Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Those lucky male Negroes.

Geraldine Ferraro just made a brilliant career move. This former political has been and sometimes news pundit has now elevated herself to A-1 status. Don't believe me? Watch how she will become a regular on FUCK NEWS now. Watch the speaking engagements increase and get more expensive, watch all the friendly editorials and all the T.V. appearances. (Oh wait, it already started).

Sure there are some folks feigning outrage now over her recent comments, but that too will blow over, and the outrage won't last. Not when a significant segment of the population agrees with her. "Way to go Geri, way to tell it like it is. We are sick of biting our tongue when it comes to race, you are our new A-merry-can hero." The only surprising thing is that more white folks in a position similar to Geraldine just don't follow this script. Also, make no mistake, Geraldine might have been making a shrewed political move on behalf of the "Ice Queen", and if that's the case, she is even smarter than I thought she was.

Still, I have to wonder about this "lucky" black man thing that Geri is talking about. I mean I am a black man, and although I feel lucky to be alive and for all the good things that has happened to me, I don't think they happened because I am black. In fact, I think they happened inspite of the fact that I am black in A-merry-ca. And even though the "O" man's mother is white, I don't think he is any different. When you think about it, Geri's position and statements just defies logic. If black men like Obama are lucky to be black in A-merry-ca, how does she explain away the fact that 12% of us are locked up in prison? How does she explain the fact that our life expectancy is way lower than folks in the majority population? How does she explain the fact that far more of us are unemployed? Or that the ones that are working make so much less than men in the majority population?

But I guess I should count my blessings. I mean as a black man I would get first dibs on Lark Voorhies, Tyra Banks, and Halle Be....well maybe not Halle. I could show up late for appointments all the time and blame it on CP time. I can never really lose my driver's license because I am asked to show it all the time. I don't have to go skiing bungee jumping and rock climbing to find excitement, because just waking up every day and navigating the pit falls of every day life is excitement enough for me. And if I ever go to prison, I can take comfort in the fact that I would have lots of company. I don't have to worry about working. I can just sit at home all day and be a bum, because that's what everyone pretty much expects me to do, so there is no pressure.

Yes Geri, I guess I am one lucky guy.


Hathor said...

Well said.

Christopher said...

The thing that really pisses off about the Borg Queen's Klan seamstress, AKA, Geraldine Ferraro, is, she has a demonstrated history of making racially charged, racially insensitive comments about African Americans.

In fact, I think the Borg Queen's campaign deliberately sent her out there to stir up shit with older, white women.

You just know the Borg Queen is itching to call Barack a "n****r." But she can't, so she needs a pig like Geraldine Ferraro to get as close to it as is possible.

the poet Shazza said...

If she is or isn't a racist, if she meant to say something positive or not in regards to Obama, it wasn't what she said ... it was more the SOUND BITE that BRAODCASTED AROUND THE WORLD because no one really knows, heard, read or comprehended the whole statement which was a Paragraph long.

The Obama camp had good reason to attack Ferraro. Its what you call Good Political Strategy. Ferraro is good at what she does POLITICALLY and she is a DAMN GOOD FUND RAISER. You take that away from Hillary Clinton's camp and it does more hurt her than the bad press about Ferraro's SOUND BITE.

THAT LADIES AND GENTS IS THE REAL REASON WHY SHE'S GONE and not what she said or didn't say. This is all back office POLITICAL TRIAGE. The Clinton camp drew blood on his campaign's staffers and now Obama hit Hillary where is matters the most, HER POCKERBOOK.

Christopher Chambers said...

I'd like to ask her--if things are so tough for women, then why are black women backing Obama overwhelmingly? Maybe b/c sisters where the original "soccer moms." More accurately: Cotton moms. Sugar cane moms. Rice moms. Indigo moms. Or the flipside: if there is this force of nature called oppressed white women--then why didn't swell the voting booths and propell Geri and Fritz Mondale to a landslide in 84? Last I check, Ronald Reagan and Dubya's daddy kicked the living shit out of them! Andsuch would happen to this misguided Missy Ann's in November, even with "Mr. Morton" as opponent, with this attitude.

I look around and I see sisters in law firms, business, government. I see brothers in prison, not in hallowed positions of power.

So, if I may be politically incorrect as Geri feels--that guinea heiffer can kiss my black male ass. if this doesn't finally convince these bought-off spooks in the Black Caucus, etc. that Hillary is channelling Karl Rove and then I think we need to set the Klan loose on them.

Anonymous said...

I really think in the end Hillary will win the Dem Nom. And that Geraldine Ferraro will pay a price for what she said later in life.

Karma is a funny thing and the Clintons are getting what they deserve. I would actually love to see Hillary win the Dem Nom. and have to continue to beg blacks to vote for her ass all the way through the general. At this point in the race Hillary will promise the devil her soul (if she had a soul) if she thought it would get rid of Obama.

After saying all that I sort of feel pity for Hillary. Her is a woman who has been planning to be president most of her life. She even stayed and put up with Bill just to get closer to her chance. Now, all that has gone to shit thanks to Obama. So, yeah she pretty much hates his guts.

field negro said...

"After saying all that I sort of feel pity for Hillary. Her is a woman who has been planning to be president most of her life. She even stayed and put up with Bill just to get closer to her chance. Now, all that has gone to shit thanks to Obama. So, yeah she pretty much hates his guts."

anon.10:11PM, I co-sign with that statement 100%

"So, if I may be politically incorrect..."

Aren't you always you half yawdie troublemaker :)

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

I wrote this letter elsewhere and I think it's appropriate here.
Dear Ms. Ferraro:

I hear you resigned today. But before you pack up and go, I want to thank you for letting me know how lucky I am to be a black man in America. I do feel lucky too except:

-When I go to my poorly-funded public school to try to learn that real history was done by white male slave masters who wore wigs and stockings (racist education);
-When I try to compensate for my lack of a good racist education by shopping for sports gear at the mall and security guards follow me like a drunken but loyal member of the KGB (Shopping discrimination);
-When I drive my nice suv on the freeway (racial profiling);
-When I get passed over for a job and it's given to a less-qualified white applicant;(Employment discrimination);
-When I try to get a bank loan to start or expand my business (institutional racism);
-When I try to buy a home or even rent an apartment (So I have to have my girlfriend or sister rent it in their name (Housing discrimination).

Otherwise, Mr. Ferraro, i'm cool. BTW, can you help me get an apartment?

field negro said...

Macdaddy that's GREAT STUFF! I am laughing and crying at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I actually think that Obama is going to win... because of stupid ass statement like Ferraros, and all the others who keep trying to remind people that Obama is a black man..
I think more and more people, especially young people are really getting turned off by Clintons tactics. In fact the progressive left of the demos are embracing Barack... I saw Jim Hightower on Democracy Now endorsing him, as have other lefties.... He has won enough states, delegates and popular votes and I have heard super delegates say in multiple media venues that they will vote the will of the elected delagates... to steal it from Obama would be suicide for the party and they are smart enough to realize it... There will be more bumps in the road, more ignorant ass statements before it is over. But, when it is over, Barack Obama will be the democractic party nominee.

Big Man said...

Man, this comment really pissed me off. I dealt with it over at the site and I also posted the transcript from Keith Olbermann's rant last night that was good.

If this woman had confined her lucky statement to just women, I would have been inclined to believe that there was no ulterior motive behind it. After all, many women do feel they have it worse than any man, even though I don't agree.

But, when she said Obama is lucky even compared to white men, then I realized this was just a political stunt to attract certain white folks. You could see Hillary plotting this a mile away especially since many in the media had already labeled Obama an affirmative action candidate which I also wrote about.

This woman knew what she was doing and it's clear from her response. She knew who she was addressing and how they would react.

The simple fact for black is that if a man as accomplished as Barack Obama is seen as unqualified, well there really is no hope that any of us can truly escape being judged as affirmative action beneficiaries. No matter what we do, no matter what we accomplishment, white folks are going to feel we didn't deserve it because that's how they sleep at night.

Eff em.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Come on Field, you know you wouldn't have gone to law school, passed the bar, married a beautiful woman, been able to come to Amurka and all those things if you hadn't been black. You are one lucky guy.
Man, if only I'd have been black. . . I could have BEEN an astronaut instead of always wanting to have been one.
humph! (kicks dirt, makes scrunchy face, sulks off to the barnyard).

Anonymous said...

You've got to take three minutes to see this video response from Keith Olbermann. He slams the hell out of Hilary Clinton. Please post this on your website.

People need to see this.....

grown said...

I believe I have expressed my negative feelings about overprivalaged white women more than once on this site...

It's almost as if they want me to continue disliking them.

SouthernGirl2 said...

Yup, we've known it all along. No matter what you do, in THEIR eyes, you're still a nigger!

It's eating them alive that Barack is the f-ing freight train headed straight for Hillary's @ss! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Lenoxave said...

Powerful video from Keith Olbermann. Well done.

Unknown said...

Well, Field. I wouldn't have believed any of this was possible even two months ago. But somehow, I think you are not surprised. You know, I never thought Clinton could be so selfish as to destroy the Democratic Party if she didn't get the nomination. I live and learn.

Anonymous said...


Great post. I was on DU making those same points because some of those things have happened to my Latino ass.

I don't worry, though. Karma has a way of taking care of people like that. I just want to be there when she delivers justice.

Anonymous said...

When Obama takes the White House (hey, I have faith, it's part of my job description), I think I want Keith Olbermann installed as Secretary of Defense.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Big Man:
"But, when she said Obama is lucky even compared to white men, then I realized this was just a political stunt to attract certain white folks."
Yea, Big Man--to attract certain white ethnics in Pennsylvania, the next primary. Team Clinton knows what it's doing. My guess is that this was Bill Clinton's idea.

ZACK said...

I'm a lucky black man? The job fair that I attended today at my school proved otherwise.

I am FAR from lucky- but I'm blessed. That's better than luck.

Ferraro is just saying what Hillary chooses not to say. There's no need to read in between the lines because it's all out in the open.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Field Negro... :) That old hag is just one bitter b*tch, since she never made it to the top. Now she's in disbelief behind Obama's momentum. She just couldn't
keep it to herself anymore.

Now, let's go off and click our lucky little heels at our hard earned success.

the poet Shazza said...

Ferraro is SO OLD NEWS. As a matter of fact, she's easy News and not even worthy of continued reporting. For those who don't follow Politics, this is all NEW TO YOU ALL which is laughable to see how people are all of sudden in an UPROAR.

.. to add, while everyone including the media and the pundits like Kieth Olbermann are ranting about Ferraro, Obama and Clinton are assessing the damage control of loosing KEY MEMBERS of their staff before Pennsylvania. This whole Hoopla is nothing more than a SMOKE SCREEN.

The real POLITICS that this is covering is the game of CHESS the two camps are playing. Obama lost two people; an Economic Strategist and Foreign Policy Adviser due to Clinton's people calling fowl (his Rook and Bishop) and now Clinton lost a MAJOR piece, her Fund Raiser (her Queen), to Obama's calling of fowl. they are pretty much even in personal damage without giving too much away for the Republicans to use against them later.

Thats how its played PEOPLE and those that are caught in the wave are the PAWNS (the common people who don't see it). WAKE UP AND TAKE THAT RED PILL ... you are in the MATRIX.

MartiniCocoa said...

I don't care if she has cancer...she's a rancid racist goat witch.

Song dedication for Field:

Imhotep said...

Though geraldine & hillary are blatantly f**k-up, it seems that Barack cannot reply by speaking the american truth of racial oppression, otherwise HE will be accused of being a racist. His dilemma is clear evidence of the racist system in which we exist.

kid said...

You know how I know that Ferrarro is a racist ? Hannity said he knew she wasn't. BTW Al Sharpton wants to debate Klannity on April,4th about civil rights.Someone should tell him to cancel.

A.F. said...

Hi FN,

Yeah, it's "opposite day" in the Hillary campaign. The whole f--king govt dominated by white men, and now Obama got where he is because of his skin color??? WTF?? That does not even make remote sense. The argument that HRC got where she is because she was married to a president does hold water, though--would she have gotten past city council or state legislative elections (as polarizing as she is) if her last name (by marriage) were not Clinton??

One thing I've observed from teaching gender, race and class issues to college students is that two statements that a lot of white people just love to utter in response to the cold hard fact that the cards are stacked against black people in America are 1) so and so got where he/she was because of affirmative action and 2) but what about OJ?? Most recently, after a whole class based on racial inequality, a young white woman asked, "But what about these black football players who get away with killing their wives?" WTF?? Is there an epidemic?

I wanted to write something profound to follow this up, but all I can think of is WTF?? WTF?? WT*F*?

Also, if I may be so bold, I think that the instructions on your side bar about registering Rethugs and Independents to vote (for Obama) may just be a classic sign of denial that we encounter often here in Obamaholics Anonymous. Hi, Field :) We're with you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mrs. Ferrano I feel so lucky to be born black. I feel that luck every day when people call me a nigger when I walk down the street. I feel so lucky when it takes 3 years to get roadhome money. I feel so lucky when the police question me whenever they want to look busy. I feel so lucky when the odds of me being executed for a crime are far higher than yours. I feel so lucky when Soreño gang members shoot at me because I'm black. I feel so lucky when people confuse me for a middle eastern and say I'm some sort of jihadi.

But hey, I have a big schlong and can't get sunburned, so I guess it's ok.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Chambers Said:
"I'd like to ask her--if things are so tough for women, then why are black women backing Obama overwhelmingly? Maybe b/c sisters where the original "soccer moms." More accurately: Cotton moms. Sugar cane moms. Rice moms. Indigo moms. Or the flipside: if there is this force of nature called oppressed white women--then why didn't swell the voting booths and propell Geri and Fritz Mondale to a landslide in 84?"

My response: 100% Truth!

Anonymous said...

@Shazza Nakim...

"The real POLITICS that this is covering is the game of CHESS the two camps are playing."

Are you suggesting that Geraldine Ferraro was sacrificed by Hillary Clinton to even the score, somehow?

Hillary: "My bad. Now I'll give you one of my men (uphs, women").

Anonymous said...

I'll bet ol' Gerry just cries herself to sleep every night that she wasn't born black.

She should go fuck herself with a canolli.

Liz Dwyer said...

"But hey, I have a big schlong and can't get sunburned, so I guess it's ok."

Bwah hah hah! Oh that's comedy.

Seriously though, Field, you're so right. Other than Olbermann, these pundits are licking Ferarro's boots. She helped Democrats lose 49/50 states but she's some awesome genius now, isn't she?

They're running with the ideology that it's ALL Obama's fault and that HE'S been the main one revving up racial politics since New Hampshire so that blacks and progressive whites will feel sorry for him and vote for him. And that he's now lost women and Reagan Democrats because HE tried to play racial politics with this. Now white folks are gonna see his true colors and run away in droves.

Yeah, one of the "lucky" things about being black is that you always get blamed when someone white fucks something up.

Anonymous said...

Gott Zam, Negroe.

When are you Negroes going to stop with the white racism under every rug feces.

Take advantage of white guilt about slavery and Jim Crow whilst you can; for in the coming multi-polar world, China, India, et alia, will not give a phuck about what happen to your ancestors here in Babylon.

They will not feel that they owe you Negroes a punk-gott-damn thing because ob the travails ob yo' po' piziful ancestors. Now, yall some po' pissiful descendants.

My children are in school, kicking East-Asian and Western-Asian childrens in the azz academically? Learning Mandarin, they will be ready.

Where yall punk cry baby Negroes chillin and grandchillin at?

Anonymous said...

Who would you want your sister to date? Barack Obama or Joey Buttafuoco?


SouthernGirl2 said...


I can't help it, Nsangoma is so disgusting!

What comes to mind is s.o.b.!

Ann Brock said...

Field Hillary threw that racist heifer under the bus as soon as she got finished with her doing her dirty work. I wouldn't vote for that piece of mess for all the tea in China.

Kim said...

I think Ms. Ferraro is confusing the lucky male negro with the Mystical Magical Negro of such movies as "The Green Mile" and "The Legend of Bagger Vance". These negroes despite the conditions of their own people chose to help the white man and whatever his plight even if it meant his own demise. And Obama has deviated from that script. Instead of using his magical powers to help Miss Hillary, he's helping himself and whopping her ass. So Ms. Ferraro and her ilk are a little salty right now.

Christopher said...

Hillary threw that racist heifer under the bus as soon as she got finished with her doing her dirty work.

ROFLMAO! Flawless description of Ferraro.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Christopher, I'm marveling at Hillary's powers over her minions.

They do what she asks; then they get beat up in the media because it backfires - and then, she tells them they're fired, but to inform the media that they are voluntarily stepping down.

That's more powerful kool-aid they're drinking tham Obama-Aid any day of the week and twice on weekends.

Christopher said...

Christian Progressive Liberal,

You want to hear something?

Last night at 8:45pm, Keith Olbermann was a Saint to the progressive and liberal left.

By 8:55pm, following his brilliant Special Comment taking the Borg Queen to task for not denouncing Geraldine Ferraro, the Hillbots did a complete 180' and they started making demands that MSNBC take Keith off the air.

From hero to public enemy no. 1 in 10 minutes.

Some of these whack jobs are screeching about boycotting his advertisers. Never have I seen a more vicious, irrational bunch than Hillary's Harpies. They're like a lynch mob.

Phil4Real said...

Here ya go FN. History repeats itself.

"If Jesse Jackson were not black, he wouldn't be in the race," she said.

Really. The cite is an April 15, 1988 Washington Post story (byline: Howard Kurtz), available only on Nexis.

Here's the full context:

Placid of demeanor but pointed in his rhetoric, Jackson struck out repeatedly today against those who suggest his race has been an asset in the campaign. President Reagan suggested Tuesday that people don't ask Jackson tough questions because of his race. And former representative Geraldine A. Ferraro (D-N.Y.) said Wednesday that because of his "radical" views, "if Jesse Jackson were not black, he wouldn't be in the race."

Asked about this at a campaign stop in Buffalo, Jackson at first seemed ready to pounce fiercely on his critics. But then he stopped, took a breath, and said quietly, "Millions of Americans have a point of view different from" Ferraro's.

Discussing the same point in Washington, Jackson said, "We campaigned across the South . . . without a single catcall or boo. It was not until we got North to New York that we began to hear this from Koch, President Reagan and then Mrs. Ferraro . . . . Some people are making hysteria while I'm making history."

Invisible Woman said...

Love it!

RedLipstick said...

Maggie Williams!

I would not be at all shocked if this is the work of the biggest crab in the barrel!

SouthernGirl2 said...

"Maggie Williams!

I would not be at all shocked if this is the work of the biggest crab in the barrel!
This may be Maggie Williams' job but how dare she sell out her own race for a buck. Spineless b%t%%!

The nerve of all the b%%t%rds from Maggie Williams to the CBC--- as if the Clintons gives one iota about them! Dumb idiots!

Big Man said...

I'm sorry to poach readers Field, but I just got hipped to an article where Ferraro made the exact opposite comments to the ones she's making today. A commenter over at Jack and Jill Politics put it out there and I put it up over at my site

In 2006, "Gerry" said a woman had an easier road to the White House without a doubt. Without a doubt! That ish had me frothing.

Anonymous said...

Lemme tell you, this "white women have it worse than blacks" horseshit is not going to work as well as HRC thinks it will. Not only does it lead to a backlash from blacks, but from white men (at least in the context of the primary). We're not blind or stupid--the view from the most privileged class makes it is clear that race is a far more limiting factor than gender in this country. That the first runners up would be so self-absorbed as to miss that really pisses us off.

We white male liberals got over ourselves, not because it was easy or comfortable--after all, we could easily fool ourselves into ignoring the bloodstains on our inheritance like the conservatives do--but because it was right. Apparently, the ladies are long over-due for the same reality check (although in all fairness, the generational factor here is important--it's no accident that HRC only wins the old white women).

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

If Ferraro or Clinton think they're going to win over the white woman vote, they're not listening to the white women here in DC, who are royally pissed that Clinton's tactics have set back their progress 100 years in feminism.

They didn't like the fact she injected race into the campaign, either. Some of these white women are either dating or married to Black men, so they really don't like this ish, and are going for Obama in droves.

I personally saw this on February 5th, right in good ol' Northern Virginia. Hillary supporters didn't even show their faces; Obama supporters seen everywhere.

They conceeded NOTHING to the Borg Queen.

And that's why he won the Cheasapeake primary.

BTW, Borg Queen, we in Metro DC didn't like being dismissed as irrelevant voters because if, by some deal, you steal the Democratic nomination, I can guarantee you a "crickets chirping" reception here, because you will need us to vote for you in November, and it will give all of us the greatest pleasure to look at you with disdain in our eyes as we either:

(a) sit out the election in November:

(b) write in Obama or Cynthia McKinney:

(c) vote for McCain (not an option for me, but whatever floats one's boat)

(d) casting a ballot for congressional races and senate races, but leaving the POTUS slot blank.

Keep up destroying the party. If you think you get the nomination and put Harold Ford on your ticket, thinking we Blacks won't notice, we'll let you know in no uncertain terms just how much we paid attention to you and your bigoted minions.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Christopher, Keith Olbermann's Special Comment was a thing of beauty to this progressive liberal.

He's pissing off Joe Scarborough, and I wish someone would shut up Scarborough by asking him "What happened to that dead intern found in your office when you were in Congress?" just to make him choke on his own spew.

Anonymous said...

Did somebody say something about a "monster"??? LMAO......

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Redlipstick, great minds really do think alike.

Maggie Williams facilitated this. When the Latina ran Hillary's campaign, she kept the campaign focused on the issues and was successful in dividing the Black vote between Obama and Clinton. However, when the Borg Queen started losing, Hillary fired Patti Solis Doyle and replaced her with Mammy Maggie.

At that point, the Clinton campaign went nuclear with the race-baiting, scorched-earth campaign tactics and cue Geraldine Ferraro to put the icing on the cake with her comments.

She essentially said in her resignation letter that she wanted to be free to comment however the hell she wants without damaging the Clinton campaign.

The Borg Queen still hasn't denounced her, while Obama has complied with every demand she's made, including firing his foreign policy advisor, Samantha Power, for calling Hillary a monster.

Hillary can officially go "Cheney" herself as of right now. Because I am the Christian Progressive Liberal, sometimes, I need to watch my language, LOL, but I feel safe in telling homegirl, Mammy Maggie, Klanswoman Gerry, Bill Shaheen and Andrew "shuck and jive" Cuomo that their comments were in the proper context they were made and that they can all go "Cheney" themselves for continuing to attempt to insult me and every other American subjected to bigotry and racism every day of their lives, by trying to say it's not SO.

Christopher said...

"What happened to that dead intern found in your office when you were in Congress?"

Really? Joe Pig Eyes had a dead intern?

Maybe he whipped out his fuckstick and the intern started laughing at its tiny size, so he killed her?

Anonymous said...

The current Ferraro uproar shows once again how the phrase "tempest in a teapot" will never lose its usefulness, especially in politics.

Lately life has been getting tough for the campaign aides of the big dogs. First someone named Powers was ditched from the B. Obama team for calling H. Clinton a "monster," and now G. Ferraro has been forced to forsake H. Clinton's side because of her remarks about B. Obama. The commenters on the threads here should be glad that they're not on those teams, else, because of their even more intemperate shots, a bunch of them would find themselves flying off the cobs faster than corn kernels on the 4th of July.

People are foaming at the mouth over Ferraro's remarks as if the heavens had turned treacherous and rained boulders down upon us, when actually they had a direct and enlightening bearing on what awaits B. Obama if he should become President. Loaded from their insteps to the tips of their hairpieces with all their eager but probably over-optimistic expectations, people will be waiting to see what initiatives he will follow in regard to the ratio of specifically Rainbow interests ("black" to the language impaired among you) to the broader interests of the far larger number of the rest of the citizens. In that light, if they are worth anything Ferraro's remarks and others like them should instead be carefully weighed, especially by the B. Obama faithful. Besides being among the harbingers of what lies ahead, they might actually have something interesting to say about what many were thinking while B. Obama was getting this far, which was only partly the doing of those of his persuasion. From observation of many years I find the level he has reached to be nothing snort of miraculous and never to be taken for granted, as many younger people feel they have the luxury of doing..

But, as important as that is, right now far more attention should be paid to the questions about what should be done about the Michigan and Florida delegates. Now those are really some bones worth chewing on and yapping about -- quickly!

Anonymous said...

Shabazz said:

Ferraro is SO OLD NEWS. As a matter of fact, she's easy News and not even worthy of continued reporting. For those who don't follow Politics, this is all NEW TO YOU ALL which is laughable to see how people are all of sudden in an UPROAR.

.. to add, while everyone including the media and the pundits like Kieth Olbermann are ranting about Ferraro, Obama and Clinton are assessing the damage control of loosing KEY MEMBERS of their staff before Pennsylvania. This whole Hoopla is nothing more than a SMOKE SCREEN.

The real POLITICS that this is covering is the game of CHESS the two camps are playing. Obama lost two people; an Economic Strategist and Foreign Policy Adviser due to Clinton's people calling fowl (his Rook and Bishop) and now Clinton lost a MAJOR piece, her Fund Raiser (her Queen), to Obama's calling of fowl. they are pretty much even in personal damage without giving too much away for the Republicans to use against them later.

Thats how its played PEOPLE and those that are caught in the wave are the PAWNS (the common people who don't see it). WAKE UP AND TAKE THAT RED PILL ... you are in the MATRIX.

I'm glad I ain't the only person that sees the politicking going on here. How could Geraldine Ferraro not have forseen the uproar that would have developed from her remarks. especially considering she actually made remarks contradicting her remarks about O'man in December 10, 2006 article of the NY Times:

“I think it’s more realistic for a woman than it is for an African-American(to become president),” said Ms. Ferraro. “There is a certain amount of racism that exists in the United States — whether it’s conscious or not it’s true.”

“Women are 51 percent of the population,” she added.

)Does anyone know how to hyperlink?)

I'm willing to bet that this whole Geraldine Ferroro incident was calculated by Hillary's camp to, as many have pointed out, win blue-collar white and agrarian white support.

Hey Chris, that was to funny, but I wonder, what's this deal about a dead intern in Joe Scorborough's office?

I watched Kieth Olbermann last night and seen his "special message" to HRC. About time someone in the mainstream press had the balls to call Hillary out on her racist smear attacks and general bullshit.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Carl, the Florida delegates can forget it - the state's not willing to pickup an $18million dollar tab that will cost.

Michigan's in the same boat, and whatever money they have left has to go to defending Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick for his shenanigans.

Chris and Elle, about ten years ago, or less, a woman named Lori Klausutis (sp) worked for Joe Scarborough when he was in Congress and she was found dead in his Pensacola District office, of mysterious causes.

Joe Scar resigned from Congress before it became national news, and is rarely talked about today.

He later resurfaced on MSNBC as the host of "Scarborough Country" which used to air in the slot that Dan Abrams' show does now. Right after Olbermann, until he got the "Morning Joe" gig following the Imus debacle.

But the MSM has been silent on that dead intern in his office, and the Florida papers that did cover it, suggested that Joe had been getting his swerve on with the dead intern, who was also married.

Joe was also in the middle of a divorce from his first wife, and the mother of his two sons when this went down, as I recall.

The intern's husband said she was in good health and had no physical problems that would have resulted in her sudden death - and the autopsy results were never made public. The ReThugs covered up for Joe real good.

Google "Lori Klausutis" and "Joe Scarborough" - you will find several results that discuss the dead intern.

Anonymous said...

Good post Field. I was Ferraro appearing as if she was going to cry on TV the other day and I thought this is a lousy performance.

This is scary stuff yall because she is confirming what a lot of foolish white folks are saying on the internet and websites and on comment pages following stories in the local big business papers.

I keep trying to tell folks that this isn't just about Obama this is an ideological assault on us as black people. We have to repond every time. But the damage is that it creates more division among folks who actually have more in common that they realize. That is black and white working folks and so-called white collar folks as well. All this plays into the hands who want to keep us fussing and talking about foolishness while they slowly destroy (Iraq and Afghanistan)most of the world
and impoverish the rest of us.

liberation then peace

Kellybelle said...


Anonymous said...

"Watch how she will become a regular on FUCK NEWS now".

She's been a Fox News consultant for a while now:,2933,34759,00.html

west coast story said...

The thing that makes Ferraro's statement so ridiculous and ironic is that Hillary wouldn't be where she is had she not been the wife of a former president. No Senate, no presidency.

Anonymous said...

Geraldine Farraro's comments were inflamatory and directed at a particular coalition...Reagan Democrats. The white working class racist within the democratic party who dominate politics in the northeast, and have now become the Clinton coalition.
The red phone ad first used in 1984against Mondale, and this recent dust up are right out of Reagans playbook, and have Farraro's fingerprints all over them.

Unknown said...

Hillary thinks it's "her turn" and will do anything to get the nomination.

With African-Americans being the most loyal Democratic voting bloc, why would her campaign be so willing to offend us? Oh, yeah, we're supposed to fall in line once she wrests the nomination from Obama's cold (politically) dead hands. After all, where else are we gonna go?

I've been hearing people say they will stay home on election day if Hillary gets the nomination. I was determined to hold my nose and vote for her if that happened. Not anymore. I refuse to reward this kind of campaigning with my vote. There have to be consequences, there has to be accountability. They do NOT get to throw us under the proverbial bus, secure in the knowledge that we'll do as we're told come November.

There is such a thing as "too far", and Hillary is there. My vote will reflect that.


Christopher said...

Christian Progressive Liberal,

Whoa. I had never heard this before. Very strange stuff.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Christopher you know why you haven't heard of this.

Because the MSM made dang sure you didn't find out. It's still making the circles here in DC, but it's one of those "open secret" deals that no one really talks about.

You know if Spitzer had to give up his day job because he was screwing very expensive hookers, the same thing should have happened to Joe Scar, too, when that dead intern came to light, ala Gary Condit/Chandra Levy.

Didn't happen because of media monopoly consolidation, and relaxing of FCC rules for ReThugs.

Ironically, that's something we can't blame GeeShrubya for; we have to lay it at the feet of the Borg Queen's husband, Bill Clinton, himself.

He gave the media corporation what they wanted: De-Regulation, and look where it got him. A $70 million dollar Federal investigation by Ken Starr, and impeachment trial, and all we found out was that he got blown in the Oval Office by a zaftig intern and tried to lie about getting blown. And the media, starting with Fake News, eviscerated him for that.

Sorry for the rant, but that's why you haven't heard anything on Joe Scar regarding that dead intern.

IOKIYAR, you know.

Anonymous said...

What comes to mind is s.o.b.!
justice58 8:07 AM

Dude, your Adam's Apple is showing.

Anonymous said...

Lt. Governor David Patterson is lucky that he is black and blind.

SouthernGirl2 said...

Nsangoma quoted:

"Dude, your Adam's Apple is showing"
No dude here!

Just don't like filthy pigs! They have a habit of wallowing in muck!

Anonymous said...

I like Christopher's Ferraro-as-Klan-seamstress reference-- said it better than I could. Obama now dominates in every category like people are sayin'-- the pledged delegates, the popular votes, the states overall, the various states of all shapes and sizes, the competitive Swing States (Missouri, Virginia, Colorado, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Delaware, Washington, Minnesota-- about as powerful a lineup as they come). The Hillary campaign is getting desperate and they know they've already lost, so they're trying crap like this to try to push backroom deals among Democrats at the convention. That's what Ferraro's comments were about-- "Blacken up" Obama a bit and try to encourage party insiders to get nervous about him. Obviously, backfired majorly. With Hillary now facing a public and ugly court case brought by Peter Paul (the latest of her fundraising scandals-- on top of Norman Hsu, the Kazakh uranium magnate and whoever else), a court case to hit the media in October no less, it's more important than ever to close down this process and encourage the Party to back Obama, so we can start the tough battle against McCain. Since Hillary is a McCain ally (praising McCain as a commander-in-chief while trashing her own fellow Democrat Obama), it's become obvious that, with the nomination effectively lost for her, she's trying to double-team Obama in bitter frustration for his role in destroying her own wretched, hateful political career.

BTW just thought I'd pass on a post that somebody made on one of the Blogs a few days ago, Jack and Jill IIRC (and this was even before Wyoming and Obama's blowout victory in Mississippi). It's been getting Emailed around the block, and it captures the heart of the matter perfectly-- Obama's domination of the primaries and his support by the vast majority of the voters, the catastrophic consequences for the Democratic Party if a backroom deal were to flout the voters' support of Obama-- or continue to countenance Hillary's scorched-earth campaign against Obama, clearly designed to hurt him against McCain, out of her own pique and frustration-- with all the civil unrest and general strikes that would follow, plus the deeper roots of the way "becoming American" has been intimately connected with a community's registering of hatred of Blacks. Word up to that:

I've been busy lately and not checking the Blogs, but a few friends and I were recently talking independently, about the level of rage and civil unrest that would result if Hillary were nominated by the Dems against a clear majority of the popular will.

It's out of reach for Hillary now-- Obama has a majority of pledged delegates, of popular votes in the primaries (and that's not even considering his utter domination of the caucuses), and the majority of the states. And note, we're also not even considering the 1 million + "disqualified" pro-Obama ballots in California with that BS technicality, or the Harlem districts where Obama somehow got zero votes, with Charlie Rangel doing his best Stepin' Fetchit routine and rigging the vote machines.

By any metric, Obama has out-and-out won the popular acclaim in the Democratic primaries and caucuses over Hillary, and he'll only add to that further with both Texas and Ohio behind us (with all their favorable Hillary demographics).

Yet Hillary is still trying to pull this desperate BS with the superdelegates and trying to seat FL and MI, despite Obama not being able to campaign and not even being on the damn ballot there! Failing an actual nomination, Hillary's "Plan B" is to damage Obama enough so that he would lose to McCain despite leading him in the polls-- even though her own political career would basically be finished, she would be doing this out of sheer spite.

She's also continuing in her racist campaign. The same one that got whipped up back in Nevada and South Carolina. The same one that encouraged that idiot Hillary Latino backer in Texas to declare that Obama is a "little too black" for Latinos (despite the fact that La Opinion, the country's biggest Spanish newspaper, and a large number of Latino politicians have all endorsed Obama). The same one that pushed 8 out of 10 of the race-conscious voters in Ohio (fortunately still a minority of Ohio's otherwise tolerate and respectful voters) to indulge their racist hatreds and vote against Obama.

We are Black, White, Asian and Latino in my group, professionals, academics and working-class of all shades.

We all talked about the ugly riots and civil unrest that would take place, almost with absolute certainty, if Hillary were nominated under such corrupt circumstances, or if she succeeds in damaging Obama enough as the nominee (as she is obviously doing, deliberately) to make him non-viable against McCain.

We all agreed that the rage and consequences of either Hillary's Plan A or Plan B would be horrible beyond belief, the Democratic Party would suffer irreparable damage requiring tremendous efforts to repair, and the riots would be much, much, much worse and more destructive than what happened even in the late 1960's.

Obviously, the superdelegates and/or the MI/FL BS would be appalling in and of themselves, as they would basically be trying to validate Hillary's racist campaign, her disenfranchisement attempts and her divisiveness, while showing that machine politics and backroom deals are far more important than the popular will.

However, as our little impromptu seminar went along, we realized that the reasons for such an explosion of rage and anger would be about something much deeper than that. It's not just about Hillary's tactics.

It's about the way that Hillary's tactics have lined up with a strain of thought in the USA, that clearly remains predominant, if not widely talked about:

That the American Dream as framed and exploited by the Clintons, in its ugly reality rather than the feel-good bromides about it, means social advancement and wealth IN ITS ESSENCE at the expense of African-Americans. Poor Whites, Latinos, Asians are supposed to "become more American," in the Hillary narrative, by the depth of their hatred for Blacks and the extent to which they spit on us.

And if the Democratic Party were to validate this narrative by choosing Hillary over Obama, against the popular vote {and delegates and states, I'd add}-- then yes, cleansing riots, rage and civil unrest will happen, and probably out of sheer inevitability. As I'll explain below, all of us agreed that we ourselves will participate in peaceful, though firm and massive protests throughout the country, with all kinds of means to attract media attention. We will also call for periodic general strikes to inflict some economic pain and further ingrain the price that must be paid for flouting democracy. Finally, we will continue all of these things well past the November 2008 election, as I will explain below. Others, of course, will go even further than this.

The "true version of the American Dream" as I described above-- becoming "American" by stepping on and hating already downtrodden African-Americans-- has been the actual narrative of the USA since even before 1776. Blacks were worked to death, sickness, poverty and despair as slaves to build the agricultural and industrial infrastructure of the USA, never paid a dime for it, never allowed to do the social climbing that Whites took for granted. (This happened in both the North and South of the USA.) Then we and our labor were further exploited under Jim Crow and sharecropping, then under the corrupt and racist factory systems that arose with industrialization in the cities.

In short, we African-Americans have been the "Morlocks" of the United States, despised, scorned, and hidden below ground even as our largely uncompensated labor and efforts have built the rich, first-world, United States of America superpower paradise for the racist White "Eloi" above us. While many Whites have admirably come to our defense, neither their nor our efforts have been sufficient to dislodge the defining narrative of the country, which is this effort to foster a first-world, Anglo, White superpower paradise for the Eloi who spit on us below.

Which leads to the second part of the "true American dream," which is that people newly in this country-- even if not White themselves-- gain access to the coveted place of the Eloi, along with the racist Whites, specifically by trampling on and hating Blacks. Indeed, the most constant strain in "becoming American," whether White American or Latino or Asian American, has been defined by this narrative, above all else, as expressing and acting upon one's hatred of Blacks, in public or private.

The Irish, when they came to the USA, were themselves despised by the Anglos, just as Anglo Britain hated the Irish in Ireland. But the Irish here were accepted as "American" by the Anglos specifically when they in turn, expressed their clear hatred of Blacks.

It is the same today even with non-White newcomers. Latinos and Asians are accepted as "entering the American mainstream" specifically when they go through their "rite of passage" of hating Blacks. This is the narrative that Hillary uses and amplifies to gain votes, rather than a more inclusive, encompassing paradigm that would have us join together.

IOW, the American Dream, the one that has fostered this Anglo superpower nation, is defined in large part at the expense of Blacks, and intentionally so-- the American Dream and American identity are achieved, above all else, by hating and spitting on Blacks as one moves up the social ladder.

Obama is as tough a candidate as the Democrats will ever have. He is a top graduate of Harvard Law School, an editor of the Harvard Law Review, a successful civil rights attorney {who was working in the trenches for Chicago's destitute and underprivileged while Hillary and other corporate lawyers were selling out and getting rich}, a prescient Senator who anticipated the disaster in Iraq when most politicians on both sides of the aisle were rushing in, and a brilliant campaigner who has taken on the Clinton machine and beaten it, hands-down.

If even Obama is cheated out of the nomination (Hillary's Plan A) or damaged so severely by Hillary's continuing hate campaign so that his candidacy is rendered non-viable against McCain (Hillary's Plan B, of spite and pique), then the message is obvious: That African-Americans will never, ever be given the opportunity to stand up for ourselves and hold positions of leadership, aside from some minor crumbs tossed in our direction by the Massas. Also, with the demographics in this country making us an ever-shrinking percentage of the population, it'll only get worse.

There can be one response to this, and one response only: A militant, angry, and painful one for the racists who rule this country, including the Democratic Party if it were to allow this.

One of my Latino friends actually, whose father had worked with the Cesar Chavez UFW movement, made an outstanding point to us, and I'll paraphrase: Radicalism and militancy may be last resorts, but they have a crucial place in the fight for justice. They are the sharpest sticks if the carrots are rejected, the baddest of the bad cops, to be brought out when it is clear that our racist opponents like Hillary Clinton will stop at nothing, break all the rules, even embrace massive corruption to keep us down.

IOW, radicalism and militancy would be necessary responses to Hillary's Plan A or her Plan B. And there should be no hesitation in deploying them.

The hard truth, as we all know, is that you have to fight and fight damn, damn hard to win justice. It's never a painless process, for anybody involved. There are too many vested interests who profit from the "true American dream" of profiting at our expense, to allow us to have real power and justice without our fighting and clawing for it. Frederick Douglass, Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King did not win rights for us by being docile and placid, or "waiting their turns," or "being well-behaved Negroes" in the face of injustice-- they fought hard, and they gave it to the racists on the chin.

And so must it be for us. Militancy and radicalism.

It is the only way to sear the lesson into the American memory and consciousness, that we will not be pushed around, and that you do not mess with us.

Since it is again being shown that the true American Dream can only be achieved by hating and spitting on Blacks as non-Blacks do their social climbing, then if this view of said dream were validated, our only option is to destroy that dream-- and to make it clear that the only acceptable American Dream for this country to survive, is one that recognizes us and our construction of this country from the ground up, and which offers us respect. And the country needs to suffer, and suffer bitterly, if the racist version of this were to continue to receive validation and currency.

Worst-case scenario, if this hateful narrative continues and the way things are moving these days, the course of events may even be leading to some de facto partition of the country along ethnic and possibly other lines. African-Americans are basically the vast majority in much of the Deep South and growing, as well as in parts of the Industrial Midwest around Illinois, Ohio and Michigan. Latinos of course are in the Southwest and Florida. Asians in San Francisco. Whites of various strains elsewhere. The only way to prevent such an eventuality is to tear down the hateful American dream that has been built and amplified like this, the one that makes people American by hating us and advancing at our expense, and replace it with a new one. Barring this, partition is the only future of the USA.

If this sounds like a bit of malice and malevolence-- well, call it what you want, but it has to be made clear that if the "true American dream" continues in the form of this despicable narrative, that America's wealth and superpower status have been and must continue to be achieved at the expense of African-Americans, then America must be ruined as a wealthy superpower. Period. No such wealth and power in the presence of such rank injustice. That if the USA wants to regain and continue as a great and powerful nation, then it can no longer continue the American Dream as it has unfolded with each generation. I'm not so much of a pessimist that I think this is inevitable-- there is the potential for reform, but we have to be aggressive in pushing it.

What this means in practice, of course, is that the consequences of either Hillary's Plan A or her Plan B must be extremely cruel and painful, for the party and for the country, to make it clear that there are horrific consequences for pushing this hateful narrative against us.

As I wrote above, all of us in our group agreed that we will pursue a plan of action including peaceful, but extremely vigorous, widespread and prolonged protests (well past November 2008). We will simultaneously launch a series of general strikes throughout the nation, to further paralyze (albeit temporarily) the economy. We will of course name names, with Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton as well as any of their enablers getting top billing. They will be hanged and burned in effigy, their names and images brutally attacked with all the media and means at our disposal.

Others, of course, will do more.

Our aims with this will be two-fold:

1. We will naturally be drawing intensive media attention, both domestic and international, to the despicable travesty of justice that Hillary's actions and her enablers' support have brought about.

2. We will be precipitating a temporary, though severe and painful economic crisis, that will in turn result in a loss of dollar support and a total loss of international investor confidence in US assets and US "safe havens"-- with an obvious lesson to our own corrupt political classes, and the added bonus of likely forcing a withdrawal from Iraq.

As most of you are aware of, the only reason that the USA can continue as a "superpower" even as we sink to more than $11 trillion in debt, to have all these bases worldwide, to fight these imperialistic wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia-- is that rich manufacturing and oil-exporting nations, such as Japan, Britain, China, Saudi Arabia, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Russia, France, Germany and the Netherlands, continue to park so much of their money and savings in the USA. The belief is that the USA has so much "political stability" and protection in US bonds and debt instruments, that they need not worry about the value of their assets.

Translation: The White racist massas of the USA continue to keep a tight leash on America's Blacks and keep the whip hand steady if African-Americans get too uppity, with Blacks therefore remaining docile and obedient to their massas, and thus little risk of social unrest.

We need to demonstrate to them, conclusively, the error of their judgment.

This will give rise to a loss of confidence in the US debt-driven imperialistic warfare state (at home as much as abroad), a further tumbling of the dollar, and enough of a shock that the US's superpower imperialistic arrogance, its active hatred of its Black minority, its chronic warfare and military overextension at the expense of tending to the most basic needs of its impoverished African-American and Latino minorities-- is entirely untenable.

Our war in Iraq will also be financially unsustainable, since the total loss of foreign investor confidence will lead to a drying-up of credit and make it impossible to finance our imperialistic wars anymore.

Now, I and most of my friends and family aren't rich, we're working or middle-class even those of us in the budding professional group, and we have no doubts that we'll have to keep a stiff upper lip, and tough it out through some difficult economic times ourselves.

But we're going to be facing a painful recession regardless, made even worse by the War in Iraq, and if we fail to stand up for ourselves in the face of such obvious injustice, and at a crucial juncture, things would get much worse for us. Respect for us would rapidly wane as we would be perceived as chumps, and the "true American Dream" that is forged specifically at the expense of Blacks, and to our continuing detriment, will only grow louder and even more intense.

However, if we stand up for ourselves, then we will halt this downward spiral against us, and with our troops pulled out of Iraq-- and the USA oriented in a less imperialistic direction-- things will quickly turn around for us. There is no other option for us but to stand firm.

newgirl448 said...

Black people:

“I mean as a black man I would get first dibs on Lark Voorhies, Tyra Banks…”

“…That old hag is just one bitter b*tch…”

…”she's a rancid racist goat witch…”

Now, to be clear, I think that the Gloria Steinems with their sexism-is worst-than racism pablum and the Ferraros with their bizarre racist pathologies are a plague upon us. But, sexism is real, half of us Black folks are women, and I’m curious about where other Black people place oppression of women by men in their discourse on achieving social justice. I’ve been hitting the Obamahol pretty hard this week, but I’m still lucid enough to witness my indivisible self, which makes the misogyny of the above comments problematic to say the least.

Now, before you tell me to lighten up, please consider what your response would be to some OTHER black man “calling dibs” on YOUR daughter, the substitution of hag/bitch with coon/nigger, or…well that last one kind of sings so I can’t think of anything but you get what I’m saying:-) Consider those rewrites if you will and tell me sincerely what/if/how you see Blacks factoring the problem of sexism into formulations for social justice. Really, really curious. Thanks for your comments and this blog.

west coast story said...

I support Obama and will stay home in November if Hillary is the nominee. But I'm damn sure not going to burn down my neighborhood if Obama is "robbed" of the nomination. People should stay home on election day, and every Obama supporter should withdraw from the Democratic party, if they belong. This rioting in the streets bullshit is for babies who are fine with living in the park until the 'hood is rebuilt by Massa. Puulleeezzz. That does nothing for anyone.

SouthernGirl2 said...

West Coast,

I agree. If Hillary is the nominee, I'll stay home but none of this other nonsense! Total BS!

Anonymous said...


You make a good point but the Democrats have been throwing its loyal black supporters under the bus for quite a while. Now I am a revolutionary minded brother so I am not suggesting the Republicans as an option. But shouldn't we look at the idea at least of a third party. A black party or an independent working class party that would have as its platform the things that most folks who work for a living want.

You can imagine what that is, jobs that pay a living wage, federalized and quality public education, adaquate housing, health care that won't leave you broke, etc.

There was once an independent black party and of course it fell apart because many of its leaders ran back to the Democratic party.

What happened to our imagination? This going on and on about this campaign which we all know in our hearts, is not in the end, going to help make this nation more humane, is a bad use of all this collected intelligence in my opinion.

We are like lovers who hold on to a bad lover hoping that he/she will change when there has been no tangible evidence to continue to hold on to our hope.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone understand why Rev Wright and Farakhan are saying things that will cost Obama? Surely they must know their support is a negative for Obama.

Anonymous said...


Are you race baiting, playing the race card, or both?

Anonymous said...

White folks aren't going to be happy until Obama throws Rev. Wright under the bus too.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100% percent. Though I don't think it was a racist comment. It was an ignorant as hell comment on behalf of her buddy Mz. Clinton. You da "Talking Monkey" in Planet of the Apes speak. Preach On!

the poet Shazza said...

For Just-Mimi:

Rev Wright and Farrakhan aren't saying anything that will MAKE Obama loose the Presidential nomination. Only Obama can loose his Campaign for President. These Community Leaders that he has associated with in Chicago have been speaking this way for YEARS.

Farrakhan and Rev. Wright acknowledge and respect each other and I have mentioned on this blog in the past that Farrakhan occasionally is invited to speak at Obama's Church; Trinity.

Farrakhan has supported and endorsed Obama in the past so it is only a surprise to THOSE that do not want to research deeper than the surface.

Anonymous said...


Curiouser and curiouser. People act or fail to act to enhance their own egos.

I think they're ego trippin' and perhaps a little jealous they're not in the spotlight.

They will be now!

Anonymous said...


Backing you all the way to the Pleiades.

Anonymous said...

Are you race baiting, playing the race card, or both?
shonufded 7:57 PM

Obama curbed his wife's tongue. It is now time for his punk-cry-baby Negroe minions to shut-up, too.

We are getting to the point of the story of "The Negroe Who Cried Racism."

We are crying racism so often, that when something seriously racist does go down, it will not be readily recognized because we have cried racism too, too often in the past.


Anonymous said...

Newgirl448, Thank you for your reminder. I know that we all get so angry and it's all to easy to forget our manners and kindness on the internet.

Francis Holland said...

This from the YahooNews article linked above:

"UPDATE: Geraldine's latest gem - "I will not be discriminated against because I'm white." And, as of this writing, she is still an official representative of the Clinton campaign."

I never would have believed that Billary & Co. would stoop so low, into the septic tank realms of the extremely color-aroused psyche! But then, it never occurred to me that Billary & Co. would come to focus their political guns on Black people as the enemy in their fight for the White House. I naively believed that Republicans would be the targets of their calculated and relentless bile.

Well, I guess we'll all learn something new before this election season is over!

rikyrah said...

According to Ferraro, the upcoming Governor of New York is doubly lucky:

Black and Blind

(note sarcasm.)

She can kiss my lucky Black ass.

Anonymous said...

Newgirl448: I hear you with the high road dialogue. You are very much entitled to your opinions. And I respect that.

However, there will be no rewrites from me. But I have a question of my own. Why is that we black folks feel the need to chastise each other for the comments that we express? We've been turning the other check for centuries to the point that we have black eyes and swollen cheeks. I speak out of the frustration, disappointment, and the discrimination leveled on my back. Yes, other brothers and sisters have endured the same and more. But please let me vent for that is far as it goes. Neither do I want nor desire to keep others from getting jobs, living in nice neighborhoods, getting quality health care or a great education for their kids. So, I'll pass on receiving the ruler or yardstick spanking today. Maybe I'll say some nicer things tomorrow.

newgirl448 said...

My comments were either unclear or gravely misunderstood. I'm not "chastising" you and I have no interest in your individual moral fiber-as I think your "ruler" reference would suggest.

As my husband would attest, my own unadulterated rage with the Clinton campaign these days and the unapologetically deep shade of blue of my own language in discussing it testify to the fact that I am no prude. Black people can get together here or anywhere as far as I'm concerned to discuss/vent about our oppression-with as much passion as our souls require. My issue is whether-when we do that-we are non-schizophrenic in nature. Dr. King made his public statement against the Vietnam war for that reason. You either talk about justice as a principle that applies to everyone all of the time or admit that you have inherited from your master the disease of segregating your moral beliefs when it suits you. I'm talking about that. Our struggle against the system of oppression that is racism is crippled by the bizarre selective reasoning that minimizes the devastation to the lives of black women of the sexism that is alive in our communities. The easy and repetitive use of works like "bitch...hag...whatever" manifests that bizarre reasoning and continues to sew the seeds of our destruction from within.

So be nice today or don't be nice. I'll probably be the latter and I don't care. My question is about whether our commitment as Black people to justice can survive a challenge to our treatment of, references to, biases against women in our own communities and in general.

Anonymous said...

Oh Field:

Look what I found.

And here's Ferraro a little over a year ago, making the exact opposite claim in a New York Times article about whether Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton had a realistic chance of breaking the mold of white male presidencies.

...for all the excitement stirred by Mr. Obama, it is much less certain that an African-American could win a presidential election. Not as many blacks have been elected to prominent positions as women. Some high-profile black candidates — Harold Ford Jr., a Democrat running for the Senate in Tennessee, and Michael Steele, a Republican Senate candidate in Maryland — lost in November. And demographics might be an obstacle as well: black Americans are concentrated in about 25 states — typically blue ones, like New York and California. While black candidates cannot assume automatic support from black voters, they would at least provide a base. In states without big black populations, the candidate’s crossover appeal must be huge.
“All evidence is that a white female has an advantage over a black male — for reasons of our cultural heritage,” said the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, the civil rights leader who ran for president in 1984 and 1988. Still, he said, for African-American and female candidates, “It’s easier — emphatically so.”

Ms. Ferraro offered a similar sentiment. “I think it’s more realistic for a woman than it is for an African-American,” said Ms. Ferraro. “There is a certain amount of racism that exists in the United States — whether it’s conscious or not it’s true.”

“Women are 51 percent of the population,” she added.

No major news outlet I know called her on it, not one.

the poet Shazza said...

I have posted thos comment on another Blog and thought that it would be relevent here as well.

I so happened to have caught The View and Whoopi Goldberg made an interesting observation. She stated that how White People perceive and Black People perceive are very different. For example, when a White person says to a Black person, "You are very articulate.", for Black people this would be perceived as an insult where as if a White person had said it to another White person it would be seen as a compliment.

As Black folk, we look and read into what White folk say all the time especially since Open Racism is no longer accepted. This makes Black people suspect of everything since it isn't as obvious. Ferraro is from that era where being an OUT SPOKEN WOMAN was seen as controversial and in some cases still is. Since the majority of Black folk in America have already BRANDED the Clinton as untrustworthy, hypocrites, liars and racist any one speaking to or about Obama in any way will be twisted and seen as a PLOY and with a Hidden Agenda when if you had heard or read Ferraro's WHOLE interview and or speech she was making an observation that Obama has done what no other Black, White, Woman or Democratic candidate has ever done. Him being BLACK works to his advantage considering American's History and his message of CHANGE.

As a Feminist, she also made an observation that since Black folk received the Right to Vote before Women and Women have benefited from Affirmative Action more than Blacks, you would have thought that a Woman would be President before a Black Man. That is a controversial opinion BUT it is a shared opinion for Feminist in America.

What twisted Black folk up (and it bothered me as well) is that Ferraro used the word "LUCKY". That was the word that pissed off so many people. Ferraro used a bad choice of WORDS to make her point. Even if she had used the word BLESSED in regards to Obama ... it would not have mattered because at this point in the campaign ... anything said from the Clinton to Obama/Obama to Clinton camps will be seen as an Aggressive Racial/Gender Attack.

In Black folk's anger, which is building daily in this election, in my opinion I see folk on the verge of Exploding, even for the simple stuff.

If you look at the History of the Women's Movement, much of their philosophy depending on one PERSPECTIVE, can be viewed as boarderline Misogynist, Racist, and Seperatist.

Behind closed doors, Obama knows Ferraro isn't racist. he knows that the Clinton's aren't racist nor do the otherside feel that Obama is sexist and or live with a hidde Radical Racial Bias but the media fueling thier BIAS into us will do more damage to the PARTY than anyones words taken out of context.

Anonymous said...


That was a lot to pull from my few comments. I guess sometimes people assume that all black people take the view of Dr. King in regards to justice. I respect the man through and through, but did his wife receive justice as a woman and staunch supporter if she was cheated on as suggested by the wire taps? Well, we won't find any perfect people. I'm sure not. But I think I'm entitled to say a few words about somebody when they say cruel things themselves. They opened themselves up to that. Although, I'll say again that I respect Dr. King, I better understand Malcolm X's point of view in the picture where he's standing beside a window with that shotgun, except that I'm not into shotguns or other weapons.

Although, I agree to disagree with you, I still respect your comments.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity Field. You speak so highly of having access to Lark, Halle and Tyra. Do you consider any black women who dont appear as mixed race or light bright as being attractive? Just curious. It is your preference. One thing that I love about Barrack is that he does not seem like the typical black man who worships any woman... as long as she does not have African features. Just my opinion. Your preferences are your preferences.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is up with a few of these white apologists?? I don't care what era she came out of, what she said was racist. And now she's claiming the position of the victim??? Fuck that!


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