Sunday, November 02, 2008

November surprise?

Do you know who Zeituni Onyango is? Well, in case you were wondering; republicans are hoping that she will be this year's version of Willi Horton. She is the O man's aunt, and like millions of folks here in the land of the [some are]free, she has a little ICE problem.

So the AP is now reporting that she has been living up in Boston as an undocumented A-merry-can for the past four years, after an immigration Judge denied her asylum status.

"The campaign said Obama has seen Onyango several times over the years, including during a second trip to Kenya with his wife, Michelle. Onyango previously traveled to Chicago on a tourist visa at the Obamas' invitation about nine years ago before visiting friends on the East Coast and returning to Kenya, according to the campaign. Axelrod said Obama did not have a close relationship to Onyango.The campaign will return $265 in contributions that Onyango made to Obama, citing prohibitions against foreign nationals donating to American campaigns."

Poor Aunt Zeituni, looks like the O man is going to have to throw her under the bus as well. Oh well, maybe she can use that $265 to get some nice A-merry-can gifts before she heads back home.

See field, I told you that Obama is a crook, now he is supporting family members who break our laws. No wonder he is for illegal immigration, one of his very own family members is here illegally. Not quite. Sorry republicans, you might have to find another surprise (Lord know s you all have been trying), because this one, like the rest, just won't fly.

Some of our past Presidents have been notorious for having siblings and in laws who run on the wrong side of the law and who are less than model citizens, so the O man wouldn't be the first.

Still, you have to wonder where this latest little leak is coming from. I am guessing somewhere deep in the federal government. (Ahhh those sneaky republicans. Mr. Morton you tried to distance yourself from the frat boy, but he tried to hook you up) But I blame the O man for this little problem, too. He should have done a better job of vetting himself. Leave no stones unturned O man, because you know that the republicans sure as hell wouldn't.

But I gotta give it to the O man, the guy has more luck than a church full of Irishmen. I notice that one of Mr. Morton's main spokespeople said that this was a "family matter", today. So I am guessing that their internal polling must have told them that this issue isn't the winner that they thought it was. And I suspect I know why. Too many Latinos are sympathetic to the plight of undocumented folks in this country. If Mr. Morton and his people start to demagogue this issue, he might have to kiss some of those key Southwestern swing states good bye.

So O man, I hope you are telling the truth about not knowing about your aunt's undocumented status. And if you are covering that shit up, I hope you hid it better than Saddam hid those WMD's. Because right about now, there is a team from FAKE NEWS and republican operatives going over every single form your poor aunt ever signed while she was in this country, and every single piece of paper with her name on it. And O man, you are alright and all, but please don't believe that I am giving you all this advise because I care that much about you. No, I care about myself, and my own peace of mind. You have indoctrinated my wife, and if you were to lose this election to some shady shit, I might as well kiss my marriage good bye, because she will not be a happy camper.

The American people are pretty sensible,” said Obama chief strategist David Axelrod, “and I think they are pretty suspicious of things that are dumped in the marketplace 72 hours before a campaign, so I am not concerned about that.”

I agree with you there Mr. Axelrod; this too will pass. I am just hoping that with three days left to go, this surprise was the last one.


Black Diaspora said...

Has it come to this: that any and every thing is fair in war and politics?

I have lived through several presidential campaigns, and this one will always be remembered for its dog whistle politics, its vitriol, its lies and deceptions, its racist pandering, and guilt by association tactics.

It has almost turned me off to the American political process altogether.

We have all heard the lamentations about the process, so I won't recount them here.

Yet, there's got to be better ways to elect our nation's leaders other than the systematic seek and destroy approach that is currently being used.

The system as it now stands reflects poorly on our nation and its people.

I don't know if Obama has reached out to his Auntie Zeituni, or not.

Were he to use his influence to keep her in the country, we all know the headlines that act would generate.

He's damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't.

-=Topper=- said...

I too hope that it is the last surprise. I have recently come to a conversation with conservatives getting agitated by the media not giving these issues much press, fake news is also hitting on this that the media is putting McCain in a bad light.

I look at that point of view with all kinds of cynicism, the kind I usually hate "oh jees with the outcome of the last decade of republican rule and the worst president in history it is little wonder that the media would take to throwing a republican under a bus". I look at it as circling the wagons, heading the enemy off at the pass, etc, etc.

All that aside black diaspora has a point, he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. But it seems the media, to throw a few bones back, may not pay attention.

bgfa said...

Field, you hit the nail on the head with this one. It's not just the southwestern states, however, it the whole west. Obama will benefit from this "non-story" by increasing his numbers among the millions of people in the west who have undocumented relatives. Now Obama becomes one of "us."

As a friend of mine says, if one os going to engage in mudslinging, it might be smarter to use mud. Throwing roses is a bad strategy.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

black diaspora:

I feel ya! I haven't even turned my television on in the last three days. I got tired of hearing all the mess. That really didn't do too much good because I read the huffingtonpost on a daily basis and a few others that are online. The only difference is I didn't have to hear it. It has left me feeling drained.

I've been through many elections myself, but this one has given me one nasty taste in my mouth. It brought back flashbacks of times past to my memory, and it upset me.
One thing good did come out of this and that was racism in America being exposed to the world. Hopefully, this will bring about a dialogue about racism and healing in our land.

I buy a lot of books, but I will never buy another book from Amazon Books ever again in life. I didn't like how they advertised Obama's mask as a terrorist mask.

Christopher said...

I buy a lot of books, but I will never buy another book from Amazon Books ever again in life. I didn't like how they advertised Obama's mask as a terrorist mask


I feel the same way as you.

Amazon lost my business after the Obama terrorist mask fracas and I won't be returning. That was so low and unforgivable. Never again will I purchase from Amazon.

Anonymous said...

Do all of Obama black relatives live in poverty? Maybe he should spread his wealth around.


Anonymous said...

You would think the rethuglikkans would learn by NOW...guess not. Oh well, on Wed when their imploding seriously kicks in, maybe somebody will figure it out.

Hathor said...

I suppose you support all your relatives. Had you thought they may be too proud to accept his help anyway? He also has other successful siblings. Is that something you can imagine?

I also think that most people have close relatives that they don't have close relationships with. A card or a phone call, once in a blue moon, may be the only contact in decades and no one is offended, either.

field negro said...

szpork, Obabma's father is from Kenya. Kenya is a Third World country. Yep, it's a pretty good bet that most of his relatives from tha side live in poverty. And has it ever occurred to you that they don't care about material wealth?

I have an uncle who lives in the hills of Jamaica, and inspite of a a few relatives who did pretty well for themselves,he refuses to take any sort of financial help. Why? Because he is happy living the way he is.

Granny and Chris, thanks for telling me about Amazon. I will stay away from them as well.

Anonymous said...

uh-oh...someone may need a lawyer Field.

Dept. of Homeland Security is claiming that the Disclosure About Obama's Aunt May Have Violated Privacy Policy

The Department of Homeland Security is investigating whether its privacy policy was violated after a news organization reported that an aunt of Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama is an illegal immigrant from Kenya, officials said yesterday.

Federal privacy law restricts U.S. immigration agencies from disclosing information about citizens and permanent residents, and DHS policy similarly limits disclosures about the status of legal and illegal immigrants. Asylum-seekers are granted greater protection, because of the sensitive nature of their claims and the risks of retaliation.

I'm hoping the next headline will read "Matt Drudge arrested for illegal release of info...hey,a guy can dream can't he?

field negro said...

"I'm hoping the next headline will read "Matt Drudge arrested for illegal release of info...hey,a guy can dream can't he?"

tjwash, I am sharing that dream with you:)

Anonymous said...

I used to be a big customer of Amazon's until I started working in libraries and stopped buying so many books. I hadn't heard about the Obama mask. According to this article

the category of "terrorist costume" was selected by the vendor, not by Amazon, and Amazon did delete the category as soon as they found out about the listing.

By the way, the Obama mask sold for $49.95, while the John McCain page offers paper masks for 99 cents and a rubber one for $12.90 (marked down from $16.99). The Sarah Palin mask was selling for $25.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Very likely it was not the vendor who tagged the O mask. Anyone can add any tag they want to to pretty much any product sold on Amazon. Most likely this was done by some angry (is there any other kind?) McCain-Palin fan.

Anonymous said...

Just like every stunt that McCain has pulled (and Hillary before him) this will backfire.

No intelligent person will fall for this. In fact, they will realize this was a coordinated attempt between McCain and the Bush Administration to gin up a "November Surprise" and will simply reject it. It will just remind them of the type of government they're SICK of and work for Obama even harder.

It's so pathetic as to be hilarious.

NSangoma said...

Bump Obama's aint-tee; these are the foreign Negroes you North American Negroes should be concerned about:

Mergitu, Jabesso, Shegitu, and Obse

They be taking yallz shit, school slots, jobs, ...

pjazzypar said...

McCain's and his posse are pulling out all stops as we turn this last corner before November 4th. This attempt to discredit Obama will hopefully be the last trick pulled. As for Amazon, I am like Buggin Out in "Do The Right Thing" because "I spend much money up in there" but I will be taking my business elsewhere.

Karen said...

Personally I hope she becomes the human face of deportation. It might (not holding my breath...) make a difference to the hard-hearted who'd happily skedaddle the "foreign" off the boat.

good movie:

Karen said...

Here's an idea for your Tuesday night escapade! Very seasonal, too.

Anonymous said...

"And has it ever occurred to you that they don't care about material wealth?"

Point taken.


Anonymous said...

I think issue would have been a problem a couple of months ago, but three days before the election. It's a small issue.

Anonymous said...

"Lone Star" is another excellent film with a storyline about the artificial boundaries of people and countries:

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

The Bush Administration can find an undocumented immigrant twice-removed from Barack Obama's side of the family, but they can't find Osama bin Laden?


I don't care if Obama's half-aunt has been here for ten years; what is pissing me off is that the Bush Administration is abusing it's authority to win a contest, and has nothing to do with "National Security".

Chertoff needs to be fired for violation of the law. They know damned well the Administration leaked this shyt, and if you don't think so, I have a name for you.


Girlfriend's career was RUINED because her husband told the truth about Bush lying this country into war with Iraq, and initiated major payback by OUTING HER AS AN UNDERCOVER CIA AGENT, which is a violation of congressional legislation designed and implemented to protect undercover CIA agents FROM BEING OUTED.

Scooter Libby was convicted, but did no jail time. And whomever leaked this about Obama's aunt will become the next Mark Felt, aka "DEEP THROAT", who won't do any jail time either, unless Obama orders the Justice Department to bring charges.

And that would be my first order of business as PRESIDENT.

TrueBlue said...

sharon in ct, thanks for the info about the "terrorist mask" tag. It helps to know that Amazon wasn't at fault, and that once they found out about it, they took action. I think it's important that people know the truth of any situation.

RiPPa said...

Damn Field, I'm guessing McCain wasn't bullshittin about being able to get Bin Laden. Shit he found Obama's aunt!

But all jokes aside. As a immigrant from Trinidad myself, I have family who are here and have been here before me, and I don't even know if they're legit. I suspect a few of them are not, but all such is life of us immigrants. Hell I just found some relatives on Facebook from Trinidad who I didn't even know they were here. I'm guessing Obama's aunt isn't inot Facebook.

You know're Jamaican. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if I found out that we're cousins. Just like all black people looking alike, you know they say all West Indians are related and are Hatians.

Anonymous said...

Field: Hate to sound like a broken record, ( remember them ? They "skipped" & repeated the same line over & over), BUT the vote has to be gotten out, no excuses, no exceptions !
Pennsylvania is not a lock, and neither is Virginia, and Ohio needs every single "O" vote possible, and I hear from my son in college in Florida that the "Bradley" effect is alive & well in that Redneck state.
Here in Cali and in N.Y., it's a lock, but , in reality, few other places--PLEASE encourage the folks, especially the 18-15 yr. old & African-American voters.

field negro said...

"The Bush Administration can find an undocumented immigrant twice-removed from Barack Obama's side of the family, but they can't find Osama bin Laden?



nsangoma where the hell has your crazy know it all ass been?

sharon, I co-sign with grinder; thanks for the info on Amazon.

rippa,we are all fam. Yawdie, Triny,Af. Americans... you name it. We just got off the boat a little sooner.

TrueBlue said...

Maybe I'm being too optimistic, but I think it might be time to begin working on what the wingnuts will be saying on Wednesday. Here's my first try at it: My Republican Friends, This Is Really A Victory!

Ridwan said...


Here is another pathetic smear attempt by republicans that is not yet featured in the US mainstream media.

According to a TimesOnline (British) report Republicans tried to use an Oxford academic (Dr Peter Millican) to "prove" that Obama's autobiography was ghostwritten by William Ayers.

You can see the article here:


Jody said...

Here is a bit of comfort for everyone... I went the Obama's Voter Protection training yesterday. The number of people in the room, mostly lawyers, was stunning! The room was overflowing and this was one of 6 trainings, plus the training is available on line. They have Official Poll Watchers in every polling place in Philly, which is STUNNING! since there are hundreds of them, from some people's garage to schools and fire stations. We were told that the Obama team has 3 times as many lawyers across the country as there were in 04. Judging by the people in the room, aint NO WAY this election is getting stolen!
And, this morning, a lovely Obama canvasser was at my door asking if I knew where to vote and did I have any questions. Obama's campaign is leaving nothing to chance. They are the most organized and prepared campaign that I have ever witnessed.

So, people, put a smile on your face and go out and enjoy the day.... on Tuesday,GO VOTE and know... we got this!

TrueBlue said...

Let's hope they've got those poll watchers in precincts throughout Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Missouri, and Nevada.

TrueBlue said...

Indiana, too. It's one thing to be optimistic, but it's another thing to be foolishly optimistic.

Anonymous said...

The FAKE News operatives are behind this. No doubt Sean Hannity is one of its ringleaders since he's been after Obama for a year. There should be an expose on Hannity's past associations with neo-Nazis. You won't be dissappointed.

Anonymous said...

Day 21: IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll

The race tightened again Sunday as independents who'd been leaning to Obama shifted to McCain to leave that key group a toss-up. McCain also pulled even in the Midwest, moved back into the lead with men, padded his gains among Protestants and Catholics, and is favored for the first time by high school graduates.

11/2 McCain 44.6% Obama 46.7% \
Not Sure 8.9%

yea, it's in the bag.....first thing wed morn i'm coming here.....LOL

TrueBlue said...

This is worth reading

Christopher said...

Real Clear Politics Poll Averages

National: Obama 50.5, McCain 44.2
Obama Leads +6.3

Battleground States

Colorado: Obama 50.5, McCain 45.0
Obama +5.5

Nevada: Obama 49.3, McCain 43.5
Obama +5.8

Michigan: Obama 52.5, McCain 39.5
Obama +13.0

Ohio: Obama 48.8, McCain 44.6 Obama +4.2

Pennsylvania: Obama 51.2, McCain 44.2
Obama +7.0

Florida: Obama 50.0, McCain 45.8
Obama +4.2

Virginia: Obama 50.5, McCain 45.5
Obama +5.0

Sharon from WI said...

Ridwan: Here is another pathetic smear attempt by republicans that is not yet featured in the US mainstream media.

I submitted this to Obama's I know it's nearly over, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Sharon from WI

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

The Christian Progressive Liberal:

"The Bush Administration can find an undocumented immigrant twice-removed from Barack Obama's side of the family, but they can't find Osama bin Laden?"

I'm so glad you brought that up, because I was thinking the same thing. In fact, that was what I came on to talk about. Not only that, how is that the woman has been staying here for years and now all of a sudden a couple of days before election day, they just so happened to discover she is still here illegally? I agree with you about abusing power, and it made me think back to the deal when someone was digging into Obama's passport back some months ago. Bush is behind it no doubt about that.

FNC Liberal:
"The FAKE News operatives are behind this. No doubt Sean Hannity is one of its ringleaders since he's been after Obama for a year. There should be an expose on Hannity's past associations with neo-Nazis. You won't be dissappointed."

Yup, I have an idea. If some folks would go over to Newshounds and look in their archives for some of those articles with the picture and comments of what Hal said about him and Hannity's relationship, and also, search for a few articles that have snapshots of some of the stuff that Hal has said and transpose them on posters and have a few protestors march outside the Fox News Network, that ought to do the trick. People like visuals and I totally agree with you Sean's needs to be taken down and exposed to the world. However, you would be surprise a lot of people know about him, but Rupert wants to keep him on board as one of his commentators, even gave him a raise, that says a lot about Rupert's train of thought as well.

Unknown said...

This is my take on this nonsense. Notice they did not speak on economic status of his white relatives. I know that his mom was an only child. But what about grandma and grandpa siblings and their children, grand children and great grands? If they can locate a half-aunt from Kenya to an address in Boston, you telling me they can't locate some second cousins and great aunts and uncles. If they can locate them you are telling me that all of them relations are doing quite well. Nah, I doubt it. If his relatives come from same humble Kansas roots as Obama maternal grandparents, it is more than likely they are struggling like many other white Americans in the midwest.

This racist BS is about positioning Obama as a "Phony Black Leader" who "Talk the Talk" but don't "Walk the Walk" because he does not help out his own Black "bruthas" and "sistahs". That may work on Jesse Jackson and et al. But Obama is running for President of All of the United States and those who don't understand racial trope being played with whole Auntie story will not be able to hear the dog whistle.

By the way for those who doing relatively well and think Obama should be responsible for his relatives economic status, I want you to tell me how you were able to bring your more unfortunate relatives up a class or two with your personal wealth.

I got some relatives who been to jail, ex-crackheads. welfare recipients, working poor, and living below the poverty level. I can give them a few bucks every now and them or tell them about job and housing opportunities. (at least the ones who still have some sense). But I'll be good and goddamned if I try to use my middle class resources (homeownership and a good paycheck) to bring them up a class) I don't know how it can be done. Now tell me how Obama is going to do it with ALL of his Kenyan relatives home and abroad who do not live as good as us Americans.

TrueBlue said...

christopher, the fact that RCP has Obama leading says a lot, because that site has been caught biasing its poll data toward the Republicans. But even they know that they can only go so far.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

anonymous 2:15:

Yeah, when you come back, I was thinking that, maybe, you should substitute for Field's naked run down that street. I mean after all I think you should be the one running down that street naked instead of Field. Because at least Field is coming to his senses and realizing what us Obama supporters were saying all the time. YES WE CAN!

TrueBlue said...

Isn't this just awful? Awful! Awful! Just awful, I'll tell you!

Bob said...

Barack's not throwing her under the bus. He did everything he could do, which was nothing, except maybe recommend a good immigration lawyer. I feel sorry for her, but it's amazing she stayed out of sight this long.

Sharon from WI said...

The reason that she went so long without discovery is no one was interested in her until this moment of desperation.

Sharon from WI

Anonymous said...

Isn't this just awful? Awful! Awful! Just awful, I'll tell you!

Awesome! Guy Fawkes Night came early this year.

Malcolm said...

I think the revealing of Obama's Auntie might have been the Repub's Hail Mary. The thing is, it was so weak that it didn't even make the end zone. As was expected, some of the bloggers who support McCain know it's desperation time and have been trying anything to prevent Obama from being elected. Some of them are still posting "quotes" from Obama's books in their attempt to paint him as a racist. As most people know, these so-called quotes are either taken out-of-context or falsified. Everytime I see these quotes on somebody's blog, I've been calling them on it. I refuse to let BS slide.

As for Sean Hannity, Malik Shabazz exposed Hannity's ties to white supremacist Hal Turner on "Hannity and Colmes" earlier this year. Here is the clip.

black magic woman said...

What happened to the assholes who were looking through Obama's passport records illegally back in July?

Did they get new jobs in immigration? Just wondering.

This fucking abuse of power needs to stop.

Bush and friends need to have charges brought against them in 2009.

After confirmations, this needs to be the first Congressional set of actions.

Anonymous said...

Common sense tells you that if Obama was aware of this aunt and the problems she was having getting legal residence in the country, that he would have used his influence to get her accepted.

The fact that she was denied legal residence should put the matter to rest.

But to a republican, anything is an issue as long as it is not a real issue.

The local McCain supporters took down quite a few Obama signs last night along the main road in and out of Placitas, where I live.

I printed up several large signs that read, OBAMA SIGN REMOVED BY REPUBLICANS. There was an Obama logo and on each side YOU CAN STEAL OUR SIGNS BUT YOU WON'T STEAL THIS ELECTION.

F**K these jerks.

Sharon from WI said...

Black Diaspora said....I printed up several large signs that read, OBAMA SIGN REMOVED BY REPUBLICANS. There was an Obama logo and on each side YOU CAN STEAL OUR SIGNS BUT YOU WON'T STEAL THIS ELECTION.

I like that!

Sharon from WI

TrueBlue said...

Oddly enough, Black Diaspora and Sharon from WI, I have some friends (husband 'n wife) who live in a very white, very Republican suburb of Milwaukee who had their Obama sign swiped, so they made one that said "You Can Take Our Signs But You Can't Take Our Votes -- OBAMA"

I get these worried e-mails from him asking what I think, and I'm always the voice of reassurance. I've been calling it at 53%/375 EVs for a few weeks now.

GoldenAh said...

Obama needs to clean house five seconds after he is sworn in! The DOJ and agencies like ICE, Homeland InSecurity need their staffs terminated and disinfected. Too many GOP operatives funking up the government and they need to BE GONE! Some of them require criminal prosecution too!

Anonymous said...

Date McCain Obama Not Sure Spread
11/2 44.6% 46.7% 8.7% Obama +2.1

that's it your just making it harder on yourself.....

whenever i have to take bad medicine i just take it fast and get it over with ;=)