Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When will it end?

When the revolution finally comes, most A-merry-cans won't even know it unless their favorite show is interrupted by a breaking news update. I have been sitting at this computer for the past hour, and I can 't get a damn thing done. Why? Because Mrs. Field has been at the church of "American Idol" for as long as I have been sitting here.

Some things in life I will never understand. Mrs. Field is a smart woman. In fact, I am pretty sure that her IQ is much higher than mine. She is disciplined focused, and damn good at her job. Yet there she sits, interacting with the television, song after miserable song. Tonight must be Motown night, (because I recognize all the classics they are playing) and if Barack Obama wants to really get in my good graces he will pass a law tomorrow banning all sampling of old Motown songs.

I can hear Randy with his shuck and jive act. "Dude, that wasn't really you dog". (Who talks like that?) And I can hear Paula, and Simon, and the other one (I don't know her name), as each singer mercifully ends their song. And, of course, Mrs. Field has to give her running commentary as well. "Lil Rounds you shouldn't sing that song girl... now that was better... come on Scott, you can do better than that....Anoop, I don't know if you are going to make it...."

No Anoop, you will be fine, I don't know if I am going to make it.

I am going to give the guy with the tight t-shirts and British accent his props. He nailed it with this "American Idol" concept. Put a bunch of people who want to be stars on the tele, and have an entire country vote on who should go or who should stay. It's brilliant! But I still have to wonder: how do they hook people like Mrs Field? One day I plan to ask her, maybe when this season is over.

"You cant hurry love No, you just have to wait She said love don't come easy Its a game of give and take... "

But can we please hurry the end of this show?


Hathor said...

Don't put that song in my head!!!

a.eye said...

I don't know why they still show this program. I heard there is a tell all coming out about how rigged the show is... I'd rather see that than the actual show.

Anonymous said...

I would love to smack the ish out of Randy Jackson everytime he says a sentence containing the word dog.

I would also like to smack him everytime someone else uses the word dog when referring to him, just in case he didn't get the point from the first series of backhands!

Anonymous said...

Finally something we agree on!!! Haven't watched that show since I was in the slammer.... can you believe First Degree Father Rapers preferred that gay Justin to Wrestling????


Christopher Chambers said...

Silly silly stuff. But then again, Mrs. Field might say your shows are whack and why are you obsessed. My cousin almost cried when the new Battlestar Galactica series ended, for example.

Anonymous said...

all the years American has been on, I have never watched it, my wife watches it all the time. I do watch Hells Kitchen

Black Diaspora said...

What's not to love. America at its quintessential best.

And we all get to participate.

Once a week we get to elevate one person above his or her peers, bring him or her a little bit closer to that brass ring of success, and stardom.

And just think of all the money they get to make, while they spend a life-time of fighting off paparazzi, and adoring fans.

And, if they're lucky, they might get caught on camera hitting a bong, which will either further their career, or destroy it.

Only in America....

Mr. Noface said...

I used to watch AI years ago, but I would never stick with the show past the fake me out preliminary rounds (you know the one with the horrible performers). Now, I don't even have the gumption to tolerate prelims anymore.

Anonymous said...

It is amaing how one thing attacts some and others attract someone else. I follow way too much TV. BSG, Hells Kitchen, Survivor, Lost? I am hung up on obfuscation and public humiliation?

Anonymous said...

A-men, Field. I never could get into Survivor, either. Why would I want to watch people screw each other over to get off the island when I live that at work five days a week?

Ellen Kimball said...

Hi Field,

You poor baby! How long have you and Mrs. Field been married? Truth is, usually there are little guilty TV pleasures that people have even if they're smart, sassy, sweet and yours until death do you part.

Take my husband. He got involved with HBO's "Deadwood" and that played out for... what... a couple of years? Ian McShane was great in that show, but in general, it wasn't my choice. Then came "Rome" another intrigue after bloody intrigue.

Meanwhile, I watched "American Idol" a couple of times, but really prefer "Dancing With the Stars". And, late at night, for some reason, I watch Animal Planet's virtuous group of investigators in Detroit, Miami, Houston and elsewhere struggle to bring life to abused animals everywhere. Last night, I was so happy for the two turtles who got their shells scrubbed.

Luckily, my husband and I do agree on SOME activities. But the Siren's Song of "What shall we watch tonight, dear?" has become so fractured by the many choices (AM, FM, satellite radio, 500+ channels of TV, mp3 player, myriad games, occasional sex -- thought I'd drop that in to see if you were really noticing...) that it's amazing we like to do ANYTHING at all with our spouses.

Here's my complaint. I like square dancing and swimming. My husband doesn't dance and swim. I find others to go with or meet them there.

I still love the guy. It's just some of his choices that I hate.


Ellen Kimball
PS. This is my third husband, 36 years married, at least he's here right next to me working on his digital photography for hour after hour (no pay), but that's better than drinking or whoring around.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I don't get the Idol thing either. I have never watched a full season and Randy Jackson gets on my nerves dawg.

It is a brilliant concept, tapping into the need many Americans have to be famous and rich even if they have no talent.

I love the Animal Planet rescue shows too. I watched them dubbed in Italian. The dubbers are very dramatic.

I don't even like dogs but damn if I don't get choke up seeing how some people treat pets.

I just start to watch THE WIRE (finally). It started airing here last week.

I can see why someone would be addicted to THE WIRE. It's excellent.

Whatever happened to Ruben Studdard? Didn't he win Idol the second year or something? I know they were try to promote him as the new Luther Vandross. Blasphemy!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Hudson.

Mrs. C said...

Field, THANKS for putting that song in my head--it has shoved OUT "My LIFE would SUCK without you..." which has been trapped in there, bouncing around like a bumper car, for the past two weeks.

field negro said...

"I am hung up on obfuscation and public humiliation?"

Anon 1:58AM, at least you are honest.

I am an HBO man myself. nyc/ are in for a real treat with The Wire. It's one of the few channels where the Mrs. and I can watch something together.

Ellen Kimbell, three in 36 years ain't too bad. That's an average of over ten years per husband.
One day I am going to do a post about why marriage license should expire and have to be renewed like a driver's license. :)

Christopher said...

American Idol is a cultural phenomenon.

People either love or hate it and many people who swear up and down they never watch, in fact, tune in each week to hear the kids sing, get wrapped up in their personal stories and then vote.

The phone vote numbers are shocking: more than 30 million people dial the "866" number to vote for their favorites each week. I've heard Washington politicians say they wish the American people participated in the franchise in similar numbers.

And then there's the advertising revenue. FOX Entertainment makes billions off the ad time sold. The judges are paid millions to critique the "Idols." Simon Cowell, according to Variety, is paid $20 million a year. Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, $7 million a year. This is some serious coin.

classysbf said...

I have NEVER,EVER watched AI.
As a true music lover,I
find it insulting to the truly talented and hardworking.Perhaps I'm a snob,but TO ME,it's no way to pick tomorrow's "stars."

But I can't escape it since,as Christopher stated,it's a cultural phenomenon.Which I find a VERY sad commentary on America.It has permeated every aspect of American life;witness the comment Obama recently made about Washington being like AI,but everyone is Simon Cowell(sp?)
Speaking of which,the little I've seen of HIM on other media outlets is what keeps me from tuning in. It boggles my mind that this man is paid millions for his bitchy shtick.
Who died and made THIS jerk God,anyway? I don't find such a person entertaining or amusing.

So,I'll stick with the many other choices I have to spend my time on or away from the tube.

Gine said...

I can hear Randy with his shuck and jive act. "Dude, that wasn't really you dog". (Who talks like that?)

THANK YOU. Why hasn't anybody asked Randy this question???

momo said...

Now you all are free to hate on AI, and I cannot watch most of the reality shows, but I'm a dancer, so I have to watch the dance shows like So You Think You Can Dance, America's Best Dance Crew and even Dancing With the Stars (although I mute the commentary) because I love to watch people dance their hearts out, and there is so little of that on TV. I can wish I were as good as the pros, and identify with the amateurs who are trying to learn to dance. I love to watch their pleasure when they do it well.

As for AI, I also loathe the lame judges, the false narratives, the cruelty it can sometimes have. and's a talent show, and sometimes one or two of the singers will break through with a performance that give you goosebumps. I have found a website where someone posts just the songs without the commentary, so last night I watched some of the Motown performances (the soundtrack of my childhood). There were two that were great and one of the goosebump variety, one where the singer and the song met, and it wasn't bad karaoke, but real artistry. Smokey Robinson had tears in his eyes because the song he wrote had been sung in an original way that moved people. and we like to share that moment with other people. I sure liked sharing the moment Obama delivered his smackdown of CNN newsboy with 40 million other people!

By the way, The Wire? best TV show ever IMO. The only TV show I have ever bought on DVD.

momo said...

PS if you have to have the original, here's Smokey and the Miracles live:

earlgrey said...

Sorry Field, can't agree with you on this one. Although it is kinda like watching a train wreck. Every now and then something cool happens and it is neat to see these singers reach for the stars. Mrs. Field is welcome to our couch any night to comment with us and leave you in peace ;).

Anonymous said...

Not too into Idol, but I must say, I watched one special where they showed the worst tryouts, and some guy sang "Like a Virgin" like he was Madonna and then got offended when they told him he couldn't sing. LMAO funniest thing I'd seen in a long time. I plan to watch the next time they do one of those just for kicks. As for Simon's meanness, think about it, if you had to listen to all of those horrible singers caterwauling at the top of their lungs, you'd be cranky too! Plus he is a Brit, they are wayyyyy more direct than we are. Not too into the touchy feely cumbaya spirit to the extent we are.

Anonymous said...

fieldman, give thanks for small blessings, suppose you lived in rural jamaica where you did'n get cable,you only have tvj and cvm and you could'nt escape the other members of the household who HADS MUST watch Rising Stars or Dancing Dynamites or King and Queen of Dancehall or the horrificly horrific Golden least AI can gloss over and bling out the crap... no gloss round here

Anonymous said...

I used to love American Idol. Then when two black people won back to back (Reuben and Fantasia) it seemed that only mediocre black singers were put through. It's hard to watch someone with real talent not make it past the audition stage. And the audition stage became strangely cruel to me. I do love Dancing with the Stars however, but I can't get my husband to watch it with me.


Anonymous said...

The trys out are the funny ones, but after that it's phase out time. You're right who talks like this "Dude, that wasn't really you dog". A throw back to the 60's maybe.

lincolnperry said...

American Idol is bread and circus to amuse the ignorant masses, while the republic is burning!

allheavens said...

I've never watched American Idol but I do watch So You Think You Can Dance, but only the performances I hate the critiquing portion. What can I say I love dance.

I was a HBO addict but since The Wire (best show on TV, EVER), Deadwood and Rome are no longer with us what's the point?

I've been checking out Damages and Sons of Anarchy on FX, both have strong writing and good to great ensemble acting, just interesting in their own way.

Anyone watch Torchwood on BBCA?

Anonymous said...

Somethings are beyond comprehension. My partner has a doctorate from MIT, but don't get between him and the TV clicker when 'Dancing with the Stars' is on.

Anonymous said...

Guess who this is aimed at?????

Anonymous said...

Don't act like you didn't love "Star Search".....stop playing :)

a.eye said...

@ Cheron -- Good point with "Star Search". For some reason, though, the two shows are not similar even though it was still a singing/talent competition. I could tolerate that (though have many shows I would watch instead) but I can't stand "Idol".

Not sure why the difference.

Phil4Real said...

Hey Field,
Check out our hard working police in Plano,Tx.

Anonymous said...

@ a.eye 1:34pm

The humiliation factor others have mentioned. Back in the day on Star Search, if someone wasn't that talented they'd be given like half-a-star and a polite smile, and that was it. No bitch-ass dude making catty comments on the side as if his whole life were one big cocktail party.

FWIW, I was never that into Star Search, and count me in the DEFINITELY not into AI camp.


Anonymous said...

Viewing American Idol would be a waste of time and idle brainpower, neither of which can be retrieved.

Anonymous said...

OT: Field, I am looking at your "Honorary House Negroes of the Day." And I must pose the following question:

What wrong with criminally charging someone who maliciously and intentionally spread HIV?

Everyone deserves to know the HIV status of someone before sleeping with him/her.

I am not feeling the your selection.

Anonymous said...

Bring back the Ted Mack Amateur Hour.

Which once featured a young Louis Farrakhan playing classical violin.

EzMun said...

Sorry Field. Count me in as one of those Idol worshippers like Mrs. Field. Love the Idol!

Anonymous said...

I get you Field on this one. For many years I worked evenings, and missed out completely on evening programs on TV. I now am home most evenings, and I have cable with three hundred channels, and nothing worth watching. I prefer to do Sudoku, before retiring for the eve.

Anonymous said...

I'm a "Sanford and Son" fan myself...who can forget the one where Lamont changes his name to "Kalunda" to celebrate his African heritage...and Redd Foxx calls him "Calendar"!?!?! And in the end Lamont gets his comeuppance from a REAL African Sister for disrepectin his Father...that was some good TV...
Then there was the one where Fred accidently fires his rifle and thinks he killed his old Jewish neighbor... That S*** was funny!!

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about the Ryan Moats incident in Texas? Absolute disgrace

RiPPa said...

Wanna know why this show is on the air?

It's really simple...

Lying Ass Grandparents

Dr. President said...

That's why when I found out that President Obama's press conference would replace American Idol I said "and this is a problem because....?"

field negro said...

"Have you heard about the Ryan Moats incident in Texas? Absolute disgrace"

Yes I did. I was going to blog about it tonight. I am somewhat familiar with Mr. Moats. (He used to play for the Eagles) Thank god for dashboard cams.

"OT: Field, I am looking at your "Honorary House Negroes of the Day." And I must pose the following question:

What wrong with criminally charging someone who maliciously and intentionally spread HIV?

Everyone deserves to know the HIV status of someone before sleeping with him/her.

I am not feeling the your selection."

Rudy, consider this scenerio: Woman sleeps with man. Woman doesn't know she has AIDS. Man contracts AIDS. Overzealous prosecutor charges her with attempted murder.

Does that sound right to you?

Passing such a law is totally unnecessary.

IMHO, This is just another way for these clowns to demoize Gays and the other people who they think are the only ones who contract AIDS.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate on Idol!I generally love it, but tuned out a couple of years ago when that whack job Taylor Hicks won. I'm still not convinced that he's under 40, but he clearly had not talent. I just started watching again this year. The winner this year will be that Lambert guy. He is one hell of a singer. Get ready to put up with him for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Moats. The video...totally jaw- dropping. Scroll down.

Anonymous said...

Rudy, consider this scenerio: Woman sleeps with man. Woman doesn't know she has AIDS. Man contracts AIDS. Overzealous prosecutor charges her with attempted murder.

Does that sound right to you?

Passing such a law is totally unnecessary.

IMHO, This is just another way for these clowns to demoize Gays and the other people who they think are the only ones who contract AIDS.

No, it doesn't sound right to me. In fact, the woman gets a pass because she didn't know she had AIDS.

The overzealous prosecutor would have to make a prima facie case against the woman-- Did she knowingly, recklessly, or intentional have sex with her partner pass HIV to him?

The burden of proof is too high for the prosecutor to surmount-- especially if there are no medical records reflecting a HIV positive diagnosis.

A first year law student, let alone a mediocre defense lawyer, would ask for summary judgment and go on his merry way.

Nevertheless, I understand were you are coming from. And there is that slight chance that a overzealous prosecutor can get lucky.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone still die from the AIDs??? Whats it been, almost 18 years and Magic's as big as a House...

Anonymous said...

yes , people do still die from AIDS. You that ignorant or just fronting on some "above the fray" shit?

Comrade PhysioProf said...

Dude, PhysioWife is much smarter than me, and you wouldn't believe the fucked up shit she watches on teevee.

Francis Holland said...

I can't read your post, because everything associated with American Idol and its idiot cousin, Big Brother, makes me want to vomit. In fact, I cannot and do not turn of the television here in Brazil, because I cannot stand to see people demonstrating in public, night after night, that they are as vacuous and wretched as an unwashed armpit, with just as much reason to be on television every night.

Anonymous said...

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