Thursday, November 06, 2008

Goodbye Sarah.

Hello hello, Vice President Palin, this is Nelson Mandela.

Oh hi, hello there Mr. President, so nice of you to call and congratulate me.

And let me say for the record that I think Africa is a beautiful country, my husband Todd and I plan to visit one day......

Okay, that conversation didn't happen, but it could have. Just imagine what would have happened if we had elected the beauty queen and Mr. Morton. Can you imagine? Our Vice President not knowing that Africa is a continent, and not a country? Or, not knowing the countries in North America. My god A-merry-cans, what were we thinking? We almost put this woman one heart beat away from the button.

And now that the campaign is over Mr. Morton's people are pointing fingers and the knives are out. Seems our girl was off the chain; greeting McCain staffers in her towel, spending way more on her little shopping sprees ("Wasila Hillbillies") than we thought. And get this; girlfriend even wanted to get her two cents in when when Mr. Morton gave his concession speech in Arizona. . Now folks, I know some of you didn't like it when I was blogging non stop about this dangerous woman during the campaign; and for awhile, you had Palin burnout. But maybe you all can see now why I did it.

I was terrified at what might have been. I was very afraid that the A-merry-can people would fall for this grand hoodwink. I saw another George Bush (albeit a more "attractive" one) coming to get us. And I was scared. But thank god it didn't happen, and smarter heads prevailed.
Let this be a lesson to you A-merry-cans: Be careful of lipstick wearing pigs.

I am glad that we are sending Obama and Biden to Washington as our leaders for obvious reasons. But let's keep it real with each other; they were clearly more qualified than their opponents. And if you need further proof of it, just read the reports that are going to be coming out over the next few days about the stuff that went on behind the scenes in Mr. Morton's campaign.

Anyway, here is hoping that Sarah goes back to the Alaska wilderness with her Witch Doctor, her separatist husband, her bigoted followers, and her extreme views. And here is hoping that we never have to hear that irritating voice in A-mery-can politics ever again.

Goodbye Sarah, and happy hunting.


browngrl77 said...

I second that field !!! I am soooo glad that woman will NOT be our vp!!!

Anonymous said...

More importantly, what's the plan for the nude run down Broad Street? You gonna be able to work your law enforcement connections to get some kind of amnesty from the indecent exposure laws?

Anonymous said...

I look at the spread in the votes and just wonder "What if we did not have that financial meltdown?" Would McCain and Palin have been elected. Given the terrible condition of our country on so many fronts--it should have been a greater margin a larger landslide. You bet I believe racism had something to do with this election. Until this election I had not an inkling how much racism we had in the country and just how uneducated so many of my countrymen are. It is a sadness that this widespread ignorance leads to such fearful lemminglike behavior. You can admire Sara Paylin for scratching her way up for Wasilla, but you can only pity her for her pathetic "lost in a cornmaze" ignorance.

Anonymous said...

This is what you get when fake "cultural war" are more important socio-economic realities. Idisagree with you that she is like Bush: I beleive that she is worst than Bush. Saw the interviews? Lord! This may be the climax of the cultural wars, push to its extreme is collapse on its own hollow shell.

It is time that adults head back to washington and clean up this mess.

Hasta la vista, baby.

p.s. Of course, the reason why all this is being released is simply because of the republicans( huckabee, romney, guiliani, etc) already planning their runs for 2012, as such, they need to neuter and destroy their most formidable enemy: Sarah Palin.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

She's trying to come back in 2012.

Hopefully, the Mitted One will have pounded her into oblivion, while she faces a recall from her current job as Governor of Alaska.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I nearly died laughing this morning when I read how she opened her hotel door dressed only in a bath towel and still wet. OMG! I can't wait for Sat Night Live to do that skit. With $150K in clothes, you think it would have occurred to ask them to wait a few minutes while she dressed and before letting them in.

If I were a hillbilly or Wasilla resident, I'd be insulted anyone would lump her in my group. She's a trip, and funny thing is, if Ted Stevens is 'excused' from his duties, she may be narrowly voted in as Alaska's next Senator if she runs. Will she?

You betcha!

Anonymous said...

Yes Field, it's a depressing thought that more 56 million people voted for Mr. Potter and Barbie. My boss was one of those individuals who voted for the inept duo. However, my manager is also a small and petty individual so I guess it makes sense. Thank goodness people came out and voted to push the number to the minority.

Damn, she could not name Canada and U.S.? You can put Mexico in the mixed and it would have been acceptable. Where did she think Kenya and Egypt is located? Does Sarah have a computer or library card? This woman is ignorant or perhaps she was thinking about Australia which is a continent and the Commonwealth of Australia (country). Africa, Australia details, details whatever.

At the end of the day, McCain looked bad when he chose her as his VP running, and let this be a lesson as how not to pick someone like Sarah Palin. Although, I still believe that Americans have short memories and will forgive her. Unfortunately, she will return in some shape or form.

Anonymous said...

She had more than her 15 minutes of fame. Now she has 4 years to figure it all out until her bid to lead the party in 2012.

field negro said...

"p.s. Of course, the reason why all this is being released is simply because of the republicans( huckabee, romney, guiliani, etc) already planning their runs for 2012, as such, they need to neuter and destroy their most formidable enemy: Sarah Palin."

I co-sign with that.

And yes folks, I am guessing she will be back in 2012. But she needs to brush up on her geography lessons, first.

comrade,I am in training for that run. Hey, I have until the night after the inauguration, right?

La♥audiobooks said...

I just finished watching the interview with her and Katie Couric again, the horror. I knew this was going to happen. What goes around comes back and throws you under the bus. Happy riddance.

Now shhe just needs to admit that she's really Trig's grandmother. Liar. Do you think that's not possible now?

Anonymous said...

Check out Michelle MalKKKin's site. She's doing Operation Leper --outing anyone in the GOP who said bad things about Sarah Palin.

One crazy racist bitch deserves another.

Anonymous said...

This is truely funny. The fate of Obamaholics.

Anonymous said...


What can I say? GOP are having a ball throwing all type of stone at the Sarah..I am trying to reframe myself to speaking/typing not ill about this woman.

She was used...Pretty, thin, having possible 5 kids, slept around, and able to claim to the top using her sexuality.

They are rolling over laughing at many blogs...Do you really think she was that dumb?...she is a prime example of why Affirmation Action work well for White Women (not all of them, but especially Sarah).

Of course, President Obama and his VP are the correct pick...the world is happy. I am happy and plus now I can exhale...

for now...

Now it is time to fire Elizabeth Hasselbitch(from the View) and Lieberman guy...

Those are my main 2 objective before Obama and Michelle get in the white house...Even Bush is getting on board...

Jody said...

The repubs are eating their own.... My best advice is to steer as clear as possible from this these cannibals.... Although, I must admit, on election night, I did take pleasure in seeing the look on her face of utter disappointment. Given that all of the other images had been of her sneering and snarking about Obama, the "real" America, community organizers, and all the terrorists Obama supposedly palled around with.... Yep, she is one person who I have absolutely no sympathy for and sincerely hope with all my heart I do not have to see or hear from her again.

Mr. Noface said...


I guess you can say that America has dodged a bullet (by consciously shifting ever so slightly to the left) and we will all be safe from that kind of willful unrepentant ignorance for at least the next four years.

Anonymous said...

Ladycracker said: "I look...[negligible]spread in (popular) votes..."; Hennasplace said: "...close to 60 million people voted for you-know-who..." That's some scary s..t.
Thank you jesus for our abysmal economy - which has gotta get worse (hang tight for the looming dismal end of this quarter, including christmas) - we dodged a bullet. 'Cause you know Mr. Morton may drop dead real soon, and, horrors-of-horrors!, whatshername? Moose-Caribou barbie would have been Head Heifer in Charge.
Seriously, beware of the looming backlash; let's look out for each other...Like the 'O' man said: "We are our brother's keeper; we are our sister's keeper".

Javier said...

Sarah "Like my dress?" Palin is a pawn. I love hearing folks talk about her "political skills." What skills? Inciting hate? Hating others is easy. I think every politician worth their salt has to have a healthy amount of self-awareness. They need to understand where their strengths lie and where they are weak. She, (unfortunately for the GOP), never possessed this quality.

At every crossroad in life we all must ask ourselves if our ambition intersects paths with an honest self-assessment. Sarah Palin either did not do this or perhaps her ambition is on a scale that clouds her vision when taking stock of her own mettle. Either way this was hopefully a wake-up call for her to keep it simple until her skills are in line with her ambitions.

Colossal FAIL.

Kellybelle said...

I consider myself bright,but damn, I know what I don't know.This heffa here--remember, she did not blink when askedto join theGOP ticket--didn't know anything except where the spotlight was and how to get in it.
The bathrobe thing? That's some freaky sex-as-a-weapon stuff. Shemusta thought aides who haven't seen anybody but Bay Buchanan and Ann Culter would melt at the sight of creamy beauty queen flesh. And Todd was sitting their like Bishop Magic Don Juan. SMH

Javier said...

kellybelle said:

"The bathrobe thing? That's some freaky sex-as-a-weapon stuff. Shemusta thought aides who haven't seen anybody but Bay Buchanan and Ann Culter would melt at the sight of creamy beauty queen flesh. And Todd was sitting their like Bishop Magic Don Juan. SMH"


Javier said...

I read that Sarah Palin allegedly was having low-level staffers using their credit cards to pay for shopping sprees and that was found out when they submitted receipts for reimbursement.

Bill O'Reilly refers to the reports coming out of the McCain camp that the $150K bill is conservative (pun intended) as "nit-picky."

A woman claiming to be a simple, everyday woman who is in touch with the American people then un-apologetically spends way above her means with someone else's money...wait, maybe she is in touch with America!


Anonymous said...

Please stop insulting us hillbillies!

I tried to like her in the beginning, she's my age, is a working mother, and is from a small community. But I couldn't get past the manipulative side that I saw. Also, for all of her talk of reform and clearing out the old-boys network, she's the same old garbage, just in fancier packaging.

I almost feel sorry for her, then I remember her attacks on the O-man. Paybacks a bitch.

field negro said...

Okay I saw the You Tube clip that punk posted. It was too funny:)

Now those are some Obamaholics.

The GOP is eating their own, and it could not have happened to a nicer set of people.

TrueBlue said...

Please stop insulting us hillbillies!

I just saw her referred to as a "chillbilly." Gotta love that one!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whelp, Granny not gone say she told y'all so, but I told y'all that Palin's name was gone be mud when the GOP got through with her before the election was even over. Yup, whatever you do to others, will be done to you. Oh, I forgot and did leave out the rest of that last sentence, Granny getting old, anyways, it will be done to you seven times seven was the rest of it. McCain's campaign team are definitely not going to take any blame, because they planning on working with Mitt, Huckabee, or one of them GOP folks that plan to run in 2012. They can give it up though, because Obama gone do an 8 year term, and might be the last President, and one of the best we ever had.

Seda said...

I love the gravity, intelligence, and compassion you can see in Octavius Catto's eyes. He must have been one hell of a man. Sorry he isn't here to see this day...

Anonymous said...

You know, I like her a lot. But it is just shocking to not know more about Africa. I try to keep up with news about Africa, but damn, there's a line of Countries waiting to take advantage of them and the leaders are more than willing to not represent their people for capital gain. I think South Africa will eventually look like Zimbabwe and the thought just sickens me.


Anonymous said...

Heard the story on Ms. P's return to Alaska this afternoon on NPR. The Dems and moderate Repubs that she needs as governor up there are wondering if she can turn off the partisan "act" that she has put on for the last 2 months, or if maybe that is the real SP.

Now that our attention has been drawn north in ways that it never was before, I'm wondering how the rest of us down here in the Lower 48 can get a slice of that oil company kickback that Alaska redistributes each year to its residents. The rabid McPalin fans tell us that we elected a socialist/Marxist/redistributionist. Well, let's start seeing some action!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

This is a link to a hate groups map and tells where they are locations are. You can click on your state and it tells you, which cities their located in.

rikyrah said...

The hounds have been at the gates. Now that it's past November 4th, the gates are open.

The whole towel thing - woman has no home-training.

I told y'all - those sharks in the GOP weren't going to bow down to this woman.

rikyrah said...

and don't remotely feel sorry for this stupid woman.

she's stupid,ambitious and mean - which is a terrible combination.

She pimped her own children, when she wasn't throwing them under the bus.

So, when you have a moment of weakness and think you MIGHT have an ounce of sympathy for her - think about THAT. A woman who pimped her kids like Tyrone does his best $10 Ho - THAT is who Caribou Barbie is.

Anonymous said...

SisterSarah knew from jump she wasn't prepared to be vp of the US. And in the end, girlfriend just tried to make the best of a really horrendous situation. What she attempted to do in the interim, however, is get what she could out of whoever she could at the moment she could, because she knew in her heart of hearts that her dog wasn't gone hunt. What she eventually wind up getting when she came to this realization --
probably within the first three weeks, was picked at, embarrassed, and riddled full of shotgun shells because of her ineptitude. Then, she just decided, oh, what the hell, let me get some decent clothes out of this deal "for me & Todd & the kids, then we'll just take our ol' hillbilly asses back to Wasilla and live trailery-ever-after." End of story. Now, everyone knows her business, all for naught, and John McCain, can carry his ol' crotchety ass back to the Senate, and we'll all be done. Until ol' SisterSarah says something stupid again, and Keith Olberman gets ahold of it, and make her look like the pure idiot she absolutely is.

Anonymous said...

Eewwweeee!! America really did dodge a bullet with Palin. Downright Scary!!

**On another note -- Field, where-oh-where do you find these sites that you're Diggin? This latest one ( had me crackin up!! I swear the one in the video that got away could be my auntie's TWIN -- short socks and all!!

Keep 'em coming bruh!!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Isn't Homeland Security over immigration now? Because it just occurred to me that Liebermann is over that committee, he would have access to the immigration records, and the leak at the top of Obama's Aunt came to my mind. Liebermann is not to be trusted. When he was running again for a seat in the Senate, none of the Democrat went out and rallied for him, but Obama did, and he turned around and stabbed Obama in the back when it came time for him to run for President and said some pretty bad things about Obama. I still remember Obama confronting him on the Senate floor and asking him why would he do that? And that woman Michelle in the house of representative who called Obama unAmerican and said there needed to be an investigation of the Congress to find the ones in Congress who are unAmerican got reelected.Those are two people that are not to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Damn, the Republicannibals don't play, Mooselini is getting her clothes repoed:,0,5597211.story

"Sarah Palin left the national stage Wednesday, but the controversy over her role on the ticket flared as aides to John McCain disclosed new details about her expensive wardrobe purchases and revealed that a Republican Party lawyer would be dispatched to Alaska to inventory and retrieve the clothes still in her possession."

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I thought that heifer said that she didn't even have the clothes that they were going to be auctioned off. She was trying to pull the wool over folk's eye. Sarah Palin is the new welfare queen and Todd Palin the new pimp with a snowmobile?. Shaking my head!

Anonymous said...

And what about the press, who knew all of this and didn't REPORT it BEFORE the election? Who agreed to be "off the record" with the knowledge of her complete imbecility? No sense of responsibility about informing the people while there was still time to make a choice? And now they are slinging the mud?

We did indeed dodge a bullet.

Beauty Queen is a grifter, and a hustler, and a taker, and a moron; but the folks who knew all this, and are only spilling it now: they are the worst kind of whores.

Or maybe I should take that back, as an insult to whores.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Yup, that looks about the size of it, and they call themselves objective journalist. Like I said before, MSM needs to do a little house cleaning too, because it ain't what it used to be.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

But before it's all over, they're going to back Palin in a corner, and she is going to come out swinging and singing on them too. Palin is not going to take that laying down, not being the catty and vindictive person that she is, and hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

Bob said...

McCain's people have no call dumping on her. McCain picked her to fire up those angry Joe the Plumber types, & she did because they recognized she was one of them, not just pretending like the rich Repugs.

Black Diaspora said...

"I am guessing she will be back in 2012. But she needs to brush up on her geography lessons, first."

If Palin brushes up on her geography lessons--in the same way she obtained her college degree--she's gonna overshoot the 2012 mark by at least six years.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

black diaspora:

Ah nah! Please tell me that nothing is wrong with her college degree too. Is it real now right?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

oops, I meant to say, it is real now right?

MartiniCocoa said...

America dodged a cannon by not electing this whack job.

I just realized that since Tuesday, Sarahcuda has been doing a lot of talking with the media(mostly convoluted and nonsensical) and McCain has been silent.

Does this woman have an etiquette coach? Does she know how to be gracious in defeat?

She is a narcissistic moron and I know she will be back like a herpes sore.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Sarah was a big fish in a small pond and believed her own hype. She was the VP on the ticket not the top of the ticket and forgot that. She pissed off the wrong McCain staffers with her BS.

I worked on national campaigns and I have never heard of a VP candidate acting this way. She wanted to speak during McCain's concession speech? Refused to do interview prep? WTF?

I agree with Rikyah. I don't feel one bit sorry for this woman. Not at all. I hated her the minute she made her snarky "community organizer" dig during her convention speech. She is stupid, mean, ignorant and thinks being cute will get her over. Well beauty fades and dumb is forever.

I'm glad Nicholle Wallace and other staffers from the McCain campaign are speaking out. Too many people voted for her and I don't want her to even think about running.

How does she not know about NAFTA? Africa? I was watching the Fox News clip and Shep (sp?) was incredulous. You know it's bad when Fox news is like "You're kidding".

Black Diaspora said...

@Granny: "Ah nah! Please tell me that nothing is wrong with her college degree too. Is it real now right?

As far as I know it's real Granny. It just took her forever to get it--there were many stops and starts.

Anonymous said...

I still demand to see proof that Palin actually graduated from college. I don't believe it. Not only is she painfully ignorant, but I know damn well colleges just don't accept transfer credits that easily.....6 colleges in 5 years?? Oh hell no. Not buying that, no more than I'm buying that baby is hers. The campaign may be over, but we're owed, we must know exactly HOW phucked up this really might have been.

Christopher said...

Sarah isn't very smart.

I heard Todd told her diamonds and pearls come from his penis.

It's true. All she had to do was suck heard enough and jewels would come out.

Sarah has been sucking Todd's penis for 20 years, waiting for bling to be hers.

field negro said...

granny and black diaspora, I think she does have those degrees (Think). Hey, college professors can be used too. Especially if they are old and middle aged men.

"America dodged a cannon by not electing this whack job.

I just realized that since Tuesday, Sarahcuda has been doing a lot of talking with the media(mostly convoluted and nonsensical) and McCain has been silent."

i am not star jones, we dodged more than a cannon; we dodged a missle. And now I hear that she really wants to run again. I guess all those adoring crowds got to her.

Jody said...

Field.... just checked the sidebar... Donavan? House Negro???? Ok, ok.. I get it. But he DID vote... so please don't keep him there long..... You don't wanna jinx our winning streak here in Philly do ya???

rikyrah said...


Count me among those that DO NOT believe that she has a college degree. It just never passed the smell test to me. 5 or 6 colleges? Do you know how hard it is to transfer credits?

Color me skeptical.

Christopher Chambers said...

Field we're having a conference at georgetown 11/21 where in I'll opine that Palin will be pushed by the wingnut klan in the GOP past Huckabee...only to be sent on a kamikazee mission against Barack in '12. She will be the Barry Goldwater of the new Millienium.

PS Ward Connerly is back, and we need to support the basic human rights of our gay brothers and sisters:

Julia said...

Brace yourselves for more. I heard on NPR this morning that she will probably be under great pressure to run for Stevens' seat, assuming that they kick the felon out of there. And here I thought that I wanted them to kick the guy out...

Anonymous said...

I guess this should be an example of what the GOP thinks of women. To get the Hilary Clinton vote, any woman will do!

Well they saw how insulted the women in this country felt by trying to pass Mrs. Joe Sixpack on them. But American has a short memory and they will forget all about this past year, but hopefully enough will not forget

Anonymous said...

OK, now that it's all over, I just have to indulge my curiosity, and I hope you'll forgive my ignorance.

Why is it that you call McCain "Mr. Morton"?

Unknown said...

IMO Sarah Palin is a sociopath, plain and simple. It first came to mind when I saw her hate mongering during the rallies. She has the talent to read people needs and insecurities and manipulate it for her own purposes. She have no sense of attachment to anyone. She seem to have a history of throwing people under the bus it is convenient for her.

To me it makes sense that she would greet men from her campaign team in a towel IN FRONT OF HER HUSBAND. That explains her non reaction to Joe Biden tearing up when speaking of his lost of his wife and daughter during the vice presidential debates. The women has no conscience.

She is willfully ignorant. She brings out the worse in people. She is overly ambitions. There is no sense of introspect or self reflection. She does not beleive in the rules or proper social protocol (Wanting give a speech during the night of the election. Wants to redefine the role of the VP, having low level workers using their personal credit to purchase items for her and her family.

Her behavior has nothing to do with being a hillbilly. She is a sociopath. And she is a dangerous woman.

Anonymous said...

Just for the visual, I would like to see the GOP dump her out at the Guvs office, dressed in a shirt and jeans, Biddy Doles red slippers, and the towel from the hotel concealing the pink sponge rollers.

Thrown out the back seat of a speeding car, for effect of course.

tuhmeesuh said...

hoo haa! we put her ass in check!

bye byyyeeee sawahhhhhh....

there was NO way God was going to let america go down like THAT. prayer does work and it does change things--God had mercy on our souls!

*daps to field*

Anonymous said...

Donovan--no Field no!!
At least he voted, these dumb, no high school diploma having negroes in Vegas did not. My friend in Boston was telling me of the massive celebrations I missed. he couldn't believe I was watching the election results with two negroes that weren't even registered. I couldn't either I didn;t want to miss the speech so I stopped before going home). I asked one what if your daughters ask if you voted, he stated oh well I'll tell them I did not. the other one is so caught up in conspiracy theories he was hoping Obama lost just to say I told you so. But on the west side of town, where the original Las Vegas black residents reside so many black men voted for the first time. So Field give Donovan a break, at least he voted and can tell others in the future he was apart of history :)

Anonymous said...

Peace and Chicken grease!

allheavens said...

Do not think you have heard the last from Palin. This women is dangerously unaware of her own limitations and her religious bigotry; couple that the unbridled ambition and you've got a theofascist in the making.

Senator Steves of Alaska though re-elected will undoubtedly be stripped of his seat by the Ethics Committee and Palin will run for his vacant seat. She will use it as a jumping off point for her 2012 run for the Presidency. Unless all the other Repubs planning their 2012 run eviscerate her and pound her vivisected body into dust.

The RNC has already started the bashing but they are pissing off the true believers, the freepers. But these idiots don't realize unless she changes her message and her image she can never win in a general election because she scares the hell out of moderate conservatives and independents.

What am I saying. She can never win a general election because she is incapable of changing her message or her image. And the powers that be of the RNC hate her undereducated, poor white trash ass.

Placeholder said...

Be careful what you wish for. If the Republicans implode, there is one winner: Mitt Romney. And if you want to see Republicans you can truly be afraid of, just wait until they merge with the Mormons. Trust me, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

TrueBlue said...

Hey, I just realized that I'm misindentified in the last couple comments. I have more than one e-mail address. I am "charlie" above, and in a couple other comments.

This has been completely inadvertent. My main e-mail address is connected to the "charlie" account, and when I check that e-mail then any comments I leave on a Google website get identified that way.

Anonymous said...

Granny, you could head the chapter of Palin hating all by yourself.

What happened to this site? Our man got elected and two days later we are all back to ragging on Sarah.

SoulOnIce said...

Donovan is KILLING ME!!!!

Man, he's my favorite football player of all-time, and I defend him to the death, but when I saw that on ESPN about him voting for the first time, it blew my mind. Can't excuse that one, my brotha.

SoulOnIce said...

Oh, and I know this is off-topic, but it can be related to the mindset of some of our youth today. This is one of the sites I saw, and needless to say, it brought out a mixture of thoughts, words, and emotions, my brotha:

Anonymous said...

Damn, these killers should be executed.

Anonymous said...

We have a black President at the expense of women and GLBT.

The Obama’s racism, sexism and homophobia will be inflicted on the entire country so the entire country can hold them accountable instead of just PUMAs. The racism, sexism and homophobia of this election cycle and Presidency can be traced to Michelle Obama’s choice of church. The whole country can be our allies to hold them accountable. I suggest everyone write about this in the two months leading to the Presidency so we can get a head start on combatting the racism, sexism and homophobia of the Obama Presidency.

black grl #1 said...

you know i couldn't stand Caribou Barbie anymore than y'all could, but to be fair those yahoos from the McCain campaign were the ones who KNEW how dumb she was, were hoping people would fall back onto that usual bigoted-idiotic-religious-extremism cultural b.s. that got whole grip of GOPs elected these past 8 years AND during the Clinton years. but they KNEW she was an idiot, they KNEW all the lights were on and no one was home... they knew ALL that shit - yet they AND MR. MORTON himself after "careful vetting" gave the green light. hopefully, people will remember that and understand that this is ultimately a statement about the GOP in general. but in the meantime, i don't mind being entertained about the stories both true/exaggerated coming out on Caribou Barbie.

TrueBlue said...

Damn, these killers should be executed.

punk, I'm going to watch that case carefully. I'd like to know the whole story. For the moment, we know that the killers were black Marines; that they sexually assaulted the woman "with an object"; that they apparently were gang members; that they stole the couple's valuables.

I read some of the comments on the Daily News thread, and when you screen out the usual crap from the Cro-Magnon set, it also seemed apparent that the killers were under-performers who likely had been busted in rank.

Before the race of the killers became known, there were the usual comments to the effect that there murders were KKK-shinhead revenge for Barack Obama. When it became known that the killers were black, then there were the typical comments about them being "animals" and "savages."

But there were also some more thoughtful comments, including that the killers were probably rank-busted given their ranks and ages, and from a couple of people talking about racism among blacks towards mixed-race couples and toward whites in general.

And, as I wrote above, I do think it's significant that we haven't heard a peep out of the Black Outrage Machine. You know, Reverend Al and that crowd. You can hear crickets chirping and pins dropping in Sharptonland today.

? said...

"The racism, sexism and homophobia of this election cycle and Presidency can be traced to Michelle Obama’s choice of church."

In all fairness to the Obama's nearly all major religions appose homosexuality, though that has more to do with the nature of religion than anything else. I don't know what you refer to as sexism form Obama soo...

Racism was of course much more of an issue as directed towards Obama and his family and not from them. However, Black Liberation Theology is indeed explicitly anti white and James Cone made no bones about that in his books that form the backbone of that movement. Yet why the discussion of Obama's church and so little about Mitt Romney's Mormon relgion during the primaries?

The Mormon religion was deeply wedded to racism and to homophobia of course. The issue should not be Obama's church or Mccain's or anyone specific but it should be on the inherently racist, homophobic, sexist and anit intellectual nature of nearly all major relgions. We should look for a lack of religion in a canidate and not a well spring of religion, this is the 21st century after all.

Anonymous said...


As an aside, you know that it now revealed today(today!), that she kept buying clothes and jewelry that requires 13 suit cases(13 suit cases!) to haul all her bought stuff right up to the time she did the saturday night live appearance with baldwin.

That woman is a gold-digging moron.

Global Wire said...

I really want to know who are these people who think Sarah Palin is going to be the "future star" of the Republican party. If that's true, the Republicans are doomed and will never be elected ever again. Palin should be worried about getting re-elected as governor, let alone president.

What is even more sad about her is that there are many Americans who think Africa is a country and have other "knowledge gaps," which says a lot about the educational system in this country. Now does everyone better understand why America is the laughing stock of the world?

Anonymous said...

comrade,I am in training for that run. Hey, I have until the night after the inauguration, right?

Comrade PhysioProf is just making sure the Field doesn't think people are gonna forget.

Grata said...

From what I have gathered. Palin actually did lobby for the position to be picked. She was not chosed abruptly like the GOP tried to sell it. Anyone seen Lieberman?

As for the Africa is a country. You would be surprised at how many Americans actually think the same.
And this tit bit about Palin is gaining alot of traction with many in the Media jumping on it.

Grata said...

"As an aside, you know that it now revealed today(today!), that she kept buying clothes and jewelry that requires 13 suit cases(13 suit cases!) to haul all her bought stuff right up to the time she did the saturday night live appearance with baldwin.

That woman is a gold-digging moron."

I heard that they have sent an attorney up to Alaska to pick up the clothes. They were supposed to go to Charity, weren't they?

Anonymous said...

I hope she took Joe the fake and Rudy 911 with her.See ya , Palin.

Anonymous said...

Field: Do we understand that we must wait until the 2009 inauguration to see your run? Tell me it ain't so.
A-merry-cans have the collective memory of a fruit-fly. Therefore, I hope the repug-rethugs continue to cannibalize Moose-Caribou barbie; lest we forget how 60+million bigots rallied around her - despite her breathtaking abysmal ineptitude and ignorance. Note also the loud silence coming from the evangelical/pentecostal bible thumping hypocrites (they are busy buying up all the guns in the country).


Anonymous said...

Good evening, all. I just had to drop in to say that I am enjoying listening to the radio for the first time in nearly 8 years. Even NPR would spring the Frat-Boy-in0Chief on me from time to time, and I would have to lunge for the OFF button. But today PRESIDENT-ELECT BARACK OBAMA held his first press conference, and I could listen to it over and over. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Who wants to bet that Levi and Bristol don't get married?

field negro said...

punk, i saw that story you provided the link to. That story is troubling. These cats were soldiers? Like WTF?

red devil, that pic in your link is classic!

"Do not think you have heard the last from Palin. This women is dangerously unaware of her own limitations and her religious bigotry; couple that the unbridled ambition and you've got a theofascist in the making."

Nope, we haven't heard the last of her. Rethugs have a way of reviving their losers.

"Why is it that you call McCain "Mr. Morton"?"'

David, because he is always SALTY.

Donna Darko, I am sorry all those same sex initiatives went down as well on all those state ballots, but I don't think we can blame Obama for that. This country is just ass backwards when it comes to individual rights. Like really; who gives a flying f*&* what two grown ass people choose to do with their lives? As long as they are not hurting anyone they should be free to do whatever the hell they want.

La♥audiobooks said...

gwpriester, you want to bet how long Track will now be playing the soldier boy?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous said 1:19pm

"Granny, you could head the chapter of Palin hating all by yourself."

Thank you Anonymous, I take that as a compliment coming from someone like you who hides behind the name anonymous. One more thing, granny does not have to head any chapter of Palin hating, or anything with hate involved, your beloved GOP is doing such an excellent job of that themselves. All Granny has to do is sit back and praise and thank the Lord that our new President is Barack Obama. Hallelujah!

I can't help it, if I get under your skin by telling the truth. Whelp,like my grandkids say take a chill pill and relax. Hey, but on the other hand, the TRUTH will SET YOU FREE!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

christopher chambers:

"PS Ward Connerly is back, and we need to support the basic human rights of our gay brothers and sisters:"

I'm glad you brought that up, because I happen to turn to CNN when they were talking about that the basic human rights of gays. Anyways, one of those Democratic strategist called them out on that poll, she told them that it was not true. She said something about 30%, and that the biggest percentage was white Republicans that voted against that bill. I can't remember word for word what she said, because I was tired, but she, definitely, said it wasn't true.

I felt like that wasn't true either, because there were many black organizations that supported gays, color of change organization was one of them that I can name off my head right now. I have a gut feeling that they are trying to pit gays against blacks, because Obama was elected President. Make no mistake the used to be powers don't give up easy and that pit one against the other trick is as old as dirt.

Global Wire said...

speaking of the gay marriage initiatives, does anyone think that the Republicans are going to use this prop 8 decision to revive their "family values" platform like they did in 2004? Plus, I am starting to hate all the fighting between the gays and blacks. Hey, we are all minorities; we should be working together and get along.

momo said...

I just filed an official complaint with the IRS challenging the Mormon church's tax-exempt status, based on their direct fundraising and lobbying efforts re: Prop 8. Surprisingly easy to do, except for the part where I had to save an Adobe doc LOL!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Global wire:

The gays need to know that the polls were not true, and that black organizations supported gays. One thing about black people if they with ya, they with ya all the way. They'll tell you straight up if they do or don't support you.

I heard that female democratic strategist call them on that poll last night and tell them that it wasn't true. They tried to act like she hadn't said anything, but I heard what she said, and she told them, "Stop it, because that is not true. It was the white republicans and evangelicans that voted against it." She, also, said something about 30% but I was tired and didn't hear that part good because my daughter came in and interrupted me.

It didn't make sense, because there were black organizations that supported gays. They're not going to do that if they didn't mean it. That's one thing blacks are not going to do, is play games with ya. That's why I know they're trying to pit gays against blacks. Republicans got something up their sleeves, and from some of the phone calls from pissed off white folks on CSPAN today it has that fallacy of reverse discrimination.

TrueBlue said...

granny, I've looked closely at the numbers. I was wrong once today, so I'm going to wait another day before posting much more, but it appears that black voters provided the critical margin of passage for Prop. 8.

No one will ever know for sure, because there's no official matching of specific votes to specific individuals. But the CNN exit poll data can be readily compared to vote totals in precincts that are mostly black, vs. those that are mostly white, vs. those that are mostly Latino.

That's as far as I'll go for now, because the next time I comment on this I want to be rock-solid certain that I haven't made an arithmetic mistake.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


You guys have a lot to learn about black folks. Al Sharpton said it best when he gave that speech at the DNC in 2004, "We not trying to dictate what goes on in the privacy of someone's bedroom. We're more concern about what we're going to put on our table in the kitchen." Black people are like this, as long as you not sleeping with their husband, wife, man, or woman they feel that is your business. Now, if you sleeping with their husband, wife, man, or woman then they have a serious problem with you, and a black woman will track you down behind her mate.

One more thing, black organizations would not have supported gays if they didn't mean it. Because they would have told gays straight up no and why they're not doing it. Black people don't bite their tongue, they are very straight forward.

Did it ever occur to you that the elite was upset about Ellen, who is gay by the way, and a few others supporting Obama? MSM is controlled by big Corporations, don't overlook that, and they are upset about the fact that their going to have finally pay some taxes. But you don't have to take my word for it, you can listen to them and fall into their trap, and alienate the ones that supported you.

Don't you find it strange that the number is low for whites who make up the Evangelicans religious fanatics and GOP, especially, since they are the ones that were always complaining about gays and abortions and making it an issue? You didn't see black folks doing that did you? CNN is not to be trusted, because they did not want to see Obama win that election.

TrueBlue said...

Well, granny, sometime ago it occurred to me that anger is nothing but the scab that forms on top of hurt. The scab allows the wound to heal, or so they say, but they don'y talk about the scar. So I'm not going to get angry, okay?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I really don't know what is going on, to be honest, with prop 8. The only reason I brought it up in the first place was because of what Christopher Chambers and donna said. Especially, donna, because she was falsely accusing Obama and smearing Michelle Obama. All I know is this... I heard what that female democratic strategist said, and she said that it wasn't true. The local news out this way and a couple of other news stations and newspapers said that the mormons poured a lot of money into stopping prop 8. When they showed the protestors from the churches, they were all white, and only one black face was in the the whole crowd, which was a man. Evangelicans are all over the place and they are the ones that made it such big issue in the first place. All news media has been saying that the mormons were behind stopping prop 8. There is a huge Mormon Temple in California up in the Oakland hills. I got several e-mails from black organizations saying vote NO on prop 8.

I just got through reading an article where they're saying Mitt Romney is behind the brutal smear of Palin. The way I see it someone is trying to kill two birds with one stone, but I could be wrong. Now, granny is through with this subject.

Anonymous said...

You know, the more the McCain people trash Sarah Palin, the more I like her.

A lot of politicians try to make like they're one with the common folk. They eat cheese steaks and pork rinds, but they went to Yale and Harvard.

With a net worth of 1.2 million, the Palins aren't exactly poor, but they're the real deal - genuine, down in the dirt white trash. Look at their family - oldest son that's a doper & high school dropout, pregnant 17-year old daughter that's "engaged" to a high school dropout.

Sarah may not live in a trailer, but she sure acts like it. She's gotten through life batting her eyelashes and wiggling her sweet ass at horny old doofus who'd help her get ahead. Johnny Mac was just the latest sucker. So when Sarah saw her opportunity, like good white trash she went for it! Why NOT spend $150 thou on fancy threads for yourself and silk underwear for your hubby, on the Republican Party's dime?


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

John B:


hollybeth75 said...

It is true, "someone" in the GOP said Sarah Palin didn't know Africa was a continent, she thought it was a country. But her response was that is was taken out of context (was a slip of the tongue) during a debate prep and I think we should give her the benefit of the doubt especially since the person saying this won't even come forward, and no credible reporter should even print or say this stuff unless they get proof of this. It is purely a malicious rumor.
Interestingly enough nobody has a problem with Obama's gaff when he said he'd been to all 57 states. Most people who didn't vote for Obama realize it's a gaff, and don't honestly believe he thinks there are 57 states. It's such a double standard when it's okay for Obama to have a gaff and the second Sarah Palin has a rumor about her you and other closed mined liberals are on here bashing her.
Same goes for the clothing issue. Nobody seems to care about McCain's, Obama's, or Biden's wardrobe expenses. Michelle Obamas election outfit was discussed in great length on
The View, and other cable news channels, and Palin is highly criticized for the GOP buying her a wardrobe (it doesn't even belong to her, she says she never asked for it and I'm sure Katie Couric and Dianne Sawyer have wardrobes 2x as much) so what gives? We just love as a country to critize women? To have double standards for the female sex? And to all the liberal feminists (who I see have replied to this blog), shame on you for not standing up for what is right here. To all the people who have been treated badly, who have been on the receiving end of unjust treatment (racism, sexism, hatred, etc) shame on you. I'm disgusted by all of you who perpetuate this.
I just can't stand the way she is being treated, and as a feminist, a libertarian, I blame you personally, and the liberal media, for perpetuating sexism. Shame on you all.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


You really make feminist look bad with your false statements and confused way of thinking. Now, I know why they were calling some of those extreme feminist like PUMA wackos.

hollybeth75 said...

Whatever granny. Back up your statements. You just want to believe they are false statements because you want to believe Sarah Palin is an idiot. But if she disputes them, and there isn't proof from the anonymous source, then they aren't false statements. And you are the one who makes feminists look bad by joining the liberal band wagon. It seems to me that feminism is about equal opportunity and rights for women, not abortion rights. And no womens groups that I've ever heard have stood up for Sarah Palin and I belive it's because they are not true feminists, rather they are instead pro-abortion groups. Is that what you are? Sounds like it.

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