Sunday, March 08, 2009

If it bleeds it leads?

People always get pissed at me because they think I am a "racialist". (I still can't believe that's a word) Field, they say, why do you always blog about racial shit? Why is it that you always see race or class in everything? Why can't you just blog about stuff like music and sports like other folks? Well, to be honest, I would love to. I love sports and music, and it would be easy for me to talk about that stuff all the time. But I can't. Not when I hear about stories like the one I am about to write about out in Los Angeles. A story that has me seriously upset tonight, and that was so far below the national radar, that I bet most of you reading this post are hearing about it for the first time.

So here is the story: Out in Los Angeles a serial killer has killed at least 11 (that we know of) poor black women since 1985. And as I write this post the killer is still on the loose, and has probably killed as recently as 2007, again. This serial killer even has a name: "The Grim Sleeper".

Now I ask you, do you think if there was a serial killer on the loose in Belair or Malibu the LAPD would not have caught him or her by now? Of course they would have. But these women are poor, some were in the wrong profession, and they have the wrong skin color. So, as a result, it doesn't lead the evening news, and LA's finest isn't being kicked in the butt to solve the case. Did anybody ever have any doubt that Caylee Anthony would be found? And if she was found dead, that her killer would be caught? And I hope things work out for poor little Haleigh Cummings, but did her story have to lead the national news casts for three straight nights? And just as outrageous is the fact that the L.A.P.D. has failed to notify the very community that this animal is terrorizing.

I wouldn't have to blog about these murders in Los Angeles if rich white women were being killed, or if we were talking about-- god forbid-- pets. It would be all over the news cycle, and I am sure that there would be quite a lot of other people blogging about it as well.

But not this story. It's not sexy enough, and the victims are not people we can relate to. So, as a result, it remained stuck in the L.A.P.D. cold case files, and that's too bad, because these victims were human beings. They had families and people who loved and cared about them. Unfortunately their families didn't have influence or power, and the community that is at risk doesn't have any clout in city hall.

Now I hear that there is a $500,000 reward to help capture the killer, and that there are detectives assigned exclusively to the case. Well that's all well and good, but what the hell took them so long?


Christopher Chambers said...

Blondes, mommies, sorority girls. That's what tickles the audience. Black women getting killed just doesn't cut it. Even when it comes to serial killers. Black children? Not even close.

It probably took a while due to the linkages which cops tend to ignore when blakc folks are dying. Trends aren't spotted, leads are misintrepreted. It's akin to that dude in Russia around the time Communism fell (in it's old form, now that Vlad Putin's on track to bring it back 'cause Bush let him run wild). He was one of the worst sexual killers in the Western world, but it took years to find his ass. The cops just didn't care, or were too institutionally brainwashed in a certain way of investigating the crimes. And of course it was the opposite of here in one way: there was no media coverage b/c the govt didn't want anyone to know. Here, it's a matter of people being purposely ignorant, and the media givening that public what it wants, thusly...

PS Disturbing trend: Japanese youn people adopting nasty Jamaican Dancehall as they latest rebellion music and culture.

Jody said...

You are right, this is the first I am hearing this story. That is wrong on so many levels.

La♥audiobooks said...

Field, thanks for bringing this out. It's a hard one. There are also so many missing black females in the US, even per ratio compared to other race of women.

These sick predators have always known it's open season and fair game on black females. You know what, even the predators that are known to have attacked white females of all class, probably started out practicing on black females. No one talks about that.

(under my breath: Now lets see how many compassionate comments this thread gets, and how many won't try to end up straying from the topic.)

Alarming Female said...

Field, they say, why do you always blog about racial shit? Why is it that you always see race or class in everything?

Because race and class is in everything.

You're straight up correct that this story was ignored because these victims were powerless and devalued.

Connecticut Man1 said...

"Because race and class is in everything."

Just like everything is political. Some people would like to avoid basic truths. Even the people that thought they were above this class war are now finding out they are the downtrodden. Most of them wouldn't have thought it existed a year ago.

This is a tragedy Field. If you hadn't of Blogged about it I might not have ever known about this at all.

Anonymous said...

I heard about this story only a couple days before the Field blogged about it. I was (and am) disheartened about it. We all know, as the previous commentators have noted, that if the victims were blond, white women or their parents were influential -- on the lowest level, even -- that this travesty of injustice would not have occurred. These women were someone's daughters, sisters, aunts, mothers, and favorite cousins. While their alledged "professions" were ones that we probably would not ascribe to emulate, the women were still, nonetheless, human souls who, unfortunately, may have -- note, I said "may have" -- as the reports state. I feel bad for the families of these women, because the inactions of the law enforcement says that these women were not worthy, that they were not of significance, and they were less than human, and, unfortunately, much of the psychological scars that have been borne as a result of the inactivity fosters a continued emotional disruption of the self-esteem of the survivors of the women. There's a certain emotional dynamic and dysfunctional consequence that results when people are treated with little regard. Just my two cents.

Bob said...

We know what happens when an affluent, blonde coed goes missing on spring break.

earlgrey said...

So here is the worst's not 11 it is never just 11. how many more will they turn up. This animal's total is at least 48 with a similar M.O.

After the police formed a special task force it still took almost 20 years to catch him. Not informing the community is a great idea.....

browngrl77 said...

It's a sad state of affairs when it comes to missing minority women ....we are NOT given the respect due to us, even when it comes to domestic violence. We had a case about 3-4 yrs ago a young woman named Latoya Figuerioa was murdered by her unborn childs father because he had another girl pregnant at the same time and Latoya refused to have an abortion...when she went missing it was on the local news but that was about it.The only reason the case made it to the msm is because of BLACK BLOGGERS, asking the question why do we have to hear about Natalie Holloway 24 hrs a day and no mention of a missing pregnant woman of color? (this was also around the time of Laci Peterson also)...I think they call it missing white female syndrone...the sad thing is the black community already knew that natalie was dead, she was out drinking with some guys she didn't know they probably ran a train on her and killed her so she wouldn't tell the cops or she drank so much got alcohol poisoning the guys panicked since she was under age and got rid of the body. I live close to penn and drexel in west philly my brothers a medic for the fire dept he tells me all the time about the penn and drexel students with alcohol poisonings and gang rapes commited on campus...the schools just cover it up.....and it NEVER gets to the media

browngrl77 said...

I get so sick of the media protraying blonde haired blue eyed women as some fragile flower that must be exhalted on some ridiculous throne for all the world to adore and worship....can I get a witness?

Anonymous said...

Well there are a few things going on here. Black people are not organized enough to stay on top of these situations, Black women and girls aren't valued by other BLACKS (if they were R Kelly would be 6 ft under by now and no booty shaking videos would be made and no excuses about how Rihanna did something to deserve getting hit), news organizations are owned by whites and bloggers aren't looking to generate news story from scratch. As bloggers we could try to use some journalistic skill in getting our local stories being told. We may only have a small window left on the internet being "open" until the conglomerates take over anyway so now would be the time to be building relationships and storing up resources. We've got to think out of the box. People are still getting upset for being critical of Obama so are we ready for prime time? The Civil Rights organizations are asleep at the wheel big time - but we let them be. How much do you want to bet there's more than one of these serial killers? Of course class has just as much to do with this as race. And when people decide they want their neighborhoods cleaned up and the criminals stop being protected then we'd come from a position of strength to demand our stories be covered. Until then I don't see things changing much.

browngrl77 said...

I agree actsoffaith...If our communities do not value our women why should anyone else? Our men call us hoes and their songs ( name one song were white men are calling a white woman a hoe) . Unfortunately in our community we love to blame the Rhianna.

Anonymous said...

It is a word.
Definitions of racialist on the Web:

racialist: A believer or advocate of racialism, a theory that race determines human capabilities

Racialism is an emphasis on race or racial considerations.

There is a bunch more that just equate it with racist.

Anonymous said...

Field, keep doing EXACTLY what you've been doing. That's why I read your blog! I appreciate every word. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so you emphasize race and racial considerations. But you also point out abuses to all kinds of people and situations.

Some one needs to not be a "coward" and talk about these things. Look at all of the different types of people you bring out of the woodword. Thoughtful, educated people, angry and sorrowful people and some absolutely amazing wing nuts. I am glad that you let the angry, awful writings through as well as the heartfelt and concerned. It is really important to see just how bad things are. If you cannot admit to a problem, you cannot fix it.

So keep on racializing you racialist, you.

Anonymous said...

Brother Field..the reason to continue to blogg Afrocentric is because...if not you, who? Brother continue to follow your passion for your people. To the one who call being a racialist racist, I am amazed at a people that have a 400 plus years of horrific racism to now want to determine when others, that want to place their kind in a more favorable and positive light- racist. My racism that I have reflect upon being protective of me and mine. Because as you may think, realize or know I have seen "in you face,Boy" racism and lived it.. one day maybe I will let my guard down, Unfortunately every time I see/hear about my people getting harmed or neglected in ANY way I fester. Will work on that. PS My biggest pains are on the racism Blacks do to other Blacks. That form of racism is always there. So Brother Field continue to inform. In a short period of time there have been a call to action that has proved productive.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Field, First I'm hearing of this story.......

Black Diaspora said...

As human beings, we must not care all that much about ourselves to be this callous about the pain, suffering, and misfortunes that befall our fellowman, and woman.

I know we pay lip service to it, but, down deep, how many of us really give a damn?

Think Katrina, Darfur, the sex-slave trade, and the list goes on and on.

To be fair: Sure, some of us care, but I'd sure like to see the results of a worldwide poll on this one, provided it's an honest one.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I heard about this only because I used to live in L.A. Thanks for writing about it so more people can see what is going on.

I agree with actsoffaith. We (black women) are not valued by many in our own community, why would anyone else care?

Anonymous said...


I agree actsoffaith...If our communities do not value our women why should anyone else? Our men call us hoes and their songs ( name one song were white men are calling a white woman a hoe) . Unfortunately in our community we love to blame the Rhianna.

I said this yesterday and was called a rascist!

Did it ever occur to any of you there are Black Police Officers, News Reporters and Editors?

Your right about this not being news to the majority of America, inculiding Black middle class. with all the so called "gang bangers" hanging out on the street you would think one of them would put an end to this scum's waste of oxygen.(you know street justice)

Guess it doesn't bother them either, sad. (and I don’t mean that sarcastically)

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Christopher said...

As I've said before and I will say again, nothing gets the attention of the media quite like a missing white woman or missing while female child that results in an Amber Alert.

Don't you think it's more than a little curious these cases almost always appear on CNN, FIXED Noise and MSNBC during a slow news cycle and on Fridays?

Some networks, like the ridiculous CNN, even has a resident shrew by the name of Nancy Grace, who bases her entire program around missing white women and murdered white female children.

Rarely, will a missing African American woman or missing Black female child command the attention of the cable news networks in the same way as their Caucasian counterparts and this is no accident. The subtext is clear: in America -- even post racial America, the of a value of a White person's life always carries more value than the life of an African American.

Anonymous said...

My Dear Sir,

Hopefully you watched the past 60 minutes program about witness identification problems, and the number of innocents ( black men) incarcerated. Same deal....innocent presentation by CBS.

Characterized "MISTAKE"

Anonymous said...

You people have lost your minds!!!
First, this has been going on sense 85’? How do they know it’s the same suspect???? Correct my math but I believe you’re telling me that 11 murders in LA in 14 yrs are connected?
Second, it doesn’t say anything about POOR!
Third, if I’m not mistaken they’ve got George Jefferson’s pic up there too don’t think that’s a woman?
Field come on now….can we all say Drama Queen……sorry Christopher nothing personal

field negro said...

Anon.6:45tAM, I saw that program, and as a trial lawyer I am somewhat familiar with the movement to change how some states conduct witness identifications. It's a scary thing!

Klimbsac, thanks for hanging in the fields, and I will be over to check out your site as well.

actsoffaith...great points. We can't continue to devalue our own women and expect society as a whole to take a different approach. Our treatment of the victim in the R-Kelly case led to people like Don Imus thinking that they can call our women hoes. And don't even get me started on the stereotypes out there.

browngrl77, I remember the case you are talking about, and if it was not for that young ladies father her killer would probably still be free.

Ct.Man1,StillaPanther,Jody,Laura Roslin,Alarming Female, BD,et al, let's all keep speaking and writing out together.

classysbf said...

one of our weekly free papers
had an extensive story on this last summer. And the L.A. Times wrote an article about it also in their local
coverage section a while back. But there was no follow up.
You bringing this to national attention through your blog is Field Behavior!

Unknown said...

Field, you're right about how race and class does play a role in this case. To be real, if you're not a middle class white, you're maginalized in this country. The media wants to portray America as a place where the middle class is flourishing and since for right now the majority is white, they get the limelight. If you're poor or non-white, you get swept to the side. If these women were more "important" to society, there would have been coverage, but the advantage this guy has is that no one will miss another poor black woman. The other side though is that this is a serial killer the LAPD is dealing with. They kill in spurts, are pretty careful, and target a specific type of person. The thing is cops have to play catch up because they have to recognize a pattern among all the other murders going on in LA. But they aren't totally off the hook because most serial killers are White men from 21-40 years old, and in a city with a big population of Hispanics, Blacks, and Asian making things difficult, who's going to try to shake down the White guy they are trying to protect?

Anonymous said...

Do they want white people to be afraid?

michaelTO said...

I just read the MSNBC article and I'm trying to figure out if the victims were alleged prostitutes why that is important to know. Secondly if one of the girls was eighteen and running out to the store how does that make her a hooker and if one of other victims is fourteen then how does that make her a prostitute? And just what does this have to do with crack? These adjectives of pathology seem to be part of the problem and off a sly sense of justification that you do not see in crimes against white folks.

If point that out makes me a racialist then call me a rabid racialist. I have a brown daughter.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:27 AM. It is the LAPD who found these linkages and realized it was a serial killer and have known it was a serial killer way back when it started in the 80'. Not Field. They had a piece on it on NPR last week so I'd already heard about it and I'm glad Field talked about it too. Nice attempt to down play a story and blame it on blacks being overly sensitive but you failed b/c you didn't bother to check the facts.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Bob said...

We know what happens when an affluent, blonde coed goes missing on spring break.

Yeah, Nancy Grace gets a contract extension...

Field: We've got a serial prostitute-killer in Albuquerque.

They've found somewhere between 10 and 20 bodies in shallow graves out in the desert southwest of the city.

No clues that the law is talking about.

Prostitutes here tend to be mainly transient black or Native women, or newly arrived latinas from del Sur.

They've only identified one or two of the victims here. They were apparently all strangled, is as much as anybody is saying.

But the race/class/gender thing is unavoidable, though they're oging to lengths not to focus on it...

Sharon from WI said...


It's been years since I sat down and watched Nancy Grace. Has she ever focused on a missing black child or woman?

It'd be interesting to hear the answer on this.

Anonymous said...

LaIncognita, did you see how field negro left you out and ignored your comment?? Then he thanked everybody else including those two white women of all people who didnt really say shit about the issue of the DEAD BLACK WOMEN in thier comments?? So fucking slick, read their comments again and you see what I'm talking about. Even christopher who is a white guy was strait up honest to go there and speak the truth. That's cause white women don't really give a shit about black women even when they pretend to be your friend. They ain't going agaist the white woman protection machine and they know it. Aint that a blip.

browngrl77 said...

This just in....two sisters in philadelphia have been missing since last night. (you can go to action, sorry can't post links from my palm)....wonder if they put out an amber alert?...

browngrl77 said...

anon4:38- I cosign

Anonymous said...

"You people have lost your minds!!!
First, this has been going on sense 85’? How do they know it’s the same suspect???? Correct my math but I believe you’re telling me that 11 murders in LA in 14 yrs are connected?"

Because they found matching D.N.A. on all 11 victims you dim-witted twunt. Now please run outside and try and grow a brain.

Thanks for highlighting this Field, I hadn't heard anything of this. The fact that the guy took a 13 year break means he was banged up for some time. Do you guys have the legal capability to compare DNA with all convicts, as we do on this side of the pond? If so, it shouldn't take long to find him, I would have thought.

Anonymous said...

Y'all know its a brother killin all the sistas don't you... I think Wayne Williams is up for parole this year...


Hey there Field Negro!

As far as the police are concerned, there are three facts of life:
Black women are not worth searching for.

Black children do not matter.

Black men are target practice.

That is the bottom what are we doing to change the bottom line? That is the million dollar question.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

La♥audiobooks said...

LOL. Ok anony, you're not telling me anything I don't already know. Btw, if you're going to use my name to pick trouble, you could at least leave yours :)

Anonymous said...

I know the MSM just concentrate on the young white girls, but it is indeed up to us to look out for our own.
Any word on the whereabouts of Chioma Gray, the young lady you featured on your sidebar recently?

field negro said...

Anon.4:38PM, you can't be serious. So before I respond to comments I have to be leary of the person's race? And I thought I was the racialist.

Lisa J, thanks for setting anon. 7:27 AM straight. Wait...I don't know if I should respond to you. Are you black or white? *rolling my eyes & sigh*

field negro said...

Culinary chick, Carmen Dixon has a great blog on the black and missing. This was posted on her site in November after Kevin Myles of the Wichita Chapter of the NAACP called her mother:

"I spoke with Chioma's mom yesterday... She told me that she hasn't received any word, NOTHING, from the FBI since February. She told me that the Ventura Police Department has already stopped looking. There were leads in the case that Chioma may have been spotted in Mexico, but they were never followed up on, reports of various sightings, and she still has no information and no real assistance.

"Over these past 9 months, I have come to know Mrs. Black, and I consider her a friend. And it is truly painful to hear the hurt and the pain in her voice as she asks the very simple questions, "why won't anybody help me find my Chioma?" and to know that there is no good answer..."

Anonymous said...

When I think about the LAPD, a certain N.W.A. song gets stuck in my head. I can't help it.

Brian said...

I was aware of this story... caught it on NPR last week...

Strange case.

They actually had a plate number for a vehicle in one of the incidents AND FOUND THE VEHICLE...but couldn't track down a driver. And they wanted to talk to the caller/witness in that case (a caller who may have been the suspect...toying with Police). 20 years later they want to find the caller????? They should have been more aggressive in tracking that lead down a long time ago.

When dealing with Prostitutes...the urgency isn't the same... And there is more pressure on police to solve cases that impact more affluent areas. When the poor are involved... these cases easily find their way to the back burner...then to the cold case files, then to a filing area where they just collect dust forever.

Then there is the issue of technology... back in the mid 80's, they just didn't have as many tools for processing vehicles and crime scenes as they do today.

Alarming Female said...


those two white women of all people who didnt really say shit about the issue of the DEAD BLACK WOMEN in thier comments?? So fucking slick, read their comments again and you see what I'm talking about. . .That's cause white women don't really give a shit about black women even when they pretend to be your friend. They ain't going agaist the white woman protection machine and they know it.

If you're gonna call me out, at least have the courage to sign your name.

captcha for this comment: phucki
Couldn't have said it better myself.

TrueBlue said...

I wouldn't have to blog about these murders in Los Angeles if rich white women were being killed, or if we were talking about-- god forbid-- pets. It would be all over the news cycle, and I am sure that there would be quite a lot of other people blogging about it as well.

But not this story. It's not sexy enough, and the victims are not people we can relate to. So, as a result, it remained stuck in the L.A.P.D. cold case files, and that's too bad, because these victims were human beings. They had families and people who loved and cared about them. Unfortunately their families didn't have influence or power, and the community that is at risk doesn't have any clout in city hall.

Now I hear that there is a $500,000 reward to help capture the killer, and that there are detectives assigned exclusively to the case. Well that's all well and good, but what the hell took them so long?

What took YOU so long? As yoy know, Field, I am pretty damn far from blacktitude, and I've been calling Fox News and Nancy Grace the "Missing White Girl of the Week" channels for at least 10 years.

Nice to see that you've finally noticed. Better late than never.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for this story. I live in LA and the first time I heard about this story was about two years ago. There hasn't been any real follow ups.

According to reports, the police were looking at least 25 plus killings. They probably can only tie 11 women to the same killer. I believe one women got away from the killer. Not all of the women were prostitutes.

Anonymous said...

To LaIncognita... and the alarming looking woman aren't we all anonymous. I was just pointing out the truth but the field negro didn't get my point either. Black women on this blog needs to check this out with the field cause he has a pattern. He has to give shoulder pats to the women on the other colour side even if it's a stupid comment so they keep coming back to his blog. House negro in field negro clothing.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'll ask again, in America do you guys take DNA samples of every person convicted of a crime, as we do?

Given that this murderer obviously spent 13 years in the slammer, it should be easy to compare his DNA with all those who were incarcerated during that period.

The practice has certain human rights draw-backs I'll grant you, but it's kind of useful in situations such as this.

Liz Dwyer said...

I've known about this for a few years because I worked in the area where the Grim Sleeper operates. There are a LOT of unsolved murders and dumped bodies in this part of Los Angeles. It's difficult enough to catch a serial killer (BTK for example) without racist lack of follow-through on the part of the police.

The really sad thing is that I was just talking to a brotha who lives in the area about this case and this guy says to me that he has more important things to worry about than some crazy dude killing hoes. Police know we ourselves don't care as much as we should so they don't have to.

Anonymous said...

Co-sign with anon 4:38, LaIncognita, and anon 4:38. That's how dude operates. He called me a dumbass for saying bad things about his precious cops. Guess he felt he could do that because I'm a black woman. LOL! If he knew me, he'd know otherwise but we all know how they THINK they can talk to us any kind of way. I've seen Christopher call out cops on this blog a few times before (I agreed with Christopher's anti-cop rant but didn't respond) and nothing was said to him.

Let's see, House Negro behavior includes:

Didn't call out Chris Brown's dumbass, doesn't call out bad police behavior and now this...yep, definitely a HOUSE negro in "field" negro clothing.

Anonymous said...

Nikki in Vegas-

I'm guessing then you DON'T call the popo when someone shoots up your house or keys you car?

I'm sure they apprecate that :)

underOvr (aka The U) said...


You're right....Today is the first time I've read about this story.

It's embarrassing that a law enforcement department is allowed to operate in this manner.

Stuff like this takes me beyond being pissed; I don't even have anything to describe my feelings.


ac said...

You're right Field this is the first I have heard of this. It sounds like the Green River Killer all over again. I grew up in the southern Seattle area where and when he operated. One of my best friends from junior high school was the 5th or 6th victim. The police dragged their feet for years claiming all the victims were prostitutes, including my friend. Mind you some of the young women killed had no such arrest record but no matter - they were either poor or black, or both, and thus of no consequence. The popo spoke and everyone nodded their heads knowingly (all them brown gurls must be hos...)
Like this case, it wasn't until he hit double digits that people started to question why the police couldn't be more proactive. I remember my parents cautioning me to stay away from certain parts of town and worrying that perhaps this murderer was targeting young black women because he could get away with it.
I cannot think of anything more heartbreaking then to lose a child to murder and have the police drag their feet on investigating the crime while simultaneously dismissing her as a ho and of no value.
My heart goes out to the families.
Rest in Peace Opal - I still miss you.

Doug Humes said...

In the United States there are about 17,000 murders a year. Which ones should I be most concerned about? The ones you select for me, or the ones that touch closest to home for me - those where I most empathize with the situation? There are not enough hours in the day to even learn about each one let alone blog about the injustice of each one. There are thousands and thousands of missing people in the United States - google "Missing persons" and you will find lengthy lists of each individual case. Black, white, brown, all ages, both sexes. Which ones should I be most concerned about? The ones you select for me, or the ones that touch closest to home for me? Every single murder, and every single missing person, is a tragedy. Very very few of them get national news play. Your outrage at the news coverage of "small and white" is not outrage at the crime, but that they get more news coverage than the particular murders that you have discovered. You don't show any outrage about the Puerto Rican victims. You don't show any outrage about the Asian victims. It must mean that you're a racist, because you have not shown sufficient outrage about the ones I have chosen to focus on. Isn't that the logic here?

When you wear dark glasses to view the world, everything looks dark. When you view everything through the prism of race, you will find race in everything you see. You are free to be that way if you choose, but in doing so, you will always be part of the problem, and never part of the solution.

Anonymous said...

I am a white man and I totally agree with you 100%. I can tell you that I am researching this case and I recently discovered something that could lead to a break in this case. The LAPD and "America's Most Wanted" have been contacted and I am continuing to do research on this case. I think I know why this guy disappeared for so long and once I find out anything new I will keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

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Dixie said...

I agree with you. I don't think the relative position of black women as playthings and throw away objects has changed much in the oppressor mindset since the days when black women were raped and tortured by slave owners.

is there a website about crime on black women like this? since the authorities don't do anything, I know there's a lot of grassroots work that gets done. I'd be interested in keeping up with that. if anyone has links, appreciated.

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