Monday, March 24, 2008

Maybe the sniper used a silencer.

I remember once when I was in high school back in Jamaica, and I was visiting my cousin in Kingston. We were hanging out at a dance in a not so friendly part of town (I think it was Mountain View) when some of our fellow party goers started fighting. Soon after that, as is usually the case in Jamaica, gun shots rang out. I remember making like Carl Lewis to my cousin's Peugeot and not looking back. Later that night we decided that maybe it wasn't such a good idea to go partying in certain parts of the city anymore.

Now I tell you that little story for a reason. That little incident happened awhile ago ( I won't say how long because I don't want to give up my age), and I still remember it like it was yesterday. Now whoever was doing the shooting wasn't shooting at me, but they sure as hell could have shot my black ass, and you don't forget shit like that. Link

So now we have the "Ice Queen"; who for years was telling anyone who would listen that she came under sniper fire while visiting Bosnia with Cheryl Crow, her daughter, and Sinbad of all people. Well it seems that the "Ice Queen was lying. Yes, you heard me, she was lying. Yet we are just now questioning her on her account of this little trip. So my question to the main stream media is how the hell did she get away with telling that little lie all these years? --And the press is supposed to be soft on the "O" man? I think they better check that again.

There were no snipers shooting at Hillary or anyone else, and there are You Tube videos to prove it. And thanks to brother Sinbad (who I am sure would have known gun fire in his direction if he heard it) we now know that the "Ice Queen", to put it kindly, is full of shit. So how could she have forgotten? I submit to you that she didn't. If I am not mistaken this happened in the mid nineties, this wasn't too long ago, and I don't care how old and senile the "Ice Queen" is, you don't forget getting shot at. Especially if you are Hillary Rodham Clinton.

But you know what? This story says as much about our vaunted press here in A-merry-ca as it does about the "Ice Queen". All these years with this story, and no one called her on the bullshit.
And we are to believe that the have been soft on Obama? What about this shit?

All I can say is thank you You Tube, and thank you Sinbad, because if it wasn't for you, Hillary would be still telling us about the imaginary snipers. (Chelsea, I am giving you a pass because you might have been too young to remember at the time. Besides, I think there is hope for you, you don't seem to have some of those Clinton genes )

"I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base."--Hillary Clinton, speech at George Washington University, March 17, 2008~~

Yeah and I remember that time Lark and I were....ahhh never mind.

Okay folks, let's see if this story gets some traction. Let's see if our press will tell A-merry-ca that Hillary is liar. Just like her husband Bill.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post! Nobody in their right mind forgets being under fire or remembers being under fire when they were not. If Obama had said something like that? Oh, Katie bar the door. He'd then not only be "angry" and "unpatriotic," he'd be *crazy* to boot.

Can't everybody relate to having a friend or acquaintance who lies like that, and then having to rethink the "friendship"? And we're not even talking about a presidential candidate for crying out loud. Hasn't this woman now lied enough to demonstrate that she is a liar? Rrrrr. Thanks again for the post.

MartiniCocoa said...

I'm starting to question Hillary Rodham Clinton's sanity.

I did not before but as each day passes, she becomes a bit more unhinged in her quest.

field negro said...

"Hasn't this woman now lied enough to demonstrate that she is a liar? Rrrrr.."
a.f, my answer to that would be yes.

i am not star jones,some folks would say she has to be insane to put up with all of Bill's s**t for all these years :)

Anonymous said...

It is picking up a bit of traction, but we shall see.... interesting that

Fox has one story... no videos and Hannity has Jack Kemp talking about why Obama lost Rethuglican support.. Seriously, I think Hannity is like a pre-pubesent boy who has a crush on Obama... he just cant leave him alone!

On a more positive and exciting note, Baracks campaign has released a fundraiser, send a donation (starting at $25) and they will pick 4 people who contribute to have dinner with Obama! This is the anti-big money fundraiser. They insist the amount contributed does not affect your chances to be randomly picked.. just that you make a contribution between now and the 31st... a really smart idea, I think.
Here is the link:

Kellybelle said...

I'm amazed that she admitted to lying about her foreign policy experience and no news organization seems to care. Maybe if she'd taken Jeremiah Wright instead of Sinbad...

Marcy said...

Re: Sean Hannity: In the opinion of my father, Hannity is a cracker.

Re: The story Hillary told - thank you for breaking it here on your blog, Field.

Anonymous said...

"maybe the sniper used a silencer"

(Field, I'm a longtime lurker, but I had to speak out--that is the funniest political line I've read in a longtime.)

"Hasn't this woman now lied enough to demonstrate that she is a liar?"

That one isn't bad either!

Anonymous said...

Brother Field you are absolutely right. Being shot at is not an expriance you will ever forget. Mrs.Clinton needs some pseudo "combat time" to make herself look like a survivor of a military conflict--albeit, one day and one time. Brother Obama was not military so I quess she feels she has a leg up on the question of toughness. Going against Mr.Morton, she will need this episode to be embellish because he will definately use the "hero card". Both Hillary and Bill had the opportunity to serve. He ducked the draft and women were not used in combat during their youth. But at this point I, like others, await how this will be handled. It appears the press has forgotten about Hillary and MM... blasting Brother O continuously the last two weeks. Buying time. I saw Brother O on TV relaxing on vacation. Lord knows he needs the rest--physically and mentally. StillaPanther2. PS. Just getting into the computer-kids gone- I read some of your old blogs. Enjoyed how you wrote about "the barrel". Your "gun fire moment" made me chuckle, these are moments we can pull up at will. Glad you were not a statistic. Iknow you got a lot more living to do.

Admiral Komack said...

Well it seems that the "Ice Queen was lying. Yes, you heard me, she was lying.

-Hillary Clinton: Ready to lie on Day One.
Or should I say...Hill-lie-ry.

field negro said...

Jody, thanks for the link. I know you are a Philly girl; FYI, I saw a fight today at the close pin between a Obama and Hillary supporter. Only in Philly :)

"Maybe if she'd taken Jeremiah Wright instead of Sinbad..."

kellybelle, now that's funny!

mis profe, thanks but I didn't break this story, just reposting. I do hope more people pick it up though, and that the MSM reports on it. nd BTW, I agree with your father 100%

Thanks tom, and comment more often. Lurkers are cool, but we love it when you come out of the shadows.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Good post.

They're talking about it over at the Huffington Report, a good barometer of what progressive white s are saying. Mother Jones has a b log where a sister is calling out the Clintons on a myriad of dirty tricks. And of course Keith Olberman takes the Clintons to the woodshed every night.

field, the dems are destroying each other; and, if they keep this up another month, Obama won't be able to win in the general. The question of the hour is this: why aren't democratic party leaders coming out and saying publically that it's time to end this sad exercise in cannabalism?

field, is Gov. Richardson the only democratic leader with the guts to face up to Hillary?

Liz Dwyer said...

Oh wow, a silencer! Too bad Mark Penn didn't think of that one and tell Hillary to say it.

If Obama had said this, folks would be calling for his citizenship to be revoked. I agree that this is a huge indictment of our media and of the mentality of the typical American. We are not a culture of truth seekers. Otherwise, why are there so many "Dittoheads"? Why is Fox News still on the air? Why does our media not show the coffins coming from Iraq?

We always only get part of the story from our media. This is par for the course.

Anonymous said...

I never believed the story from the get-go because there was no press coverage about her and Chelsea being attacked. Her supporters are still trying to excuse her lie by saying she must have mistakenly embellished. People don't want to believe it. She lied about NAFTA too and I'm sue a LOT of stuff. She's a politician. What was that David Geffen quote? something about how the Clintons lie with such ease. There is such a double standard with the msm supporting Billary. This should be given the same scrutiny that Obama had to face with Rev White. More actually because she claims she ready to lead on day 1, has more experience and is better suited to lead the country. I don't remember being so invested in a Presidential campaign at this level and I'm not sure if I have the stomach for all this....crap...again.

Anonymous said...

Listening to some who post here, politics supposed to be a hand-dirtying, bloodletting sport, where anything goes, no-holds- barred.

Sure some of these tactics--surrogate's bushwhacking the opposition, and attack ads--may get someone elected, but of this I'm sure, the one who wins this way almost always turns out to be one sorrow ass, characterless, S.O.B.

Here's the choice for America: continue to reward these kinds of races, and those who run them, or use your heads instead of your biases to elect someone with character, and some ethics.

Note, I said some ethics. We're beginning to see of late that ethics is an endangered species.

Anonymous said...

This story's got legs. As a certain wide receiver with the Dallas Cowboys once said, "Get your popcorn ready".

Unknown said...

mornin' field
ice queen has been lying her whole life away in front of the camera and in print..
obama must be sleeping.. he has to call her on this.. *smh*

on a lighter note.. carl lewis.. naaah.. if i was jamming i would call the spirit of ed moses.. distance, speed and the ability to scale objects put in my way...

Anonymous said...

Come on field, the RepubliKlans, don't know how to deal with Obama, They have had 8 years to pratice destroying Hillary,Sure she will get a pass, Until they find a way to take out Barry, But as for right now Hillary is the best thing since white bread (pun intended)


Anonymous said...

Mr. Field Negro sir, I am shocked:

... In fact, none other than Bill Cosby (oh yes, that Bill Cosby, the one white folks love because of his recent moral crusade against the black poor) proffered his belief in the very same thing back in the early '90s in an interview on CNN, when he said that AIDS may well have been created to get rid of people whom the government deemed "undesirable" including gays and racial minorities. ...

The utter audacity, of linking your Negroes to articles of such sort!!

But then? Yes folks, it would seem that some of us will need to go:

Lawdsy. LAWD, lawd; lawd, lawd.

Christopher said...

Hillary is liar. Just like her husband Bill.

Just like the Mofo from Midland and Darth Cheney.

kid said...

I know this is OT, They're thinking of filing charges against Rush Limbaugh in Cuyahoga County(Cleveland) for voter fraud. Fat Boy could get 6 months for this.Payback is a mother.

Ms.Martin said...


She wasn't insane when she was putting up with Bill's shit, she was lying then.

Playing all those women who felt her pain - while she was taken care of business behind the scenes trying to damage control the situation so she could retain her rightful place in Washngton and her place in line to the presidency.

I've said before she's plays womens weaknesses like a man who tries to get in the head - control the mind and everything else follows.

She's insane now because that .....'s whooping that behind and seriusly threatening her place in history as the former first lady president.

Anonymous said...

this is a letter I sent to the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning... lets see if they will print it:
Dear Editors
In January of 2003, I worked for Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Our staff at the United Nations had been monitoring very closely the UN Inspectors work, as well as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty obligations. Their work had convinced us that at that time that there were grave doubts about weapons of mass destruction and the international community was deeply upset with Bushs "mis-speaking" of the facts. And so, I joined about 40 women, representing various women and peace organizations, to walk the halls of congress to lobby against going to war in Iraq. One of the few senators to meet with us was Hillary Clinton. She arranged a senate meeting room so she could address us and our concern personally. She came into the room to tell us that she, personally, had seen the intelligence that Sadaam had weapons of mass destruction. She also told us that she had no problems ignoring the international community's call for continued inspections and against military action. Was she "mis-speaking" then, too? She claims to have so much more "experience" than Obama. I'll say she does... but this "experience" is what lead us into the quagmire we are now in, over 4,000 dead US Soldiers and hundreds of thousands Iraqi dead, millions displaced and a country destroyed... this kind of experience is the kind we will all do better without.

And, oh field, fighting at the clothes-pin.... yep, its so philly!

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

The minute Sinbad said:

"It's too dangerous for me to go; I think I'll send my wife and daughter.." I was ROFLMBO and I also knew she was lying.

Every brother, save for the Sambos, know the sound of gunfire when they hear it, be it in Southeast DC, Philly, East Oakland and Compton - or in hot battle zones like Bosnia.

And no Bosnian family would have allowed their eight year old daughter to wait on that tarmac to hand the First Lady of the United States some daggone flowers, either.

Just like that kid they used in that "3am phone call" ad (and she's 18 and supports the "O" man), the MSM needs to dig up that eight year old kid (she'd would also be about 19 or 20 by now, if she's still living), and ask her what happened (to confirm YouTube and confirm the Borg Queen's a big liar).

They always say, when caught in a lie, that they "misspoke".

No, you "LIED", so why not admit you got caught in a big whopper, Borg Queen.

She needs a lockup on a 51-50 psych evaluation, pronto - this campaign is making her loony.

Anonymous said...

Damn right Field.

What is with McStupid and Crazy Clintons? Do they really think no one would notice their lies? Are they born yesterday or what?

Did she really think Sinbad and CBS News (the source of the video) would really lie for her?

Instead of Obama being 'vetted', we should be asking whether or not Hillary Clinton is ready for the White House. Because we've already had 4 years of lying shitbags. Do we really want another 4?

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I know this is OT, They're thinking of filing charges against Rush Limbaugh in Cuyahoga County(Cleveland) for voter fraud. Fat Boy could get 6 months for this.Payback is a mother.

Kid, I'll believe it when I see it. They haven't even busted him for smuggling Oxycontin - he got off with a suspended sentence for that.

They made Mann Coulter pay a fine for being registered to vote in one county and voting elsewhere.

But, since we're talking felonies, shouldn't the "Three Strikes" rule apply to Mr. "Pimple on His butt and didn't serve in the Armed Forces"?

Just askin' ....

Christopher said...

The Borg Queen wouldn't know the truth if it hit her in her size 16, Rayon pantsuit.

In this day and age, when everything is recorded, or filmed, or taped, or chronicled, did she really think people, especially reporters like CBS' Sheryl Atkinson, who accompanied her to Bosnia on the same plane and helicopter, wouldn't come forward and say Hillary is full of shit?

Methinks the Borg Queen's much celebrated intelligence is vastly overrated.

Anonymous said...

Liar Liar Pants on Fire.. Mrs. Clinton. She should be ashamed of herself for this mess. There is no getting around a picture. Big Ups to Sinbad who didn't keep silent. Yes, Obama should jump on this one..if she lied about this what else has/is she lying about...hmmmm

baatin. said...

field, i hope this story grows. cbs took a good first step by airing the report by a reporter who was actually on the plane with ice queen. she says she misspoke? get the fuck outta here! she's 'mis-remembering' shit now? field, props to you on the story. we have peugeot's in kenya too! my personal fave is the 504, the only car made by man that can handle kenyan roads.

Christopher said...

Barack Obama released seven years worth of his tax returns today.

His campaign correctly criticized rival Hillary Clinton’s failure to release her tax filings from her and husband Bill Clinton’s post-White House years.

Obama’s returns from 2000 through 2006 were posted online Tuesday morning.

What is the Borg Queen hiding?

I would cherish the knowledge of how the Clintons went from $10 million in debt in 2000, to a net worth of $50 million (according to Forbes) and the impeachment legal representation debt completely paid off.

Even blabbermouth Billary can't give enough speeches to work this magic.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I've been under fire three times in my life.
When it happens, you don't stand around. You either run like hell in the opposite direction or you find the best place to hunker down.
Hunkering down is the best and most instictual reaction.
Also, if you're any kind of parent, you do whatever it takes to protect your child(ren).
You sure as hell don't take your child into an area you believe might be under fire.
Yea, bitch is full of shit and has no clue.

west coast story said...

We're supposed to believe that Billary allowed their daughter to schlep into sniper fire? What am I, stupid?

Carl (aka Sofarsogoo) said...

When I saw that headline in the Google News first thing this morning, about H.Clinton and the Bosnia sniper fire, I thought, "Uh-oh! Field Negro and his crowd of other professional Hillary-haters are going to have a field day with this one!" And sure enough, right on cue and on time, you didn't disappoint.

Where I come from, piling on is considered to be unsportsmanlike and even criminal, and unthinkable when the person being buried is a lady. But then you don't come from the same place as I do, and for that we are both overjoyed.

Still, I would think you would be uneasy about lining up with the mainstream media and the Republicans, who are likewise sure to jump on that report with all four feet and joyfully accuse her of something akin to the biggest lie of all time. Meanwhile surely you've heard that saying about people who live in glass houses....

Just the other day, Mr. F.N., you yourself took some liberties with the truth, when you followed other mistaken souls by calling Rod Parsley "McCain's pastor."

Maybe you didn't notice that McCain didn't call Parsley his "pastor." Instead he said "spiritual advisor," suggesting that the title "pastor" belonged to someone else. And he had to have used the words "spiritual advisor" only in a spirit of exuberance that ought to be familiar. McCain is just going around trying to pick up as many conservative vouchers as he can. Megachurches are good sources of those, and he might call the ringleader of any of those teeming dens his "spiritual advisor." Shortly before Parsley was handed that honor, people had John Hagee playing the same role. Actually, McCain is such a thoroughgoing screwball that I don't think he would recognize "spiritual advice." But that's another matter.

In reality McCain's pastor is a man named Dan Yeary. He presides over the North Phoenix Baptist Church, in Arizona. His credentials for being McCain's pastor are solid, if you put any store in the fact that McCain and his family have been attending Yeary's church for the past 15 years, not far short of Obama's attendance at Rev. Wright's place. You might be interested to hear that while Rev. Yeary, being a Southern Baptist, does not agree with what Rev. Wright said, he otherwise defends Wright, by stating that ministers can become the victim of their own exuberance. "All preachers have a tendency to overstate because our passion is so intense," he is quoted as saying.

You would do well to zero in on the word "exuberant," Mr. F.N. You yourself are nothing if not that, and politicians are just as guilty of it as are preachers and weblog proprietors. And H. Clinton is not the Devil incarnate, as you and your constituents would like to believe. She is just a politician, who, purely because she is a woman with a longtime record of not "knowing her place" (a charge that ought to be familiar to folks around here), she is fated to be constantly fired at by dummies of all hues who can't distinguish feathers from cannonballs.

Anonymous said...

this story has just got to explode,and if it doesn't then that is proof the mainstreams got it out for O'man. How the hell could someone forget getting shot at? Only a uppercrust cracker(or cyborg, in this case) could honestly say they "forgot" getting shot at. I agree with most people win I say that we should get her a psychological evaluation for whatever the DSM-IV calls pathological lying. I refuse to believe that Hillary is mentally fit to be president. Experienced? Mo like under-the-table-backstabbing-Establishment-career-politician Experience People forget, Bushie Boy had experience also as a Governor of Texas, look where we are now! I'd rather have someone who's new than tired.

west coast story said...

You must see the tape of her arrival at the landing strip/airport to appreiciate how amazing this story is. How do you mistake not much happening with ducking for cover?

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I have a similar story about being shot at while walking from Republic Gardens to Howard U in DC.Do all Black folk have one of these stories?

west coast story said...

"I have a similar story about being shot at while walking from Republic Gardens to Howard U in DC.Do all Black folk have one of these stories?"

Thankfully, no. The recent murders near me I actually slept through. Not that I am a a believer but they say god protects fools and children and I guess it was best I wasn't awakened by the sound of someone being shot to death.

But I used to have bullet holes in my roof. Does that count for anything?

Anonymous said...

But let's just say for for sake of argument, that Mrs. Clinton did come under fire. She is using statements like this to imply that she is better suited to being the commander in chief. Right? And so her thinking is that because somebody shot at her, this makes her better qualified than a black man who is constantly under the threat of being shot at because he is black? See what I'm saying?

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Even blabbermouth Billary can't give enough speeches to work this magic.

Yes, he can, Christopher, if those speeches are to the tune of $1 million a pop.

If anybody didn't have any cash it was Reagan, and he left office filthy rich.

It pays to have rich friends who give you money if you help them rob the Government in Federal Contracts. Look at GeeShrubya; the man ran three businesses into the ground and has a net worth of 30 million.

I want to know how that happened. Better yet, I want to know where I can apply to get a hook up like that - start off poor and end up wealthy when I leave the job.

Anonymous said...

Ice Queen!!! ah field... you are mucking me up i also thought the Ice Queen was the cute little ms. sugarcubes Bjork from Iceland... you done gave her crown away...ah sucks!!!! and i like her crooning at times too Bjork not Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Hey! This just in Clinton takes swipe at Barack about Rev.Wright! Just when you thought she couldn't stoop any lower and drag the democratic party further in the mud, she does it. ABC News is reporting on this. I'm getting so sick and tired of this this. She does not want to admit that she cannot win, she doesn't want to concede for the benefit of the Democratic party. It doesn't even matter to her that this process of tearing down the person who is going to be the democratic nominee is going to make us hard pressed to fight against the GOP. She wants to drag this thing out until the long and bloody finish in June leaving us only a few months to prepare to fight against McCain.

Check it out:

Christopher said...

Yes, he can, Christopher, if those speeches are to the tune of $1 million a pop.

Christian Liberal Progressive,

I didn't know Billary got that much coin.

I thought the going rate was $200,000 a speech. Still though, Billary is on the payroll of Dubai and Saudi Arabia -- they bankrolled the Fort Little Rock, AKA, the Clinton Presidential Library, in Little Rock, AR.

I want to see their funding stream.

Admiral Komack said...

"Hillary Clinton has largely stayed out of the fray over the inflammatory remarks made by Barack Obama's longtime pastor."

"But in an interview today with reporters and editors at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Clinton weighed in, telling them she would have left her church if her pastor had said the kinds of things about the US government and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright did."

Political Intelligence,, 3/25/2008

-Oh, bullshit!
Hillary couldn't walk out on Bill when he was messing with Monica or even after!

The "Bosnia sniper" story really hurts, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the Democratic National Committee to contact them. Please urge all of your friends, family and anyone else to send them a message and tell them this divisive shit has got to stop! Hillary's comments about the pastor are simply over the top.... They need to hear from people that we expect them to put a stop to this nonsense. People, all this sniping is gonna kill the chances of ANY democrat from getting elected. And after listening to McCain say he would stay the course of Bush in Iraq, Im sorry but that just fucking cannot happen! I am completely in Obama's corner, but even his people gotta stop. Stick to the issues... Stick to questions of judgment on the issues and Obama will be fine... these personal attacks on BOTH sides have got to stop.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the book Hillary's writing to explain how she handled Bosnia with such aplomb? She grew up in South LA, her grandma's a Cherokee, her grandpa's Black, and she was always ducking gunfire whenever she didn't have enough money to take the bus back from Numero Uno supermarket, which was one mile away, and didn't have enough soul food to get a proper southern dinner together, so she learned to make enchiladas and some cheap Chinese sides from the local changs. And that's why she got the Latino vote. Bullets, blacks and tacos are her life. Viva!

Christopher said...

Miss Thing told a whopper.

Who among us could forget landing at an airport that was under enemy sniper fire, requiring you to run, don't walk, with your head down, to the safety of a hanger?

Only to learn the "enemy" waiting to greet the Borg Queen is a nine year old Bosnian girl holding flowers?

Jesus, the video showed Hillary so relaxed that she was almost voguing with the U.S. soldiers and Princess Chelsea was doing yoga stretches on the tarmac.

Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire.

Anonymous said...

If Hillary will lie about her international experience cred, what lies will she tell once in office?


Hell, she lied! It was a convenient lie. One that she believed would hold up under scrutiny, and never be refuted.


Lies got us involved in Iraq--an involvement costing us lives, international goodwill, and a large chunk of the national treasury.

I'd rather have Rev. Wright as president than this liar.

She says: Obama couldn't choose his family but he could choose his pastor.

That if Wright had been her pastor, she would have denounced him.

What a crock of crap!

Now, after her lies, we're supposed to believe anything she tells us about her motives, and possible behavior?

She had a choice as well: to lie or not to lie about her visit to Bosnia.

She chose to lie (twice that we know of).

And did you see how easy it was for her?

If she'll lie to get into office, what kind of lies will she tell the American people later to stay in office.

Now, let's see if this story will have legs in the mainstream media, whether they'll run it ad nauseam, in the same way they ran the Rev. Wright story.

Nothing Obama has said and done to date, including his "typical white woman" statement carry with it the implications of her lies.

And her reminder to the American people today of Rev. Wright's statements was, as you know, designed to deflect attention from her lies.

I'd like to remind her, and those now inclined to vote for her, that Rev. Wright is not running to be a candiate for the highest office in the land.

She is!

Anonymous said...

@Carl (aka Sofarsogoo):

"I thought, "Uh-oh! Field Negro and his crowd of other professional Hillary-haters are going to have a field day with this one!"

Okay, Hillary lover.

You lost your objectivity with the above statement.

Also @carl:

And H. Clinton is not the Devil incarnate, as you and your constituents would like to believe. She is just a politician....

And don't forget, a liar, too!

field negro said...

"..Just the other day, Mr. F.N., you yourself took some liberties with the truth, when you followed other mistaken souls by calling Rod Parsley "McCain's pastor."

Maybe you didn't notice that McCain didn't call Parsley his "pastor." Instead he said "spiritual advisor,"

Carl, help me with this one; What exactly does a "spiritual advisor" do as opposed to a "pastor"?

I thought that it was a pastor's job to give spiritual advice?

Hmmm, maybe I haven't gone to church longer than I thought.

Bob said...

Chelsea's rep is that she's very much her parents' daughter. Everything she does; education, job, boyfriend, friends, the charitable work, the clubs she goes to, everything is calculated so as not to impede any possible political ambitions.

Anonymous said...

Way off topic, but I feel sorry for Chelsea in all this. The girl (now woman) has had Secret Service detail for almost her whole life, and I cannot imagine the scope of other restrictions that have been placed on her in trying to become her own person and do her own thing.

BTW, Field, I voted for Bill Clinton twice, too. He looked awfully good after 12 years of Reagan/Bush, etc. I even rooted for Hillary...Those days are gone for good reason and not because of knee-jerk HRC hating. I've said it before, but I do disparage the woman so much that I want to clarify that that's a result of reasoned opinion, much like you're describing your change of heart :)

[flahy] [blak] [chik] said...

I have a friend who was on Secret Service detail with her at that exact moment...HILARIOUS, I tell you!

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