Thursday, March 20, 2008

Next time ask me.

I know why he did it, but I could have warned the "O" man not to get on sports radio here in Philly today. But he did it anyway, and now he finds himself in hot water with white folks once again. Ironically, I was listening this morning, primarily because AI came home last night, and I wanted to see the reaction from Philly fans. I heard the comment that got the "O" man in trouble, and I didn't even notice. But then, I am not white.

In case you are wondering, the "O" man said that his grandmother is a "typical white person", so her negative reactions to a person of color is instinctive and based on her experiences. All the while the hosts on the air with him were yucking it up, and they all absolutely seemed delighted to have the "O" man on their radio program. But as word of his comments gets out to white A-merry-ca, I can sense the controversy coming ---I know it will if FAKE NEWS has their way--- and once again, it won't be pretty.

I know the "O" man is trying to get that blue collar, beer drinking, male Irish catholic vote. And if that's the vote he wants, WIP is the place to go and talk to the boys. But at some point in this race someone has to explain to the "O" man that there are certain people in A-mery-ca that will never vote for his black ass, no matter what. One of the hosts on the morning sports show absolutely declared that he would never vote for the "O" man right before he(the "O" man) went on their show. Poor "O" man, how could he have known that he was going on one of the most racially insensitive radio stations here in Philly? I know it's sports talk, but one of the great ironies of modern A-merry-can life, is that the folks who cheer the hardest for the black gladiators in our sports arenas, will fight the hardest to keep people who look like them out of their neighborhoods. WIP does not have one single Black full time host, has never done a remote in a black area, and does not advertise with black businesses. And their audience is made up of quite a few racist sexist neanderthals, who would only vote for Obama if a loaded six shooter was aimed straight at their heads. So why did the "O" man go on their show? Well, he needs to reach out to this demographic if he is going to have any shot at beating Hillary here in Pennsylvania. He had to make a deal with the devil.
Well "O" man, I know this devil, and trust me, he is not your friend.


Chris said...

They all seemed to love him except Morganti.

d.wattsriot said...

What da fuck is wrong with certain sections of white Ah-merry Kha..Black people have been voting for white people for ages, no problem, and colour was not an issue. Now some white folk are finding it difficult to think about voting for another human being, who just happens to be a shade of colour that they wanna get when they go on holiday. Fucked up!
I´m tired of this shit, tired, tired, tired!
Good luck brothers and sisters in Ah-merry-cah!

Anonymous said...

Why is Obama trying to kill his campaign? He should have left his grandmother out of it. I bet fox news is playing the hell out of that one line about his grandmother.

I bet $20 Hillary wins Philly by a huge ass margin. I'm starting think he killed his chance for the freaking general. And Hillary has no chance in hell to win against McCain. I really believe Karl Rove planned for Obama and Hillary to go at it and hurt each other.

I think Hillary will get the nom in the end. Though at first I was mad at Hillary for her dirty tactics but now I see she was right Obama is not ready for prime time folks.
I feel so bad for Obama they will trash him just like Al Gore, John Kerry and Howard Dean. Oh, well at least Obama tried.

Toure Zeigler said...

"the great ironies of modern A-merry-can life, is that the folks who cheer the hardest for the black gladiators in our sports arenas, will fight the hardest to keep people who look like them out of their neighborhoods."

This is like the greatest quote I've ever read about sports...especially Philly sports fans.

DJ said...

This will pass. The election is months away and he's back in the lead in the polls.

Everybody just keep kicking ass and we'll get him as President next year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Field for telling us about this I haven't heard any of the news yet and thought I would stop by and see what you were up to.

I have said for years that these sports broadcasters have been guilty of generating black stereotypes and keeping them alive.

Just a side note but has anybody wondered why when sports shows profile -over and over at that- the poor black boy who came from the sticks or the hood and had to overcome a rough environment and a bad education system, why don't they explore why those conditions exist in the first place.

Field glad you nailed Ofari he is proof that you can only sit on the fence for so long and that not making a choice is indeed a choice.

Next weeks candidate for Field Negro is CNN's conservative young lady with the "good hair" Amy Holmes.

Anonymous said...

Barak HAS GOT TO GET OUT OF THIS RACE RUT! He's got to turn this around. One speech is not enough. Clinton is leading in the polls. He's MAKING HUGE MISTAKES. He's got to stay away from controversial morning shows. Those folks just want him to look horrible.

God, please help this man.

field negro said...

Chris, thanks for the clarification. And you are right,it was only one of the hosts who said he would never vote for Obama. The other host said he would vote for him; but do you really think that he was serious?

"Good luck brothers and sisters in Ah-merry-cah!" Thanks d.wattsriot, we will need it. And why do I think that your handle is becoming more and more relevant these days?

djtyg, I love your optimism. let me get your number, I am going to need you to help me counsel these Obamaholics in a few months.

bc planning, thanks for the kind words.

"Next weeks candidate for Field Negro is CNN's conservative young lady with the "good hair" Amy Holmes."

mellaneous, I have had that "good hair" chile as HNOTD before.

Anonymous said...

Obama knows certain ppl aren't going to vote for him.

Murdock, Fake News owner, backs Hillary Clinton, she is a Republican using the Democratic Party. Don't read the New York Post either, he owns it.

I think most white Obama supporters love him, I feel that most of what his Reverend said to be the truth, and I respect him for not distancing himself from his mentor. We whites need to get out and let it be known that we support Obama and no amount of distortions and lies in the media is going to change that. I see on Hilliar's site that Elton John is having a fundraising concert for her. She even has to out-source her musicians.

Chris said...

MSNBC just reported that someone in teh State Dept had rummaged through Obama's passport files...


Muze said...

wow. i think sometimes he may be a little too honest for white folks. lol.

come on field, rally your people up in pennsylvania and get the vote! lol.

SouthernGirl2 said...

There was a security breach in Obama passport files in January 2008. 2 employees(contract employees) have been fired & a 3rd person disciplined! And it'S just now revealed!!!


Anonymous said...

Here is the Fox news headline about Obama...
FOX News Poll: More Than Half of Americans Believe Obama Doesn’t Share Views of Pastor Wright

Nothing about this story and frankly, when I went and read the entire passage in the local phillynews website... I don't think it is as much of a problem that you do... actually, I think we ALL need to give this some time before we pronounce anything anything. All of the polls that have been talked about in the last 24 hours were taken before he gave the speech on the 18th... lets wait and see... also I am beginning to think, from reading the comments sections from multiple media reports on his speech, that it is the media, and the media only, that is trying hard to spin this as the doom of Barack. Comments were overwhelmingly positive, on ALL the sites where the articles commenting on his speech, including many who said it was the deciding factor for them to vote for him.... So, I encourage all to not parse every little thing as the doom. I am not saying it is a lock... I just do not want to buy the media created reaction, not without any evidence. Truth be told, we will not know for sure until April 22nd when the next primary in PA happens. Meantime, we have work to do here in Philly!

SouthernGirl2 said...

Senator Obama's files were accessed 3 different times! January 9th, Febuary 21st, & March 14th! Who the f%%% is responsible!

This is outrage!

brotherkomrade said...

Ok, truth time. I've been a member of the blue collar working class since 17 y/o to 29 years of age. Even before I got around white Marxists who breathed class consciousness (but strangely enough, never worked in a plant until they joined some communist party of sorts) I knew that no matter how bad the hits white workers took from capitalism, no matter how much they have come to drink or how low some would go from becoming drug addicts as a result from depression from losing homes and jobs, when it comes to people of color, some of these humps still felt that their shit don't stink, and they are still entitled to being the center of the universe as 'Americans'.

Now, I've hung out with some who where ok, and I've known white working class people who were TOTALLY progressive in their politics, etc. But they are a small lot in every plant or production facility you find. And I know this will sound strange but as a black man who moved from Texas to the North East, I gotta say that at least with the redneck you know what you're getting; either a tolerant working class guy who loves his beer and struggles to make sense of a world where his gods (the politician, CEO, and clergy) have abandoned him to the darkies, queers, and pagans or a straight Klans member. Since 17, I've learned to either deal or avoid, but never would I think with total ease that they'll let a black dude run things as POTUS.

So Obama should just abandon hope and he should have put his energies to the people of color, workers, and white professionals who WILL vote for him and take his loss. Ohio is gonna happen all over again in Penn state.

The tragedy when it come to race and class is the same as the tragedy of the conflict between Latinos and black folk; some serious social changes could come if it wasn't for racism and old perceptions. And I'm sorry, but in the case of class and race withing the working class of this country it really is up to the white worker to fix that shit because too many decades of them just looking out for themselves while workers of color have had to endure layoffs, the targeted criminalization of PoC communities, etc., and them not thinking it would never happen to them created a wide chasm between the races of the same class. So much shit has been reversed and rolled back against the workers of this country and NONE of it would have been tolerated if there was real unification and white workers wouldn't think that it was always about them to take on the 'man'. They put all the trust in union bosses who also didn't care about unity and only concentrated on keeping a few people employed while downsizing went rampant. This is not to say that white workers weren't effected by downsizing, but they didn't see that they were in the same boat as workers of color and I suspect a lot of them still thought that the rulers were still going to look out for them.
Anyway, if Obama had a smidgen of class consciousness, and he's trying to run for POTUS, he better realize what's he's up against when it comes to winning that vote.

Dan freeman said...

Dan Freeman here,

What did you guys think was going to happen when Obama got to close to the nomination? We all knew that they would look for anything they could to pin on Obama, and when they couldn't find anything they went back to "you can't vote for him..He's a nigger" routine.

On the bright side...If they are going after them this hard he must be doing a lot of things right. He really scares the entrenched party machines. They have thrown almost everything they could at him and he's still here.

I think the best thing about Obama's campaign is that those on the fence house negroes ( and there is a lot of them) have fallen in love with Barack. They watch are watching and reading everything about Obama, and now they see just how their precious white friends really think.

I can here them now...." But I loved Bill Clinton, how could he do this?"..LOL said...

i think he will pull it off. the speech he made in philly kinda gave him a lil cushion for the 'typical white person comment'. fortunately, the light breads on fox news are not the average, reasonably intelligent white folk that walk among us on a regular. and if the ultra conservative litter-box-liner the dallas morning news can call his speech 'unflinching, human and ultimately hopeful', then i don't think he will lose too many votes.

now, what we gon' do about the state dept. snoopin thru his passport? they so scandalous...

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton and Pastor Wright...

Anonymous said...

Rev. Wright in Bill Clinton's White House. Hillary was for NAFTA before she was against it. Hillary was home when Bill and Monica...

I love today's news, and pardon the expression but we can make this shit stick.

Marcy said...

Uh, right. Shouldn't Senator Obama's campaign manager or some other person on his campaign staff have investigated the politics of this particular radio station before he decided to appear on it?

Ay, caramba.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, fuck Al Morganti. I hated listening to his crap when ESPN televised hockey.

Marcy said...

Re: The security breach to Senator Obama's passport file. Sounds like a tactic from the Karl Rove playbook to me. Have you noticed how conspicuously absent Rove has been lately?

Anonymous said...

dear field, please no more bad news. anyway passport file gate has just begun on msnbc. and before that they were getting ready to cover some geraldine ferraro speech rebuttal bile. i am hoping that the media is going to back off a little. they may have an interest in keeping the rock star alive. it is a little of a catch22 for them. he is a rock star but anti war and black. they don't know what to do. they would much rather cover him for the next four years but what if he asserts presidential power... so scary.

Jasmine said...

*Deep Sigh* Here's hoping this somehow goes overlooked. Here's hoping Clinton does something heinous. :( GET IT TOGETHER OBAMA.

Jasmine said...

And what is this about passports? I am half listening to Keith Olberman.

field negro said...

Yes folks, seems someone was snooping at the "O" man's passport.


Christopher said...

There are times that I am embarrassed to be white. I know, I don't speak for all white people but, sometimes I just want to crawl up in a ball and hide.

Amber "Bam" Cabral said...

Wow. Since his grandmother is a typical white person, I image she called him up and told him about his error, and let him know that she and the rest of her euchre club are taking his lawn ads down until he formally apologizes.


Damn, the media makes it extra hard on the brother.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! I just heard on the msnbc a former work of Hillary is some how connected. All I can say is wow!

Kellybelle said...

It would be nice to see the Bill Clinton/Jeremiah Wright photo hit the news because it would cancel the whole thing out in the minds of headline-skimmers.

This security breach thing--what's up with that?

Anonymous said...

I've come to the conclusion if white folks are going to remain stuck on Obama's skin tone, last name, middle name, and his father's religion, then let them support and vote McCain, and continue to face high unemployment, present and future sons and daughter's serving in Iraq, a failing educational system, a declining dollar, high gas prices, and etc., while they continue to watch the one percent prosper.

SouthernGirl2 said...

Keith Olbermann reporting the person accessing the file linked to....... Clinton Administration!

Big Man said...

Actually, this issue is nothing now that this whole passport thing popped up. I swear, Obama got the luck of the Irish. God must want this man to win cause even when he effs up, it turns into gold.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

The O Man is playing well to white AmurKKKa. They loved the g'ma story. "Typical white people?" Who knows the truth better than whitepeople.
I don't share your negative outlook on the whole deal.
Obama will get the nomination. When he goes one on one with McBushMcCain he will destroy him.
It will be toguh and it will be a fight, but Barrack Obama will be the next president ofthe United States and the first African-American to hold the position.

Marcy said...

So...the Clinton Administration has the Karl Rove Playbook too?!

BTW Field: Thank you for breaking the story re: Hannity and his Neo-Nazi connections. Good stuff.

La♥audiobooks said...

It's so sad he has to get attacked because of that statement. What makes it more unfortunate is the fact that it's really a true statement.

If I ever hear anyone say again that "America is above racism"... I will shake them upside down. I wonder how those "color-blind" philosophers feel now.

Anonymous said...

all white folks aren't typical white folks. his granma loved him, but probably hated all other black folks. she probably didn't see the O man as black anyway.

Anonymous said...

If there's some good news it's that David Gergen, Carl Bernstein and Roland Martin defended Barack Obama during Anderson Cooper 360 this evening.

Now the bad news...

I have to do some research tonight before I go to bed. One of my longtime blogging buddies who wrote guest posts for Taylor Marsh finally saw what I've been seeing for the past month or so. She, along with Larry Johnson (who appeared like a complete jackass on CNN this evening) are peddling some very serious Obama hate for the masses on their blogs and on television --and people dumber than a hockey puck are buying it.

I'm telling you, it's not just blacks who are getting pissed off at what's happening to the O-man. I may end up doing some serious letter writing to CNN and MSNBC about these two fucktards.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hey peeps, it's video time. I did some poking around Democratic Underground and two posters have Rev. Jeremiah Wright's sermons in their full context.

Don't let Obama go down without a fight. Please make these videos go viral so we can call out everyone's bullshit.

Chickens Coming Home To Roost

God Damn America

If for some reason the links don't work, visit my blog.

Anonymous said...

Every word coming from Obama's mouth these days is a potential roadside bomb for his candidacy.

Obviously, there's someone in the Clinton campaign with the sole responsibility of capturing each and every word he says in hopes of finding a "gotcha" moment that will expedite his demise.

This type of guerrilla warfare, with snipers at the ready to blow his head off, is the reason why I believe he has avoided the press whenever possible.

So there's no surprise that when he says that his grandmother was a "typical white woman," that his words would be used as rocket propelled grenades to continue the assault that began with the Rev. Wright videos.

I took the words to mean white women of his grandmother's generation, her contemporaries, not all white women.

But that won't matter to the "gotcha" brigade.

They're hiding behind the bushes, behind every tree, waiting for the kind of gaffes that will diminish him in the eyes of future voters, as well as those voters who may have already given him their support.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robster for the links. They supported what I knew I would find: Rev. Wright is a man of love and conviction, and not the racist bigot that many are branding him to be.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to make fun of anyone's looks, and maybe it's my eyes playing tricks, but doesn't Shelby Steele look a lot like George Bush in black face?

Blinders Off said...


Hi my name is Blinders Off…I am a Fieldoholic

Thanks for the links…to see the videos in its entirety are what need to circulate. Fake News and the other MSM outlets will not show it. American people who are judging Obama and Rev. Wright based on the intentional orchestrated fear factor five-second snippet by Fake News that MSM continues to circulate need to be exposed in a grassroots effort by every person who has their own blogs because we all have different readership.

There is no changing of many people minds about Obama no matter what, but for the Americans who are not bias against a person because of the color of their skin are entitled to see the entire video not just the orchestrated political manipulation by Fake News owner Murdock.

I am uploading the videos onto my blog after this comment with all credit to you for sharing this in the Fields.

Anonymous said...

@ robster:

"Don't let Obama go down without a fight. Please make these videos go viral so we can call out everyone's bullshit."

What saddens me the most about the vicious use of these edited videos is the media's willingness to destroy Rev. Wright's reputation to boost ratings, and to damage Obama's bid for the White House.

That's a new low for this country.

I've stopped watching all cable news networks indefinitely, and will boycott the makers of those products that support the worse offenders.

Anonymous said...

I swear I've never so many fragile faint-hearts and fair weather friends. Obama gets smacked about a bit and his words get twisted and you're all OMG, Why doesn't he watch what he says? Doesn't he know his words are gonna get misrepresented?

Shit, why doesn't he just hire a Mark Penn clone and get some proper focus group testing? Then every thing he says would be perfectly crafted and inoffensive, and he'd be ... John Kerry. Or Hillary Clinton. Or Al Gore (you know I love the man, but he shoulda fired all those consultants.)

Pull your balls back from whatever doberman has got them tightly held in its jaws. Get tough about yourself or find a fucking chaise-lounge and a fan, because your precious hearts are all a-flutter.

The SCLM is ALWAYS going to hit Obama hard. Or Hillary. Or any Dem condidate for president. Get used to it.

You, Field Negro, are the worst of the lot. You look the Obama campaign and all you see are excuses to write him off. Many of your commenters aren't much better.

Get a grip! Here we've got a candidate who doesn't wipe his nose on the ass-hairs of power, and he's done damn well to get this far. The only way he loses is if people decide they don't want to fight for it.

And when I look around here, I don't see many frickin fighters. Just a bunch of worrywarts.

Christopher said...

Here's a factoid that is extremely intriguing and at the center of the Obama passport file security breech.

The mainstream media is trying to portray this as an innocent "temp agency" matter. Wrong -- big wrong.

Sources have told me that the Dept. of State employees and company named Stanley Associates out of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Stanley Associates is a favorite company used by politicians like former Arkansas governors Mike Huckabee and William Jefferson Clinton, to gather personal, damaging data and information to be used against their political rivals.

The plot thickens, folks, and I think we will very soon see Congressional investigations and a referral made for a Special Prosecutor to look into this matter.

If there's anything good in this, Obama's passport security breech has knocked the Jeremiah Wright story off the front page -- giving my man Barack, some much needed breathing room.

Anonymous said...

dear field and community, i began reading dreams for my father last night. decided to stop watching the boob tube. i couldn't put it down. gives a fuller picture of this man's intense childhood. the grandparents. the mother. the step father. the father. white from kansas. indonesia. african. the places. hawaii and indonesia. these peasants on the t.v./radio are like a mob before a saint. pick up a book and read. it is your job idiots.

Anonymous said...

As an Obamaholic I have to say that the last few days have been rough. Seeing these morons bash Barack, and slander Rev.Wright has really been trying. But he's going to pull through this. I have to hope and continue to pray that he'll pull through this. I've been doing battle with commentators on various blogs and articles who want to play on white peoples racial fears. They've really been trying to use this crap as an opportunity to scare the "not so intelligent" people into believing that Barack is guilty by association with Rev.Wright. And it has worked to a certain extent but the intelligent non-black people out there can see through the BS. I've been copying and pasting facts from other documents to counter any and all of the BS they are spewing. Fighting for the only candidate who can truly improve the state of this nation. The people who are trying to steal this opportunity from us are just plain ignornant and don't realize how serious this thing is. Hillary Clinton will not defeat
Mc(Bush)Cain in the general election and if Mc(Bush)Cain wins the presidency we are all in deep ish. He has stated he doesn't care if we have to fight the Iraq war for a hundred years. He's also alluded to the fact that other wars may be inevitable running concurrent with the other wars (Afganistan and Iraq). Our U.S. Military is already stretched to it's limits. The amount of money spent on these never ending wars is fast approaching the trillions. Where on earth do you think he'll find enough soldiers to fight more wars? Draft? I don't know. Are we really willing to risk putting somebody in the white house that will continue a Bush presidency only worse? And Hillary is a snake, I don't trust anything that comes out of her mouth. She's ran her entire campaign around the "experience" factor and now she releases her White House schedules from the years she was first lady and they do nothing to back up any of her claims. And by releasing them she allowed herself to be caught in a blatant lie. While campaigning she has stated she's been a NAFTA critic consistently. She even threw a hissy fit claiming Barack was circulating mailings that were un-true about her being an advocate for NAFTA. Well, in the 11,000 pages of Clinton White House documents relased this week she was an ardent advocate for NAFTA. This story is being reported by ABC News and on the Yahoo News articles. Sorry for the long post....

OBAMA '08!

Anonymous said...

Brother Field, Did you notice Thru on CNN that they (the commentators} did not touch the news stories about the police in South Carolina using cars to chase/bump fleeing Black suspectson foot running. These stories may allow the other race in power how sometimes we as a people could believe some or truths that Brother O's minister was speaking about. PS, I am glad that my young home boy (Newport News/Hampton) AI return to Philly, outcome of game could have been better. :} StillaPanther2

Unknown said...

Hey Field - wanna take a drive to SC? I'm more than a little pissed that Obamas comments are probably going to get more coverage than what's going on in my home state.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

OT, but this might be Huge:


vdubjb said...

thankfully, passportgate is a bigger story for the moment. He better realize he cant be truthful about whitey outside of the barbershop...

Anonymous said...

The media is too busy with Wright and Clinton and now Passport-gate to notice this minor 'gaff' to speak about it. I think he was accurate- many 'white people' can overreact at times to minority presence.
She was a 'typical white person'- she cared for her kids and grandkids, she wanted the best for them, blah blah blah...

Clinton, meanwhile, stayed silent on this because her hubby Bill was photographed with Wright in 1998 at the famous "Apology breakfast".
Politics makes strangest of bedfellows indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....They are doing any and everything to make Obama look bad. I am so frustrated and tired of this BS. I am to the point where I don't want to even turn on my tv anymore but I am a obamaholic and here for the duration. OBAMA 08

Anonymous said...

Hey people check this out. Apparently CNN has decided to do some research into Rev.Wright's sermons and determined that the 30 second soundbites have been taken out of context! Yeah, now they research it a week after the fact. Had they reported this information last week it could have saved Barack's campaign a lot of stress and heartache. Here's the link to the story:

field negro said...

"but doesn't Shelby Steele look a lot like George Bush in black face?"

Hmmm, yes I can see it :)

cami b, thanks for tha update from CNN. I will check it out.

sar'major, I am not a "worry wort", just a cynic. Unfortunately, I don't have as much faith in the A-merry-can spirit as most of you.

mis profe, I didn't break that story. All credit goes to the "News Hounds blog. Those folks do a great job of staying on top of FAKE NEWS.

Folks, that Richardson endorsement was big for the "O" man.

Anonymous said...

Fox has gotten wind of it and they spent 2 hours on it. In fact, they spent sooooo much time on it that Chris Wallace, that is right, CHRIS WALLACE, had to step in and say enough's enough.
Now that's embarrassing when a FOX operative has to check other FOX operatives, on the AIR!

Over on the Huff, they're discussing the story. It seems to me that people DO NOT KNOW HOW TO READ! You gotta read the whole quote, not the line 'typical white person'. Many of the Huffers aren't buying the FOX line, of course.

Anonymous said...

People say "I want a politicians who tells the truth." When a politician tells the truth, some people get mad when they do. Well, which do you want?! Obama said that his mom was a typical white person- meaning, not racist! How hard is that to understand?
I swear to GOD, we're a country run by greedy scumbags lording over a population composed of 8 year olds.

SouthernGirl2 said...

Thanks Gov Richardson! Barack needed your endorsement so much! Bless You!

Anonymous said...

I was watching some news channel, I was sitting on a cloud so I can remember ;D. Anyway me and roommate, who happens to be white, saw when Obama mentioned the typical white person..My roommate was like whaa???I started laughing cause Obama sounded like he was from the hood..oh well

RedLipstick said...

People, people--time for a holding pattern. This is politics--Barack and Axelrod knew the Wright thing was coming. Wright knows what's up and he's not even mad.

This is all good for O--he got mucked up and then comes out with a brilliant speech that HE wrote---damn he's good. He looked calm and centered, no shrieking or crying.

I read about the Wright/Bill photo in the Post and now we have Passportgate and the endorsement of Richardson. I'll be enjoying cocktails later this evening--O's going all the way.

? said...

Obama has no chance of winning Pennsylvania anyway, too racist of a state, but he still is going to win the nomination. Just wait and see folks!

Admiral Komack said...

"I think Hillary will get the nom in the end."

-Only if she steals it.

Anonymous said...


Now you've had your say. But never in the future presume that you can tell those of us who post here how to behave.

Your "critical parent" mindset is showing, and now you'll have to deal with my "refractory child."

you said:

"And when I look around here, I don't see many frickin fighters. Just a bunch of worrywarts."

I think that you think you're well meaning.

If you wish to give future pep talks, as Obama's official booster, I would appreciate that you understand that we, here, are all adults.

And that if you wish to be treated as one, as well, get out of your ivory tower, off your high horse, and toss your high hat in the ring of mutual respect and decorum.

Otherwise, I, for one (I can't speak for the others here.), will avoid you like the plague, and flick you off with silence, and disregard, and, most of all, derision.

DebC said...

“I am extraordinarily grateful to have the support of one of the great public servants of these United States — Governor Bill Richardson,” Mr. Obama said.

In a prepared statement, Mr. Obama said:

“Whether it’s fighting to end the Iraq war or stop the genocide in Darfur or prevent nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of terrorists, Governor Richardson has been a powerful voice on issues of global security, peace and justice, earning five Nobel Peace Prize nominations.”
"Folks, that Richardson endorsement was big for the "O" man."

Former presidential candidate, Superdelegate, current NM governor, former Ambassador to the U.N. under Bill Clinton, friend and admirer of both Bill and Hillary Clinton (Richardson said it, I didn't)??

Yeah Field, it was big alright - a BIG quid pro quo. Could this year be historic for my brown brothers and sisters too?

Unknown said...

Fox News bashed Obama on the typical white person comment for most of the morning ... to the point that Fox anchor, Chris Wallace asked to come on to chide them on biased coverage of Obama. click here to see the video...

peace, Villager

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