Thursday, March 12, 2009

"I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing...."

Okay, true confessions: That E-Trade commercial with the two little guys in the pic is my absolute favorite. Maybe it appeals to my softer hope for A-merry-ca side. I think that's what all these advertisers are trying to do; appeal to our softer more inclusive side. Well damn it, I think it might have worked with me.

But not so fast; as with everything else in A-merry-ca, there just might be an agenda. I think those slick advertisers are just trying to appeal to my softer more inclusive side to get to my pocket book.

The following comes from AP writer,Todd Lewan:

"Ever see an inner-city schoolyard filled with white, Asian and black teens shooting hoops? Or middle-aged white and Latino men swigging beer and watching the Super Bowl on their black neighbor's couch? Or Asians and Latinos dancing the night away in a hip-hop club?
All it takes is a television.

Yes, that mesmerizing mass purveyor of aspiration, desire and self-awareness regularly airs commercials these days that show Americans of different races and ethnicities interacting in integrated schools, country clubs, workplaces and homes, bonded by their love of the products they consume.

Think about one of Pepsi's newest spots, "Refresh Anthem," which debuted during the Super Bowl. The ad, which features Bob Dylan and hip-hop producer, is a collage of images from the '60s and today that celebrate generations past and present.
Whites and blacks are shown returning from war, surfing, skateboarding, dancing and waving American flags at political rallies, while a boyish Dylan and a present-day take turns singing the Dylan classic, "Forever Young," each in his signature style.

Or, take the latest hit spot from E TRADE, which stars the E TRADE Baby, a 9-month-old white boy, and his newest buddy - a black infant who, from his own highchair, agrees with the wisdom of online investing even in a down economy. Ads like these are part of a subtle, yet increasingly visible strategy that marketers refer to as "visual diversity" - commercials that enable advertisers to connect with wider audiences while conveying a message that corporate America is not just "in touch," racially speaking, but inclusive.

It wasn't always like this. For much of the past century, 'minorities were either invisible in mainstream media, or handed negative roles that generally had them in a subservient position,' says Jerome Williams, a professor of advertising and African-American studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

'Today, you're starting to see a juxtaposition of blacks and whites together, doing the things people do ... Now, advertisers are not in a position of pushing social justice. But to the extent that they can put whites and blacks together in situations, I think that's a good thing.'"

It's nice to see that corporations are in touch, but will they give a brotha a job? I mean working on the field's heart strings is one thing, but would they put the field on their pay roll or *hire (thanks e-zmun, it was late) the field's firm to to do some legal work?

Hey, give me a job, put some money in my pocket, and then I might even buy my new white friend a drink.


Anonymous said...

"Travis: the early years"...just kidding, that kid's cute, even if he looks like "Clyde" from "Everywhich Way but Loose"...

Daktari said...

Of course, in this post-racial A-merry-ca, we shouldn't have to draw attention to interracial commercials. Right?

Unless you are in a position to hire people, you can't do much to change the level of integration in your workplace, but I'm fairly convinced you have to try pretty hard to integrate your friendships, because, you know, we tend to cluster. And most folks seem to think that friendships just shouldn't be that much work.

Anonymous said...

Bah. shut up field. I don't think race is so mush a factor as attitude, writing a good resume, and age????? And oh yeah graduating high school. Why is that so hard? People need to stop with the negativity about achievemnt in America. It's a bitch I know, but dream and then settle for what you get.


? said...

These are cynical and manufactured ploys designed to further a consumer economy; what really unites Americans of different race other than consumption? Not a whole hell of allot... What this and other lies about a post racial fantasy land try and disguise is a country based on ethno centrism.

Anonymous said...

I swear that baby looks like one of the Wayans Brothers. Love the commercial but I still ain't buying stocks in this economy!

Unknown said...

I've noticed basketball games where one white kid was trying to keep up with Chinese kids in Chinatown. And at Battery Park I once overheard a white kid calling from the fence to a bunch of somewhat older black guys that he wasn't good but(obviously) tall. Someone yelled, "So get in here."
Other than the subway, where everyone really is equal, the divides in real life are usually a sorry sight.

Jody said...

When I first began exploring my own culpability in white privelege, one of the first challenges to me by my aquaintences of color was "how you livin?" They challenged me to look at my social community and notice who was there and who was not.

Over time, and effort, how I'm livin has changed. And my life is much better for it. It does take effort to move outside one's comfort zone. Life is richer and far more interesting when the people in it are as varied as the larger world we all live in.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Amen Jody!

Anonymous said...

Field most of time I agree with you but you are terribly ignorant on Speaker Pelosi.After 911 President G Bush and rightly so ordered that the third person in line to assume the presidency in case the P and VP were killed etc should also fly in a military plane. The previous Speaker [MALE]did not hesitate to fly home every week-end to Chicago and no one said a thing- now sexist jokers are criticizing this lady. She even offered to use a smaller plane WHEN SHE DO FLY but it would not be able to fly non stop to CA. Find somethibg else to bitch about. MAY BE YOU COULD EVEN APOLOGIZE TO

Anonymous said...

True freedom will come only when people of all colors realize you can have a perfectly good time without buying anything.

Anonymous said...

Hey Field, if you want to see an Asian, Mexican, white and a Black dude in those situations you featured, come to San Diego. It's that way everyday.

What the commercials are displaying is Bandura's Social Learning Theory. "Behavioral learning assumes that people's environment (surroundings) cause people to behave in certain ways...Social learning suggest a combination of environmental (social) and psychological factors influence behavior. There are three requirements: remembering what one observed, ability to reproduce the behavior, and a good reason to adopt the behavior."

If people see this enough, then they will think that's how life is supposed to be, thus adopting the life style.

I guess in Philly it's too segregated to do the above on a larger scale, but in CA "we all just get along for the most part."

Thus why so many mixed-raced kids.

Swiff said...

My personal favorite is the Pepsi commercial song Biggie did:

And John Stewart EARNED that Honorary Field Negro recognition.

Unknown said...

Its a catch 22 from what I see. Any black person is going to have to work harder than their White or Asian counterpart just to stay because if he doesn't, he's the first out the door. The bad part is that it seems like the person who works the hardest stays in the same position because he's so good at his job.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

in CA "we all just get along for the most part."

I agree we do.

Vérité Parlant said...

It's part of the advertising industry's attempt to capitalize on what's been dubbed "Yes We Can" marketing.

Field, I like the E-Trade commercials, but when I saw this one my cynical side kicked in and I wondered "now why does the white baby use his brain and the black baby sing, another stereotype from the crib?"

So, do they have any black people working on the E-Trade commercials.

Perhaps I too am in danger of being called a "racialist." :-)

I like the one when the baby rents a clown the most because more people are afraid of clowns than we think, and he says he "underestimated the creepiness."

Anonymous said...

I liked the first one better. The white baby with the Blackberry speaking "pseudo-black", "Hey girl can I hit you back?"
Now that one is funny.

This one is phony.

After they give a brotha a job when he gets out of jail, then it will be cute.

Black Rose

PS, Love the racialist term, Do people just think this stuff up?

? said...

in CA "we all just get along for the most part."

I agree we do

As a former Californian I would vehemently disagree. San Francisco was chock full of "color blind" who folks who loved 'diverse' friends. These folks helped gentrify blacks right out of the city. San Fran was 25% black in the 70's and now it's down to around five percent; In fact blacks are leaving California (same with whites) in increasing numbers. BTW California has more hate groups than any sate in the union.

Anonymous said...

Until you start seeing blacks and white in the board room together seeing blacks and whites on the playground won't mean a damn thing.

That barrier was broken long ago (see: Jackie Robinson). And while they may tug at our heartstrings with this idea of "racial harmony," it's not going to make me buy a damn thing. That is, unless is a ticket to see an intriguing movie about race like Crash.

Or unless they made a film about
the Iraqi who threw his shoes at GWB.

field negro said...

leacock, I already spoke to the Pelosi HHN question down thread under my last post. So I won't comment on it again.

Yes, you SoCal folks have a real post racial A-merry-ca going on out there. I love that part of the whole vibe out there. Nothing beats Venice Beach on a Sunday afternoon in the fall.

VP, you just may be a racialist.:)

"Until you start seeing blacks and white in the board room together seeing blacks and whites on the playground won't mean a damn thing."


Anonymous said...

They've always liked our money it's us they still hate.

EzMun said...

Btw Field, Your second to last line should be "but would they put the field on their pay roll or HIRE the field's firm to to do some legal work." You have "higher."

Christopher said...

I'll be your new, white friend, Field.

Think about it. With me you hit the trifecta: white, gay and an Obama supporter.

I like Mexican food, if you decide to buy me dinner.

Anonymous said...

Things that make you go...

Hmmmmmmmm -

S.C.'s Sanford makes it official, rejects $700 million stimulus

COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford on Wednesday became the first governor to reject some of his state's share of President Barack Obama's economic stimulus money, spurning $700 million that he said would harm his state's residents in the long run.


S.C. bleeding jobs with fastest-growing unemployment rate in the nation

South Carolina has the fastest growing unemployment rate in the country, and economists do not see an end to the cycle of job losses spreading across the state.

Between January 2008 and January 2009, the state’s unemployment rate increased 4.7 percentage points, which was the largest jobless rate increase in the country, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics...

South Carolina has the nation’s second-highest rate behind Michigan at 11.6 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Anonymous said...

Under the heading...

"Our First Lady is classier than Your's" -

Anonymous said...

Makes you go YICKS!!!

Overall, Rasmussen Reports shows a 56%-43% approval, with a third strongly disapproving of the president's performance. This is a substantial degree of polarization so early in the administration. Mr. Obama has lost virtually all of his Republican support and a good part of his Independent support, and the trend is decidedly negative.

A detailed examination of presidential popularity after 50 days on the job similarly demonstrates a substantial drop in presidential approval relative to other elected presidents in the 20th and 21st centuries. The reason for this decline most likely has to do with doubts about the administration's policies and their impact on peoples' lives.

Christopher said...

Mr. Obama has lost virtually all of his Republican support....

Oh no? Say it isn't so? No Republican support?

Good. These asshole Repukes can vote for Norris/Palin or Jindal/Palin in 2012 and enjoy a second Obama/Biden term.

BTW, I looked at the 03.13.09 Rasmussen Reports Daily poll and there's no mention of Obama tanking with independents.

Nice try though. Next???

field negro said...

Thanks EZMun,I corrected that. I was sitting in court looking at my blackberry, when I noticed it.

Damn, two months in and repubs are poll watching.What will happen a year from now?

field negro said...

Yeah I cover a lot of basis with you.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how good Rasmussen's numbers are, as his poll numbers tend to heavily lean right - because of sampling methodology.

I think the nation is going to be divided pretty much along ideological lines for a while, with the hard 32% or so of conservatives slowly eroding as financial issues accelerate with massive layoffs.

Part of the "popularity gap" with Obama is in the fact that the miscreants who got the country into this mess seem to be getting away with it. Whether it's the former administration, or the bad apples in the financial and banking community - the folks responsible for the really bad decisions don't seem to be paying the cost of those decisions.

The second issue is the MSM lynching of the Obama appointees. They are playing a game of "Gotcha" that is so vicious, most of the qualified candidates won't take the jobs out of fear that they will be dragged through the mud.

Christopher said...

Now, listen up.

According to RealClearPolitics:

Obama's overall approval numbers remain solid and high with no suggestion the so-called "honeymoon" with the American people has ended.

RCP Average for 03/03 to 03/10 Approve: 60.8%
Disapprove: 30.2%

Gallup for 03/08 to 03/10
Approve: 62%
Disapprove: 27%

Rasmussen for 03/08 to 03/10
Approve: 56%
Disapprove: 43%

Ipsos-McClatchy for 03/05 to 03/09
Approve: 65%
Disapprove: 29%

Newsweek for 03/04 to 03/05
Approve: 58%
Disapprove: 26%

FOX News for 03/03 to 03/04
Approve: 63%
Disapprove: 26%

When it comes to polling and such minutia, particularly as it pertains to President Barack Obama, I'm a walking computer.

So before you start tossing around numbers to make the President look bad, you best have your game together because I'm always, always, 6 miles ahead of you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the real Christopher..I dont know why wingnutters keep trying to pull shit - they really dont understand "google" do they?

Christopher said...

You're welcome, Miranda.

Specially' those wingnuts hiding behind "anonymous." I'm not having it.

earlgrey said...

Hello Field,

Here is a positive economy story.

Anonymous said...

Great job, Christopher!

Notice how Rasmussen has the highest negatives, and lowest approvals of the group - per my earlier post.

Has to do with the way they select people for their polls, an approach which doesn't tend to count the under 30 demographic.

On the flip side of that argument though, is Rasmussen and Pew were the only two of the major 25 polling organizations to predict the election accurately in their final pre-election polls. Unlike the "Election" of 2000, the polls were fairly accurate in the end, according to this study, only missing the actual 7 point victory margin by less than 1.5% -

Of course, in Rasmussen's case this is after calling the race a dead heat until the first of November.


Amaretto said...

Um. Okay maybe it's me but when I first saw that commercial superbowl night I wondered why the black baby had to be the one singing? Why couldn't he co-sign on the wonderfulness that is eTrade? It's very suspect if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

FIELD NEGRO, I took in the full picture of that commercial, and I noticed that the white baby's chair is pulled a little bit further up than the black baby's chair, the white baby was brought forth, and the black baby was a little in the back, the commercial was sending all kind's of message's, look at the picture again, the white baby looked as if he was not afraid of anything, but, the black baby had fear in his little eye's, and why not have both baby's with their chair's in equal position's? and why not position both baby's coming forth as equal? just asking a question?

I live in CALIFORNIA, everything is not fine and dandy out here, their are some WHITE neighborhood's that you could not pay me to be caught in after eight o'clock at night! this place is not as liberal as portrayed on television, remember, the man who sent the watermelon e-mail was from CA!

saraphen said...

When I was a kid back in the 50's, whenever there was a black person on TV we would send out an alert to the whole neighborhood to come and look. We've come a long way.

Jackson Brown said...

BNasty said:
"If people see this enough, then they will think that's how life is supposed to be, thus adopting the life style."

Benjamin DeMott's 1995 article in Harper's Magazine, "Put on a Happy Face: Masking the Differences Between Blacks and Whites," makes virtually the same point as the one field posted.

DeMott argues that because we see racial harmony in films and on TV, we consciously ignore race-based social stratification and avoid interracial contact.

Granted, the racial climate in America has significantly improved since 1995, but as many others have pointed out, by and large, we ain't post-racial yet.

Anonymous said...


You stated: "Life is richer and far more interesting when the people in it are as varied as the larger world we all live in."

Yes, I second Granny's "Amen".


Not sure if I can top Christopher, but I can compensate in other areas. As your second white friend: Heterosexual (politically ambiguous and disenchanted) white male married to a woman of color with three children. Mexican is just the start with us - we go Guatemalan, Thai, Vietnamese, Lebanese, and Indian. My children will gladly relieve you of the strain of using the remote control of your TV or any gaming systems that you use.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, since you're so into Polls, might wanta check why y'all Queers lost that SSM referendum in Cal-ee-forn-I-A, hint, it wasn't "Whitey"..can't say as I blame em,,, all these stem cells and y'all think they'll cure the Sickle Cell??? Only cure is still transfusions, which unfortunately, often contain the HI-V free of charge...

Anonymous said...

hadn't thought about it until ya'll mentioned it but the black baby is riding bitch isn't he......LOL

no offense chris

Anonymous said...

I really don't see where or how anyone can rank race relations in CA any higher than Texas. White cops in Oakland shoot Blacks at will. The BART police recently killed an "innocent" young black man. Saying Phiadelphia is worse off than CA is BS. And it doesn't change the fact that CA has lousy race relations. Rodney King didn't say, "Can't we get along?" because Black and White relationships were great.

The Bradley Effect; Rodney King; O.J. trial; Watts riots; LAPD-"infamous abusers" of Blacks; Orange County; LAPD does nothing when Blacks are killed or missing.

Politically, Blacks are at a severe disadvantage with 5-6% of population. Mixed marriages? The East Coast, Midwest, Southwest and the Carolinas have mixed marriages too. Some of the ugliest and most denigrating racist statements about Blacks have come out of CA...PLEASE! The only advantage CA has is the weather.

Blacks in CA have the same problem as other Blacks in A-merry-ca. I know, because I live here. But you don't have to live in CA to know that.

I can't believe Field believes that BS. Must be smoking some good stuff from CA.

Jody said...

Frank, go away and come back when you have learned how to read and comprehend what you are reading. both of your statements to Christopher are factually wrong. Blood from transfusions does not contain HIV, and has not since the late 80s. All blood for transfusion is tested for HIV before it is ever given to a patient.
As for the California Same Sex Marriage ban... it was in fact the huge infusions of cash and misinformation from The Mormons.. a very WHITE organization, the had more to do with the vote than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jody, y'see theres this little problem...when one y'all turd burglars catches the H-ivie, you don't make enough antibodies to detect for some while...plenty of time to give blood, plasma, y'know how those fairies are..they LOVE to help peoples...then when you get shot or stabbed, or need bypass surgery, you get that nice unit of packed red blood cells, chock full of little High -V's...Ask Arthur Ashe how that worked out for him...

Black Diaspora said...

I never thought that the multiracial commercials were some kind of social experiment to harmonize the races, but a marketing ploy to get as much bang for the commercial buck as possible.

These commercials are so inclusive that you'd think you were at an Obama rally or O'Hare airport.

Speaking of social engineering, Hollywood has been doing it for years for better or for worse, coupling together one "odd couple" or "odd group" after the other.

I have no gripe with it, per se, but I do hate being "socially manipulated," even for a good cause.

Here's hoping that Hollywood will continue to show blacks in a positive light and not only as gangsters, whores, and a myriad of other stereotypes.

Show us more as presidents, than drug addicts, more as educators, than dropouts, more as healthy families, with positive lifestyles, than single moms with a passel of at-risk kids, more as heroes than villains, (super or otherwise), and more as just average, ordinary people, than the "exceptional black."

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I live in CA too. I don't have no problems and my neighbors are diverse. We get along fine. I guess, maybe, it depends on where you live at in CA. Most of the places you've named are in Southern CA with the exception of Oakland and S.F., now, I agree with you guys on Oakland and S.F. However, Granny is not one to bite her tongue and will check them in a hot flash if they say or try to come at me in a racist manner.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

As for the commercial, Amaretto, you called it right. I picked up on the subliminal message myself when I first looked at it. It's subtle but speaks volumes. It's no better than the commercials with black and white athletes. They'll have the white athlete in advertisements that shows intellect. The black athlete is always shown in advertisements that have to do with entertainment or buffoonery.

Christopher said...


Dude, no straight man talks about anal sex unless he's a damned closet case or on the "DL."

So which one is it?

You in the closet and have to think about a big, phat dick in order to successfully fuck your sister, or are you just one of those dime-a-dozen, "DL" dudes, hanging around public restrooms and city parks, looking to score a mouthful of man cream, before hightailing back to the Mrs. before dinner time???

Anonymous said...

Frank, Chris, you both have problems.

Ever hear of the concept of "Foe Yay"? You two seem destined for one another. I'll send you both flowers and presents for the honeymoon.

Anonymous said...

hey, Granny I'm watch'in "Black Caesar" with Fred Williamson.....he not very nice!

Chris there's ladies here don't turn this into somekind of gay porno no wonder yo mamma tosed yo lily white ass out the traler park.

Anonymous said...

As always in America, there is a conspiracy with regard to hiring black men. If they can keep black people down (particularly black men) then they never have to worry about competing with us for the few jobs that are still left in this country. Remember, if the black male is successful, and feels proud enough to share his success with a black woman, then that leads to the success of the black family. Let us not forget that laws had to be passed forcing whites to hire "black people." Some black people have been duped, brainwashed, and hoodwinked into believing that just because white America elected a black man as president that they all of a sudden fell in love with black people. White America was desperate. Especially after they realized that Bush threw them all into the toilet bowl and the rest of the Republican candidates were going to continue to do the same thing. The only reason why they elected a black man is because they were scared and desperate. Also, with regard to black male employment, because we don't own and operate large scale businesses, they will continue to control how many of us they "let in" to their corporate areas. Remember, a lot of money has been made in this country when it comes to keeping the black male and black people ignorant, inarticulate and uneducated. Why do you think so many black men are getting over by living off of their girlfriend's welfare check, food stamps, section 8 housing, and 5+ out of wedlock babies by 8 different welfare mammas. Wake up folks!

Christopher said...

Mack Lyons,

You ever heard of these words?

Go. Fuck. Yourself.

Christopher said...

Chris there's ladies here don't turn this into somekind of gay porno no wonder yo mamma tosed yo lily white ass out the traler park.


You pass the 5th grade?

"traler" is spelled: t.r.a.i.l.e.r.
"tosed" is spelled: t.o.s.s.e.d.

Try again.

Anonymous said...

knot only did you catch it you did'nt use your potty mouyh!

proud of you son :)

Anonymous said...

Chris, you're gayer than a Football Bat!!! ba da bump!!!
See, you can be funny without using profanity.. Now go take your Smorgasbord of AIDS drugs so you can live another week... and its thanks to guys like you I only take dumps at home...

Anonymous said...

"As for the commercial, Amaretto, you called it right. I picked up on the subtle message myself when I first looked at it. It's subtle but speaks volumes".

Granny, you are so right. However, a lot of people miss the sublimal message of Black and White commercials. On the other hand, those commercials represent true America. Black men are behind white men simply because corporate America is run by Whites and we live in a society of white supremacy.

Nevertheless, it is-hopefully-a step in the right direction. Isn't that what we call progress in America? Maybe by the year 3000 only 90-95% of black men will lag behind?

Christopher said...


Answer the damned question.

Which one is it?

Are you in the closet and have to think about a big, phat dick in order to successfully fuck your sister, or are you on the "DL" dudes, hanging around public restrooms and city parks, looking to score a mouthful of man cream, before hightailing back to the trailer park and the Mrs. before dinner time???

Answer the damned question, Frank.

Anonymous said...

Field, I think it might be time to turn comment moderating on for a while. Your white buddies, Frank and Chris seem determined to turn this blog into their private flame war.

You other and more sincere white friend.