there's a campaign tag Barak's crew needs to pick up on. Good thought Chris.

Hey field, you're gonna break your ankles with the fence skipping man(LOL). Go ahead and dream so we can actually change this thing. There's no disappointment to be anticipated. Michelle will be making the next contribution to the White House china collection.

I can't wait til the Alabama primary comes around. I'm going to be driving that bandwagon my @#$! self!

Happy new year man.

Blinders Off said...

His (historical) speech Thursday night reeled me in. If he is his party nomination, he will get my time to help him make to the White House.

Anonymous said...

Can Obama first make some political points and not high mighty speeches before Black America loses it damn mind. He needs to seek the black vote with some policy talk and not grandstanding with MLK's speeches. People are not really analyzing this brother who is being forced onto the black community by larger forces. I am not a Hillary or John Edwards supporter either, but damn can anyone point to anything of substance Obama has said besides the empty slogans of change, hope, a new day in America. For whom is new day comning, and how can get away with not campaigning for the black vote, but only only offering a colorblind racial paradigm for America to feel good about itself inside of this living embodiment of hope. It is only one caucus not a complete primary season. Damn black folks will jump and howl at the moon over some dumb shit, you better wake up and listed more carefully than buy some canned political talk that has substance.

baatin. said...

obama juu! juu juu kabisa! they were chanting this in western kenya (where his dad was from) when he came through with michelle a few years ago. i thought they were fucking nuts when i heard about it. i was dead wrong. field, this homie is NOT the magic negro. he's the real deal. his speech last night was amazing, and not in the mlk-style that people seem to suggest. it seemed forthright to me. obama juu! juu juu kabisa! it's just a chant that says homie is rising. field, being from the rock, you can relate to chnats, no?

Mwangangi said...

I think we all feel the same way, everywhere I've been on the sweet side of the internet has the same type of post, shit even I do...

Nope him winning won't change the whole world; just a little bit of it, and everything has to start somewhere.

Anonymous said...

whatever he does or does not do is better than what the Current Occupant has done or has not done.

Nelson said...

in re: anonymous @ 1:03

Barack's policy proposals are all available on his website ( It's everything from reforming bankruptcy laws and stopping predatory lending practices, to investing in education, to enforcing and expanding civil rights laws, to providing incentives to keep jobs in America.

The media needs its 30 second soundbite, and when it does it will report each campaign's theme. I've sat down and listened to a couple of Obama's rallies on CSPAN. First, he does address his proposals. Second, he doesn't address them as in depth, just as other candidate's don't, because honestly, anyone standing up for an hour and a half isn't going to want to listen to wonkish talk the whole time.

Seek out information about his record and his policy proposals. It's out there, but don't expect the talking heads on TV or the soundbite producers to tell you.

Jonne Austin said...

Field I feel you on not wanting to get your hopes up, but as for our problems, I think we all need some serious grassroots help to fix what aids the African-American community. I really do. I don't think the president can do as much as a real activist with a passion.

plez... said...


get on board man... and stop vascillating! no one is going to solve all of society's ills, that isn't the president's job anyway!

you (supposed) field negroes need to get off the fence and support our brother.

* i knew that would get a rise outta you!

Anonymous said...

I feel like he is all we have. I hope he can make it . . . otherwise, you may see this white girl heading on up to Canadia . . .

Anonymous said...

You hold Obama to unrealistic tasks because your hue is similar. Field, give serious consideration to posting your pic as House Negro of the month. Hey, I’m calling it the way I’m reading it.

I’ve heard it mentioned by African Americans repeatedly and unfortunately been witness that too many blacks respect/adhere to white males than black males. Your rhetoric is screaming I'm Guilty! Is the lack of black self-respect why Killadelphia and every major city spike in black on black homicides?

Repeat after me Field - Obama, Obama, Obama!

Unknown said...

Honestly there are only two things that worry me about an Obama Presidency:
1. That complacency and the idea that "Oh, HE'LL fix it all now" will stop the growth of activism in our communities.
2. That he'll be killed.

The man is too brilliant not to understand both of those possibilities exist. So I say this, what is the harm in hope? Haven't our people been hoping for hundreds of years? Don't stop working, agitating or telling it like it is, but maybe it's time to just let yourself have some hope, Field. There's plenty to go around!

Anonymous said...

Field, your inter-personal conflictions are showing. Go back and do a bit of self- assessment upon your posting. You go from fear, to self-hate, straight to denial, and then to direct hate. I agree with Jimbo.

Unrealistic expectations, Field! You (power of one) can rectify community/group challenges. If you don’t agree – don’t expect Obama. He said ordinary people can do extra ordinary things. Also, he has been aggressive toward attacking targeted social issues such as the black church’s homophobia that promotes HIV and hatred. The black church has failed its communities and people miserably due to greed begot from republicans.

Christopher said...

Barack Obama's post-Iowa victory speech was a thing of beauty.

Perfectly structured to use imagery that evoked a myriad of issues and themes. From the Iraq war, to the environment and the civil rights movement.

Barack has so many gifts. He instills in his listeners a sense of hope and optimism. Yes, good things are possible and attainable for all of us. In Barack's America, men, women, black, white, gay and straight, all have a place at the table.

Barack Obama will be a president for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Everyone please take the lollipop out of your mouths. As for Obama's proposals please. HE voted to help the credit card companies limit bankruptcy already during his U.S. Senate career. He is no devliver to the poor or the left behind massess. He cannot fix the hood and all this symbolism of his campaign is going to be a nightmare when people wake up. No politician can deliver what he is offering. Also, tell me what state in the South will he win in a general election. You all need to study the electoral map and do your math before planning the celebration. I choose to be a cynic because at the most he is just another politician which means he will sell his soul to win a election. Did any of you contribute money because that is were interests are going to remain. Just because someone urges caution does not make them a hater, yet the comments on this board seem so weak and gullible for a man who has won only one cycle in the election process. He is not a progressive mark my words.

Hathor said...

He needs to seek the black vote with some policy talk and not grandstanding with MLK's speeches.
To anonymous who wrote this;
I feel he was channeling ML King Jr. in more ways that I think you would understand. An acceptance speech should state more vision than policy. You want your support to be inspired. He will need those same people during the convention and the general election if he wins the nomination.

The SCLC did have policies along with Kings writings and speeches. You seemed to imply that there can never be substance behind the flourishes.

Anonymous said...


Enjoy your blog and everything, but would you stop with the "half and half man" thing? It's insulting and demeaning. You and I know that as far as "Mainstream America" is concerned, whatever his ancestry, Obama is as black as the Ace of Spades.

There's a lot of white people who may be prejudiced against minorities on one level or another, but they don't want to admit it to themselves. They can feel good about themselves by voting for Obama because you know what? He really, genuinely is the most exciting, inspiring candidate in the race, with universal appeal. He's not just an ethnic ward-heeler like Jesse Jackson or Sharpton.

So all the "Profesional Black Leaders" who are whining that Obama's not "black enough," that he doesn't pay them proper obeisance, are just going to have to deal with it. A new day is coming.

field negro said...

"get on board man... and stop vascillating! no one is going to solve all of society's ills, that isn't the president's job anyway! "

Sorry plez, not just yet.

Now I do co-sign with seattleslim. Because as someone who does his work from the grassroots level, I have to agree that it's the only way that we will really fix what is wrong with our community. Of course I don't think that it's the President's job. Hell, if it was; we (black folks)would have been extinct a long freaking time ago.

"You go from fear, to self-hate, straight to denial, and then to direct hate.."

berlin, I have been accused of quite a few things in my life, but hating myself is not one of them:)
Still, I hear you, and I agree that I have been doing some serious
vacillating...but it stems from my overall mistrust of poli-trick-sters(black and white) , not some deep self hate issues.

"can anyone point to anything of substance Obama has said besides the empty slogans of change, hope, a new day in America. For whom is new day comning, and how can get away with not campaigning for the black vote, but only only offering a colorblind racial paradigm for America to feel good about itself inside of this living embodiment of hope.."

That's a good question, and when I am able to answer it, maybe then I will jump on the O bandwagon.

field negro said...

"Enjoy your blog and everything, but would you stop with the "half and half man" thing? It's insulting and demeaning. You and I know that as far as "Mainstream America" is concerned, whatever his ancestry, Obama is as black as the Ace of Spades."

sorry anon. 9:31AM, I will try. But don't get it twisted; there is a difference to folks in the "mainstream". A less threatening negro in apperance is always more acceptable. It's why some slaves were allowed in the house and some weren't. Not that O is a HN, I am just saying ;)

Anonymous said...

Love yr blog, Field. I, too, say ease up on the is-Obama-Black-enough, "half and half" rhetoric. It amazes me that Blacks hold Obama to this litmus test of Negritude. As many times as I've heard some Bama say, "I gots Indian in me," or seen scores of Brothers talking Black and sleeping White (notthatthere'sanythingwrongwiththat), 21st Blackness--if there is such a thing--can no longer be defined by the way some one speaks, what housing project they grew up in, or whether or not they know all the words to some rap song. It drives me crazy that Black people will unite to defend the honor of a grown-a man who pees on a little girl (The R-uh), but demand 4 pieces of I.D. and a deposit from a Brother like Barack.

Anonymous said...

So often I read a line by black folks saying Obama is not ready. This is not his time, blah blah. Here the thing.. if you don't give him the chance to show what he is capable off there will never be a time, not now or 8 years down the road. Looking at the rest of the candidates, they just as *green* as he is, why not support one of your own. It's about time.. isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Field, Field, Field.

I read you regularly but post infrequently. I come here because I need information and mental stimulation that I can’t find with the mainstream media and much of the progressive blogosphere.

Try not to focus on his race so much. Focus on the man, his skills and his message.

The man is intelligent, perceptive, and thoughtful.

He is an excellent orator, a leader and street smart.

He speaks of unity, returning A-merry-ca to its original promise of a republic and hope.

We have given lesser individuals the opportunity to fail, how about giving Senator Obama the opportunity to succeed? If he doesn’t, I won’t be any more suicidal than I have been in the past.

Senator Obama’s decision to enter this presidential race said to me:

“Don’t worry about an assassin’s bullet, ‘cause I ain’t.”

“Don’t worry about me not winning, ‘cause I ain’t.”

“Don’t worry about whether I can stand up to the old guard, ‘cause I ain’t.”

“The failure is not about me not winning, it’s me not trying.”

Field, I know you do your research. Senator Obama is in campaign mode. So should our focus be on whether he hasn’t “said” anything of substance during the campaign? Or should we determine for ourselves whether in his career he has “done” anything of substance? For instance, if thinkaboutit @ 9:16 am had done his research, he would have discovered that Senator Obama voted against bankruptcy Bill S. 256.

Field, I am hopeful you’ll climb back on the Obama for America bandwagon and stay.

Here. Take my hand. Allow me to return the favor and lift you up.

Woozie said...

Change is not something that comes swooping down from the heavens and builds a utopia overnight. Change for the better takes time, it needs a solid starting point, and I think (and it looks as though just about everyone else here) The O Man is that candidate.

It's certainly not Hillary.

Christopher said...

The man is intelligent, perceptive, and thoughtful.


To the Obama-bashers, I hear Hillary is looking to pickup a few votes.

In fact, after her dreadful showing in Iowa, girlfriend is desperate for support.

Anonymous said...

Stay off the bandwagon and open your eyes, because people are in a fervor does not make them right. Remember when its all said and done both parties really have no use or offer anything to black people. You know everyone is happy right now, but racism and institutional racism are real in the US. Just this past week there was the study about black versus white treatment in Emergency roooms across the country in reference to how pain medication is alloted. Of course blacks were on the short end of the stick. It is not that I dislike or hate Obama I am cognizant of the fact that racist practices are not always upfront and vicious but can be simple and dangerous. I am reminding people that this we are the world bs is not a reality. Do I want peace on earth and better prospects for all Americans I sure do. Yet do not come by my ditch with a shovel and linger there while never offering me a helping hand. His candidacy does not end the evils of racism, it does lift boats as he climbs. If elected he will be a black face who has to pander to those who got him there. I feel sorry that we are so hard up that we chase the shadow and never stop to look at the person.

Anonymous said...

We have to stop thinking in divisive terms such as black, Mormon, Martian, etc. and start looking at character and vision.

Yes, Obama is black, but he also has a brilliant intellect and the desire to work with people, even our enemies. He is the first candidate in a long time to display some of that Kennedy charm and charisma. And unlike all of the republicans and most of the democratic candidates, he has the ability to bring back hope and caring. Yes, he is black, but get over that. He's also a damn fine candidate.

Anonymous said...

A human's greatest weakness is DOUBT! You of little faith, why do you doubt? Obama08

-D said...

This is the thing with Obama:

Yes, he definitely needs to do a better job articulating his position on the issues.

But, bottom line, as a white man, my ONLY GOAL in this upcoming election is to see a Democratic president.

So, I will vote for the candidate I truly believe has the best shot of beating the Republican nominee.

Now, some folks say that the race-tinged attacks have already begun. (See the National Review if you don't believe me.) But folks who wouldn't vote for a black man aren't going to vote for Hillary either.

Those people aren't who we are trying to reach; it's the independents we need to dominate in November.


That's it.

Look at the Iowa numbers. There was a huge upsurge on caucus night of young, first-time voters as well as independents... all for Obama.

Clinton couldn't do that... and that's why Obama could win the presidency, and why he deserves our vote.

Not because he's black. This whitey isn't interested in a black man who can lose. I'd rather have a Democrat who can win.

But the white woman will lose because of her polarizing effect UNLESS the Republicans nominate Romney or Giuliani.

If they nominate someone with a little more integry and proven ability to attract independents (McCain), then we'll need Obama to win.

So for those of you who have said that posters like me are thinking with our hearts... believe me, I'm not.

I'm done with heart-broken election nights. I want a win. We need a win.

Obama '08

Phil4Real said...

I just heard Mitt Redneck say Obama was a nice and well spoken gentleman. Don't they krakkkers know it's a sign of racism to say an educated black man is well spoken means he's a smart nicca? I wish ol Mitt would bring his krakkker azz to Atlanta and say well spoken gentleman!

Christopher said...

To the folks who say Barack Obama is too young and too inexperienced to be president, please consider:

Barack Obama was born Aug 4, 1961 he is currently 46 years old.

Let’s compare:

John F. Kennedy: born May 29, 1917; he was elected president in 1960, so that made JFK 44 years old when he was elected. JFK was assassinated on Nov 22, 1963 which made him 46 years old at the time of his death.

William J. Clinton: born Aug. 19, 1946; he was elected at the age of 46. By the way, Bill is listed as the “third youngest President“.

Other young presdeints:

Ulysses S. Grant: born April 27, 1822 and was 46 years old when he was elected.

Theodore Roosevelt: born Oct. 27, 1858 and was 42 years old when he was elected. The youngest U.S. President

Grover Cleveland: born May 18, 1837 and 47 years old when he was elected.

Franklin Pierce: born Nov. 23, 1804 and was 48 when he was elected.

James K. Polk: born Nov 2, 1795 and he was 49 when he was elected.

If you don't want to support Obama because you disagree with his positions, or even because he's a black man, that's your choice and I'm not here to change your mind.

Just be honest about and say so and don't hide behind the "he's too young and inexperienced" bullshit.

For the rest of us, Go, Barack, Go!!!

Nelson said...

Not only that Chris, but only once since Teddy Roosevelt has a President gone more than 14 years from their first elected office to the Presidency.

By inauguration day 2009, Obama will have served 12 years in office.

Francis Holland said...

Thanks for the link-love up above. You said,

"if all you black folks are on suicide watch after a presidential white out don't come crying to the field's blog."


That's the good think about hating the white male monopoly of the presidency and strongly supporting both Clinton and Obama. I understand that the two of them, taken together, constitute a perhaps irresistible two-pronged attack on the white male monopoly of the presidency, with one of them very likely to win the nomination. I'm very happy about that.

I don't want to jump on and off any bandwagons. I've been supporting Hillary since before Obama expressed a desire to run and I've seen "new" candidates come and go a lot over the last 30 years. Except in the case of Jimmy Carter, the "new" candidates with "new ideas" usually fall by the wayside as the machine and the experience of the establishment candidates make themselves felt.

In this case, however, Barack Obama has a lot of the establishment behind him, including the governor of Massachusetts and the ex-governor of Virginia, Doug Wilder.

In this case, Barack Obama may well be demonstrating the new approach to politics that Democrats and Independents want. If so, the Democratic Party would be foolish to pick someone else. Obama is young, handsome, uncommonly intelligent, a superb autobiographical writer, has a beautifully photogenic family, has eight years of experience as a state legislator, negotiating deals and satisfying varied constituencies. On top of that, Obama is extremely likable as an individual, and Americans tend to elect the president whom they like the most personally as well as politically.

In Iowa, we say that SOME (38% of) white people there were able to like a Black man more than they like the white man, if the Black man is more positive, personable, and offers a better program.

I strongly support both what Hillary represents to me (the first woman president) and what Barack Obama represents to me (the first Black president). Ultimately, it's white American that will choose between them.

Ironically, if Black people were all supporting Obama, it might hurt him rather than help him. If Obama were perceived as "the Black candidate" then whites might automatically support "the white candidate" instead. So, my support for Hillary helps Barack avoid the extreme color polarization in which he could not possibly win.

-D said...

Francis Holland, I take issue with some of your points.

1)"If Obama were perceived as "the Black candidate" then whites might automatically support "the white candidate" instead."

No, I think the reason previous "black candidates" have not been viable for the white population is because the language they use is exclusive of whites and inclusive of blacks.

I'm not saying that's a bad thing; these guys were veterans of the Civil Rights movement and were speaking about issues of importance to their constituency.

But what some black people don't understand is that if you're running for President of America, not just Black America, then in order to win, you need to speak to the rest of us too.

It's not about pandering, telling us what we want to hear, or making us feel good about voting for you by equating that with the end of racism... it's about trying to include us in the tapestry.

Otherwise, you're just an "issue" candidate and not a "ready for prime-time" candidate.

Deval Patrick gets it. Obama gets it. These guys are no less black because of that, but they have won over substantial white populations because of it.

2)"In Iowa, we say that SOME (38% of) white people there were able to like a Black man more than they like the white man, if the Black man is more positive, personable, and offers a better program."

I just totally take issue with the way you've framed Iowa completely.

By emphasizing "SOME," you seem to be saying that only 38% of the whites who voted in the Dem caucus were able overcome some sort of racial prejudice against voting for a black because of his personality and message.

What if they just liked Edwards or Clinton better?

No one is arguing that racism isn't real and evident, even in the Democratic party.

But Obama has to avoid this kind of "us-them" language completely if he is going to win.

If he doesn't stick to this "transcendency" theme that has been working for him, and instead starts beating that drum about past grievances, suspicions of the other, or complaints about the status quo, he is going to alienate the whites and we can all spend the next four years watching Mitt Romney's PowerPoint slides.

And for the record, Francis, Obama is getting the white male Democrat vote, and Clinton is drawing the older ladies, so paradigms about "white male dominance" are shifting.

Anonymous said...

Still sitting on the fence,but hopefully I will not be doing it for too long.Go Barrack Go!!

Christopher said...

Oh. My. God!

Look at this everyone.


A major national pollster says that Hillary Clinton has fallen well far behind Barack Obama in New Hampshire after her third-place finish in Iowa.

Rasmussen Reports, in a telephone survey of 510 likely Democratic voters on Friday, found 37 percent backing Barack Obama, 27 percent for Clinton.

In Rasmussen’s last New Hampshire polling, before Christmas, Clinton led Obama by 3 percent.

I think we can stick a fork in Hillary Clinton and begin confidently saying, "PRESIDENT-ELECT BARACK OBAMA!"

Woooooo Hoooooo!

rikyrah said...


Come on board the Obama Train. I'll fix you a great meal for you and Mrs. Field.

Anonymous said...

Why do we hold Obama to the 'what has he done, what does he stand for' when we don't hold other candidates to the same standard? Him making people feel good with his speeches (if that was the only thing he did, which it's not), isn't that the same thing Bill Clinton did and Black people loved him?

The most recent thing I'm feeling about Obama is his co-sponsoring legislation with a republican to create this webpage:

field negro said...


Come on board the Obama Train. I'll fix you a great meal for you and Mrs. Field."

I like jerk chicken and rice and peas.

She likes a good gumbo :)

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I just don't want this brotha catching a bullet because he's scaring the shyt out of bigots nationally.

Pardon my skepticism, but I will hold Obama to the same standards as the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus and any elected President. When Clinton screwed up back in the 90s, my friends called me a traitor for daring to call out his ass.

Obama for President - yeah, sure, but I'm not giving the brotha a free pass if he doesn't get troops out of Iraq, or clean up all of the shyt Shrubya's leaving behind.

I will scream holy hell if he even dares to fire upon Pakistan as his first official act as POTUS.

And if anyone has read the CBC Monitor Report Card, I'm already on record of holding Black elected officials to high standards. Yes, I know Obama gets to make history, but once he's done that, he needs to get the job done. I will call out his ass if he doesn't.

'Nuff said.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

My elbow is sore from leaning so hard on the Obama campaign, but I'm still looking for an Edwards-Obama ticket to give the dems a 16 yr. reign in the White House.

Anonymous said...

An Obama-Edwards tickets would be really interesting Sagacioushillbilly. That would definitely get my boat. I've been on the Edwards bandwagon from day one, but Brotha Obama isn't making that easy for me.

And Field...I think you jacked that picture from my site! lol

field negro said...

timi yes I did, and I gave you credit on my sidebar.


I wouldn't jack your pic without the proper credit :)

Lola Gets said...

All I know is if we get a President freakin Huckabee, ILL be driving to Philly, removing my clothes, and streaking for a few blocks, becasuse of the state of disbelief Ill be in! Yeah, I might have to leave the country after that...freakin Huckabee.


gordon gartrelle said...

Sometimes, Obama comes off as far too critical a thinker to succeed in formal mainstream politics. Things like the flag pin/pledge of allegiance "scandal" and his "incorrect" responses to security questions--things that make him "unelectable" and "not ready for prime time" to the dispshit media-- make me respect him more and more.

And the Obama backlash among black folks comes primarily from his privileged black status, which derives from his lack of African American cultural roots. White people feel that Obama is "not like those other blacks" and "those other blacks" resent being used as foils. It's not fair to Obama, though. He really is smart and talented, and he might make a great president... until they run his black ass out of town and hang all of the nation's problems on him.

west coast story said...

I'm still waiting for FN to give a real reason for not supporting Obama. Your primary issue with Obama seems to be race based since you repeatedly use a pejorative reference to him as being half and half. It seems you don't want a black man because it won't change anything for black people but it's okay to support a white candidate because, well, this is where your weird logic goes off the rails for me. Frankly, I'm enjoying the hell out of the Clinton frustration with having their entitlement slip away. The idea of 28 years of Bushes and Clintons makes me sick. Is this anyone's idea of democracy?

If not Obama, then please let it be Edwards.

People keep asking if white America is ready for a black president. Seems to me that they should be asking if black America is ready for a black president. From a pyscho/socio standout, the black resistence to Obama is nothing short of amazing.

west coast story said...

RE Obama's post Iowa speech: It was very good. What was even better was his performance in the debates Saturday night. I wached all of it, the GOP and the Dems and I was really impressed with Obama and with Edwards, (who is taking a no-holds-barred-got-nothing-to-lose approach to the campaign). There really is a big difference between what the GOP says and what the Dems say. What they will do of course is another thing.

I have no illusions that Obama will fix everything that affects this country or blacks or poor people or the middle classs. None of the candidates have that magic bullet. Obama is a fresh voice with a fresh approach. He doesn't have a lot of international experience but the Bush team did and look where that got us. Come to think of it, neither Bush II nor Reagan nor Clinton had much international experience either when they were elected. I respect that Obama has no qualms going medieval on a country that attacks us or hides those who do attack us. His posture toward Pakistan is refreshing, to say the least. I also respect that he puts a lot more emphasis on diplomacy with countries like Iran that are potentially a threat to us. This is a guy who has some senisbility about respecting those who don't necessarily look like him or share his core values in order to reach an accord.

Hillary on the other hand has tried to show the fat cats that her balls are as big as any man's. So far, I'm not impressed.

Dark Daughta said...

Thanks for resisting the O bandwagon. I, too haven't been able to just lay back and relax as my mind is deeply f****d by the extreme button pushing directed specifically at Black folks. I live in kkkanada and I know that his influence, like Oprahs extends this far north as well. People are actually ignoring what he's doing and just buying into the pimping of the dream of a Black person at in the oval office. Thanks again. I appreciate the cynicism. Refreshing .