Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Obama operation is in full swing.

Folks, it's 3:09PM on Sunday afternoon, two days before you Negroes think you will paint the White House black, and I am chilling in my lounger, getting ready to watch my birds play the Seahawks. Buzzzz buzzz buzzz, that's my door bell again for the third time today. Now you have to understand; Mrs. Field is out at Sunday services, worshiping at the Church Of The Mall Discounts, and the kid is alone. Another thing you have to understand is that no one visits the kid on a Sunday evening before an Eagles game. Unless of course, we plan to watch the game together.

Buzzz buzzz buzzz. But I know who it is. There has been two of them already, today. Mrs. Field got the first one because she was still at home. The second one I ignored, after taking a peek outside my window. Buzzz buzzz buzzz. Ahhh fuck it! I decide to get it and to tell yet another O man volunteer to take a fucking hike. YES WE KNOW WHERE WE HAVE TO GO AND VOTE. YES WE KNOW HOW TO GET THERE, AND NO WE DON'T HAVE ANY DAMN QUESTIONS. WELL, I HAVE ONE: DO YOU REALIZE THAT THE EAGLES PLAY TODAY? AND DO YOU EVEN CARE? Damn it O man if your ground game and get out the vote operation is like this in every state, you will either win by a landslide, or lose because your annoying street team pissed off so many people.

Buzzz buzzzz buzzzz. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen in person (With the exception of the beautiful Mrs. Field of course. And I have never seen Lark in person, so she doesn't count) was in a small seaside town on the Island of Haiti, called Jacmel. She just came out of nowhere, went into a place called the iron market, and I never saw her again. That was until I peeped the Obama volunteer at my door. (Yes we can) Do we know where to go? Yes I... I mean we know where to go, and yes we know..... at least I think we know how to get there....but ahhh could you tell me again please? I asked her if she had been working all day, and she said yes. I asked her how she had managed so far, and she said that it had been great, and that the response has been very positive. (I bet it has) She said that she was looking forward to being out a couple of more hours before calling it a wrap. "Make sure you vote", she told me, and "make sure Mrs. ___ gets out too". She gave me a couple of posters and was on her way. Okay O man, I take all that shit back. Even if there was a chance that I might forget to head to the voting booth tomorrow, I guarantee you that there is no way that I forget now.

Yes we can.

Hi, I am field Negro, and I am an Obamaholic. Now let's see if I can watch this game in peace?


Anonymous said...

Lucky you. I got the Yes On 8 people to robocall me this morning en EspaƱol. I was so mad that I hung up after twenty seconds and yelled out, "I speak perfect English, asshole!"

So when is the Broad Street run taking place? LOL

Jody said...


Anonymous said...

Ah, so that's what it takes to win you over, Field.

In that case, Malia Obama in '40!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH! Dude, you're such a fucking hound dog!

E - A - G - L - E - S!!!!!


gsutiger2 said...

First you have to admit you have a problem . . .
And you have Field.
Welcome to the Obamaholics group. We all hope to be sober November 5th.

Javier said...

I consider myself to be an independent. I feel it is more important to take things issue-by-issue. With respect to candidates I look at their overall "vision" if you will and decide if their America looks like the one I wish to see. Which has me wondering how there are still people I respect as colleagues and friends who still believe in a John McCain presidency.

My wife gives me the stink eye every time I draw the conclusion that SOME McCain supporters must bear some racial bias. How else do you explain it? I talking about educated people here. I've always said if the Republican party puts up a better candidate than the Democratic party with the "right" vision that I would vote Republican. I'm still waiting for that candidate.

McCain to me waiting for the results of the Democratic primary drama seemed to be salivating at the mouth. I couldn't help but have the impression the man thought he had this one in the bag. The Republicans appeared as if they didn't care who one. If Hillary, no shortage of animosity on the other end of the political spectrum. No shortage of ammunition with which to target her with. If Obama, no black candidate has ever been taken serious by the media or the political establishment and by extension the populace.

This is why I feel the McCain campaign has tanked hard from it's heyday surrounding the RNC debut of Gov. Palin. As America has become acquainted with the campaign perhaps they've reached the conclusion that there are no solutions coming out of it. There are no ideas. Perhaps this is why two days before the election the McCain campaign is persisting on maligning the character of Barack Obama instead of convincing the American people about how it's vision of America is better than THAT ONE'S.

Javier said...

won. Not "one." Sorry for the typos.

momo said...

Welcome to the fold!

Blabbeando said...

Is the Broad Street run being live-streamed or live-blogged anywhere or by anyone? I mean, for those of us who might not be able to make it to Philly.

Anonymous said...

My long suffering wife has been manning the local Obama phone bank for the last few weeks putting in long days. Yesterday it was almost 12 hours. These people who show up at your door (canvassers) are volunteers. Many have come from out of state because they really believe in Obama and really want to see him win.

In spite of the annoyance of non-stop phone calls and canvassers showing up on your doorstep, the campaign wants to get as many votes as possible, even if if means annoying some folks. So, remember, these folks are not getting paid for this, they are all volunteers and want to see Obama win as much and more so that we do.

The reason the campaign needs to get every possible vote is to overcome the republicans cheating and voter suppression efforts. If the election is close, as it was in 2000 and 2004, the republicans will steal it. So every vote really does count.

Anonymous said...

"Even if there was a chance that I might forget to head to the voting booth tomorrow"

not tomorrow--tomorrow is Monday. all voting for everyone in PA is on TUESDAY!!! the 5th, Tuesday. please fix! you know this! typo strikes again!

: )

anyway, don't worry 'bout forgetting, 'cause about six of us are probly gonna phone you between now and 8pm Tuesday night.

i know it can be annoying, but this is how you get Democrats to the polls...we have to do it this way because the dis-enfranchisers are going to pull out all the stops on this one, and we have to get each other past them and into the booth!

and we're going to get there, too.

Anonymous said...

this article is one of the worst you have ever written. i highly doubt you were watching the eagles game. for all those devout followers field thinks mr mcnabb is a sell out. how could you root for his team. no one will EVER come over to watch a game with you since you would charge a cover. you would never provide refreshments. as for bashing these volunteers u should be ashamed of yourself. i wonder if you have given or recieved support from an elected official who believes in a strong ground organization. second as a black citizen every effort should be made to make sure u vote. lets not forget all those who were denied thier rights to vote. how dare you criticize a volunteer who wants you to share in the american dream by voting. its okay field everyone knows you must truly be voting for mccain. i will leave with three words for you YES WE CAN!

Anonymous said...

The 4TH!! Vote on Tuesday the 4th! The 5th is Guy Fawkes Night.

~sharon, librarian, where we don't have early voting, either

Woozie said...

You were only mad cause you're gonna have your balls-and-chain dangling for the world--and Miss Jacmel--to see soon enough. I hear it's gonna be a mighty cold evening.

TrueBlue said...

Oh for God's sakes, Anon 5:52, lighten up. Tell me, do you get tired walking through life with all four cheeks sucked in like that?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Obamaholics Anonymous. Hi, I am field negro, and i am an Obamaholic.

Jody said...

Ok Field, about that run...... here is the latest weather forecast for Philly:
Mostly cloudy. Patchy fog in the morning. A chance of rain in the afternoon. Highs in the lower 60s. East winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40 percent.
Tuesday Night
Rain likely. Lows in the lower 50s. Northeast winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent.
rain Wednesday
Rain likely. Breezy with highs in the upper 50s. Chance of rain 60 percent.
Wednesday Night
Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of rain. Lows around 50.

So..... WHERE and WHEN?????? My PDA has both photo and video capability.

Susan Gray said...

Field....I know you know, and most of your readers know that the election for the POTUS is TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4th, ....but I read on the web today that information is going out to some sections of the nation saying that because the election is expected to bring out so many voters, the Republicans will be voting on Tuesday, and the Democratics will be voting on Wednesday. The article added that many of the targets were young people of color who may not have voted before.
So, yes please get the date right!
Tuesday, November 4th.
p.s. what time should folks show up for the run? lol

Anonymous said...

Remember the three "meth heads" who were plotting to kill the O man at the convention? The US attorney in Colorado is not prosecuting them.

I understand that prosecutors have a certain degree of discretion when deciding what cases to pursue, but how can this case possibly be "optional"??

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the Eagles and even more glad the Seahawks lost. Suck on that Melissa Hassleback.

Anonymous said...

Oops. I meant to say the Eagles WON.

Sharon from WI said...

I voted early. But remember people, for those of you who haven't done so, please vote on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure Mrs. Field didn't finally slip some O-Aid in your OJ this morning?

P.S. Congrats to your Phillies; well deserved win.

Anonymous said...

Cali is a lock for the O-man, so we don't have the Obama supporters knocking on our doors. We have been busy as hell out here trying to give that bigoted piece of crap prop 8 the boot out here.

As strange as it sounds, I am very pleased that the Obama people are so in your faces out there in PA. I know that Rove has been working really hard to steal your state for McCain, so it's good that the Obama supporters are hitting the streets early, and often.

Keep your eyes on the state polls. If you do that, you see that statistically speaking, there's virtually no chance of an Obama loss in PA, or in most of the other states that he holds right now. The numbers have been remarkably steady and consistent, with really no sign of the "closing" the McCain camp, and whore media keeps claiming.

The PA fix is in, and the press has been consitantly trying to shove the "Pennsylvania is going to flip for mcsame" mantra down everyone's throats, when right now, every state poll has it around the 52 to 43 for Obama range. To put that in perspective, Texas is 52 to 41 McCAIN, and is considered untouchable by the Dems. Even when you factor in the 10 percent error thing you can recognize bullshit when you hear it here.

I did enjoy this little article I found, about how the McCain campaign is virtually out of resources for their vital ground, or "get out the vote" efforts. This is the machinery that essentially delivered Bush's surprise win in 04. The McCain GOTV headquarters in the swing states are often virtually empty, while the Obama offices are hotbeds of frenzy well into the night; reportedly putting even the impressive Bush 04 efforts to shame. happy that the gObots are knocking at your door, they may just keep Rove from stealing the damn thing from you guys out there.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Youtube vids by "The Obama Girl"? She's not even my usual "type", but I had to admit she was *way* hot!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Youtube vids by "The Obama Girl"? She's not even my usual "type", but I had to admit she was *way* hot!

field negro said...

LOL!!! Honest to god I thought it was tomorrow when I was writing this post. The volunteer had that type of effect on the kid :) Still, I will leave this post up tomorrow so whoever reads it will undersatand that they do have to go vote on Tuesday.

And I am in a good mood. The iggles won! So not even anon.
5:47PM, (The regular McCainoholic) or that killjoy,anon.5:55PM, can ruin my flow.

gwpriester, you don't have to explain to me, I know that the volunteers are out doing their thing, and god bless them. I fully understand. Three different people in one day seems a bit much, but I get it. This is, after all, a battle ground state.

"First you have to admit you have a problem . . .
And you have Field.
Welcome to the Obamaholics group. We all hope to be sober November 5th."

Don't welcome me to the fold of Obamaholics just yet. My fickle mind and heart was just caught up in the moment, that's all.

sfd928, that would never happen here. The Ward leaders and volunteers are too close to the action.

phsiorpof...just because I am on a diet, doesn't mean I can't look at the menu. ;)

Anonymous said...


Congratulations, your Eagles won. I asked my brother as I do not watch football either, lol.

So it took a pretty face to make you an Obamaholic. It is true what they say, men are easy, lol.

Anonymous said...

You were very vague, was she even black? and was the one you saw in Haiti black or high colored? You sound like a colorist, I hope I'm wrong.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Don't worry Granny is thinking hard trying to come up with a solution so you won't have make that run in your birthday suit, because, well, Granny don't want you to catch a cold and the field negro blog be shut down while Mrs. Field is trying to nurse you back to health.

LittleMissSolo said...

Field, first I want to say... Welcome my child. We Obamaholics are happy to have you. You were one of our toughest converts. You have resistance like we've never seen! We had to dig deep in your past to find your weakness, but as you know, our campaign has some (very) deep pockets...

Second - How does the "Picture word association" work? Can we get clues or something? I haven't been able to figure out one yet!
**'ve never claimed to be a genius but I do try to associate with them :)**


Anonymous said...


Guess what I just saw...Repub are running a Rev Wright campaign commercial (in the middle of Amazing Race) to stop us from voting for Obama here in Georgia....just ran around 8:48.claiming Obama is too racial...

43% of us African american in Georgia already voted and guess who we voted for...and we aint done yet...

These people will sale their own children to get the good ole boys network back in..

It is almost laughable to see the junk these people would pull..

It aint happening this time...

tvanel said...

Field sak've been to Haiti?

field negro said...

"Are you sure Mrs. Field didn't finally slip some O-Aid in your OJ this morning?"

Nope! Mrs. Field doesn't go near my breakfast.

woozie, did your fore-skins even play this weekend?

404kim, just stay with it, you will get it. The Rush one was kind of hard, you would have to know a little bit about some of the buzz around him to get it. But if you think about the others you will get them.

It's like this: the picture should be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that persons' name.

"Don't worry Granny is thinking hard trying to come up with a solution so you won't have make that run in your birthday suit, because, well, Granny don't want you to catch a cold and the field negro blog be shut down while Mrs. Field is trying to nurse you back to health."

granny, you are so sweet. But unfortunately, these other folks out here in the fields are not as kind and as sweet as you are. I will have to make that run. Trust me, I might keep the date a secret ( I don't trust jody and some of the rest of you) but it will be posted here for all of you to see.

anon. 8:31PM, are you the same anon. from up-thread? I only ask because republicans can be pretty preoccupied with color.

And FYI, the goddess in Haiti was darker than I am. And that's saying something.:) So relax; beauty comes in all different shapes,races,colors, and sizes. Personally, I prefer
my sisters, buy that's just me. To each his or her own.

Anonymous said...


Be advised I was in North (west) Philly today- with 80 other people from Brooklyn, NY canvassing.

Let Palin talk smack about community organizers again... I dare her. Only community organizers would troop as long as I trooped (from 10am to 5:30pm,) drove 2 hours each way, and for no pay. I did it partly for Obama and partly so we can stomp the crap out of the GOP.

Go ahead and talk smack about us community organizers.

Still I rise...

One question though:

What's up with the dudes with the blackened beards. ick.

field negro said...

What's up back at ya tvanel, mad love for my Haitian brothers and sisters.

Yes, I have been. It was a few years ago, and I haven't been back since. But I plan to go back again soon. Does Am. Airlines still run regular flights to Port au Prince?

TrueBlue said...

field, I've only been posting here for a little while but I feel a certain kinship. I picture you as someone who doesn't like the idea of joining any bandwagons, and especially the ones that tell you what you want to hear. Your skepticism is your armor.

Well, same here. But here I am, voting in my ninth presidential election, and feeling like it's my first. I can only imagine what black people are thinking, because if I am this excited about it, well, then we'd all better pray to the Gods of Gravity.

It's a damn good thing that I post under the pseudonym here. Otherwise, people who know me would point and laugh. By Tuesday night, I will be crying tears of joy, and if my guess is right, so will you.

field negro said...

"What's up with the dudes with the blackened beards. ick."

LOL! Welcome to Philly.

Anonymous said...

Hockey Mom for Obama, falling down funny:

Anonymous said...

I was just about to purchase my train ticket to Philly to witness the naked Broad street run...but then I realized that you never mentioned the time. Please let me know as soon as possible.

PS- I absolutely love you. I swear.

Brown Man said...

Field, how you gonna leave a brother hanging?

Fine like Halle?

Booming system like Serena?

Reet petite like Jada?

Or is she Vanessa Bell Calloway fine?

Come on, man - as good as you write, there were absolutely NO details.

Hathor said...

I saw the same commercial here in Philly that Mesha saw. Smacks of desperation.

rikyrah said...

He FINALLY wore you down, FN?


I love it.

Cracks me up.
He's not taking PA for granted. At all.

AAPP said...

I can't wait!t

Black Diaspora said...

Field, you need some more football kicking practice.

You remind me of Charles Schulz's Charlie Brown, who, on every attempt to kick a damn football, has it snatched back, at the last minute, by Lucy, his perennial spoiler friend and frustrater.

Just when we think you're gonna kick that "I am an Obamaholic" football, it's snatched back at the last second with some excuse like this:

"Don't welcome me to the fold of Obamaholics just yet. My fickle mind and heart was just caught up in the moment, that's all."

Good Grief Field, Go ahead and kick that damn football already.

LittleMissSolo said...

I get how it's supposed to work (poor choice of words, sorry) but I haven't been able to get a'one yet! But it's cool - I love games, puzzles, riddles and such.

rikyrah, I don't think he's taken ANY state for granted. That man had I plan! If he's going to run this country even remotely close to how he's run his campaign...

LittleMissSolo said...

Field - didn't the comment section previously have a 'delete' option? I cannot stand when I make a typo for all to see.

black magic woman said...

btw, you know what's ironic about the Bush administration exposing Obama's aunt?

She likely *now* needs asylum because everyone knows who she is related to. She might have been deported years ago without incident, but because she is related to high-profile Obama and the whole world now knows it, her life really is in danger.

Sister-girl will stay in this country over this bullshit.

Gotta love the Bush administration. Working at cross-purposes since 2001.

SouthernGirl2 said...

Field Field Field,

Congrats! So glad that you came aboard! Drink up...

The Kool-Aid is fine!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Lord knows that would be a blessing, and I pray it turns out that way.

Monroe Anderson said...

Field: You let a fine volunteer turn out you? I hope the Mrs. let's you out of the doghouse in time to vote for the O Man.

Chus said...

Full Obama TV Ad! :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

This post was priceless!! haha

Yes we can indeed.

Anonymous said...

These micky-ficks are beyond evil...I just know they worship Satan:

Tomorrow can't get here fast enough. These mofos have made me have to stop and pray at least 30 times a day. I get violently hateful thinking of what I'd like to do to these jackasses.

field negro said...

"Field - didn't the comment section previously have a 'delete' option? I cannot stand when I make a typo for all to see."

404kim, are u kidding me? Don't you know the rules of this blog? There is no such thing as a typo. As long as we understand you, it's cool. The host of the blog makes more typos than everyone else combined, so everyone gets a pass. :)

justice58, and all of you other folks congratulating me, please stop. I feel like a traitor. I am not worthy, because I really don't think that I am an Obamaholic. Deep in my heart there is doubt. I am still thinking Mr. Morton and his crew will steal this election.

Besides, I couldn't jump on your bandwagon now, I deserve to be kicked off.:(

Sorry brown man, I have to leave you hangiing (no pun intended). I won't put an exact description out there. Folks are just too sensitive and critical.

You will just have to trust your boy on this one.:)

La♥audiobooks said...

404kim said: "Field, first I want to say... Welcome my child. We Obamaholics are happy to have you. You were one of our toughest converts"

For some time now he's been secretly sipping that O-laid, but he's been playing it off to save his face. :)

La♥audiobooks said...

Some of you may have seen this already, but I just to make sure everyone here gets it.

Obama helps stranger at airport 20 years ago....

Christopher said...

Folks, if you haven't voted already via absentee or early ballot, please vote tomorrow.

The only thing that can derail Obama's victory in the General Election is complacency on our part.

If you need a ride, call your local Democratic party office and tell them. That is how I'm spending my day tomorrow -- volunteering to chauffeur people to and from our local polling place.

To Field, glad to see you're finally onboard!

Jody said...

Field, Here's a thought... use a sandwhich board for your run.... on the front and back, write your message of why you are doing the run... it will preserve and protect your first amendment rights arguement in the event you are arrested..... and it will, ahem, protect other "parts" as well-;
Oh yea..... you know damn well that if you tell me when and where, I WILL be there.... I gotta document this for all those unable to be here! c'mon Field, TELL!!!!

Karen said...

Hooray! After all, it's all about spreadin' the love anyway...

Bottoms up Big Guy.

Hawa Bond said...

I get how it's supposed to work (poor choice of words, sorry) but I haven't been able to get a'one yet!

I didn't get any of the others, but today I certainly see an a**hole. hehe

An Obama volunteer called the house on Sunday to make sure we were voting. When my fiance heard the purpose of the call, he started whooting like he was at a football game. Needless to say, she was satisfied that we were gonna vote, knew the location, and had a gallon of kool-aid in the fridge.

Hawa, author of
Fackin Truth Blog (Personal Blog)
Cleanse Master Remix (Health Blog)

Anonymous said...

I share FN's wariness.

I went to the Navy/Temple game Saturday in Annapolis and all I saw was McCain/Palin buttons.

I KNOW McCain is an Annapolis grad but even Negroes wearing his buttons?


TrueBlue said...

Here is McCain's secret formula for victory!!

Anonymous said...

Damn nailed it with your HN pick.

Here's an article about a 103 year old Jim Crow survivor who just voted for the first time.

If this guy can get to the polls, then NO ONE has an excuse not to vote.

Born in 1905 in Pembroke, N.C., Smith lived most of his life there and was first eligible to vote in 1928 —- then the voting age was 21.

But for African-Americans like Smith, suffrage was far from universal. Literacy tests and poll taxes were enacted through much of the Jim Crow South to suppress black turnout.

Had Smith attempted to vote in 1928 —- he says he never tried to register —- his choices would have been Herbert Hoover, campaigning as a Republican maverick, and Democrat Al Smith who, like Obama, was a historic nominee.

Smith was the first Catholic to seek the presidency. He lost in a landslide.

Ernest Smith is confident that this year, he’s backing a winner.

“We’ll make it, thank the Lord,” said Smith, bolting up from his rocking chair, clapping. A snapshot of Obama sits on his dresser.

The retired railroad worker plans on being around for the next presidential election, in 2012, to vote for Obama a second time.

“I wish I had done it before,” Smith said. When he was young, he added, “we never thought about voting.”

He turned 60 the year Congress passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Enacted at the height of the civil rights movement, the law mandated equal access to the polls for all eligible voters.

Smith lives with his stepdaughter, Clara Elliott, 58. She kept him informed of the history that was unfolding in the Democratic primaries. When Obama secured the nomination, she encouraged her stepfather to register.

He was reluctant at first.

“We told him he had to go vote,” joked Robert Elliott, 64, Clara’s husband. After Smith cast his ballot in last week’s advance voting in DeKalb County, “he couldn’t stop talking about it.”

“I had tears rolling down my eyes,” Clara Elliott said. “It makes you think about how far we’ve come.”

Picture is here

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you're on the team, Field.
Now, let's see if we can get Jody Dodd, 404Kim, evita, and a few of your female friends to run naked with you. Now that would be GRRREA-T!
PS: the word verification just now was ROFl

Jody said...

hey now agentx.... Im not the one who said I would go runnin buck nekkid down the street.... I will come and support, but going naked is NOT an option... trust me KNOW ONE wants to see that!

Anonymous said...

Just in case you needed any more inspiration to get out and VOTE:

109 year old Daughter of Slave Votes for Obama

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Field (& Mrs. Field for letting him spend so much time on his website). I found you this election cycle and just wanted to say that reading you is always stimulating and fun. I wish I could be there to see your naked run...and you will run. Please post a drawing, if not a video.
I'm going to keep following your insights into the world. A terrorist fist jab to you on the Phillies win. I married a Philadelphia sports fan (living a few years in Wilmington, DE as a kid scarred him for life). He didn't rub it in too much in this Dodgers house, just enough. I have hope that even this very red part of Los Angeles County will turn blue this year and David Dreier will be finally be voted out. On Halloween the trick-or-treaters gave me lots of shout outs over the Obama sign in my window. Yes we can!

Jibreel Riley said...

Hey Field and friends, its been a while but however its been real whatever happens in the next 48 hours.

JK Riley

vanishing point said...

Ha ha, you finally admitted you are an Obamaholic. yaaay.

Anonymous said...

Date McCain Obama Not Sure Spread
11/2 44.6% 46.7% 8.7% Obama +2.1

that's it your just making it harder on yourself.....

whenever i have to take bad medicine i just take it fast and get it over with ;=)

Anonymous said...

Get Ready Black Folks

ANOTHER one of the right goes into meltdown at the prospect of a black leader!

Gunman in Army Fatigues Shuts Down Freeway


November 3, 2008

SANTA BARBARA -- A portion of Highway 101 is closed in both directions in downtown Santa Barbara after a masked gunman was spotted on a freeway overpass.

Witnesses say the gunman, wearing brown fatigues and a black ski mask, was spotted waving a gun around on the La Cumbre overpass around 7:10 a.m. Monday.

Sergeant Lorenzo Duarte with the Santa Barbara Police Department says the man is armed with a revolver and is also waving an American flag. Some witnesses say the man is shouting anti-Obama slogans.

Dozens of police officers, including members of the Santa Barbara SWAT team, have surrounded the area and are attempting to begin negotiations with the gunman. Police officers are using a bullhorn in an attempt to make contact with the man, but no one knows who he is or what he wants. Officials have also sent a robot into the area, hoping to get the man a cell phone so he can communicate with officers.

The freeway was shut down in both directions at La Cumbre as a precaution and traffic is being diverted through downtown Santa Barbara. The California Highway Patrol reports the freeway closure has caused a massive traffic backup throughout the area. The roadway will remain closed until further notice, according to the CHP.

A man, claiming to be a friend of the gunman, says he is an Iraqi War veteran.

No shots have been fired.

Eazy Clinton said...


check out this blog! interesting take on what to do if the O man doesnt win!

Anonymous said...

Well, the Birds won and so will Obama.

Anonymous said...

Just heard on NPR that Obama's grandmother has died. God rest her soul.

gsutiger2 said...

Ummm . . . I'm getting worried (about the polls) :-(.

2000 & 2004 are haunting me badly.

I need some reassurance here - badly!

Anonymous said...


In 2000, Democrat Al Gore narrowly won the popular vote by 537,179 votes. But George W. Bush won the state-by-state electoral balloting that determines the presidency, 271 to 266. The outcome wasn't clear until a 36-day recount awarded Florida, then worth 25 electoral votes, to Bush by just a 537-vote margin.

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON – It's a nightmare scenario for Democrats — their nominee Barack Obama winning the popular vote while Republican John McCain ekes out an Electoral College victory. Sure, McCain trails in every recent national poll. Sure, surveys show that Obama leads in the race to reach the requisite 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.

Sure, chances of Republicans retaining the White House are remote.

But some last-minute state polls show the GOP nominee closing the gap in key states — Republican turf of Virginia, Florida and Ohio among them, and Democratic-leaning Pennsylvania, too.

Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's grandmother died of cancer, he said in a statement on Monday, a little more than a week after he interrupted the White House campaign to say goodbye to her in Hawaii.

Not a good sign......

Anonymous said...

Obama grandmother just passes. hahahahaha. hehehhe. hohohoh. That nigger-lover got served right! She got arse kicked before tomorrow. The same shit gonna happen to Obama--so close, and yet, so far. That nigger is not gonna make it.

Fucking stinking niggers and their slimy watermelons and fried chicken fat arses. Burn in hell! white america belongs to us! US! US! It is our world! Bitches, mine! mine! mine! You inferior negroes are not gonna take it from me! FUCK! FUCK! damn you NNNNIIIIIIGGGGGEEEEERRRRRRSSSSS!!!! damn every last one of you!

I hate you people. White power lives.

Anonymous said...

hey, white power don't have to be an ass....your making all whites look like sh&#

Anonymous said...

Terence Tolbert, the Nevada campaign director for Barack Obama's presidential campaign and a former top aide to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has died. He was 44.

shit man their dropping like flys

Anonymous said...

Live sucks. Black are taking over. i even lost my girlfriend to a big blacj guy. I bought her an engagement ring...she was the love of my life...all the time, having an affair and fantasizing about his big black guy.

They are taking over everything!

We are becoming extinct.

Anonymous said...

maybe because your an ass?

just because she dumped you for someone black doesn't mean you get to take it out on every body?

Anonymous said...

Rest In Peace to Obama's grandmother. Strength and support to the Obama family.

TrueBlue said...

Rest in Peace, Madelyn Dunham. You raised him right.

SouthernGirl2 said...

I am extremely sadden to hear of Mrs Dunham's death. My thoughts and prayers to the family. May God comfort them during this sad, sad time.

I love you Barack Obama!

field negro said...

"Fucking stinking niggers and their slimy watermelons and fried chicken fat arses. Burn in hell! white america belongs to us! US! US! It is our world! Bitches, mine! mine! mine! You inferior negroes are not gonna take it from me! FUCK! FUCK! damn you NNNNIIIIIIGGGGGEEEEERRRRRRSSSSS!!!! damn every last one of you!

I hate you people. White power lives."

Sarah, how many times do I have to
tell you to stop commenting here? Don't you have a campaign to run?

"Live sucks. Black are taking over. i even lost my girlfriend to a big blacj guy. I bought her an engagement ring...she was the love of my life...all the time, having an affair and fantasizing about his big black guy."

Let me guess; the black guy had at least a tenth grade education.:)

Jody said...

Wow, I think White Power is gonna just explode, imagine it yall... he wakes up to hear that Barack Obama is his president, our president, the president of the United States of America... and poof, he just goes up in smoke. I really like that image. I think I will imagine it tomorrow... all the white powers across the country imploding and dissappearing in little poofs of smoke..... just puts a smile on my face....

Anonymous said...

gsutiger2 is still nervous...I am too, I will feel better when it is not just a hope but a reality. I cannot seem to shake the hanging chads and the Supreme Court Decision in 2004.

I would like to think that a different president and a different administration would have made the past four years different. I want the change.

TrueBlue said...

Black are taking over. i even lost my girlfriend to a big blacj guy. I bought her an engagement ring...she was the love of my life...all the time, having an affair and fantasizing about his big black guy.

Hey guy, It Ain't The Meat, It's The Motion

Anonymous said...

That was so funny............white power...ha ha ha....did you lose you 401K and your lady in the same day....

Dont forget Obama grandmother was a white woman..One of your kind....

Forget white power, how about green power and Obama sure has that is the pocket including this election....

Hey guy, It Ain't The Meat, It's The Motion

I luv that motion....

Think Mps said...

Field, you never fooled me a second. Of course you're an obamaholic! :-)

Black Diaspora said...

"I hate you people. White power lives."

I guess every black blog needs a little comedy relief.


Christopher said...

i even lost my girlfriend to a big blacj guy. I bought her an engagement ring...she was the love of my life...all the time, having an affair and fantasizing about his big black guy.

White Power, please. Don't blame the "big, black man" because you were unable to satisfy your woman and she ditched your ass because she was tired of having to ask you, "Is it in yet," when you fucked her.

That's your problem.

Anonymous said...

Does Am. Airlines still run regular flights to Port au Prince?

Yes, they from NY, BOS connecting in MIA.

Some early word from the ground in Philly. My bro is an election observer, he says the Obama ground game is in full effect. Thousands of lawyers throughout PA, plus polls watchers, runners, drives, line mgrs ecouraging folks to stay in line with snacks, umbrellas and other stuff. Two McCain lawyers stopped by his assigned precinct they were roving several locations, not stationary like my brother, they admitted that Obama's ground game is the best they've seen, ever.

tvanel said...

woops forgot to login.9:44am anon is me.

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