Tuesday, March 04, 2008


It's early, and I must confess that I don't know if I can stay up for the duration of this one.

But I am noticing a couple of things: First, congrats to Mr. Morton (because he is always salty) looks like he will wrap up the rethuglican nomination tonight. So now what? I guess he will just sit back in the cut and watch the "Ice Queen" and the "O" man fight it out.

Of course he will also have to call in the frat boy to raise some money for him. That frat boy might be the worst president in the history of these divided states of A-merry-ca, but he sure has some rich friends.

Looks like Hillary might just win Ohio and Rhode Island, and it's too early to call Texas. I am going to go ahead and predict Hillary wins there too by a very narrow margin. In Ben & Jerry country it's the "O" man, but no surprise there. Vermont was tailor made for the "O" man.

Now this is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT for all you Obamaholics: If the "O" man looses both Ohio and Texas, and doesn't come out with a substantial delegate lead over The Ice Queen, you are all free to come here and talk to your friendly neighborhood field Negro. I am here to offer comfort and a way of getting some detox for you. And don't get it twisted, I will be jonesing too (hey I live with one of you), but one of us has to stay strong.
Now my prediction could be all wrong. I could wake up tomorrow morning and realize that the "O" man swept Ohio and Texas, and that the "fat lady" is warming up. But I doubt it. I am betting that this opera has a few acts left in it.


Anonymous said...

Frankly, none of this sways me yet, Field. On the real, I'm just trying to see how this all plays out still. And yes, I'm still not impressed with any of their educational stances, but what can I do?

field negro said...

Hey jose, if anyone should know a thing or two about education it's you. So I will defer to you on this issue.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Sorry, Field, but Texas is coming in for the "O" man.

He didn't lose Rhode Island by much.

Ohioans are too stupid to vote their best interests, so they are thanking Hillary for NAFTA with their votes.

And yeah, he got Vermont. The point is the MATH - the Borg Queen still trails Obama by almost 160 delegates, and Ohio's not going to help her close the gap.

And I thought for sure McCain's COTS would get him tossed. But, IOKIYAR.

Rent Party said...

Yes, well, someone's got to stay strong. She'll win Ohio and he'll win Texas, I say, and the soap opera will continue. I am getting slightly tired, I was going to wait until midnight ET.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

"Sorry, Field, but Texas is coming in for the "O" man."

field, Christian Progressive Liberal is right. And Harris County hasn't even come in yet. That's where they have Houston, which consists of a lot of blacks and young people, most of whom will vote for Obama.

I think the O man is going to take Texas, and Hillary is going to Ohio. Ohio is going to be closer than people think, There, too, a lot of the counties where blacks are, like Cayahuga, where Cleveland isk, hasn't come in.

Christopher said...

Due to the screwy district structure of Texas and their system of awarding delegates, Barack and the Borg Queen could tie in the Lone Star state and Barack could win more delegates.

How ironic that we can thank Tom DeLay for his shameless gerrymandering for this factoid?

Anonymous said...

The Borg Queen's fear mongering and attack ads worked. How low can she go?

Liz Dwyer said...

I just saw online that Obama's winning TX by like 500 votes. Ugh. I just want to wake up in the morning and find out. I'm so sick of all the theorizing by the pundits on tv and radio.

Anonymous said...

After this past week, I can't stand Hillary Clinton. I just got done reading some of the posts on Americablog and let's just say if she wins she's probably not going to get my vote in November.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm looking at something else, because from the numbers I see on TV...Hillary is winning TX by at least 14000 votes....

Big Man said...

Yeah, I'm gonna need that shoulder. It's not a good night in my house.

And my blog reflects those feelings.

Anonymous said...

This is NOT the end for Obama!! There is still hope!!!

Anonymous said...

So HRC won OH. Guess those negative ads worked. It's neck and neck in TX. I'm watching the media coverage and they are sooo pulling for Clinton it makes me sick. One of her supporters was on CNN and said "the delegate numbers don't count" because even if Obama loses TX he'll still have a pledged delegate lead. I did like that 2 of the CNN pundits mention that 1. the Clintons keep raising the goals that Obama has to meet and 2. if HRC won every other state caucus/primary she still wouldn't have a big enough lead. So it looks like it's gonna get even uglier y'all. I loved Obama's speech and his desire to take the high road, but evil may win in the end. CNN just projected a win for Hillary in TX.

Anonymous said...

Obama is behind in Texas. How much of what we've seen in Texas and Ohio can be attributed to Rush Limbaugh?

He called for conservatives to hold their nose in these and other states, and vote for Hillary, so that the chaos of selecting a Democratic candidate could continue.

It was his thinking that McCain already had the election sewed up.

And that it would serve republicans during the presidential election if they could create as much chaos as possible within the Democrat Party.

With the delegate count being so close between Hillary and Obama, we will see more primary elections in other states in a few weeks.

I'm sure that Limbaugh will continue to ask Republicans to vote for Hillary to prevent an Obama sweep, or to stop him from gaining a sizable lead going into the Convention.

Making the decision as to who will represent Democrats come down to a fight over superdelegates and a backroom brawl, which many pundits feel will favor Hillary.

I would also like to know how much the negative ad (the so-called red phone ad) affected the decisions of last-minute voters.

Obama has ran a "clean" race to date, but can he win by tying his own hands behind his back, and not attacking Hillary and Bill on their less than stellar (sordid, and repugnant, actually) record while in the White House for eight years?

Is it time for Obama to bring out the big guns?

He's got more than enough ammo to discharge, but will it have the desired impact--more delegates for his White House quest.

Kellybelle said...

I just woke up. My stomach hurts.

I saw this on the AP:
"One-fifth of white Ohio voters said race was an important issue to their vote, and those who did voted 8 in 10 for Clinton."

Did 1/5 of white Ohioans refuse to vote for a Black man? Or did Rush Limbaugh's listeners follow his advice and cross party lines to keep Hillary in the race?

Ugh. My stomach.

Christopher said...

Last night’s results should alarm Democratic party leaders, as Hillary Clinton will no doubt use her three state win as fodder to convince her campaign that her scathing attacks on Obama as a dangerous newcomer who would endanger the country were effective.

But in a General Election, her attack strategy hands the presumptive Republican front runner, Sen. John McCain, a template to use against Obama.

Hillary Clinton, flushed with arrogance, can now tell supporters that her campaign is on-track once again and her message is resonating with voters. But her presence in the race only works to weaken both Democratic candidates as she will be forced to hit Obama harder and harder. This only helps to strengthen John McCain.

Her campaign is now a case study in victory at all costs. Even if it means the destruction of the Democratic party.

field negro said...

Not one of you Obamaholics introduced yourseleves the proper way. But that's OK.

Yes, it looks like th enegative ads worked. And Hillary is dirtying up the "O" man. Just like she wanted it. Now he is in a dog fight right up to the convention, and you have to wonder how these "Super Delegates" will vote now. If the Ice Queen wins my state of PA., watch out, sh ewill be trying to make a case for the SD to switch for her.

But take heart Obamaholics. There is still Mississippi, North Carolina, and Oregon for your boy. And he should be competitive in states like Indiana and Montana.

"Yeah, I'm gonna need that shoulder. It's not a good night in my house."

Big man, you can have my shoulders. I am secure enough in my manhood to allow you to do that :)

"I saw this on the AP:
"One-fifth of white Ohio voters said race was an important issue to their vote, and those who did voted 8 in 10 for Clinton."

Did 1/5 of white Ohioans refuse to vote for a Black man?"

kellybelle, let me answer that for you: YES!

citygurl, you are right, there IS still hope. But it's going to be tough way to go.

Ann Brock said...

Field I co-sign with shonufded on this one. I believe those negative ads and Fat ass rush had something to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fieldy, the site they down with, death by a 1000 paper cuts site ,sugar is a motherfucking TOM.I FEEL ITS A STELTH REPUBLIKLAN SITE. WHY WOULD A SITE THAT LOVE BROTHERS WANT TO FUCK WIT US? Have Rikyah chech it out . Hey I voted in Ohio and my ass voted right. Back to the ghetto my home is your home, wlcome to the terrordome.

Christopher said...

The delegate count still heavily favors Barack Obama.

Obama 1,307
The Borg Queen 1,175

And the TX Caucus numbers haven't been allocated as of 8:30am EST but are leaning Obama's way by 2-to-1.

That said, there is no way the Borg Queen can catch Obama in the delegate race. Fairly, that is.

What I'm hearing is, Mark Penn, James Carville and Maggie Williams will try to convince Howard Dean to schedule caucus races in both Florida and Michigan. If they are successful and these states go for the Borg Queen, Obama's moment in the sun is through.

Far be it from me to tell anyone what to do but personally, if the Borg Queen is the nominee, I will not be singing any kumbaya with the Borg Queen. I just won't vote.

I can wait for 2012 and Al Gore.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

field, it's nothing like a little fear-mongering to get white folks to vote for one of their own and against their own interests.

But this is about something more than fear. This is about integrity. I still think Sen. Obama will get the democratic nomination. But if Sen. Clinton gets it, Sen. McCain will be our next president. Wny? Because, through her win-at-any-cost, throw-everything-at-him strategy and VALUE, Sen. Clinton has already proven that she and hit-man hubby are not about America, not about the democratic party, not about women, not about healthcare. The Clintons are for the Clintons.

If Hillary should get the nomination, this is why she'll lose in the general election:
1. The right wing and independents will fall in solidly behind McCain.
2. The Fox fake news and right-wing talk radio will have an anti-Hillary talk fest, reviving all kinds of scandals, real and imagined, against Hillary, even suggesting that she may have had something to do with Foster's suicide.
3. Ralph Nader will get more attention and more votes than people think, because he always makes sense on the issues, whether you like him or not.
4. Most of the young that worked so hard for Obama won't show up at the polls.
5. Manyblacks won't show up either. And many who do will write someone in like Cynthia McKinney.

Because all they think about is winning, the Clintons don't see far ahead enough to realize that integrity is just as important as perseverance and tenacity. What the Clintons don't realize is that blacks voted for Obama not so much because he is black, but because he has integrity. What this election has proven to those who didn't see it before is that all the Clintons care about is winning that to which they feel they are entitled. And that's just about everything.

Anonymous said...

People, People, calm down..... she did not win anything by a mile like Obama has in the last 11 primaries... Obama himself has said over and over this is going to be a struggle and he is right.... but as someone who has devoted my life to working for peace and justice, you can not give up! Hang in there.... it aint over til its over.....

Christopher said...

Hillary Clinton may have gotten help from an unlikely source: rightwing radio bloviator, Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh actively urged his Texas listeners to cross over and vote for Clinton in that state’s open primary Tuesday, arguing it helps the Republicans if the Democratic race remains unsettled for weeks to come.

“I want Hillary to stay in this…this is too good a soap opera,” Limbaugh told fellow conservative talk-show host Laura Ingraham on Fox News Friday. He reiterated the comments on his Monday show and replayed the exchange with Ingram.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone should get used to saying it: "President McCain".

Why ? Billary will convince the PTB to annoint her the nominee, and I , like Christoher, will sit this one out.

As I've stated here before, they let Obama get so near, but just like in Augusta, will keep him him so far...

Molly said...

Tim Russert read some interesting stats this morning. Apparently some days ago, he was given a state breakdown by the Obama campaign. Back in early Feb., the Obama campaign predicts which states they would win and lose and the margins. Russert read the list this morning and they were DEAD on, even on the margins. They have really done their homework. If their predictions hold true, they will win the majority of the contests from here on out, with the exception of Pennsylvania and a couple of other states. In the end, Obama will have the higher delegate count with such a margin that it will be difficult for the party not to name him the nominee.

Of course, the cynic in me believes the Clinton machine will find a way to rob him of it.

Anonymous said...

I am writing now that Tuesday night has now passed. Yes, Hillary needed to win in Ohio and Texas to stay in the race. The race is not over because it probably will come down to the convention. Obama still leads in delegates and from what some analysis have suggested, Hillary will only gain 10 to 20 super-delegates. For now, we have to wait and see what will happen in the weeks to come. I must say that I do not believe Obama was going to win Ohio and Texas, but he managed to organized his camp to cut down her lead in Ohio where she once had a 20 to 30 point led, and Texas down to 3 points after having a 30 to 40 point led over Obama.

I do support Obama, and he will have to get tougher on Hillary has the campaign goes further. I think it is smart of him to counter-act whenever Clinton or McCain says anything in the media, and get his digs in within the same news cycle. This is quite the election this year.

Anonymous said...

In no way am I giving up on Obama. Like many of the posters here, I know he's still ahead in delegate count and still way competitive.

My depression over the results last night are twofold:

First, it means I have to listen to more of Clinton (if the venomous carpet-bagging hack, aka Borg Queen had been beating Obama all along and took the nomination, I'd have voted for her out of fear of continued rethuglican behavior in the oval office (sorry to steal your term for the GOP, Field). But now that she's showing her ass so much, I'd rather throw my vote away on Nader).

Second, McCain is extremely vulnerable in terms of fundraising and internal GOP support. If the Dems had a candidate now, they could be striking hot and heavy against him. Instead, Clinton is dragging this shit out and tearing the party up from the inside, giving McCain time to gather his forces and find some allies.

Christopher said...

I agree with Hennasplace.

Barack needs to drop the classy guy demeanor and go Southside Chitown on the Borg Queen.

She's running on and taking credit for, Billary's administration. He's was impeached for God's sake for getting a blowjob in the Oval Office and then lying about it. Then, there's the fact she refuses to release her tax returns. What is she hiding? Then, there are all the shady Middle Eastern characters who keep Billary on the payroll and paid for his presidential library. If Barack wants to get real nasty, his operative could "float" the rumor that the Borg Queen, like her idol, Eleanor Roosevelt is a lesbian.

It's down to Barack how he wants to play this. But one thing is certain. The Borg Queen is throwing the "kitchen sink" at him and his button down, I'm above it posturing isn't winning him any votes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Field Negro,

I appreciate your blog and your article and I have been lurking here for so long. But now I've decided to post and I am bringing to you some good news.

I hope you've noticed that controversy that is going on right now about that Clinton campaign ad in which The O' Man has been darkened to make him look blacker. Also in the ad, his facial features have been widened to make him look like different. The O' Man is black of course, but here is some evidence about why The Clintons are pulling an O.J "Simpson" on the O' Man.

Here is the article showing how they darkened his face and widened it by doctoring footage:


Please, Field Negro, do a story about this.

I don't know about you, but black people have been pretty silent about all the racial hatred that has showed up against the O'Man. The O'Man happens to be black.

Here is a nice GIF animation if you have any doubts about the doctored footage thing:



Anonymous said...

christopher, as a former Chicagoan myself, with North- and Southside ties, I agree with you in principle. But the "scary black man" undercurrent already works against him, and I think it's only b/c he's kept a more stately profile that he's been able to overcome that. God forbid he tells people that most of Hillary's political "experience" is her being first lady and he'll be seen as "OMG, he is one of those misogynist negroes after all." Human nature, man. I think if he attacks too hard, he'll be seen as "mean" and lose ground. He can be as means as he wants to be when facing McCain, but not with Clinton, I fear.

Anonymous said...

regarding the darkening I tried to give a news tip to every news outlet (CNN/NBC/CBS/ABC).

No one has picked up on it except for fox news which basically refuted it with the help of the Clinton campaign.

This was outrageous when Time Magazine did this to O.J Simpson, an alledged murdered.


Anonymous said...

anonymous...it's probably a "non-issue" b/c everyone has been saying that the media is anti-Hillary and pro-Barack lately that the media are starting to believe it.

By darkening Obama up, they not only made him look blacker but even made his hair look a bit nappier, which is hard to do with such a low cut. Nasty political move but, on the other hand, sneaky enough that they can claim it was an accident. Have to give credit to the Clinton camp for cunning if not morals.

baatin. said...

christopher, once again you're right. i love reading what both you and the field have to say. barack seriously needs to just drop being a good guy, and get gangsta with ice queen. dude is approaching this like he's going surfing in hawaii or some shit. "man up dog! man up!.....king kong ain't got shit on [you]!" having said that, he gets hit either way......damn.

Christopher said...

Deacon Blue,

I think you're onto something.

I mean, I am probably not the best measure of the perception of a white person who finds black men "scary." Black men are hot, but not scary. In all honesty, I think I'm more of a scary black man than is Barack Obama.

And like you say, this is probably deliberate on the "O" man's part. He doesn't want to frighten those little white Baptist ladies in the Midwest.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Christopher: I don't know if Obama has to give up the good guy image by going soutnside on Hillary. But there's nothing keeping his surrogates from doing so, with or without his permission.

The first principle in the Karl Rove playbook is to attack your opponent's strength. In the case of Sen. Clinton, it's her alleged 35 years of experience, which includes everyting she's done since she left law school.

Well, 16 of those years were as a First Lady to Bill Clinton the governor and Bill Clinton the US president. Some of that experience includes serving on corporate boards, such as being board chair for Wal Mart (No wonder Bill developed NAFTA, and she supported it). But how does any of that prepare her to answer a red phone at 3 a.m.? How does that better prepare her to do something about trade agreements that have sent American jobs to Mexico, India, Pakistan, China and Canada? Before becoming a Senator, she had not served as governor, senator or congress person. On the other hand, Obama was an organizer, a constitutional lawyer and state senator for 8 years in one of the toughest political states in the country.

Her surrogates should ask interviewers like Chris Mathews and Tim Russert to name any significant experience Sen. Clinton has to prepare her for the presidency outside the senate. It's Sen. Clinton, not Obama, who lacks real experience. Traveling to a foreign country as the wife of a president doesn't get it.

west coast story said...

I don't care who is running on the GOP ticket, I'm not voting for Hillary under any circumstances. 2004 was the very last time I held my nose and voted for someone who should have never receievd the nomination in the first place. Y'all have the government you deserve. So enjoy because Hillary can't win. Period. When the shite hits the fan about the Clintons refusing to release their income tax returns and the mess surfaces about contributors to the Clinton Libraray, Hillary won't win dog doo doo. The GOP will find itself energized and emboldened. Even in the unlikely event that she wins, nothing will get done because the GOP hates her and will stonewall everything she tries to do. It's really tragic how short the memory is of the average American.

Anonymous said...

Like alot of bloggers have said, I'm worried about these later developments as it may shatter the Democratic Party by scarring teenaged voters like me,Black people like me,centrist, and crossover Repugs that had faith in Bro bama forming a bipartisan consensus into cynicism and not voting, or even worse, voting for McCain just out of spite. Even my dad said he would vote for McCain if Hillary is nominated. This is just depressing.

Lola Gets said...

Ok, its Wednesday now, and we all know who won what. But it still looks like Obama has more delegates that Hillary, and thats a good thing.

Off-topic: Im having an "Ask Lola Anything" festival over at my site, so come on by and ask away!
Chambers has opened the floor with a question about my breasts. I dont expect other readers to do any worse. Ha!


Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

I just got off the phone with a Hillary supporter who called to gloat.

After saying Hillary took Ohio and Texas, after touting her success in developing healthcare program for children, after raving about "the economy her husband, I shot back.

I informed him that the insurance program for children came about as a result of Hillary's failure-- her poor judgement-- to bring about universal healthcare. Hillary had a hard time working with people and tried to do a lot of the stuff in secrecy.

As for the children program itself, I reminded him that, although it was her idea, she was such a divisive figure that people like Sen. Chris Dodd had to make it happen without even mentioning her name for it to go anywhere.

I told him that the highly-touted Clinton economy had to do with a bunch of entrepreneural nerds from California developing computer-related businesses and little, if anything, to do with any policies from Bill Clinton.

Further, I mentioned that Bill Clinton set in motion policies that worked against regular folks; that under Clinton, NAFTA was developed and implemented (which she went around promoting); and under Clinton's watch, Republicans took the house and the senate and only recently lost the house (Remember Newt Ginghrich?) and Bill Clinton was in so much legal trouble, he couldn't do anything about it.

He said, "I'll talk to you later. He came to gloat but had to leave quickly.

I told him the Clinton presidency was overrated just like Hillary's Clinton's 35 years of political experience.

He called to gloat but suddenly had to go.

Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi FN,

I have a question for you.

It seems that at least 90% of Black voters are supporting either Sen. Obama or Sen. Clinton.

So what happens if McCain wins the general election? Will African Americans be left out in the cold for another 4 or 8 years?

Don't you think that it's an inane political strategy for African Americans to put all of our hopes in one party?

Evangelicals do not own the Republican Party and neither do the Southern Strategists. It's an American political party that is just as much ours as anyone else’s.

I'm just wondering how you feel about this.

Christopher said...

Well, folks, check this gem out:

The Associated Press cites an anonymous Obama aide:

A senior Obama adviser, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Obama's team will respond to Tuesday's results by going negative on Clinton -- raising questions about her tax records and the source of donations to the Clinton presidential library, among skeletons in the Clintons' past.

Now we're talking!

field negro said...

Calm down people there is hope. But the "O" man has to go negative like Christopher said and he should be fine.

I also understand the ABM turnoff,so he has to let his flunkies do it.

Anon.thanks for your nice words and finally commenting.See, it wasn't that bad. And thanks for the links.It confirms what I have thought all along.

Mes Deaux Cents,you are right,the rethugs will continue to treat us like sh** for the next four years.

You might be on to something.us black folks need to be independent political thinkers anyway. Honestly,at the end of the day,is there that much of a difference between Hillary and McCain?

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

How ironic that we can thank Tom DeLay for his shameless gerrymandering for this factoid?

ROFLMAO, Christopher! You KNOW the BUG Man wasn't counting on his cheating gerrymandering to give a Black Man the White House!!

Christopher Chambers said...

ALL of youze need to calm down!!! Replace your anger with fear, for the fate of our nation will likely be decided in the cretinous state of Pennsylvania hahaha. Bodes bad for Obama only in that some of the Ohio type whte folks are heavy in Western Pa. oN the other side of the coin, parts of Pa. are like maryland, etc. Perhaps it's time for Howard Dean and Gore (who hate the Clintons) to pull the trigger. After all, it's they, and not Obama, who suffer long term from this crap.

On the other side, leave my boy McCain alone. He's NOT Dubya or Cheney--those m-fs tried to destroy him, remember? And even if he takes a Jesus freak like Huckabee as a running mate, it's a doubl edged sword. Yeah, Huckabee's nothing more than a Christian Taliban, but he's also a populist--anti-Wall Street, anti-Mitt Romney-ism. His view on the terror war might even change based on whether there's truly any mileage in a new Crusade or some quest to preserve Israel before the Rapture. Black folks might have universal health care and job training...but itll be run by a Baptist church. No queers need apply...
As for McCain, I do happen to play lesser of all evils games. I do indeed believe he;ll be the new Eisenhower and thus give the Wall Streeters and the wingnuts all kinds of drama. You will know whre you stand with this old fart. With Hillary, lord no.

The country needs an Obama-McCain battle. Statesmen. McCain-Clinton would be more of the same.

PS hope you liked my blog post on that racist and greedy nonense surrounding the fraud memoir.

Christopher said...

Honestly,at the end of the day, is there that much of a difference between Hillary and McCain?

The only difference I can see is, Hillary has the bigger dick.

Anonymous said...

Well, I need detoxing, I feel like I've been knocked down. I don't know why I'm taking this election so personal, but I am starting to hate Hillary Clinton, as if she's kidnap my babies. I can't turn off the news, I listen to NPR to and fro, I need election rehab.

My name is MrsGrapevine, I am an Obamaholic...

Anonymous said...

chris that was a good one, made me chuckle

RedLipstick said...

My name is redlipstick and I'm a diehard Obamaholic!

This thing will be over on April 23rd after Penn when Al Gore and some other top Dem honchos tell Hillary that she had a good run, but that she has to take it back to NY.

We're going all the way baby!

Anonymous said...

Hey Everybody,

Hating HRC and calling her Borg Queen sounds immature. I am not even going to try to get academic about it. It just seems to be if people started calling the O man names that we would be in an uproar (like saying his middle name---we don't like it as we should'nt).

HRC is probably not the "nicest" person around, but too many people are treating the O man like he is a messiah. This is not a good thing.

Disclaimer: I am not a HUGE fan of HRC. I simply think black people are being rather naieve to put more than 90% of their vote behind any 1 person. This is how we get play ALL the time. Just something to think about.

Vote for the O man if you think he is the best candidate. But lets not do what everyone else does to us when we walk in the wrong neighborhoods or in exclusive stores etc.

SouthernGirl2 said...

"The only difference I can see is, Hillary has the bigger dick".

Too funny!

Woozie said...

I really couldn't agree more with Anon 5:18 PM. I got over the Hillary Hate a few months ago, and I'm actually liking being over it. Still an Obamaholic, still don't like Hillary, but I don't lob names at her any more than I want people to call the Big O B. Hussein Obama.

I still call her HilDog from time to time, but as more of a nod to South Park than anything.

field negro said...

"My name is MrsGrapevine, I am an Obamaholic..."


"My name is redlipstick and I'm a diehard Obamaholic!"


anon. 5:18pm, I agree that the name calling is sort of petty. But you have to understand, the Obamaholics have a lot invested in the "O" man's campaign. And watching the Ice Queen attack him just kills them. Frankly, Hillary is not an easy person to like. But I have said this before; whoever runs against the republican will get my vote.

Anonymous said...

OT: Field, about the biracial chick in your sidebar. What's up with this comment in that particular post:
"I only have a few Black friends, and they’re mostly male. I have never quite clicked with Black women – when I've tried, I always seemed to laugh at the wrong times or disagree with the wrong points or date the wrong men. I do have a bunch of White friends here in Boston. They love to make Black jokes and laugh “with” me. Except I’m never laughing."

So, she can still have a bunch of white friends despite their black jokes, but she has no problem distancing herself from us particularly black women?

How Tiger Woods of her.

Anonymous said...


Actually, I do not have a problem with Hilary attacking Obama because it is in her nature. However, if you are going to start the fight, then you finish it without whining when you get hit. All I have to say is that Hilary should duck because you never when that right hook is coming. My grandmother told me that when you dig one hole, dig two, and I really do not believe Hilary has done that.

The fact of the matter is that Hilary made some tactical errors by focusing on the big state and did not concern herself with the others. She has lost 25 states and it's the math stupid (figure of speech), and I think the media gives her pass because God forbid, no one wants to hear her whine, come to think of it, I really do not like whiners particularly after listening to group of people who do it everyday where I work and I do not want to see it in the leader of the country. Now with that said, I am certainly not going to vote for McCain in the general election. Yes, I will hold my breath (but not for long as I do not want to pass out) and vote for Hilary if she becomes the nominee.

Anonymous said...

1) If she had that much experience why didn't she run in 2004?

2) Why is her camp calling foul, "sexism on the field", when she herself plays damsel in distress to win over the media? Isn't that employing sexism?

3) What does she look like without makeup? Instead of patronizing her, I was hoping SNL would do a skit on the 3 AM commercial. Where Hillary answers the phone in th morning with rollers in her hair and no makeup, asking Bill is that you...

4) How can Ohio vote for her without seeing those tax records? Don't they want to know if she support business that take they're jobs?

5)I heard a man on NPR say that he voted against Barack Obama because he didn't believe in hope. He then went on to say that he was 73 and still didn't expect much out of life, or have much in life...

6)Last but not least, why do Hillary Clinton supporters say she talk in specifics and she has real plans? And if you ask them what are those plans; they can't recall.

I told you I need detoxing, and my drug of choice is NPR, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN.

Christopher said...


If I could add a no. 7 to your most excellent list:

Why does the Borg Queen get credit for her years working for the Children’s Defense Fund but Barack Obama’s years spent as a community organizer amount to nothing?

Anonymous said...

Christopher ---

IIRC, Hillary only worked at the CDF for one year.

BTW, I would love to know what the Edelmans think about this election.

field negro said...

Anon.10:09PM, I am only linking her article. I thought it was well done. And yes, I found that portion you quoted a little problematic, but at least she was being honest. Go into her house and drop some knowledge on her :)

She is a Philly homegirl, so I gave her some shine.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, regarding the hating and name-calling of Clinton, I can only speak for myself. I wasn't hating on her or calling her names...and wouldn't have felt that great about it either...until she started showing quite clearly that she will stop at nothing to be in the oval office. She doesn't care what she does to her party, she doesn't care if her antics give McCain an edge in getting started with his campaign, she doesn't care about anything but her own aggrandizement and a Clinton dynasty.

I have no illusions about Obama. He ain't Christ. And no one tries for the presidency without wanting an ego boost and the power that goes with the position. But it's Clinton, not Obama, who's going with dirty tricks in a primary that are better suited in a campaign against a GOP rival.

Clinton doesn't give a shit. And by my assessment, that means she won't give a shit for any of us...of any color or socioeconomic level...if she gets into office. This is a woman who moved to New York solely to run for Senate there, having no real connection to the state. That says a lot right there.

So, I will continue to call her a venomous carpetbagging hack to the bitter end. I don't hate on people much, and I don't really even hate HER, but I call 'em like they are. And she is not nice people by any standard. And God help me if it's her vs. McCain, because that might just make me have to vote for Nader, damn it.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling like Mrs. Grapevine and the various people who have said they contemplate not voting or voting for a third party if the Democrat has to be Clinton. As an Obamaholic, I am glad to find I am not alone and maybe not crazy, either. ;-) I just can't face voting for someone who voted for the Iraq war and hasn't even said it was a mistake.

Michael Fisher said...

Yo Wayne. Do you have any idea who this Clinton campaign's top finance guy is? I thought the Clinton's didn't like any Muslims? Or is he Muslim?

That Girl Boo said...

and so it begins the talk around my town is to sit out this presidential election if Hillary keeps going dirty on Obama,

the rumors spread around here were that Rush told the Repubs to go and vote..............hummmmmm makes me think their scared of Obama, but Hillary is acting just as dirty

my group & I are about to launch a tell Hillary were sitting out campaign.........win it without us

between the Bush family & the Clinton family they would have been in office for a total of 20 years

Hell Naw I don't want you ready on day one, what you ready for? to lock some more folks up.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to see Obama lose in my current state of residence, Ohio, but I was pleased to see all the volunteers out there canvassing and making phone calls. I had family come in from Massachusetts, Georgia, New York, and Indiana just to campaign. It was beautiful to see 2 full buses of Howard U students here to work. If nothing else, I'm proud of Obama's campaign supporters.

It was Gallery Hop night (1st Saturday of every month) in downtown Columbus which is often a forum for political views to be aired among all the other artsy-ness. I wish I had my camera with me to photograph Team Hillary on one side High Street loud as ever and insulting to O fans; while, on the other side of the street was Team Barack peacefully holding signs and talking to passers-by. I thought of MLK and Gandhi in that moment. Peace is so profound and speaks more volumes (win or lose) to me. Props to one my sisters who always countered by saying that we at least can agree on the Democratic Party to diffuse some of Team Hillary's ugliness.

But, in the end, he lost. So then I struggle if he needs to get a little Malcolm X in him and fire up, but I wouldn't want him to win that way. He will always struggle with the spots outside of major cities where the less progressive reside. It's just amazing how much of America is still that way.

Anonymous said...

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