Friday, January 11, 2008

True Feelings!

"The field negro must have sunstroke! (0 / 0)
I won't pick a candidate just to redress his feelings of anger and cynicism. His quoted comments are at the same time vain and petty (once more I'm reminded of the National Lampoon cover: "Buy this magazine or we'll shoot this puppy!"), and hopelessly naive (as if the election of Barack Obama, or Jesse Jackson for that matter, would redress the actual problems of racism in America).

by Rich in PA on Fri Jan 11, 2008 at 10:11:48 AM PST"

Whatever Kossack man. Let's make a deal; you can call me whatever you want as long as you don't call me "collect".

This messenger has a bullet proof vest, so you folks over at Big Orange can't shoot me. I realized a long time ago that some of you white folks on the left are no different to your racist comrades on the right. Your racism and ignorance can take a different tone at times than your more openly bigoted friends, but its effects are the same. Unfortunately, it always takes incidents such as the latest Sistah Souljah moment from Lady Hillary and her minions (see sidebar) to expose you all for the loofs (that's a backwards fool in case you were wondering) that you are.

And to think, I am not even on the "O" bandwagon. But as is always the case in A-merry-ca, it's not "O" that's being attacked or disparaged, it's everyone that looks like him, and everyone that shares at least half of his heritage. Of course the folks on the left will tell us that it's not about the "O" man's race, it's about his politics, and that someone like John Edwards would be a much better President policy wise for the progressives. Now that might or might not be true, but on our way to deciding who should be our President, it would be nice if people like the Clintons (who everyone swears should know better) would show a little fucking sensitivity. Hillary did you really say that the "O" man should "do the necessary spade work"? I mean we expect this type of blatant racism from the repukes, not you. We expect your racism to be softer, and more subtle. Unlike the repukes, we at least expect you to pretend that you love black folks.

But I suppose that is too much to ask now that we are in the middle of a presidential race with the stakes being so high. It's time for people's true feelings to come out. It's time to win by any means necessary. And then after the coronation we can make nice and pretend that all is well in A-merry-ca again.


Mark said...

I would like to see Obama elected because it would show me a reason to be less cynical, as if the country had finally showed enough maturity to let themselves be led by a man of color. I have a hunch too that just his face and his name could do something for restoring US credibility abroad.

-D said...

If we *really* wanted a progressive candidate, we'd all be talking alot more about Kucinich.

But the media has told us that this courageous but UFO-siting man isn't electable, so we don't.

Instead, we've got too much more mainstream (as mainstream as a woman and a black man can get) choices. But don't let the gender and race debate obfuscate the issue; these "liberal" Senators are not talking about pulling our troops out around the world. (Clinton has never met a war she didn't like. Obama is seriously talking about military intervention in Pakistan.) Neither of these Senators is giving more than lip service to climate change, oil dependancy, income disparity and economic equality of opportunity.

Let's not kid ourselves: I've been accused of sexism this past week because I won't support Clinton's faux-centrist, Repugnican-lite bull, and I have a feeling alot of "isms" are getting traded between the Obama and Clinton camps.

Of course, the actual ISSUES are getting lost in the thicket.

I'll support Obama because, of the two "mainstream" candidates, he seems more genuine, and because he opposed the Iraq fiasco before we had a chance to Shock & Awe Baghdad.

But if he doesn't start talking about the issues, and fighting back against DLC-maven Clinton, I'll back Kucinich. He may be a loser, but at least he'll go down swinging.

rikyrah said...

Like so many in the media, until Donna Brazile and Rep. Clyburn brought it up, the MSM chose to ignore it.

There are plenty of us, on Black radio, Black talk radio, in the Black Blogosphere, who have been bringing this up.

We brought it up, after it became obvious that it was a PATTERN.

The disingenousness of the 'media' to connect the dots is what has disgusted some of us out here.

These are not 'Isolated Incidents'.

They are neither ISOLATED nor INCIDENTAL.

They begin with Sheehan.
Then his false apology; Clinton's fake apology - fake, why? Because PENN was on Hardball shuffling the same swill not an hour after the debate.

Then there were the THREE Iowa organizers that had to resign because of the Madrassa LIE.

Then came the Bob Kerrey endorsement of Clinton and his 'it's great Obama can relate to the Black Youth/Islamic Manchurian Candidate/Secular Madrassa' SMEAR...followed by oops, an apology.

Then came the Charlie Rose interview, which dripped with 'Who-Does-This-Negro-Think-He-Is?'

The MLK insult....which supposedly The Community ' Misunderstood'.

The Mandela insult....which supposedly The Community ' Misunderstood'.

Hillary - the Country going ' backwards' by electing Obama

Then, we have the comments by Donna Brazile:
For him to go after Obama using "fairy tale," calling him a "kid," as he did last week, it's an insult. And I tell you, as an African-American, I find his words and his tone to be very depressing.

BOTH Clyburn & Brazille are from the SOUTH - they know what KID means when referencing a Black's first cousin to BOY- and I assume, even with all the MSM's deliberate cluelessness, they get why THAT is offensive.

Then, we have the Cuomo ' Shuck and Jive' - yet another ' misinterpretation' of the English Language.

And finally, we have today's ' Isolated Incident' from The Guardian:

In the words of that Clinton adviser: "If you have a social need, you're with Hillary. If you want Obama to be your imaginary hip black friend and you're young and you have no social needs, then he's cool."

But, of course, I know....tomorrow, the Clintons will explain how THIS TOO, was ' misinterpreted'.

Funny how many times the ENGLISH LANGUAGE has to be ' reinterpreted' and 'explained' to folks for whom English IS THEIR FIRST LANGUAGE.

I will say it again:

When 'Isolated Incidents' are neither




They form a PATTERN.

Be smart and choose to accept what the PATTERN tells you and go on accordingly.

It's 'Dogwhistle' politics, and Black folk understand the call of that whistle better than anyone..

Because our SURVIVAL in America depends on it.

But, it's ok. I know. It's all in my ' imagination'.

Uh huh.

Someone on another blog wrote this, and they weren't the first to write this:

the clintons are smart politicians. furthermore, they are smarter than most white politicians about racial politics. they and their surrogates are goading blacks (i'm korean-american) into reacting to these loaded words and narratives (that strike a nerve with blacks) to remind white voters that black voters are "overly sensitive" and supposedly will never accept white people's "innocent" comments. can't win my friends.


Thanks for the comments.

I think James Brown said it:

I'd rather die standing than live on my knees.

That is what this is about.

It's about being insulted by supposed ' friends'.

I said, in the beginning, if this was a Republican, it would be one thing. Because Republicans are SUPPOSED to do this sort of shit.

But, to accept this from a Democrat?



And, yeah, I know, 'innocent' comments that we ' imagine'.

I know the drill, but unlike 40 years ago, we can speak up now. THAT is one thing our forefathers and mothers obtained for us.

As my fellow blogger ABB says about the Clintons and their shills:

The Shit Ain't Subtle, and You Ain't Slick.

DJ said...

Field, do you know if the guy is white to begin with? He's said some of the same stuff you have.

Just saying...

Anyway, you put 150,000 people in a room and it's a guarantee that some will be total jackasses.

DJ said...

Example: I just read a diary on DKos that says: "I don't support the troops". Is it the opinion of Kos? Hell no. Is it the opinion of the majority of the people on that blog? No. Is it the opinion of that dumbass? Yep.

Like I said: Put 150,000 people in a room....

Anonymous said...

It took Hillary's bid for the presidency for us to see the real Hill-Billy.

And to think, it took only a viable black presidential candidate to bring them out of the closet.

For this alone, I'm grateful for Obama's run.

Bill's willingness to abdicate his honor as this nation "first black president," tells me all I need to know about him and Hill--he never saw it as an honor, but saw himself as this nation's biggest con of black people.

I wonder how many times he's laughed recounting our stupidity for seeing him as anything else but the self-serving, con man that he is.

I say "shoot the puppy" whether they buy the magazine or not. What the hell we got to lose! We've had white men representing us (or not) from the very beginning, and God knows they wish to continue the trend.

Let me say this as bluntly as I can: blacks don't need a black president, white's do.

It's their soul that needs to be purged, not ours.

The "problem of racism in America" is their problem, and one that they need to address.

Anonymous said...

"It's time to win by any means necessary. And then after the coronation we can make nice and pretend that all is well in A-merry-ca again."

Yeah, that's about exactly what the KKKlintons (hat tip to the Jack and Jill blog) are counting on, and we can't give them the satisfaction of it. The reason the KKKlintons feel they can suffer few untoward consequences from sounding the white doggy-whistle like this, boils down to something pretty basic: Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton deep down know, just know that African-Americans are just plain stupid, underevolved, frontal lobe cortex-deficient simians-- so much so that it burns them to wanna say it-- so they figure they can insult away in our direction without us remembering since, after all, the hippocampal memory-storage systems in us Negroid simians are well below the more refined cortical capacities of rich, stuck-up, power-hungry white publicity addicts like the Clintons, still desperate to do a little more public-orgasm exhibitionism to get another hit.

Well, we do remember, we never forget these things and, make no mistake, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are the enemies of the African-American and Latino communities, in fact they're our archenemies, by far our most dangerous foes since they pose as friends while preparing our demise behind their backs. Thus we must not only, not vote for the Clintons, ever-- we have to actively work, with all the passion we can muster, to bring the Clintons down, to be ruthless and unsparing and unceasing in destroying the Clintons' campaign.

I posted this first over at Oliver W's blog but I wanted to repost it here, just to go venting the spleen a bit if nothing else:

Like they say, talk like a racist, bark like a racist, mouth horses**t like a racist, and it becomes pretty damn obvious, the Clintons and their campaign are racists of the most repugnant kind, at the very least using blatantly racist innuendo in the most vile fashion to turn Obama from An American Candidate into That Scary Black Man at the Podium That Whites Must Always Be Wary of. And to think at some point I actually liked the Clintons.

The hip black friend swipe, on top of Bill "where's my KKK hood, that way I can hide it" Clinton's declaration of Obama as a kid swipe (ooh, dog-whistle, dog-whistle for white voters, where can I get me one?!), on top of Hillary's little "man that MLK mighta had some cute ideas and all but with his brains all spilled out on the pavement when he got too uppity, it took a white hero LBJ to get it done" swipe, on top of Andrew Cuomo's talk of shuckin' it and jivin' it, on top of Mark Penn and Bill Sheehan and their cute little "oh, some people think Barack Obama might be a drug dealer, but no, pure innocent us, no we'd never raise a topic like that" act, on top of Bob Kerrey's "hey, I know some people might think that Barack Obama might be a Muslim Madrassah-raised Muslim-country livin' terrorist-sympathizin' Manchurian candidate but me, now, I'd never think that and oh BTW did I remember to mention that some people might think that 'OBAMA MIGHT BE A MUSLIM MADRASSAH-RAISED TERRORIST SYMPATHIZER' again not that I would actually believe that" act--

and well, you gotta hand it to the Clintons. When Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and their whole entourage do racism, I mean, they don't go for half-measures, they go for the whole hog, the full monty, the whole kit and kaboodle. I mean hey, not even Trent Lott or ol' Strom in their fondest wet dreams coulda come up with a racism display and Black-Boogeyman-scare-the-whites fest like the Clintons have. Gotta love the Clintons' new motto: "Hey, if you're gonna be racist, then dammit, be thorough about it, do it right."

In fact, there's little doubt about what the Clintons are doing right now, getting sossed in their $5 million penthouse with Hillary in her best Marie Antoinette wig, while Bill Clinton gets pecker-sucked by his favorite blow-up doll and Hillary Clinton gives rim jobs for one of the corporate crooks who are her main campaign contributors, with Bill sayin' to Hillary: "Hey, Hill, those Negroes may be dumb but boy are they cute, I mean, we can toss out the worst stream of racist drivel since mah 10th removed cousin, the great Nathan Bedford Forrest, first donned the White hood to put them 'coons in their place, scare the whites away from that uppity coon Barack Obama but then we can still pretend to be civil rights admirers and you know, them coons, they don't know any better, they'd still be coming out to vote for us in November 2008! Ain't America great?"

"Oh Bill, all your talk about election-rigging and now that gleam in your eye when you talk about pulling the wool over those dumb Black monkeys, man it's just so much fun how dumb and easily led those monkeys are, oh Bill, you're gettin' me hot, I haven't been this hot since that anal action foursome with your cousin and that big hunky goat you like to keep in the stable back on the farm, man, Bill, how do you do it?"

Oh, sure, of course, we're all down with that. I mean, us dumb Negroes never could pick up on patterns you know, since we're underevolved monkeys just like the Clinton campaign team has picked up on, without the frontal lobar capacity to realize when we're being played for fools and when the Clintons, desperate for a nice Black lawn jockey to decorate their campaign pictures but determined never to allow a Black executive, put up their best Jim Crow routine since some Klan regulars started moonlighting in Blackface on the vaudeville circuit.

Switching to somewhat less sardonic mode now:
Oliver, I'm tellin' you it's about to get damn nasty, there are Black communities already smoldering and about to explode with anger at the Clintons for this, and I'm not talking calm cool protests, I'm talking the cities burning down like Detroit and Watts kind. The rage in the air is so palpable you can cut it with a knife.

The fix is already in for the South Carolina primaries-- there are no paper ballots there and no paper trail, just those touch-screen tailor-made vote-riggers with no audits feasible, something that a starting tech at Radio Shack could hack in under 5 minutes, they also showed this on HBO not too many moons ago. I took some programming classes for my accounting training back in the day, and even then, it's as simple as inserting an easy loop code "For every G number of votes for Candidate A, change the Gth vote to one for Candidate B." And since the source code is proprietary, there is no method to check it at any point. The Clintons are preparing to rig the whole thing.

For those of us in South Carolina and nationwide, that's why it's essential to insist on
1. Paper ballots only, like they use in every other country that considers itself a civilized republic, multiple-counted by independent workers as well as campaign reps with outside election monitors to audit the whole process, to ensure accuracy (RAISE HELL ABOUT THIS! go to the South Carolina courthouse steps if necessary to demand it) and
2. More importantly, that every single eligible African-American in South Carolina go out and vote, just go and vote like you've never voted before or if you've never voted before, because your voting slip and your communications to exit pollsters are the only means we have available to call BS on the fraud that the Clintons are preparing to perpetrate with the hackable machines.

Along similar lines, never, ever cast a vote for Bill or Hillary Clinton, ever again, in a primary or in any type of election. They are a dangerous disease for this country with their naked ambition and resort to open racism to split the country apart for their own personal gain, and they're cursed with some nasty consequences for perpetrating this. If Hillary Clinton gets nominated with the stench of this fraud in the air and the racism they're manifestly using against Obama, all hell is gonna break loose. The country's gonna burn, burn, burn, from sea to gleaming shining sea.

Christopher said...

By now, everyone should know I'm supporting Barack Obama for president.

That said, the Michigan primary is rapidly approaching. Is everyone aware that Obama's name isn't on the Michigan ballot?

Yep, the Democrats decided to punish Michigan for moving its primary up without the permission of the party brass and this resulted in closing the time period for signatures and now only Hillary Clinton's name appears on the ballot.

Who says there isn't any racism in the Democratic party?

This is why Kos, love him or hate him, is advising Democrats in Michigan to vote for Mitt Romney just to take votes away from the Ice Queen.

But this week saw three powerful endorsements for Obama: John Kerry, Rep. George Miller and AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano. I'm hearing there will be another high-profile endorsement from SC this week.

Blinders Off said...

Standing up clapping after reading your comment Rikyrha!

I am not a political junkie, but I am an informed voter before I cast my vote. I heard code words in Hillary, Bill, and some of her staffers before it hit MSM. My actual feelings were DISBELIEVE and I thought I was hearing things until I heard them again.

Although I liked Bill when he was President, my vote was never for Hillary when she decided to run. It was not for Obama in the beginning because I knew nothing about him and I had my suspicions about him when he campaigned for HFJ. I was waiting to see if the candidate of my choice was going to be a front-runner, but if you where not Hillary or Obama the MSM did not give the other candidates honest air time. Therefore, my choices never had a chance and it became obviously clear the Democrat nominee was going to be between Hillary and Obama.

I told my family and friends to watch and listen closely when Obama won Iowa. I did that because I had a conversation with my sister and she WAS definitely for Hillary. I was pleasantly pleased when my sister called me in disbelieve and shock when she heard the code words from the Clintons. To make a long story short, her vote is no longer for Hillary. I revealed that to say this:

The African American vote always been disrespected and underestimated …I see a CHANGE in all of that after this election.

Anonymous said...

This is the design of American political reality for blacks. I have state many times that there is not a dimes worth of difference between the way Obama, Clinton, or Edwards would govern. For that matter if progressive ideas about economic justice, social justice, criminal justice are not on their agenda what does it matter if Obama wins. Yes the symbolism would be great, but he cannot deliver anything in this political climate but the same old song.
Neither political party gives a damn about black or poor folks. Black people should realize by now liberals are not worth a damn and harbor the same racial views as the KKK. They just dress it up real nice and smile at you. We as people at this stage of our journey should know how these mofos. We know coded language when we hear it and read it. We do not need interpreters, and I am sick of hearing that Obama transcends RACE. When are we going to hear McCain, Clinton, Edwards, or Huck as white people transcend race. This places the burden on black people to assimilate and forgot who the hell we are. The goal is not to transcend race because I ain't trying to be something I AM NOT. If you cannot accept as a free thinking black person then the hell with you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jimbo,
Kucinch is the only progressive in the entire campaign. People need to read the tea leaves before leaping off the cliff. We need policy changes not symbolism.

Anonymous said...

QUESTION? After the Clintons finish with their racial coded politics and win the nominatiion where will black people be forced once again to vote for their candidate?
ANSWER: Under the umbrella of the Democratic Party. I am simply trying to get everyone to understand that as the most loyal voting bloc in the party our interests and concerns never get a public hearing. The Clintons and every other Democrat know that we cannot join the Republicans who hate us and we cannot leave the Deomcrats because we accept the crumbs they give us.

To the point about it not being 40 years ago. It is not the past and black people speak up faster for themselves in this day and age of blogging. Yet, because the public sphere is dominated by white poltiical pundits they feel uneasy about how to deal with a black candidate because they do not really know how to deal with black people who don't eat bs while they are talking. Those among us who speak our minds make them uncomfortable and Obama makes them comfortable.
Why is that he cannot run for President speaking about what it is really like to be a black person in this country? Instead we get this fluff he spouts.

Nelson said...

What rikyrah just wrote needs to be yelled from the mountaintops.

Bellini said...

@rikyrah: kudos for connecting the dots for folks -- sometimes we have to help folks out; with Clinton's entrenched system of surrogates in each state across the country the assault will continue (trust me); my hope is that South Carolinans will strike back w/ the ballot as New Hampshire women did -- I hope the moderator will bring up tactics used thus far in the debate, I'd love to see Hillary respond (remember the Howard Univ. debate where she talked about if AIDS was a white women's disease the gov't would be in an uproar-- and black folks at that shit up?)--i hope she tries something like that again and South Carolinans give her a stoic response-- 'cuz they're indifferent to tears!

Anonymous said...

Racism, bigotry, discrimination and stabs in the back know no party affiliation.

People are me first and if Black people are in the way of what they want then they will turn their backs.

Democrats will call Republicans are racist or supposed racist remarks and acts but they do the same and in my opinion it is more offensive because they do it with their around you telling you they are your friends.

field negro said...

rikyrah, this is why I love you. Way to bring it all home! That was an excellent comment.

djtyg, sorry, I didn't mean to lump all the Kosacks. I am guilty of doing something that I always speak out about. Still, they (liberals) have some issues and they are in denial about it.

thinkaboutit, I feel you on how these politricksters have the system rigged. If Queen H wins, it should ne interesting to see what happens next November.

Blinders Off said...

Damn my words are really getting f***ed up. Its love between Field and Woozie otherwise it does not happen here in the Fields (the misspelling, wrong word usage, etc..,), but I am sure it will start(black people cannot write). Therefore, I want it known I can read and write because of circumstances beyond my control my wires are tangled, but I think I am still holding on strong. I will continue to give my opinions until my words just start reading as if I am speaking a foreign language.

field negro said...

blinfders off, what do you mean? Your writing is fine! Trust me, we don't trip on that stuff here in the fields. (Except for woozie of course, and he really only stays on me)You always put it down, and have some serious insights, and opinions.

I have mad respect for you and what you have done with yourself.

Anonymous said...

I saw the clip from the Bill speech. He was clearly talking about Obama's support of Bush's war plan in '04.
However, that doesn't excuse the other stuff you guys here mentioned.
Like the "necessary spade work" part.

I see that the issue of Clintons and race relation can't be easily dismissed or ignored, or countered by Clinton. She/they are gonna hafta learn how to talk about Obama's record without talking about his race.

More importantly, this is an issue that seems mainly relevant to the blogosphere.
When voters of all races are gonna hit the polls, do you think they're gonna think a lot about whether Hillary and Bill have insulted the memory of Dr.King, or are they gonna think about
1) Which candidate's gonna help the economy?
2) Which candidate's gonna get us out of Iraq?
3) Which candidate's gonna win?

On all 3 of those counts, Barack and Edwards beat Clinton. And that's what voters, even Black voters will be thinking about when they hit the polls. These racism allegations will sway those on the fence, though.

She's gonna need those tears to win South Carolina.

Hathor said...

Yesterday, a co-worker showed me an e-mail about the "real" Barack Obama that is circulating around the City's email. This kind of tactic bothers me more than some of the verbal assaults. Obama can address those directly. The web site that is used for veracity, debunks those letters, but I think that those who read the letter, will actually visit the site. If they did, few people know so little about Islam that when face with the facts they would tend to believe the lies or exaggerations.

Fear is the purpose, at the end of the letter it implied that Obama was a sleeper agent for Al Queda.

Islam is so feared, that people don't realize that if Barack Obama was president, the experience he has would be the knowledge of Islam and an Islamic country, to have actually set foot on the African continent before he became president, really understanding grass roots issues and the average person.

Anonymous said...

rikyrah said...
Then, we have the comments by Donna Brazile:
For him to go after Obama using "fairy tale," calling him a "kid," as he did last week, it's an insult. And I tell you, as an African-American, I find his words and his tone to be very depressing.

3:09 AM

Did Bill Clinton actually call Obama a KID?

Or, is Brazile extrapolating from the usage of the term "fairly tale' by Bill Clinton, that he [Clinton] is inferring that Obama is a kid (negra boy); since fairy tales are for children?

If Bill Clinton actually called Obama a kid, someone please post a link to the video, audio, or the transcript.

As I posted to the previous thread, they are probing our lines to see what they can get away with. We have Tilghman on audio tape, no inference necessary; she said what she said.

This Clinton thing is a bit different, where is the tape. Brazile is not GOD, her saying that Bill Clinton meant boy, when he used the term 'fairy tale', does not make it so.

and Genarlow Wilson:

Field, as you have stated, you do not have children. I do. In fact I have a young daughter.

The specter of a 17-year old male videotaping himself laying pipe in the mouth of a 15-year old girl, raises up the small hairs on the back of my neck.

With all the deserving black youth out there, why do you Negroes pick this trash (Genarlow Wilson) to exalt and pay homage to?

Anonymous said...

The Clintonites at Kossack Town are out in force to knock down anyone who even hints that Hil and Bill should apologize about this crap. I know, I got the treatment after posting this diary there: LINK

Steven D

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

01 12 08

Hehheeh Rikyrah, you are on FIRE! As I said a coupla posts down, Hillary is only a friend to Black folk so long is she is ABOVE us in some capacity. Same as the Steinem type feminazis out there and YES I do mean feminazis. They are the folk where race is meaningless and gender struggles are the most important thing. Yeah Right.

I recall seeing this show about transsexuals. One white woman got a sex change to be a man and she admitted that now she was the beneficiary of white male privilege because of that. HOWEVER, if a Black woman gets a sex change to become a Black man, she is screwed.

Steinem and Billary: GO TO HELL!

Christopher said...

I am sick and tired of the Bush and Clinton families, dominating and controlling the presidency, and treating it as if it's the family business.

Think about it, folks.

If the Ice Queen is elected in 2008 and serves two terms, she will be in office until 2016. This means two families have completely controlled the presidency since 1988. Do the math: that's 28 years.

The USA isn't some damned banana republic where a despotic thug and his sons are in power decade after decade. Now comes word that Bush's nephew, Jebby's son, George P. Bush, is preparing to run for a seat in the Florida state senate and if the history of the Bush dynasty is right, George P. Bush will use this position to run for president.

This shit needs to end. We need a Constitutional Amendment to restrict families from squirting out kids for the soul purpose of becoming president.


field negro said...

Nsangoma,I think I have told you this before,but it should be repeated:It is not abot Gnarlow Wilson or the Jena 6 per se, but the unfair treatment that people who look like them get at the hands of the so called fair system of justice in this country.And if I had a daugther I would hope she would not be at a party playing Louie Armstrong with a bunch of athlete's johnson.

Steven D that was your post over at Big Orange that I linked. I love how you always put it down over there and at "booman's. Way to keep em honest!

Blinders Off said...

Thanks FN

I was venting out to the blogosphere grammar police. I know it does not go on here in the Fields, but when I know I have been robbed and the robbery is continuing on my cognitive, it is hard to see it in black and white. There are days when it is hard to keep HOPE about my situation alive and my comment his morning was out of frustration after the week I had.

Christopher that is the very reason why I was never for is time for a CHANGE.

SouthernGirl2 said...

"What rikyrah just wrote needs to be yelled from the mountaintops".

Yell it! That's the way to do it!

Anonymous said...

Facts Negroe people; not emotions.

Christopher Chambers said...

As i said Field, the "liberal" white folks are showing their true colors, and as I said, it seems the Clintons have hired Karl Rove...

if MLK were alive today, after he slapped a lot of us he'd beat a lot of dumb whitefolks to death with Jim Brown's old Syracuse U lacrosse stick. They just don't get it, do they?

Hathor said...

"laying pipe" doesn't get you pregnant. Is vaginal sex more appropriate. One would hope that their child would not engage is sex at that age, but it does happen. So if the criteria for young men going to college is not having sex, how will that effect the number of black young men in college.

I know its off topic, but his statement irritated me.

Anonymous said...

One thing, the Clintons believe they have the Black vote won and sealed.I have news for them,I take my time to make important decisions.


Anonymous said...

I know its off topic, but his statement irritated me.

hathor 5:11 PM

Most definitely off topic my good woman. But here is the query that you and the other female defenders of Generlow Wilson should ask yourselves and each other:

Why did not he (Generlow Wilson) videotape himself sucking the 15-year old female's clitoris (sometimes called female fellatio)?

Anonymous said...

Get real. Teenagers have sex, he didn't video tape it, his idiot friends did. The court ruled she wasn't forced to do that, SHE BEARS RESPONSIBLITY TOO. Wilson didn't treat her with respect, but she didn't respect herself either. She should have A)not sucked his dick or B)at least insist that the intimate act be done in private and not taped. Girls have responsibilities when it comes to sex and respect, it's not all on the man shoulders. If your 15 year old daughter gave head on video in high school it would be her fault too. It takes 2 to tango. A black man life should not be derailed because of this.

Anonymous said...

She should have

A)not sucked his dick or

B)at least insist that the intimate act be done in private and not taped.

jp 9:40 PM

There you go ladies, she performs fellatio on him, not the other way around. Male dominate, as per always.

Where is the teenaged party where the males perform cunnilingus (Latin for licking the labium, vaginal lips) or female fellatio (sucking the clitoris) on the females on tape?

Anonymous said...

Teenage girls tend to like to please boys, hence the oral sex. Teenage boys tend not care about pleasing girls in that way. This is the order of the world, for the most part it has always. Generlow Wilson didn't create that situtation. Why are you insisting he be punished for it

Hathor said...


JP has just answered it. Also there are many adult men who would not satisfy a woman in that way. I also think that you live in a dick centric universe. You are way to hung up on what type of sex.

My comment did not say I approved of his actions, but I don't think he should have been singled out among the millions of teenagers who are having sex; spend two years in jail and not be entitled to an education, which this ordeal denied him. I do not think the type of sex, along as it is not coerced, should matter either. I feel the girl was his peer and I could not see this as child molestation. I think some women would see this the same way, thus the support of women for Wilson's cause.


I seemed to remember that the girl tried to take responsibility, but her doing so, was not allowed to factor in the prosecution.

tryexcellence said...

The Clintons are desperate. Apparently, Hillary has Bob Johnson the founder of B.E.T speaking on her behalf. As we all know, Johnson made billions by promulgating negative images of blacks and especially black women on his channel.

This endorsment is equivalent to PETA or PetCo having Michael Vick endorse them.

Why go into South Carolina where according to pundits you must have the black female vote to win with Johnson speaking for you. Hillary has her house negro out telling black folk to vote for her. This race is getting really crazy. I think her campaign is going to implode.

Aimee said...

You know what sucks overall? As a woman or as a minority or as both, that we would use what has been used against us. These campaigns are making history. The power structure is upside down with the two most likely candidates for President. It's as if there is no need to divide and conquer because we will do it ourselves.
I am a white woman and though I am not a Hillary fan, I was pissed to see men shouting, "Iron my shirt," at a speech she gave. It let me know where I stand as a woman still. And though because of ignorance (my history classes taught the watered down BS history) I did not understand many of the comments made by her campaign, I am disgusted now.
Though Obama is her competition, these sort of attacks should not be made. There should be some sort of understanding. We have been oppressed we should not take any part of the oppression.
All I can say is that at least Obama is taking the higher ground and not attacking Hillary on gender.
Also, it's important that those of us who have no idea because we have never experienced it or are ignorant to what certain things mean, are informed.
I appreciate being educated. It helps me make my decision.

Anonymous said...

I hope the american people are smart enough not to put ol blow job bill back in the oral office,mybad oval,office.I have no respect for a woman who gives her hubby a pass on his whoring just to keep the power in the family.Why do so many woman respect this power crackhead?I have no respect for rich few who run our country,But even i find bills past behavior in the white house alone,should keep hillary out.this dismal country has enough rubbish with out the presidency being handed back n forth between rich families.