Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is Jack becoming an Obamaholic?

I just caught the new "24" movie, Redemption (I had to do something to get my mind off of that dreadful performance by me Eagles today), and I thought it was interesting on quite a few levels.

First, this is not your Daddy's Jack Bauer. No, this Jack actually has a heart. He cares for little African children in a war torn country, and he does his usual ass kicking and sucks up a little torture to save their lives.

I suspect that my right wing friends who loved Jack to no ends when he was kicking terrorists ass and asking questions later, will not love this Jack too much. Oh well, too bad. Even Hollywood has noticed that we have moved into the age of Obama. A-merry-ca is tired of the ass kicking Cowboy from Texas, and his shoot from the hip, go with his gut, style. A-merry-ca wants the thinker now. They want the man with a heart, and the man who can solve the problems that the Texan got us into. This new Jack has been made for the age of Obama. I guess he won't be the right wing's biggest fictional hero anymore.

I must admit though, that after two hours of this new Jack, I was ready for more. I loved how the fictitious President, Noah Daniels, kept it real with the incoming President, and broke it down for her. That part I could believe. What I couldn't believe was that a republican president (albeit a female one) cared about a civil war in some god forsaken African country where A-merry-ca has no financial interest. Still, I couldn't help but wonder if the frat boy broke it down for the O ness like that when they met face to face. I wonder just how much those two former Ivy leaguers bonded with each other, and how much the frat boy really revealed? And I am thinking that if he did share some things with his O ness, the O man would probably be wise to do the opposite. Just a thought.

So the "24" series starts on January 11th, and based on the movie and the prequel, I think I might follow it a little bit. I didn't like the old Jack who seemed to be nothing more than a neo con with a nine. But this Jack; the man who runs around the bushes of Africa saving little African children, I like.

See what an Obama presidency can do? It can even make you a Jack Bauer fan.


Anonymous said...

What I couldn't believe was that a republican president (albeit a female one) cared about a civil war in some god forsaken African country where A-merry-ca has no financial interest.

That's why they call it fiction, Field! :)

Sorry about your Eagles, but the Raiders put a whoopin' on the Donks in their own crib and now they're two games out of the AFC West lead with games against KC and San-Dee Egg-O coming up.

Go Raiders!

Bob said...

They'll never save "The Unit," maybe the most Bush era show of all.

Nelson said...

Interesting take, Field. But I think the right wingnuts will see it this way: innocent children must be saved from their own 'savage' race by brave white American hero (and that other white guy Carl). Plus, they made the UN guy look both morally weak and hamstrung by bureaucracy, and you know the wingnuts hate the UN...


Hey FN!

I used to think Keifer was fine....what was I thinking??!

As for the tired white-man-saves-black-people Hollywood formula...well....{yawn}

Maybe I'll see it just to remember the days of my crush on Keifer though!! {grins}


Hathor said...

What's Walter Williams claim to fame, today?

field negro said...

Damn I forgout about "The Unit". (Mrs. Fieled actually likes that show). Yep that's a neocon leftover.

Nelson, you might be right, this just might play into that formula as well. Let's save the children from the dark savage

r.j., congrats on your Raiders. I actually picked Denver to win that game.

"What's Walter Williams claim to fame, today?"

Nothing in particular Hathor. I just caught one of his old writings from explaining why black folks need to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps....blah blah blah, and I thought of his lightweight behind.

La♥audiobooks said...

Yay, I just love a white savior!
Um, are you sure they had the O-man in mind? Is it the age of Obama (the male negro), or the age of the white female president?

Ok, let me stop talking about what I don't know. I need to watch the movie :)

Anonymous said...

Bush probably rambled nothing but garbage to Obama. While Obama sits there thinking "OMG"

Anonymous said...

How quick we forget when our man Obama got elected, the man stated he would stomp Al-queda into the ground and invade Pakistan to go after Bin Laden, sounds like GW tactics to me, shoot first and ask questions later.

He is going to close down Gitmo and release 250 some terrorist whom no one wants, I say release them into the neighborhoods of Philly a place they will fit right into.
Instead of torturing the terriost he is going to give them a bubble bath to get the intelligence he needs to fight the war on terror.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, there are men who have been held at Guantanamo for 7 years. There are children who have reached adulthood while at Guantanamo. How useful do you think that any information they *might* have could possibly be to us now?

earlgrey said...

I saw that on the tube, but had a episode on DVR or Wives of Atlanta I had to catch up on. The problem with network is that they don't rerun that stuff endlessly like the small cable channels so I can never see it later...maybe they have it online. You have me interested Field.

Anonymous said...

field, what's up with your coach? what was he thinking benching McNabb? it's not like he's a rookie or a new quarterback, why would he take him out the game when the score was 10-7? I'm sorry, I thought only my team was run so terribly.

Tiki said...

My husband has watched "24" from the beginning and has gotten me interested in it as well. We were watching it at my Mom's house and even she got into the show, which is funny since she only watches things "LifeTime".

BTW - Did anyone see the "Bret's", I mean the Jets play?

SoulOnIce said...

Brotha Field,

I wanted to share this with you, about a brotha named Myron Rolle, a student-athlete, at Florida State University. I'm sure you heard about this; hopefully, more stories like this will come to the forefront. It's well-deserved:

Anonymous said...

"Even Hollywood has noticed that we have moved into the age of Obama."

And finished the movie with three weeks after the election? Must have been a quicky :)

Anonymous said...

withIN dammit, withIN

Anonymous said...

Don't complain, remember, someone always has it worse than you do. I'm a Raider fan.

field negro said...

"Don't complain, remember, someone always has it worse than you do. I'm a Raider fan."

Sansan,the Raiders won yesterday. Nuff said!

bean twn chica, that man has to go! And I am not tralking about

anon.12:14PM, don't get it twisted; Hollywood has seen the dawning of the age of Obama coming for awhile now.

SoulonIce, I loved that story about
Rolle. In fact, I thought about blogging about it. He will be my FNOTD next. We need more young men like that.

Jody said...

First, on my beloved, suffering iggles.... a friggin trainwreck! Reid (coach) has gotta go. For those of you that get the game on Thanksgiving... be prepared to see Philly Fans go all, well, PHILLY on Andy Reid's ass... on national television no less.

As to this thread... well kinda. Just got finished watching Obama's press conference where he introduced his economic team and spoke about what must be done. The thing I found rather amazing was, is, that he is already taking over as President. Not technically, but in reality. The media stops and gives him their undivided attention. What he says and does is on front pages of all newspapers. International Representatives are calling HIM, not Bush..... I may be wrong, but this is unprecendented.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Field Negro,

The Raiders won for only the third time this season.

I'll give you Al Davis. We do have the best colors and logo.

field negro said...

Three wins five wins what's the difference? Both our players will be on the gold course come January.

And yes, you guys have the best unis in football.

Anonymous said...

I agree with some of the posters here who said that they've tired of the "white man saves blacks" theme.

I definitely LOVE the new *interest* in blackness and multiculturalism, but I hope it doesn't take us to a throwback of the "white savior" themes from yesteryear.

With that said, I do love me some 24!!

Anonymous said...

Things can only get better for both teams. Actually, I like the Eagles. At least the Eagles are disciplined and don't make too many penalties.

PS. We forget about the Detroit Lions. Sorry, Lion Fans things will get better, too.

Anonymous said...

Fuck cecil rhodes and his rhodes scholarship cmon field (house) every week you biggin up some (dead)craka cop or some dead craka who tryed to name a country in Africa after himself boy these crakas got a lot of nerve imagine some african gonna colonize a country in europe and change the name to nkrumahisia and the crakas is goin to be celebrating when one of them get a scholarship some 70 years later gimmie a cotton pickin break sir if you havn't done so already i suggest that you pick up Dr.Carter G Woodsons' "The Miseducation of the Negro" and if you already done so because it is a good time to refresh your memory
ENY Brooklyn RBG init

Anonymous said...

like the sayin goes room full of scholars betya theres a fool in it

field negro said...

anon. 8:30PM, you can't be serious!

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Was he really a NeoCon fave? Wow, I've always liked 24. I was getting tired of all the Middle Eastern terrorists though. There were PLENTY of white bad guys working for the gov't as well so if that was a reflection of a NeoCon gov't then it was very telling! Season 5 or Day 5 if you will was by far the BEST season. I also like the Unit. They are actually honorable men unlike most of the people actually involved in these scenarios. I look at this the same way I view Law & Order. They try to show things in the best light possible - no cops shooting innocent people in the back, no taking bribes, no conspiracy. It's all FANTASY LAND. I do think it'll be good for people to think about what's going on in African nations and how we're complicit.

TrueBlue said...

I have mixed feelings, to put it mildly, about infusing a whole lot of meaning in this or that fictional account. I know that stories have power, at least occasionally, but there is something strange about focusing on a fantasy while the country is falling apart,

GoldenAh said...

Could I ever forgive 24 for killing off Haysbert? Oh, I mean President Palmer and Curtis too.

I'll give them credit - at least they thought of a tall, baritone, thoughtful, smart, and calm black man for President long before it really happened. His wife was a joyful bad-ass too.

As for The Unit, there's only one reason I watch: Dennis Haysbert.

I don't expect any TV show or movie to be realistic.

Anonymous said...

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