Thursday, March 26, 2009

Maybe they just don't like her arms.

This post is going to be like a homework assignment. It's a little research I am doing and I am really serious about this one.

So here is the question and the challenge:

Does anyone reading this have a link to an article from a left wing blogger, news outlet, or pundit, trashing Laura Bush in ways like this ,(The guy's name is Pretlusky, and have you seen him? No wonder he is bitter)and this? Or, even this?

I have to confess, before I did this post, I "googled" field Negro and Laura Bush, just to make sure I wasn't being a hypocrite. And nope, I didn't see anything remotely trashing the former first lady. I guess, like most civilized A-merry-cans, no matter how much I despised her husband and his policies, I tried to be respectful to the wife.

No such luck with these petty vindictive people on the right. I guess when you can't win a policy debate you try to get your rocks off in other ways.

It's sad, because I don't remember the frat boy ever having to beg the press to lay off his wife. Not during his presidency, or when he was campaigning for it.

So help me here folks. If you find any of these links, please put it in the comments section. Because I really am curious to know if the left was as disrespectful and cruel to Laura Bush, as the right is to Michelle Obama.



Mr. Noface said...

It is a sad state of affairs when right wingers have to resort to such tactics on the First Lady. Let's just pray that they don't go completely off the deep end and start attack the Obama girls ('cause that would spark a firestorm IMO).

panther said...

field, i have been enjoying your site for a few weeks now.I know this is way off topic but the ryan moats video is an immediate must see.i dont know why this hasn't blown up in the media.

browngrl77 said...

I don't recall the left having anything negative to say about Laura Bush...they only thing I can recall is "how does a woman like Laura end up with him"?

Doogman said...

Panther, I have to agree. I called the Dallas Police department and complained that the officer in question was on PAID administrative leave. Why is that white-supremicist clown still living off public funds? The young man who was stopped showed amazing restraint - I smell a wicked lawsuit coming. But to Field's point, no one attacked Laura Bush this way because she was (and is) a sad shell of a woman. To attack her would be like backing up over a squirrel.

sexysugarlee said...

I find it difficult to believe that anyone could be anything but in love with this First Lady!

But I guess that's it - in all ways she is simply too stridently remarkable for those sorts of people to be able to endure it.

You know? If she is a "militant woman" then I'm even MORE excited she's in the White House. How is that a bad thing? How is having a passionate, politically engaged, strong, brilliant woman in the White House a BAD THING??

Oh and her arms are freaking gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

No where will you find that the Democrats trashed Laura Bush. BTW, no First Lady in America's history has been degraded as much as Michelle Obama. Of course, we never had a black First Lady before and we DO live in a racist society.

With the Obamas in the White House, there will be more and more verbal degradation from the right. I only hope that this country doesn't fall apart because of racism.

Anonymous said...

I second what browngrl77 said.

Michelle Obama has several things going against her. First she's smart, and we just don't tolerate smart women in this country. Laura Bush is smart, too, but she played the "little woman" role to the hilt. In fact, Inauguration Day was the first time I can recall seeing her in months. I won't be surprised if she spends most of her time in the Dallas house while W spends most of his time clearing brush at the {cough, cough} "ranch."

Second, Michelle Obama worked hard to get where she is. She didn't have anything handed to her on a silver platter. In the words of the much-missed Molly Ivins, George and Laura were born on third base and think they hit a triple.

Michelle's looks and her outspokenness aren't really what they hate about her. Imagine if she'd decided to be a model, or a Regressive Republican. She'd have her own half hour on Fox or CNN.

Jody said...

I took up your challenge, and could not find anything... one commentator did say the reason not much was written about Laura is because, well, frankly, she was boring. Which translates that she played the proper role... hostess, read to children, stand by your man, and smiled and said little. To her credit, Laura did eventually work on the issue of women in Afghanistan.... but she certainly didn't advocate for women's rights here.

With Michelle, the racism is transparent. She has been nothing but gracious and has done nothing that would be construed as controversial... she has fed the homeless, met with school children, hosted young people, started a garden. How anyone can say the attacks on her are anything BUT racism would be beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm shocked, but I'm shocked. I'm not sure if it's the blatant racism or the fact that these people are so comfortable with their blatant racism. I'm just sick. Nauseated. For some reason I've missed this most recent tremendous and vile embarrassment that gives white people--and adults, and human beings--a bad name. So I want a divorce. A binding and legal separation from these ignorant, malicious people who call themselves "political commentators" (are you kidding me?), and for some reason have a following. Thanks for pulling me from my stupor. I'm going to go take a tranquilizer now. Seriously.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Here you are Field:

Anonymous said...

Conservative Black Woman:

So someone accused Laura Bush of being a chain smoker? And someone tried to make a point on DKos by changing the name Nancy Pelosi to Laura Bush in a conservative's "hate" speech? Did you bother to read the articles connected to these links before you posted them?

glory said...

There was one mean site listed there, where they said mean things about Laura's looks. I'll trade you that one for the James Brown comment. But all the rest were pretty benign, especially in comparison with people calling Michelle Obama a bitch. Try again, CBW. That was wack and a waste of everyone's time.

Anonymous said...


We all know where these attacks are going. The conservatives wants to call the Obamas "n**gas" so bad. They try ways to degrade them without having to say it, but, the word is too much pressue on the tongue. I'm tried of waiting for someone to say it because I know it is coming.

Mr. Noface,

The Obama girls will be attacked,too.

Anonymous said...

No, nothing quite like the Michelle hate. Unless you google Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Hey Field --I couldn't bring myself to click on those links. Those asswipes will always be around and I give them about as much energy as Michelle does -- which is zero.

Re: Laura, I always thought she was a nice lady with a good Xanax hook-up -- how else to explain her constant smile while married to that idiot?

Now as for Barbara Bush, she somehow continues to come up on "most admired women" lists for SOME folks, but she showed her true colors after Katrina. But despite that, the worst I heard was that she looks like the Quaker Oats man (come on people -- you know it's true)

Anonymous said...

The only negative stuff I recall was about a traffic accident back in Texas:

This doesn't match the level of vitriol coming from the wingnuts, then again nothing ever does. If Michelle Obama had this in her past it would have been front page news at some point all over "respectable" papers like the Washington Post and the New York Times. The reason being that the right wing smear machines are so well funded that they force their hate speech into the mainstream!

Anonymous said...

No, the Left Wing Press was not mean to Laura Bush, and anyone who insults the current first lady should have their balls cut off or whatever the equivalent is for women... Michelle's a beautiful woman, would prefer her with a Beyonce "Foxy Cleopatra" Afro instead of that unhealthy processed style, but at least she spends some time in the Gym unlike that Water Buffalo Oprah...She's got a sexy voice too..almost as nice as Mariah Carey's...

Anonymous said...

Conservative Black Woman- in order to be fair, I went to each of the links you provided. Are you serious? Do you honestly mean to equate those tepid, no, insipid comments with the racist, sexist ravings of Mr. Prelutsky? Did you hit your head? None of those links have anything even remotely like the sexist venom and racist malice vomited up by Prelutsky? What on earth can you be thinking?

Anonymous said...

Quick answer, Field: No.

Anonymous said...

cijimcbride said...
No, nothing quite like the Michelle hate. Unless you google Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yikes!

I agree with you there was pure vitriol for HRC. There seems to be so much more for our current First Lady and it is just personal viscious stuff, not really comments about her performance.

An I don't care that if there were stupid evil comments about Laura Bush, that does not justify stupid, evil comments about FL Obama.

I agree with Glory. "Try again, CBW. That was wack and a waste of everyone's time." I really do go and look at those.

Anonymous said...

Panther said he didn't know why! about Ryan Moats.

The white cop just can't give a human feeling break to a black man.

Little tin pot dictator that one was. Just had to drag it out.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whelp, all I can say is let them do what they do. This is going to be the downfall of the GOP party and they'll have no one to blame but themselves. They're self-destructing and it couldn't happen to a more deserving political party.

In the last eight years they have destroyed, slandered, vilified, and ruined a lot of people's lives. There were some people that tried to warn folks about how vicious they could be but people ignored them. The media sat back and went along with them and for that reason there is a price for them to pay too.

It's a whirlwind coming that is gonna sweep them up and tear them to pieces. GOP will be a word that will make that four letter cuss word look clean. Even some of them will be trying to jump ship and some of them already are.


I remember how you like to collect articles from links we post on this blog and how serious you are about collecting them. Therefore, if you say that it's a waste of time I won't even bother looking at them, because I know you don't collect worthless junk articles to add to your collection. Thanks for the tip.

Conservative black woman:

It really says a lot about you a woman first and a black woman at that and its not at complimentary at all. You actually thought you were doing something smart. Smh!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

What amazes me is how black conservative woman can come on here and post about how disturbed she is about things going on in the black community. Yet and still, the political party that she upholds has stooped to disrespecting and calling another woman out of her name. The same name that the political party of her choice ranted and raved and pitched a fit about when rappers were using that same word to degrade women with. However, she voices no objection to the GOP calling President Obama's wife that same name. I guess that doesn't disturb her sensibilities concerning black folks. This world is truly twisted.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Goodnight folks and may the Lord bless you each one of you with peaceful and pleasant dreams.

Bob said...

About the worst anyone said about Laura B. was that looked heavily sedated sometimesm buit who could blame her if she was? Now the Repugs want to pass a law requiring closer monitoring of First Lady public activities, which has never been done, even in the era of Eleanor Roosevelt, who was considerably more liberal than Franklin on matters of labor & racial justice.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

The far right really needs to lay off the First Lady and don't even start with the kids.

They don't know what to make of Michelle. In a way it was easier for them to trash HRC. Michelle doesn't fit any on the hateful stereotypes of black women in America, so they are bending over backwards to make her fit into one. She can't win.

Instead of hating on her (who is not an elected official) perhaps they should be angry at Cheney/Bush for the mess they left behind. But then again that would mean having some common sense and they have none.

I was not a fan of GWB's policies but I never had any ill will toward Laura. She did do a lot of work on women's issues. I am very curious to see if she will talk about her marriage at all in her book. I know her POV on choice and other issues were different from her husband's. I wonder if she is just relieved to be out of the White House.

BrendaKay said...

Field - Thank you for taking the time to put the spotlight on Bart Prelutsky and his shockingly racist comments about the First Lady. In one 2 page article this human waste of space Prelutsky said more to insult the First Family and black Americans, than the 'trash' comment from Tammy Bruce.

Conservative Black Woman - I honestly can't begin to understand how you could possibly equate the links you provided with Prelutsky's outlandish and offensive comments in the extreme, I might add, about the Nations first Black First Lady! Not once, in print or on the blogspere was Laura Bush ever compared to a female dog - more commonly known as a bitch. Never, not once was Laura Bush's physical appearance called into question or insulted. For you as a Black woman to take the time to provide these weak ass links as some sort of comparison tells me that you've been drinking from the same 'colored water fountain' as Michael Steele and Juan Williams. You deserve our deepest pity, not our scorn!

Brenda Kay

Shady_Grady said...

@NYC wrote
"They don't know what to make of Michelle. In a way it was easier for them to trash HRC. Michelle doesn't fit any on the hateful stereotypes of black women in America, so they are bending over backwards to make her fit into one. She can't win."

This is so true and is a really excellent point. Michelle Obama is tall, thin, attractive, intelligent, made her own money etc... The right wing has drunk its own Kool-Aid for so long that it regards its stereotypes as reality. So someone like Michelle Obama shows up and their heads start to spin. They literally HAVE to find some way to denigrate (pun intended) Michelle. Otherwise their whole mental framework starts to shatter.

Christopher said...

Field is correct.

The Frat Boy never had to defend Pickles because Pickels was never attacked by the ROM or the MSM.

None of them asked Pickles about the day she ignored a stop sign and crashed her car into her boyfriend's car, killing him deader than a door nail, all because precious Pickles wanted to rush home in time to see the start of the TV show Dark Shadows.

None of them asked Pickles about the rumor she was she in effect "hired" by the Bush dynasty to be a beard for George and put the kibosh on the lurid tales that George preferred pecker to pussy and the Bush hierarchy was having none of it.

None of the them asked Pickles about her life long addiction to cigarettes (look at the Dr. Zira lines in her upper lip), or about the rumors she is addicted to Valium and Ativan.

Besides, Bush rarely gave a presser anyway. The Frat Boy, as Field refers to him (I refer to Bush less charitably as the Motherfucker from Midland) appeared before the Washington Press Corp the least of any president in modern, political history. Bush, the Frat Boy, wasn't sober much of the time so pressers were almost impossible.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Black Woman - run tell the GOP you want more money for ya tricks. I thought this was Michelle Malkin's gig - guess you so horny too:

Black Diaspora said...

Conservative Black Woman said...
Here you are Field:

C'mon now, CBW. I like Laura Bush, and I like you, too. But I have to agree with many here that your attempt was lame, and unnecessary.

You see: in your effort to disprove our point, you made our point.

And for good measure we learned more about you than you're willing to admit to yourself.

For starters: change your handle. We'll respect you more, and you'll respect yourself more. Rather than Conservative Black Woman, try Black Conservative Woman.

Give it a try. Chant it on the way to sleep. You have my assurance: you'll feel better in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Brother Field...Sister Michelle Obama ia an excellant role model for the "new and beautiful" women. The statement about fried hair being "unhealthy" can also apply to the new style of caucaid- imitation style that has encaptured African american women. May be worse because I can repair a physical abnormality... but a mental one-(hate the way I look) may join the list of 400+ years of seeing thru others' eyes. Represent!! Michelle. At least everything looks REAL.

Hathor said...

Conservative Black Woman, you should be careful, you never know when you may be mistook for the First Lady, by your philosophical peers.

field negro said...

CBW, I am not going to rip you. You did your homework and for that I am going to give you a D+. At least you tried. Still, you will have to give me somthing a little better than those links you provided.

Keep trying though, there might be something out there.

StillaPanther2, as usual, you nailed it!

That Christopher is one cold dude! But I bet even Christopher was easier on Laura during the frat boy's run.

I am going to blog about Ryan Moats tonight. I want everyone to watch the video and digest the story before we talk about it.
Here in Philly, it's what most folks are talking about because Moats played here.

Some of you might not like my take on things,but we wll see.

Anonymous said...

("The guy's name is Pretlusky, and have you seen him? No wonder he is bitter)"

so you stoop to trashing this guy by mocking his name and appearance, yet you think you are better than these folks? hardly!

Anonymous said...

Field, as I remember we leftys were pretty hard on Nancy Reagan back in the day, and there were some jokes made about Barbara Bush's appearance, but no, nothing approaching this level of meanness.

As for Laura, what's not to like? I think she's delightful myself.

Anonymous said...

Chris, its outside my specialty but they're doin great things for AIDS dementia now a days...

Anonymous said...

It's quite simple field.

She's a black woman. White folk learned that it's okay to attack BW, mainly from black men - (rappers, comedians, sports stars, the list goes on)

I don't know why this is so surprising to you. Really. I view you as pretty observant, and most of all, fair in your assessments. So I'm really shocked that with all your good judgement, you've failed to see that black women are the most maligned, moreso than black men.

Anonymous said...

And it's just not just right wingers. I've heard a lot of shady conversations from liberal white women trashing Michelle Obama too.

Christopher said...


So many references to:

"anal sex"
"fuck me"
"blow me"

When will you jump off that horse named "DL" and begin living an authentic life?

You see Frank, straight men don't talk like you. However, repressed homosexuals do.

ch555x said...

Show off them guns, MO!

You can tell the folks who are critics of MO/other strong women are girly-men!

Anonymous said...

Chris, you wouldn't know a Straight Man if he Dick Slapped you with a Dildo while you were having Anal Sex as you were begging Your AIDS infected BF to "Blow Me" and "Fuck me"..
Whats this "DL" you speak of??
"Dick Lovers"??
Just curious, whats the scandal with LB smoking??? Last time I checked the current president does too...


Anonymous said...

I am not going to do the homework assignment. I am a quasi-political junkie who consumes lethal doses of Countdown, Hardball, Rachel Maddow and DailyKOS, of which the latter can be particularly brutal.

Having said that, the left has never denegrated Laura Bush. Perhaps, the left never abused her because she kept a low-profile. She wasn't a lightning rod.

RiPPa said...

Aye, Michelle Obama sure as hell doesn't look like James Brown. But she keeps her hair tight like The Godfather that's for sure.

[looks around nervously]

Christopher said...


All taken from the oddities you post on this blog. You see, this proves my point entirely.

Call them Freudian slips, or parapraxis, or a semi-conscious comment but, you makes dozens of them.

You're not very bright or you would catch them before you make them. When I have a spare 10 minutes to waste, I'll go back and retrieve a few of them and post them here.

Anonymous said...

After going to the links in the in the post, now I know why despite having some conservative views, that I will never associate with the Right.

When it comes to election time, I will abandon my conservative side and vote Democrat or abstain.

The Right has a dirty little mindset that I just can get with.

La♥audiobooks said...

Granny said:

"Conservative black woman:

It really says a lot about you a woman first and a black woman at that and its not at complimentary at all. You actually thought you were doing something smart. Smh!

Standing right behind you Granny. Myself being a black female, I almost felt disappointed seeing what CBW tried to do. Something as serious as this will have an effect on all black females, regardless. I could only hope she simply missed the boat.

You know, the counter-productive porch negros on the right never cease to amaze me. They are the worse, they long to be a house negro. They're actually negros pretending to be our friends while they lurk in the fields watching us do the hard work. Then they hide on the porch to transmit information to the house negro so the massah could be informed. Sometimes they jump ahead of the house negro and go straight to the massah, then the massah usually kicks them hard in their ass afterwards. They never learn. They live amongst us today.

That's my personal definition of a porch negro.

Anonymous said...

A lot of folks admired Barbara Bush, even if they didn't particularly care for the politics of her husband.

The right went absolutely apoplectic over Hillary Clinton, and their 8 year serial attack on her, and their daughter, Chelsea was unprecedented in it's viciousness and banality...

Until now.

Some folks called Bill Clinton the first black President because of the viciousness of the right's attacks against him and his family.

He wasn't - for one reason. Early in his Presidency, Drugbo decided to launch a vicious attack against the then 12 year old Chelsea, calling her "ugly".

There is a lot of talk about black fathers who are not committed to raising their children - but the funny thing about those who are committed is that such committment runs deep...

Had Bill Clinton in reality been the first black President, it would have taken three doctors two days to untie Bill's shoelaces from being wrapped around Drugbo's teeth...

After they had gotten there by Bill hanging Size 13, steel toe, Made in the USA, Brougham up Drugbo's ass for going after his baby girl.

Brother will hurt your ass behind that shit.


lincolnperry said...

Why do you entertain his ignorant ass!

Anonymous said...

Field, I didn't read the links, nor am I doing the homework.

It's a ploy to get President Obama to lose his cool in public.

Not. Going. To. Happen.

He'll just let Michelle kick their asses. Them guns aren't just for show, you know?

The Black Snob was right on the money when she named them - Precious and The Widow Maker!

Conservative Black Woman said...

Field, Granny & BlackDiaspora~Ok, I'll take my azz-whoopin' bad move posting lame links.

However,I believe that while some are unduly harsh towards Michelle Obama with asinine comments about her being "trash" there is overwhelming admiration, support and love for Michelle Obama that FAR exceeds that which was affored Laura Bush.

Love of the Obama's is not mandated (at least not yet) so why get your drawers all knotted up when a stupid, azz-backward, low-rent bigot writes something disparing. Aren't there bigger issues to address?

Christopher said...

Why do you entertain his ignorant ass!

Good point, Lincolnperry.

I don't know why Field hasn't banned him by now. Just one of his cracks about watermelons posted on my blog and I would've banned his IP address.

Anonymous said...

Sharon in CT,
Laura Bush said NO CAMPAIGNING IN 2008. and her hubby respected her wishes. Pity for the repubs, too, because she was the only remotely popular part of the bush admin.

So there be a reason why you didn't see Miss Former Democrat for months before the Inauguration.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Black Woman,
Wow, a conservative who shows some personal responsibility for her own dumb-fuck actions? Color me impressed!

Michelle's doing her work being a conservative lady in a conservative position (umm... exactly what laws do you expect her to make??). Hillary was neither, and they brought the hate like no other on her.

Michelle's just getting the racist hate, and that's spillover from racism in general.

Still wrong, still vitriolic, but nothing surprising.

She's done nothing for it.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone listen to what Conservative Black Woman has to say. I went to her blog. I wasn't really impressed. It was nothing more than a parroting of the Right's talking points. In other words, it woefully lacks originality.

One post Was 'Lady Macbeth' Behind Barack Obama's Snub Of Gordon Brown on her "blog" quotes one paragraph from her senior thesis to draw a conclusion her without taking the remaining 93 pages into account; In other words, she took the paragraph out of context.

I doubt that CBW read all 93+ pages to put the paragraph she cites into proper context. That would take too time away from her main objective in the blogosphere-- parroting what everyone else on the Right has to say.

Aside from the irritating grammatical errors (e.g., Capitializaiton of Black and White and the misuse of affect and effect), I thought the paper was very analytical and scholarly.

Anonymous said...

Oops. The reference of "her" in the second paragraph is Michelle Obama.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Actually Rudy this is all I had to say about Michelle Obama's thesis:

"Michelle Obama's Princeton thesis and I'd like to go on record saying that I absolutely do not hold that against her. In fact, when I was a 21 year old college senior I followed Kwame Toure (Stokely Carmichael) and joined the All African People's Revolutionary Party -- how crazy is that! However, I thought this was an interesting article none the less and Princeton thesis not withstanding I think Mr. Delingpole isn't too far off the mark with his impression of Mrs. Obama (FLOTUS)"

I made the mistake last night of not doing my research, I see you are doing the same...tsk, tsk, tsk.

Sorry you aren't impressed with my blog though. Oh well....

Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama has pretty high approval ratings. She is a darling of the fashion industry which is dominated by "the cool people"{men/woman) that the younger generation look up to and take their word as law. If Anna Wintor says Michelle Obama is a Fashion Icon, She becomes one. The Only thing you have to do field is make sure people see these stories and know the source of this hate speak.
The root of this problem is that these people that generations ago would rape black woman in secret cannot handle a beautiful and sexy first lady that is intelligent and DESIRED by her husband. they want her to be either a mother character like oprah, a sexpot like beyonce or asexual like condelezza. but the fact is that michelle defines herself. I'm not worried about her she went to a racist Princeton where her roommate's mother wanted her kicked out of the dorm. Trust she has seen and heard it all and success is the best form of revenge.

tjwash said...

Field...short answer; you won't.

No reputable LW blog would have trashed LB, simply because most of the reputable LW blogs were concerned with issues such as warrantless wiretapping, Iraq body counts, price gouging by oil companies as an oil man sat in the White House, and suspension of Habeas Corpus.

In short, there was way too much stuff that her hubby fucked up, for anyone to concentrate on distraction issues.

I do find it interesting, however, that the press has all of a sudden, decided to wake up after an 8 year slumber, and decided to start "asking the tough questions." The same mother fuckers that acted as nothing more than state sponsored cheerleaders, for the buildup to an illegal invasion, and looked the other way as oil companies price gouged us mercilously have now decided to pretend that they are actually the media again.

Well...not so surprising, when you figure that the same hand full of people own all of the media outlets, actually.

Sharon from WI said...

Garbo: Oh and her arms are freaking gorgeous.

You’ve got that right. I recall, over the summer, an article on the candidates’ wives and Michelle was described as “muscular.” I can’t recall the author for the life of me, but it seemed as if he were trying to imply that Michelle Obama was masculine whereas Cindy McCain was this little petite (and feminine) thing.

Michelle Obama is a beautiful, elegant woman who certainly is a role model for any young girl to admire.

Oh, and by the way, I am saving my edition of Vogue with her on the cover…right along with saved publications of Time’s cover of the OK City bombing (the firefighter holding the baby) and The New Yorker’s cover featuring the teary bobby in the wake of Diana Spencer’s death.

Sharon from WI said...

Panther said he didn't know why! about Ryan Moats.

The white cop just can't give a human feeling break to a black man.

Little tin pot dictator that one was. Just had to drag it out.

How many times have we’ve seen or heard of a speeder getting a pass because of an emergency?

“Where’s the fire buddy?” says the officer. “I’m sorry officer, but my wife’s in labor and we’re trying to make it to the hospital before it’s too late.” The officer gives the couple a police escort.

La♥audiobooks said...

"Wow, a conservative who shows some personal responsibility for her own dumb-fuck actions? "

Sorry, I don't buy it.

glory said...

My dad told me not to be so mad after I told him that I'd already heard of what happened to Ryan Moats and had already blogged about it. But I told him I couldn't help it, it had touched a nerve in me because of that time some white Henrico County Virginia cop pulled me over for no good reason and held me up on a trumped up charge, JUST BECAUSE HE COULD and he was getting off on the authority. I wasn't in Moats' situation, but the cops were doing the same thing. Afterwards I was left to battle it out - my desire to not blame everything on racism versus my gut instinct that that's exactly what was happening.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the Moats incident, people viewed me as callous and sick when I stated I have not one shred of sympathy for the four Oakland police officers who were killed.

Why was Lovell Mixon pulled over in the first place? Did the cops pull him over because they knew he was wanted, or because he was a black man who fit the racial profile.

Racial profiling can be costly sometimes.

Catnapping said...

I confess. I did dump on Laura Bush...she killed a boy, and got off scott-free. That sorta pissed me off, and I said so.

But my attacks were never personal. As someone who grew up not-privileged, I've always resented how rich, christianist whites get away with sooooo much crap.

bitter? yep. the MSM (right and left) pretty much left Mrs. Bush alone. She was very careful to play the role of The Little Woman. I think the attacks on Ms. Obama have as much to do with her status as a whole person (rather than assistant-person/wife) as they do with her colour. Remember the attacks on Ms. Clinton?

glory said...

Rudy, count me as one of those people who see your p.o.v. as callous and sick.

Anonymous said...

Field, I two words for you "Hillary Clinton" the way the right attacked her in the 90s was insane. I think many people of color are taking the attacks on Michelle Obama personally. You guys need to keep in mind politics is very and I mean a very dirty business.

No one is off limits and "I really mean no one". Michelle will be alright she knows what to expect from these ass holes. If Michelle thought for one minuted she could have never handle these attacks her and Obama would have stayed out of politics.

I can only guess what Michelle thinks of all the racist haters and goes something like this "Yes, you Bastards I will be your four lady for FOUR LONG YEARS!" So, hate on me if you must but I'll still be First Lady of the United State of America and the First Black Woman to have achieved that status. Now, you can kiss my Black Ass...Haters" End of Michelle Obama personal thoughts. Smile :)

Anonymous said...

I can only guess what Michelle thinks of all the racist haters and goes something like this "Yes, you Bastards I will be your first lady for FOUR LONG YEARS!" So, hate on me if you must but I'll still be First Lady of the United State of America and the First Black Woman to have achieved that status. Now, you can kiss my Black Ass...Haters" End of Michelle Obama personal thoughts. Smile :)

Anonymous said...

@glory: That fine. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine.

Anonymous said...

Oh cry me a river.After 8 years of hate and nasty comments about the Bush family your whining because your side is getting the same treatment.

Take your medcine like a grown up.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

PUMA is supposed to be an organization that is so into women's rights. Hahaha. I see they haven't opened their mouth and complained about the degrading name calling going on towards Michelle Obama. This proves a point that I made back last year. They're for women's rights, if their white, but black women don't count. Yet and still, they'll run to black women when they need to them to get something passed. The world is so full of phonies and PUMA fits that category. Granny is labeling them the IMITATION OF WOMEN org., and filing them in the back of my head for future references when they come a running for some help, that is black women's help.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 2:35:

You really have a twisted way of thinking. Things said about Bush were not lies or personal and vicious. The things said about him concerned issues and his policy. On the other hand, the GOP has stooped to a kids level and decided that calling the First Lady and President Obama vicious, degrading, demeaning, racist names is their solution to not having a plan. Might I add along with that, the degrading and demeaning names that they choose to use is what divided this country in the first place. It is really a twisted mindset that wants black folks helping them fight their many wars and have their back, but they still want to treat them like second-class citizens after the war is over.

Sometimes I feel sorry for people like you. But then again, I guess that is part of my nature to have compassion for even those that don't deserve it. However, here lately, even that is getting harder and harder to maintain, and I have to ask the Lord to give me the strength to do it.

Anonymous said...

The reason our First Lady is a target is that haters look at her and are painfully reminded of everything they are NOT -- LOVED and RESPECTED by a spouse , admired by her supporters, intelligent, humble, beautiful, stylish, young...

I suspect The Obamas ain't thinkin' 'bout NONE these people... and neither am I!

Anonymous said...

Never understood why Y'all run redlights right infront of the Po-Po...watta ya expects gonna happen if they be as racist as y'all say. Heck, I don't trust Cops myself, thats why I keep all my info clipped right to the Sun Visor just like Elwood Blues did in the "Blues Brothers"... And that Moats looks more like one of "The Fat Boys" than an NFL runnin back...gotta admit, his Bee-otches were DL (Defensive Linemen) size... But dontcha all worry, Ron Mexico gets outta jail this week...

Sharon from WI said...

Oh cry me a river.After 8 years of hate and nasty comments about the Bush family your whining because your side is getting the same treatment.


There never has been the kind of vitriol aimed at Laura Bush the entire eight years Bush was in office that has been aimed at Michelle Obama in the 60 days that she has been in the White House.

And I am not even mentioning the barbs shot her way during the campaign.

You know this. So does everyone else here. You just want to disingenuously say something snide.

Anonymous said...

I remember some lib chick said Laura had never had a job in her life, which was a lie. She had been a teacher for a while. Home girl is taking crap for the same reason Hillary did. There is just some about being an over baring buffon that looks down their nose at everyone that makes some peopple not like them. Like me for instance. And I hate the twofer deal. Bitch wasn't on the ballot.


Anonymous said...


I am a fan of the Family Guy. Very often, they will do a riff on the fact that Laura Bush was involved in manslaughter when she was a young woman and didn't do any jail time for the act.

I have also seen an off-off broadway play that trashed the Bushes, it was called "What's wrong with Laura's Bush?" or something.

However, I don't recall pundits, journalists or talking heads having too much to say about Mrs. bush. I recall that Cheney and Rumsfield were the main targets of hatred and venom.

Hope that helps your research!

Oh, wait, when the Bush girls were in trouble I do remember the late night hosts having a field day. no pun intended.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Moats should hire that Dallas Cop as his PR him more Pub with one ticket than hes had in 3 mediocre years in the NFL... Actually "Mediocre" is bein generous...Mr. Scofflaw rushed for a Grand Total of 94 yds last year...which was %50 better than his previous year... and y'all can thank me for the research, but the Dallas High School Mr. Moats attended???? "Lynch" can't make this stuff up...

Unknown said...

Michelle Obama being attacked? Let us look at the background in which this is happening. Aren't Black women in America being attacked in such a manner on a daily basis? What's new?
Michelle is simply putting a face on what has been happening to Black women with attacks from all quarters.
So the big question is, when is it wrong for a black woman is attacked? Is it when it comes from a perceived racist?
If there was a history of activism protecting the womanhood and humanity of Black women, would the right feel so freely to attack her the way they are? Please, let us cut the bull for now.

Sharon from WI said...

And I hate the twofer deal. Bitch wasn't on the ballot.

What "two-fer deal"?

What press coference did she ever participate with her husband in?

What policy has she promoted as POTUS?

What bill has she signed off on?

Being the First Lady is not part of any "two-fer" deal.

And you really shouldn't talk about your mother that way.

Anonymous said...

GRANNY, I'm trying my best not to pray a WICKED PRAYER! but, if I did, it would go like this... GOD dry up the RESOURCE'S of every person that put's their mouth on the first LADY! and LORD don't let them get any SLEEP at night! let them walk around DUMBFOUNDED! let them lose their HOME'S, let them have to live on the STREET'S and beg for FOOD like a DOG! but, LORD I'm not suppose to PRAY a WICKED PRAYER like this, because I'm a CHRISTIAN!!

People all I can say is, "their is POWER in PRAYER! and trust me, their are CHRISTIAN'S that are taking heed to everything that is going on, remember CHENEY'S WIFE! now some CHRISTIAN'S will get ANGRY and PRAY this type of PRAYER! and trust me it will come to PASS, ask GRANNY,,,

CONSERVATIVE BLACK WOMAN, you have issue's, you are allowing yourself to be used by WICKEDNESS in HIGH PLACE'S, you need to be careful! you need to step back and let RACIST WHITE FOLK'S get what's coming to them! you are either part of the problem or part of the solution! and you BLACK WOMAN, have decided to become part of the PROBLEM, you need to regroup! and take a long hard look at what's really going on, these RACIST are trying their best to cause a RACE WAR! and that's a fact! they want BLACK PEOPLE to react to their madness! and you should be somewhere SPEAKING PEACE into the ATMOSPHERE! didn't you say you were a CHRISTIAN? you need to keep all those WHITE MEN off your WEBSITE coming against the PRESIDENT!

Conservative Black Woman said...

"CONSERVATIVE BLACK WOMAN, you have issue's, you are allowing yourself to be used by WICKEDNESS in HIGH PLACE'S, you need to be careful! you need to step back and let RACIST WHITE FOLK'S get what's coming to them! you are either part of the problem or part of the solution! and you BLACK WOMAN, have decided to become part of the PROBLEM, you need to regroup! and take a long hard look at what's really going on, these RACIST are trying their best to cause a RACE WAR! and that's a fact! they want BLACK PEOPLE to react to their madness! and you should be somewhere SPEAKING PEACE into the ATMOSPHERE! didn't you say you were a CHRISTIAN? you need to keep all those WHITE MEN off your WEBSITE coming against the PRESIDENT!"

Anonymous @4:50PM~

Let me assure you that I may have "issues" as I am human and therefore "issues" cannot be avoided but I have absolutely nothing to do with wickness because I identify myself as a conservative. You are delusional if you believe that racism is not present on the left and in the democrat party. I have never said that I am a republican but I have no problem with people who wish to call me that but I identify as a conservative based on the principles of conservatism. Because there are racist on the right has nothing to do with the principles on which I stand. Just like racist democrats or liberals on the left have not caused you to abandon your principles. But I find it curious that black folks such as yourself who also identify themselves as Christian would throw the Lord Jesus Christ under a bus before you utter one word against Barack Obama. You see, Anon I believe that it is people such as yourself who are being ruled by principalities in high places (wicked ones that is) because you have allowed your faith in a mere man to inhibit not only your ability to think critically about deny your high calling which is to be salt and light to the word. It is not I (the accused operative of wicked principalities) who has called people who have ideological differences to me racially derogatory names. It is not I (the accused operative of wicked principalities)who voted for a man who considers it above his pay grade to determine when conceptions begins and who feels it is ok to deny medical intervention to babies who are capable of surviving botched abortions. You see Anon, I don't have a problem with Pres. Obama because of his stance on abortion as it is a free country, but because of who I am in Christ, not the color of my skin I chose not to vote for him. As far as me "throwing white men off my site for coming against the PRESIDENT" I reject your premise that any white person who criticizes Pres. Obama or as I refer to him on my site PSBO & Company is racist. But I'm sure that's incomprehensible to you because the enemy of your soul has you so deluded you actually believe that a MAN is beyond reproach and you can't be bothered to let the facts get in the way of your misplaced devotion. So please. I dare you to find any vile of vitrol as is present on this thread on my blog written by me -- and I won't hold my breath for an apology because I know what I'm working with.

Black Diaspora said...

"Love of the Obama's is not mandated (at least not yet) so why get your drawers all knotted up when a stupid, azz-backward, low-rent bigot writes something disparing. Aren't there bigger issues to address?"

And neither is hate "mandated," but I'm seeing more of it than Obama or his family deserve.

Maintaining the dignity of those that happen to be black is the first step in addressing those other important issues that you allude to.

Those that aspired to keep us down did all they could first to "down" our dignity.

If you can get a people to question their self-worth, then that people will do your work for you: self-implode.

I will have no part of it, nor will I be an unwitting party to it.

Conservative Black Woman, you're still in the family. I won't disown you, although I believe, from time to time, that you're blinded by your conservative leanings, as I'm probably blinded by my liberal leanings.

But I do try to keep it real. As long as you do that, regardless of your conservative ideology, I'll have no quarrel with you.

Anonymous said...

When Air America does assanation skits on radio to the leftwingers thats ok.

When MIKE MALLOY tells people on the radio he hopes Bush would be assanated thats ok.

Comparing Bush to hilter and sayin he's a nazi thats ok to leftwingers .

This story is nothing compared to the hate the left has shown Bush.

Its also not fair to compare the 3 first ladies.

Both Hillary and Michelle jumped into politics so they both open themselves up for attack.

Laura for the most part did not.If Laura planted a little garden in the back yard you leftwingers would be laughin' your a*** off and you know it.

If Michelle can't stand the heat she needs to stay out of the kitchen.

Sharon from WI said...

Both Hillary and Michelle jumped into politics so they both open themselves up for attack.

Could you please tell us what elected office Michelle Obama is running for, has held in the past or is presently holding?

As far as Hillary is concerned, the wingnuts have been upset since she make that remark about baking brownies.

I think both Hillary and Michelle can handle the heat in the kitchen quite readily and have been. And this is what really gets the wingnuts in a tizzy.

Jody said...

@anon 5:36... Michelle Obama is handling the heat just fine. SHE is not going to the media and complaining, or anywhere else that I have seen for that matter. She is just going about being the first lady, and doing a damn fine job of it. It is we.... who are vocalizing the offense. You are being dishonest when you compare the attacks on GEORGE W. to those of Michelle. HE, as president, was and should be subject to ridicule, he made so many mistakes that cost literally hundreds of thousands of lives and TRILLIONS! yes TRILLIONS! of dollars. That behavior understandably generated hatred, anger, disgust. The anger toward Michelle can ONLY be explained by racism. What has she done that would merit such hatred? Name me one thing that she has DONE that would justify calling her "trash" or a bitch".

Anonymous said...

"So the big question is, when is it wrong for a black woman is attacked? Is it when it comes from a perceived racist?"

Are you sure you want this answered??? I thought Condi Rice was a good role model for everyone. I think somesone needs to wipe the snot from Michelle's nose and send her packing. Both are black. What's the differance? Character. Michelle got a scholarship to Princeton and whined about it in her thesis.


tjwash said...

Some Anonymous shithead said...When MIKE MALLOY tells people on the radio he hopes Bush would be assanated thats ok.

Mom's basement patrol checking in I see.

Really he said that? Got any proof of that from a reputable source? And no-"" is not a reputable source by the way.

Or is one of those things you "heard?"

If he would have actually said that one his radio show, there would have been a shit-storm the likes of, the media has never seen. His face would have been plastered on every freaking newspaper, news channel, blog, and news magazine for months. Hell... he would have been permanently remembered as "Malloy the asshole who said they should assassinate Bush on his radio show" by everyone, everywhere for the rest of his life.

Yet when you google for it...nothing.

tjwash said...

Um szpork...I hate to break the news to you, but First Lady and "Secretary of State" are 2 completely different things.

Thanks for playing though...

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I'm going to tell you something else I didn't like was Rush calling Hillary a man. I thought that was very low class and trifling. Those drugs are really frying his brains,making him think he is untouchable, and thinking more of himself than he ought. Pride cometh before a fall. When they made that commercial this is an egg and this is your brain, they had Rush in mind. This attacking people's wives is trashy and only low-life people would use that tactic. Nah, I take that back even low-life people wouldn't use that tactic only an beast would.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

black diaspora:

"If you can get a people to question their self-worth, then that people will do your work for you: self-implode."

Thank you my sister, I'll be glad when they get that part through their head and realize it. That truth will set them free.

Jody said...

Why on earth would you "freeze" someone in time to something they said over 20 years ago. Before they were married, or had children, or had gained wisdom and knowledge through the years? I don't know what you are referring to in Michelle Obama's college paper, but good lord, it is just STUPID of you to think that she has not grown, aged, become more reflective, gained wisdom, understanding.... that is just being a human being. And, I don't know that I would agree that what she wrote over 20 friggin years ago was whining! You on the other hand... are surely showing today on this blog what whining is!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Consevative black woman:

"but because of who I am in Christ,...I chose not to vote for him."

Could you be a little more specific?

BTW, I have a meeting to attend and won't be back until later on tonight. However, I will check back to see your answer when I get back.

True Blue Texan said...

Let me guess! The same people who think Michelle Obama is an angry woman who hates America also think the jerk who pulled over Ryan Moats was "just doing his job". Everyone needs to see that dashboard video if they haven't already. I can't wait to read what Mr. Field has to say about that.

La♥audiobooks said...

Conservative Black Woman, you have officially made Constructive Feedback sound much more resonable.

La♥audiobooks said...

True Blue Texan,

I just watched part one and some of part two of the Moats video, and I have no doubts that officer was being spiteful and difficult due to Moats race. I mean, that cop was being a total shit. But you know what... there was a double edge sword there, and Moats played right into his hands with that f-king confrontational attitude. I think that's one of the main problems some of us black folks have in these type situations. So I may put my jugular at risk here, but yes, I have some mix feelings about this entire unnecessary situation. I have to really think about this, or get more perspectives on either side. I just don't know...

Anonymous said...

Jody, for 40 years she was not proud of her country. Is that better? Obama is ok, he just reads what they tell him to. Michelle believes in her politcs more imo


Anonymous said...

CONSERVATIVE BLACK WOMAN, this is PROPHETESS, mere man doe's not rule me, but, I refuse to assault a BLACK MAN that is putting his life on the line on a daily basis! here you are taking side's, you have chosen to stand beside the UNRIGHTEOUS, that being, the REPUBLICAN/CONSERVATIVE! these are your people!

God's people are being cast by the wayside, and the REPUB/CON are complaining about, what could happen in year's to come!! as if God cannot meet the need's of his people! and no, I do not agree with everything the PRESIDENT believe's in, but,if he step's up as a man and attempt's to rectify the ill's of the land, then I will stand with that MAN, and the PRESIDENT is not going around proclaiming to be JESUS!!! he never said he was "JESUS" is it his fault, that his LIGHT SHINE'S before MAN? and MAN draw's to that light! MANKIND reach's out to the PRESIDENT because they see COMPASSION, HUMILITY, and ENDURANCE.

The REPUB/CON pretend to care about their fellow man, but, look at the thing's they have been doing, I see no CHRIST like attribute's! they could care less about HUMANITY! they are too busy trying to make the PRESIDENT'S life a living HELL! and this go's on day by day, I wish I would be apart of their VICIOUS MESS!

CBW, I could care less if you come HOME! stay where you are, you jumped to the defense of LAURA BUSH before field could finish his BLOG!!! so just stay with RUSH LIMBAUGH, HANNITY, BILL, ANN, TAMMY BRUCE, and all your other people, we will be just fine.

Anonymous said...

AMEN Laincognita!!!! I'm so glad someone had to say it.

Jody said...

spork... I am not "Proud" of this country either. I live here and I love the Ideals this country SAYS it values, but with few exceptions we as a nation have fallen short of those ideals. Maybe that is why I just don't have a problem with what she said. And what she said was for the first time she was REALLY proud. She has never said she hates this country, she (and I) have hated some of the things that have been done in our names.... war, slavery, genocide of native peoples, child labor, discrimination against women and gay people, Japanese internment camps, the McCarthy era, Nixon, Watergate, Vietnam War, Iraq wars 1 & 2. Nuclear Arms race, NAFTA, CAFTA, Guantanamo, Abu Graib, War of Drugs, Incarceration of over 2 million people, Funding wars in Phillipines, El Salvador, Nicaragua, policies toward Haiti, South Africa.......
Whew! These are just off the top of my head things that no justice loving, peace loving human being should EVER be proud of!!!

Conservative Black Woman said...

"Conservative Black Woman, you have officially made Constructive Feedback sound much more resonable."(LaIncognita)

Incongnita~Why is that? Too much for you to read at one time? There is clearly nothing illogical about what I wrote.Perhaps a few typos and run-on sentences. You may not agree with me-- but there are no illogical fallacies present. I'm guessing that I just offend you personally. That's unfortunate but there's nothing I can do about it. I am who I am and I make no apologies for my ideology.

Grannyfortruth~You asked me to be more specific regarding why I felt I could not vote for Barack Obama based on who I am in Christ. Let me first clarify that I did vote for Barack Obama in the primary election reluctantly because I didn't want to find myself on the wrong side of history. But by the time the general election rolled around I decided I wouldn't cast another vote for him. I want to impress on you that I am only speaking for myself as a follower of Christ and I could not get past his extremely liberal voting record especially where life issues are concerned. He opposes born-alive treatment for infants-- that's tantamount to infanticide. He voted no on defining unborn child as eligible for State Children's Health Insurance Program.

As a mother of a teenaged daughter I was very put off that he voted NO
on prohibiting minors crossing state lines for an abortion without parental notification. I feared that he would lift the ban on more embryonic stem cell lines and he has.

But the deciding factor for me was when I saw of video of Barack Obama In his “Call to Renewal” keynote address to clergy, Obama asks, “Which passages of
Scripture should guide our public policy? Should we go with Leviticus, which suggests slavery is okay and that eating shellfish is an abomination? Or we could go with Deuteronomy which suggests stoning your child if he strays
from the faith” and that did for me. I was appalled by the manner in
which he not only mischaracterized but marginalized the Scripture.

So while some feel protective of protecting the integrity and honor of our race -- which is a GOOD thing. Because I am also God's kid I can't stand behind anyone who would wantonly marginalize the Word of the Lord. I'm sure that many will now bad-mouth Christianity but I'm talking directly to you Grannyfortruth because while we not agree ideologically I consider you my sister in Christ.

Anonymous said...

Jody, don't you agree that a first lady should show more tact though? Regardless ,I'll consider what you said.


Conservative Black Woman said...

I knew that was you PROPHETESS, I could tell by your writing style. While I appreciate your passion for Barack Obama, I worried that you are either naive or crazy if believe that simply by disagreeing with "The One" that I am assaulting him! Again I say your misplaced devotion has retarding your sensibilities.

gail said...

Nothing new women, intelligent, beautiful, articulate, solid and family oriented makes for jealous women of other know what I'm talkin about....nothing new: I see it everyday.

Conservative Black Woman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Conservative Black Woman said...

"you jumped to the defense of LAURA BUSH before field could finish his BLOG!!! (Anonymous aka PROPHETESS)

Oh, is that what you thought I was doing defending Laura Bush. No, you are mistaken, what I did was make a hopelessly lame attempt to illustrate that the left is just as snarky and vitriolic as the right.

Anonymous said...

OK Jody, how about this. A black conservitive woman gets elected President, let's say it's Condo Rice. Is Michelle really proud about that? Would you be? Maybe sort of proud but you're gonna work to destroy her? It's not about race or even gender to me.


Christopher Chambers said...


Big secret revealed--Mrs. Nat Turner and Condi Rice go to the same haridresser in Silver Spring, MD. Secret: Condi LOVES Michelle Obama. She disagrees w/a lot of barack's policies but likewise LOVES him, too. But she won't speak up.

Concurrently, maybe it's time Barack stop the cheek turning nobility, and Michelle stop the ignoring these fools, and strike back. I've said it before a million times.

Here's the historical placemark: All righteous pleas and pledges did not stop Sen Joseph McCarthy until (1) John Welch did his "Senator, have you no shame?" speech, and (2) Edward R. Murrow told CBS execs to suck his dick for being cowards, then called McCarthy out on national TV.

Black Diaspora said...

"No, you are mistaken, what I did was make a hopelessly lame attempt to illustrate that the left is just as snarky and vitriolic as the right." CBW

That was not the assignment.

Here it is again:

"It's sad, because I don't remember the frat boy ever having to beg the press to lay off his wife. Not during his presidency, or when he was campaigning for it.

"So help me here folks. If you find any of these links, please put it in the comments section. Because I really am curious to know if the left was as disrespectful and cruel to Laura Bush, as the right is to Michelle Obama."

I don't think many here are so naive as to believe that liberals have reached "political sainthood."

On the contrary, both parties have stepped across the line far more than they should.

But to keep it real, I find that Republicans are more adept at it than liberals.

Perhaps I'm biased, but that's my honest assessment of the political landscape.

Anonymous said...

Christopher, many americans seriously considered communismn as an optional form of gov from even before 1917. One of Ark governors lived in a communal farm that practiced and taught communist ideals while growing up. Nothing illegal about this at all. After 1945, a lot of US secrets were given to the USSR by people in the US, some for pay and some for ideology. McCarthey certainly did do his witch hunt wrong, but given the the cold war situation I'm inclined to cut him some slack history wise.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Conservative Black Woman:

"Grannyfortruth because while we not agree ideologically I consider you my sister in Christ."

Amen! Granny doesn't dislike people because they disagree with me, that's not who I am as a person. I know that there are some folks on here who do not agree with me all the time and some of them get very pissed at me. I can sense it spiritually and that does not matter to me or bother me. Granny understands human nature and believes in what's right, fair, and just. I also know that there are some on here that agree with me and understand where I'm coming from. Therefore, I can appreciate what you said. I understand you as a person.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Preach it! I love that humanitarian spirit in you. You are one powerful lady and you possess a sense of fairness and balance and it pours out in what you write.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"A black conservitive woman gets elected President, let's say it's Condo Rice. Is Michelle really proud about that?"

szpork, I don't know where you come up with these false thoughts or who you are listening to, but you are really underestimating and misjudging Michelle Obama as a person. Your view of her is so off base until it's on the borderline of ridiculous.

Nevertheless, the real problem is that you're seeing Michelle Obama through foggy lenses that have been contaminated with pure BS, vicious lies, and slander. This makes it impossible for you to see that she is a woman who is above pettiness and juvenile tactics that those with hatred in their hearts practice. She possesses class and is too refine to even stoop down to that level or think in that manner.

Laura Roslin said...

Field, YES the left, YES Democrats have mocked and made fun of Laura Bush.

Just google "Laura Bush" + "stepford wife" and you get 4,110 hits including over at Huffington Post, the "left" answer to the Drudge Report.

I admit I've made fun of her myself.

Maybe this is just a bad habit of crackers, which I admit to being one of. (sorry)

Laura Roslin said...

One other thing - Michelle Obama may be the most beautiful first lady ever. I envy her those arms as well as other features. She and the President are well matched in brains and attractiveness.

Sorry, I just had to get that in.

Anonymous said...

I just don't know, Granny. She seems like a nasty oppurtonist with no gratitude at all. It's not uncommon with people of power. Maybe she can be redeemed in my eyes with some new found cause,, but I doubt it. She is grating and looking for a fight. I wish her and Obama the best of luck, though. We need it.


Anonymous said...

CONSERVATIVE BLACK WOMAN, this is PROPHETESS, I don't hold back when I write, point blank! and trust me I am far from being devoted to the PRESIDENT! I see a lot of thing's he need's to clean up, he has too many loose end's dangling, but, GOD will teach him as he go's, remember he has never been PRESIDENT before!

I would like to know why, people on this post are begging this SZPORK person to respect the FIRST LADY? this person could care less about the accomplishment of the FIRST LADY! this person HATE'S the PRESIDENT, so this is his way of going after the PRESIDENT, and beside's, SZPORK could be a AFRICAN AMERICAN PERSON! their are time's when this person slip's, so who are you SZPORK?

CBW, I'm not mad at you, I write a certain way, so I can make sure I get your ATTENTION, and you never let me down, I have to give it to you, you sure try to hold your own, you were being attacked like nobody's business! you were in WARFARE from the left, right, and all around, but, you came back fighting! you even tried to punch me out!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 2:41:

"I would like to know why, people on this post are begging this SZPORK person to respect the FIRST LADY?"

No one on here is begging szpork to respect the First Lady. It's called exchanging point of views.

Anonymous said...

SZPORK, why are you picking on a woman? this is very unnatural! you continue to go back and forth, what is your problem? you seem to be envious of the FIRST LADY for some reason! your writing is BITTER! and can you please tell me, what it is MICHELLE is trying to get? she is already YOUR FIRST LADY rather you like it or not! and when the PRESIDENT complete's his two term's, HILLARY will run for PRESIDENT and I'm sure she will chose MICHELLE as her running mate! so maybe that's what she is after! or maybe she will run for PRESIDENT herself! and trust me she will win without a doubt!


WineDog said...

It's my opinion that the Right has lost all sense of decency, so attacking a spouse is fair game. They beat the crap out of Hillary Clinton when she was in the White House. Hell, that fat fuck Rush Limbaugh made fun of Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's and as someone who deals with Parkinson's (my Dad has it) I can say that was out of bounds for the Limberger. They just have no class or sense of decency. Michelle is getting the same treatment that Hillary got. The news cycle is just even tighter now so it seems worse.

She's the classiest lady to live there since Jackie Kennedy and that's got to be tough for the right to take. They gave us Barbara Bush the shrew racist bitch, Laura Bush, the shy slightly tetched librarian and Nancy Reagan. Oh yeah and Betty Ford. The Right doesn't like strong beautiful women. Apparently Democratic Presidents do.

FlyNMy40s said...

Some of these comments are far beyond ignorant. When are black dems going to "get over it" and accept that not every black person is or should be democrat? I'm willing to bet that I as a conservative black woman myself,I have done and will do far more in and for the black community than many of you will do in your lifetimes.

Wake up people! We don't have to vote the same to be on the same page!!

FYI, I'm a HUGE Michelle Obama "fan", I simply didn't vote for her husband as Prez.

Anonymous said...

Hillary and Michelle don't know their place, therefore they must be taught a lesson. A little like Officer Powell's reaction to Ryan Moats.

Anonymous said...

I guess you didn't see all of the posts about how Laura Bush KILLED somebody.

Ranging from how she deliberately killed her ex-boyfriend in a car accident as an act of vengeance to how maybe it was an accident but she only wasn't charged because she's a rich white girl. Or do you consider attacking a person for something that happened over 40 years ago when they were teenagers respectful behavior?

It really doesn't matter, people should lay off President Obama's family. I don't tolerate that kind of conversation. I'm just saying, some people in the left were downright hateful about Laura.

Ms. Ann G. Myma said...

Ms. Obama's well toned arms are a sign of fitness and health. Compare and contrast that to those deep, crevassed, cigarette lines around Laura Bush's mouth.

By the way Anonymous, did you know that Laura Bush Killed her boyfriend?

May I say it again? Laura Bush killed her boyfriend.

One more time. Laura Bush killed her boyfriend!

Anonymous said...

FLYNMY40'S, why do we need to hear from you? what you had to offer to this post was not needed! your vote was not needed to get MICHELL'S husband elected as PRESIDENT!

You brag about what you do for the BLACK COMMUNITY! well, GOD bless you! you write as if you have your nose STUCK UP in the air!! this seem's to be the trend with the NEW BLACK CONSERVATIVE WOMAN.

Why do we need to be called "IGNORANT" because some us chose to be DEMOCRAT'S? you have defined your lack of MATURITY in your comment!

The comment you made show's that you need further growth as a BLACK WOMAN, my advice would be for you too stop pretending as if you have ARRIVED! do you know what the word "CAUSE" means? I'm sure you don't!
for if you did, their is no way you would be telling AFRICAN AMERICAN'S to WAKE UP! no, we are full awake, it is you that are in a deep sleep!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

It was a woman that carried each and every single on of us in their womb for nine months. If it wasn't for a woman no one on here would be sitting here today posting on this blog. Nor would some of those low-life jerks that disrespect women. I think it is a disgrace the way people disrespect these women. They are someone's mother and I'm sure that their children hear about all of the nasty, derogative things beings said about them. Believe it or not that affects children in a very damaging way, especially, young children.

For people to call them out of their name and disrespect them like they do, it truly disturbs me and gives me a bad taste in my mouth. People nowadays don't care or value women like they should. It disturbs me when I hear about kids killing their mother or disrespecting them like they do today. Nothing good will come of none of that.

So-called grown men and women because of their political views calling a woman a man, the "B" word, and stepford wife, is lowdown and trashy to me. What problem does it solve? What does it have to do with the issues or policies? What does it contribute to society? People calling it fair game is so asinine and beyond retarded to me. It reminds me of children who play the dozens with the "yo mamma jokes", only these people are not playing a child's game, and are vicious and sleazy. The bottom line is they need to be stopped!!!!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


elle said...

Obama should attack these republican fucks right now, screw that turning the cheek crap,no one should talk about anyones wife, and people that do should be castrated and sterilized.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Don't worry, he is gonna put them in their place, but when he does they won't know what hit them or how to handle it. Just like the other day when that CNN reporter Ed Henry asked that question, did you see how he put him in his place. It was real smooth and with finess.

Anonymous said...

GRANNY, this may be off topic but, when the First Lady was digging her garden, did the media mention that George Bush the First was assisting her! I may be wrong but, their was a picture on the front of my computer with the First Lady in the garden and if I'm not mistaken, their is a elderly man with a shovel that is assisting the First lady, and that man is the spitting image of BUSH THE FIRST! now I may be wrong! and I'm not losing it!!! it was on YAHOO.COM

FlyNMy40s said...

To the "anonymous" one, unable to think of a user name who addressed FlynMy40's, you need to hear from me because this is a blog, the last time I checked. That means that I can (and will) express my views here whether you like it or not.

Now allow me to be clear about one thing. My nose IS in the air as is the rest of my head because I always hold my head high. If that's problematic for you and obvioulsy ONLY because I'm a proud black conservative, then that's your problem. My comments weren't directed at "everyone", so if you took it that way, then you obviously need to work more on your reading comprehension skills.

Anonymous said...

FLYNMY40'S, you just proved my point! you have a long way to go, and of course you should hold your head high, why would you do otherwise? you are a WOMAN are you not, you are a BLACK WOMAN are you not? you being a CONSERVATIVE is not nearly as important as you being BLACK, so continue to hold your head high, many of our people died so you would have the RIGHT to do so!


Dr. Nuwang said...

IseeIsee, my "blackness" shows without me having to announce it to the world and I don't need to shout about it from every mountian top to be seen/heard. Trust me, the first thing some people in "the world" may see is my blackness, or should I say my multiculturalness in honor of my ancestors that were here before the ships arrived from Eurpoe and Africa. But the second isn't my "blackness" at all, it's my strong intellect.

It turns out that the only point you proved was about the disdain some liberal Black dems show towards conservative blacks. Some poeple like you can really get their "drawz" in a bunch(or thongs if you're sexy) when a "strong black woman" expresses a view different from the majority of other blacks.

So while you're siting back focusing on all the ancestors, like my grandfather, who died so that my generations of blacks could enjoy certain freedoms, I'll be focusing on FUTURE generations of black people, black women in particular, addressig health disparities in cancer incidence/mortality.

Reverence for the past is great, but can we PLEASE keep it movin' to our bright collective futures, respecting our differences along the way?

Jenn said...

In my experience, people tend to have issues with strong women... especially when they're attractive. Perhaps the reason Laura Bush didn't get so much shit thrown her way was because she played the first lady housewife who's opinions reflect her husband's and who's primary priority is to take care of her own. While she didn't get trashed hardly at all, she also didn't get photographed independently as frequently or act much like an individual. Furthermore, she also looks kind of like your stereotypical conservative middle aged soccer mom type. Michelle Obama is strikingly beautiful and is clearly an intelligent and independent woman. Obama is one of the youngest president's we've ever had, and so his wife is one of the younger first wives. She's still desirable, still magazine cover worthy. And I think people are more uncomfortable with that then they admit. While racism may play some factor, I think this is much more about the fact that she's a strong, independent woman whose thinking capacity equals that of her husband. And much as I dislike Hilary Clinton, she got some of the same shit for being a strong woman capable of thinking for herself. Anyway, that's my two-cents on the issue.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I was just signing on to talk about the same thing. I agree with you totally. Both Hillary and Michelle are strong, intelligent women and both young when their husbands became the President. In addition, both are nice looking.

Larraine said...

I don't recall left wing bloggers going after Laura Bush at all. In fact when she and her husband vacated DC, she left with a still very high approval rating. I know I often wondered what a woman who seems very intelligent and is very attractive saw in George Bush, except for his money. It left me thinking that Bush was probably a relatively nice guy. He just should not have been President. However, back to Michelle Obama. I seem to remember a lot of nice publicity for the Bushes from the so-called liberal press at the beginning of his presidency. In fact I believe that there was a lot of obvious disdain for Al Gore. We kept hearing that inane phrase about him being a guy you would like to have a beer with. A big part of the problem is that both Obamas are just really smart AND attractive people. They don't have to choose. I like their style. Quite frankly, I enjoy fashion too. We haven't had much in the way of a fashionable First Lady in a long long time. I'm happy to see her on magazine covers. She's smart AND attractive. She's a good role model for ALL young women no matter what their race.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


You made me think back to how the GOP demeaned and degraded Kerry's wife. I thought that was so uncalled for and it disturbed my spirit on the inside. It was so distasteful and lacking in class. Frankly speaking, I think they should lay off the wives and children with all the name calling and degrading comments.

Unknown said...

Michelle Obama is laughing at those fools. She's the first lady of the Unites States and no amount of stereotyping can change it. Its disappointing on one hand to discover that some people in this country haven't moved past their overt racism. They openly and shamelessly try to pin stereotypes on her that don't resemble her at all. On the other hand, it makes me smile because I know a hater when I see one and the right wing and its bigoted minions have a history and a culture of openly hating and not being ashamed of it. How else do you explain sick people posing in front of mangled black bodies in photographs like its the latest issue of Vogue? Now they are being called out and shamed and forced to apologize. I find a wicked and shameless satisfaction in that. Let them keep talking. They can be included in the historical documentaries about racism with their idols Nathan Bedford Forrest (ha!), David Duke, Bull Connor, Rush Limbaugh and that scary bug-eyed Michelle Bachmann.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Yeah, that Michell Bachmann is a piece of work. She really makes me wonder what type of mindset the people of her district have. That child needs a serious psychological evaluation and help. Now, she is one person that could probably use some type of medication to calm her down.

Anonymous said...


Condi Rice would never be the President because she could never have made it through a GOP primary. She is liberal on social issues and the GOP Christianist base like CBW, would never have backed her. As far as Michelle's proud comments, not everyone has had the same experience in this counrty as you and it creates different and sometimes conflicting emotions, so get over it.

Anonymous said...

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RisingTide said...

Conservative Black Woman,
The blood of countless babies lies on your hands, and those of your ilk.
So called "born alive" treatment, where you let a headless baby die over the course of an entire day, KILLS children that might live.
A baby is born without a heart -- are you that heartless that you cannot sacrifice one baby to save Twenty?

Anonymous said...

FLYNMY40'S, GOD BLESS you and keep you young lady.


Lady-Cracker said...

La-Incognita said that she agreed with True Blue Texan and that ....
"I think that's one of the main problems some of us black folks have in these type situations. So I may put my jugular at risk here, but yes, I have some mix feelings about this entire unnecessary situation."

I so agree with her, do not make a bad situation worse. As a mother of three sons, they were told to keep it to "Yes Sir, "No, Sir" and say as little as possible and to do exactly as ordered.

You say here on the blog "Don't feed the trolls." It is the same with any such obviously over controlling lout as that police officer. He just dragged it out to watch him squirm. That kind of casual cruelty makes my blood boil.

Anonymous said...

I don't find Michelle very attractive but different strokes for diff folks.

She does have a stern look to her but those comments were over the line.

James Brown, I see it.

Anonymous said...

Field -

I continually claimed Former First Lady Laura Bush was hooked on something. I've seen those glassy eyes before. I think it's called Prozac.

Or an unnerving cross between disbelief and denial.

Mack Lyons said...

Read it and weep. Note how the ol' crackers are grasping at any way to knock the "n*gg*r in chief" down...even if they have to call the first lady a "ugly ass 200lb gorilla" and compare her to drag queens and Aunt Esther. Obama Derangement Syndrome is in full swing, people!

I'm so disgusted by it all that I purposely ran the link through TinyURL just to keep them from tracking back here. They don't deserve that little courtesy, if you can call it that.

Conservative Black Woman said...

Rising Tide~

"Conservative Black Woman,
The blood of countless babies lies on your hands, and those of your ilk.

What an intellectually fraudulent assertion. First of all Rising Tide while one ES cell line can potentially provide an endless supply of cells studies show that they are likely to be rejected
after transplantation and those cells are also highly tumorigenic.

You ask

"are you that heartless that you cannot sacrifice one baby to save Twenty?"

Again you are recapitulation even more intellectual fraud. What the ethically challenged uber liberal left elitist who wish to usurp the power of God don't want you to know is that adult stem cells are a much more viable option. Adult-type stem cells can be harvested from bone marrow and from umbilical cords. Recipients can harvest their own stem cells for use sometime in the future and will not experience immune rejections as with embryonic stem cells and they tend not to form tumors. Best of all there is no harm done to the donor.

So no RisingTide their is no blood on the hands of my "ilk" and there is absolutely nothing heartless about valuing life. You can try and "pretty up" the born alive legislation all you'd like but it's unequivocally, undeniably, shamefully, infanticide.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, could I have wandered upon a liberal-progressive site? How could any conservative be offended by Vogue featuring Mrs. Obama, and post in big letters, "THE FIRST LADY AMERICA'S BEEN WAITING FOR"

Guess what, I'm just waiting for her to LEAVE.