Thursday, March 06, 2008

She won't go!

I bet Hillary and Bill's bags were all packed. I could hear them now: "Yeah all that shit they talked about us, and how we took silverware from the White House. Well we are back bitches!" They were planning the next four years and what it would be like. The first Man and Mrs. President, you gotta love it. But a funny thing happened on the way to Pennsylvania Avenue.

That upstart Negro from Illinois is really acting like he wants to take this thing from Bill and Hillary, and rain on their inaugural parade. Can you imagine how pissed off Hillary is at Barack? I mean that Negro came out of nowhere, and for awhile he could do no wrong.

He was the Tiger Woods of politics. The media loves him, republicans love him, women love him, men love him...hell if you believe the Internet rumors going around, even the KKK love him. I mean this Negro is loved by everybody. And then there is poor Hillary. Fighting an uphill battle and years and years of negative perceptions. Bill's sins were her sins and "Clinton fatigue" meant that we were tired of Bill and Hillary. But still, she was to be next. A-merry-ca was ready to become more like the country we broke away from, than the "perfect union" our founding fathers tried to form. Sixteen and possibly 24 years of Clinton and Bush and A-merry-cans weren't blinking an eye. And then along came this new Negro from Illinois.

When he speaks he gives black and white A-merry-can's goose bumps, and he has them literally feinting off their feet. White people don't see a black person, they see an A-merry-can. You can't get more iconic than that. "He transcends race. He doesn't carry the baggage of slavery. He speaks so well. He is so dashing. He is like a black JFK". Will Smith will play him in the movie for crying out loud.

And there is Hillary; seething at every star struck turn. Wishing that this narrow ass uppity Negro would just go away. But sadly for her it won't happen quite so fast. There are still more primaries to go, and we all have a date in Denver this summer. But I suspect that Hillary and the "O" man will be both short of the necessary delegates to bring the ball home, so the dumbocrats have a problem. Howard Dean, I know you are a Doctor, but this one calls for some major ass surgery.

Super Delegates, two large states (Michigan and Florida) crying foul, and an entire segment of your party (African Americans) about to bolt and never come back if things don't go their way.

Yes, this is a mess. They don't call you all dumbocrats for nothing.

And then there is Hillary again. A woman so blinded by her ambition and focused on going back to the house where her husband gave new meaning to the term multitasking, that nothing will make her go away. Nothing. Not even a ten state losing streak. The party could cry all that unity shit if they want to, Hillary isn't trying to hear it. If she is not at the top of the ticket, and if she isn't the one sitting in that house to take that call at 3:00AM in the morning, she doesn't want to hear whatever it is the DNC has to say.

The scary thing is, Hillary might have one big state left in her (Pennsylvania). Sorry Obamaholics, poor blue collar white folks just ain't voting for your boy, and that could be a problem in the Keystone state. "O" man, those kind of folks think you got to where you are because of your color. They think that but for skin color, they would be where you are. Yes you have a Harvard Law Degree, and I am a high school drop out who has been working in the coal mines, but I am smarter than you are. So if Hillary looses they are not going to vote in November. And like the African Americans for Obama, they might leave the party never to come back.

What a mess. I guess I will have to start calling Mr. Morton (because he is always salty) Mr. President now. And I guess it's time to call my broker. Time to load up on those defense contractor stocks. I think they are going to do real well for the next four years.


Toure Zeigler said...

As an Obamaholic, Im starting to get a little worried, PA will most likely go to Hillary as well as Michigan and Florida. He might still beat her in total delegates but it will be so close where I can see the Clintons weaseling their to get to the top while acting like they are justified because of the close race.

Who knows what tactics they will use aginst Obama, I know beofr last Tuesday they through everything they could at Obama while trying not to look dirty and it worked for the most far as shifting momentum even though she only gained less than 10 delegates

Anonymous said...

Get ready folks for President McCain. After Hillary and Obama finish canceling each other out. It might be better if McCain does win the damn thing. Let's face facts McCain is as old as dirt and might not even live to see his full four year term.

The sad thing is Hillary might just go on to win the Dem Nom thanks to crossover Republicans. One thing I will take to heart in remembering Obama is that he was no damn Jesse Jackson. Obama proved a black man could actually get large numbers of whites to vote for him. Just as long as those whites were not rednecks (Hillary core supporters).
I hope more black politicians follow his lead into national politics.

Anonymous said...

I straight fucking hate that hag, Banshee Clinton right. I just watched the Olberman Report and seen that she's making an alliance with Mr. Morton, and one of her staff members referred to Obama as the disgraced Kenneth Star. I'm sorry, FN, the amount of smear juice will prevent me from voting in the election for POTUS

Michael Fisher said...

I think it is time to gather all the black bloggers around a statement. Namely this:

(1) The Democratic party base has spoken. The numbers show that Mrs. Clinton has lost this race for the nomination.

(2) Mrs. Clinton's increasingly shrill attacks against Mr. Obama has taken on the airs of racism.

(3) That is regrettable because via the candidacy of Mr. Obama for the first time in the electoral history of this nation, the vast majority of African-American stand united with untold millions of white Americans and Americans of all colors.

(4) It appears that Mrs. Clinton is about to shatter this historic unity.

(5) We therefore call on Mrs. Clinton to face the reality of the numbers, concede defeat and thereby heal this wound which she has opened and continues to widen.

(6) It is clear that Mrs. Clinton can not be considered for the Vice-Presidential slot on the Democratic ticket. Mrs. Clinton has denigrated Mr. Obama to the point that any possible praise she would heap on him as a member of the Democartic ticket would ring hollow and hypocritical.

(7) If the Democratic Party leadership were to nullify our votes by giving Mrs. Clinton the nomination despite the popular vote, we call on all African-Americans to withdraw their support from the Democratic Party and to stay at home. We have survived eight years under President Bush, we will survive four years under a President McCain. We will NOT survive the nullification of our most hard-fought for right - our votes.

Pass it on...

Anonymous said...

I saw Olberman tonight and Hillary is losing her damn mind!!! She is endorsing McCain and they are the ones calling Canada about NAFTA!!! How low can she go? The Democratic Party is heading toward that nice big iceberg just like the Titanic.

I hope I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

Thats right blue collar, working class whites and latinos are not having that. Another thing to add, Barrack might appear as a "safe" negro, however, I have a feeling that he is very afrocentric. He is definitely not an Oreo. Colin Powell...I am not sure that he would have these same problems. I think that he is widely viewed as a white man in black skin. America is not ready for a black president when there are so many struggling white folks here. They are going to stop him in his tracks.

And SNL doing those skits just pushed the buttons of that demographic even more. Also, it was discussed on CNN how he could have handled the allegations about the Canadian Government and Hillary's ad a little better. I believe he has a gentle nature and cant be as mean as he needs to be. Furthermore, white men take care of their own and I am not sure how mean he would have been allowed to be with her unless he were a black republican in the republican's pockets.

Oh well it would have been nice. If she wins the democratic nomination, I will not be voting at all.

Your fellow field negro,

Unknown said...

Yes I am still thinking of Charlie Brown and that footdall that gets snatched away at the last minute.I heard an interesting rumor today, I Heard that we are headed for another depression in 09, and that they would love to have the O man in office when it happens so he can take the fall. They certainly want a DEM in office when it happens. But I am thinking like AVA, I think the white folk would be draging their old folks out of the retirement homes to vote against the O Man.

Anonymous said...

I won't vote at all if HRC wins, either. Or I'll write in. And I mean it.

That 3 a.m. business, because HRC had ostensibly slept in the bed beside which that phone rings, is just evil. Plus the Ken Starr connection. Plus (although I know it's probably not her fault) NOW suddenly telling us that we have betrayed ourselves as women for not voting for her? Plus everything else. It's just too much.

Inkogkneegrow said...

Field- we need you to get out there over the next few weeks & lobby your fellow residents.

Ava- I feel your pain.

Unknown said...

just when we were done blogging for the century Mr. Fisher you've given us enough fuel to post one or two more round on the blog, my goal is for our voices to be heard before this major destruction of the dem party,

if my ticket is her and her alone then they can count on me sitting this one out

I will I will I will spread the news

SouthernGirl2 said...

"we call on all African-Americans to withdraw their support from the Democratic Party and to stay at home".
Point taken!

If Hillary steals the nomination---
I will not be voting and will most likely leave the Democratic Party!

If the Democratic Party heads toward the iceburg---F%%% it!

Anonymous said...

You Negroes just lub yall some yella!!

Where was all this fervor and adoration when Shirley Chisholm ran for POTUS? When Jesse Jackson ran for POTUS? When Al Sharpton ran for POTUS?

Hmmm, since slavery daze, our best, ourva brightest, ourva natural leadership has always been yella. Automatically, yella.

Al Sharpton has both Barack Obama and Colin Powell beat by several country miles in sheer intellectual power; but naw, he ain't yella so we could not support him.

Adam Clayton Powell, Jr; yes

Colin Powell; yes

Barack Obama; oh, hades yes!! Not only am deh Cullud womenz cumming in their panties, the butt-holes of Coloured mens am a'twitching for sum Obama.

Shirley Chisholm; no, too dark and African looking, look at dat dere nose

Al Sharpton; no, looks too much like many of us

Where am sumbody lite, bright and damn near white?

Obama is supposed to get that pudding first, a'cause he be yella; lite skinned people am 'posed to go first.

Yall am sum sick, sick Negroes.

Anonymous said...

Black people were crazy about Colin Powell?

SouthernGirl2 said...


You're one stupid f%%%! And you're f-ing proud of it too!

Liz Dwyer said...

The stuff coming out about HRC's campaign being the one talking to Canada could hurt her in PA, but it might be too far ahead of the primary date to make a big difference. I have no fear though. I know Field will be on the case because he's a closeted kool-aid drinker.

Sip, sip!

Ah, I had to make myself laugh after reading Nsangoma's comment. Wowzer.

rikyrah said...

NOt under ANY circumstances.


Not going to happen.

I'm not rewarding this race-baiting fear monger with my vote.

I am not going to be a Good Little Darkie who ' knows my place' and vote for Miss Hillary.


And any Black person who does vote for her will be saying that they AGREE with her blueprint to take out FUTURE Black politicians with aspirations higher than a gerrymandered Congressional Seat. Are you honestly naive enough to think that HER blueprint won't ever be used again against another Black candidate if she is successful? Get real and get smart.

And, for any of these Black so-called leaders who think they're going to corral us to moseying back to vote for Miss Hillary.

Take your Handkerchief and shove it, because I'ze a Free Negro.

You LawnJockeys can kiss my Black ass too.

Anonymous said...

This Latino isn't having any of this surrender talk bulls**t. You want to fight Hillary? Give credit to Oliver Willis for finding this excellent video clip.

Now we just need to get Obama to take some of this footage and put it in a 30-second spot to run in PA during the next couple of weeks. It might change a few minds.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm truetxsoulja, and I'm an Obamaholic. Yes I am, note the time of this post. I have to go to work in 4 hours.
Anyway, I am among those who will not vote for HRC under any circumstances. I've watched with my jaws literally hanging at how she has attacked her fellow senator over this past week. She's definitely on some 'if it's not me then it'll be no one from my house' type stuff. I've had enough of that with George Bush. He did John McCain the same way in 2000, threw everything but the kitchen sink, and he is still viewed under the same shit colored tint that George cast him under back then by a majority of the Repub electorate. Them hugging on camera now is so shameful. I won't have my sisters and brothers votes and my community's needs discounted and taken for granted continuously by the Dem party. The HRC collective notion that 'we'll be alright' and come back and vote for her after the way she's disrespectfully carried Barack, like he's some rebellious house negro, is something I'll never forget or forgive. She's found herself some new niggaz, the Latinos, who themselves have now fallen in line.
Aside from Oregon, NC and MS, the remaining states are fairly full of the same racist, no-reading on their own time, racist crackers that gave HRC Ohio. That is why I'm finally getting nervous. I still feel like O is winning, because once they finish this caucus count, the only thing she will have won out of TX will be the pop. vote. It's all a math game now, but if they give Michigan/Florida ANY play after everyone agreed to the rules nearly 2 years ago, but now they matter because she is losing, it's a no brainer, and should be for anyone. For her to go around holding press conferences and whatnot, saying what SHE, who is dragging in dels and votes, is not going to accept in the way of placating FL/MI, how only SHE or John McCain are the only ones worthy, is crazy. I'll give McCain's old ass a little play for serving. But what has she done? For 16 out of her 35 years of experience which includes law school, Wal-Mart corporate boards and high paying corporate law gigs, she was a figure head. A built in playmate for the first lady of some foreign dignitary to have tea with while their husbands dealt in foreign relations. Has anyone asked what measures she's passed as the senator from NY? Seriously? Naming post offices and court houses? The red phone MUST be the one that is called when they need someone to gin up a good name for a public building or some other symbolic gesture. That's perfect former First Lady business. Commander in Chief? Not so much.
I'm going to bed now, but one more thing, my father has always shunned what he calls the illusion/delusion of voting in elections higher than county elections, because in his heart he believes the rest of them are fixed as just a show and he has the right to not participate, just as I have a right to participate. This go round, I finally feel him.

Christopher said...

Memba, Billary promised his Borg Queen the presidency if she stuck by him and didn't divorce his philandering ass back in 1998 at the height of the Oval Office blowjob fracas and impeachment.

The Borg Queen: "I'm filing for divorce, Bill. We're through."

Billary: "Now Hillary, ah need ya. Ah c'ain't be president if you leave me. Think about Chelsea. If ya' stay, ah promise to hep ya' git elected to the senate and then the presidency."

Now, flushed with arrogance and a certitude of Captain Ahab with a vagina, the Borg Queen insists she will take her fight for the White House to the Denver Convention and beyond. What the "beyond" means is a mystery. Will she pound on the front door of the SCOTUS Building, demanding they seat the delegates from Florida and Michigan?

All I know is, the Democrats need a candidate who will run against John McCain. Instead what we have are two Democrats who will spend the next few months destroying each other and John McCain? He just sails under the radar, raising money and building his case to be the next president.

Like Field says, this is a damned mess.

field negro said...

"Hi, I'm truetxsoulja, and I'm an Obamaholic"


Michael Fisher you might be on to something, and even though I am not a Kool Aid drinker (sorry los angelista :) I will help t spread the word.

"Take your Handkerchief and shove it, because I'ze a Free Negro.

You LawnJockeys can kiss my Black ass too."

amen rikyrah, you have been in rre form lately.

justice58, don't worry about nsangoma, he gets off on getting the Negroes fired up.

ava, I feel your pain too.

inkogkneegrow, I will try. But you know our Mayor (Michael Nutter) is going with Hillary. Not sure what that's all about, but it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Norman Washington Manley, Field

Michael Norman Manley, Field

Who dem, Field? Black leaders of what Black country?

What'd dey look like, Field?

Sick, sick Ne-gre-tah-roes in Jamaica, too.

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for the comment attributed to poor working whites. You captured the tone, word choice, and feeling so well. Please give us more of this.


Anonymous said...

What we're seeing is a fight for the soul of the democratic party. No matter the centrist methodology of Obama's platform, he represents the left wing of the party in ideology. This popular groundswell has promised to revitalize the Democratic party by actually staking out differences from Republicans. Unless democrats grow a spine and refuse to be corporate shills, the left is better off without this party.

In the long term, the Democratic party really needs to either start to represent the left, or die. For too long, the left has dutifully voted Democrat only to avoid Republican rule. But they don't represent our interests, and they haven't in a long time.

If Obama is stopped from leading a change in the democratic party, it may be better to allow the republicans to win. Why keep the democratic party alive when it serves no purpose? It doesn't seem viable. Change will only come when the democratic leadership can no longer count on the support of the left.

It's a hard thing to contemplate more republican rule, but I've always known that things would have to get very bad indeed before we saw any change in this country. If the republicans stay in power long enough, we will see disasters serious enough to create that change. A full-fledged economic depression and hyper-inflation are not out of the question. Yes, as bad as things are right now, perhaps they are not yet quite bad enough.

I will join with african-americans and other members of the left, in abandoning the democratic party this november and beyond, if Clinton succeeds in shutting out Obama.

-Anony Mouse

Christina Springer said...

Michael - I really like your statement.

Field - PA could have a chance. I'm an eternal optimist. So, I'm kicking in even harder now for Obama. I'm going to give more money and drink less mochas; keep bogging, and give more time. (Every 4 year old wants undivided attention. Obama divides my attention. For this reason, he does not like Obama. So, I showed my 4 year old son my blog last night. He finally supports Obama.) So with the support of my family, I will keep fighting.

Regardless, I will not vote for Hilarious. I will not give my vote to McCain't. I will write in Obama. It won't count worth a damn. It will give us four more years of destruction. But, I will have voted for what I believe in.

Anonymous said...

Amen and Amen Rikyrah! Chistina springer - I'm with you. Field, thanks for your work. Naj in VA

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

After her comments supporting McCain, I can't vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances.

And any Negroes in the CBC supporting her after she has shown them that she will resort to scorched earth tactics to get what she wants, even slinging an African-American under the bus to do it, they all need primary challengers in two years, perhaps this year if an upstart can get something cooking.

I'm not an Obamaholic. John Edwards was my choice and in all honesty, I was hoping Obama and Clinton would cancel one another out early, paving the way for either Edwards or Kuicinich, but the MSM wasn't having that.

A populist White Guy doesn't sell newspapers or advertising. Neither does a short Jewish guy who wants to exercise his obligation as a sitting member of Congress to impeach the Executive Branch of Government for violating the U. S. Constitution.

Hillary Clinton has shown she's a closeted ReThug, and that's worse than being DLC. She will make conciliatory noises towards African-Americans once she blown up everything to hell, and we should tell her to take that short bus to hell and take Harold Ford with her.

Don't be fooled, she will offer up The Whore as a consolation prize to Black people if she steals the nomination.

My parents generation took too many ass whippings, dog attacks and waterhosing, not to mention being jailed or threatened with jailed during Freedom Summer for me to stay home on Election Day. But this will be the first Election Day where I won't be holding my nose to vote because the viable candidate is smelling like shyt to me. I will be writing in Cynthia McKinney's name, because I'm not voting for someone that needs to be committed to the insane asylum (Ralph Nader).

I just wish Gore had thrown his hat in the ring and ended this mess. Howard Dean will lose on how he handles the DNC win, lose or draw, and there will be talk of replacing him with Ford, if they don't get that bastard a Cabinet position for the DLC hijacking of this campaign.

Bruce Dixon and Glen Ford think Obama is dangerous, but to allow Harold Ford anywhere near the chicken switch makes a sista want to put America on blast and get the hell out.

Molly said...

This white girl ain't voting for HRC. Democratic Party be damned. I'm leaving if she gets it.

The Obama site's got the call lists up for MS and WY. I think I'll do some calling tonight.

Christopher Chambers said...

I have my prescription for victory in Pa. and a pr message to the whole country on my blog. If Obama's too much of a lightweight to follow it, he deserves to lose.

Face it--he might be able to beat McCain without her, but she cannot win without him. I say battle and tear the party apart--it needs to fracture. Of course the last time it did for real, another dude of Illinois was elected POTUS and we had four years of civil war. Nevertheless, we'd had these two parties in their present form, more or less,since 1854. I say have some new ones, like the "New Whigs" or the Bull Moose.

Maybe the Hispanics can be the new niggers of Hillary Democrats. They seem determine to show the world that the only reason they vote for her is because they want to see what they will "get" and Obama "will do only for the blacks." Screw this black and brown shit. The younger Latinos and Latinas weren't so swayed by this garbage. As for the older ones, they can go choke on a taco.

HOWEVER: I think Obama will win more states--and folks North Cackalacky is nothing to sneeze at; Edwards will pull hillbillies for him. Obama MIGHT just pull it off in Pa. Even if he doesn't, check the math--she is winning by margins of 2%. Translate that into November and even if 50% of Obamas folks hold their nose and vote for her, McCain still jacks her up.

Funny thing about hope--you can always get it back. Why Obamaholics are now "nervous" is beyond me. You should have been nervous this whole time. win or lose.

Admiral Komack said...

Anonymous said...
"Black people were crazy about Colin Powell?"

-Only in an alternate universe.

Carl (aka Sofarsogoo) said...

Field, it looks like, with you in the lead, you have a lot of angry people milling about here. But there's a thing about anger that maybe you all haven't been around long enough to notice. To be that way is as dangerous as letting a child handle a gun. One should never do any thinking or act while they're angry, because then they'll do something stupid almost every time, and that is shaping up to be the case here for sure.

I read all these threats to desert the Democrats if H. Clinton wins. Aside from calling that being "sometimey," my question to these folks is, where will you go? You answer, most likely, we will form a third party. But from where I stand that means being marginalized even more than you are now, unless you like being as pitiful as Ralph Nader. There won't be enough of you, then, to affect anything.

Sorry, but I believe that the Democratic Party is the only hope of not only Rainbows but of all Americans of any progressive stripes to improve things.

And one other thing all you short-sighted souls are forgetting. The enemy is not H. Clinton or the Democratic Party. It is the Republican Party. Or have you been sleeping for the last 30 or 40 years?

Personally I expect the next Prez will be either Obama or Clinton, and not that McCain rascal, and in either case it will be a win situation.

So pull yourselves together, folks, and don't follow each other down into black pits of indignation and nothingness. And meanwhile also don't forget your next appointment with your eye doctors. You have problems, definitely.

Admiral Komack said...

I will not vote for Hillary Clinton if she is the Democratic nominee for President of the United States, and I don't give a damn who her VP is.

I will not reward her for her actions in this campaign.

"The enemy is not H. Clinton or the Democratic Party. It is the Republican Party."

Try telling that to Hillary Clinton; oh, that's right, she's too busy planning her coronation to listen to you.

Anonymous said...


There is the no question that PA will go to Hillary and your analysis is correct about the white working class voting for her. As I said, I do support Obama, and he is aware that the state will not go his way. However, the Democrats delegates are proportioned and he will still come out ahead of her. Neither Clinton or Obama will be the nominees by the end of June, and it's going to the convention.

It is true that I am idealist, but am aware of what can happen. The only thing Obama can do about PA is cut down Clinton's lead by keeping under 10 points. The only thing is to ride this until the convention and see what happens with superdelegates, and I would not be shocked nor surprised if they went to Clinton. Damn, the democrats never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity in the words of James Mtume.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

carl - I respectfully disagree. I will not vote for Hillary just because she is a democrat.

Party leaders are worried and they should be. Field Negro has broken it down so well. The longer Hillary is out there having fun dealing in gutter politics makes it harder for me to even think about voting for her.

The Democrat party needs to take our votes as seriously as they do the Soccer Moms, Nascar Dads or what ever group is flavor of the month. If we vote for them every time regardless of the candidate or the candidate's actions we will always be ignored.

Admiral Komack said...

Power Resigns Over Hillary-Is-Monster Comment
By Greg Sargent - March 7, 2008, 11:50AM
Here's her statement, just sent out by the campaign:

“With deep regret, I am resigning from my role as an advisor the Obama campaign effective today. Last Monday, I made inexcusable remarks that are at marked variance from my oft-stated admiration for Senator Clinton and from the spirit, tenor, and purpose of the Obama campaign. And I extend my deepest apologies to Senator Clinton, Senator Obama, and the remarkable team I have worked with over these long 14 months."
In an interview with The Scotsman, Power called Hillary a "monster" and said other less-than-flattering things about her. Despite her prompt apology yesterday, the Hillary camp demanded her resignation this morning.

Less than two hours later, she's out.

Late Update: It's worth noting that Power is a very significant player in the Obama universe -- his leading foreign policy svengali and someone who's been close to him for some time. So this isn't like the resignation of that Hillary county volunteer who spread the Obama Muslim smear email or the stepping-down of that Obama precinct captain who spread the anti-Hillary lit.

Rather, Obama is losing a key adviser and very visible advocate on foreign policy at a time when national security is front and center in the Dem primary -- an outcome that explains why the Hillary camp pushed so hard for her ouster.

-Talking Points Memo

Blinders Off said...

When it became obvious, the race was between Hillary and Obama…my choice was Obama. Although MSM wants to portray every black person was originally for Obama, I was for Edwards.

I am definitely on the train of “I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR HILLARY”.

I a discussion with my husband about WHY I will not hold my nose to vote for Hillary if she wins. He finally agreed it was time to send a message to the Democrat Party if the Clintons get their way and Hillary becomes the nominee.

This is NOT about ANGER, this is about being feed up with the bullsh*t.

I agree with what Michael Fisher is suggesting….I began PASSING IT ON by linking Fields blog post She Wont Go! I will keep that post going on my blog as long as the Democrat Party continues to allow the Clintons to hold them hostage.

Entitlement to the POTUS my a$$, Americans need to put a stop to career politicians bullsh*t.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Hay Field! If I didn't know better, I'd would havee begun thinking that you had become an Obamaholic as I read that post.

How about showing a little sympathy for those of us who supported Billary for all those years despite our better judgement and now we have to see what low life fucks they really are.

the horror

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping Michigan caucuses - I think Obama can pull out a win if they do. And let's not discount Florida... lots of black folks down there.

then again, lots of old folks too.

And FN - the Philly for Obama post you linked to in your sidebar (my post) is going to be printed by Philly Daily News on Wednesday or Thursday. Hopefully that'll influence one or two people. :)

Unknown said...

Have the "O" holics seen the new Rolling Stone? You'll like it.

Anonymous said...

God, such crying petulant children. "Whaaa, Hillary was mean to my god Obama!" Its embarrassing, and shows just how juvenile Obamaholics really are.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between a fox and a wolf? One tries to befriend you and the other only had on thing in mind, itself. But, they both intend to do the same thing to you if your prey, Kill You.

In this election I don't know if HRC if a fox or a wolf but I know that she is out to get us (darker skins, watch out latinos)! I will vote for the true Wolf, Mccain if she wins the nomination. Not because I am an Obama fan but the DEMS need to know I am willing to fight, to resist and to struggle against the brute, McCain. I am not going to hold my nose while I prepare to take it up the ***. Why because my granddaddy survived much worst than Mccain. I come from strong and able stock. I wonder if they can? Hell to the NO!

Michael Fisher said...

If we look at Clinton's tactics objectively one thing is clear. It's about 2012.

Amenta said...

We Black people really need to heed the words of our ancestors. El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X) told us that the Republicans are wolves and the Democrats are wolves in sheep's clothing. You believed him on most things but this? If you believed him, there is no way you (Obamaholics) should would ever have existed under the Democrat banner. If we believed Brotha Malcolm, Obama himself would not wear the badge of a Democrat. So, why in the world are Black people so surprised by how the Democrat party behaves. A wolf's nature is to raid the hen house, so why cry when the wolf does what nature has endowed her to do? You were warned but you didn't heed the warning. I would never vote for someone that claims Democrat or Republican. The minute a person puts on the jacket of either one of these parties have let me know that no matter what their mouths say (cuz mouths are made to say anything) they are letting me know its business as usual. No matter how much Obama says change, his choice of party shows his willingness to maintain the status quo its only talk, a mantra to win. Politics is a dirty business, and the little things that the Clinton machine has tossed at Obama is nothing compared to what he will have to withstand against the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Latino's hate negroes,we have been replaced in the work place as well as the ballot box.thats all you need to know,so fuck that ''brown brothers'' bullshit.thay are brown gringos & i advise all us negroes to be lookn at moving out of country.they will be in charge in 50 years & they dont give a fuck about us.

Anonymous said...

Please, Hillary is using the Repug playbook. By the time the convention is over, the repugs might not have anything to use against him! What is left??

Also Field - You know, I was starting to think that there are only a few of us left, you know, hard working, not taking crap type field negroes left around. But the more I read this blog and others, there might be more than I thought.

Carl (aka Sofarsogoo) said...

Ragazza, respectfully in return, then who WILL you vote for? Nader? Nobody?

One of my points is that a vote not cast for the Democrats is in effect a vote FOR the Republicans, and I see them as being pre-Fascists, with the rolling of the new cattlecars already audible, low in the distance so far but nevertheless audible, and this time ready to be packed with people of different complexions than those in the Europe of the 30's and '40's.

Not voting at all is even worse. But young people can vent and puff up and carry on and hide behind the necessary ignorance of their lack of years.

It seems to be forgotten or maybe never even known by many that when people like me were born and growing up, because of nothing more than our melanin count we were denied the right to vote, among many other restrictions. And no D.C. citizen of any hue could vote anyway because of the District being the Federal City and all that nonsense. Even today they can't vote for U.S. Senator or for a voting U.S. Representative.

Too many people marched and suffered and died to gain for me the right to vote here in Virginia, and as long as I'm able I will always report to the polling place through rain, snow, sleet, and hurricane regardless. (I had to almost do it a few weeks ago through fire.) Plus it is the duty of every eligible U.S. citizen to think and to vote.

How soon people forget, and vote their bile with their behinds, which so many seem to be already grabbing at the excuse to do here.

Christopher said...

If the Clinton machine is successful and robs Obama of the nomination by putting pressure on the DNC and Florida and Michigan to hold another primary and/or caucus, thus giving the Borg Queen a delegate advantage, I will not vote for her under any circumstances.

The Borg Queen is far more conservative than her good buddy, John McCain. She's a neocon Hawk and she's jonesin' for war against Iran. If the Borg Queen is elected president, expect to see her riding atop the first tank rolling into Tehran.

The 2012 election and Al Gore will be here soon enough for me.

Anonymous said...

According to the Daily Kos,
Obama won Texas!

Molly said...

The only consolation I can see if Hillary takes the nomination is that perhaps this debacle will move us one step closer to a true proportional representation system rather than the two party system we are held hostage by.

Anonymous said...

nsangoma, you have personal issues. First of all if you are not aware of this there are plenty of light skinned people with a field negro mentality and plenty of dark skinned blacks with a house negro mentality.

There is nothing typical about Barrack Obama. If he were the typical black man with the type of power and money he will probably have in years to come he would have had a white, biracial or light wife already.

He is very afrocentric. He is not at all a typical negro.

Anonymous said...

Hi Field Negro,

What I like about this campaign is that the same idiot some House Negroes used to call "the 1st Black president" turned out to be a racist who's attacking an intelligent negro who graduated from Harvard and was the first black President of the Harvard Law Review. Now that's something. HARVARD.

So here we are. The Negro has been educated in HARVARD. The Negro was a teacher of constitutional law in the prestigious Columbia University. But the Negro is not experienced. The Negro is "empty". the Negro has not been vetted. The Negro is "unfit" to be president. Worse : The Negro is the "biggest fairy tale I've ever seen" said Bill.

What I really like about this campaign is that we finally got a chance to see what kind of racists Bill and Hillary are. And there are the "smart" kind of racists. Hey fellow Negro, we ain't speaking about KKK idiots here. None of that B.S. That has become a joke.

So, listen well, fellow Negro, in order to adapt to a changing world, especially one where you can find a Negro graduating from Harvard and being the first black President of the HARVARD Law Review, some racists were smart and decided to get closer to the ennemy. They say : let's get closer, let's pander to them. As long as they stay in the guetto, and as long as we make them believe that we're going to do something for them, we'll be fine. We'll secure our interests. We'll give them money to create school for their people (as long as they don't go to our school) and we'll cater to their dumb leaders so they can keep a hand over them and control them in case things don't go our way. Smart. Not that much actually, because some of us see how that works and we see it clearly.

Well hey, instead of pandering to Black people and giving them money to create "their own schools" in their own guettos and maintaining the myth of "we're going to help you!Hold on!we like you!" They could have just advocated the values of work(this is what made some Blacks to be successfull(Parsons/Edray Herber Goins(Mathematician who got his Ph.D. from Stanford University etc...etc...) and helped in other ways that could have been more effective.

But they didn't. And you know why? because they're smart racists. As long as we can keep those Negroes where they are and pander to them and make them believe we care for them, things are under control. We will even appoint some of them to some minor positions to show our good will but we'll be fine as long as we've some CONTROL over them.

Obama is not udner control. That is why Andrew Young is against him.

Woozie said...

At the very bottom of their hearts, the Democratic party wants this election. They need this election; their congress has failed miserably and the Presidency is a chance to redeem the party.

Obama's delegate lead-and the pattern of margins of victory, both his and hers-means it'll be extremely hard for Hillary to make up the deficit in pledged delegates.

If the supers go against the popular vote, or against the vote of their constituents, I can guarantee you the Democrats will not win the presidential election.

Dean knows this, Clinton knows this, Obama knows this, and the superdelegates know this.

Anonymous said...

ghettos*, I keep making that typo, I don't know why...

Anonymous said...

Now wait a minute, I don't think all is lost yet. Hill wants to take credit for everything that happened on her husband's watch, let her take credit for all the BAD things too.

It should be a simple matter to start reminding people of: Travelgate, the Health Care Fiasco, Repugs taking over Congress, Paula Jones, Monica, Marc Rich, Etc. et. al.

Barack's been a real gentleman so far, and acted like a loyal Democrat. He probably figured he wouldn't muddy Hill too much because that would help the Repugs. But Hill-Billy have shown they will stop at nothing to acheive their aims even if it mean allying with the Republicans.

If Barack doesn't have the balls to use this stuff against them after what they've done to him he doesn't deserve to be President.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field:

This primary is achieving its purpose while we are keeping up with who said what these guys are doing their thing in the world. They bombed Somalia and folks aren't paying attention to the fact the govt is trying really hard to get immunity for the communications companies because they have been breaking the law with impunity. The Israelis are turning up the heat on the already oppressed Gazans. More and more layoffs are coming down the pike and foreclosures are still a pressing issue, but there are few calling for a moratorium on them. Of course the conservatives blame the homeowners for getting in that situation.

And when thse smoke clears we at least most of us workers and middle class folks will be in the same situation and condition.

I mean guys if you can withstand Fields teasing about Obama-aide then maybe you can take a chance and at least consider a third option a party for us folks.

I agree with the person who pointed out that MalcolmX already exposed this system and said he wouldn't support the Democrats or the Republicans because both parties have sold us out.

Bellini said...

Folks, time to regroup -- he won 10 states straight, is leading in the delegate count -- and you've allowed Hillary & Co. to dupe you into beliving he's runnin' behind. Politics is all about spin. Frankly, I think Tuesday's primaries in particular Ohio was the Democrats way to exercise the prolonging of the race. Citizens are feeling energized, now in the long run -- this shouldn't go on for too long for obvious reasons. So, stop believin' the hype and reframe the argument. To win, you must act like winner -- press on 'til he makes to 1600 Penn. Ave.

Lenoxave said...

Andrew Sullivan has a very interesting take on the Clinton campaign and its tactics.

Anonymous said...

rikyrah leave the Lawn Jockey alone. Take a little time to learn some history.

Jocko or the Lawn Jockey

field negro said...

Now I have seen it all, a tribute to the lawn jockey from nsangoma.

anon.7:52PM, you are right, it's all about "control".

co-sign with carl(sofarsogoo), you have to exercise your right to vote. Too many people died to give us that right.

Anonymous said...

Carl, I'm three years ahead of you. I left the Democratic party in 2005 because the ones serving in Congress are in general no better than the Republicans.

Anon (the one that's hating' and hidin'): grow a set and identify yourself.

Anonymous said...

Lolo here, another Obamaholic checking in. I lfet this over on Too Sense also but I would like to share with my fellow Obamaholics here. I know you're in the closet with your habit, Field but that's okay. We still love you and recognise that you're just nervous that if you admit how much you love the koolaid then you'll start getting all weepy and start singing out in public like the rest of us.

Here's my two cents. This has always worked in the past, this viciousness. I'm 47, I'm the daughter of a man who was very, very vocal about politics and the dirty politicians who usually won. Some were less dirty than others in his view but they were all dirty because that's what it took to win. My father had an opinion on every single body from Dwight on through to Carter and I'm telling you that this has always worked, this viciousness. The only pol he completely supported and admired was Chisolm, so there you go.

My point is this is what Obama and the rest of us are struggling against and while we can all hate Hillary and that shitbag she's married to till the end of our days, this is not personal with them. Not in the way it is to you or me or most of the people who leave comments here.

Why do I point this out? It is not meant at all to be patronising or to brush aside our very valid points. It is by way of some calming reassurance that what makes this time truly different is that there are so.many.people who are watching and tracking and calling out to power. It is crucial, I believe, that our calls be measured and as rational as possible so as to be most effective. When and if we contact our local party representatives, it makes a stronger point for them to hear determination rather than fury. Fury comes and goes, often taking the bearer with it and leaving the field to those that ride it out.

That is what I think we're seeing in people like Tubbs, et al. Not merely dismissing us or currying favour with their candidate but the knowledge that they have heard angry, vicious, name calling before and after all the shouting was done, everyone went and voted for the least objectionable person, or the person that was able to sling it hardest and was still standing.

I honestly believe that that is what the Dems HAVE HISTORY and REASON to guide them to their goal. Its always worked before.

Its going to be a long seven weeks and more for us. I feel compassion for the many of us that haven't walked this path before and worry a bit that you'll get your hearts broken. Been there myself and am fearful that I'm going there again.

And yet, I have reason to believe that this time will be different. Obama is no child. This didn't come from nowhere, this campaign. I think he's far, far more brilliant and tougher than most of us know yet. He is a product of Chicago and when he says that, I have a pretty good idea of the subtext. Its no empty boast. Its a reassurance that he's in this to win, but win in a way that's never been possible before.

Okay, sorry to ramble but I think all of you do such a passionate and fantastic job on this blog and I wanted to say my piece. Thank you and see you in the months to come.

Obama '08! Yes WE will!

field negro said...

"Lolo here, another Obamaholic checking in"


Anonymous said...

... "like the North Star that pointed fleeing slaves to their freedom, the Jocko statues pointed to the safe houses of the Underground Railroad. Along the Mississippi River, a green ribbon tied to a statue's arm — whether clandestinely or with the owner's knowledge — indicated safety; a red ribbon meant danger. Thus these original lawn jockey statues today fetch thousands of dollars as true artifacts of the Underground Railroad that conducted so many African-American slaves to freedom."...

Anonymous said...

Why is the Media, except FNS calling HRC the winner in TX? This is the most obvious bias I have seen yet:
Statewide, as of Friday afternoon, roughly half of the 8,247 precincts in the state (of which 509 are in Senate District 28), had reported to the Texas Democratic Party, and Obama had about a 55 percent to 45 percent delegate lead over Clinton, even though she won the popular vote 51 percent to 47 percent.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Carl I will vote. I have never missed a national election. I'm moving overseas later this month but will make sure I find out how to vote in the U.S. election.

Hillary will not be the nominee unless the superdelegates ignore the will of the electorate. Even if she wins PA she will not have enough delegates. If the superdelegates pick Hillary there is no way in hell I will vote for her. McCain gets it. I don't think it will come to that. I can't see the party being that crazy. Then again I should never underestimate the Clintons.

Anonymous said...

A whole lot of bluster for nuthin. She has no chance of getting the nomination. Check the numbers:

Anonymous said...

The major news outlets will not print the truth though. They would have us believe that there have been landslides for HRC. I guess they think we will be disheartened and resign ourselves to her as many of the old field hands have.

Anonymous said...

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