Saturday, March 22, 2008

The war on common sense

Three soldiers were killed in Baghdad by a roadside bomb today. That brings the total of A-merry-cans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this phony ass war, to 3,996. Yes folks, we are almost at the 4,000 mark.

And for what? Oh that's right we are in a war against terror, and we have to fight them over there so that they ---the terrorist--- won't fight us in the middle of Yankee Stadium. Yes folks, the "surge" is working. So says Mr. Morton and a host of other rethuglicans who have staked their political careers on this chaotic and ill conceived fiasco in Iraq.

"The US is on track to victory." Yeah sure frat boy, and just which victory is that? How do you even determine when you have won a war against terrorist? A terrorist does not represent a particular country, he represents an ideology. I agree with George Soros; "to fight terrorist we must use political and not military solutions. Terrorism is an abstraction, it merely lumps together all political movements that use terrorist tactics". So this so called war on terror that the frat boy has duped A-merry-cans into thinking exists, is nothing more than a huge political shell game, designed to give power to those who are using it, and to make their friends rich.

The frat boy, after all, is good at this; his family built their wealth and their empire thanks to wars.

So here we are again, five years in, with no end in sight. If you hear Mr. Morton tell it, we could be in Iraq for another 100 years. Now that's some scary shit! Think about it? At an average of approximately four thousand lives every five years, we are looking at eighty thousand more A-merry-can lives if Mr. Morton has his way. And think about this: five years into this war on terror, and we still have not captured Osama bin Laden, nor have we captured al-Zawahiri. There is still no political solution in Iraq, and we are no closer to making the real culprits and masterminds behind 911, pay.

But amazingly, 35% of the people in this country still believe that this war was worth it. And most of the people in this country seem to have moved on. Hell if you read all the national polls it is not even the number one issue on the minds of A-merry-cans anymore. Nope, far more pressing thinks to be concerned with, like putting food on our tables.

I know one thing, there are at least 3,996 A-merry-cans in this country who do care, because their loved ones gave the ultimate sacrifice. And my heart goes out to everyone of them.


Anonymous said...


It's so depressing that the neo-conservative and imperialist agenda has been successful: Handing the U.S. treasury to the military-industrial complex (aka Halliburton), creating such a serious deficit that Americans cease to associate govt with social services but rather with providing (ha) "national security," etc. And Halliburton/KBR really thinks outside the box too--getting a no-bid contracts to do things like purifying water and then not even damn doing it. Plus now Halliburton is guilty of *tax evasion* because it would be so silly to give any of that dough back to the source from whence it came. If there's such a thing as pure evil, this has gotta be it. And what if we multiply all the 600,000 Iraqi lives lost by 100 years, too? I think it would run to a negative number of Iraqis.

Anonymous said...

Conventional wisdom has it:

We can't fail in Iraq, it will embolden our enemies.

We can't fail in Iraq, it will call into question America's military might, America's military superiority.

Those that subscribe to this kind of jingoistic, flawed thinking would have us in Iraq 'till hell freezes over.

An easy position for them, since they won't be the ones carrying the buckets of water, or blowing on the flames in an effort to cool them down.

Anonymous said...


I think $5 million for loss of life instead of $500K may give future congresses some pause for reflection prior to authorizing future wars.

$1 million per loss each partial or full limb; $3 million for facial and head injuries.

Reagan tried to bankrupt the legacy of the New Deal via Star Wars; Bush is using the War on Terror for the self-same end.

Hathor said...

I did not want us to go to war in Iraq, but once they destroyed the Iraqi government, I was hoping that Rumsfeld would commit to winning strategies. Put enough troupes in initially and not run the soldiers ragged by requiring them to do so many tours. I was hoping that they would be able to pull together and train an Iraqi army, so that we could leave. Now I believe there was never any intention of leaving and basically the administration just wants a military base in the Middle East, now that they are working a deal for military cooperation.

Some things just seem like common sense, where one would not have had to attend West Point. If the terrorist are killing the police and the new military recruits, why train them in Iraq? Why wait five years to redeploy soldiers from Germany and Japan to Iraq and why was the administration so stingy sending more support? The "surge" was too late and too little.

I had thought initially if the US had left before there was some government that it would cause mass chaos(when the US left Vietnam, I felt very bad for the people the way it was done), but it seems that the Iraqi government and its generals have no will and the US continuing to stay any longer will not change their attitude. I am pretty sure the tribal leaders will put a stop to the terrorist. Iraqis are not intent on becoming aesthetics.

It is too much sorrow to bare, with the report of each soldiers death. I would have hoped it would have been but a few, and that congress, the President and his administration would have conducted this war with honor. I understood however, that this is a volunteer military and I cannot question their motive for joining, but I do think their minds have been manipulated by Americans and the Administration that value only their lives as dead patriots.

I thought this an interesting analysis from a vet.

Anonymous said...

Last weekend, Iraq Veterans Against the War held a Winter Soldiers Summit outside of DC. Here is the link to their website. As we near 4,000 US soldier deaths, it is worth the time to listen to their testimonies on their website...
While we are thinking of the soldiers, please don't forget the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Iraqis who have died in this disaster.
Dick Cheney, when asked about US citizen's lack of support for this war was, "So." The utter arrogance and dis-reguard for the citizens of this country, the soldiers being sent off to slaughter, and the Iraqi people's suffering makes me furious. Really, it is too damn bad there is an election going on because what should REALLY be happening is this fucker should be impeached, sent to the Haigue to face war crimes, and spend the rest of his miserable life behind bars, preferably in Iraq!

field negro said...

Jody thanks for that link.

Hathor and nsangoma,(yes nsangoma) thanks for yout links as well.I learn so much from posting and then reading the comments that follow.

"We can't fail in Iraq, it will call into question America's military might, America's military superiority."

Bingo shinola black...that is the real reason we can't fail. And if we had not gone there in the first place we would not be faced with this dilemma.

a.f., thanks for mentioning the Iraqi loss of life as well. One hundred more years of this shit and their country will probably not even exist.

Anonymous said...

@your right panel:


I took your advice. Glad I did. This man's writings should be required reading for those in high school and college, and perhaps even pablumnized (I made that up.) for those in earlier grades.

He defined for me, gave a voice and description to, something I was feeling, but couldn't quite articulate, when he discussed the idolization of America:

Speaking of whites, he says:

They engage in a patriotism that is pathological in its implications, that asks of those who adhere to it not merely a love of country but the turning of one's nation into an idol to be worshipped, if not literally, then at least in terms of consequence.

I would go farther and say whites do idolize it to the point of worship, and will bloody anyone, literally and figuratively, who doesn't love (let's say obsessively dote over) it the way they do.

Hence, the morbid and rabid manner in which cable news have attacked Rev. Wright, and, by extension, Barack Obama.

Lola Gets said...

Of course we should keep the families of the fallen in our thoughts, but we also should not forget those who did return, albeit severely injured. The Army has been dicking those wounded veterans around, not providing them with all the treatment they need to recover and/or discharging them dishonorably so that they cannot collect much needed benefits in the future, so we need to keep them in our thoughts as well. And, perhaps, for those who live in states where they actually have congressmen and senators, you might want to think about contacting your representatives regarding this matter.


Kellybelle said...

I'm still amazed that when Cheney was told that 2/3 of Americans think the war wasn't worth it, he said "So?" That's some irreverent ish right there. Bush et al went into this with a "Who cares?" mindset with little regard for the sacrifice of the American people.

And then there's the Iraqi dead, maimed, and displaced. It's starting to sound a lot like what Rev. Wright was preaching about.

Ann Brock said...

@kellybelle when that nut said "SO" after the reporter ask him the question I said heartless. Those that were kill has love ones hurting.

Anonymous said...

I actually just seen our vice president Dick(fitting name), or as I like to call him, The Penguin,(Batman reference), when asked that 2/3rd of Americans don't want to fight the war any more, and he responded, "So". That just pissed me the fuck off,(sorry for the language). These are human lives were talking here,with nearly 4,000 dead US soldiers, US soldiers overstaying their tours,suffering from PTSD,while 500,000 dead Iraqis, and 1 million Iraqis having to flee their nation, dieing over bullsh*t with no end in sight, and this fat**s motherf**ker got the nerve to treat it like some videogame. Why don't we elect POTUSs that actually have military service? who actually know what is it is like? Who know what warfare is and strategy? Not to mention our military is overstretched(don't believe me, go read the most recent issue of Foreign Policy,where they interviewed ex-military men from the Marines,Airforce, Army, and Navy, and 60% of people agreed that US military strength is weak) and can't defend against any potential invasion,from say, China or Russia(who actually pose a REAL threat toward America), once oil or clean water shortages hit the world hard.

ac said...

Yeah I saw that Cheney know this f*** is relocating to Dubai the minute his a** is out of office. He'll be back to work at Halliburton and out of America's jursidictional reach before we ever develop the stones to prosecute these bastards.

I'm half way through Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine" and its way scary than any Stephen King novel - at least that sh** is fiction. In her book, which reads like an investigative journalism report (you know like they used to do before the newsrooms were overrun by the coporate masters and we descended to 24/7 Britney coverage), she outlines the rise of diaster capitalism. Diasters natural and man made - like war. I mean here is a prime opportunity to completely destroy a country, corner its oil and then open the door to let all your buddies in to "rebuild" and privitize. Halliburton, its various sh*** subsideries and Blackwater and all the other mercenary corporations all get a piece of the pie, and they are in it to rape and pillage and loot. That's how you "lose" 9 million - hell that's chump change.

It ain't that Bush and Co didn't have a strategy when they went in. It's just that you assume their strategy would have anything to do with the 150 thousands of our brother, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters in our military caught in the crossfire. No, no, they are just so much collateral damage to frat boy, he's working on his retirement fund.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I read the Shock Doctrine a few months ago, depressing ain't it?

La♥audiobooks said...

Field this is so sad, but thank you for sharing. I look at the faces periodically. Since my website is geared towards giving black women a tribute, two years ago I dedicated a tribute for black women of color fallen soldiers. Their families often view the page. Many people don't realize how many black people, much less black women that are fighting and have lost their lives too.

I have so much respect and honor for all the soldiers who are fighting, and have lost their lives, both men and women of all race.

Anonymous said...

Brother Field, This is a tuff topic for me to speak about, but here goes. To validate what I know. As an 18 year old young man I went to Vietnam as a medic in 1969.I went because there was no grants/loans to go to college readily and I had an older brother there. My story is not unique- poor people go to wars, while the others dont. Today we pay a hugh death benefit for US and the cost that will be acquired for the injured coming home for a lot of guys,gals that are there. So mostly the money is the motivator not this thing called patriotism. If that was the case we would not have the recruiters begging for people to come in. Nor would we have soldiers going back 2-3 times. Many soldiers have lost families due to this situation. This illusion about giving people freedom and etc. This sounds good, but if that was the motivator--- Africa, South America, and on and on have the same situations. Think, the first thing we secured were the oil fields. Americans WANT TO THINK we have the solutions to everybodies'problems.We also devalue the people of color that are non-combatants. As far as leaving early - dont believe all the stories you hear- people adjust for survivor. How can anybody delude themselves is thinking this is a noble cause. Follow the money. Now about the war again, there are three classes of participants: Killed in action, guys that love the killing/adrenaline rush and survivors. As a Dust-Off Medic ( one of the first for a Black- that was a white boy job in the Nam) I had 8 weeks of medical training prior to arriving there (Dec69) I to this day still remember my first casualties and for that year there is nothing I could descibe that you could feel. It took the VA 20 years to acknowledge PTSD. Most of my peers that survived Vietnam are dead-thr violent behavior or they are in Amerikka penitenary. So now soon these new "warriors" will be in your area soon. I am glad that NOW the VA is trying to get it togeather. That is why the rich and educated rarely send their children to be "heroes". Brother Field I am sorry I went off course- Back to my "hooch" (hut behind my house--PTSD and spouses dont mix after 34 years) . Pray for our troops.When you see them - just say "thank-you" and nothing else. A lot of them had that real feeling of nobel intent and some of them still do. B.F. this is a crazy world. StillaPanther2

Anonymous said...

shonufded - I know that firsthand. I live in a part of San Diego County that is a haven for those KKKind of people. I'm just glad that in my area everyone gets along. Well, except for one Saltine who thinks people like me are taking away his low-paying job.

I appreciate their patriotism, but damn! I wish they would think for themselves when there's an unjust war going on instead of listening to Rush Limbaugh and that one CNN jerkoff in Field's sidebar who was probably funny when he was still hooked on drugs and booze.

Field, thanks for the shout out! :)

Anonymous said...

Good choice for Honorary Field Negro. Tim Wise really does get it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post. The war isn't a high priority in this country because people have the attention span of a net, and they become self-absorbed in their problems. Of course, they soldiers that do come back from the war are not well cared for, and we do not pay attention to that either.

Leslie said...

Just discovered your blog today. I'll be a regular reader.

RE: this post - I couldn't agree with you more. My "baby" brother is in Baghdad. :(

Anonymous said...

Wait till summer- when Al-Sadr (likely) will call off the cease.
Wait till summer- when Cholera starts killing people by the busloads.
Wait till summer- when Blackwater or another merc operation kills another 19 civilians.
Wait till summer- when we start losing 30 a day again.

You'll see minds start to pay attention and heart ripped apart.
And those poll numbers will start to change.

field negro said...

agentx, between the killings that are sure to come here in my homwtown, and for what I am sure will be an uptick in violence in Iraq (it atarted already). I am not too anxious for summer to get here.

Thanks leslie, and tell your brother thanks for his service.

stillpanther2, nothing is off course here when you say what you feel. You were dropping knwoledge, and I am grateful for bringnig your life experiences and insights to the fields.

la~msviswan, thanks for that link, we should all check it out.

Lola, thanks for reminding us about the injured as well.

kelleybelle, I was going to do an entire post about dead eye dick's "So?" comment, but I got too pissed just thinking about it and I thought better of it. I offend enough people with my cursing as it is :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Field, you have done it again. You know I keep trying to make the point that the longest election primary in history is also a huge distraction from Iraq and other things and did anybody read what Bush said about the need for increased torture. I know somebody else checked it out if not field I will post it or send it to you so you can do your thing. Oh and the Isrealis have been acting a fool in Gaza while our papers barely cover the truth of that situation

And thanks to the brother who posted the winter soldier site I was trying to tell you guys about it but couldn't remember the site.

Field I was feeling you and what Kellybelle said about Dick Cheney I wrote something and then thought who cares about what Cheney says. And was glad you acknowledged the Iraqis loss as well. These people really don't want us to see them as people like ourselves.

But man this proves again that the people who run this system are not the same as us and I am not talking skin color or sex. This system once you're enmeshed in it makes you something else and bends you to its will.

And what really shows how little they care is how they treat many of the soldiers who are suffering as a result of the violent and sadistic things they are forced to do over there. Imagine you fight someone's battles and then they can't even help you get readjusted.

And did anybody else read about the high incidence of rape and sexual battery that the female soldiers have had to endure. Imagine that you have to fear the designated enemy and your brother in the fox hole.

Yeah Field I am hoping that these things serve as a wake up call so that we build a movement for real change. And no I aint never going to change my chant.

liberation then peace

Anonymous said...

"Central America" is the key to understanding Iraq and the Middle East. These neocons (and neoliberals - same shit different sack) are trying to repeat history here.

120 years ago, our government helped business establish plantations in these countries, then, helped install dictators. Our intervention and meddling never ended, and for our generation, peaked in the 1980s when our forces were in Central America trying to stop the socialists. To make that happen, our CIA and puppet dictators like Noriega looked the other way while drug kingpins delivered cocaine into the inner city, because some of that money was being used to fight our secret wars.

McCain knew what he was talking about.

A.F. said...

"It ain't that Bush and Co didn't have a strategy when they went in. It's just that you assume their strategy would have anything to do with the 150 thousands of our brother, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters in our military caught in the crossfire. No, no, they are just so much collateral damage to frat boy, he's working on his retirement fund."

I agree completely, a.c.! I think when Bush said "Mission Accomplished," he was actually right--HIS "mission" was ensuring the billionaire futures of the great-great-grandkids of everybody on his speed dial (with our money).

Anonymous said...


"And what really shows how little they care is how they treat many of the soldiers who are suffering as a result of the violent and sadistic things they are forced to do over there."

I cosign.

Anyone who trusts this government to do the right thing by its people is a fool.

This government has been complicit, and duplicitous in the oppression of black people in this country.

If they'll do it to us, what make whites believe that they're exempted.

As you've said, our military gets screwed over.

No citizen of this country has an immunity from governmental abuse.

Blabbeando said...

tonight the number reached 4,000.
wonder what mccain will say tomorrow.
so f'kin' sad

SagaciousHillbilly said...

more than 1 of every 3.

Fucking backwoods morons in this country.

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