Thursday, November 20, 2008

In defense of "FIVE".

Guy talk alert!

I rarely talk about sports on this blog, because I usually like to limit my rants to social issues and politics. Not that I don't get passionate about sports. It's just that unlike politics and world affairs, it's not exactly life or death we are talking about. Unless, of course, you happen to live in Philly.

Lately in our fair city and damn near everywhere else sports is talked about in A-merry-ca, the topic of the discussion has been the quarterback of our football team. (Or as we affectionately call him: "Five".) Now it seems that "Five" has gone and put his foot in his mouth He declared, after a pathetic tie with the Cincinnati BUNG-LES, that he did not think that there could be a tie in the NFL. A not too bright statement to be sure, but not the end of the free world as we know it. Honestly, "Five" not knowing whether or not there were ties in the NFL wasn't going to affect the outcome of the game. Not with our genius of a coach calling the plays. (HEY ANDY, HERE IS A NEWSFLASH FOR YA: IF YOU CAN'T CONVERT A 4TH AND 1 TO BEAT THE STINKING BUN-GLES, YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE COACHING IN THIS LEAGUE). Whew. See why I don't like to talk sports?) The truth of the matter is that the Eagles just aren't that good this year. But this post isn't even about what kind of team the Eagles are at this point in the season. No, it's about the backlash and the heat that "Five" has been taking in this city and elsewhere because of his misstatement. (Tiki Barber needs to shut the fuck up, because the last time I checked, the G Men didn't win a ring until his black ass left) John Smallwood, one of the biggest sports writers here, called it "one of the most embarrassing gaffes in recent sports history" Huh? Mr. Smallwood, just what the hell have you been smoking? How is it a sports gaffe when it didn't affect the outcome of the stinking game? For gaffes see Chris Weber's time out when they had none left which cost Michigan an NCAA championship game to North Carolina. See Brett Favre's interception in last year's NFC Championship game to end it. See Bill Buckner's infamous error in 1986 which cost Red Sox Nation a World Series. Those are sports gaffes Mr. Smallwood, not knowing how the overtime rule works in the NFL.

The devil must be wearing ear muffs and gloves today, because I actualy agree with Jason Whitlock's take on this story. Donovan has been a class act on and off the field, and is the best quarterback this city has ever had (and I loved me some Randall), so why kill the guy for this foot in mouth moment? Is he a little soft and somewhat of a mama's boy? Yes. Does he choke at times in the clutch? Yes. Do I wish he would use his legs and create match up problems for defenses like he used to? Yes. But having said all of that, he is still a pretty damn good quarterback, and this city, in spite of the buffoons on sports talk radio (more on them in a minute) should be glad to have him. The truth is, that "Five" has a better winning percentage, more playoff wins, and more playoff appearances than both Peyton Manning and Carson Palmer, all while playing with the dregs that the Eagles provided him with (except for the one glorious year when we had T.O.)throughout the years.

Now these idiots on sports talk here in our city are all over the guy. Forget the fact that he is not the only player in the NFL who has this little rule problem. Yeah yeah yeah, I know he is the quarterback, and he should know better. But I bet McNabb has forgotten more football than these dopes ever knew. All these clowns do is get up every morning and talk shit about our athletes 24/7, while their fat asses sit behind a microphone and pretend to be Joe Sixpacks, before they cash their own big fat checks. I swear they get on my fucking nerves. They remind me of the kid back in college and high school who couldn't get on the field, and who would always have some negative shit to say after a bad loss. Like they could do any better. What a hustle. Only in A-merry-ca.

But field the guy makes millions of dollars shouldn't he at least know the rules of a game that he is paid handsomely to play? Well, I am a lawyer, and until a few years ago if you had said "nunc pro tunc" to me I would have thought you were talking about a city in China. That is, until I had to file a motion with that very title. This is when I had to learn about it really fast.

I bet half of these so called "journalist" can't even pronounce words like aplomb or vestige, yet they rip a guy for not knowing the rules of a game he plays. I really need a break from these phonies.

Now don't get it twisted, I will be all over "Five" the next time he throws an interception, or chokes during the two minute drill. But I am not going to sit here and act like it's the end of the world because he doesn't know the fucking overtime rule in the NFL. Sorry, it's just not that deep.

"TD or no TD-that is the question: Whether tis nobler in my mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outraged Philadelphians Or to take leave from this sea of trouble..."

Ha ha ha, everybody got jokes. I tell you what won't be funny; having to go 1-15 with the next quarterback who comes in here to guide Andy's sinking ship.


Anonymous said...

ah-plome (the b is silent)


Who cares if a guy is literate if he cannot complete a pass or can't run out of the pocket for a first down.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Ummm is it because he's Black? Is this a racialized criticism? Love the clinton theatre on your sidebar!! I've been calling them the MacBeths of the political world lately. Someone commented on another blog that perhaps Obama was testing them as well to see if they had changed regarding this SoS vetting. And as we can see they haven't.

boukman70 said...


My brother, if one day you ever decide to become a fan of some real football, just look across the state. My Stillers will greet you with open, Super Bowl-ring-laden arms.

And about the Clintons, I swear, if I hear one more time that Obama's contemplating her for Secretary of State instead of mi hermano, Bill Richardson, I will definitely blow a gasket!

Anonymous said...

Donovan has looked great this year and I'm not an Eagles fan. He doesn't need or deserve the ref treatment.


La♥audiobooks said...

What's an NFL? (Not For La)... ok I'll ease back out now.

field negro said...

faith, I could have but chose not to go there with this post. But.....hey, this IS Philly. We had a statue of a mythical boxer and heavy weight champion from a movie(Rocky), in front of our arena for years. Instead of our real live home grown champ. (Smoking Joe). What do you think?

Ahhh yes boukman70, your Still-ers.
They are a pretty goot team, but question: How does your coach keep up with that hectic schedule of staring in the T.V. show "House" and coaching your team? Talk about separated at birth.:)

gwpriester, thank you for that. I knew one of the wordsmiths here would know how to pronounce that word. Now the sports journalists out here on the other hand; well,they are clueless. Bet on it.

Christopher Chambers said...

The only person who was available to take Reid's place is now coach of the Ravens. As for poor ol Donovan, is he just too damn mellow for his own good? If he was a hotheaded fool, well. But he come on, zero personality means he's no kind of leader, regardless of what Westbrook says on the radio.

Then again, I'm glad the Eagles are imploding...LOL

PS Why are the Obamaholics not saying a damn thing about these warmed over Clinton people in the Cabinet (and in the White House)? There's going to be a lot of heartbreak. Barack needs to not forget the people who sweated blood for "change." Exchanging one group of unimaginative plutocrats for another ain't what we signed up for.

Anonymous said...

"The devil must be wearing ear muffs and gloves today"

I like your style even if you did write about sports tonight.

BTW, Shane Victorino is on Maui and is raising money for a charity with some golf. How about those Phillys!


field negro said...

Mad love for the "flying Hawaiian"

Chris, would it have killed your Skins to beat the Cowgirls?

"Why are the Obamaholics not saying a damn thing about these warmed over Clinton people in the Cabinet (and in the White House)? There's going to be a lot of heartbreak. Barack needs to not forget the people who sweated blood for "change." Exchanging one group of unimaginative plutocrats for another ain't what we signed up for."

Yes, I am thinking the Clintons could be a problem. They just won't go away:)

Anonymous said...

Damn, Field. You are on fire tonight, and rightly so.

So what if "Five" didn't know there were ties? "Grandpa" Al Davis doesn't know there are wins. I'd rather have your football problem.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Maybe Five misspoke?

I agree with you regarding Tiki. He has a nice smile but I was glad when he left the Giants.

I still remember that Chris Webber time out like it was yesterday. I felt so bad for him.

Anonymous said...

Besides he has been focused on winning games, not tying them.

The training and effort that go into a becoming professional athlete are grueling and on going. What's it take 15 seconds? 30 seconds to say to the guy "Ties allowed in non playoff games." He'd have it forever.

Anonymous said...

this is the exact reason why I stopped watching ESPN. the nail in the coffin was the speculation and prejudgment in the death of Shawn Taylor. I do watch the games shown, but I tune into the NFL channel for the highlights. ESPN is a gossip machine, it shows the downside of a 24 hour news channel. I don't care about all that garbage and speculation and their holier than though, high on a perch approach. I just want to know the score, who scored and if someone is not playing why. I don't need their opinions, speculation, or endless fill the time lame ass comments. I remember when football fun,the team jersey or all sports gear for that matter were cheap, when sports wasn't corporate, when we didn't know everything about everybody and I liked it like that. I love donovan, why they are so hard on him I could never figure...

RiPPa said...

C'mon Field, you know we need the sports writers and the sports media as much as we need you to keep doing what you do with your blog.

On some real shit: What Donovan said was dumb, but he's not the first athlete to say something stupid.

Just be glad that he wasn't biggin up the slave masters for bringing us here so we can have all this ice and big rims like Soulja Boy did.

P.S. Tell Andy Reid and them to go get 2 veteran receivers who are not exactly over the hill.

Brown Man said...

If you think this thing over McNabb is bad, you didn't need to be in the ATL last year, cause white folks across the ENTIRE state wanted to roast that negroes nuts.

I heard little old grey haired white ladies at the damn Chik-Fil-A one day talking about "stringing him up".

Talk about some heat!

I the biggest Mike Vick fan in the world, even though he wouldn't read his motherfucking playbook, and was prone to run a little too often - as efficient as Matt Ryan is, he just doesn't have the electricity Vick brought to the field.

Oh well - I guess he might get on in Oakland next year, if his cheap ass owner, as in "nigger, I own your ass until I get my money back" Arthur Blank will ever release him.

All I can say to Arthur is - Vick and his boys smoked it all up, and his smiling ass defense attorney surely has the rest.

The Eagles just play in a tough conference. And your coach is too set in his ways.

At least the fans are entertaining to watch.

field negro said...

Brown Man, you are right about Andy. He cannot coach on the fly. He gets his ass outcoached every stinging Sunday. BTW, your new QB is from this area. "Matty Ice", as they call him. Played his HS ball here in the city.

RiPPa, what the boy said WAS dumb. But enough already! I guess if you don't live here in Philly, you couldn't understand how annoying the shit has become. And yeah, SoulJa boy is one dumb ass Negro.
And we will settle for one good WR.

Bean twn chica, nice rant. I know that I am somewhat of a hypocrite, because as RiPPa said, I really do the same thing, but I am sick of these damn sports talking heads as well.

r.j., I used to be a Raiders fan. :)

Anonymous said...

So here is why I want my QB to know about the overtime rule - or rules that, you know, are going to end the game. Because he (presumably) plays with more a sense of urgency; because he might see something out there that I don't and offer a suggestion on a better play (Manning style?). Things like that.

Because it makes him a better QB in the end. But other than that, I agree with you. It's not the end of the world and certainly not what I'd call a gaffee. But what am I talking about? I've been a Saints fan for years and you see how that always turns out for me (including, I might add, this year).

Anonymous said...

I needed to hear something like this. I've been an Eagles fan since before Five was born and until this past Sunday, I never knew of such a rule. I knew there were ties (somehow), but never knew from whence they came (didn't care then).

All I ever hear is "They won by one point",not understanding that the key word here is "won", or "They won't make the playoffs", etc. Most fail to realize that that there are many teams in NFL football who have never won a division title, much less more than once or twice. There are those who don't even make it to the playoffs, yet, they always seem to put the Eagles down.

I must agree that if Five should leave the building, we may be facing a 1-15 season for a while. Five is ONE in my book. Despite some bad calls, I like Reid, as well.

What I'd like to see is the league holding refs to be accountable. Week before last, we got called for a facemask. After showing the replay several times, it was blatantly clear that there was no facemask. No one, including the announcers acknowledged that it was a bad call. It led to the Giants having good position and scoring, which would not have happened, as we would have denied them a conversion for 1st down. I think just about every call should be reviewable. Refs make soooo many bad calls that go unchallenged.

BTW - leave those idiots on the talkies alone - not good for one's peace of mind. I realize that this is your joint, but, try, if you will, not to mention Jason Whitlock if at all possible. Thanks.

Go Five. Peace.

Anonymous said...

five's problem in a nutshell, he works in a male dominated field any man that does knows exactly where i'm going with f'up and your bro's are going to be all over you...THAT'S JUST THE WAY IT WORKS!!!

so stop whinning and suck it up big

oh, we cowboy fans where just wondering why the skins just laid down like a little b*$#h the other night....oh, it's like the tug-o-war thing where you let go of the rope at the last second.....or maybe it was the announcement PacMan was comiing

Anonymous said...

Brown Man, Its not funny...but the Blank Foundation (parent company of the Falcons) had to let some folks go and cut back on their charitable giving this year....last week's home game had a whooping 54,644 people in the 72,000 seat Dome.......if this keeps up, Arthur Blank will make Matty Ice grow a goatee, start wearing Rocawear and appear in a T.I. video..just watch.

Sorry Field, but when McNabb leaves Philly this year, I will PRAY that the Eagles not make the playofs for at least 20 years.

Anonymous said...

"Everybody chill the f*ck out"? "I got this"?

AWESOME!!!! Peace.

Anonymous said...

I 'm no a real sports fan, but I grew up in Texas, where football is the unofficial state religion. I can't recall ever seeing a tie in a football game. I would have assumed that you just keep playing until one team breaks the tie.

I'm hoping that the Clintons ultimately won't be able to satisfy the rigorous requirements of the Obama vetting process. Everyone will be able to say, "well, we tried," and then the job can go to Bill Richardson.

Several pundits have commented that this doesn't look like "change," because so far many nominations have come from the ranks of the Clinton administration. These pundits think of change in only the most superficial way. I think what they're going to see starting January 21st is a federal government that responds to The People, and makes decisions that will be good for The People, rather than the corporations. The days of "what's good for General Motors is good for the USA" are over. At least, that is my expectation.

Anonymous said...

Andy Peed and McNot both need to go. They had thier moment in the sun but it's been downhill for the past couple of years. Yeah, I agree, to big a deal made of McNot's "misstatement" but come on, How many years has he been in the leauge not even counting HS & College ball? Just sayin'

Phil4Real said...

I know people are tired of this trick, but watch Palin interview as Turkeys jolt while being decapitated. It's a little gross, but it amazes me how cool she is as all the blood splatters around her during the interview. She's one sick b...h! Now I'm all for a deep fried Turkey, but people don't want to see that shyt.

Anonymous said...

GUY TALK ALERT? I'm a girl, and I LOVE football. Besides, this is a diversionary tactic and I'm not buying it!


As much trash as you talked about Obama, did you think we would let you off the hook? When, WHEN, I ask, is the Field Negro running nekkid down Broad Street?

I'll even make an allowance for you to put sneakers on. So... what part of Broad Street -- North or South?

Anonymous said...


Didn't you have McNabe in house for voting for the first time. McNabe does strike as a person who doesn't know very much and apparently missed a practice when they discussed about having ties in football. Field, I am not a sports, but I even knew about the rule and I not getting paid to know. And if were me, I would not have even mention that little fact of not knowing about the tie rule because that is embassassing being that you are one of the best quarterbacks in football.
My grandmother always use to say, there is a time to speak and a time to be silent. McNabe should have chosen the latter. Unfortunately, it feeds into the stereotypes that sports figures are dumb like fashion models

Anonymous said...

BOOOOOO! for guy talk

Christopher said...

I luvs me some guy talk.

But can't weigh in with the NFL. My one sports passion is the MLB. I love baseball, played in high school and college. Never had any designs on a career -- it was just fun and a good work out.

Anonymous said...


Bill Buckner's error did not cost the Red Sox the World Series. People forget now, but the game was already tied at that point...the Bob Stanley/Rich Gedman wild pitch/passed ball was what tied it up and was probably the more damaging event. Not to mention that Buckner's error was in game six so the Mets' victory merely forced a game seven.

A better Sox analogy would have been Grady Little's meltdown in Game Seven of the 2003 ALCS.

Anonymous said...

Hell George Bush didn't know there were black people in Brazil.

Give the brotha a break.

boukman70 said...

What can I say, Field? Tomlin's got "Juice."

Christopher said...

But Tiki.

Please, Tiki is a major douche.

He's become the go to Black, male conservative for FOX Noise.

Any self-respecting Black man would never agree to sit down with those racist scalawags on FOX while they diss President-elect Barack Obama and call him a terrorist.

Christopher Chambers said...

Come on Field. No. Five is a tad too mellow for his own good.Mellow people are always going to run the risk of being considered weak, out of it, even stupid. The glow of winning hides a host of buried sins (look that the Obama universe as we roll toward 1/20) and in the past that's what svaed the Eagles. But now the outer layers have worn away and we see the Eagles as they really are. That's when Donovan needs to rise a breathe fire. But he's ot that kind of player. And he'll be unconscious once old ass Ray Lewis is done with him in "The Wire"-town.

I'm still shocked you are going so easy on O-man for sticking up with all these big shot insiders when it has been big shot insiders from both parties who have sold this county's soul and all of us with it.

Anonymous said...

David Brooks comments on the "superb" choices for the Obama administration, and coins yet another O-ism: O-phoria!

southernsepia said...

First time commenting, I thought that The Field might be a kindred spirit but you really sealed it by having my man Donovan's back.

Look it is hate pure and simple. I was hoping that D would get traded to Chicago this year, Philly fans don't deserve him. They were garbage before Donovan and they seem hell bent on running him off and being garbage again. When he was hurt they assumed he was playing possum (as my grandma used to say ) and faking it. When the T.O. thing broke the faulted D for creating the conflict. When he told the truth about Black QBs being held to a higher standard they jumped all over him.

Further more Andy Reid puts all the pressure on D. When Garcia took the helm he called and mix of run and pass plays to ease the load. D can take it but after a while anybody gets burned out and used up. I hope after giving the best years of his career to a city that shows him no love D Mac can move on and have some success somewhere else.

By the way I am a lady so next time don't assume football is guy talk. I grew up with to older brothers and always watched the games and I have a son that plays.

Anonymous said...

use to be a Raider's fan? I'm so hurt.

Mrs. Chili said...

I loved Donovan when he played for Syracuse (Mr. Chili's alma mater). I have to admit to not following him much lately; I'm pretty wrapped up in all the drama New England has been giving me these last few years...

Ed The Sports Fan said...

Man, my buddy KIT (keep it trill) sent me to this page and I gotta tell you, I appreciate this article from the bottom of my heart. I'm not an Eagles fan, I'm a Mac-5 fan. I'd run thru a brick wall for Donovan. Real Talk. He's been my favorite player in the league since he got there, since Syracuse, since I found out he was raw as hell in both bball and football, and he was a mama's boy. That's just my dude.

Donovan's been a top-5, MVP QB, with NO RECEIVERS. The fact that Desean Jackson is the 2nd best receiver Don's ever had tells how good DJ10 is but how bad the WR's have been in Philly. I dunno if its a racial thing, I'd like to say no, because the patron saint of Philly, Mr. Mike Schmidt, got the royal treatment many times too.

The thing is, if McNabb left, Philly would be sick. I hope he leaves, just not for the Cowboys. FCUK DALLAS...

Articles I've written on "Five"


field negro said...

isonprize, you are killing me.:) The run will be coming. (I won't say whether it's North and South Broad though.

"What can I say, Field? Tomlin's got "Juice."'

Boukman...that's a good one."Juice", I get it.

"Come on Field. No. Five is a tad too mellow for his own good.Mellow people are always going to run the risk of being considered weak,"

Yes Christopher, especially in this town.

"By the way I am a lady so next time don't assume football is guy talk. I grew up with to older brothers and always watched the games and I have a son that plays."

souterhnsepia, you are right, that was sexist of me:( BTW, those were some good comments. You know your sports girl. Color me impressed.

Ed The Sports Fan, thanks for checking in. You are right about Jackson. At 5"9" and a buck fifty you have got to wonder why he is our best (forget second best) receiver.

I will be sure to check out your articles.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time for fatass drug addled windbag Rush Limbaugh to step in and tell Americans that we and the media are in such a hurry to vote for a black guy that 5 is overrated. Hmmm did I mix my Limbaugh metaphors there ? In B-lo we once had Billy Joe Hobert admit to the press : Shit man I didn't even study the danged playbook I was out Saturday nite so no shit I didn't know what I was doin'... or words very close to that. He got released, no big one. It's so much uglier and more unforgivable in talking headland when a black millionaire fucks up though, Juice (another B-lo Bill gone wrong) notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

Andy = Coach Boyardee

Anonymous said...

The first (of many, I'm sure) elementary school to change its name to Barack Obama Elementary:

JP said...

As a former Philly resident, the treatment of 5 has always annoyed me. Here's a guy that plays hurt, has been a star for the Eagles, and is gentlemen to the max. And everyone hates on him. The white fans would rather have a white QB, the black fans hate him cause he's not black enough. It's such horseshit. I hope dude goes home to the Chi next year and the Eagles go 4-12. Now go G-Men.

PS. Lay of Tiki. He's another dude that catches way too much heat for being who he is.

field negro said...

Lawd I hope it doesn't happen, but I know "5" wants to go to his hometown. (Chicago). I don't want him in the NFC.

"Didn't you have McNabe in house for voting for the first time. "

hennasplace, yes I did. He did piss me off with that one. Still, he doesn't deserve the overall treatment that he has been getting. He has kept his nose clean off the field, and other than the voting thing, has been a model citizen.

Hipployta said...

Ahem, I live around as a consequence I hate the Eagles but I agree with you on this. The flack McNabb is getting is a bit ridiculous. It kind of reminds me of the flack TO got for saying if he had a different QB he'd have gotten a SB ring which resulted in his departure from Philly yet when McNabb says the same thing about his WRs/RBs a couple of years later I heard silence.

Hmm, I actually liked TO...I like him way better with the Cowboys though.

The radio jocks talk trash about stuff they can never ticks me off to.

I'm with you TAN!

beautiful kisses

ABOUT said...

not knowing whether or not an nfl game can be tied does have an effect on the score of the game.
if mcnabb thinks that the eagles will receive the ball in the second over time because he assumes there is one since there are no ties, he would most likely protect the ball near the end of the 1st OT(thinking he can't score with so little time left) until the time runs out and not attempt the riskier plays needed to get a touchdown/kick. his morale is obviously a lot lower considering he doesn't know he will tie the game when the time runs out.

field negro said...

R. Lee, I understand your point. But here is the thing I should have clarified: It wouldn't affect an Eagles game, since "5" NEVER audibles, and all of his plays are sent in. So unless the coaches didnt know the rules either, it wouldn't have made any difference. And I can tell you that it definitely did not make a difference in this game, because "5" at least knew that it was sudden death and he was desperatly trying to score. (Although, from his play, I know it didn't look like it)

Jibreel Riley said...

the tie overtime flap... well on one hand I can't front I would hope for #5 would become Buffalo Bills QB till Edwards has showed up and prove (now only if he stops throwing the ball to the other team) however even I knew games end in ties in the NFL

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you Field. The problem is Andy Reid:

(1) Why the fuck didn't the dumbfuck have a little pep talk on the sideline before the overtime and tell his players something like, "Listen motherfuckers! We've got 15 minutes to beat those assholes!! That's it! 15 fucking minutes!!!"

(2) Reid's playcalling in short yardage do-or-die situations is motherfucking ridiculous!!! In those situations, you give the ball to your BEST ATHLETE!! That's FIVE!!! I have stopped counting the number of 4th and 1 or Short and Goal situations in which Reid just had McNabb hand the ball off! WTF!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

As a life-long Eagles and part-time a Mcnabb fan, I don't think it matters that he didn't know about the tie rule. Its BS to harp on it. I thought they did away with the tie when they brought in the 2 point conversion.

Mcnabb is a solid leader and has been the constant on a team that refuses to pay proven performers after contract expiration, but he is very accident prone cannot work the clock for shit in the 4th. Without a world class running back and a crew of agile receivers, he'll won't get a ring.

SoulOnIce said...

Well, it looks like Andy Reid has given into the pressure, and decided to put Kolb out there today. As soon as he got in, Ed Reed picked off a pass, and took it to the house. It's gonna be a loooooong transition for the Philly faithful.

I REALLY HATE THIS, because McNabb is my favorite QB, but if Philly thinks they can do better without him (which is RIDICULOUS), so be it. Trade him, so he can go help another team win, and, hopefully, get to the promised land, and prevail.

Jody said...

Personally, I think Reid is the one that needs to go. Benching McNabb in a 3 point spread game that was crucial was the stupidist thing he has done so far. The problem is not McNabb, its the coach and Philly Fans are gonna let him have it on Thursday!

Ant$ said...

we need t.o. back

Jonzee said...

Um...I call sexism.

Whats up with the "guy talk alert" heading. Like their aren't plenty of woman who love football just as much as the next man--and not as some of you believe because it raises are "fetching price" as one southern fool once told me.

Shee-it, I am clearly a fan when I whole heartedly support those suck-ass Browns. And continue to dream of a Superbowl ring for "Five", no matter how many seasons he has had to carry them birds on his back.

Anonymous said...

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