Monday, January 26, 2009

Dr. Ruth, eat your heart out.

Field, how many women did you sleep with before you hooked up with the little Mrs.? That was my boy over the weekend (hey there is no NFL, men talk) grilling me about my past indiscretions. "Man that ain't none of your business, and that is definitely not something I talk about, not even with your black ass." Is what I told him.

We were cracking up on the phone. My man, a serious Lothario, was settling down and planning to pop the question to his lady this spring.

"And why do you want to know that for?" "Hey man" he was telling me, "I want to know when enough is enough." "Negro", I told him, "enough is enough when you have settled down and found your significant other. And since I am hoping that's the case, you have already reached the enough stage."

That conversation had me thinking about sexual partners and how much is too much or too little. I actually googled it, and I found that 29% of A-merry-can men have had 15 or more sexual partners in their lives, and something like 9% of women have hooked up with the same amount of people. (Yeah right, like women are ever honest about how many men they sleep with.)

I read somewhere that the average A-merry-can male has had about seven different sexual partners in his life. I am not sure about the women. Not that it matters, I bet it wouldn't be accurate. I don't know, that number just seems a little low to me. Not that I have necessarily reached that threshold, but I am just saying, with all those drunk college frat boys out there partying every weekend, hell I am guessing seven different sexual partners is all in a semesters work.

So anyway, I wanted to conduct my own little experiment. Could you folks do me a huge favor? Could you just leave a comment and a number with your post and let me know where you stand(no pun intended) on this subject. It can all be anonymous as far as I am concerned, even you regulars to the fields who usually leave your handle.

Just leave a post like this: Anonymous = 7 different partners. 9:39 PM.

Oh, could you do me another favor? Could you identify yourself as a man or woman.

Like this: Anonymous (woman) = 7 different partners. 9:39 PM.

I thank you, and Dr. Ruth and the CDC thanks you as well.


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Assistant Village Idiot said...

male 55, 1

field negro said...

Lynne From Brooklyn, LOL! I AM making the run :) Now how many people?

Folks, I am going to keep the poles open (did I say pole? Freudian slip) polls open a little longer, because I see we still have some testimonials coming in.

Anonymous said...

male 53

Anonymous said...

female, 37, +25 partners (fun in my youth)

Anonymous said...

Female, 28, 0

Plenty of opportunity for random play, but gross. Have no interest in pregnancy scares, babies, disease, regret, or insecurity. Not necessarily waiting for marriage, but need to feel unconditional love outside of the bedroom, before going there.

Questions for the guys: 1) Would you date a woman who was a virgin? 2a) Would you get serious with a woman who had a "high count"? 2b) What would you consider a "high count" for a woman?

Intuitively, I think that men don't want to know. Whether the number is 0, 1, 60, or somewhere in between, men always freak out (which is why I posted anonymously, just in case my future husband stumbles across this post, lol)...

Anonymous said...

female, 21, 1 (I really couldn't go on another day until my v-card was voided), straight (mostly- i have kissed a few girls so we shall see :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Male 60. 125 women that I can remember.

Anonymous said...

Male | 34 | 4 partners before marriage & they all were mistakes.

Anonymous said...

female, 39, 3 partners. no stds, no babies (until it was intentional).

very much wish it'd been more, though. but not ever planning on doing anything about it (happily married).

Anonymous said...

female...29yrs. old...4 partners...

Anonymous said...

female, 57, about 10

then got married and still am very monogamous

Anonymous said...

female, 19, 20+

Anonymous said...

female, 28: two women (pre-teen, one was half Moroccan, the other half Jew) two men (adult, one had French roots maternally, the other half-German parentally), no stds, no abortions, never had sex without a condom, turned down men and women irl/online

female 24 and female 24, I want to say I totally respect what you girls are doing, coming out as a *proud virgin* is one the most courageous sexual statements anyone can make. It takes more guts to come out as a virgin than to come out as a freak.

Anonymous said...

Mad props to the guy virgins, it's harder than hell for folks like ya.

For the girl virgins -- learn to masturbate, it'll make it more fun later (there is neurological degeneration that starts to kick in after about the age of 16. it is reversible, but it takes time. do you really want your first time with your Lover to be not-so-fun if that's correctable?)

For the girls/guys who say that they'd rather have had more than however many they Did get? Izzat because your current partner is poor in bed?

Anonymous said...

what is this neurological degeneration? I don't see anything about that on the internet...

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