Sunday, March 15, 2009

Give him a record deal.

I see Osama bin Laden just made another audio recording. (His 60th broadcast to the world since 911) I swear the guy has more recordings than Akon.

But once again A-merry-cans are reminded that the guy who brought mass murder and mayhem to our country is still alive and kicking in a cave somewhere. The frat boy started two wars and put millions of dollars on his head and it didn't mean squat. Two months after leaving the people's house, and the man in the cave is still mocking him. Looks like the bearded one got the last laugh. For seven years he eluded the Bush crew and he will probably outlive most of the neocons who came up with the foolhardy scheme to capture him.

I don't have a fairy god mother, but if I did, I would ask her to grant me a few wishes. One of them (besides the obvious red light special with Lark of course) would be to have our Special Forces capture the scum bag (dead or alive) on the O man's watch. I would give anything to see a press conference with the O man declaring to the nation that we got him, while pictures of the capture are split screened on our television sets. Of course, it would hardly get a mention over at FAKE NEWS, and they would give all the credit for his capture to the previous administration. Thanks to the hard work of former President Bush, Osama bin Laden was captured today....

But watching the wingnuts try to explain why it took their leader seven years with no luck and his O ness did it soon after taking office would be priceless.

I only hope that if and when the O man's administration does capture the bearded one we will get the hell out of Afghanistan. No good can come from fighting with the Afghans. (Just ask the Russians) Fighting to them is like eating apple pies to us. It's what they do. And they enjoy that shit. Our only reason for being there is to capture Osama, so if we get him, let's air-lift everyone who wants out and roll. The Taliban can have that god forsaken place all to themselves.

"It has been clear that some Arab leaders were complicit with the Zionists against our people..."

Yea yeah yeah. Apparently they weren't complicit enough, because your ass is still free, and still making records.


Anonymous said...

I'm pro military. I like to drink beer on Memorial Day and watch war movies. I trust vets more than others. And I think we should get the heck out of Afgan now. NATO ain't helping, fuck em.


Anonymous said...

Bush had no intention of going after Osama. Didn't he let a whole "but load" of Osama's relatives fly out of here a day after 911? The U.S. has no problem finding anybody that they're looking for. Bush went over there for the big "O" and it wasn't was OIL. I'll bet
him and Cheyney cashed in by the millions. When Bush invaded Iraq white folks didn't care because to them it was like going after a black man accused of raping a white long as someone black is captured they don't care whether it's the wrong guy or not. The only problem is that Iraq wasn't what most expected. They thought that the "sheet heads" (as they call them) would go down easy. All the Bush supporters pretty much went along with invading Iraq but took longer, and was bloodier than expected. By the time all the cronoies that voted for Bush woke up to the fact that he is a liar and a crook, it was too late because he rode of into the sunset to live "happily ever after."

La♥audiobooks said...

Something isn't right with all these... oh so opportune O-Ladin videos. I don't know what to think anymore. Why can't they find this man? They are all getting on my nerves.

I don't trust the government anymore than I trust Osama. I'm getting ready to find his ass on google earth and call it a day.

Anonymous said...

Ah leave em over there so the arabs can wipe em out & start on the khazzars after that.Then Isreal will be truly liberated & god can get on with judging america!

Jody said...

Bin Laden is alot like Limbaugh... both are blow hards who are desperate to be relevant..... so, every once in awhile they say outlandish bullshit, and both are impotent to actually DO something.

Anonymous said...

both are impotent to actually DO something.

Yeah, that's why his people are spreading Sharia all over western Pakistan are slowly taking over Afghanistan again.

Anonymous said...

Jeez Jody, just stop with the c0mments for a while. Comparing Laden with Rush? Thats reaching for sure.One likes American achievement and one doesn't. I'll still respect you the morning but wow. no more morphine for you, girl


Saleema said...

"Our only reason for being there is to capture Osama, so if we get him, let's air-lift everyone who wants out and roll."

Nope. Our reason is not Osama at all. You are wrong. Our reason is to establish permanent base there and get the natural gas pipeline and the oil, which is very abundant in the eastern European/Asiatic region (places like Uzbekistan, Khazakistan, all the "stans" except for PakiSTAN) and onto a Ship waiting in the Indian Ocean. The other route is Russia and they won't let that happen.

Some people at the Pentagon still think we are in a cold war with Russia. All these "stans" used to be Russian satellites and the US would like to have them under their control. Maybe going Green isn't a bad idea and then we can certainly leave these people alone to determine their own fates without us butting in.

I take exception to your comment saying that that's all what they know and that it's all that they like doing--fighting.

It's not true and it is down right racist. Yep, you heard me right. Just like the White Man has treated your folks like crap and then sold certain steretypes about you to the public they have done the same thing with the brown people.

Anonymous said...

field...excuse me if my sarcasm radar has failed me, but are you serious when you say "Our only reason for being there is to capture Osama, so if we get him, let's air-lift everyone who wants out and roll. The Taliban can have that god forsaken place all to themselves."?

I mean, really? Who gives a fuck about Osama, we need to stay until the Taliban is disbanded and all public opinion is against them. I don't know if you realize this but a few weeks ago the Taliban conquered a giant chunk of Northwest Pakistan and shut down all the girls schools and began requiring head coverings and implemented Sharia law, and Pakistan was forced to agree to a cease fire. You saying something like that makes me think you don't really care what happens to people over there.

Saleema said...

This is the first time, (recent follower of the blog), that I realize how much in common with A-merry-ca (however you like to spell it) you have than you even realize.

What kind of a lawyer are you? Criminal Defense? Human Rights? Civil liberties?

Yes I'm mad. Mad at your portrayal of a people with one broad stroke of brush. Talk about profiling.

field negro said...

Saleema, if someone says tells me that there is good weed in Jamaica,(my people) and that Jamaican (political gangs are violent, I would have to accept that. It's not a stereotype, it's a fact.

The Afghans are good fighters, that's a fact.

And while I do write with a great deal of cynicism,I stand by the basic premise of my post: we need to get out of Afghanistan,(four soldiers died yesterday) and the only reason we should be there is to capture OBL. (your arguments about the oil routes notwithsstanding)Pakistan is a very volatile place right now, but I think India will have something to say about how crazy it get's over there.

Anon 11:23PM is right, Shari law is spreading and OBL is still alive, (thank you frat boy)as long as that continues there will be problems for the West (which means nida as well) down the road.

Anonymous said...

Osama bin Laden will still play with America under Obama's watch. He watch the response to Deccan Mujahideen and now made the call for Muslims to take up Jihad, to liberate Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and especially Iraq. Obama's muslim (background)will cause a big conflict here, and Osama knows this.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

The situation in Afghanistan is a mess. I think Bush made a huge error when he switched manpower to Iraq. The Taliban was defeated and now they are back and getting stronger.

I don't think we can nation build however, I don't know what the solution is. The Taliban continues to meddle in Pakistan and in other countries.

As a women I cannot wrap my head around the idea that the Taliban would shut down schools for girls. When the girls try to go to school (mind you the schools are not even co-ed) they had acid thrown at them. You cannot reason with these type of religious extremists. The Taliban will not stop until everyone is under Shari law.

Most Afganis are not in favor of the Taliban. They want their country back.

Didn't we arm the Taliban against the Russians back in the day?

Christopher said...

Osama bin Laden, is in fact, a mythical figure much like the fictional character "Goldstein" in George Orwell's classic novel, 1984, who the government of the United States trots out whenever they need to shape vox populi on the so-called "war on terrorism" and sway public opinion for a new round of American, military adventurism somewhere in the Middle East, all in the name of U.S. national security.

Unfortunately, the neocons still orbit the halls of power in in Washington and they have President Obama's ears when it comes to Afghanistan and Pakistan and looking the other way as Israel saber rattles and threatens Iran with a nuclear first-strike.

You see, by every account of doctors on the ground and al-Qaida fighters on American payroll, the real Obama bin laden died during the U.S. attack at Tora Bora in Afghanistan. Yet, like magic, these 50+ audio recordings keep appearing and the mainstream media and far too many bloggers, report the contents of these recordings as thought they are genuine.

Who knew a dead man could talk into a tape recording?

Anonymous said...

Someone explain it to me?
You (most you here are dems) agree with your man to bail-out companies like AIG with millions of our dollars. Ok, the argument is that when a neighbor’s house is on fire it affects us all. Just curious why your peps in congress didn’t look at the fine print???? AIG reportedly just gave out $165 million in bonuses!!!! That right folks $165 million!!!
Now help me to understand this, your suppose to be the enlightened party all knowing, all seeing, ready to “change” everything for the better which I’m all in favor of, I don’t want Obama to fail logically that would mean the American people fail. So, explain why in the world with people being thrown out of their house to live on the street would your people in charge allow these folks that are receiving gov assistance to give out $165 million in bonuses?

Oh, before you respond I know you believe the repubs screwed this all up, I'll agree with you for the sake of agrument before your responce is about that.

Jody said...

Anon 8:18am... first, why do you assume we support the bail out? Second, I invite you to join me and thousands of others on April 4th on Wall Street to protest the bail out...

Anonymous said...

Christopher... Obama seemed obsessed with Laden on the campaign trail. You know, before he got to the white house. I figure he's still alive because of the voice ananyisssss. There are civilian techs who can do the same tests who aren't part of your big conspiracy, so don't go there. Lastly, Laden is like a venture capitalist with no money these days and we'd only make a martyer by killing him. So in real policy terms, we agree.


Anonymous said...

Anal tries - "You (most you here are dems) agree with your man to bail-out companies like AIG with millions of our dollars."

AIG makes two points, of which one is valid -

The first, is that these bonuses are to top producers who contribute to the bottom line (such as it is), and if AIG doesn't pay them millions - they will leave and go somewhere else.

That is bogus, because there are 20 million folks in America, who would be perfectly happy to take their place...

For $10 million a year instead of $20 million.

Let 'em go.

The second, and most valid point is that it is a contract issue. Most senior execs at that level are contract employees, meaning they signed a 1, 2, or 5 year contract with the company, wherein they get paid bonuses based on their fiefdom's performance. Termination by the company of their contract, based on anything except egregious non-performance, fiduciary malfeasance, or bimbo eruption appearing in the local and national media...

Results in a "Golden Parachute".

The courts have backed that consistently.

The real issue is, AIG needs to make the stupid SOBs who made the decision to go into derivatives unemployed and radioactive. If they were participants in the oil scam last year, then the people who set up that group, funded it, and provided the lead room for the former Enron "traders" (who should have been radioactive) to jack the oil prices - need to feel the pain.

That needs to be real. It needs to be made public, and not swept under the rug Wall Street style.

They need to make it very clear that the folks getting those fat checks, are getting those checks (hopefully) on the basis of contributing to the bottom line.

I mean, it's fine that Madoff and Sanford are going to jail - but they aren't the guys who screwed the National pooch.


Anonymous said...

Boy banned from wearing Obama mask in skit

maybe he dances better than the

Anonymous said...

Police in Conn. chase outbreak of cockfighting

Hey, Chris did you hear about this?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of whack-jobs - another "B" Movie actor who has sniffed too much hairspray -

Pat Boone dreams of civilian uprising removing Obama then installing him as president

March 15, 8:33 AM · 8 comments
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Entertainer Pat Boone in a WorldNetDaily column writes that he dreamed that an uprising removed all U.S. government leaders and when the dust settled he was president. In the column he begins with his dream new bulletin:

News Bulletin: In a stunning, unprecedented civilian uprising, President Obama, Vice President Biden, Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid were recalled and sent packing. Practically overnight, responding to the national emergency, an extraordinary election propelled entertainer/activist Pat Boone into the White House. The new president just revealed his first-term agenda. ...

Wow, I had this crazy dream last night! Maybe it's something I ate, or more likely, all the insane stuff we've all been hearing constantly on the news. I say "insane" because the measures and pronouncements being made by our president and our Congress – without consulting at all with the folks who elected them! – are truly the stuff of nightmares. But it's all happening, in real time and right before our eyes.

In his dream he lays out a detailed agenda; replacing Treasury Secretary Geithner with Steve Forbes, forcing bailed out companies to file bankruptcy, extending temporary assistance to those losing jobs as a result and a zero-sum budget that he “…would defend with my life and honor.”

He dreams of a flat tax, a return to the gold standard and telling the judiciary "Hands off religion, as the First Amendment dictates. And you will no longer legislate from the bench. Keep your personal ideas to yourselves, and enforce the legislated will of the people." He ends aid to countries that vote against U.S. positions in the U.N. "If they're not for us, they're agin' us. They can go on without our aid." and would overturn the Obama provisions aiding to the people of Gaza and international family planning agencies.

He finally awakens “…tingling with excitement – only to find I'd been dreaming. But I can't get it out of my mind.”

Recently right wing Americans have organized to make Mr. Boone’s dream come true. From fomenting rebellion in the military, to seceding from the Union and surrounding domestic enemies, the call of Joe Hill “Don’t mourn, organize” is heeded, but with a sense of danger and hostility. It may be a dream to take up arms to overthrow the government, but it is unclear if the dreamers understand that what for them may be a thought experiment; for the next Timothy McVeigh may be marching orders.


Christopher said...


I don't recall Obama being "obsessed" with Osama bin Laden on the campaign trail.

I think you mean George Bush for the first six months after 9/11, then he lost interest because he realized a living, breathing Osama bin Laden, could be waved in-front the American people to frighten them and keep them in-line.

Obama's campaign obsession was Pakistan and Afghanistan and the shadowy forces of al-CIAda.

tjwash said...

Ah...sweet sweet irony. On both sides of the equation no less

Irony for us, that our own creation, is going to be taunting us forever. OBL was indeed one of the first non-Afghan volunteers to join the ranks of the mujahideen. He was a favorite of the CIA, raising a ton of money from private Saudi citizens. By 1984, he was running the Maktab al-Khidamar,where he helped the U.S. of White America, funnel money, arms, and fighters, to the afghan front.

Funny, how when our own creations do to us exactly what we trained them to do, their titles change from "freedom fighter" to "terrorist" isn't it?

Irony for Bin Laden, as he managed to give Bush just the exact excuse the U.S. needed, to go into Iraq and steal their oil, and use it to secure the pipeline through Afghanistan, to pump it through. No wealth has been redistributed. No schools, infrastructure, or jobs have been created for the Iraqi or the Afghan people with that hundreds of billions of dollars worth of black gold flowing through the pipelines they have been getting murdered for decades for.

The hypocrisy is there for all to see: the "terrorists," of today, trained, funded and backed by modern imperialism yesterday.

And we act surprised, still...

ABlock said...

Thanks to the hard work of former President Bush, Osama bin Laden was captured today....
So true.

I only hope that if and when the O man's administration does capture the bearded one we will get the hell out of Afghanistan. No good can come from fighting with the Afghans.

We need to get out of there NOW. IMO it doesn't matter what we do over there, the Taliban or some like minded organization will be back as soon as we leave. The idea that we can radically change culture through violence is the pinnacle of arrogance. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have brought the world nothing but the loss of life and sanity.

It's unfortunate that it took two disgusting wars to expose the republicans.

Nan said...

Pat Boone is still alive?

Anonymous said...

Apparently Boone is still alive...

Even though his brain is fossilized.


Anonymous said...

Hey sPork & Dork, you two can now move out of that one room bunker in Nothern Idaho you been sharing waiting for "The Big One"...

President Obama has granted a pardon!


Saleema said...


It's obvious you do not know much about the region other than what you have consumed from the mass media. Please pick up several books, preferabbly not written by neo-cons, and start with a fresh set of premises.

Don't get me wrong. Your writing has a fresh of breath of intellectualism and your anylitical skills are very good but you got it totally wrong about this one bro.


Yeah there... if Obama finds Osama...he is guaranteed a second term!!

field negro said...

Pat Boone? Heaven help us. :(

Saleema,I appreciate your perspective,I really do. So you have to tell me how I am wrong on this one.

Consider ABlock's comments, I pretty much co-sign with him when it comes to that region. Though I must confess, it is one part of the world where I am not too up on the geo-politics. Still, if we are there for the oil, as you suggest, how are we benefiting by waging a war against them? We propped up Karzi, but what good will that do? Afghanistan is a country of tribes and strong war lords, they are not going to listen to him, or anyone else for that matter.

So again I ask, other than to capture OBL, why are we there?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Obama isn't exactly supporting AIG paying those bonuses -

Obama: AIG Bonuses an 'Outrage' to Taxpayers

By William Branigin
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, March 16, 2009; 1:49 PM
President Obama today blasted the plan of insurance giant AIG to pay millions of dollars in bonuses to traders who helped bring the company to the brink of ruin, calling the payments an "outrage" that violates "fundamental values" and underscores the need for financial regulatory reform.

These bonuses are TO the MORONS who tanked AIG.

Since the Government now owns 80% of AIG, seems to me they have legal recourse.


field negro said...

"Since the Government now owns 80% of AIG, seems to me they have legal recourse."

Not so sure BT. If those execs had contracts in place with AIG before all this mess, I am pretty sure those contracts are enforceable. They (The gov.)should have given AIG that money with some conditions. Now that they bailed them out of bankruptcy court I don't know Let's hope they did. If not, we (the people who gave them the money)could be screwed.

But I agree with the overall sentiment that it is outrageous.

Anonymous said...

The Government can't regulate compensation. However - as a SHAREHOLDER, the can open the proverbial "Gates of Hell".

Many of those folks are likely "Officers" of the corporate entity - which means, along with other duties, they have fiduciary responsibility to the corporation, and it's owners...

The shareholders.

My position would be that the leadership failed in it's responsibility.

Shareholder suits get ugly. Been through 1 or 2 myself, and it's no fun. It's far cheaper to fold up the tent unless the shareholder is totally irrational.

And even if the Government doesn't own shares, or didn't at the time the contracts were signed - I'm sure there are a plethora of pissed-off shareholders who did, who just might appreciate amicus briefs, and support by the DOJ and SEC.

This is a case of "Give the money back and run".

Anonymous said...

"Pakistan is a very volatile place right now, but I think India will have something to say about how crazy it get's over there. "

Let me tell you something about craziness. In India, we have the equivalents of 9/11 every other week, both internal and external threats. That hotel bombing? You only heard about it because it was a high class hotel and the rich and several foreigners were involved.

India has been opposing the Taliban for over ten years, even back when when the USA was still supporting them. Westerners always think that they are being so charitable, keeping order and helping the poor third world, doing the white man's burden. They provide only sporadic and heavyhanded help, the billions of dollars the UN pours into regions do nothing but fund corrupt governments. Remember that piece you did on the war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?
I ended up writing a paper on that. I think I cited the page you linked to by the way, thanks for that. Do you know the UN pours so much money into DRC aid, that if evenly distributed, each Congolese citizen would get over 10 million dollars a year? Where is that money going? No doubt funding some drug war. Granted some individuals take initiative and help with charity, but those are individuals and the western nations have nothing to do with it. The West as a group of nations has been nothing but irresponsible in almost every single international affair. Because of them Africa is devastated, the middle east is devastated, and china and india mere shadows of what they could have been. That war in the DRC can be traced entirely back to Germany and Belgium's idiocy during the scramble for Africa.

But even if we forget colonization, consider this: The USA, outraged over a few deaths, went and ran around in Iraq, and made the the people support the Taliban where they did not before. You cannot defeat the will of the people, and your country has turned the will of many people to support the Taliban.

Now Taliban is stronger then ever, and once the United States evacuates, guess who has to fight the Taliban. India and Pakistan, the only two powerful democracies in the region. And we both know that American soldiers can defeat the Taliban with much fewer casualties.

And also consider that whatever the politicians say, Pakistanis do not look kindly toward the West. Even some indians have anti us sentiment. Pakistan is a relatively broken country, and it won't take much for isolated tribes or even sections of the general population to side with the Taliban. Bush has already offended them by authorizing troops to go in without position. I wanted us out before when we were under Bush, but now that we are under Obama, there is a chance that this can actually be handled competently. America can either take that chance or let other, frankly weaker and even more incompetent countries pick up the slack.

Saleema said...


A good start to make sense out of the mess over in that corner of the world is: "The Duel: Pakistan on the filight path of American power" by Tariq Ali.

Pp 208--209:

"Recognize me?" he asked.
"Forgive me," I replied, "I..."
"I never forgave you when you were young. Why should I now? Look at me closely and try again."

I did as he asked. Slowly a picture formed of a pimply tennager who many decades agao used to hang out with my gang of friends....

"What do you do these days?" I asked him.
"You're going to kill me."
"Try me."
"I was a senior security officer for Bhutto and later Zia."
"You served both."
"It was my job."

I sighed in despare. "And after that?"

He was now an even more senior intelligence officer, on his way to a European conference to discuss better ways of combating terrorism.

"Is OBL still alive?"
He didn't reply.
"When you don't reply, I'll assume the answer is yes."
I asked the question again. he didn't reply.

"Do you know where he is?"
He burst out laughting. "I don't, and even if I did, do you think I'd tell you?"

"No, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Does anyone know here he is?"
He shrugged his shoulders.
I insisted, "Nothing in our wonderful counry is ever a secret. Someone must know."

"Three people know. Possibly four. You can guess who they are."
I could. "And Washington?"
"They don't want him alive?"
"And your boys can't kill him."
"Listen, friend, why should we kill the goose that lays the golden eggs?"



Obama is part of the power structure now. Sure we elected him. Sure we pinned our hopes on him, and sure we stil love him. Sure we all cried like babies when he was announced the Presiden of the United States, but he's a changed man.

Power does that to you. It changes you. I'm not saying Obama is corrupt. What I'm trying to say is that there's a government within a government, every country has it. Obama has to play that game. Anyone elected has to.

Obama is not there to catch the bearded one. That's just for us, to keep us cheering.

Anonymous said...

You Afro-cans crack-er me up!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SALEEMA, CHRISTOPHER and TJWASH, finally, I agree with everything you three said, and chris, I do not believe OSAMA is alive! this is all PROPOGANDA, how in this world can this man come out of a cave and speak at will, this is a joke!

FIELD NEGRO, when are you going to wake up and become informed! BIN LADEN and BUSH were on picture's together, the government got rid of those picture's, this is about OIL and POWER, and I thought by now, the PRESIDENT would have exposed all of this, and since when did WHITE AMERICA care about people of color?

CHRISTOPHER, you are a informed young man, you don't let anything slide by you, GOOD, remain watchful! you do your home work, and SALEEMA continue to inform us of what is truly going on.

Anonymous said...

bin Laden is dead ya'll...just you tube the video of Benezir Bhutto before her untimely assassination.

everybody in the middle east knows this...only the media dumb-downed A-merry-kans don't!

And in spite of all the Obama-love being given here...that brotha is just a replacement for that other puppet...who just in case you've forgot has walk away without no indictment for lying, murder and treason.

wake up people...

Anonymous said...

ok, I'm not part of the enlightened dem party but it seems to me that when your loaning someone money you ask a few questions and make a few reqiurments! Like this money is for this only and if you plan on using any of your other monies of things such as bounes "YOU CAN'T"

However, the administration knew about these bonuses and, while outraged, seemed initially resigned to the idea that they could not force AIG to halt the bonuses because the company was "contractually obligated" to pay them. The New York Times reports in their story from Saturday night:

What the hell are the dems doing up there? sounds like their just throwing our money around like the rubs said they would do?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:41 sez - " seems to me that when your loaning someone money you ask a few questions and make a few reqiurments!"

Normally in business that would be the case. Most business deals of this type go through a comprehensive due diligence process wherein the nuts and bolts of the borrower are examined.

However, in this case that process wasn't possible. The Government got stampeded into making the investment, based on the imminent demise of the companies in question - and made investment decisions in a few days...

Instead of a few months as would be normal.

Second, the Obama "machine" is not in place, with the man only holding office for the last 60 days. The one major fault I see in the Obama Admin so far, is in comparing how quickly the Bushit's people moved in to infiltrate every level of government versus the seeming lack of foresight on the part of Obama's staff.

Of course the single minded groupthink of the Bushits was singularly responsible for 9-11, and the failed response at the Federal level to Katrina...


Anonymous said...

why are you people outraged over false conspiracies about obama and bush and bin laden when there are real problems that everyone agrees on to be outraged about.

It doesn't matter if Bin Laden is dead or alive, if he's holed away in a cave, and, if saleema is right, is in contact with less then 5 people, he is not doing much damage.

Saleema said...

"if saleema is right, is in contact with less then 5 people, he is not doing much damage."

You missed my point. Read the very last line of what I wrote.

I agree though that he should not get airtime. Al Jazeera is wrong to give air time to him and then the other channels pick it up too. I mean do we give David Duke airtime? No. He should be allowed to wither away in the cave where he's hiding at, if he's alive at all.

I am quoting a highly respected journalist and scholar on the region. I didn't make that statement! Sheesh you are going to alert the fbi on me, without you even knowing, and that won't be good for me being Muslim and all. Trust me, I am not kidding. I know about people who have been picked up for smaller incidents.

My brother was questioned becasue an old white racist lady had phoned in about a suspicious looking arab guy who's living with a two other guys and a lot of people come in and out of his apartment. My brother was woken up in wee hours of the morning. He thought it was a joke when his roommates said the fbi was here to see him.

He was asked why do so many ppl come in and out of your apartment? Answer: friends, I'm a college student and a top-notch nerd and when we get together to study we actually study.

You are Arab? NO.
YOu look Arab. Thanks?
You don't look Paki? Umm...Ok.. I don't know what to say to that...

Your roomates Muslim? NO.
What are they? Christian and Athiest.

He's not Arab? No, he's white the other is Asian.

well if you see anyone suspicious call us.

My brother was lucky. Others haven't been.


Anonymous said...

actually...i was agreeing with you, and using what you said as backup for arguing against the anonymous posts.

By the way, no one is hunting David Duke. A Wikipedia search reveals that he is living quite comfortably in Mandeville, Louisiana. His pic also reveals that he has had several botched plastic surgeries... perhaps he felt that he did not look white enough...? Poor man looks like a less extreme version of Michael Jackson :(