Thursday, March 27, 2008

Third party "O" man?

A couple of things happened today that got me thinking about this post.

The first one is that the house Negro living in the really big house, Bob Johnson, had the nerve to pen a letter on behalf of some dumbocratic "fat cats" and big money folks to tell Nancy Pelosi to ease up on all the "O" man love. The lawn jockey with the big ass lawn, basically told Pelosi that he and his rich friends would hold their big money from the dems if they didn't play ball with the Ice Queen. The nerve of that shit; I mean we all know that money rules politics in A-merry-ca and this is one of the most fucking corrupt political systems on earth when it comes to the will of the people ( I mean real people). But when these ass holes actually have the nerve to write an open letter to the Speaker and threaten to take their millions and never come back...well that takes big ones.

And the second one is that I saw the "O" man in a photo op with Michael Bloomberg today (you remember him don't you? He is the Mayor of New York, who was planning a run for the big house himself), and that go me to thinking: Hey, with all due respect to Ralph Nadar and Cynthia McKinney, why not a third party led by the "O" man?

Think about it, it would be just what this country needed. Hell that little Texan with the big ass ears made a hell of a run of it, and he had zero charisma. He had a lot of money, but nothing else. And as for his ideas; the guy made Lyndon Larouche look like John fucking Kennedy. Then there was George Wallace who got damn near 13% of the popular vote, and actually won a state. Now if George Wallace can get 13% of the popular vote, how do you think the "O" man would do? Think of all those Obamaholics, new voters, and independents. I am telling you, it would be huge. It would certainly effect the vote as it relates to the two major parties.

So anyway, the "O" man would be perfect. The guy doesn't have "fat cat" money boosters like a certain Junior Senator from New York, and his contributors average a little over $100 a pop. He could take all those millions of people giving him their last from their pay checks and start a new movement. He could say fuck the dumbocrats. Keep your convention, keep your big money donors and keep your corrupt back room wheelers and dealers; the Obamaholics have money and numbers.

That's what this country needs, a legitimate third party to shake up the status quo. People are tired of the elephant and the donkey. They have fucked with us and with each other long enough.

I say it's time we fuck them back.


Anonymous said...

Are you trying to incite some sort of division and derision? It's like you just took a page from Karl Rove's playbook, and it's going to hurt the union.

:: rolls eyes::

I will say that, while I don't advocate for Michael Bloomberg in any way, shape, or form, if Obama decided to run in another party, that would be major news. I still don't know if my vote would swing his way, but ... that would make me think long and hard ...

I still gotta read up on Cynthia McKinney though. ::goes back to doing research::

peace ...

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea..but a bit late in the game for this election. On another note, I watched the entire 31 minute video of Obama's speech at Cooper Union, where Bloomberg introduced him...
I am continuously amazed at this mans intelligence and his ability to give, without reading, a thoughtful, indepth analysis of our economic situation and solutions for a new direction. Anyone out there that calls him an empty suit, just direct them to this video on You Tube.
I am not one to spend 31 minutes listening to someone talk on economics.. but I found this engaging and accessable. This man is ready to be president!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

That's all a good idea, but a successful 3rd party will not be the result of some disgruntled also -ran candidate like Wallace, Perrow or Andersen.
It will have to be a concerted effort that begins with a long term plan, not just a plot to upset the status quo and fuck up an election. We saw the result that 3% of the vote caused when Nader decided to sabotage the democratic party in 2000.

? said...

"I still gotta read up on Cynthia McKinney though. ::goes back to doing research::"

Mckiney has a good platform, without the Jew bashing part of course.

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea that could probably work. I do believe Obama could get the votes and get other Dems to follow him to a new center of the road party. There are two problems with this though.
First, Obama is far too conservative to go start a new party. His entire campaign has been run safely. Even the 'Race Speech' that many of us new would come eventually didn't come until he absolutely had to make it. Obama's votes during his 2 years in the Senate is almost identical to Hillary's. Most people who aren't anti-Clinton right wingers are willing to admit she's a corporatist moderate who just happens to strongly believe in women's rights. Being a moderate is safe for Obama because he's able to stay in power without risking making white people uncomfortable. If he hasn't stood up for anything political unsafe it's a pretty safe bet he would never go out on a limb and attempt start a party on his own.

Which brings me to reason two it wouldn't work. The American people don't need another moderate party filled with politicians who can't stand up for what they believe in. We've had one for several years called the Democratic Party and they haven't done shit for anyone but the Democratic Party. At this point enough people fallen victim to Obamamania that they would vote for him in November even if he ran with the Constitution Party. But, it's doubtful that after more years without any positive progress (as opposed to the past 8 years of an attempt at time travel to the 1940's) that anyone will want to stick with Obama's new party. Many might vote for him in 2012 because he's a Dem. But, if he hasn't gotten us out of Iraq, set up a universal healthcare system, overhauled the entire education system, lowered taxes, and put a man on mars his chances of being re-elected as a third party President are slim to none.

field negro said...

jody, you make a good point about being too late for this election cycle--- there are state ballots that his("O" man's) party would have to get on.

But 2012?

Jose, let me know white you find out about my girl Ms. McKinney.

field negro said...

"First, Obama is far too conservative to go start a new party. His entire campaign"

bigbadbutch88, that is exactly why A-merry-cans would vote for him. You know folks on "main street" in A-merry-ca don't want politicans rocking their boat too much.

brotherkomrade said...

Sorry, but the "union" needs to be split. You can't unify when the cement is made of water and oil. You cannot unify under hypocrisy and silent resentment that has been growing for so many years.

Some liberals have been resenting people of color and black folk in particular over he years because we dared to exercise self-determination by either becoming more conservative and leaving the Dems or becoming more leftist and leaving the Dems. They hated when some of us chose to; blindly in some cases, support Obama just because he is black or for better reasons because we thought one of "us" could do better. The resentment grew when our middle class expanded some, and we dared to not bow down in gratitude everyday to the liberal's acts of compassion from 40 years ago because we dared to see ourselves as our own liberators.

Of course the same could be said of the growing resentment of liberal males for women who dared exercise their self-determination even if the result is to support a simulated, self-hating woman who is but a robotic careerist. A plantation mistress who'd rather bomb women of color than deal with her hypocrite of a husband or the hypocrisy of the powerful males she so painfully wants to be (nod at Kitty and her friends, the Daughters of the Confederacy over at Tennessee 'Guerrilla' Women).

My point is that there has been an underground river of bad blood amongst the people that the Democratic Party claims to look out for. It's just time for that river to swell the ground and cause the splits needed to reform, reorganize and possibly revitalize the left in this country. This party is not an umberella but more like a blanket acting as a opiate for us.

Read the speeches of Malcolm X during his later days; he was more clear about the role of the Dems than he ever was when he was with the NOI and this was during his time when he re-thought and embraced the role of white allies. He saw it as a good thing, but they had to be the kind of allies that truly believed in and supported he self-determination of the oppressed. There were some white folx who truly got that and there are some today who get it too.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Field. You have seen the light. Obama would be an excellent third-party candidate if the DLC does a screw job and gives the nomination to Hillary and her band of extortionists.

If Bloomberg wants to be his VP, they would make a great pair.

For now, let's do something to show the DNCC that we normal folk matter, like donating to them in the name of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Anonymous said...

Ok Field, b4 I even read the post my first thought was YES! F*ck the Democratic Party what have they really done for us anyway? But how could Obama do this? I've been thinking that now would be the perfect time to split. I've posted this on other blogs but I still think he needs to step up his campaign. I thought also thought if anybody was going to do any threatening it should have been him saying he'd take all his donors and supporters away. But I'm sure that little crooked heirarchy knows this is a possibility. If HRC pulls some mess then we can all collectively leave the party and let her and all Rethugs who've infiltrated it can have it! I had a good laugh at the animal reference. Made me think of Eddie Murphy and Shrek. And being an ass.

Unknown said...

this is a nice idea on paper.. and i have a cautionary tale...
we now have 3 parties over here in the uk... the liberal democrats joining the tories (= republicans) and labour (= democtats) the political fight back in the day was hailed as the 'new way' and all was optimistic...
all the lib dems did was split the labour vote...
they are still around and get seats in parliament but are not the force to be reckoned with that they thought they would be...
the reason labour got to run the country for the last decade or more is that voters were fed up of the tories period and voted them out...

has anyone checked clinton's feet.. are they cloven as i suspect? just a thought..

A.F. said...

Field, I think it's a great idea! Wouldn't that make a splash if Obama got screwed (and I mean totally) by the democratic party, left it, and *literally* took his votes with him?? That wouldn't be any Nader 2%, either! My best guess would be he'd take about 30% in a three-way race. Talk about rocking the vote! He wouldn't win, but neither would HRC, and some of the right people would learn a big lesson that they would not otherwise learn from McCain simply beating HRC in Nov.

I've enjoyed savoring that scenario...Now I wish it could really happen if he somehow doesn't take the nomination.

Anonymous said...

We need to get the Dem monkey off our back, but folks take their politics as serious as they do their home teams, and their religious affliations.

To succeed, we need mass defections, and a break in loyalties.

People will promise, but, in the end, continue to drink the Kool-Aid flavors, and the brewskies they're accustomed to.

Here's a footnote: 22% of Obama supporters and 22% of Hillary supporters say they'll stay at home in the general election, or vote for John McCain, if their candidate of choice is not the nominee.

It depends on the poll, however; I've seen it as low as 18%.

The Democratic Party may be fractured beyond repair, but Hillary promises that if she loses, she'll close ranks and support Obama.

That's what's she's saying now, as she uses machiavelian tactics to deprive Obama of the nomination.

Will Obama reciprocate? And if he does, how will that sit with Obamaholics?

In addition, should we e-mail Pelosi expressing our support for her current position on superdelegates, and encourage her not to cave in to these intra-party pressures, and arm-twisting tactics?

Francis Holland said...

Thanks for posting a link to the "Concede Now, Hillary!" petition, which now has over 1,100 signatures telling Hillary to STOP!

I think Hillary's more likely to run as the candidate of the "Billary Party", similar to Lieberman's US Senate run in 2006.

Only, Hillary hasn't got the esteem of the Republicans that Lieberman has, so she'd never be able to get a plurality.

For Obama, it's one thing to be compared to Jesse Jackson, but he ought to avoid being compared to Ross Perot.

field negro said...

shinola black, francis (who posted right below you) and the Afrospear folks actually have a letter and a petition to the DNC. But as usual, you made some good points. Unforunately, in A-merry-ca, folks are serious about their political party. Some are born into one party or another and never thought of switching. Getting that dumbocratic [d]monkey off of our backs will be tough.

"Some liberals have been resenting people of color and black folk in particular over he years because we dared to exercise self-determination by either becoming more conservative and leaving the Dems or becoming more leftist and leaving the Dems. They hated when some of us chose to; blindly in some cases, support Obama just because he is black or for better reasons because we thought one of "us" could do better. The resentment grew when our middle class expanded some, and we dared to not bow down in gratitude everyday to the liberal's acts of compassion from 40 years ago because we dared to see ourselves as our own liberators."

brotherkomrade may I write the forward for your book? That shit was profound, and true.

Anonymous said...

Sen Bob Casey, the democrat who beat Rick Santorum in PA is going to endorse Obama!! Casey is considered the "white, working class' Senator here in PA. He is Catholic (big deal here) and has broad appeal with just the voters that they say Obama needs to win over in PA..... Interestingly, according to this mornings Inquirer, a Casey source says it is his experience as a community organizer, how he stood up to the Wright bashing and his 4 daughters who are all enthusiastic Obama supporters..... Folk who are not from PA, let me tell you, this is Great News!

Christopher said...

Barack Obama was, is and will always be, a Democrat. He's not going to run as a third party candidate.

I think it's far more likely to see the Borg Queen leave Democratic ranks, a la, Joe Lieberman, and accept a position in a John McCain administration. After all, McCain and the Borg Queen are, according to Billary, "very close."

Now I can see Bloomberg, who used to be a Democrat, agree to serve in an Obama administration but not at the top of the ticket. Maybe as Secretary of HUD.

Meanwhile, in the new Pew Research poll that among Archie Bunker Democrats, white, lower middle and working class Dems, 23% think Obama is a Muslim. These dipshit Dems make up the Borg Queen's core constituents.

Anonymous said...

What is more likely Field is that if Hillary does not manage to pay and strong arm her way into the nomination, perhaps she would run as an independent. I'm sure she could run on the Joe Lieberman, I Call Myself a Liberal But I Am Really a Neo-con At Heart Party ticket. Eh ;-)

Anonymous said...

Field - I am with you 100% on this one. A viable 3rd party is EXACTLY what is needed. And the "O" man is EXACTLY the candidate to lead it. Keep pushing this one.

Anyone who is willing to run with this when the time comes, please put me in your book and keep me posted (

Naj in VA

Unknown said...

Man Field are you reading my mind or what?!? I wasn't going to say anything unless the Borg Queen stole the nomination, but at that point I was going to raise holy hell in VA and on the web calling for him to run as a third party candidate. It might be the only way to keep the young people I've seen get so fired up from tuning their backs on the whole idea of being involved in their government. Even if he didn't win, the disenfranchised youth of this country need to know that someone will go to the wall for them. Could that be Obama? I don't know. Like my bumper sticker says, Got Hope?

s. douglas said...

I'm no fan of Obama, but a Third Party Run?

I might be persuaded.

Anything to break up the Two Party stranglehold.

The longer this Primary goes on, the less difference I see between Wingnuts, and Liberals.

Orthodoxy is Always Wrong.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

The donors threatening to take their money and go elsewhere?

Pelosi, for once, told them to Kiss her ass (quote from her spokesperson in code-speak).

As for the third party, the only way one gets off the ground is for someone like Obama to kick it off. Until a rep gets a national office, it won't take hold.

Christopher Chambers said...

First, Christopher is right--O man is a Dem--likely more loyal to the party's principals than Hillary. Second, I think he'll be the nominee. I think he's got to stop being such a damn lightweight and go on a rampage: he's got to go on Fox News and get up in Hannities face and do an Ed Murrow/John Welch (and of you dumbasses who don't know what these two dudes did--go read some history). It might not sink all of the Wright as Willie Hortonism stuff, but it'll back these creeps off. Third, more history. Amerian history has often been determined by third parties. Indeed the present GOP was just such an upstart. John Fremont ran in 1850 and took away enough Whig votes to give the Dems the election...thus ensuring four more years of pandering to the South and thus a Civil War. The Know Nothings did the same in 1854. It could be argued that Ross Perot bled enough votes from Bush Sr to give Hillary's hubby the White House. Nader certainly screwed Al Gore, but there is a difference between Nader andPerot and a true third party like an O man-Bloomberg axis. The true measure is in what Theodore Roosevelt did. He hated the way the GOP was going and took some Republicans and Dems with him and formed the Bull Moose Party. The Bull Moose ticket got MORE VOTES than the Repulicans under Taft (running for re-election). Woodrow Wilson, the Democrat, won the Presidency barely beating Roosevelt...and that was b/c Wilson got all the rednecks in the south and immigrants in the city machine fraud in the north.

Lesson aside kiddies--yes, I see Hillary mking the third party play more as a Nader type. Not O man. He needs to grow some balls and crap thunder and stop smiling.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing- Clinton might team up with McStupid or run as a third party, if the superdelegates override her.

It's up to you, FIELD! You HAVE to make sure Obama wins PA. If you do, you will knock her out of the race.
Heck, even if she wins by 5%, she's totally lost.

Go grab your Obama signs and get crackin'.

Kellybelle said...

Third party runs seem alright for people who are hell-bent on being president. It makes more sense for Hillary to do that than Barack. If he lost the nomination, but stayed in the race as a third party candidate, he'd have to say it was the "fierce urgency of now" that made him do it, or he'd look like a power-hungry politician. (which he may be; he just seems so sweet and decent.)

Anonymous said...

i'm all for a third party but how would you get them to count your third party votes? if they'll cheat the democrates out of elections what do you think they'll do to our new party?

i remember the freedom now party in michigan in 1964 and that is just what happened - night of the election they reported enough votes to get on the ballot the next election without petitions. next morning, reported just a sliver of votes reported the night before.

ZACK said...

This is why I left the Democratic party after foolishly voting for Hillary in the primary.

I don't even want to vote in November, because the donkeys are looking more like jackasses every day. The very idea of splitting a party on two novelties- the first woman or first mulatto- for the presidency is sickening and a guarantee for a Republican victory.

I'm a young black male who has been pushed towards the Independent party against my will. I blame both parties for this.

Gregory Williams said...

Great minds think alike!

Anonymous said...

Field there are days when what you say feels inspired by the heavens. This would be one of those times. I live in Youngstown, OH and when the Democratic party here refused to endorse our first black (and serious) mayoral candidate he took himself, his democratic base and we all went independent. Guess what He won and our city if finally starting to look like a real city rather than a place where the mob stops to drop off bribes and money!

Anonymous said...

Obama leading a third party... that's change I can believe in! Good site here, really thorough. Check out what we have at

Truthiz said...

Greetings All!

I've been visiting this site for awhile _(because I enjoy it!)_and today I decided to introduce myself.

In short, as soon as it became clear to me that the Clintons and their minions are willing say and do ANTHING to win, no matter how ruthless and UNderhanded, I said to myself_(and to anybody else who'd listen)_

If they STEAL the nomination from Obama, he should leave the Democratic party and begin building a viable Independent Party!

H*ll, I left the Dems 4 years ago, fed-up with them playing Us (not just Blacks but Whites too) for fools. And truthiz, NOTHING would make me happier than Obama becoming the Leader of a new party 3rd party_IF_as I said before, they STEAL the nomination from him.

The only thing is, I'd prefer to see a Barack Obama/Jim Webb ticket moreso than Obama/Bloomberg.

But I won't kick if Obama and Bloomberg joins forces_not at all_lol!

Bellini said...

viva la revolucion -- sorry i didn't read any comments (LOL)

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you looked at wikipedia Christopher Chambers. You are such a pretentious twat.

Christopher Chambers said...

No--I have married to pretentious twats...I have slept with pretentious twats (your mother aside--she wasn't pretentious...very down to earth). I am not a pretensious twat. I merely rcited what any citizen should know about his country. What Roosevelt (Teddy) did was amazing--lead his nation as president, and then when his party starting screwing the little guy he bolted and formed his own. Where it not for him Wilson would've been just another peckerwood with a Princeton Phd. I'd like to see Obama form a new party anyway--the way the GOP came from the Whigs. Look--it wasn't so far fetched that McCain was ready to roll from the GOP. I think they are plenty of folks--including Obama's Senate cohorts like Susan Collins and Olympia Snow--who'd jump in a second. So would Field's Senator, Massa Specter.
Hell, were it not for gays and abortion rights advocates (and folk who think the earth is older than 6K years) Mike Huckabee would be a Democrat.

Paul said...

oh field, i'm concerned someone is slipping something into your starbucks... first, you couldn't see how Vogue clowned Lebron (and all black men), now you're getting it twisted with this third party talk.

Were you not paying attention during the 2004 Democrat convention? Because if you were, you woulda seen this day coming... the man is completely OWNED by the D party, ain't no way he would break off a new party.

brotherkomrade said...

Good come-back Chris. Who the hell did you piss off?

Thanks Field, and yes, you can write the foreword.

blacklett said...

I understand that people are fed up with the two party system, but realize that a real 3rd party that is going to last longer than the presidential election cycle won't be the fruit of a jilted dem or pub running independently.

From what I can tell, Obama is a Dem down to his toenails, even if he were to lose the nomination and run independently, he'd be Obama-D (nudge nudge wink) running independently.One president does not a third party make. Who do you think independent Obama would lobby in Congress as to his agenda? Starts with D.

Any lasting 3rd party is going to have to engage in years of brute grassroots organizing that starts in the towns and cities, in municipal elections, state elections, and then on up. If Obama was really going to be a true 3rd party voice he'd drop out of the race right now, decend in the wilds of America and come back in thirty years with a 3rd party apparatus (including elected 3rd party members) in tow. And yeah win or lose the nom that ain't happen'

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

WE might want to back off Obama starting anything just yet. He wont' leave the issue with Dr. Wright alone, and on The View, the ReThug hostess, Elizabeth Hasselback, got him to sling Rev. Wright under the bus, again.

I console myself with the thought I can always vote for Cynthia McKinney.

See what staying off Obama-aid does for you - keeps you vigilant.

Molly said...

I'm all for a third party, but at this point, if Obama doesn't get the nomination, I think I would like to see him stay in the Senate and starting shaking some shit up.

field negro said...

paul, I am a "Blue Mountain" and Community Coffee" man myself, no Starbucks for me ;)

Truthz, thanks for checking in, and the kind words.

"sethandray" I will check out your site. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

the american system is based on 2 parties. these 2 parties have continued to evolve with the changing electoric. the main issue since the beginning of the country has been what to do about black people and how many rights should they have. one party beliving in little or no rights and one party believing in some rights but not to many. the parties have changed have changed their positions from time to time. lincoln was a replublican. this election has the potential to redefine the parties again. what is a replublican? mcclain was asked by kerry to be his running mate. lieberman who supports mcclain was gore's vice president. bloomberg takes pictures with obama because petterson is governor of ny and he knows that in a cycle of high black voter turnout a black candidate is a threat. this high turnout due to the obama excitement has state and local polititions worried across racial lines. where do white men fit in the new democratic and replublican parties? if middle age white males desert the democratic party and don't trust the neo-cons where will they go? the nebraska senator is asking that question now. if president obama has a meeting with the nation's mayors what will the nation look like?

Unknown said...

So FN, does this mean you plan to vote for Obama next month?

LACoincidental said...

Isaiah 58 said...
So FN, does this mean you plan to vote for Obama next month?

Other than staying home, I don't think this is a question. FN may not have drank the Obama-Aid (I was Edwards man myself), he's the best thing running.

As for the third party thing, I don't think the third party would take the O-man b/c the Greens or who ever might actually win with him on the ticket -- then they'd have to put up or shut up. Sounds harsh, but the Greens can live in lala land so long as McKinney and Nader, who couldn't win dog catcher, are your heavyweights. Introduce a real candidate like the O-man, the Greens would be forced to give real solutions, and not hippy talking points only.

The Fabulous Kitty Glendower said...

Brokekonman, I done told you more than once that I cannot give you any more milk, ----detach already, sheesh.

Anonymous said...

That idea would be great ,,, for somebody with a taste for political suicide and martyrdom, but what would be in it for B. Obama? What would be the impetus for his jumping treacherous and skipping off into a third party lalaland? He's not running to screw anybody. He's running instead to do good things for everybody, and he's doing okay where he is. He has a good chance to take it all as a Democrat. He's already making history, and he's on the verge of making much more. It's like asking him to jump out of a Lexus (or whatever the No. 1 car of preference is these days) to stagger into a Model T and start all over again.

Third parties tend to form around guys with oversized egoes, and if B. Obama likewise has one (and most likely he does) so far he has been doing a great job of keeping it subdued, which could be one of the main reasons for his success so far. You would be putting him in bad company that I would suspect he wouldn't be eager to join.. The most recent third party models, Ralph Nader and H. Ross Perot, haven't been the greatest, and, no matter what anyone says, Nader's presence in the 2000 elections played an important part in bringing about the bind that the country is in today.

Third parties have traditionally been seen as being the personal vehicles of disgruntled losers and would-be spoilers, and right now B. Obama doesn't fit that profile in any way, shape, or form, and I doubt that he ever will.

J said...

I said this same shite over at MyDD when they kept talking about Rev. Wright. Those "Democrats" sounds like some white supremacists to me all of a sudden. They couldn't hide it forever I guess.

Some even went so far as to say the Democratic party doesn't need African-Americans anymore because they have Latinos.

A third party that would instantly decimate the Democratic party would teach them a lesson. Other than being pro-choice the Democratic party isn't all that much better than the Republicans. They also believe in imperialism and killing brown folks around the world, few believe in preserving our civil liberties, or in a fair criminal justice system. Mostly it's about preserving the status quo.

I don't think it would work in 2008 but it could be a good thing to build towards in 2012 should the DNC give it to the machine candidate.

If they do, fuck em.

brotherkomrade said...

Kitty Glendower said...

Brokekonman, I done told you more than once that I cannot give you any more milk, ----detach already, sheesh.

Kitty, kitty...

I'm sure that well has run dry a while ago, besides you're only three years older than me, so you can't be momma. My momma was nice; not like the momma in "Running with Scissors" and she didn't like playing token amongst classist, racist, women in her day either. Lesson learned?

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