Friday, November 21, 2008

"Grumpy" Friday.

It's cold here on the East Cost y'all, and I just pulled into le negre maison.

Anywho, I am not in a good mood. It's damn near ten o'clock and I spent most of my time in my car today since getting off the plantation.

Tonight I found myself idling behind this car with a bumper sticker that said "my child is a straight A student" at Woodlawn Elementary School or some shit like that, and I couldn't help but think the entire time just how much I hate that kind of crap. (People bragging about their "crumb snatchers" on a freaking bumper sticker)

So tonight, while sitting at my computer, I was thinking about some of the other shit that pisses me off; and I figured I would share. What the hell, I am not in a good mood, so I might as well take you there with me. I have my annual check up tomorrow, so that might have something to do with my anger and my angst.

So here are a few things that are pissing me the fuck off right about now. Of course this list could change tomorrow after a good night's sleep.

1. People who think they are smarter than everyone else. Like the clown who commented below one of my posts over at "Daily Voice." Dude am I really supposed to be impressed with your canned knowledge of world affairs? Here is the thing: I know I am not very smart, and I just like to talk a lot of shit. But my sister is a Fulbright Scholar, and I don't remember ever losing an argument to her.

2. Black people who can't talk but have talk shows piss me off. ( Armstrong and Tavis are you reading this?)

3. Knowing that Michael (Tristan Wilds) from the "Wire" is on the new "90210" pisses me off.

4. Cities with no character piss me off. (Atlanta and Charlotte comes to mind)

5. Driving in Jersey pisses me off.

6. Old ass men who dress like they are sixteen piss me off.

7. And since we are talking about dress; yes, short sleeve dress shirts still piss me the fuck off.

8. Duke Basketball, and Penn State Football piss me off. (I am still trying to figure out why. Maybe it's the fact that they both cheat, yet everyone in the country thinks they run their programs the right way)

9. Closed minded people who base their opinions on groups of people, simply based on their interaction with just a few people in said group, piss me off.

10. And finally, Doctor's appointments piss me, I take that back, they scare me.

Hey that was a short list. Maybe I am not in such a bad mood after all.


Anonymous said...

YOU, field, piss me off!

(how about that?)

Hehehehe. kidding. lova ya.

rainywalker said...

Field I know what you mean. When I go and they ask me what doctor I want? I tell them the one with the smallest fingers.

Bob said...

Cashiers who assume I don't want the 3 cents change. Maybe I don't, but it's not their call. Stores do that with every customer's 3 cents, it adds up.

Seda said...

Shoot. I had a fine day, and I'm feeling tired but happy. (What can I say, life's good on the left coast.) Sorry I can't relate much to your grumpiness, field, but I sure hope you have a fine day tomorrow!

Ellen Kimball said...

LOL, rainywalker! That's funny...

Are any of you watching "Chocolate News"? Now, that is one funny man...David Alan Grier.

Also, I wanted to say that one of the men who CAN talk very well is Jesse Jackson, Jr. I saw him on TV and was amazed at his poise and presence. Perhaps he will get Obama's Senate seat, but he should have a bright future in any occupation. Don't know too much about him.

Peace, love and happiness to you and yours, Field. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving in Philadelphia.


Honkeys and Blow said...

I fucking hate those bumper stickers, too. How about one that says, "Today my kid's an honor student, but tomorrow they might end up hooked on drugs, hooking, living on the street or living in my basement until I die and leave them all my shit"? I fucking hate those bumper stickers.

And I fucking hate Texas Tech football.

and Field... no offense, but I fucking hate when people bitch about going to the doctor when they should be grateful they can afford it. Because I fucking hate that I make too much money to qualify for CHIP coverage for my son, but I still don't make enough money to afford health insurance.

and I fucking hate this paper I'm writing about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict because I have to "be objective" and I don't think I'm capable considering the material.

thought I'd share.

Christopher said...

You know what pisses me off?

Cable TV. More specifically, Time Warner cable.

Why, please tell me why, there are 4 tiers of CNN, MSNBC and FIXED News?

Isn't one tier enough? Who the hell wants to see Wolf Blitzer or Billo in High Definition? It's a damned rip off.

Minnie said...

LOL @ Rainywalker!!!

5. Driving in Jersey pisses me off.

Worst drivers ever.

6. Old ass men who dress like they are sixteen piss me off.

No sixteen year old would dress like this, but for some reason I just had a flashback to a casino in Vegas where I watched a 60-year old man in a fishnet shirt dance with his 25-year old girlfriend to Nelly's "Hot In Herre"

10. And finally, Doctor's appointments piss me, I take that back, they scare me.

Awww, you'll be fine.

I know I hate this cold weather!

NinaG said...

ATL doesn't have character?

One Fly said...

It's just fine to be pissed off once in a while. It amazes me watching people in day to day activities how dumb some are.

Of course if I was so damn smart I wouldn't be where I'm at.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Everyone's gotta vent, Field, you included.

My personal favorite is city councilors who think they can make things happen by talking them into existence regardless of reality. :D

Love ya, buddy. Have a good physical!

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

11 21 08

You'll be a'ight and if not, we will all pray for you. And for those who aren't religious, send you good thoughts;)

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Hey Field Negro!!

You are on to something here... *LOL*

Pet Okay...

1. Gullible people who THINK that these cults are actually Christian denominations simply because their web site states "we're a Christian organization." {shaking my head} How about those organizations who have published their own Bible that NO ONE else in the body of Christ uses except the members of their own sect/group/organization?

2. People who think that Catholicism is a VERSION of Christianity. (Newsflash: There is NO SUCH THING as a "version" of Christianity!!)

3. People who think that Barack Obama is Jesus Christ and the savior of all mankind since November 4, 2008.

4. People who THINK all ministers are obsessed with clergy titles.

5. People who THINK Christianity is a religion. (Newsflash: Christianity is a FAITH; not a religion. Those who have "made" it a religion are seeking a system of rules to worship.)

6. Men who approach and say, "your face looks so familiar..." ummmm...yeah...

7. Chronic lurkers at my blog who do not CONTRIBUTE.

8. Hillary Clinton being nominated for Secretary of State ...INSTEAD of the Dr. Susan Rice (who has MORE international experience than Hillary but happens to be a different complexion....)

9. People who CLAIM that "racism is dead in America" just because a biracial guy was just elected president while running against a senile grandpa wearing Depends on the campaign trail.

10. Mrs. Field doesn't have her own blog!!

TrueBlue said...

Ha! I'm with you on #2 (except that I broaden this out to anyone), #4 (not just Atlanta and Charlotte, but Phoenix, Dallas, Riverside, Des Moines, San Antonio, Tucson, Denver, Minneapolis ... oh, don't get me started), #9, and #10, which kills more men than any other cause.

But I disagree with #7. I think it's a cryin' shame that short-sleeve dress shirts are out of style, a victim of air conditioning. But you skipped #11: Random noise. Oh, that pisses me off. Especially that guy on the tennis court last week ...

The honor student bumper stickers piss me off, but there's a different one that pisses me off a whole lot more. It's a stylized flag with the words, "Power Of Pride." WTF?! Pride is a weakness. It drains power. Where do you even start?

Justin Burton said...

#7 is mostly right. Short-sleeve dress shirts piss me off till someone wears a tie with one. Then short-sleeve dress shirts crack me up.

Anonymous said...

Field, I've been in a grumpy mood all day. My company's stock is in le toilette, and that job I had lined up may not be there anymore.

I hate those "Look, my kid is special!" bumper stickers, too.

San Diego doesn't have character. We have an identity crisis. We have too many people from all parts of the country trying to get along, and when East Coast teams show up at Petco Park and Qualcomm Stadium the stands are half-filled with closet Red Sox, Yankees, Giants, and Bears fans who will never cheer for the Chargers or Padres.

Now I'm getting pissed... LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi Field, I read your link to that other website, the article with you responding top Al Qaeda....those guys...god, THAT is what pisses me off. People who like to take a nice stinking dump on other people's parades because they have nothing better to do! Gosh, any who, don't waste time being pissed off. Be Happy Dude, tomorrow's appointment will be over soon, and life will be fairly pleasant for you once again. You've got Mrs. Field to go home to no matter how crappy the day might go for you either at work or on the internet.

TrueBlue said...

San Diego doesn't have character. We have an identity crisis.

Actually, what you have is an ongoing economic disaster. I was down there a four months ago, at the height of the summer, and you almost could have rolled a bowling ball through the gaslamp quarter at 10 p.m. on a Thursday night without hitting anyone.

So, I started asking my cab drivers, and they said business is the worst it's ever been. The waiter in a fancy hotel's (U.S. Grant) restaurant, which was empty at 8 p.m. on that same Thursday night except for the two of us, told me that occupancy at the hotel is running at 25%. Damn good thing it's owned by an Indian tribe with a lot of casino income.

Most of the home sales in San Diego are from foreclosures. I was talking to a guy who works in a grocery store, and he said their liquor sales have dropped off to nearly nothing. Now, you know it's really bad when people aren't even buying booze, fer chrissakes. I have a legal case down there, and my lawyer says that some law firms have folded.

I see that the state of California's unemployment rate is now at 8.2%, the third highest in the country. I grew up in the Midwest in the 1970s and still occasionally have dreams that center on my difficulties finding a job -- ANY job, even at McDonald's -- one summer. People must be really freaking out in California. I hear that traffic is thinning out on the freeways to the extent that rush hours in L.A. are starting to get noticeably easier.

I really think people are in for a series of shocks in 2009 and 2010. The fan is set on "high," and the baby's been fed a full dinner. You know what comes next ...

TrueBlue said...

p.s.: On the same night that we observed the exceptionally thin population of the gaslamp quarter, we happened to walk past a bail bondsman's office. Which, naturally, was open. I wandered in just for the hell of it and asked, "How's business?"

The answer: "Couldn't be better."

Just wait until the State of California starts releasing its criminals early because they don't have enough money to operate the prisons. Same thing's going to start happening in other states. Hoo boy.

TrueBlue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

SUVs in the city that were purchased for status symbols, and not as workhorses.

A one-hour commute because inter-city transportation in CT sucks except for along the "gold coast." (But I know I should be grateful to have a job right now, even if it is only part-time)

The fact that George W. Bush is still in office for 58 days, 16 hours, and 40 minutes more.

And best wishes for your annual physical. I'm sure you'll be fine.

TigerHawk said...

It is an excellent list. I would add:

11. People in line in front of me who pay for their stuff with a check that they do not even begin to fill out until they have received the after-tax total from the cashier.

12. People who borrow more money than they can pay back, and the people who lend it to them.

field negro said...

Okay rainywalker, that's was a good one. Although my doctor is a female;)

"#7 is mostly right. Short-sleeve dress shirts piss me off untill someone wears a tie with one. Then short-sleeve dress shirts crack me up." LOL!

And you know what Justin? It used to crack me us as well, but now it just pisses me off:(

Wow, you all had some pretty good pet peeves. I agree with all the additions. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM:)

jennifer, you are right about the health care thing, I should count my blessings. And why do you hate Red Raider football? Their QB rock.

black women....I loved your list, I am still working on #10 for you.
And guilty as charged of #7. But if you you go to the link I left with this post, you will see why. Mofos just love to come at the kid, and I am sick of e-fights. I don't like to bring drama to other people's blogs.

Thank you mahndisa and others for wishing me luck at the Doctor today. (I am off in about an hour)

Kellybelle said...

Field, I'm glad you're going to the doctor! While I'm not sure what goes down in a man's check up, I think you willbe fine. Breathe deeply and think of your favorite place when they take your blood pressure. And when they check your prostate, DON't clench up, that only makes it worse. But yay! for you. I love it when Brothers take good care of themselves.

The only thing worse than cities with no character is a city with bad character--Cleveland.

RiPPa said...


Why just stop there and not be mad at the whole state? Aside from the bullshit music they produce, they (the state of Georgia) sure have a way of fuckin over Black men when it comes to the judicial system...Genarlow Wilson and now that other brother on death row, Troy Davis comes to mind.

Sharon from WI said...

NinaG said...

ATL doesn't have character?

Just what I was wondering. And Charlotte as well?

Sharon from WI

s. douglas said...

Supporting Duke should be a Federal Crime.

The bumper stickers that say, "My kid beat up your honor roll student," are every bit as bad.

Nothing like a parent who encourages assault because their child is a moron.

I also hate those "Let's Roll" bumper stickers.

Roll your fat ass over to Iraq.

And what about those people who cover their cars in Jesus?

Is God that easily impressed?

I hate LOUD TALKERS. Oh, and close talkers, too.

Internet Trolls are assholes. I've never understood the behavior.

How long does it take to set up your own blog, fifteen minutes?

Last, but not least, I hate politicians who Wink at me.

What the fuck is that about? Are you a politician or a hooker?

Anonymous said...

My fav of all time "If you don't back off I'll flick a booger on your windshield"

Oh, I hate those leach ass mother fuckers that come out of the grocery after using their walfare card and get in thier $1000 car with $3000 worth of wheels and a $4000 stereo....

oh, and don't pull their fucking pants up.....

the flip is I love those jurisdictions that started taking these pieces of shit to jail :p

Sharon from WI said...

My pet peeves:

1. The driver who tailgates me as if my car is in heat.

2. Girls (not women) who have babies and have no understanding of childhood development. Hey, it's called the terrible twos for a reason. He is not "gettin in yo bizness" while you are talking to your friend-girl on the cell phone. And threatening a crying baby won't make her stop crying. Babies cry. That's their job.

3. Conversely, the self-entitled woman who behaves as if she's the first person in the history of the entire human race to squeeze out a kid.

4. Men who are unfamiliar with the concept of "less is more" when they apply cologne--and it's always some cheap stuff.

5. Women in their 30s who dress like they are in high school.

6. Black folks who speak English so badly you'd think someone just took the shackles off their feet and freed their behinds.

7. The same group of people who think that speaking that way somehow connects them with their African roots when Africans don't talk like that.

8. White women who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. I've never encountered a sister doing this. It's always some white woman who does her business and sails out of the ladies' room; she will likely shake someone's hand before taking him to lunch. And they are always the first to volunteer to bring potluck to a work function.

9. People who will drive around with rap music blaring from their speakers. Please, don't share.

10. People who take forever at the checkout counter, especially when they are chatting it up with the cashier. Hey, I understand. You may be lonely and are reaching out for some human contact, but I have somewhere to be.

Jody said...

Ok... since the lists are being made...

1.People at the airport security metal detectors who leave change in their pockets, or their belts on, or keys in their pockets or whatever obvious thing that they have just watched ten people in front of them remove to go through security, but think magically THEY don't have to, causing the line to back up cuz they have to keep removing shit to get through the metal detector... and they are the same dumb fucks that wait til they get to the detector to remove their shoes, coats, etc....
2. The INSANE logic to the Philadelphia Water Department's payment/customer assistance. They have a friggin WALL of teller windows, but never more than 3 people working at a time. And, 3 security officers just standing there to make sure those of us in line don't get too pissed off at their idiotic practice. THEN, when you get to the teller, you discover they can answer NOTHING, because all they can do is take your payment. Their computers do not show any information about your account. SO, if you have a question, you have to go across the room, wait in ANOTHER long line to talk to someone, and THEN go BACK to the tellers to pay the damn bill!
3. Judges who allow DAs to continue preliminary hearings for the 4th or 5th time, despite the fact that the defendent is in custody ONLY because he has no money to post bail, and he has been there for 8 FRIGGIN MONTHS! and this is before he has been found guilty, only charged. And the reason the DA is continuing the case is because their witnesses never show up or they are too friggin incompetent/lazy to do their jobs and the poor dude charged is the only one who suffers... lost job, maybe home, kids without dad.... FUCKED UP SYTEM!!!!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Perhaps if you took a closer look into yourself you'd be able to know why these people piss you off so.
But it is good that in the end you admit your fear.

Anonymous said...


See if the doctor can detect wind burn from your supposed victory dash. :-)

Not sure about the rest of the country, but drivers in New Mexico (that's the state the weatherman always stands in front of when giving the weather for Texas and Arizona) drive in "wolf packs" on the freeway, going 75-80 MPH with sometimes not even a car length between cars. What, do they have a death wish? Or are they just plain stupid? Or both?

earlgrey said...

My wife and I use driving in Jersey to test the strength of our marriage. If we can get somewhere and still be married after all the yelling we are good to go.

Anonymous said...

I hate being laid off after 8 years of loyal service by a company that had a 38% rise in profits in Q2 this year and then blame it on the economy.

Yeah I just joined the ranks, 17 weeks severence for 8 years of service. Merry fuckin' Christmas. Almost seems criminal.

and you think your pissed off !

Sharon from WI said...

Jack said...

I hate being laid off after 8 years of loyal service by a company that had a 38% rise in profits in Q2 this year and then blame it on the economy.

Man, I am so sorry to hear that. Hope you find something soon.

Sharon from WI

Christopher said...

8. White women who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. I've never encountered a sister doing this.


I used to work for one of the largest brokerage houses in the country.

There were 2 or 3 mid-level managers on our floor who would take a shit and then depart the Mens Room without washing their hands with hot soap and water.

It so freaked me out that I casually, but intentionally spread the news through a series of major league gossips on our floor and within no time, the heads up got back to the miscreants and they real quick got religion on the importance of using soap and water after taking a shit.

They were never seen doing this this again.

Sharon from WI said...

It so freaked me out that I casually, but intentionally spread the news through a series of major league gossips on our floor and within no time, the heads up got back to the miscreants and they real quick got religion on the importance of using soap and water after taking a shit.

They were never seen doing this this again.

Christopher, LOL! I just wonder what's up with that.

Anonymous said...

I hate sleeping in my car.

I hate missing meals.

I hate when people ask have you looked for a job.

I hate staying in a filthy ass shelter.

I hate going to class and acting like nothing is distracting me from my studies.

I hate working my ass off and still ending up homeless.

I hate watching my son apply for colleges, wondering how we are going to pay when I can't even afford the application fee.

I hate that the people that voted for Bush twice are so silent. I would like to thank them for the state of the economy.

I have been all over, the worst drivers are here in Las Vegas. No blinkers, U-turns made from the right lane, pedestrians killed on the sidewalks and at the bus stops. I have never seen an accident happen right in front of me until I moved here, at least ten. Driver cuts in front of you and flips YOU off, common. Drivers will come to a complete stop, on the freeway,causing an accident because the police have someone pulled over.

ok, too much negativity. I am thankful for....

Attorneymom said...

I am pissd that I did not hit the lottery last night so I can payoff all my debts, especially my student loan debt and mortgage. LOL.

Seriously, I hate my student loan debt. It really pisses me off that after practicing law for almost 13 years I still have this debt hanging over my head.

I hate debt!!! It is an emotional cancer. It sucks the joy out of your life.

I hate that I only have one stream of income and have not figure out a way to generate at least 2 additional streams.

Weez said...

Wait a can get a regular doctor's appointment on SATURDAY?

Anonymous said...

it's natural for you to think you never lost an arguement to your sister. she, not you, is the intellignet one.

Anonymous said...

ok i will share...

pisses me off when people on the elevator start jamming the close button as soon as the doors open-do you mind if folks get off the lift first, asshole?

-the same people who were in such a hurry, then when they get off the elevator they casually stroll to their destination-what happened to the fire from a few moments ago?

Someone already mentioned when loud music is blared from cars at all hours. Yes. Especially when the speakers are cheap and it's that blaring, scratchy sound and the bass volume is turned up to "Ghetto Earthquake". LOVE it, esp. at 2 am when I bitch about unfair gentrification but can't wait for the neighborhood to get too $$$ for these ignorant mofos.

Thanks for the room to vent, Field. And Grumpy as HFNOTD is making me LMBAO (my White friend Jeremy's new favorite acronomyn)

Anonymous said...

And oh i meant to mention, bean twn chica... I am so sorry you are going through all that-sounds like you have your determination and drive. I just joined that unemployment statistic myself last week so I sorta like to think of us at soldiers getting through the trenches here. Stay strong.

TrueBlue said...

I have been all over, the worst drivers are here in Las Vegas. No blinkers, U-turns made from the right lane, pedestrians killed on the sidewalks and at the bus stops. I have never seen an accident happen right in front of me until I moved here, at least ten. Driver cuts in front of you and flips YOU off, common. Drivers will come to a complete stop, on the freeway,causing an accident because the police have someone pulled over.

Wait -- they can't be worse than Boston drivers, can they?

17 Things To Know About Driving in Boston

The first thing to know is that, at any given moment, one-third of the drivers are lost and are pissed off about it because they’re in a hurry. The second thing to know is that none of the states in New England, but especially Massachusetts, believe in placing street signs on major arterials that tell the driver what street he’s on. It is literally possible to drive five or more miles along a major street without ever seeing a sign telling you where you are. (See "first thing to know" above.)

The third thing to know is that it’s all about the eye contact. To be seen seeing another car is to yield, regardless of who has the right of way. Therefore, most drivers use their peripheral vision. The fourth thing to know is that turn signals are for the weak, the lame, the old, the stupid. The fifth thing to know is that even your Card-Carrying Cambridge Liberal ™ turns into a Certified Texas Whack-Job ™ behind the wheel.

The sixth thing to know is that regardless of what the guy in front does, the guy in back is at fault for insurance purposes. This partly explains the 134 unique Boston Cutoff Manuevers ™. The seventh thing to know is that the sixth thing won’t keep the driver in back from doing crazy shit, either, like initiating automotive sodomy when you heed a sign that says something stupid like, "No Turn on Red." The eighth thing to know is that there are never witnesses except when you did it. The ninth thing to know is that it’s impossible for the cops to investigate an accident on, say, Rte. 128, by looking at the skid marks. There are too many of them.

The tenth thing to know is that aren’t actually very many traffic deaths in the Boston area because the roads are too congested to get up a lot of speed. But people do make valiant efforts and sometimes succeed. Route 128 is one such place, and the belly of that particular beast is the North Shore. Wicked fast and wicked crazy and wicked dangerous up there.

The eleventh thing to know is that you should never have a breakdown during rush hour on Rte. 128, because it is legal for people to drive in the breakdown lanes. If it happens to you and you find yourself in the breakdown lane, pahk the cah, turn on da flashahs and get the hell out of it. Stand well away while making your cellphone call to the cops. It could save your life. No shit. In fact, this is probably a pretty smart thing to do no matter when you break down.

The twelfth thing to know is that parking seems a lot harder than it is. There are actually plenty of lots in downtown and Back Bay. Just be ready to pay, and pay. Look for big blue signs with a "P" on them. The thirteenth thing to know is that, if you must rent a car you should rent one with a navigation system, because there are all kinds of situations where there is exactly one way to get from Point A to Point B and the computer is the only one who knows it.

The fourteenth thing to know is that no one can give you directions. If they’re new in town, they won’t know. If they’ve lived there forever and have ancestors from the Mayflower or the Potato Famine, they will say something like, "Ya can’t get there from he-ah." The fifteenth thing to know is that traffic inside the rotary has the right of way. The sixteenth thing to know is that the crazy bastard trying to enter the rotary will cut you off anyway. The seventeenth thing to know is that if you can drive in Boston you can drive anywhere in the world.

Anonymous said...

Grinder, you're right. The Gaslamp is a ghost town on most nights, but I wouldn't know. Since 2005, I haven't been able to afford to go there.

And San Diego has the worst drivers for the simple reason that we have a lot of drivers from Boston, New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Phoenix all trying to drive on our freeways at the same time. I swear, I'm going to die with a steering wheel in my hands one day if I have to take the freeways to work again.

field negro said...

I am back; and besides me pressure being through the roof, I am cool. (My pressure is always up when I visit the good Doc., she knows this)

And yes Weez, I got a Saturday apt. took me damn near two months to get in but going during the week was out of the ?.

Attorneymom, thanks for that rant. Yes, debt is a bitch. And there are so many atty's out here struggling that it ain't funny.

"My wife and I use driving in Jersey to test the strength of our marriage. If we can get somewhere and still be married after all the yelling we are good to go."

LOL! Unfortunately, driving in Philly is just as bad. Why? Because we have so many Jersey drivers here. It is, after all, just over the bridge.

Sharon your #1 pet peeve is a classic. I might have to steal that line.

Jack,sorry to hear about your plight:( And yes, it is all about perspective. The shit is all relative. What part of the country do you live in? I know some people who are hooked up with city govt. here in Philly. Problem is, even cities are feeling the pinch now. But if you are in this area shoot me an e-mail. You never know.

bean twn chica, stay up, I know you will be fine.

Hmmm let's see now; driving in Boston or New Mexico. I think I will take New Mexico on that one.

vanishing point said...

hope it all goes well at the doctor today, Field,

On the worst place to drive:

I hate driving in Puerto Rico, if there is a hurricane, and a road sign gets blown down, it never gets put back up, your driving along on rte 22, all of a sudden, your on route 18, how did that happen, and then all the old people in the back seat start yelling at me, plus, the one ways don't have signs, I have driven the same one way the wrong way twice, and if ya complain, everybody says, oh, don't worry, everybody does that. One time I got on a bus instead, we crashed into a car.

Anonymous said...

Brother Field... Duke, Penn State having average non-Black players surrounded by super Black players and the non-B getting all the accolodes. Remember Gene Banks and when he carried the Dookies. Penn State always had a Black running back that carried them. Where did they get those Black atheletes that were soooo passive so as to t subbed themeselves.

La♥audiobooks said...

Oh Field, I'm suffering in all year round 90 degrees hottt weather, I have no sympathy for you on that being "cold" rant (did I ever tell you that I have never seen snow). It's so hot as sh*t here, in the summer I have to sleep with an A/C running and a fan in my bedroom (it's true).

At least you have a pretty decent choice of physicians to go to without having to catch a plane.

Where I am, driving will more than piss you off. In fact, it will piss your car off. Apart from the terrain, I almost suffer with road rage. That's one of the reasons I don't want to ever apply for a gun. Someone will be sure to piss me off on the road and make me show it to them. I know my limits :)

My list could go even longer. Oh and don't you hate when people try to out do you when you complain how bad things are.. lol

I hope you feel better today.

Ghostwriter said...

ATL must have something going for it . . . if it doesn't then why are droves of black folks continuing to move to my hometown?

TrueBlue said...

Grinder, you're right. The Gaslamp is a ghost town on most nights

When I was there, I was thinking about the people whose jobs depend on tourist traffic, and I was feeling pretty bad for them. I mean, height of the vacation season and no one there. It was eerie.

but I wouldn't know. Since 2005, I haven't been able to afford to go there

Well I am sorry to hear that. I hope things can improve for you. And bean twn chica, if you're reading this, same to you.

And San Diego has the worst drivers for the simple reason that we have a lot of drivers from Boston, New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Las Vegas, and Phoenix all trying to drive on our freeways at the same time. I swear, I'm going to die with a steering wheel in my hands one day if I have to take the freeways to work again.

I've driven all over the place and lived in lots of places too. I think the most aggressive drivers are on the Beltway in Washington, D.C., and the most random craziness is in and around Boston.

Everyone loves to complain about the drivers where they live. It's like complaining about the weather. But I have to say that my comparative experience is that CA drivers are, in general, a cut above the rest. I have always attributed this to the fact that they spend so much time driving.

And nothing beats the California Autobahn, i.e., that stretch of I-5 through Camp Pendleton where the average speed is about 100 miles an hour. Ditto for I-15 between San Diego and Riverside.

1. The driver who tailgates me as if my car is in heat.

Back when I lived in Boston, I was in a rotary and not sure which exit to take to I was going a little slow. The guy in back of me decided he'd lay on his horn, so I decided that a sudden stop might be in order. (See Boston driving rule #6 above.)

So he hits me, but not hard enough to matter (see rule #10). I pull over and we get out of our cars and yell at each other for a little bit, and then calm down and agree that there's no damage and we ought to just move on.

At that point, his wife gets out, storms over, and starts screeching about how she works in a law office and that I'm in big trouble, yadda yadda yadda. I let her go on for about 15 seconds, and then I turn to the guy and say, "Could you tell her to shut up?"

He asks me if I'm telling his wife to shut up and I say that it's exactly what I'm doing. (Field, you know how I am about noise -- horns, thumping bass beats, guys on the tennis court, screeching women, they're all the same thing.) So, she keeps screeching and he starts yelling again. She threatens to call the cops to report the accident.

I look at her and start laughing. "Ma'am, your car hit mine from behind, and you want to report the accident? How stupid are you? Your insurance rates will go up by 30% for the next six years and nothing will happen to me. So be my guest."

The woman calls the cops, who come to the scene. The trooper and I talk alone, and he agrees that the woman is nuts. He advises me to file a police report, so I do.

A couple weeks later, I get a call from my insurance guy. He's found out about the accident through some electronic reporting system. I tell him about the screeching woman, etc., and he says I have nothing to worry about and that I should think of it as a fun crazy Boston driver story for the next cocktail party.

Anonymous said...

The check thing is to force you to wait on cracker trash. I stand close enough to see their wallet and there's always more than sufficient cash.


Anonymous said...

1st time poster - long time reader/fan.

Thank you allowing to me to see a side of you that I've never seen before.

I like it.

TrueBlue said...

The check thing is to force you to wait on cracker trash. I stand close enough to see their wallet and there's always more than sufficient cash.

Trust me on this: White people do it to other white people. Some folks prefer to pay for their groceries by check because that's how they keep track of things. By the way, I've read that 80% of checks are written by women. I hardly ever see a man pay for anything in public with a check.

Sharon from WI said...


Don't know quite where to put this on your blog. But since this is the most active conversation, I wanted to share this with everyone here. This guy is a Barack Obama impersonator. He's hysterical.

alicia banks said...


i love your blog

alicia banks

T. Nichol said...

Like all the rants, have a few of my own..

1) Rich Rodriguez giving Michigan Football the WORST season in school history. As an alum, I'd like his head on a platter.

2) People that have lived in Western NY all/most of their damn lives and still want to complain when the first snow hits.

3) Cashiers that want to hold conversations with other employees while ringing up your items delaying your exit.

4) Cashiers that don't bag right.

5) Youth that think every word out of their mouth being a curse word or ignorant is cute.

6) Teen girls dressing like their 20 and Teen boys with their pants (with a belt) sagging below their butt cheeks.

7) Citicorp asking for a bailout, when I can't get them to bailout my student loans. *Side note -- I would like to sue UM for lying saying I would make X amount because I got a diploma from them and I haven't seen it yet! False advertisement*

8) Parents that don't think about the consequences of naming their children certain names and then wanna cry foul when a teacher mispronounces it or someone makes a joke. Stop abusing your children with their names!

9) Females that don't know how to handle a having a relationship and friendships at the same time. Don't call period, don't wanna return calls and/or say they didn't get yours, but when shit falls with the dude wanna call you to complain about him to you. *rolls eyes* I don't have time for the nonsense.

Anonymous said...

grinder, I have never lived in Boston, but I have visited many times. Another thing folks need to know about Boston is that many of the other cars have brakes or horns, but not both, on the theory that if you have a working horn you don't need brakes.

T. Nichol said...

Im sorry, I have a #10

10) People saying to you, "Don't you think your clock is starting to tick", and "Don't you think you should start to look for someone to settle down with", because you're a single black 29 yr. old female with no kids.

Let it be my time and I have a good man, believe me, I'll make it happen.

LACoincidental said...

Black women who think every Black man whose unattached, well spoken, educated and not a thug or a playa is gay REALLY piss me off!!!

Ignorant white folks who still think that Sarah Palin and John McCain spoke for them and Obama is a terrorist piss me off.

Doing the work of three people in your IT department yet your paycheck hasn't budget pisses me off!!

Being broke in general pisses me off!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, what pisses you off about drivin gin Jersey? Jersey drivera are the best in the world, and everyone PA drivers are the pits (don't even know how merge).

Is it the roads? Do you get lost? Can't figure out jug handles?

Well that's your problem.


TrueBlue said...

If anyone is feeling seriously grumpy, I found a website where you can leave a parting letter to George W. Bush. Here's mine.

Anonymous said...

This might piss you off even more did you know that the majority of Obama's relatives here in the States are all a bunch of Rednecks, seeing how his Mothers family originated out of Overton County Tennessee....This is fact look it up if you do not believe me.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whelp, I guess granny can add a few things to the list.

What pisses granny off is being scheduled for an appointment, I get there on time, and having to wait 2 or more hours before being seen.

People who ask hearing impaired people, "Can't you hear?"

Racist folks piss me off.

Preachers who think that Christianity is a business venture to raise money for their own pockets, and false prophets and prophetess who claim that Jesus told them that so-so had a certain amount money to give them, or money lines with a set price. Granny was blessed with certain abilities too and knows better.

Christians who give Christianity a bad name.

People who are never satisfied no matter what you do or what is achieved by others.

People who mistreat and abuse kids.

People who mistreat, prejudge, and abuse homeless people and look down on poor people.

BTW, today is my birthday, so this is my last post for today. My daughter is taking me somewhere, but I sort of suspect something is up, because of some of the strange conversation with other relatives this morning and afternoon wishing me a happy birthday. Before anyone ask, I'm older than my teeth and younger than my tongue. Yeah, granny is being a little sassy today. (wink)

Anyway, I pray that you all have a very blessed and victorious day and a peaceful night. I love all of you.

TrueBlue said...

BTW, today is my birthday

Happy Birthday, granny!! Are you older than a tree?

field negro said...


Anonymous said...

Hey...what do you mean the "A" doesn't have character?? We've got plenty I tell ya! Have you seen the Real Housewives of Atlanta?? LOL!!

Sharon from WI said...

Good morning and happy belated birthday, Granny Standing for the Truth. :-D

Sharon from WI

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Good luck at the doctor's office.

I think L.A. drivers are worse than Jersey drivers. At least in Jersey I didn't have to worry about freeway shooting.

I hear you on the short sleeve dress shirts and with a tie?! Not a good look.

field negro said...

Sorry, Miranda, I am not feeling the A on the character tip. It's a nice city to visit though.

Thanks nyc/caribbean, the visit turned out Okay. My pressure is a little high, but that is par for the course with me. :)

TrueBlue said...

I've been in Atlanta three or four times, not counting mere airport transfers. If it has any charm, it's lost on me.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I'm late on this discussion, but you mentioned the bumper sticker that pisses you off: "my child is a straight A student" at Woodlawn Elementary School.

The funniest comeback bumper sticker I ever saw was "my kid ain't no A student, but can whip you kid's ass."

Anonymous said...

lol@#7...#9 pisses me off also!

Anonymous said...

I scored some 'round town brown tonight (midis) need some?

Anonymous said...

Love the post Bro!!!!!!!..I need to do some shit like that!!!

Anonymous said...

Outta the blue weirdass or inappropriate shit left in the comments box -- errr, Mom is 84 and knows what all those words mean but I try to leave the thing so she can read it if she get snowed in...

sticker i saw friday said : My kid got your honor student pregnant

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Sharon from WI said...

Doesn't it amaze you the lack of regard some have for education? That is too, funny.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Thank you Field, Grinder, and Sharon!

Anonymous said...

Sharon Thank you and I know I will. Things are bad but they could always be worse.

Field I'm from Philly. in fact I found your site from an article by Stu Byofsky a while ago and have been hooked ever since. I appreciate the offer but I don't think Philly will be hiring anytime soon. I don't want to name the Company I work for but they just built one big ass building in CC. They say they are feeling the pinch and that is why they are letting people go but it just don't seem right. All the people I know being let go are long time employees. I know how this shit works, they'll get people to come in to do our jobs and they will pay them half what they paid us. And big companies wonder why there is no employee loyalty anymore.

On another note, Driving in jersey is bad but even worse are Jersey drivers in the city, they just about lose thier minds trying to navigate the streets of Philly :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Field; new reader, first time commenter...

First, I'm glad your Dr visit went fine!

I have to protest the Jersey drivers, being a Jersey driver myself. Yes, we're a little crazy, occasionally rude, but its nothing compared to NY drivers in Jersey who either treat Jersey roads as their personal Indy 500 track or back up the fast lane because they're scared to change lanes in these big, wide open lanes.

And I cannot STAND PA drivers in Jersey! Philly streets are one thing, but NJ highways are something else entirely! Don't let them get on the Turnpike or Parkway; they cannot change lanes properly or with any sense of speed, they're always cutting someone off or taking forever and two eternities to get off a freaking exit.

Mind you, I came to driving late and REFUSE to drive in Manhattan! I'm much too scared! I've never driven in Philly, either.. my best gf does that. ;-)

Oh yeah, and I will not watch either Tavis or Armstrong. NO.THANK.YOU. I had the misfortune of listening to Armstrong on Air America before i knew who he really was...

Sharon from WI said...

What’s wrong with Tavis Smiley?

west coast story said...

1. Boom cars. I confessed in front of a room full of cops that if I ever commit a violent act it will be at 2AM in front of my house with someone blasting their car stereo.

2. Women with pot bellies who wear sit-below-the -waist pants. Unless you are a size 2 and have a stomach like concrete, you have NO BUSINESS wearing sit-below-the-waist pants. You look ridiculous.

3. Saggy pants on men. I don't mean just baggy, I mean sagging so that you have to walk down the street kicking from side to side or holding youself like a 3-year-old to keep your clothes on.

4. People who don't know the rules about commuting on public transit. Don't ask me for my paper; don't start yakking about anything; let people get out before you shove your way on; turn the freaking i-pod down so I don't have to hear it from the opposite end of the car; don't roll your bike over/into me and act like I'm not there; and don't sit in the seats for seniors/disabled and act deaf when I tell you to haul your young, able-bodied butt up to let someone else sit down.

5. Don't complain about the neighborhood if you are last person I can count on do anything.

6. Don't ever tell me that voting doesn't make a difference.

7. Bigots. Any kind, any color, bigots. Go away, crawl into your hole, go away. Shoo, bye.

TrueBlue said...

People who don't know the rules about commuting on public transit. Don't ask me for my paper; don't start yakking about anything

I used to take public transit every day, and one thing that really bugged me was the cellphone yellers. I wish the handset companies or the service providers would inform their customers that every handset has a volume-sensitive microphone that will amplify your voice if you speak softly. That way, maybe fewer people would yell into their phones.

I got so pissed off about it that I finally ordered a cellphone jammer. They are illegal in the U.S., so you have to have it shipped from overseas. Which I did. I would stick the thing in my coat pocket and unobtrusively walk near a cell-yeller and flip the switch. It would knock them off the air, and they'd start up again. Then I'd walk past again, and flip the switch. I'd do it until the finally gave up.

It was exactly the sort of combat you can expect from white suburbanites. Nothing on the surface, mind you. Just a discreet little flip of the switch. Oh God, now I've just raised everyone's paranoia level. Sorry!

Anonymous said...


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