Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let the backlash begin.

It didn't take long for the backlash to start now did it? But we knew it would. I think everyone in O-merica knew that there would be a push back if his O ness became our 44th President. We just didn't expect it to take place at places like Lehigh University. For those of you who do not live in Pennsylvania, Lehigh is a wonderful institution of higher learning. It is about as close to Ivy League you can get without being an actual Ivy League school. The kids there just missed getting into schools like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton; so that should give you an idea of the type of gene pool that we are dealing with. But it's not only the smart kids; it seems that even the jocks are getting into the act.

Sadly, even at Lehigh the poor children of color who are fortunate enough to be attending that fine school, have been forced to deal with hateful and ignorant behavior from their fellow students. All because thy happen to look like the guy who won the highest office in the land. I thought his O ness getting elected was supposed to end incidents of racism? I guess not. Unfortunately, I don't think some of our youngest and brightest got the memo.

But how can we blame them? We can't. Not when elected leaders from...surprise, the republican party, compare our new president to Hitler and imply that he is going to rule as a dictator. What the hell is in the water down there in Georgia? And do you black folks in the "A" ever leave the city limits? I sure hope this is not indicative of what we can expect in the new O-merica. Already there is a run on the gun stores from some of our god fearing gun loving friends, because they fear that his O ness will infringe on their Second Amendment rights. Out of my cold dead hands nigger. Ahhh you gotta love it. Oh come on field, stop it; the man hasn't even taken office yet and there you go chasing racism all over the place.

Yes, I need to chill and just enjoy this historic time in our history. There is so much work to do to make our country better.

"We must come together as a campus community to demonstrate that the hateful and ignorant actions of a few will not be allowed to hurt or intimidate our students or anyone else."

Thank you President Gast. And if he could, I am sure our president elect would thank you as well.


Donald said...

Racism is like a 'boil' on the ass of O-merica. Now that his O ness has won the election, we are going to see 'boils' pop up all over the place.

Unknown said...

I'm not even surprised. I went to Colgate and Case Western, two more schools for "those that just missed HYP" and the racism I saw, especially at Colgate, really let me know racism is not just something that comes from the "God and guns" crowd in middle Pennsylvania. I'm not talking about covert racism. I mean overt, in your face, "you'd have to be a real idiot not to notice" racism. Obama's election will only further encourage the racism of these buffoons. Obama had the audacity to hope and the racists, whether they're in Hicksville, USA or the fine institutions of Higher Ed, will have the audacity to hate.

Anonymous said...

Representative Paul Broun was one of the key enablers of the Bush imperial presidency. He now fears that the powers he and his fellow conspirator republicans gave the Imperial President, such as; the power to declare anyone, even a congressman from Georgia, an enemy combatant and to imprison that congressman without charges, for as long as is deemed necessary, and without access to legal council, could be misused in the hands of a Liberal.

Well Paul, maybe if you had a shred of foresight you might have foreseen this. But no. You and Bush, and Rove, and DeLay, and Cheney, and the whole stinking lot of you all thought you would be the prevailing party forever more.

Think again. Maybe you and some of your fascist ilk can spend some quality time in one of the many detention centers Bush and Cheney had Brown and Root (Div. of Haliburton) build in the USA.

What goes round, comes round.

TrueBlue said...

I don't think the guy in Georgia who warned that Obama's new civilian security force idea is analagous to the brown shirts was being a racist. He was just being a comical idiot. I mean, when Clinton was elected in '92, it didn't take too long before the wingnuts were calling his wife "Hitlery" Clinton.

But the statement to the student, that's bad stuff. Of course, hatred, the dullest knife in the drawer, is what gets all the attention. The friendly conversations between black people and white people this year about Obama's candidacy and election aren't making the newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Field, I live in the 'A' and the answer is...

No... : )

TrueBlue said...

Hey, I'll even let you in on something from the Secret White Conspiracy. These conversations are happening when there aren't any black people around. I got an e-mail the other day from one of my brothers, who said he had tears in his eyes on election night. And I got a little choked up last night when I saw Obama on the news walking around the White House.

rainywalker said...

Those people were here before the election and will be after we are all dead. They just aren't wired right and everyone has to watch out for them. It's sad, because I've got more important things to do than talk to stupid people, they don't listen anyway.

Kellybelle said...

That TExas Longhorn guy regrets the decision to post whatever hatefult hing he posted? As a reckless poster myself, I wonder what state of mind he must have been in not to notice how inappropriate a post with a racial slur in it would be.

Those feelings would shock someone who had never felt them before, so he must have been venting something he feels frequently and that he did it publicly, he must have thought his racist ramblings would find an appreciative audience.

I'm just sayin'.

La♥audiobooks said...

One the links: "The school says whoever is responisble could face criminal charges, be suspended or expelled."

Yeah right.

Well, no one seems to be keeping their promises and fulfilling their duties since (we have overcomed) Obama won. Racism didn't end, and it's been a week now and you didn't do your naked run. Well what do you expect?

Rest in Peace Ms. Makeba

Jody said...

kellybelle..... the dude in Texas got bounced because it was not only racist, but probably more important to the university officials, a veiled death threat.... I think alot of these racist idiots are going to discover they are on a whole new playing field. You cannot threaten to kill the President of the United States! You will be investigated by the FBI at the very least, and chances are you will be facing federal charges. As any lawyer will tell you, when you are in federal court, it is a different world, with better prosecutors, almost 100% convictions, and more serious consequences... the feds do not play!
For years these racists threatened and carried out violence..... they are about to discover, at least as far as President Obama is concerned, those days are over.

ac said...

Jody - cosign, as always you cut right to the heart of the matter.

I paused at the "jock" link and read the commments. Now I need a shower - yikes. I'm not sure if that much hate comes off without some serious scrubbing.

I thought about trying to drop some knowledge in that field but decided to write it off as a lost cause. Some are ignorant but some are a special kind of stupid and you can't fix stupid.

LittleMissSolo said...

Just like being ghetto is passed on from one generation to the next, so is racism. Sometimes, there is a member of the family who tries to break away and be different, but all it takes is the right, or wrong, situation and your roots start to show.

Field - It's approximately 60 miles from my house to my brothers house and when I get there, I'm STILL considered to be in Metro Atlanta. As a matter of fact, I'm still in the same County, so to answer your question, NO. It takes too much gas to try and leave.

La♥audiobooks said...

" paused at the "jock" link and read the commments. Now I need a shower "

I can't read anymore, I might need anger management cources after reading those comments.

Anonymous said...

I figured you'd post on renegade and renaissance or the Obama national holiday. Shows what I know.


Anonymous said...

The 1st Amendment is going to get a good workout the next couple of years. First Miss Sarah protests that the media is stomping on her 1st A. rights, and now racist football players and their supporters (judging from the comments to the story) think that their 1st A. rights are being violated when they threaten the life of the President-Elect. Isn't there anyone in the reich-wing who can set them straight? It's not necessary to go to law school to get a handle on what the 1st A. means and where its limits are.

JP said...

Well its nice to see my alma mater is making the news today :(. The difference between Lehigh and some of the Ivies is that the Ivies for some reason tend to get slightly more personally refined rich kids. Lehigh tends to get the GWB without the super connections type. Hence they're always drunk and not particularly welcoming to minorities. Joking with some of alumni friends on Facebook, none of is particularly shocked this happened. They'll be a BS investigation, some Brown and White articles and the administration will hope this is forgotten by the next fund raising drive.

littlebrownjen said...


I also live in Atlanta and I second Alex Rose. Thank God John Lewis is our congressman. Everything outside o
Atl may as well be Alabama..

Honkeys and Blow said...

you know, Kim... I agree with you to a degree; some kids raised with racist or ghetto values will never be able to shake them.

But I wholeheartedly disagree that people aren't capable of making the choice to forever disavow those values... educating themselves, developing empathy, developing the skills to overcome their prejudices, evolving into the kinds of people they want to be.

I pray to GOD (when I feel like there might be one) that I never lose the "ideals of my youth" and that I'll only continue to grow, continue to learn and continue to work towards instilling values like acceptance and non-judgment into my children (and whatever other random jackasses who might need some schooling).

Seda said...

Depressing to see we're still going through this shit, but I can't really say I expected it to stop. I just hoped.

So here we are, with so many white folks still ignorant of our black brethren. But you know what? There's a whole bunch of white folks that are gonna get to know at least one black guy better, because he'll be in their living room every night, speaking eloquently above the Presidential Seal of the United States of America.

And you know what really gives me hope?

Our nation has been given a vision, a clear goal of what we can be, by a great man who was murdered 40 years ago. "I have a dream, that one day..."

May it be soon.

Bob said...

Lehigh makes me think of thick-necked wrestlers with good SAT scores. Is it still like that? Also, some of those students think it's cool to imitate the local attitudes. Until they're asked if they know how to kill, gut & dress a deer.

Anonymous said...

No surprise to me.

Is it time to stock up on ammo?

Christopher said...

The Georgia Congressman who compared Obama to Hitler is just a typical, southern, redneck racist.

They're a dime a dozen.

Anonymous said...

no i don't think anyone in the A wants to leave the city limits. Nothing but rednecks, confederate flags, and mud people.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whelp, I'll say. I'm glad that person does not live out this way, because these young sistahs out here on the West Coast do not play when it comes to disrespect. They don't call this the wild, wild west for nothing. I thank God, knock on wood, and cross my heart that the kids out this way pretty much get along with each other as far as race is concerned in my neck of the woods. However, I guess it depends on what part of the West Coast you live in too, because I hear some disturbing things go on in Southern CA, that is unheard of here.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

mud people?

TrueBlue said...

The Georgia Congressman who compared Obama to Hitler is just a typical, southern, redneck racist.

Do a Google search on Hitlery and you'll get 75,000 hits. Wingnut comparisons of presidents and their spouses to evil dictators, including Nazi ones, are hardly new. They are dumb, but dumb doesn't mean racist.

Folks, the American economy is in a tailspin. The shit is hitting the fan right here, and right now. There'll be plenty of frustration ahead, and it's going to cause people to make reasonable points in unreasonable ways. Obama will face VERY harsh criticism, some of which will be off-base and some of which won't be.

Legitimate criticism is going to get amped up like crazy. Legitimate points will be mixed with questionable and dumb ones. The same people will make legitimate statements one day, and questionable ones the next.

And then there'll be the knee-jerk defense mechanism of calling all of these critics "racists" for having gone after Obama. For all I know, this dork from Georgia spends his off-time in a hood dancing around a burning cross, but I didn't see any racist commentary, either overt or "dogwhistled," in anything he said.

It was just plain old stupid, and actually sort of entertaining in an oddball way. Trust me, in a short enough time, Obama will face more talented critics than that guy.

JP said...

Lehigh makes me think of thick-necked wrestlers with good SAT scores. Is it still like that? Also, some of those students think it's cool to imitate the local attitudes. Until they're asked if they know how to kill, gut & dress a deer.

Well due the ascendant business school you have some different types mixed in. Mostly kids from wealthy NY/NJ/CT/PA suburban towns with little diversity, they dominate and run the social structure through the frats. Mixed with some rural kids from the middle of PA and some mocha and chocolate chips who kind of keep to ourselves. That's how it was when I was there.

bj said...


I actually am currently a freshman at Colgate University and similar things have happened with racist slurs being yelled and racist slurs also being written in bathrooms. Personally, when I got wind of this behavior it shocked me because I had not gotten the feeling that Colgate was an intolerant school.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

These people are something else.


Anonymous said...

Well spoken Grinder. We have more important issues at hand.


TrueBlue said...

Besides, if anyone's looking for a racist politician in Georgia, I'd say Saxby Chambliss provides a better example.

Anonymous said...

sports are really big in austin, with zero professional teams.. college teams and semi professional teams.. is it, for a sports fan.

The comment was “all the hunters gather up, we have a n&%#er in the whitehouse.” I must admit its deer season around these parts. I’m sure that’s where young buck burnette was going with the message. Take the President Elect deer hunting.

It’s not over for young buck burnette, if he’s good, he’ll be able to attend another school and somewhere in his journey he’ll get an understanding.

I believe we all need second chances in life.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Let's see we got racism, sexism, homophobiaism, and classism. Too much ism for me. In the words of Rodney King, "Can't we just all get along.

Read this article:


TrueBlue said...

You might enjoy this: Broun has felt the need to apologize for his stupid comments. Now you know that it's not sincere, which makes it even better!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Wait until the new administration starts cleaning house. Those clueless Rethugs will be saying all kinds of nonsense about Obama.

Goodbye Neocons. Some of your asses should be in jail. Really.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"Goodbye Neocons. Some of your asses should be in jail. Really."

I second that motion!

TrueBlue said...

Folks, everyone had better savor these weeks, because I think the world as we know it will come crashing down very soon.

All the financial crisis stuff that has seemed very theoretical is about to become very real. Six months from now, I'm not sure anyone is going to give a rat's ass in hell what a neo-con is. Yeah, I think it's that bad. We are going to have a depression that will make your teeth rattle.

field negro said...

Thanks to my friends in the "A" for hipping me to the survival techniques. I have been down there a few times, and I forgot how large the Metro area is.I guess that's a good thing.

Wow bj, Colgate is another fine school where I would not expect such behavior......

jp is right about the mix of students at Lehigh. So it really makes you wonder, doesn't it.

"No surprise to me.

Is it time to stock up on ammo?"

You better hurry, because there might not be any left.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in the real world . . .


Attacks Invoke Questions of Race Relations

In the three weeks after the series of attacks between 12:13 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. on the morning of Sunday, Oct. 12, most of the Columbia community has become aware of the events that transpired. Most are also aware that the seven attackers were black males and that five of the seven victims were Asian. With the possible exception of the New York Police Department’s 26th Precinct and Columbia administrators, almost all members of the Columbia and Morningside communities still lack definitive facts to truly understand the nature of the attack and the problem that caused the attacks.

Given the demographics of the victims, it seems almost certain that these attacks were somehow racially charged, and yet the media and the administration barely gave any indication of such a possibility. Spectator, for example, published three articles, one on Oct. 13, another on Oct. 15, and a third on Oct. 17. It was not until the second article, published three days after the attacks, that the racial identities of the relevant parties were revealed. In addition, the possibility of the attacks as a hate crime was not addressed until the third article, five days after the incident. Whether this delay was a result of poor reporting on Spectator’s part, or the result of censorship in the Columbia University administration or NYPD, is unclear.

Another troubling issue is the University’s failure to promptly and fully inform the community of such incidents, much of which has already been addressed by Spectator in “Make Info About Safety Public.” An e-mail to the Barnard community mentioned the racial identities of the attackers but not those of the victims.

field negro said...

"the real world"? Why is this world anymore real than all of the others? Oh, I get it, because the attackers were ALLEGEDLY black? Is that it? "The real world". I wonder where the make believe world is? I know it sure ain't where Ilive.

BTW, jody is right about the feds. If you are charged with a federal crime, I would strongly recommend you get a former U.S. Attorney to defend you. (If you can afford it) The chances of you beating the charges will be pretty slim, so at least get someone who might get a good plea bargain for you. Let this be a lesson to my redneck friends, be careful. Now he is not just some n****r in your White House, he is also your president.

Anonymous said...

Real World = Real Physical Violence by blacks against asian students at Columbia University.

Your example was about "hateful and racial comments" hence not physical violence. Just cheap talk. Like everything on your racialist site.

Anonymous said...

let's see how many bro's your boy is able to keep out of jail in the next 4 yrs????

my bet is the #'s don't drop that much at all....the point it an't white folks put'in the bro's in jail......it's called self responsiblity and most of the bro's just just don't have it & prez elect labmba an't gon'a make any difference...you know it!!!!!

granny- our young people don't act that way...hummm i remember seeing a inocent trucker on national tele draged out of his truck and beat'en cuz he was WHITE no other reason....carful where you point yo finger :)

Anonymous said...

chris, don't you think you need to reconsider your allies??? your bros and sistas in cali 9according to a cnn exit poll) shot your peeps out of the saddle by 70%....waz up wid dat? wat hap'n to understanding one another???

i guess it on;y counts if'n you b black...gay does'nt count?

ch555x said...

No comment on all of these "-ism's" running around. That's stuff a pre-schooler could solve. As far as these so-called college scholars running around "noticing" differences in the gene pool, tell 'em to hit the books for once instead drinking/f3cking their way through school. I didn't care too much about them during my college days in the Appalachian South, the past 7.9 years, or today, even with their usage of "worn-out racial/other slang". Usually the ones tossing dirt have crud in between their cracks. F#ck 'em!


Given the numbers of specific groups in this country, I could still also pick & choose points to prove my arguements as well concerning racial violence amongst groups in this country. With this place becoming more "colored" by the moment, who cares? Prop8? *smh*

Antonio said...

Here in NC a university some kids spray painted "Kill Obama" and "Shoot that nigger" on a free expression tunnel. The Secret Service came into town and searched the homes of the assholes responsible. I bet they weren't expecting that.

The chancellor issued a statement condemning the messages and students organized a rally to demonstrate their support for Obama. I'm grateful that they directly confronted the racism rather than sweeping it under the rug.

Anonymous said...

I went college visiting at Lehigh and was scared to death - and that was in 1978. A favorite pass time for the white kids was to get roaring drunk, climb a tree and just scream! I found it unnerving. Fortunately, I got into an Ivy.

White kids who get into second-tier schools, I believe, are so prejudiced because they swear an undeserving, affirmative-action, black kid took their spot. They need to get through their heads: They just weren't good enough!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

There will always be some element of racism in any conglomeration of humanity. We simply haven't evolved that far yet.
We have to remember that only 45% of voters voted for Puffy McBush. Probably a higher percentage of non-voters would have as they would be the ignorant and unmotivated.
Were they all racists and bigots? Probably not, but some double digit percentage of them probably are and such passions of ignorance always have a loud voice.

Welcome to the New World.
Let's make the ignorant irrelavent.

A2daK said...

I live in the South. The day after the election, you would have thought that someone came around and stole everyone's puppy. It had to be their version of a political "Great Depression".

Offices that are normally buzzing with the night-before's action were as quiet as a morgue. Smiles were non-existent.

Now, I hear all sort of talk about how overbearing an Obama administration is going to be; Marxism and all that. I openly wondered where everyone has been the last few years under this administration that has completely disregarded the Constitution. If they cared so much, why have they been so quiet until now?

As a former Republican, I am not independent because they abandoned the conservative principles that brought me to the party. It's going to be interesting watching them "find" conservatism once again now that somebody else is in line to benefit from big government.

TrueBlue said...

White kids who get into second-tier schools, I believe, are so prejudiced because they swear an undeserving, affirmative-action, black kid took their spot.

We're not stereotyping here, are we dear?

Anonymous said...

Field, when will you make your long-awaited run?

Anonymous said...

"Now he is not just some n****r in your White House, he is also your president."

Exactly! Field you just nailed it, this is a paradigm shift so great that it will cause a lot of racist azzhole's empty heads to explode for the next 4 years. And I will personally love every second of it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hijack the thread. But sarah palin is now offered $2million to star in her own porn

She is still also still attacking Obama over ayers on CNN with wolf blitzer.

Bitch, the election is over,

TrueBlue said...

Check out this story.

TrueBlue said...

Folks, I used to be a financial analyst, and this is some truly scary shit. And so is this.

What does is mean? Have a look at this. The money quote:

"The current economic downturn seems to be hitting Harlem businesses particularly hard. On some blocks of Frederick Douglass Boulevard, closed storefronts outnumber businesses that remain open."

The lights are turning off, one by one. If the auto industry doesn't get its bailout soon, that will be 2.5 million jobs gone. Poof! Like I said yesterday, you'd better savor this next short time, because the fan has been turned on, and the baby's been fed ...

field negro said...

red devil, let's hope she will be better at her second career.

"Field, when will you make your long-awaited run?"

Soon my child, soon. :)

"Just cheap talk. Like everything on your racialist site."

Anon. I don'think you have my permission to use that word, "racialist". I coined that phrase.

Besides, it's called the WORLD WIDE WEB; instead of hanging around on this "racialist" site, you might want to explore it.

Anonymous said...


I don't know if this qualifies as racist backlash or not, b/c the standard that the left assumes for racist behavior only includes "whites" as perpetrators, but: last night on the bus, as I sat down, I listened to (yet another) black gangsta idiot yapping at a white college kid for an "excuse me" and an apology for bumping him as the college kid, backpack heavy and tired from studies got on the bus. Never mind that the "black" idiot received his apology--twice after threatening violence--but that he was taking up two seats, and sprawling his legs into the aisle.

Now, of course, it could have ended there, with that white kid (pleading) apologizing until he got off the bus, but gee whizz, I had heard enough. So I said to the overly apologetic-soon-to-be-possibly-assaulted "white" kid
"sometimes, Minnesota nice is a good thing. Sometimes it is useless." Just for comfort, ya know, so that he wouldn't feel alone in his violence feuled 'black on white' forced racial guilting session.And that's all I said.

Well, that got the "black" folks all riled up. For the next half hour, as I was driven toward the state capitol, where I was exploring some government energy committee stuff, and I was threatened not less than fifteen times,lectured about how I need to get out in the street( me, from west side Chcago, LA, etc.) called "a white mother fucker, a whiteboy, a cracka, and *sigh* a McCain supporter not less than seventeen times by various "black" people.I was surrounded at one point by five young "black" people and informed about how a "beat down" works for "motherfuckinwhitefolkswhocan'tkeeptheymouthshut".

Worst of all, when I was asked who I voted for-Obama, of course-- I was harangued with what "black" preople were going to do to "white" people, with Obama's permission, apparently. Every violent reference to what they were going to do to me--for reminding a young man that he is not alone, and that MN Nice does carry a message of virtue--was peppered with a "can I get an Obama,y'all","black church" sort of hooray.

Then, I was dressed down about my "white clothes with them work boots and tight jeans..." and questioned for five minutes about the significance of wearing "Jordans". Not to mention I was treated to every kind of rap music reference to how "white blew" and how the landlord died.

Then, worst of all, I was asked "what's so damn important in that newspaper" I was reading. I mentioned that violent crime is down on campus, that the editorial page allows for peoples views to be expressed, etc., and was informed that "the only thing important is that Obama won, and that cracka's better look out" after that.

Well, that got me to the point where I picked up my cell phone and dialed a Chinese friend, and spoke in Mandarin to ward off those demons of malformed American race paradigms--which caused the crew who was verbally assaulting me to shut the f!ck up, and declare, as they jumped back, that "snitches get stitches" and other statements of that sort of every day "black" people directed at "white" people American violence.

The funny thing was, that my friend--from China, where the C. Party uses the American academic polarities of strict black and white constructs to describe our nations policies en toto--and I had been engaged in a discussion about how wonderful it is to be able to access the state capitol as a tool of social change, as opposed to China.

I dunno. It looks like the academics have re-created black face, but in white KKKlan acting black folks whose behavior is always excused in the paradigm as a reaction formation, rather than as bad behavior.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

the real mkkain:

Hahahaha! You made that story up. Does having a black man as the POTUS, bother you that bad that you would get all paranoid of *grasp* black people.

Anonymous said...

Granny why do you think he/she made the story up? As we all know there are ignorant white folks and ignorant black, asian, hispanic etc folks. Foolishness and bad behaviour is not confined to one colour or ethnic group.
As for those stupid white college students hope the boogie men from the federal government teaches then a few things. In the dictatorship of Da Den all racists would be put down.... don't worry its just a dream y'all.
Da Den

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 7:50 AM:

"granny- our young people don't act that way...hummm i remember seeing a inocent trucker on national tele draged out of his truck and beat'en cuz he was WHITE no other reason....carful where you point yo finger :)"

Your right anonymous your young people don't act like that, they act worse because that young man in Paris, TX was dragged and mutilated by some of your perfect behaving young white people. The funeral home couldn't even embalm him, because he was dragged into so many pieces. So, my advice to you is not to stick your chest out to far and start bragging about your well-behave young people, because I can give you a list of things they've done as well.

TrueBlue said...

Maybe we can agree that it the beating of the trucker in L.A. was a horrible racist incident, and that the dragging of the young man in Texas was a horrible racist incident, and that we wish neither had ever happened.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


That sounds okay to me, but what would sound even better is if people would realize that no one race is better than the other, they all have the same flaws and shortcomings. People are people no matter what color they are.

And this right here says it all in a nutshell and is the truth and nothing but the truth, "Foolishness and bad behaviour is not confined to one colour or ethnic group." Like my mother used to tell me all the time never say what your kids won't do, because you don't know what they'll do when they're out of your eyesight.

Unknown said...

interesting comments. none of my college students knew about Prop 8 in my Ethics and the Family course. About 90% are people of color, the vast majority support gay marriage from our class discussions. Of course, I teach in NYC and sometimes news beyond the subway is "international news". hugs

TrueBlue said...

granny, I agree with you. It's one of the reasons why, on various gay websites, I've commented that our side had no reason to expect black support on Prop 8 merely because black people have a history as objects of hatred and discrimination. I think it's ridiculous for anyone to think that black people can't be bigoted in a zillion different ways, or that gay people (of whatever color) can't be.

A long time ago, a Jewish friend and co-worker, who didn't know my story, confided in my that he despised queers. I replied, "Gee, that's not something I'd expect from someone who's part of a group that lost one-third of its population to murder in the not too terribly distant past." It went right past him. In a later conversation, he informed me that the Arabs are sub-human.

I've heard all kinds of bigotry. Last week, a Latino woman told me that a lot of blacks are obnoxious. I replied that a lot of everyones are obnoxious. Last summer, a gay white guy used the word nigger during a conversation with me, until he sensed my disapproval and apologized for saying it.

A long time ago, a black friend voiced her anti-Semitism, and so did a Pakistani friend. A Jewish colleague explained in great detail the anti-black racism among many Jews. I really think I've heard it all. Oh, and don't get me started on the Europeans or the Asians. My Vietnamese gardner hates the Chinese, by the way, but loves Obama.

granny, I don't know what it is about me, but I guess people feel free to voice these sorts of sentiments around me. It's like I'm in on everyone's secret. In a way, I'm glad that they do, because it exposes me to the truth. I also find, by the way, that most of the stuff I've talked about doesn't go too deep. Usually, it represents people being pissed off about this or that perceived group characteristic, and wouldn't affect how they treat say, a stranger they met on the street.

This doesn't mean I condone any of it, but it's to say that I wander on this lonely earth as a price taker. I do what I can do. People will surprise you, and I find most (but not all) surprises are on the upside.

Anonymous said...

Field Negro sez: "Now he is not just some n****r in your White House, he is also your president."
He is president because "whitey" voted for him. They cast many more votes for him than Blacks and Hispanics -- Does that worry you?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I believe that those businesses are having what I call "Business flight", sort of similar to "white flight" like when blacks moved into their neighborhoods. A black man has been elected President, so they have become paranoid and paralyzed with fear that a black man cannot lead, because they've always downplayed or underestimated the abilities of so many of our black people. Therefore, these businesses are taking their money and running with it, and going broke is a disguise to hide this new fear of theirs.

The American tradition has always been to blame the next President for the problems caused by the preceding one. They are afraid of the unknown, because a black man has never been given the chance to lead this nation until this present time.

I'm sure most of you have read or heard the different assumptions going around that if a black man leads this nation it is going to go down the drain. They've imagined America being turned into one big ghetto, but they've overlooked the fact that 43 of our Presidents have been white, and some of them didn't exactly turn America into a paradise. They say that black folks are going to take revenge on them for the bad treatment they've received from them and somehow Obama is going to help carry this plot out.

Bush with the help of his crew has just about turned this nation into a third world country. He has drained this nation's monetary resources behind a lie, killed the spirit of the American people, and filled them with nothing but fear. Yet, in spite of all the damage he has done, they worry about a black man being our leader.

Anonymous said...

Granny: and how dare you question my truth! Go live your own, not mine.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all splice neatly into your sort of paradigm, where all of "whitemenz" is afraid of da "blackmenz"? I am sure you would also bet on outcomes like Jews-v- Nazi redux, or Hutu-v-Tutsi: round 2.

The fact is, my right hand ios solid, and can dekliver more than just the necessary slapp upside-da-head them fools needed, but it was my lack of fear that caused me to stick up for a young man who was being victimized--and my choice to risk being victimized myself by racists.

It is your sort of 'step in line' with your blanket denial of truth that the Nazi's, racists, and other scumbags depend on depend on for power. Your denial, is what makes 'it' happen, generation after the next.

Would you say the same to a rape victim? I doubt it. Would you say that to a holocaust survivor, or do you just reserve that sort of minimization of the truth of others for situations that justify your own racism/political correctness/egocentricity/convenient and timely denial of facts?

You started right off on my bad foot as a liar, and an idiot. Let's see if you can improve on that.

Anonymous said...

Granny, the only criticisms offered to me personally were concerns of Obama's liberal leanings and these were from liberals... Punishing employers doesn't work out so well for employees sometimes.

More importantly, have you ever made a sweet potatoe / pecan pie? The potatoes are on the bottom. I'm thinking about making one for Thanksgiving and I'm wondering if it's worth the trouble.


La♥audiobooks said...

GrannyStandingforTruth said...
"the real mkkain:

Hahahaha! You made that story up. Does having a black man as the POTUS, bother you that bad that you would get all paranoid of *grasp* black people.

Granny, it's called the "Ashley Todd Effect". Field, you must be making a real impact out here in the cyber world. Your blogs seems to be attracting a lot more no-name angry wackos lately. Talk about cowardly vengeance.

La♥audiobooks said...

Gee what's with all the "I think I'm funny" wiggerebonics? Anyway, anony 8:58 pm... Well everyone knows there are still more whites in Omerica (for now). So, If you look at it in the per ratio sense, one could argue that Obama got carried in due to the minority votes. More whites technically voted for McCain.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Yeah, I know how to make sweet potatoe pies, but I've never made a pecan pie. Sweet potatoe pies are easy to make, but I couldn't give you the measurements for the ingredients to use. I've never used measuring utensils. I just know by instinct how much to use. Try looking at one of the online black magazines like Ebony and you might be able to find a recipe for what you want to make though.

Real Mkkkain:

You can pretend like your offended all you want, but I still say you made that up. BTW, you not that tough either, and I never said white men were afraid of black men or vice versa, nor do I think that way. However, you do have a vivid imagination though, maybe, you should try writing fictional books. First of all, if those young black kids were the type of thugs that you claimed they were, they wouldn't have just threaten you with talk, they would have carried out the act, unless you flashed a police badge on them. The kids, nowadays, that have that type of mentality don't do much talking, and are more into action. So therefore, you can pretend to be offended all you want, who cares, me? You better think again.

field negro said...

"He is president because "whitey" voted for him. They cast many more votes for him than Blacks and Hispanics -- Does that worry you?"

anon.8:58PM, it doesn't worry me one little bit. But I am sure it worries you because you weren't one of them ;)

Anonymous said...

Granny,it's a sweet potato on the bottom half and pecan on the top half. I have a 20 year old recipe be dang it goes on forever. I guess you haven't tried it before.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

la incognita:

"Your blogs seems to be attracting a lot more no-name angry wackos lately. Talk about cowardly vengeance."

Girl, you on target with that one. Mr. Toughguy is so tough, he hides behind the name anonymous. But you forgot to do one thing and that is capitalize all the letters in COWARDLY.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Oh, okay, I got you now. Nah, I haven't cooked one before, but I've tasted one before, someone in my family cooked it, but that was for the family reunion.

Anonymous said...

Granny, you obviously live in a fantasy world, with young black gangsta wanabe's holdin' down the lynch-pins to the fortress of violence--and you are obviously living up to your name, as in "old".

You wouldn't know a street scenario if it bit your wrinkled ass, and I am not here to be fileted by your denialism. It happened, get over it, and it happens all the time.Even more so, I will remember your denialism, and your desire to see violence go unchecked next time I see this same crowd harrassing an old woman on the bus--I will remember you, and leave well enough alone--hoping it IS you they are threatening.


You are obviously part of the problem, not the solution, and I see the big Karma whel turning soon to give back what you gave me here. I promise you, it will happen.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can agree that it the beating of the trucker in L.A. was a horrible racist incident, and that the dragging of the young man in Texas was a horrible racist incident, and that we wish neither had ever happened.
Word on the streets of L.A. was that he was swerving trying to hit people in the street.so he got what he deserved,crackers have hung brothers from trees & now whitey hates to take the ass beating he's earned form the beginings of this patheic country.the real mckkkain is just like the car full of white boys that calls people niggers in a passing/speeding car.pure cracker cowardice in cyber space.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Real Mkkkain:

ROFL @ you, you are somewhat entertaining, boring somewhat, but entertaining, but then, most ignoramus like you are worth a few good laughs every now and then.

I mean you seriously want us to believe your fairy tale or dream or wishful thinking, because any person of color or with common sense would know that you made it up. Don't you know that we know you would have been in a comatose or no longer with us in the land of the living had you done what you claim you did.

Yeah, you brave alright, calling senior citizens out their name is about as far as that bravery goes though. Which makes you look more foolish and cowardly than what I first assumed about you, it really tells off on you, and puts a spotlight on your so-call bravery. Real brave people don't have to brag about it, or try to convince people that they are tough, nor do they go around calling senior citizens out their name, only cowards do that.

BTW, yes, I am a senior citizen, and proud of it. You should hope that you get to live as long, but with that attitude of yours, you might not make it. And guess what, I don't have a wrinkle no where on my body. My skin is as smooth as a baby's behind, a family trait I inherited called good genes.

BTW, child you don't have to ever worry about Granny being threaten or harmed in any fashion.

TrueBlue said...

Each to their own here, but I refuse to respond to the crazies.

TrueBlue said...

I refuse to respond to the crazies in this thread, but here are some stories that make me sadder than I have words to say.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


What that newspaper reported is all I've been hearing about lately. I don't like hatred in any form. I just believe that this world is big enough for everyone to live, enjoy prosperity, and be able to get along with each other. It's not that hard.

I've been trying to fix my laptop, because sitting at this desktop for long periods of time, my legs start bothering me. Granny is like a bear in the winter. I hibernate in a sense, and by that I mean I try to stay away from blogs, shut the negative stuff out, and feast on the word in solitude and prayer.

Anonymous said...

Granny, I can help you fix your laptop if you want. I've worked on many of those.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Speaking of thugs, they just had a major bust out this way this morning. I was sitting out on my front porch, looking at not one helicopter, but five circling in the air. I was told that the FBI, and other law enforcement agencies did a major bust over on the other side of town this morning, in some large apartment complexes. They need to take they butts to jail. The law enforcement has been on their job out this way. After they lock those who choose to live that lifestyle all up, kids might be able to come back outside and play again. I miss the sound of children enjoying their childhood. A lot of children have missed out on that part of their childhood, living as prisoners in their own house, because of a few rotten apples. Thank you Jesus!

I, also, read where the Antioch police tasered a San Francisco police officer in her home, and it had some racism involved. She is suing them, and the whole affair was caught on tape, she has proof. Yup, they need to get rid of some of these crooked, white supremacist cops as well. Ain't that something cops tasering cops now as well, they're tasering black cops.

Anonymous said...

Granny (so-called-by-itself): you just shameful.And you called me a liar. I took a minute to understand you last night, and here is what I came up with: you have way too much deceptiveness and fear in your own heart to actually understand my story; you want the world to be a way it is not, and you are willing to obfuscate( go look it up, Granny--they din't use words like that when you grew up) the truth to try to get it there, But honey, the truth will set you free. Your job is to stop claiming it, and start living it; stop projecting your reality into the reality of others.
And really, hiding behind a keyboard and claiming seniority? That is cowardly. You said "calling senior citizens out their name is about as far as that bravery goes though" Yeah, real brave, throwing rocks and then claiming you have thin skin.
So, because you called me a liar, I will remind you of something your daddy might have said once--if, of course he stuck around to educate you, because at your level of bitterness and plain old mean-spirited deceptiveness, I doubt he did, but my pop always said
*"Respect who and what is respectable."*
So-called granny, you are not respectable, having called me "out my name" FIRST.

How could I possibly call you out your name? You don't have one--your name is no good, lying on the truth like you have.Your truth so lame it makes Sharptons j-curl look game.

And what is up with you salivating over the idea of violent black men? I think I have you figured out: you are one of those old bitter folks who never did nothin in life, but try to sound smart on the internet--dropping race cards like young so-called thugs drop their drawers in jail cells.

Honey: I never said they were tough, singularly, nor did I say they were thugs for sure. If you have even one bone of blackness in your white body, even you would know how many of these young kids go around actin all hard and bad, and then slinkin home to they momma's in the subburbs. Oh! But they sure are a badass group when they are in numbers.

And I have no fear of this sort of thing, but your apathy and secret worship of violence? Your actual, real evilness makes all the young, aggressive and potentially violent kids look like what they were that day: young chumps talkin't smack. It was one like you that raised them, no doubt, just like any klansmother ever did with their hillbilly progeny.

But I am certain you are old, because who else could have the time throw insults, call ME out first--to pick fights, and then cowardly jump back and claim they are 'old' and were called out their name? You waited all of your cowardly do-nothin-bout-it-but-watch-MLK-on- TV life for that, no doubt. And you can keep waiting cuz you gone soon anyways, as I am, responding to you.

But I mean it when I say that I will think of you next time some old fool like you gets fcucked up on a bus, b/c you're thinking--and juvenile fight baiting--is just taking up useless space, and deserves whatever it gets.

Yet, regrettably, I would stick up for even you, old smack-talkin' got nothinbettertodobutdroololfool.But I ain't worried about you at all: the karma wheel gotchu covered.

La Incognit said (after some sort of maldirected character attack on myself): "Well everyone knows there are still more whites in Omerica (for now)."

Honey: Your racism is your own bitter reward.You, and yours, deserve yourself.

? said...

So much for a no white America and no black America, just America.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Okay MKKKain:

Since, you want to claim that your story happened. Let me break it down to you why I didn't believe your story.

"I listened to (yet another) black gangsta idiot yapping at a white college kid for an "excuse me" and an apology for bumping him as the college kid, backpack heavy and tired from studies got on the bus."

Something I doubted was all that serious, until you put your two cents in. And the other young person could have been another student as well for all we know. Yet and still, I noticed you put emphasis on "white college student" and "black gangsta". The white student may have bumped into him accidently, but that backpack probably hurt, because books are heavy and solid. The white student didn't attempt to apologize and the other boy probably felt that the white college student was being rude. You more than likely escalated the problem into more than what it really was trying to play Mr. Toughguy.

You wrote this, "I listened to (yet another) black gangsta idiot yapping at a white college kid for an "excuse me". However, but then you turned around and said this on your last temper tantrum you posted on this blog,---> " I never said they were tough, singularly, nor did I say they were thugs for sure." Now, pay real close attention to the last part of that sentence, because you called them a "black gangsta". Black gangstas are thugs in case you didn't know that.

You labeled him a "black gangsta", was it because of the way they were dressed, you know, in the baggy look style and maybe a sweatshirt with a hood on it? Because every black child that wears the baggy look is not a "black gangster". It's a fad just like any other fad we've had for generation after generation. Kids grow out of it, just like other generations have in the past grown out of the particular fad for their generation. The older generation wore some pretty way out styles themselves when they were younger.

They could have been college students as well, since they were riding the bus, most "Black gangtas" are not into public transportation, they ride in cars, or with their buddies.

Then you said this, "Well, that got the "black" folks all riled up." Was it because you said something way out of line to them that you're not telling us here in the blog? Did they treaten you or was it the other way around?

Then you said this, "Worst of all, when I was asked who I voted for-Obama, of course-- I was harangued with what "black" preople were going to do to "white" people, with Obama's permission, apparently. Every violent reference to what they were going to do to me" Yeah right, you and these black folks are into an intense argument and they're threatening you and threatening to do you bodily harm, and those "black gangstas" as you called them took the time out to ask you who you voted for. All of a sudden some "black ganstas" took the time out to talk politics and they wanted to do you bodily harm? Are you serious?

And you said this, "for reminding a young man that he is not alone". Sounds like to me you started the mess and made them feel like you were threatening them, and that wasn't just all you said. It probably wasn't as serious as you said it was concerning "the white college kid", and you decided to take it to a new level by making a mole hill out of a mountain.

You said this, " I was dressed down about my "white clothes with them work boots and tight jeans..." You don't even have to tell me what they called you while you a grown man was arguing with kids, that really got you hot. The tight jeans gave it away.

Oh and you said this, "Then, worst of all, I was asked "what's so damn important in that newspaper" I was reading." Please don't think that went over us black folks head of what you were trying to imply or rather spitting out in your vicious insulting rant.

You gave yourself so-called innocence away right here when you said this in that preceding paragraph, ""I picked up my cell phone and dialed a Chinese friend, and spoke in Mandarin to ward off those demons of malformed American race ." Yup, you must have really been saying some foul stuff similar to the foul stuff you are spitting out at me." Did you call them "a malformed nigger race" ? Was that really what you said that ticked them off?

First of all, a "black gangsta" as you called them would have smoked your behind without a blink of the eye. Him and the so-called posse would have stomped your brains out, and Lord knows I hope that you never think that "black gangstas" need a group of folks or backup do that either, because you would be assuming that at your own risk.

Here are some more of you little nasty, sly, insults towards black folks, "It looks like the academics have re-created black face," that lets me know your real feelings about black folks as do the other little remarks you made.

BTW, None of my children or grandchildren have ever seen the inside of a jail cell or prison, nor do they do or have they ever did or sell drugs, or got involved in any criminal activity. My children are in their forties and middle thirties, graduated, went to college, and work hard for a living. One of them works in law enforcement. I did work for Office of Civil Rights, in the division that enforced those laws, and I am related to one of the Little Rock Arkansas Nine students and even death won't change that. Another thing, you'd be surprise at who all I'm related to.

As for me knowing violence and street scenarios, I live in a city that was so full of violence, until at one while, the city council was thinking about installing cameras throughout the city and declaring marshall law, which in my opinion wouldn't have been a bad idea. Our city made the national news networks for the murder rate. I have saw with my own two eyes children dying in the streets and trust me, it's not a pretty sight. I've went and consoled mothers who lost their children in violence. Believe it or not no mother or father of these children and with children are overlooking or defending this type of behavior, and nor do I. That is definitely your opinion and yours alone, because you haven't sat down and heard their stories. All you've heard about is the violence, while parents stories have been left untold. There is nothing glamous about it, at least not in my opinion.

You'd be surprised at what Granny has witnessed with these two eyes and done in her lifetime, and who all I know personally. One thing about it, I can prove what I say on here, but can you prove your story about the bus incident? For someone who just did an essay on this blog spitting out vile, racist insults, mean-spirited, bitter remarks, and disrespect, do you really think that you're qualified to label someone with the same hatred you've just shown. One thing, I don't change screen names to speak my mind, either. I rest my case.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

BTW, Don't ever tell me what I think or how I feel, because Granny has never ever been one to bite her tongue, and will tell you exactly what I'm thinking or how I feel.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Hey, nobody got sprinkled with pixie dust just because Obama got elected.

Let's keep in mind what's important...Obama got elected.

Let's keep on keeping on.

Anonymous said...

Granny: For the record, the "black gangsta" was that sad scar faced young mans self identification not mine, and to quote "yo cuz, I'm a black gangsta. You don't know whatchu fuckin' wit."

He labeled himself.
And yes, G, I labeled the "white" kid, because that is what you and others of the Nouveau Racist would see him as...oh, wait: to him, he is a "whiteboy," right? How racist.
And as for the self identified pants hangin' wannabeG, he seemed to be someone that meant what he said, based on his fcuked up face he was definitely willing to get his ass thrown in to the racist pit laid out for him by your societies presumptuous manner,but I am what I *didn't* say: knowing full well how to tame those little kittens who catch themselves thinkin they're tigers.
12 years as a bouncer taught me more than I need to know, if you get my point, not least of which is how to look out for others, and where, and with whom to use my eye contact.

Shame on you again, Granny, not only for your accusation--you just can't help yourself can you?--that there is something I am "not telling" on this blog. M,M,MmmmM.

"that wasn't just all you said.."

Yeah, G, it was. And it was enough to let one wannabe thug know that he wasn't going to victimize some honest green-eared kid, cause a man was in the house that moment. And I hope that it was enough that showed the other wannabe's that one loud mouth shouldn't conquer their need to fit in by replacing that need with oddly constructed racist paradigms of color.

You just can't help yourself, can you? Is it that whitey done ya wrong, caint be trusted, is always tellin' lies? Fine, if that's the case, but don't go projecting whitey on me. Go sew and wear your own hod, but I prefer my Ventair.

I put quotations around "white" and "black" as often as I can remember to, because frankly I am sick of both academic labels. I struggle with inventing new ones: I call "blacks" who call me "niggah" "hillbilly", or "cracka" because to me, they are all the same ignorant, inbred/illbred sort of thing--I am tired of racist paradigms, and those who perpetuate them. Yaknow, the Chinese have it worse than anyone here in this jaded race trading country.

You can call it whatever you want, but I prefer the company of Somali's, Nigerians, and the Chinese over anything happening here at home with all of these 'ain't black' race motivated "white" academic liberals, and pity-me-fiddle playin' race baitin "blacks". Such a limited view of the world, y'all. Maybe I am really "anti-american"--a turreriss!

So, shame on you again, race baiting as you are:"lease don't think that went over us black folks head of what you were trying to imply or rather spitting out in your vicious insulting rant. "

Vicious was you calling me a liar Granny. Vicious was your presumptions about my "motives"-lord knows whitey always has some motive, right?

G, it happened--my story happened. No, not verbatim, but in paraphrase, because hthe self identified "black" "gangsta" said that more than once, and he implied it in other ways; perhaps he was smart enough to play on a stereotype that some "blacks" are moe than willing to manipulate, or perhaps he said it because he was just an ignorant ass.

Shame, shame, shame, Granny. I don't know what it was that deformed your perspective of humanity, but when you say "Did you call them "a malformed nigger race" ?

I just go...WOW.

Flippin' crazy, she is. As if you have had your nose buried in second rate, race based crappy literature for too long--some Iceberg Slim mebe, some Toni Morrison ( and ain't it a shame how it turned out for her and her young fellah!?), you know, late era race propaganda that had its place once....and in regard to:

::It looks like the academics have re-created black face," that lets me know your real feelings about black folks as do the other little remarks you made.
G, I think black IS the new white. I fully expect nothing but the same racist crap, ignorance, and violence to spill out of "blacks" as I have seen with "whites" in my generation; that little deal on the bus was just the tip of the new "iceberg", but this one isn't because of the "icemen"::

And you couldn't help yourself again, could you? Your own unchecked racism assuming that my conversation with my friend had racial overtones!! Your own racism, unchecked, has made you paranoid, and you are projecting that racial fear (in this case, against the Chinese) on to others.

"Another thing, you'd be surprise at who all I'm related to." Maybe not: my family helped organize the Chicago Garbage strikes, etc. Anything else? Do I need to carry a special card that says I have "black credentials" in order to not be called a liar by Granny? Honey, I was just down the block when Qubillah Shabazz get framed! For shame, Granny, for shame!I

Where do I enlist to get my "kind of, sort of, black enough card" so that all of the racists will not accuse me of being a liar, and a cheat? So that all of the "black" people will like me? Do I ned a dege in race pandering? Do I just turn my head everytime some racist sh!t goes down, but turn my head twice when it's directed at "white" people?

You can kep the card, and my application fee, G, I don't need no more travelin passes.

For shame....if YOU only knew before you slandered me, and denigrated my story!

"but can you prove your story about the bus incident?"

I am sorely tempted to ask you if you saw Emmet Till come up and outlast time, were YOU THERE? did you look in his eyes?, but that would be highly disrespectful-almost as disrespectful as you have been calling me a liar, and dragging racist anti-white stereotypes all over that internet, and trying to put my name onthem, burn me in effigy? Makes me wonder what your kind of talk would do to me in person, but then again, maybe your grandnephew told me the other day...

For shame.

And I dare you to show me one racist stereotype that I put up here. that's on you G. That is all on you--just read how you have addressed me from the start. But I am sticking to my story honey, and hope that your stories are true as well.

Well, Granny, as the young racist, raised by folks like Granny "black gangsta" said: " I ain't afraid of no cameras. I can take itin the street. Ain't no m#f&ckin camera stop me!"

I guess next time, I will let him and them jump me, so that Granny has a tape to put in the VCR?!! That is of course, provided they don't leave me "comatose" as you wish--they should have " smoked your behind without a blink of the eye"--Well G, I hope you pray on that, and feel the wheel of karma turn your way if it happens.

Honey, my cool is there when I need it, and my hands are there when they're called, but I bet I am cooler than you, and all of those racist cats on the bus at holding down in an MLK dignified manner while the worst racist crap is thrown at me--just like what tracks you are layin down right now. But I have never, ever struck a person first, nor got in nobodies face and called them some racist crap. If YOU only knew. But I have had my fill of excusing bad behavior, and "black" apologists for crime.

Does that help you understand? Probably not, as it is a little late in this conversation for you to take back your words.

And Don't ever cal me "out my name"or I will tell you more than you bargained for; and possibly make you feel things that you have been avoiding for a long time, like how in your bitterness, you have foregone common decency and become a racist yourself instead of sticking to the higher path.

And don't ever call me a liar again. My story happened as written. For shame,G. If our story has a shred of truth in it, you wouldn't be excusing these clowns either--and you would use that aged authority and wisdom of yours to speak out against it. Or not: after all look what happened to Cosby when he did! But he was right.

But seein as how you wanna get on me about my name, you can call me Critty Bitty from now on. Or just plain old Whitefolks, if that would please you.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


*Sigh* I feel sorry for you, I really do. You are consumed by your hatred for black people, because you hate them with a passion, and it shows. Smh!

field negro said...

granny, are you saying that mkkain was only missing the backwards "B"? :)

And mkkkain, you should be ashamed of yourself for some of the things you said to granny.(Even though I know that she can more than handle herself)What kind of man throws flames like that at an older woman on the Net?

I guess classlessness comes in all races. :(

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Yup, that's exactly what granny is saying. Are you sure that he is straight?

BTW, when is the last time you talked to Kevin? I kinda suspect Kevin saw the light during the election and voted for Obama.

The police confiscated 17,000 in cash, 2 pounds of cocaine,a pound of marijuana, and Mac 11 automatic weapon. In addition, they had another raid this morning on the other side of town with 21 warrants and 14 arrest. I'm sure they'll be doing some more raids the next couple of days in a few other sections of this city.

Anonymous said...

Et Al: My hatred for black people? Granny, get a clue; your racism is not my race awareness. Check your own hatred of whitefolks at the door before you go labeling me.

You are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Your part? Always expecting white people to kowtow to so-called black perspectives--a new form of 'unka Tommery. "Good white folkses never call bullshit black folkses on their bullshit"
Granny, you are full of it.

Go get your own travellin pass, and kiss the ^sses that demand it, but in my view? You are the enabler of the next klan, and generations of 'payback' minded vengefullness directed at those who can least defend themselves: the poor, the vulnerable, and the accessible-to-racism.

Field, shame on you, enabling that form of racism-and, as if I am supposed to believe that someone who flamed me first, by calling me a liar, deserves respect, or deserves to be believed that they are "old".Maybe I should get hip with the black-ass-kissing,race pandering jargon of the white guilt laden liberalleft, so that we could have the same bland discussion about race over and over and over again-with you always bemoaning victimhood over victoryhood; until one fine sunny day, it will be you and your wearing a reincarnated white hood.

Or, we can attempt to change the discussion by adding some day to day truth. But that went over as well here as bringing my jewish ass to a klan meeting.

And even if so-called self styled granny is old--who knows on the internet?-, it does'nt excuse her/them/it from lying about me anymore than any Strom Thurmond deserves respect for being old. Liars are not to be believed,and you are just as bad if you uphold her lyin' on me...

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