Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The last candidate standing.

"It's a thin line between love and hate"

I will be writing this post in red as an acknowledgement of all the blood letting that has been going on in the dumbocratic party lately. Yes folks, when this is over, both of these candidates will be wishing they could get a transfusion. Folks, we are in the sixth round of a twelve round heavy weight fight, and I think both the "Ice Queen" and the "O" man are going the distance.

Now I have a confession to make: I used to love the Clintons. I loved the fact that they went to Washington and pissed conservatives off. I loved their down and dirty fuck you political skills, and I loved their take no prisoner style. It served them well when these crazy ass loons on the right made Clinton hunting their favorite sport.

But, sorry folks, I just don't love those mofos anymore. Maybe it's the fact that one President in the family wasn't enough for them. Maybe it's the fact that she is running against a black man this time (Yes I am a hypocrite so sue me). And maybe, just maybe, I have Clinton fatigue.

So now the lies are magnified, and the political tricks look dirtier. The fact that they just can't get enough power, and think this shit should be handed to the wife after the husband had it for eight years, just doesn't sit right with me.

Today again the "Ice Queen" took a shot at the "O" man and suggested that he should have left his church. "We don't have a choice when it comes to our relatives, we have a choice when it comes to our Pastor." Maybe you can "Ice Queen", but black folks just don't go switching their church. Maybe that's how you white folks do shit, but religion is personal to black people. As a black man I take that shit personally when you attack the black church to make a political point. And when you do it for political expediency to deflect the news from your own little problems. "Oh stop it field, you don't even go to church". Yes but I understand that importance of the church in our community, and, unlike moi, most black folks do go to church and believe in the institution it represents. So the longer this shit goes on with the "O" man's pastor, the more upset I get. If Hillary had a clue she would have left that shit alone. Her husband is supposed to be the "first black president", they should know that there are certain things that we hold sacred and just should not be fucked with.

Hilary claimed she was sleep deprived and that is why she lied about coming under sniper fire in Bosnia. Well was she sleep deprived when she lied about NAFTA, and about brokering the peace in Northern Ireland? Alright Hillary get some sleep, because you obviously haven't slept in years.

**One more thing: I want to give a shout out to my man Francis Holland, Yobachi, Micahel Fisher, and some of the other members of the Afrospear for their "Blogging For Justice Campaign". They are trying to get signatures and people involved in the run up to Denver before the "Ice Queen and her crew try to do some shady shit. Go ahead and put your signature here if you are feeling them.


Marcy said...

Field, Billary makes me embarrassed to be a woman.

Also, as I was watching the BBC report on the tele this evening, the lie Billary told about being under sniper fire, the tape they rolled as she told her story was priceless: There Billary was, recounting the story and the tape in the background showed Hillary, Chelsea and their entourage strolling across the tarmac to greet the welcoming party.

I love the BBC.

checkbook said...

I would have changed husbands after my husband Cheated on me for over 20 years

Kellybelle said...

If Rev. Wright is so offensive Hillary would have left his church, why did she allow Bill to invite Wright to the White House then send the good rev a thank you note for his support during Monicagate?
The two hemispheres of this woman's brain aren't connected; she lies like other people breathe.

field negro said...

"I would have changed husbands after my husband Cheated on me for over 20 years"


"The two hemispheres of this woman's brain aren't connected; she lies like other people breathe."

*double ouch*

But question: Why did we love her and her husband so much? Is it because the enemy of our enemy is out friend?

Anonymous said...

dear field, senator obama has just survived his first swiftboating. his poll numbers are steady and rising. he showed leadership, strength, guts, and guile when he adressed the nation last tuesday. everybody knows it. particularly gretchen on fox and friends, the blonde girl on the view, and bill kristol at the nytimes. they are apopletic at how he turned the tables on them. just like he did to billary in south carolina. now everday til the pennsylvania primary there will be another article tut tutting how billary can't beat the delegate math. today it is david brooks at the nytimes. we should all try to enjoy their sad demise. what do they call it...schadenfreude? let's savor the billary death watch. why get upset? we are going to win. this whole sinbad sniper fire flap is good stuff. much entertainment. she sure is psycho!

Ms.Martin said...

People actually have been known to change their relatives as well. Or at least discontinued relations.

Toure Zeigler said...

I'm kind of glad the Clintons are getting exposed. It makes black folks step back and wonder, where they always like this and we were just to blind to see it?

field negro said...

Did I say "out" friend and not "our" friend? I swear my fingers...

Yes andy, and there will me lots more "swiftboating" to come.

Sadly, the thing about this Hillary death watch is that she will not be going down alone. If the dumbocratic party goes down with her, so be it.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Great post. You shonuf layin it down in the field!

And you're right: Hillary and Obama are roughing up each other. Thankfully, Obama and his staff have learned their lesson from the swiftboating of John Kerry in 2004: that you have to give it back to anybody who deals from under the deck ala Karl Rove.

field, one thing the dem leaders should understand is that, being a black presidential candidate and given the potent presence of racism in the US, Obama will have less of a window to beat McCain than the typical white boy from the South like, say, John Edwards. Therefore,if Hillary keeps tearing Obama down, white ethnics like those in PA will use the black church, affirmative action, rap music or some other aspect of black culture as an excuse not to vote for a brother. Obama will lose in the general.

So how about this for stupid American polictics: After voting in twice a white guy who knew nothing about foreign policy and who speaks English worse than black rappers, we could very well vote in another white guy who wants to bomb Iran back into the stone age but can't remember where the bathroom is?

field, I don't know about anyone else, but I got Clinton fatigue, I got Obama fatigue; Shit, I got presidential politics fatigue period...I'm not an obamaholic, but i'll soon be an alcoholic real soon, if democratic leaders don't intervene and bring this 21st century version of cannibalism to a close...Maybe if i'm at an AA meeting, i'll miss the news.


checkbook said...

I find it truly amazing that not One Black CBC member has stood up for Barack. It seems to me he is hanging out there all alone trying to fight this evil monster. Yes, she is a monster. She had no problem with the Black church or its congregation before now. Didn't ole Billy go to the Black church occasionally? I am through with her!!!

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Clinton took at swipe at Obama about Pastor right...BUT she has not had an issue exploiting black churches for political gains in the past. Some of those exploits happened quite recently. This b*tch sought refuge (AND WAS ACCEPTED) at a black church after she got her ass handed to her in South Carolina.

This is it for the Clintons. Black folks are going to forgive this shit. This is blasphemy. I wish I would hear about a black church letting them speak on the pulpit. I'll blow that damn church to hell!

Anonymous said...

Given checkbook's comment above, I have to ask: Why the hell do wives of politicians stick with their faithless husbands? I may be wrong, but it seems like in the world of the super-rich businessmen and celebrities, there's a good 50-50 chance the wife will divorce him and get paid through the courts (or, if there is a prenup, she will divorce, write a tell-all, and get paid).

But I just don't ever seem to hear of many political wives doing the same. Anyone have a theory on this...or am I just imagining things?

Anonymous said...

The media told Hillary she was the front runner. The media told Hillary she was going to be the first woman President. The media built Hillary up. I would have left my husband after he got impeached for getting a BJ in the oval office.

Christopher said...

I hear ya,' Field.

Believe it or not I voted for Bill Clinton in 92' and again in 96.' In fact, I worked on his 96' reelection campaign back home in California.

If you told me in 1998 that a decade later, I would agree with the radical, rightwing's anti-Clinton talking points, I would've told you were either whack or high.

Today, I am so tired of the Clintons that I have to turn off the TV when either of them appear. It's the same sort of physical combination of anger laced with nausea I have when Bush or Cheney appear on the TV.

I can't stand the Clintons now.

Anonymous said...

dear field, i rooted for them because they defeated the rightwing retrogrades and after 12 years of reagan and bush that ment alot. i still remember election night 1992.. for me the war vote was a betrayal and the subsequent lieberman like statements enraging. but now i have seen so much hope in obama. and i do mean hope. they look awful in comparison. they haven't handled losing or the competition well and their current ugliness is a real eye opener. they have truly morphed into repukes. i would never predicted their antics a year ago. then again there was the whole deal with the blowjobs, bimbos, wag the dog bombings, and felon pardons. as bush would say...fool me once, uh, uh,...you...you ...can't get fooled again!

Anonymous said...

I voted for the Clintons twice, and then saw Latinos get thrown under the bus just before Bill and Monica got frisky in the Oval Office. I never forgot that.

If Obama wants to get the Latino vote in November, it will be a lot easier if someone highlights the fact that he worked on a comprehensive immigration program before McCain and Kennedy did theirs. In other words, he needs to take credit for taking the initiative before Mr. Salty jumped on the bandwagon.

I've got some great news, peeps. Talking Points Memo has the latest poll numbers for Barack Obama in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. In summary:

PA before speech: Clinton +13
PA after speech: Clinton +10

NC before speech: Obama +1
NC after speech: Obama +21

I think Barack survived his first Swift Boating just fine. He just has to remember to hit back hard with the truth and things will work themselves out.

SouthernGirl2 said...

"fool me once, uh, uh,...you...you ...can't get fooled again!

checkbook said...

The media gave us Bush twice, the Iraq war, Hillary is our nominee, I now believe the opposite of what they say.

Ms.Martin said...


Some black folks loved/love them because they pandered to our inner most need to feel accepted and championed by someone - oh hell - anyone. This has been our upbringing in America.

Some were indebted - so indebted, we ignored the obvious and our own morality and justifed and fought for Clinton like he was family when is own turned on him. I think any imagined debt on the Clinton's part was well paid.

The love, loyalty and kinship started to fade when one of the people they claimed to fight for showed up as an equal and not a charge with the ability to lead as opposed to following.

The rest is history!

Grata said...


I think I was the only black person I knew that never liked the Clintons. But then again I am not from here.

Remember what Clinton's admin did for the Carribean economies?

I am glad that the love affair with the black community is over.
Some guy plays a sax and quotes some Negro spriritual stuff and people fall all over him and even over look his misconduct. What is up with that?

Anonymous said...

Hey Field,

The red ink is very appropriate.

And do we really want somebody who talks some real sh-t when sleep deprived to be picking up that phone at 3 a.m.?

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

field, one thing you'll probably be reading about tomorrow is that a white minister just put out a statement telling Hillary and others not to use Rev. Wright to polarize Americans...

One more thing: Greg Saunders, a columnist over at Huffington post, wrote something that sums up consisely the essence of Hillary's presidential campaign:

"... here we are, in the tail end of a primary season in which the losing challenger for the Democratic nomination has sunk to reinforcing right-wing smears against her party's likely nominee in a transparent attempt to distract the media from the fact that she's been caught in multiple lies about her experience."


rikyrah said...

Today again the "Ice Queen" took a shot at the "O" man and suggested that he should have left his church. "We don't have a choice when it comes to our relatives, we have a choice when it comes to our Pastor." Maybe you can "Ice Queen", but black folks just don't go switching their church. Maybe that's how you white folks do shit, but religion is personal to black people. As a black man I take that shit personally when you attack the black church to make a political point. And when you do it for political expediency to deflect the news from your own little problems. "Oh stop it field, you don't even go to church". Yes but I understand that importance of the church in our community, and, unlike moi, most black folks do go to church and believe in the institution it represents. So the longer this shit goes on with the "O" man's pastor, the more upset I get. If Hillary had a clue she would have left that shit alone. Her husband is supposed to be the "first black president", they should know that there are certain things that we hold sacred and just should not be fucked with.

Thank you, FN.

I have been making the rounds of ' MSM' Blogs to make this point.

There was a Rasmussen Poll done on Wright.


Here's the money section for me:

Overall, voters are evenly divided as to whether Obama should resign his membership in the Church—42% say that he should while 40% disagree. White voters, by a 46% to 33% margin, say that Obama should leave the Church. African-American voters, by a 68% to 16% margin, say he should not. Wright retired last month as Pastor of the Church.

While there was a 13 point difference FOR among Whites, look at the gap among Blacks - 52%.



Church isn't some simple place where you go on Sunday to listen to the pastor for 30 minutes.

Church, in the Black Community, is all about COMMUNITY.

It's why, it's literally an all-day affair.

Black people do not change churches like they do purses. I am in my 30's, and outside of school, I've had exactly 2 church homes in my life. It took nearly 2 years to find the second one, but I found it. Commitment to a church isn't something that's done fly-by-night. It's not some fleeting commitment. It is a given that you will find something that you don't like about any church you attend; which is why it is the general COMMUNITY that will ultimately make that decision.

The Black Church is the ONLY institution, in the United States of America, which, from its conception,

Validated, Supported, Incubated, and Treasured.



Don't think I'm correct, then name me another institution which has done so.

The attack on Trinity is seen as an attack on the Black Church, and thus, by extension, an attack on the Black Community as a whole.

During times of slavery and Jim Crow, the Black Church was what reinforced Community.

Post Civil Rights and Integration, the Black Church is now what brings Community together, considering that the Black Community, like the rest of America, is becoming more stratified along the lines of class. The Black Church is really the only place in Black America where you will consistently find the doctor and welfare mother in the same building, with the same purpose. It's the place to break down those walls of class that are building up.

To disown Wright and Trinity would be to disown the Black Community itself, which is why Obama said in his speech he couldn't. He understood that fundamentally about the Black Community, and he understood that political expediency would mean the doubting of the existence of his soul by the Black community. Obama would never be trusted again by Black folk if he had disowned Wright & Trinity. Even Black folk that don't go to church understand that you don't mess with the Black Church - it's just not done.

And the Handkerchief Mammy that she has running her campaign KNOWS THIS.

SouthernGirl2 said...

D%mn--- That was spot on, Rikyrah!

Ms.Martin said...

Amen to what Rikyrah said!

Anonymous said...

Oops, I posted this under the wrong entry:

Way off topic, but I feel sorry for Chelsea in all this. The girl (now woman) has had Secret Service detail for almost her whole life, and I cannot imagine the scope of other restrictions that have been placed on her in trying to become her own person and do her own thing.

BTW, Field, I voted for Bill Clinton twice, too. He looked awfully good after 12 years of Reagan/Bush, etc. I even rooted for Hillary...Those days are gone for good reason and not because of knee-jerk HRC hating. I've said it before, but I do disparage the woman so much that I want to clarify that that's a result of reasoned opinion, much like you're describing your change of heart :)

kid said...

Hey Field , I have to let you know this. Rush Limbaugh went after Dan Abrams father on his show.Dan said he will do more stories about Limbaugh voter fraud. It's get's worst. Limbaugh said because of the voter fraud accusation in Ohio, In Pennsylvania , so the voters wont get in trouble, he said to send a illlegal immigrant to vote in their place. This isn't funny. his dunb ass audience listens to him. This could have the appearance of voter imtimidation. People checking for illegal immigrants.They did something like this in Ohio in 2004 spread rumor on the net people will check cars of Latino going to the voting booth . This is sick.

Anonymous said...

agree with the post but how much responsibility lies with the Obama campaign in not taking a more pro-active stance? His campaign seriously blundered with the Rev Wright situation. He had to have known it was going to come up eventually. I mean this is from a man who had enough vision to send letters to Chair of the Fed one year ago about the pending subprime mortgage crisis. HRC is a dog with a bone. She is NOT going to go away. It's all or nothing and I have no doubt if she doesn't get to be the nominee she will do everything to take down Obama by any means necessary. It almost seems worse than the Republicans because they'd do it any Democratic candidate. She is personally doing this to Obama. I think he is so used to being the talented tenth he can't handle being seriously hated on. They've left cracks and she is going at them with a jackhammer. The narrative should be that it's over, but he won't DO ANYTHING. He speaks well, he intellectualizes in a way that is wonderful, but he is missing groups of people who don't relate that way. It was a snide comment of HRC but the mention of a latte-sipping crowd has some merit. I am still pissed at him for not defending his wife when she was attacked esp by the O'Reilly lynching comment. When Chelsea was referred to as being pimped out HRC responded immediately. Obama is being methodical and cautious i get it, but to me at times he looks weak. No one would ever describe HRC as being weak even though she'll play the oppressed white woman card in a second. So if she gets to wrangle this nomination away I lay it squarely at his feet. I believe that his core advisors are white men and they need to get real. He can not run a race-blind campaign and should not be so idealistic. They're seasoned but perhaps not enough. We all now what she is capable of. Is he trying to throw this election?

Unknown said...

ice queen will not throw in the towel.. she solemnly believes she is owed the white house and black people and all of womankind should hand it to her..
the democrat party is not making her throw in the towel because they do not want obama as the candidate.. yes really... they have not been prepared for a black man.. yes they purport to support him but they seem to still be holding a candle in the window for that woman.. they did not think he would do this well... a chance to say - look! we have another black candidate - how progressive we are.. he is not the 'jesse jackson' they wanted him to be with no hope of ever running for office, just a way to galvanise the black vote..
they have been wrong-footed and cannot back pedal their way out of it.. they are hoping he falls on his bright shiny sword...
the party is destroying any chance of being in office through the very fear obama talks of... obama knows this and knows he has to be the 3 times better to prove ourselves that our parents instilled in us..

the foot dragging, navel gazing and backsliding anticss must stop...

Marcy said...

Hey, Field,

Have you heard anything re: Senator Obama and his links to Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers.
A radio talk show host in Oregon broke the story and it is beginning to make the blog rounds. Do you know anything about this?

I'm just sayin': If there is any substance to this, it could be bad for the Senator.

Anonymous said...

If being sleep deprived is Hillary's excuse for telling a whopper, then do we really want Mrs. Clinton answering the red phone at 3:00 AM?

Not sure how many people watched FRONTLINE'S Bush's War last two nights, and I know this is off topic, sort of, but they never even came close to going after WHY Bush and Cheney wanted to go to war with Iraq. And with the exception of a single mention of four executed contractors (Black Water employees) there was no other mention of the other no bid contractors who have been paid obscene amounts of money to further mess up the country. I usually like Frontline but this episode sounded like it was written by Cheney and not an independent production company.

kid said...

Hey miss profe,

that been out for a while.I think the guy served time(I'm not sure)And donated a little money to his campaign.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Dr. Wright was good enough for the Clintons when Bill was "confessing" his sins, wasn't he?

I have "Clinton/Bush" fatigue - if she gets in, this country will have had 25 years of being ran by someone named Bush or Clinton.

I guess we now know which "Hillary" showed up in this campaign.

"Kitchen-sink/Scorched-Earth" Hillary. And I actually believe the Democrats like this blood-letting; otherwise the "elders" in the party could have corraled this months ago.

field negro said...

Rikyrah those comments should be required reading for everyone in A-merry-ca.

Heartsandflowers your comments sum up why I am not an Obamaholic just yet. To use a football analogy, our boy is playing prevent defense, which could end up burning him in the long run.

Mis Profe I am aware of that Weather Underground story. FAKE NEWS have been trying to make a mountain of it for months now.

Gupriester I saw "Frontlines" last night and it was an eye opener about the frat boy and his phony ass war.

Christopher said...

Things are going from bad to worse in Hillaryland.

Just this morning on MSNBC, an unnamed Democratic wag said in order to win the nomination, Hillary Clinton will need a "Tanya Harding" strategy in order to knee cap Barack Obama.

Knee cap? Now her campaign is reduced to threats of violence against Obama? Can you even imagine the screams from Howard Wolfson, James Carville and the paleo-feminsts if one of Obama's mealtickets mentioned "knee capping" the Borg Queen?

Clinton needs to fold up her tent and call it quits. She's a liar and a racist and she's run a terrible campaign. The sooner she's gone the better it will be for the party.

Anonymous said...

Clinton needs to fold up her tent and call it quits. She's a liar and a racist and she's run a terrible campaign. The sooner she's gone the better it will be for the party.

Don't hold your breath...this liar isn't going anywhere anytime soon. She still thinks she has a shot... or maybe not.. she been looking a bit like a old worn shoe lately..maybe from her bouts with sleep deprivation bouts *smirk*

Early on I was glad that Obama wasn't stooping to her level, but my mind has been changed... "O" man take off the gloves and swing.

Christopher said...

I would love it if Barack went all Crenshaw on the Borg Queen and let her have it.

But that isn't Barack's style. He's a decent, honorable, intelligent and wise man who doesn't engage in the politics of personal destruction.

This is probably why he's so far ahead.

Anonymous said...

Well, now that Hillary has made another play for the cracker vote, we're seeing just how egocentric the bitch is. She really doesn't care if she destroys the Democratic Party and hands the White House to McCain on a silver platter. I always suspected the Clintons put the good of the Clintons above the good of the country, now I know for sure.

And that Bill Ayers story is old news.

BTW, white folks don't casually bail out on their pastors or throw them under buses when it becomes politically expedient either. Hillary might be willing to treat friends and acquaintances like Kleenex, but that's just her and Bill, not the whole white world.

Nan said...

Field, after I left the above comment it hit me that Hillary's also kissing the Latino vote goodbye by allowing her hatchet man Carville to go around talking trash about Bill Richardson on all the news shows. The more desperate she becomes, the higher the stupidity level rises. She might manage to corral the racist vote in Pennsylania, but I don't think it's going to save her campaign.

Unknown said...

I just had to say, even though so many of you already have, that rikyrah's comments are SO true. Thank you for explaining so well what i've been thinking all along. The Church is the only safe place we have left - truly a sanctuary, and if you can't be honest there...then where?
Also, Papa G would cut me if I ever joined another church. Visiting is fine - joining is NOT.

RedLipstick said...

Rikyrah as usual articulates the point with absolute clarity and unimpeachable integrity.

Joe Klein said it quite clearly last night that Hill finally made a statement about Wright and O to deflect from her Bosnian sniper "dream". He went on to chastise Lanny for continuing with the Wright narrative to keep race as a front and center issue.

The bottom line is that the delegate math is against her so she wants to make O the black candidate--thus making the superdelegates nervous about his electability in hopes that they will move in her direction.

Heartsandflowers said: "He can not run a race-blind campaign and should not be so idealistic."

I don't read his approach as race-blind or idealistic, but an appeal to a younger more progressive voter. Checkbook commented about the lack of support from the CBC and I think overall that O would never be at this point if he pandered to the old guard. That's why it's so important to bring new folks into the voting booth because influencing the thinking of the old guard of any racial group would be an uphill battle to say the least.

I think Axelrod & Co. created a brilliant strategy. They organized well and raised ridiculous amounts of money that have never been seen in a primary campaign. Let's also not forget that Hill led in almost every state from the start. O chipped away at her lead in many states when she in fact was expected to win by 20 or more points.

O has upended Hill's universe. She never saw this coming and she had no strategy for how to proceed after Feb 5th. After watching Frontline last night, this is eerily similar to the lack of a strategy in the Bush admin after shock and awe. Some of the interviewees said that Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld never considered that they wouldn't find WMDs...just as Hill never thought in a million years that this young, upstart, one-term senator from Illinois could be any comp--surely we could do without this myopic sort of thinking in our next president.

Admiral Komack said...

Look who Hillary's new BFF is now:


west coast story said...

"And do we really want somebody who talks some real sh-t when sleep deprived to be picking up that phone at 3 a.m.?"


I won't repeat how and why I fell out of love with the Clintons but I'm glad to see so many others have seen the light. This latest fabrication about Bosnia is so rich. The way she arrogantly tossed it off as a mistake and it made her human was simply jaw dropping. It doesn't make her human. It makes her a liar.

west coast story said...

Please read this by David Brooks. This is a very sobering critique of Hillary's political life and her campaign. Apologies if it's been posted already.


Christopher said...

Admiral Komack,

The Borg Queen not only met with rabid Clinton-basher, Richard Melon Sciafe, but religious, lunatic, Pat Robertson.

I saw the clip of her on the 700 Club and she looked like she was getting ready to shave Roberston's nut sack with her Lady Gillette.

David Sullivan said...

I'm feeling them and I voted. I think Hill and Bill should drop out, but they can do what they want. They are just tarninshing the Clinton legacy which is great in my mind, Monica or no Monica.

Its nothing personal, just politics baby!

Unknown said...

i fear (and am slightly amused by the image) that they will have to put her on a trolley like hannibal lechter to get her off the stage when the time comes...

Anonymous said...

You need to see this video of Hillary in action! http://minx.cc/?post=258662

Anonymous said...

redlipstick - I don't think the Obama campaign has run as tight of a campaign as you think. They haven't set the tone, the react sometimes if at all, he doesn't address legit concerns that people have. He is leaving too much room for HRC and seeing she is the winner take all type she will club him over the head. I was another blog Black Women Vote and they use a great analogy of how this is a chess game and what Obama's opponents have done to put him in a vulnerable position. Obama is coasting and may be heading for a big crash. As a supporter I have reason to be concerned and pissed about it. He needs to batten down the hatches and get on top of things. But I don't know if he will or if he thinks he needs to and that will be to his detriment. What are all those young progressive voters going to do if their 'king' is not crowned? Where's the strategy? Is he gong to tell us to rally around HRC in the general? I mean he can forget that!

-=Topper=- said...

There isn't enough time in a day to dictate how I feel about this presidential campaign. It kills me fits rather well. Here they are pointing fingers at each other when they should be pointing fingers at the Bush White House.

Who cares about a phone being answered at 3am, there wasn't any one home to answer a call at 9:20. And neither Barack or Hill address that. None the less and I routing for Obama just because I have to. There is no one else. I could route for McCain in hopes that he would pound the last remaining nails in the coffin so we can bury this bitch ( the US of Assholes ) and be done with it. If I were part of the congregation at Wrights church when he said "GOD DAMN AMERICA" I probably would have been the loudest god damn AMEN FUCKING MAN in the congregation.

I have been a forum chasing liberal long enough to know that we liberals can change our mind, can sling arrows eventually where they need to be. Even if at democrats. Of late I find my WTF's flying rather liberally and at everyone.

I threw a little red myself recently, got between the lines of a repuglican, Pat Buchanan, really I wish we would wake up soon from a nightmare or make others wake up to it...


Excuse me while I go NUTS!


-=Topper=- said...

"A fucking men", "none the less I am routing for Obama". Is "route" even right? Yep the fatigue is setting in.

Whitewater anyone? I liked him, can't really stand her. And none of it is making sense.

"I feel your pain". Best actor since Raygun. Bush doesn't even try. But then again he doesn't have to. And that is yet just another WTF to ponder.

me again, sorry.


SLDC said...

Hi Topper, it's 'root' actually. :) But I feel your frustration.

Field, I feel you on this line, "Maybe it's the fact that she is running against a black man this time (Yes I am a hypocrite so sue me)."
I feel the same - one of the reasons he appeals to me is because he's black and I don't apologise for that. Rhetorical question: 'What is so wrong with supporting your own kind?'

öblio said...

Hillary taking fire:

Anonymous said...

checkbook said:
I find it truly amazing that not One Black CBC member has stood up for Barack. It seems to me he is hanging out there all alone trying to fight this evil monster.

maybe they're afraid she'll do to them what she did to Vince Foster.

just saying what I've heard . . . "allegedly!" as Kathy Griffin would say.

RhondaCoca said...

But question: Why did we love her and her husband so much? Is it because the enemy of our enemy is out friend?

I was taught by family to like them. I was very young when he was president. However the minute I was able to read and comprehend the truth, it came grumbling down. That was a few years bakc and I have been diligently waiting for the rest of the black community to pick up on it.

RhondaCoca said...

P.S. Their is a book called "Ron Brown's Body" that I have been hearing about, I looking to read it. Has anyone else heard of it.

Anonymous said...



Contrary to popular belief African Americans are STILL RELEVANT IN THIS COUNTRY.

Obama supporters (like myself) If we miss this opportunity to help elect this brilliant man of change (Sen. Obama)because for some reason or another we feel our voice no longer matters then YOU ARE AN ENABLER BY DEFAULT AND HAVE NO LEGITIMATE REASON TO GRIPE!! If you know someone who isnt registered please for the sake of everything you hold dear-PLEASE GET THESE PEOPLE REGISTERED- ASAP

As the old saying goes "You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink" what a true saying but NOT a problem. You do everything within your power to get that person or persons to their designated polling place-glady!!

That's right I am sounding like a broken record PURPOSELY, this is too damn important not to..

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Petition signed.

Hugh O'Donnell

Heru said...

Another African American Preacher "Disses" America

From uvbc.blogspot.com

In a sermon that bore a striking similarity to the controversial sermon preached in 2001 by Senator Obama's former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and which lead to Senator Obama's speech on Race in America, another African American pastor took American to task for what he perceived to be America's arrogance. This African American Pastor was quoted as saying "Don't let anybody make you think that God choose America as his divine messianic force to be, sorta policeman of the whole world. God has a way of standing before the nations with judgment and it seems that I can hear God saying to America, you are too arrogant! If you don't change your ways I will rise up and break the backbone of your power. and I'll place it in the hands of a nation that doesn't even know my name. Be still and know that I am God!" He went on to condemn America's participation in "an unjust war" and called America to task for its supposedly inadequate response to suffering endured by America's poor. By the way, the African American Minister that spoke those words were none other than "The" Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

It's interesting how that message which was preached in the 60's by Dr. King is still relevant in 2008; over 40 years later.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Where is the CBC in all this?

I stopped being a Clinton fan when he signed that welfare bill in 1996. I was sick of his "triangulating" ass.

Peggy Noonan, of all people, writes about how delusional HRC and her peeps are.


Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton and the media would like to place the words and actions of Rev. Wright into Obama's mouth in order to sabatoge his campaign. Well Hillary, lets put the words and actions of your biggest political influence, "Bill Clinton" into your mouth. A president who is a proven liar and cheater, How about that? I will not vote for Hillary in 'O8 just on GP (general principle)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...