Monday, March 03, 2008

This white girl is fed up with victimhood....

Every now and then karma sends me to a post on the Internet via some other blog that I just have to share. This one came from some blogger in Cincinnati (which is by the way, one of my least favorite cities in A-merry-ca) who calls herself zee. Her post is timely because it fits right in to what I just posted about.

Check it out:

"Back in 2001 I had my political awakening to race-card politics duly blogged under the heading “Is This White Woman Racist and Does She Really Fucking Care”. This was in response to the so-called Cincinnati riots. (Here is the local media’s politically correct distortion of the events, and here is the correct assessment.) As I review those early posts I can trace my journey from someone who had absolutely no issues with any race or ethnicity to my present views on racism.

As a pre-teen, I was not a participant in any civil rights movement, wasn’t particularly aware of it, but never had any perception of blacks as inferior. I think what frightened me most, as I remember, was associating poverty with blacks. My mother, born shortly after her parents immigrated from Yugoslavia, was thrust into an orphanage at a young age and her dire tales of want and hardships chilled me as a child, leaving me far more wary of that particular condition, no matter what color skin bore witness to it.

It actually is very hard for me to think in terms of ethnicity. I have never felt need to make claim to my Romanian-Serbian roots nor lament the plight of my gypsy kin in Transylvania. My daddy grabbed his American name from a billboard and proceeded to move himself steadily up the economic ladder.

By the time I was born, he had turned his allotment of rags into riches, and I was, quite frankly, a spoiled little rich girl, without the attendant social status. I felt we had much in common with the Beverly Hillbillies. My dad may have known how to make a buck, but uneducated white men who sold cars for a living didn’t get much respect in the wealthy neighborhood I grew up in. And my dad, an independent cuss, could not have cared less. But there was never a moment in my life that I defined myself, or others, according to blood, skin or lineage.

Black men worked for my father at the dealership. He also hired them to cut our grass and paint our home. There wasn’t a disparaging word uttered by my parents. They were treated like any other contractor that came to the house.

I do have vague memories of the Cincinnati riots in 1966. Those were actual riots. I remember my dad getting the gun out of the safe. In retrospect, our neighborhood was so far from Cincinnati center that the likelihood of anyone driving out to do us rich folks harm was minimal. But he didn’t talk about shooting “niggers”. The word wasn’t in the home and my guess is he would have gotten the gun out no matter what race was having a riot.

But here’s the rub. It isn’t about civil rights anymore. It’s about victimhood. It’s not about equality. It’s about extortion. It’s not about unity. It’s about vengeance and pay back. Obama dresses it up with flourishes of pompous rhetoric and spices it with the incense of mysticism but it’s the same ole same ole race, entitlement and “justice” rhetoric that constituted “dialog” during the riots here in 2001..."

I don't know if I should even link Missy and give her some hits compliments of the field Negroes she writes about ...ahhh fuck it, I will go ahead and link her, maybe she will trackback and get an education. There is more here.

Oh yes, the "victimhood" tag. Seems even the "O" man is playing the "victimhood" role now to get elected. Well sorry Missy, that "victimhood" tag is kind of played out now. It's the lazy white folks way of explaining away the fucked up conditions in A-merry-ca that too many people (black and white) are suffering through. But I am glad your daddy had lots of money so that he could give you a nice home and all the trappings that come with it. Too bad all that money didn't buy your dumb ass a clue. I don't care where your parents came from. They were white right? So yeah, like you, they benefited from their skin color when they came to this bitch. So save your pull yourself up speech for folks who actually believe that bull shit. And I am glad your daddy hired Negroes to work for him. Tell him thanks for me. I am sure all the Negroes he hired would like to thank him too. Oh what would they have done without good white folks like your daddy? But then, good whites folks like your daddy wouldn't have had a country to come to if their ancestors didn't help to build it on the backs of their free labor.

But thanks for your post, I needed it to remind me why I am so angry all the fucking time.

See it's like this: Barack is one of the nice Negroes. Which is kind of ironic because you were attacking him) I am not a nice Negro. I am the kind of Negro that will tell you to go and fuck yourself, and mean every word of it. And you know what? The Negroes that worked for your daddy probably felt that way too.


Chris said...


vicdamonejr said...

White people like this chica might never get it. Don't feed us excuses about how your daddy did this for a black man EVER because for every white man who does something good for a black man there are 25 more who hung or lynched a black man. An exaggeration, but you get the point.

On Barack, this isn't about victimhod. Dude is Teflon, and the reason has nothing to do with race. A man (or woman) who speaks genuinely to the the hearts of the people through their ears will be impenetrable on most all fronts. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and others should take note.

The truth wins out because the American people have gotten pretty good and discerning it from falsehoods. Hillary = fakemonger. Thus her attack don't work.

Christopher Chambers said...

Tell that white bitch (yeah--I said it and she earned it; when she garners some sense she can graduate to "Missy Ann," and thence to "person") she has no standing or moral authority to comment. Give her my blog's address and I'll eat her ass. Literally. I'm a cannibal. I've been such and will be until they stop the blind whining and analyze history and current events without the kaliedoscope of their ingrained slant. You see it the very few first lines.

Big Man said...

This idea that black folks like to be victims must get taught at white summer camp or something.

Seriously, shit's everywhere, but it's not based in reality. Her concept of the civil rights movement is not based in reality. I would bet money she has never read a single substantive book on the movement, yet feels qualified to talk about what the riots were about and compare them to riots today.

I dealt with how Obama has to fight this victim shit at my blog.

SouthernGirl2 said...

"See it's like this: Barack is one of the nice Negroes. Which is kind of ironic because you were attacking him) I am not a nice Negro. I am the kind of Negro that will tell you to go and fuck yourself, and mean every word of it".


That's why I love you so! You hit hard, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Fuck, I'm practically speechless after reading her post. I have people who "don't get it" out here in SoCal, but to the best of my knowledge they're not stupid enough to blog about it.

Her little "rant" is as shocking as that "Marine killing a dog" video Oliver Willis found earlier this evening.

I really don't know what else to say.

Anonymous said...


I second the Lark photos. The clock is ticking. :-)

gordon gartrelle said...

I'm amazed at how often white folks say, "my ancestors came from (insert country here) and they made it. Why can't you black people do the same?" It shows how little they know about this country's driving principle: "at least you aren't black."

White supremacy and privilege are the biggest victimology schemes in American history--they demand that white people view themselves as victims.

Hathor said...

I see one of her commenters, praised her for her critical thoughts. Her post is a "tired" hacknied opinion that has been expressed the umpteenth million time.

The physical world couldn't support itself with that logic.

Christopher said...

It’s about victimhood. It’s not about equality. It’s about extortion. It’s not about unity. It’s about vengeance and pay back. Obama dresses it up with flourishes of pompous rhetoric and spices it with the incense of mysticism....

Maybe girlfriend is referring to Jamal Obama, cuz she sure as hell can't be referring to Barack Obama.

Barack Obama is all about personal empowerment (turn the TV off, buy your child a desk, help him or her with their homework) and ending the divisions of George W. Bush ("there are no red states, there are no blue states, there is the United States".)

I refuse to visit the link. It will just tick me off. What do you want to bet the bitch is one of Hillary's Harpies?

field negro said...

chris and robster, you two are holding me hostage. But believe me I am searching through my archives right now :)

"This idea that black folks like to be victims must get taught at white summer camp or something."

OK, that's some funny shit :) And I am getting an image in my mind which is even funnier. are correct; the truthalways wins out,even in A-merry-ca. Trust me, if the "O" man was a phony we would have a pretty good idea of it by now.

gordon, you know what's scary? Some black folks (immigrants) do it too.

hathor, make that a million and one. And go to any right leaning web site and you will see posts like hers to add to the number.

Christopher you are one mean mofo.

field negro said...

Kitty, please save the field Negro sexist speech today. That was chris and chris with the "B" word reference. Anyway, 5,4,3,2,....:)

The Roving Reporter said...

People like her will never get it. They like to pretend they are "down" and understand what minorities are going through.

But, underneath it all, they harbor the same racist, stereotypical views towards blacks and other minorities.

Also, I don't understand why people feel the need to point out the fact that their parents weren't racist. Sure, you never heard your parents say "nigger" or any other racial slur.

But I'm sure if she decided to date a black man, her parents would have raised hell.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

In those few sentences, Missy showed herself to be the clueless byotch she is.

She also demonstrated why those of us of ethnic background get so frustrated when we have these discussions on race and they walk away from the discussion with no changes in perception or thought, and they wonder why we're angry.

We tell them of our struggle - in plain english and dressed-up, too.

They still "don't get it". Not until they have been subjected to 10% of the shyt we deal with everyday, and even then, that blows them away to the point of self-annihilation, because they don't have the psychological makeup to deal with being shat on everyday.

So her father didn't say "Nigger" in the house - doesn't mean he wasn't thinking it when he hired Joe Willie to cut his lawn or work on those cars he sold at the dealership.

You can't deal if you don't know the deal, and you can't identify something you have no knowledge of.

And that describes Missy. I'd better never see her in no part of Northern Virginny or Southeast DC, cause I'd have to take her to school and beat the hell out of her.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

White supremacy and privilege are the biggest victimology schemes in American history--they demand that white people view themselves as victims.

Okay, which is it?

Either you're a victim, or you're superior to those of us NOT WHITE.

Can't have it both ways, and that's what I'll tell Missy.

The protection of her complexion guarantees she can do something about feeling victimized, and feeling superior, but what about the rest of us who don't have that kind of protection?

Unknown said...

I have way too much to say to comment here, so I posted. I was having a good morning, Field. Now I'm just pissed. Ignorant bitches have a way of ruining the morning coffee, ya' know?

ZACK said...

You know I'm controversial, so here it goes..

Field, I disagree with you and Snow White. *GASP FROM THE AUDIENCE*

"There's a third opinion?", they say!
No offense, but it's a little hypocritical to post excerpts from a blog you didn't want us to read. But now since we've read it, we realize that she is crazy but truthful about how some whites feel about us.

We have let "smiling faces from different races" and the illusion of inclusion throw us off track. If Obama is not about making the lives of minorities better, I don't want him or Hillary in office. And that's my opinion, and if nobody likes it, visit my profile and send me an e-mail.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that she does not connect to own ethnicity. "I have never felt need to make claim to my Romanian-Serbian roots nor lament the plight of my gypsy kin in Transylvania," the reality is that gypsy are considered the "niggers" of Europe, and probably the reason why she does not want to identify with ethnicity. They were another ethnic group killed during the Holocust. I would hear people talk gypsy as if they were the lowest forms of scum of the earth. I am going to apologize if anyone should take offense, but it for the context of this discussion.

She also didn't see anything wrong with her father who employed blacks at his dealership also hired them to do yard work and painting furthering exploiting their labor. He hired them because it was cheaper to pay people who already work for you in your business. I would venture a guest that her father also hired his black workers from the dealership to show his neighbors that he was of equal class as they were. He suffered from classism, so he needed to improve his lot in life by showing himself to his community that he just like them both in wealth and social standing despite that people really do not like car salespeople. Her father also Americianizes his name to become more homogenous, and no one will ever know of his gypsy heritage. If his neighbors knew, they find every way to prevent him and his father from moving into the community. Her parents did not have to use the word "niggers" because they treated them as such. Oh let's us forget about the word victimhood and replace it with exploitation. I never understand the point that if you are a victim, then it must be your fault, and not focus on those who are doing exploiting. Then when you call them on the exploitation, they ironically become the victims. The hypocrisy, but again that is human nature for you.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am going to get hit for this but...... My dad is from the carribean. He views black americans the same way as mis-missy. He always says he came her with $50( this is true), joined the electrical union ,worked 20 hours days and brought property while all the others " Black Americans" smoke, drank and complained. He is upper middle class now and back "home" he was well to do. I say this to say that people outside America don't get it because I was born here and I get it. I always wondered if the good ol U ASS of A profits from the plight of the "black american". Oh yeah they do prisons and rehabs are big business.

liz said...

If he hadn't been White, her dad couldn't have just taken a new name from a billboard and "move[d] himself steadily up the economic ladder" in the way he did.

Christopher Chambers said...

Caribbean negroes always have to superiority complex. My dad and grandfather are two examples. But what always brings them down to earth, and what has been studied, is the very notion of immigration versus brought her in the stinking holds of slave ships. Another demarcation point: the not every Jake or Trini man or Bahamian living in Brooklyn or Toronto is a fine upstanding citizen. Many are NOT. Many are even more indolent and dangerous than a "de block Americans, dem." The true point of demarcation: look at the niggahs they left behind. Talk about drinking, screwing, smoking the days away! I'm sure there's a correlation there between Jamaicans and this bitch's Serbian ancestors. One hallmark of the immigrant is that there's a REASON they left and don't look back except on "ethnic festival" days. Hell, most African I know laugh at African Americans: "I was starving and subject to corruption and genocide in The Motherland, so you go ahead and wear that kinte cloth all you want. I'm gonna drive this cab, burn my incense and marvel at my cable TV and flush toilet and Dollar Store!" Same goes for Europeans, except for the Irish hahaha

Carinthia said...

What I find sad, Field, is that people like this (and being a white Southerner, I know A LOT of them) feel superior in making their blanket judgements about the African American political situation today without having ANY clue about how we got to be where we are today as a society. They have some vague memories of a middle-school American History class ("something about slavery, blah, blah, civil war, blah blah, etc) and combine that with their very limited personal experience of black people into a theory of the universe in which they've "figured it all out". Can I just say that people should at least have the humility to admit when they don't know enough about a subject to comment on it intelligently. This chick needs to go back to school and learn a few facts before she starts yelling about "victimhood".

Anonymous said...

Amen Field! I am here in Ohio on the "major race" election day wondering why so many white people feel like somehow Barack is playing on a sense of entitlement? When did that start? At last check Mr. Obama was doing all he could be inclusive in his message. To date I haven't heard him say anything that would suggest he felt his skin tone or his background made him a victim and white America should make amends.

If we are honest about Obama we would see that although he has done a lot of work to help the less fortunate in Chi-town, he has for the most part lived a pretty white middle class life.

This woman is the typical white woman in the sense that they think their ignorance somehow makes them less racist. "I wasn't aware" "I never heard" or "Did that really happen" are a few of the catch phrases you might hear right before they go one a long diatribe about no one in their family is racist. The problem is if you have to explain that hard you have now become suspect. Thou doth protest too much.

I feel you on this one. Her parents should have used some of their money to buy her a clue.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Ho hum, this reminds me of the Irish people I know who like to claim that their people were as prejudged as blacks but they didn't let it bother them as much and that's why they are integrated into Amurkin society so well today. . . has nothing to do with their white skin.

Oh, and for the poster who said "for every one white man who did something good for a black man there were 25 who lynched. . . "
Probably the opposite is true. It's just that lynching, raping, and other night rider horrors is just so fucking horrible affects so many so profoundly. It's called "terrorism" in todays lingo.

Anonymous said...

Missy's post proves there is nothing more dangerous than ignorance in action.

Anonymous said...


Many immigrants came to the US and worked like dogs to get what little they had. My GreatGrandfather did not even speak English when he got off the boat. He never got into the racism issues as he had enough just being a "Dago". The commenters crying the blues have not learned history.

As far as using the help around the house, if you actually had a business, you would use the folks that needed the cash and you could trust. Jefferson, father of many, had craftspeople at his place that were hired out for their abilities.

Instead of weeping over past horrors, which we can't fix but only teach, how about asking for equality?

Obama, to me, represents the progress of the US. Many of my students consider him to be a peer of OldMan McCain and superior to the FratBush. When I was their age, nobody took AfAms seriously as candidates for the office. This is delightful, that OMan could be the next Leader of the Free World.


Anonymous said...


Please bring back Harry. He's a stupid lad with family that wanted the Nazis to win. However, he actually served, unlike Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Limbaugh, Coulter, Monica, Gonzalez, Rice, Chertoff......

Not enough space.


Anonymous said...

Amazing that this woman, brought up in an upper class white neighborhood, has been able to figure out the whole Black problem: It is your fault! Instead of being victims, why don't you just pick a new color from a billboard and move into an upper class neighborhood? Duh! Oh, the ignorance runs deep.

Admiral Komack said...

She's full of shit.
You don't like Obama, don't vote for him.
Otherwise, fuck off.

Anonymous said...

No victims, no perpetrators. There would be no racism if the victims of it would just quit complaining. The poor invented poverty. The Indians were savages, blacks inferior, etc. No one blames "others" as much as white people. People, forget from whence they came. If white people are so superior, then why were they the, poor tired and hungry of Europe? Why did that superiority not shine in Europe? Missy, needs a history lesson. White people, black people, red people, yellow people is just as much a divide and conquer tactic as any other. To those at the very top we are all unimportant except in usefullness to them. Those at the bottom are there to remind all others where they can and will go if they become useless to the system. When the system fails, and it will, it will be the "others" , the least powerful who will be attacked. The favored will blame the disfavored. The top dogs will move on. How many times does this repeat itself before, HUMANS, learn?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add one thing that is related. While listening to NPR this morning, Geraldo Riveria spoke about his book and discussed immigration which he posed the question is this really about securing the borders to keep out illegal immigrants or about controlling the demographics. He also stated that if the country was so concerned about securing the borders, we secure them at every angle, the Canadian border, Altantic & Pacific borders.

I have to say this as well. I work in New York City and can tell you that are many Irish and Eastern European immigrants that if I venture to guess are not legal, but they are not included in the immigration debate just those coming south of the border which to remind everyone Texas was a part of Mexico up until 1838, but that's a different discussion. I am tired of the stupdity and intolerance of individuals like Missy. I wonder if she could turn into black person or gay man for a week, so see could just get an idea of what it means to be a different ethnic group. I also think people who are not interested or curious about their ancestry as some issues about their themselves.

Anonymous said...

When you hate someone, you hurt yourself worse than you hate the other guy.
Now Field, you are an educated man with a profession. Any damage this anger causes is limited to your emotional well being.
The ghetto crowd is hurting themselves a lot worse than they hurt me.

Anonymous said...

George Washington was so poor he made himself some wooden teeth, Lincoln was born in long cabin, Rockefeller started with a $1.20. Some, literally ate mudcakes to survive. My ancestors swam here from African when they heard that flapjacks grew on trees and syrup oozed from the bark, found a way to market it and is featured on a box of pancakes to this day. Hartio Alger should be on Mount Rushmore.

Christopher said...

Tom Brokaw citing a source "very close to the Obama campaign" who says there are an additional 50 Superdelegates are "ready to go public before too long."

Even if Hillary Clinton wins all 4 states today (she has a better chance of being struck by lightening) she will gains only 20 or so delegates.

Barack Obama has a 100+ delegate lead. Add the 50 Superdelegates Brokaw references and it would effectively nullify her win, making it virtually impossible for Clinton to catch Obama.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Field, as a "foreign negro," that is, a person from another country with an acceptable educated accent and manner of speech, I was horrified when I first came here and experienced racism first-hand &mdash directed, not at me (after all, I was "furrn" and therefore acceptable), but at any nonwhite person of American ancestry or unacceptable immigrant.

Thus I found myself at fancy-assed parties with white people who waited till the last ethnic left the room to break out the nigger jokes to me. Me! What were they thinking? Or made savage remarks about American of Latina or Vietnamese or Chinese or any other descent that were nonwhite. Irish brogues were "enchanting," French accents "sexy," but Africans "incomprehensible."

Put me in mind of Angela Davis' anecdote about pretending to be a foreigner in some colour-bar shoe store and getting waited on hand and foot by a fawning white clerk.

And this little gipsy girl has the gall to intimate that she knows what it's about?

You're right. I'm angry all the fuckin' time, sometimes. Most times.

Anonymous said...

hey, Gordon, I remember reading your victomology article and I agree, "victomhood" is not just us Blacks, its the 2nd Amendment crowd, the Fundemantalist Christrians,militia groups,Neo-Nazis, Confederate revivalist,and every other rich white guy group that believes they are "betrayed by the government and under attack by the PC/secular/government/liberals". And Chris, me being part Jamaican, I hear you about the arrogance as I'm pretty arrogant at times.

Stankoniforous 0ne said...

Where oh where shall Stan-politico wade in?

The deeper issue is that 99% of the population is fightin for 60% of the wealth, while 1% of the populations is holding on to 40%.

Her fam fought for a piece while most black Americans are fightin for their piece, however the people who already got theirs can't afford for us to get ours or it takes away from theirs.

Some said it best gypsy/Roma are still considered the "niggers" of Europe.

Stan-politico read some of her blog, it doesn't get any better sports fans. Don't be angry, she's misguided. Those that have eyes let them see.

grown said...

Field, I am dying laughing at your response.

I'm not even going to look at that ignorant heifer’s page. I swear, some days I do not like white women...actually that would be most days...

Christopher Chambers said...

Field--before the election news crowds this out, I have an interesting counterpoint to this white woman: the white chick who faked being black/mixed and snookered the reedy publishing world with this fake-ass memoir "Love and Consequences." That should shut the other snow queen up...

field negro said...

"Field, as a "foreign negro," that is, a person from another country with an acceptable educated accent and manner of speech, I was horrified when I first came here and experienced racism first-hand"

"foreign negro" huh. Well I am one of dem dere foren negroes, but my black ass is still black. So when folks in the majority see me, they don't see my background,my education or my bank account. All they see is another black man which is cause to hold their purse tighter :) I used to try to tell my West Indian aunts and uncles this all the time. Many of the older immigrants fell for the bullshit, but I think the younger ones like some of the folks who commented here get it.

Chris, I will be over in your house to check out that post.

"The deeper issue is that 99% of the population is fightin for 60% of the wealth, while 1% of the populations is holding on to 40%..."'s called capitalism :)

elle, I knew there was something I liked about you.

old white guy, if you are really an old white guy you ought to write a book. If you can get it, why can't a young white girl ?

SLDC said...

This is why I come to this blog - because your writing is just superior! I just love it. I was pretty shocked by what miss prissy had to say but your response basically put the dumb ass in her place. What a dumb bitch!

I grew up in the Caribbean where everyone looked like me so didn't experience the racism that African Americans have suffered through. I got my education on the struggles that you guys have endured by watching PBS during black history month and movies like Malcolm X. It hurt to watch that stuff. African Americans went through so much pain and suffering just because of their hue. It's just such a shame now that white people can turn around and act like it was such a small insiginificant thing and how you need to just 'pull yourself up by your own bootstraps' and all that BS about victimhood. Yeah there are some 'victim' mindset blacks but most people are working hard and trying to get ahead. Due to the institutionalised racism and hateful, prejudiced attitudes of non-black people that still continues in most of America, most black people can't get ahead.

Anonymous said...

thanks FN, I'm just saying what I learned.

Anonymous said...

My husband is russian and had a very similar mindset .They are not American but adapt the ways of American society unconsciously through a nationwide conditioning that implies "Be careful of the blacks but mindful .She said she is mixed white , My husband has a friend who in AMerica is white in russia she is exotic not white based on her 20% kazakhstan genes and treated with no respect,in her own words she boasts of her love for America because she is treated like a "pure white person" .Most russians in America are jews despised in their great russia or refugees exposed to some type of prejudice ...She needs a history lesson in her own country's /people's victiomhood and mentality towards people they deem as not pure white and of lesser value eg.Georgians...

I cannot say my husband is racist however when he refers to some russian whites he says"people like Serge " referring to his Georgian attributes such as black hair and eyes ,nose,and behavior as different ..There systemis very similar to what happens in America within class and race and poverty and institutionalized ethnocentrism and racism .That is exactly how her parents felt when they left for AMERICA

MartiniCocoa said...

I'm sure she thinks she's an enlightened smart individual too.

Fuck her and her cloistered world view. I'm sick of people who wish to remain willfully ignorant to anyone else's reality but their own.

focusedpurpose said...

let me do some research...

...i think this is the same one that wanted to know "what's the big deal" with the o'reilly lynching party remarks aimed at Michelle Obama. she was i believe over at black women vote! showing her white hind parts as well.

btw---gang rape and lynching was on the plates of black women as well back in the day. sadly most black men seem to think that it was a "man"'s fate only.


Anonymous said...

Yup FN. It's kinda mucky out here in the swamp that is white culturalism.

Since no one else has said, I'm gonna say it.

Would Zee be saying the same story if her father were from Africa?

If she says "yes" tell her I have a Bridge to Nowhere I want her to vote for.

Uigei said...

Aren't we all "Nice Negros" ? I don't see none of us goin' all Nat Turner on a city, so PLEASE.

For many of them, that is the only way they know how to survive. Illusion. This is a hard core "Mad Max" gotta be kind of world and that facade is their Zoloft ! For us, we can listen, but for God sake, Don't get sucked into their 2nd world...spinning and all vortex like.

They're a mess, and we let them run this joint


Anonymous said...

Hey folks this is a theme being repeated over and over. And you know if something gets repeated over and over it must be true. I think one of the ways to combat this is to take it on every time it raises its head especially on the internet.

And yes black folks have to stop reinforcing it with our self hatred. I don't know about facebook but I blog on myspace and it is full of this foolishness and I stump on some of them so hard they just shut down the posts for awhile rather than respond.

I am starting to feel like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, Field I never get to your posts in a timely manner. Guess I have to start checking you out first chance I get during the day.

Hathor said...

This woman just shut down her links, I don't think she wants me to see the last response she made. I wonder did she block the whole of Philadelphia. If she hasn't we need to keep her busy.

Anonymous said...

^You've got to be kidding me. Why can't these bigots handle criticism?

field negro said...

"This woman just shut down her links, I don't think she wants me to see the last response she made. I wonder did she block the whole of Philadelphia. If she hasn't we need to keep her busy."

How about that? I swear, some folks shouldn't even be blogging. If you can't stand the heat...
BTW Hathor, I saw your comments onm her site, and they were heavy as usual.

"^You've got to be kidding me. Why can't these bigots handle criticism?"

That's what happens when you field Negroes bum rush a site and kick real knowledge. The truth hurts sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I cant get over the way black people are always looking for someone else to blame for everything. The civil war ended in 1865. it is time to get over it. Nobody alive today was ever a slave and nobody today ever owned one. Oprah is the richest woman in America and we have a black man running for the highest public office. Both black so how can you say that you are downtrodden by the white man. Black people can make it here just like any other race.
In fact the black people that live here today should be thankful that their ancestors came here no matter how they got here. Think of the conditions you would be living in if you weren't here in the good old USA. You could be in Africa starving to death.
and whatever race you are white black yellow etc if you don't like this country there is a whole world that you can move to get to stepping otherwise we don't need all the divisiveness. Learn how to get along with everyone else or shut the fuck up.

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