Thursday, March 19, 2009

But will he have a top ten list?

In honor of the chosen one joining Jaws at his late night desk, I have a top ten list that should be considered:

Here are the top ten reasons president Obama should go after Rush Limbaugh:

Reason number ten- He looks better in a suit.

Reason number nine- "Ditto heads" are never going to vote for the black guy.

Reason number eight- Rush will make 400 million over the next eight years, and Obama makes $400,000 per year. These are tough economic times, A-merry-cans can relate better to the guy who makes less.

Reason number seven- The man's name is Rush.

Reason number six- Because at the rate Rush is going he won't live to see the next election.

Reason number five- Because no matter what Rush says, he doesn't want a debate.

Reason number four- Rush has a face for radio and Obama has one for television.

Reason number three- Obama can't pick on Ann Coulter, she is a woman.

Reason number two- Did I mention that the president looks better in a suit?

And the number one reason that Obama should go after Rush Limbaugh: Two beautiful children and a lovely wife; beats cigars, drug use, and strange Caribbean vacations, every time.

*BTW, I hear that his O ness made a verbal slip up on Leno's show tonight.[something about the "Special Olympics"] Olbermann leaked it. Expect the wingnuts to be all over this in the coming days. :(


isonprize said...


I just wanna know if I have missed your naked run down Broad St.

I'm just askin'...

Anonymous said...

Obama is making a mistake by appearing on the Leno Show. This will not increase his popularity. There are too many serious problems in our country for our President to be spending time with Leno.

Anonymous said...

Are you endorsing the legislation that radio stations must push local news or what? Obama needs critics. "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”~~Howard Zinn~~


? said...

Going after Limbaugh is a losing proposition. It gives the guy a bigger platform and more credibility; while it makes Obama look silly for taking on a talk radio guy, instead of tackling much bigger issues.

field negro said...

But classical one, what if Rush really is the face of the republican party these days?

isonprize,spring time,spring time!
That run is coming. :)

Anonymous said...

Well from surfing the web the feigned outrage about the "special olympics" comment has begone. I wonder how many of those outraged with Obama's comment have voted against programs and funding for disabled at folk.

Anonymous said...

Was having a discussion with a friend about this today. It's a great read about the extent t which the right in this country is willing to go -


field negro said...

"Well from surfing the web the feigned outrage about the "special olympics" comment has begone."

Wow! Already? These wingnuts work fast.

Anonymous said...

Roundball moment - My upset picks for tonight were Maryland, Western Kentucky, VCU, and Minnesota...

50-50 with two to go.


Christopher said...

Why should President Barack Obama "go after" a 400lbs., junkie, pedophile, dumb-as-shit, bloviator, with a 19% approval rating?

You don't step down in the mud to frolic with filth like Rush Limbaugh.

Sorry, I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

"Obama needs critics."

He has some, doesn't he? I mean, I'm assuming you're a critic. Seriously, what's your point, anon at 9:52 PM?

Anonymous said...

...Wrong picture..Dave Letterman perhaps?

Anonymous said...

If Barack Osama can tell Retard Jokes, I can tell N***** Jokes...

How did the Colored Man grow such large Watermelons???

He Didn't, he STOLE them from the White Mans Garden...

Y'all know that S****s funny..

Anonymous said...

The wingnuts are already all over this fake scandal. And he should get a pass for going on Leno. Just think of all those months President Bush spent playing drugstore cowboy at his ranch in Crawford when we needed leadership.

Bob said...

The cranks bitchin' about Special Olympics are same ones who oppose stem cell research that will eventually cure some of the diseases that put people in Special Olympics.

Anonymous said...

FIELD, when you have time go to ABC NIGHT LINE, they had a segment with, guess what? MONKEY'S!!!! this was doing the time the PRESIDENT was on the JAY LENO show, they were sending all type's of message's, was this a coincidence or what? and notice what the host said after the segment, I just happen to turn on NIGHT LINE and once again I saw MONKEY'S!!!

Anonymous said...

I think JAY LENO is a REPUBLICAN, when ELIZABETH HASSELBACK from the VIEW was on JAY LENO two week's ago, JAY LENO begin to talk about the campaign, he brought up that AD with OBAMA being accused of wanting children to learn about (you know what) at an early age, JAY LENO tried to get thing's stirred up once again, but, my station tuned out!!! and it was just on that station, so maybe the PRESIDENT went on his show for a reason!

Anonymous said...

Obama went on Leno for one reason, cause he is a JOKE, plan and simple. Rush has been doing radio for over 25 years, and has had more success than any president. What Obama need to talk about his the $104,332 he got from AIG during the campaign. And stop looking like a fool saying he's stunned that the bonuses were paid. He did the right thing going on The Tonight Show, that's what actors do.

Anonymous said...

People on this site are really really talking about fake outrage??

Color me shocked. Since this site does nothing but whine and cry about Rush and Bush.

If Rush or Bush would have said this you and the wingnutts that post here would be crying like babies.

So please.

Also making fun of someone who has cancer?? Thats really classy.

If Al Sharpton gets cancer i will make fun of him and say" see what happens when you mess with the white interloper."

classysbf said...

Ann Coulter is NOT a woman;
I'll bet my pension on THAT!
Otherwise,good piece,Field :-).

classysbf said...

BTW,it seems like several "anonymous" right wing trolls have discovered this site. I guess venting in the echo chambers like Town Hall and Red State gets boring...

Anonymous said...

needs to stay up in the house!!!!

on the Leno show......

Obama told Jay Leno that he had recently bowled a 129 score, Leno replied dryly, "That's very good, Mr. President." Obama chuckled and said It's "like the Special Olympics or something."

WTF can't believe he's making fun of the freaking retards!!!!

he's gon'a get his little black bottom spanked over this one :)

Malcolm said...

The Obama haters jumped on the "Special Olympics" comment right after Keith Olbermann made the announcement. The You Tube comments were predictable, comical, and pathetic.

By the way, I would love to know what Daryn Kagan ever saw in Rush.

Jody said...

Lets see.... on the anniversary of the War in Iraq, a war that was waged on lies, with over 4 thousand US soldiers killed, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed, over a million Iraqis wounded and displaced, TRILLIONS of US dollars spent, the republican opposition is getting pissy about a stupid, yet harmless comment on a late night television show.

The reason the republicans are so wildly unpopular right now is they cannot for the life of them find a message that resonates with the american people or figure out what is important to us. This is NOT!

Nan said...

The feigned outrage probably started within nanoseconds of the remark being made.

Of course, there was feigned outrage about the Tonight Show appearance to begin with -- How dare the President do anything that isn't totally dead serious and/or take anytime to relax a little bit -- as if his predecessor had spent every waking minute in the White House sweating away in the Oval Office worrying about Iraq instead of setting some sort of record for number of days spent on vacation at that goat ranch in Texas. It doesn't matter what Obama does -- the right wing haters are going to find a reason to feign outrage. The other thing they're all bitching about now is the White House vegetable garden. Unreal.

Anonymous said...

Ummm Under Obama this illegal war based on lies is still going on isn't it?

And how long is Obama gonna keep troops on the ground in Iraq?

Anonymous said...

Heres some other funny things Obama could have said.

Thanks for having me on the show, Jay. You seem like a pretty nice guy for an Italian. [Tony Soprano impersonation] Ayyyy! Fuggetaboutit!"

•"Kevin Eubanks, how are ya, man? Is Jay letting you come in through the front entrance yet? No? It's okay, I do the same thing to Biden."

•"I stopped by Hollywood earlier. Or as I call it, Little Israel. I dropped a penny on the sidewalk and lost 3 Secret Service guys."

•"You think being the first black president is easy? Every time I leave the White House, Secret Service checks my pockets for silverware."

•"Yeah, John McCain and I get along. Although he always freezes me out when I try to give him a high five! [audience groans] What, too soon?"

•"Sarah Palin and I don't talk much, 'cause I don't speak Tardese. 'Doy! Durr! Look at my dumb baby!' [audience member boos] Oh, lighten up."

•"Ya know, I thought about picking a female VP too. But I've already got somebody to clean my house and fetch me beers! Am I right, fellas?"

•"Any Irish folks in the audience? Don't raise your hand, you might spill your drink. 'When Oirish oys are smilin'...'" [staggers, pretends to vomit]

•"Another great thing about LA is all the fags. [audience hisses] OK, OK, Faggot-Americans. Hey, I got no problem with it. After all, I did hire Rahm Emmanuel!"

•"You know what cracks me up? Chinese people. [sticks front teeth over bottom lip and pushes back corners of eyes] 'Herro, Mistel Plesident!'"

•"People ask what scares me most. Iran? The economy? Try: Waking up every morning next to She-Hulk! Oh, I'm gonna get it when I come home."

P.S. I think we all remember where we were when we found out JFK had gone on the Tonight Show and mocked the developmentally disabled. As FDR said: "The only thing we have to fear is... one of those people trying to hug us." And who can forget the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln? "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation, dedicated to the proposition that tards are hilarious."

P.P.S. Obama responds to the controversy: "You know, I didn't mess with those people's chromosomes. This administration has inherited these genetic anomalies."

Christopher Chambers said...

Who cares, either way?

Anonymous said...

Leno is a Republican, who strongly supported both Bush and McCain. He's also a consummate professional...

I think the interview last night was first class.


Anonymous said...


Senate confirms Kagan as solicitor general

16 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate has confirmed the nation's first female solicitor general to represent the United States before the Supreme Court.

Lawmakers approved Harvard Law School Dean Elena Kagan by a vote of 61 to 31.

She and President Barack Obama taught at the University of Chicago Law School during the 1990s.

The 48-year-old Kagan has never argued a Supreme Court case, but she clerked for Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. She also worked in the Clinton White House as an associate counsel and policy adviser.

Already a big improvement over Rethuglys...

Who are usually only in court for soliciting underage females.


Anonymous said...

Obama called and apologized to the head of the Special Olympics right after the remark. The apology was accepted.

Out of everything the President talked about, the anonymous a-holes and the retarded right can only focus on this one comment.

Fake outrage from shallow people who can't stomach anyone smarter than they are...and that's a WHOLE lot of people!

ch555x said...

I watched the Leno interview. It was alright and it provided a break from this faux-AIG outrage. I keep seeing these anon's on here spewing these skewed numbers and what not. If Leno's a Repub, he must have all sorts of critics with the jokes he tells...SMH

Ivan Ivanovich Renko said...

Remember, conservatives are not our friends; and almost by definition they cannot be our friends. They long either for the "good ol' days" when blacks knew their place, or the "good really ol' days" when blacks' places were in the little shacks behind the Big House.

And while we're at it-- remember that they are, by and large, cowards who hide in mobs, under sheets-- and as "anonymous."

alicia banks said...

please wake up and stop drinking obama's corny kool-aid!...

the obama deception

alicia banks

Anonymous said...

No Field, you're wrong on this one. Maybe you should debate Limbaugh, but the President... uh no.

The interview was good, questions were fair and answered in tone and tenor appropriate for late night television.

Nuff said.

Republicans, please go back to your room and try to find a message.

Anonymous said...

You know - oil prices are about like Rethuglys...

They get the biggest rise on nothing at all.

WTF would oil prices rise on the fact that 2 US Navy ships suffered a minor collision?

Oil prices rise after news of Hormuz collision

By GEORGE JAHN – 1 hour ago

VIENNA (AP) — Oil prices reversed course and traded higher Friday on news that two U.S. Navy vessels had collided in the Strait of Hormuz, the portal for about 40 percent of all seaborne traded oil last year.

A submarine and an amphibious ship collided early Friday in the Strait of Hormuz between Iran and the Arabian peninsula, the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet reported.

Benchmark crude for April delivery, which had traded lower for most of the morning, erased those losses and rose 39 cents to $52 on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

The USS Hartford, a submarine, collided with an amphibious ship, the USS New Orleans. Both were operating under their own power.


Christopher said...

Alicia Banks,

I checked out your URL and it isn't a blog at all. It's just a compendium of links to conspiracy nut, Alex Jones.

Jones -- for the uninitiated, is the cat who says the Jews working in the World Trade Center were notified by their employers to stay home on 9/11 and autism is caused by vaccines.

It's a one/way trip to Crazytown.

Anonymous said...

There's hope that scientists and doctors may have developed a new treatment for Parkinson Disease, although it is still in testing on lab animals prior to human trials...

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see the Greatest get back some of his old panache?


Anonymous said...

Top Ten Reasons I'm glad we have Obama as President -

#10 Appointment of a literate and intelligent Attorney General. I mean, AG Holder has taken a lot of flack from the Reich Wing scumsuckers about the "coward" comment but let's look at what the Bushit's second choice for Ag had to say -

"President Washington, President Lincoln, President Wilson, President Roosevelt have all authorized electronic surveillance on a far broader scale."--Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, testifying before Congress.

Uhhhhh... as a way of explanation to our right wing board mates...

Alexander Graham Bell hadn't invented the telephone in Washington's or Lincoln's time...

Indeed it was 1906, more than 40 years after Lincoln was murdered when Lee De Forest invented the triode...

Ushering in the age of electronics.

George Washington was not text messaging Martha ...

On his cell phone.


tjwash said...

I can't stand Jay Leno. Something about that whiny twanged-voiced jackass just annoys the crap out of me.

Maybe it's because he's the prime hack comedian of our age, that gets all of his material from boring unoriginal Hollywood comedy writers, and sold out to Doritos' years ago.

Nah... [fargo voice]he's just annoying in a general sort of a way.[/fargo voice]

alicia banks said...


i have never met anyone with whom i agree 100% on all issues
have you???

perhaps you failed to scan down my blog...

i just saw your own "blog"...and i have actually have posted volumes more than you have...


your technical ineptitude like your arrogant ignorance and denial will never protect you...

i am no republikkkan

alex is a warrior

and you c
are a mindless blind obama nazi!!!


Sharon from WI said...

Well from surfing the web the feigned outrage about the "special olympics" comment has begone. I wonder how many of those outraged with Obama's comment have voted against programs and funding for disabled at folk.10:26 PM

Thank you.

My daughter as a Girl Scout served as a volunteer for the Special Olympics one year.

On her resume a few years later, I made sure she indicated that she was a volunteer for the Special Olympics and not in the Special Olympics.

Does that make me a terrible person? No.

And for anyone to act as if people other than those with disabilities are those participating in Special Olympics needs a reality check.

alicia banks said...


see volumes more here:


obama has played you "leftists" more than anyone else!!!...wake up!!!

may god bless us all,

Sharon from WI said...

Also making fun of someone who has cancer?? Thats really classy.

Oh. For a moment I thought you were referring to Republican Senator Jim Bunning.

He later apologized, but only because he was called on it.

Anonymous said...

Top Ten Reasons I'm glad we have Obama as President -

#9 Appointment of a literate and intelligent Attorney General. I mean, AG Holder has taken a lot of flack from the Reich Wing scumsuckers about the "coward" comment but let's look at what the Bushit's FIRST choice for AG had to say -

"I feel the best way to ensure Americans' freedom is to tighten restrictions on that freedom in any way possible. Only through wiretaps, illegal searches and seizures, unfettered government intrusion, a controlled media and a complete crackdown on free speech can we ensure the liberties of all people."

-- Attorney General John Ashcroft


Anonymous said...

Top Ten Reasons I'm glad we have Obama as President -

#8 I don't have to worry about this Republican getting a H1 Visa, based on adding "color" to the administration - and getting a ob running the Food and Drug Administration:

Vijay Prakash, Indian welfare minister, urged 5-star hotels to serve rat burgers, rat tail pasta, and minced baby rat meat: "It is very high in protein and the beauty is that we have billions of rats."

August 13, 2008


Anonymous said...

Ivan Ivanovich Renko said...
Remember, conservatives are not our friends; and almost by definition they cannot be our friends. They long either for the "good ol' days" when blacks knew their place, or the "good really ol' days" when blacks' places were in the little shacks behind the Big House.

Are you saying we conservatives long for the day when Democrats were in charge of this country and Democrats made sure blacks knew their place?

Can't believe you would say something like that.

Bet you want Obama to start those Internment camps back up again.

Democrats have no shame.

That doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

This one for Analosity -

Top Ten Reasons I'm glad we have Obama as President -

#7 -

"These are not bad people. All they are concerned about is to see that their sweet little girls are not required to sit in school alongside some big overgrown Negroes."

President Eisenhower commenting on racial segregationalists after the Brown vs. Board of Ed decision.


Swiff said...

Obama needs to resign. America can't have a President that is prone to verbal gaffes.

Christopher said...

Alicia Banks:

By opining: "christoper/late/liar/loon/lepton"

You immediately lost your argument because your defense of Alex Jones wasn't made on the merits or by stating examples where Jones' wild-eyed claims were ever proven to be correct. Instead, you lapsed into schoolyard name-calling thus suggesting a level of intelligence that would easily be seduced by conspiracy theories versus facts.

Swiff said...

Are you saying we conservatives long for the day when Democrats were in charge of this country and Democrats made sure blacks knew their place?"

This shit again. Please explain why Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond were Democrats in the 50s and Republicans by the time the 70s came around. Could it be that the southern segregationists punished a Democratic president for desegregation by becoming Republicans?!?!

Swiff said...

"obama has played you "leftists" more than anyone else!!!...wake up!!!"

Okay, I'll bite. What would "waking up" consist of, Ms. Banks? Voting for Ron Paul, I assume?

alicia banks said...


you INITIALLY called me crazy and blatantly lied about my volumninous blog...
so may i add one more slur:
are also a hypocrite

do not dish out what you can't take!!!


you have yet to discuss the valid film and alex's accuracy about obama

you have yet to even defend the limited text you have penned to my own blog and archived colunms

in fact, you are acting as if attacking alex does anything to deter our truths about obama...
and amusingly dare to call me juvenile in your blissful blindness???

spare me the bs distractions...



thank you for being civil and actually addressing my point
rather than raging on irrelevant
claims and belated of alex jones!!!

waking up would entail:

ceasing to blindly worship bo as he writes black checks to ceo's

seeing what he really said about banks while on leno rather than being distracted by the "jokes" he flubbed:

understanding that obama was bought and sold by aig, his blood cousin cheyney, and his pupetteer george bush long question why gwb is sounding even more doting than michelle o thiese days??? why the sudden adoration of bo???...because he's doing a wonderful job as glossy lackey-in-chief

the media are fans....and we are all paying for their unchecked and imbalanced antics

see much more on all at my blog:

Christopher said...

Ms. Banks,

You see what you want to see.

I said Alex Jones was a one/way trip to Crazytown. Now, if the train stops at your crib on the way too, well, if you say so.

But I did manage to find the oddity you're satisfied to call a blog you keep whoring. The endless, paleo-feminist posts about Rihanna/Chris Brown were bizarre to say the least.

Let me save you some time and energy. The reason Rihanna isn't cooperating with the police and DA vis a vis prosecuting Brown has nothing to do with anything you wrote. The real reason is, Chris Brown is in possession of a sex tape the couple made when they were sweet on each other. Brown is blackmailing Rihanna -- if she cooperates with the police and DA, Brown will make the sex tape public and Rihanna's career will be over.

alicia banks said...


if i am a whore for blogging precisely as you do...then pray tell: what does that make you? alex's scorned bitch perhaps?!?

as a gay man you are doubly hypocritical to attack feminism while simultaneously spreading what has not yet been proven to anything more than a misogynist rumor...

there is nothing unique about the toxic drama playing out between cb and ri other than their star status...even if there is a sex tape...that too has become all too common among rabid teens...

ps: you still have said nothing about alex's superb and documented expose on bo...


alicia banks said...

ps chrissie:

how about you stick to the topics herein...ok?

bo on leno

your ranting tangents about ancient claims by alex jones/chris & ri etc are
transparent, repulsive, and failed attempts to mask the fact that you cannot deal with truths in:



west coast story said...

I don't watch Leno, I don't care who is on. I recorded Springsteen on the Daily Show.

Rush Limbaugh's stature in pop culture only rises each time his name is mentioned. Ignore him. It can only hurt his popularity. Ann Coulter is a best selling author because the left wouldn't shut up about her.

Obama should get his butt kicked for the Special Olympics comment. It's the kind of thing you would expect a bunch of idiots hanging around the water cooler to say, not the President. It isn't even about being political correct. Obama basically said he bowled like a disabled person, and that's putting the kindest spin on it. The fact is, there are disabled people who CAN bowl better than Obama. Dumb thing to say and it made him look like hayseed.

alicia banks said...


re all other comments on topics posted to my own my blog

man up
and post them there:

or email me directly:
bring it on!


alicia banks said...



i am 45 years old
i live in a home

spare me your lame slang

may i add one more slur:

spare me your failed ebonic forays
herein too

Anonymous said...

Top Ten Reasons I'm glad we have Obama as President -

#6 - There won't be a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting Ann Coulter from finally marrying a man -

"I'm more of a man than any liberal."
Ann Coulter


Christopher said...


You screech: "what does that make you? alex's scorned bitch perhaps?!?"

Are you nuts? Oh, sorry for the rhetorical question -- your tenuous hold on reality has already been well established.

Jones is a fat, balding, married straight male. I couldn't be his "bitch" if I was even remotely interested.

What you're engaging in is what psychiatrists refer to as "projection." For, it is you who long to be Alex Jones' "bitch."

I'm all through with you, Punkin.' I know you're enjoying this exchange but I find you tiresome and all too predictable. There's a flight leaving for Crazytown in an hour and they're holding a seat for you.

Anonymous said...

Who is Alex Jones?

Alex got his start in conspiracy propagandizing waaay back in the early Clinton Administration as a Waco Whacko.

Waco Whackos consisted of a group of white folks who were outraged that Federal Law Enforcement officers would shoot armed white people shooting at them. Of course, none of the aforementioned whackos has ever seen cause to complain about police shooting unarmed black men in the back...

Jones is so offensive, that fellow conservatives even have been known to whip his ass... Literally:

Recently Jones joined the anti-immigration movement, claiming Hispanics have a secret conspiracy to take back the states of California, Texas, and New Mexico...

Which we originally stole from Mexico:

Heres a short from Alex about what he wants to do:


Anonymous said...

Hey Field!

New candidate for your Lawn Jockey award!

Black candidate wants to solve crime with 'noose'

By HOLBROOK MOHR – 14 hours ago

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Down here in the Deep South, calls to bring back the hanging noose are coming from an unlikely source: a 62-year-old, black Republican mayoral candidate in Mississippi's largest city.

Long-shot George Lambus acknowledges his inflammatory platform has made some residents of Jackson slam doors in his face. Others walked out of a church where he spoke. Yet he insists his tough stand is welcome in some quarters of a state capital racked by crime, much of it black-on-black.

As the only GOP hopeful among nearly a dozen Democrats and four independents, his chances of winning the June election are slim: the majority-black city of about 180,000 is so heavily Democratic that no Republican has won the mayor's race in modern history. Yet, Lambus hopes to stand out in a crowded field by packing a silver pistol and talking bluntly about crime.

"Crime can only be alleviated by a noose and a stout tree limb," Lambus wrote in one of several homemade flyers he passes out in Jackson neighborhoods. "I will provide the noose and when the economy improves, I will get the jobs here."

The Mississippi Republican Party is not supporting Lambus. GOP Chairman Brad White said Lambus' message doesn't reflect "the values that we represent."

"He's already the novelty candidate," explained Leslie Burl McLemore, the city council president.

Still, anti-crime campaigns have resonated in Jackson in recent years: incumbent Mayor Frank Melton won a landslide victory in 2005 on promises to get tough. The mayor even went armed on security patrols through tough neighborhoods. He is now charged with federal civil rights violations for allegedly leading a sledgehammer attack on a suspected crack house.

With his federal trial set to start days after the May 5 primary, Melton's stand provoked such an uproar that several challengers are vying to unseat him. Yet Melton's 2005 pledge to run the "thugs" out of town seems mild in comparison to Lambus' calls for hangings and vigilante justice.

"Look at recent history, like in South Africa, when apartheid was abolished," Lambus said in a recent interview with The Associated Press. "Blacks went on a crime spree. Other blacks got tired of it ... and they formed vigilantes and they killed people. It brought the crime down."

His pistol nearby as he peered out a window at his decaying Jackson neighborhood, Lambus added: "When you cut your yard, carry a gun. When you go to church, carry a gun. When you go to school, carry a gun."

Lambus also asserts that executions are the only way to control crime, adding "If we look at the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, it's driven with blood."

Some are offended by such bold talk from Lambus, a former union official who said he has battled illness, lives off Social Security and ran unsuccessfully for the state senate and city council in the 1980s.

"I don't think anybody in their right mind is going to pay any attention to this guy," said Jackson resident Vernon Archer, a former college professor in his 60s, who is black. "It's offensive, but it's so ridiculous you don't even know how to get mad."

Still, Lambus has been invited to at least two debates in April. And as the lone GOP candidate, Lambus is expected to automatically advance as the Republican candidate while Democrats and independents jockey and jostle in the May primary to decide who reaches the June ballot.

Lambus lives not far from the suspected crackhouse that Melton, as mayor, is charged with damaging in a vigilante raid in August 2006. Lambus charges that Melton was showboating and didn't live up to his promise to clean up the city's crime...


Swiff said...

LOL @ that last Alex Jones video. "Alex Jones Incites Murder Dangerous Kook Fanatic Psychopath". Can you say "overkill"?

But it illustrates my beef with Jones. He just SAYS shit, does his show, sells DVDs, gets money. He's no different than any other talk show host, subject matter aside. Alex Jones and his Youtube fans aren't overthrowing shit. There will be no revolution, no trials, no executions. The years will go by, and Alex will just continue to sit on the sidelines and invent wild theories of "WHAT REALLY HAPPENED" every time there's a major news story.

I'm sure none of what I'm saying will dissuade you, Alicia. But I'll ask you this: You don't SEEM like a full-blown House Negro, so how do you square your Blackness with all of the Neo-Nazis and "White Nationlists" who are gung-ho behind the kind of theories Alex pushes? I mean when I heard about Ron Paul's racist newsletters, I lost 90% of my respect for dude. The Racist Far-Right and NWO theories are damn near joined at the hip.

alicia banks said...


i despise that racist ron paul!
chris brought him up...not me

many other black scholars and authors have documented all in the film...see the ref lists at my sites

i resolve it just as mumia does:

Hero, scholar, and sage Mumia Abu-Jamal said it best: “...a New Democrat is no different from an Old Republican." (June, 1993 -“Clinton Guillotines Guinier”- Live From Death Row)

the truth transcends all races and labels

even nostradamus predicted that wwiii would be one of class...

obama's blank checks to gwb's elite ilk is causing civil war...

he will evenm continue to stash haliburton's swollen coffers for his cousin dc in iran...

alex's film is only the first of many global battle cries

see much more on all of this at my blog/website


alicia banks said...


you are clueless about me and alex...

i know he is a het
just as i knoew that you are a misgynist hypocritical fool

i am a lesbian
so your chances of becoming his bitch are better than mine...

i am a veteran radio host and columnist...i respect alex as a rebel radio peer even when we envy us...fix that personal problem!

gays need to realize that obama is no friend...he has proven that with his own clandestine life & father lust... and his alliance with other self hating closeted gays like donnie m and rick w

wake up!!!
i feel the fear in your vicious sexist denials...
and you will not be saved!
especially by obama
see more at


alicia banks said...

ps swiff:

i also resolve it as prof griff

by seeing obama with my 3rd eye


There are those who actually believe that President Barack Obama is a messiah. There are those who believe that the day he was elected, every ancient documented powerful secret society disbanded. There are those who believe that racism is a relic simply because Obama became president. There are those who embrace and excuse fascism, elitism, and deception as long as they are masked by a fresh blackish face…

see prof g here:

field negro said...

"Obama needs to resign. America can't have a President that is prone to verbal gaffes."

Now that's funny. Swiff, you have been reading this blog far too much. :)

Anon. 10:11AM, when are you playing AC?

I think I know about a lot of things,and I try to stay on top of stuff. But I swear I have never heard of Alex Jones.

alicia banks said...

alex is a rebel warrior and a radio legend

see more on alex here:


Anonymous said...

My 2 cents...I'm sorry folks but I have to agree with sista Alicia...Obama is nothing more than a bought & paid pawn.

The "game theory" (look it up's a REAL) is a scientific, psycho-socio-political model for controlling shit like financial markets, installing and removing presidents and dictators for desired international regional outcomes, (you know like starving Africa, trying to Cuba, most of South America AND the Middle East, ..shall I go on???)'s some real hegelian shit! (see "Confessions of an Economic Hitman, by John Perkins)

black, white, liberal, conservative...ya'll been so brainwashed and bamboozled by all the media-induced hyperbole and propaganda that most of you folks believe you've elected this man as the reality, you're nothing more than useful idiots in this game theory. To believe that Obama is some kind of "new" politician that's gonna bring real "change" to Amerikkka...and that YOU actually made him must be brain dead.

REALITY CHECK: America has long since been corrupt and diseased and we are in a delusional state.

Delusional democracy ladies and gentlemen...this so-called "democracy" is nothing more than exploitative and excessive financial arrangement with the elites, (i.e., the Rockefellers, DuPonts, Bushes, etc.) mixed with a charade two-party politics.

The SAME agenda people...with the SAME results. The whole liberal-conservative, democrat-republican political show is nothing more than "theater" for the dumb-downed masses.

Yeah, it's all nice and shit to come here and intellectualize on Obama, the state of this country, the state of black folks, racism, and the like but reality lies right before you eyes...and most can't even see it.

alex jones...i haven't completely figured out this white boy's angle. of course, making money off corruption in government, the police state we live in, conspiracy, fear and his followers is definitely one of his angles, but one must remember in this whole game theory thing, it's very hegelian folks...every protagonist must have an antagonist, right? there are some that believe he's a government agent...a paid for propagandist shill out there fomenting fanatical folks to wrench up the fear factor.

But hey this "new world odor"...(intentional typo) is REAL and quite's no conspiracy theory...but "game theory".

I definitely don't see Jones as some kinda of prophet or having anymore insight into this than a good study and research of these issues by any human being that can read and comprehend fact from fiction.

"It is impossible for capitalism to survive, primarily because the system of capitalism needs some blood to suck. Capitalism used to be like an eagle, but now it's more like a vulture. It used to be strong enough to go and suck anybody's blood whether they were strong or not. But now it has become more cowardly, like the vulture, and it can only suck the blood of the helpless. As the nations of the world free themselves, the capitalism has less victims, less to suck, and it becomes weaker and weaker. It's only a matter of time in my opinion before it will collapse completely."

- El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

no truer words ever spoken...


Anonymous said...

Alicia Banks is coo coo for Cocoa Puffs

Anonymous said...

Top Ten Reasons I'm glad we have Obama as President -

#5 - What happened the last time we had a Democrat as President to clean up after a Rethugly:

**First, when Clinton won the White House, the federal budget deficit was at a historic high of
$290 billion, 10 million Americans were out of work and the nation's economic growth rate under the outgoing Republican administration was the lowest in more than half a century. (Sound Familiar?)

Clinton introduced his controversial economic plan that raised the income taxes of the richest 1.4 percent of Americans. We immediately heard from the Gloom and Doom congressional Republicans, every one of whom voted against the Clinton plan. Sen. Phil Gramm, R-Texas, announced, "This tax bill is a one-way ticket to a recession." House Republican Whip Newt Gingrich predicted, "This is the Democrat machine's recession, and each one of them will be held personally accountable."

What followed is unarguable: creation of more than 22 million new jobs; the nation's lowest unemployment rate in 30 years; the lowest unemployment rate among women in 40 years; and the lowest Hispanic and African-American unemployment rate in history. The nation went from the largest budget deficits in history to the largest budget surpluses in history, while the average family's income went up more than $5,000.


Anonymous said...

Top Ten Reasons I'm glad we have Obama as President -

#4 - No more underwear police...

"Half the world does not know the joy of wearing cotton underwear"

--Texas Sen. Phil Gramm

Wow... I really could have done without knowing that, which makes you wonder what Rethugly politicians have been doing on these Congressional junkets...

In any case, Mr Gramm is the guy most responsible for our current banking meltdown, being the author of the Bank Act of 1999, which allowed stock firms and banks to merge... And thus create all the bonds which have gone down the toilet.


west coast story said...

Hey k..y..p..d or Anon 12:19AM:

I look forward to you expounding on:

How the US didn't walk on the moon but on a Hollywood film set;

The blowing up of the twin towers by some dark shadowy organization; and

The details of your alien abduction.

Anonymous said...

west coast story...your ad hominem is so typical of folks who rather avoid addressing the substantive evidence and/or facts, OR provide some that disproves them. Your condescension illustrates to me that you lack wisdom and would be no real challenge for debate on such things...but maybe you into basketball like the HNIC?

Reality check...have you been paying attention to "what's going on" as brotha Marvin said so prophetically years ago...don't you know the same shit is going on today but has gotten much worst? I'm sure you're aware that capitalism is on it's last leg...right? Do you read the Economist? Have your check out anything other than a Laker game on the idiot box? Let me school you for a minute young man...because I know you haven't live longer than me because of the context of your reply.


1. That the former administration could destroy a sovereign nation, send our youth to die for Halliburton, outright lie, deceive, murder and rob this country blind and NOT be impeached or brought to justice for tyranny.

2. That Barack Obama will bring real "change" to the way things are done in this nation.

3. That we, as a nation, can continue to live such charmed lives through the systems of capitalism and war.


1. The Bush Cabal are murderers and thieves and they will not be brought to justice.

2. Barack Obama is a bought and paid for shill for the ones who just fucked us up our asses for gadzillions of fiat money...that your children's children's grandchildren will be paying for in taxation (basically slavery) the next 100 years...provided that no mother-of-all-wars type prophetic shit happens.

3. This is the fall of empire...and the robber barons of this nation are stackin up their chips baby...but hey, don't be scarred(my southern accent) happens to all great empires.

These are not conspiracy theories or looney manifestations of a brain-dead proletariat.

This shit is real young you can go back to watching Kobe do his slave act for the masters of the universe.


Anonymous said...

oh yeah wcs...I forgot to add these links. No loons or conspiracist but one of the well known professors at UCLA and other notable academicians.

"You treat world history as a mathematician does mathematics, in which nothing but laws and formulae exist, no reality, no good and evil, no time, no yesterday, no tomorrow, nothing but an eternal shallow, mathematical present."

- Hermann Hesse


west coast story said...

Listen to me you presumptuous, shrill, ass. I am not a man and I've been on this earth since the 1940's. I have forgotten more US history and plitics than you will every know. I don't watch sports, speaking of the opiate of the masses. I also don't get my reality from pop culture references, even as much as I admired and enjoyed Marvin Gaye's work.

I recall it was folks like you in 2000 who said the same thing about Bush and Gore. It doesn't matter who we elect, Gore and Bush are the same thing. (And by extension, Clinton and Bush were the same thing.) If you want to believe that Obama and Bush are bought and paid for by the same people, by all means. You seem to be missing the major shift in policies that are occurring particularly in energy and foreign policy.

That's all right. Go back to whatever conspiracy theory you need to spin. I've been on this planet for a long time and have lived through a dozen presidencies. They were not all alike, they had marked differences. But hey, I'm just the dumb old broad who knows nothing.

alicia banks said...



ditto to all!!

u made my day...

thank you!


alicia banks said...

thank you so very much for the compliment miranda!

every one of my s/heroes has been similarly slurred...

i wear your juvenile insults as badges of honor...especially the chocolate refs


Anonymous said...

I'm offer my apology for being presumptous West Coast Woman...based on your curt and dismissive reply I did assume you were male...we cannot perceive gender by so few words. If you had been a wee more clear in sharing your thoughts without derision, or having me expound on my POV, then maybe we could have dialogued without presumption...don't you think? To assume that I'm some CT nut just because my world perspective is different from yours lacks gravitas. My background is in applied mathematics and economics. I am over 50 and have done research on a number of things. I have mentioned nothing that has to do with "conspiracy theory" but "game theory".

Personality and character are subjective and are nothing more than facade in most of course the "perception" of these men are different...but on the other tip...economies are the domain of powerful men in control of resources, capital and finance...and the president has none.

I suggest reading Heterogeneity of Interpretation: Rules, Repertoires, Strategies and Regime Maintanance, by Michael McGinnis or Robert Wright's, The Logic of Human Destiny.

"I feel like a man who has been asleep somewhat and under someone else's control. I feel that what I'm thinking and saying is now for myself..."

- El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz


Anonymous said...

Your welcome alicia...

And what, Socrates, is the food of the soul? Surely, I said, knowledge is the food of the soul.

- Plato

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I want to see our President on late-night tv - unless it's Charlie Rose. i'm also not sure that I want him on Facebook and Twitter. I know he's trying to "connect", but, COME ON.

I also gave The President a thumbs-down for his Special Olympics comment. I guess it's proof that we all harbor ignorance, no?

Last, two word re: Rush: Ignorant pig.

Vincetastic said...

I like "Reason number three- Obama can't pick on Ann Coulter, she is a woman." But guess what I can, Ann Coulter is the devil. This is a really great top ten list, you can post this to our site and then link back to your site. We are looking for top ten lists and our users can track back to your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list.

Marc B said...

The only kink in my otherwise muddy-yet- still white genes is finding that blowhard unlistenable. How do you call other people elitists when your own personal wealth is nearly $500 Million.

He himself hangs around with the global elite on private jets, and has no business trying to connect with average Americans in such a condescending manner. But they continue to lap up this Republican's drivel year after year and I'll never get it.

Constructive Feedback said...

Filled Negro:

Today is March 25 which is the 84th day of the year.

According to your post there have been 61 people killed in your fair city this year.

With Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and any Black Conservative that dares show his face on the television or newspaper receiving attack from you and various AfroSpear web sites I wonder WHEN you will do some soul searching and commit yourself to addressing CRITICAL issues impacting the "Negrosphere"?

Swiff said...

@ Anon 11:24

I heard about you guys on the news!