Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"Got Milk?"

As Whitney used to tell Bobby: "Ahhh hell to the no!" I swear my cousin done went and did it this time. Will somebody reading this please tell me that this Negro was not breast feeding her baby while driving her minivan. Please tell me it ain't so. And this is how dumb I am: When I first heard this story I thought to myself; damn that woman must have some big ass breasts. Because I could not even fathom the fact that this ignorant Negro would be feeding and driving.

Field, not only was she breast feeding the two year old with the back of its head resting directly on where the air bag would deploy, but she was also talking on the cell phone.

Sometimes I swear you Negroes embarrass the hell out of me. Just the other day I saw a car full of crumb snatchers (the oldest couldn't have been more than five) piled into a hooptie and hauling ass down I-95 here in Philly. I swear I wanted to call 911 and report the license plate. [Mrs. Field blocked me on that one] That is a serious pet peeve of mine; seeing children in cars without child seats. If you can't afford a damn child seat to put in your car you shouldn't have any.

So anyway, back to this backwards ass woman in Ohio. So after the po po pulled her card she had the nerve to get indignant about the shit. As if she wasn't doing anything wrong. "When my baby wants to eat, she wants to eat," Huh? Negro did you ever consider pulling over?

Genine, I know your child has to eat, but we also want the child to live, which is why child services should have taken that little snatcher from you, immediately.

Now the kicker is that girlfriend doesn't think she deserves the ticket because the po po didn't actually see her doing it. Apparently another motorist saw her and called 911.

"I'm following right behind her right now on Far Hills Avenue," the caller said as he spoke to a Kettering dispatcher in a recording of his non-emergency call that was released by police on Friday, Feb. 27... I tried to say something to her. She literally has the little girl on the steering wheel and I said, 'I can't believe you have that kid in your lap...."

Yeah yeah, I know white folks can be nosey, but damn it this time "Bob" is right. I would have done the same damn thing.

"'You want to pop your titty out and breastfeed this kid?' That's what she said to me."

I need a drink.


Amber "Bam" Cabral said...

HAA! I can't believe this!

""'You want to pop your titty out and breastfeed this kid?' That's what she said to me.""

And I am having a drink.

Sweet God. I can't stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

Does this story say the kid is 2? Or are my eyes deceiving me? You have GOT to be kidding!

LittleMissSolo said...

Field... there is absolutely NO WAY im not believing this story is from The Onion. I mean, I know the link is from the Dayton Daily News website... but I'm telling you, this has GOT to be a cover site for The Onion.

OMG! In a million years, this story will never be true to me... I refuse.


browngrl77 said...

I am all for breastfeeding a hungry child, but this is a little extreme she could have pulled over, what if she had to stomp on the breaks quickly? smh...the craziest thing I have seen is when a child in the art museum walked over to her mother and tried to pull up her shirt and said " I want to nurse"....when your child tells you she or her wants to nurse, its time for a sippy cup damnit!!!!

boukman70 said...

Man, I thought I could multitask, but simultaneously breastfeeding, driving, AND talking on the cellie's definitely got me beat.

field negro said...

404Kim, I am telling you it IS a true story. "Beautiful",I think the child was actually less than two.

Amber...I don't know where that came from. :)

browngrl77, if the child can walk and talk it should pretty much be a wrap for the breastfeeding thing. At least I think it should. I am not a mother so I don't want to assume. But I am just saying.

rainywalker said...

Field, I heard on the national news [MSNBC] that she was charged with having an open container in the car.

Amber "Bam" Cabral said...

@ browngrl77 - NO WAY CAN THAT BE TRUE! I swear these stories have me laughing uncontrollably! So insane!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Lord Jesus! Some folks you just want to grab them and...til they get some sense into their head. Also, a child two years old is a way too old to be breastfeeding. That's signs of child neglect.

Kellybelle said...

I swear, there is something in the water here in Ohio. SMH

Brian said...


When I heard this story on the radio news over the weekend... I couldn't believe it. But now I really can't believe it.

This woman has lost her mind.

She was on the cell phone too?

I remember the audio of the good Samaritan calling 911 on her. lol.

The 911 Operator had to have thought... "this must be a prank call". lol

People are going mad. Might be the economy.... we are still feeling the effects of George W. Bush... with deficits both in our bank accounts and in our minds.

But I have a feeling that there was probably something wrong with this woman before Hurricane Bush hit in 2000.

Anonymous said...

As Chris Rock said: There are Black folks and then there are N!!GG@s.

field negro said...

Rainywalker you are a damn fool.:) LMAO!!!

Kellybelle, what's up with Ohio? It's all Ken Blackwell's fault.

Anonymous said...

My Mother never breast fed me, she said she liked me as a friend...

? said...


I second that emotion on Ohio! As a former native, I'd attest to the general dysfunction of the state; though i'm from probably the worst part, Youngstown. I've heard too that Dayton has really gone down hill over the past ten years.

Jody said...

I don't know... if she can drive, breastfeed, talk on her cell, get all her kids up, ready and off to school...... I'm impressed! Seriously, she shouldn't have been driving and I'm with you on children being restrained in cars.

As for breastfeeding a two year old... I would much rather see her giving her child breast milk than kool-aid or soda like so many other toddlers are given in bottles. And, breast feeding til a child is two does no harm and is good for the child.. or so says the american pediatric association and the la leche league.

Minnie said...

I can't... I just can't. There are no words. What did I say a few posts back?
...Not even a damned turtle.

"'You want to pop your titty out and breastfeed this kid?' That's what she said to me."

Ok, I tried not to laugh but that one got to me.

Anonymous said...


I was drinking and had a little buzz going before I read your post. At first, I thought it was Whitney who had breastfed that child. And I was worried that the baby might be all wired from that milk. Then I thought, "What the hell was Whitney doing driving around in Ohio?"

I am glad I took my time and reread everything. Guess I had more than a 'little buzz' going on. I'm going to lay down.

Christopher Chambers said...


Why is it always women who look like that who get into these stories? In Florida some woman called 911 b/c they di'n't have no 10 piece chicken nuggets and Mickey Dees. The cops came, alright, and arrested HER.

Anonymous said...

She thought she could multi-task. I guess using a breast pump was out of the question. But isn't there a larger issue about how egoistic people are. How dare the police give me a ticket? She is a narcissist and does not care about anyone but herself. She thought her breastfeeding is above everything, so much that didn't to pullover and stop the car. Not even talking phone will stop her task. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. Somebody find John Ashcroft quick.


Vérité Parlant said...

I had to go look it up because it doesn't sound real. Sad about this mom's lack of common sense, but I'm still laughing at your post.

Blinders Off said...

She thought she was making sense when she said, "I will do it again." Having common sense is pulling her @ss over to breast feed her child.

She deserves a DUMB @SS award for endangering her child's life breast-feeding while driving.

Professor Zero said...

I'm not saying this woman sounds like a great driver, etc., but I do notice the misogynistic discourse in this post !!! Example A: freaking on breastfeeding. Under 2? La Leche is for it and d*** straight, it's a lot better than soda.

Driving me home from kindergarten my mother was smoking while my younger brother stood unrestrained in the front seat. Stopping at a stop sign he fell forward and cut up his face on the ashtray ... we went straight to the ER ... he still has the scar, although it is almost imperceptible since we were well insured and lived near a top plastic surgeon.

Was she freaked out? You bet. Did she have to be humiliated in this way? No. Should maybe someone reach out in kindness to the obviously stressed out mother now in question? Yes.

field negro said...

"..but I do notice the misogynistic discourse in this post !!! "

Professor Zero, how so?

RiPPa said...

A'whagwaan cuzzin?!!

Ok, so I wrote about this heffa (yeah she had to be gettin paid to produce milk, either that or her kid was seriously malnourished in a Darfur sorta way) on my blog. And would you believe there are women who responded and admitted to doing the same thing?? Hell one of them got pissed about this being an issue.

link:So You Just Gonna Pull Your Titty Out?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if the children should be taken away from her, but I do think she should be required to take some parenting classes, pay a fine, and get her license at least temporarily suspended. Putting kids in the system is never a good thing.

While I agree that driving and doing just about anything else is extremely dangerous and absurdly inconsiderate of her children and others, the only reason this is newsworthy is because she was breastfeeding. If the child had just been "sitting on her lap" it wouldn't have made the news. Period.

Anonymous said...

ya'll have no idea how common this is. it's more a sign of how stressed out and over worked a lot of parents are. i've known quite a few women who breastfeed *babies* this way in emergencies, although it's something people kinda whisper about.

now a two year old you can hand some crackers, so i dunno about tha tone.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

This is wrong on soooo many levels. Where to begin? lack of parenting skills, trying to do too many things at once or just simple carelessness? I don't necessarily think taking the child and putting her in the system would be a good idea though. If society valued motherhood, children and parenting there'd be systems in place to help people. Or...you can just say not everyone who can breed should.

Anonymous said...

I usually enjoy this blog, but I just knew that the topic of breastfeeding would lead to ignorant comments about age limits for breastfeeding; in an anti-breastfeeding society like the U.S., stupid comments and breastfeeding go hand-in-hand, unfortunately. Yes, the woman should absolutely not have been breastfeeding while driving, it is unsafe, and small children belong in car seats in moving vehicles. Nothing to dispute there; she was very wrong, and should have pulled over somewhere. But, good heavens - the World Health Organizations, recommends breastfeeding for a MINIMUM of TWO YEARS (along with complementary foods after six months). A number of medical organizations concur, and all state that there is NO UPPER AGE LIMIT as long as mother and child mutually enjoy the breastfeeding relationship. Anthropological studies suggest that the natural age for weaning may be anywhere between 2 1/2 to 7 years old, and in many societies in which the lifestyles more closely resemble that which humans evolved in, children continue to breastfeed past toddlerhood. http://www.kathydettwyler.org/detwean.html
For toddlers especially, breastmilk is far more nourishing than many other foods, with more calories and nutrients per ounce, which is important, given how small a toddler's stomach is.

Field Negro, I am really disappointed by your comment, "if the child can walk and talk it should pretty much be a wrap for the breastfeeding thing. At least I think it should. I am not a mother so I don't want to assume. But I am just saying." Our black community has abysmally low rates of breastfeeding, and the more educated among us should not continue to perpetuate ignorance about breastfeeding. Like most people in this society, you probably have not been exposed to breastfeeding, let alone "extended" breastfeeding, but it would be better educate yourself, and save the mockery for the formula companies whose advertising and "free samples" sabotage breastfeeding efforts in the U.S., while actually causing deaths in the developing world especially. http://www.aabaonline.com/tp40/Default.asp?ID=24582

Anonymous said...

Yamilee, I agree with you completely. I commend this woman for breastfeeding, especially since the rates of black women breast feeding has been so low--it's actually rising, but still lower than white women. I saw a sister on the bus breastfeeding the other day and I nearly got up and danced.

That being said, breastfeeding while driving is reprehensible as this woman could have killed her child and herself. There is a time and a place for everything and she should have--as Field recommended--pulled over. She's obviously an overburdened mother and I hope this is a wake up call. She deserves the ticket

Anonymous said...

Brother Field..Maybe it's a blessing because breast-feeding stunts the production of necessary hormones for impregnation..birth control?. That one of the old wives' tales that us old nurses still believe in. Now the act itself was wayyy too dangerous and uncaring on the mother. I still lean towards the side of educating and providing means so these situations don't happen. In my dream world, I would have liked to see the father, please be there, in the car providing the child with bottled milk that the mother had extracted for situations present. Mother's bonding can commence when she stop driving. The father at this point can be bonding giving the child something that will comfort. Remember, one of my sayings is to never think you have "seen it all". We can't shame her and now we may be the only one who can love her. But be careful and pick your moments. I am not telling you because I know your bark is only to provoke. Now the people that complain, maybe you can also pick your time to show compassion. But again, BE CAREFUL.

lucius0729 said...

The fact that she had the nerve to get an attitude was what got me. I hope she gets the maximum sentence.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

She should have pulled over and breast fed her child. Nothing wrong with that.

However, driving while breast feeding is dangerous to her, her child and other drivers. Come on folks use some damn common sense.

Christopher said...


Field, now this is a funny story. If girlfriend can drive and breast feed at the sametime, then she needs to be driving a NASCAR.

Those are some serious skills.

field negro said...

Yamilee, thanks for the 411. I am always willing to learn. I don't have kids so you have to excuse my ignorance.

Still, as a product of Western Culture certain things become the norm to me. Sorry, it will takes some getting used to for me to accept seeing a five year old walk up to mom and say I want milk.

But no matter where you come down on this issue, you have to admit that what this woman did was dangerous.

And for the record: I have no problem with women publicly breastfeeding their children.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am with Yamilee, the lack of knowledge about breastfeeding is a tad upsetting. I won't get into it since Yamilee did a great job of breaking things down, but there really is no issue with a 2 year old nursing. Its just in thos country where we have gotten away from seeing breasts for their original purpose that folks get all crazy about seeing a 2 yo nursing.

That said, I had heard about this story last week and to be honest I assumed the Mama was white. On the one hand she deserves the silly award but considering the rates of black women nursing in this country, I almost (note..almost)can't get too mad.

Missy said...

No comments on the age thing with breastfeeding because I breastfed all of my children after they were walking. BUT, what this mom did not only endangered her life but that of her child. Sure, the child was hungry and she wanted him/her to eat but unless you want it to potentially be the last meal, you might want to pull over before you pop the top.

Swiff said...

Breastfeeding while driving: Wow.

Breastfeeding and talking on a cell phone while driving: DOUBLE WOW!

Anonymous said...

How come I never see no titties when I'm on the road?

La♥audiobooks said...

Thank you Yamilee.

Field what’s the big idea about the “big breast” and breast feeding age comments? And Christopher C, what exactly do "women that look like that" look like? You know, I am concerned about what she did, but I am not embarrassed by her because she has melanin either. She does not represent me or anyone I know.

She's obviously not very smart either, not just because of what she did, but she admitted it when there was really no proof. smh

Also, I question the motives of the car chasing ego damaged caller. I doubt he called out of concern for the children. I bet all it took was seeing a cousin doing shit, and it pissed him off even more. Then she hurt is superhero feelings (I'm so sure he came at her very eloquently as well), so now he wants to see her ass go up the river. Now he can tell everyone how he did his good American deed.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with Yamille et al. re: breastfeeding beyond a few months being the biological norm and shouldn't be at issue at all. The issue is the outright disregard for safety in taking a child out of a car seat in a moving vehicle.

I'm about as big a breastfeeding advocate as there is, so I wholeheartedly support her nursing a toddler. However, I think this situation has the potential to be damaging to the cause of normalizing breastfeeding (beyond it being done behind closed doors or under blankets or in bathroom stalls), especially of nursing in public, because groups can potentially point to her and say, "see, these breastfeeding women have no regard for us OR for their babies' safety, they just want to be extreme"...when any rational person could see that the real issue is an unrestrained child in a parent's lap in a moving vehicle, not the fact that she's breastfeeding.

Ms. Bunny Easter said...

Indeed Field your rant is a bit chauvinistic. Women have been multitasking long before the business class demanded it. I understand overburden, overworked women. My mother was one. So was my Grandmother- and her mother.

When men assume at least 50% of the household and child rearing responsibilities, you will be entitled to your critique. But until they do, shut the hell up.

Anonymous said...


You stated, "Yeah yeah, I know white folks can be nosey....."

White can be nosey?!?! Man, that is a revelation to me! I just thought it was my family! LOL!

Have a good one!


liz said...

People are getting really disgusted about this story, and claiming the anger's about the unstrapped baby as it should be.

But I, too, hear the misogyny in it--the biggest part of the furor is that it's because of breastfeeding. We need to look at ourselves and figure out what our deal is with something so essential.

"Yay" breastfeeding (no need for me to explain further when Jody, Dr. Zero, and Yamilee have already done so), "boo" unstrapped kids.

Anonymous said...

What I'd like to know is how did that oh-so-safety-concerned male motorist manage to have a conversation with someone in another car while driving down those wet, traffic laden streets? He was also talking on his cell phone while driving; that's illegal where I live!

Anonymous said...

My mom and dad during the summer used to drive us down to Atlantic City. They would party and have a good old time. Then we would take the drive back to Philly. On the way down, my brother and I would sit in the back of the window ledge and try to make the trucks honk their horns. On the way back we would sleep on the car floor using the middle hump as a pillow. I'm sure my parents were slightly buzzed. Children are safer in car seats. But there was a time...and many of us survived. My daughter is two and she's got a serious titty jones. I'm just saying...


Anonymous said...

FN you were slightly mean in this piece but it was very funny.

Swiff said...

Yo Field....THIS IS RICH!

"Fifteen Republican members of the Missouri General Assembly have signed on to a state constitutional amendment that appears aimed at advancing the claims of the fringe movement that doubts President Barack Obama's eligibility to serve as president."

For candidates who are required by the Constitution of the United States to be natural born citizens, the secretary of state shall request an official copy of the candidate’s birth certificate. Other certifications, such as a certificate of live birth, shall not be accepted. Should any candidate fail to provide an official birth certificate within thirty days of the request by the secretary of state, his or her name shall not be placed on the ballot.


Weed must be STRONG in Missourah!

Anonymous said...

Oh and yes I am old enough to remember a time with no seatbelt laws and I have a two year old. Bad screwing on my part.

Ms. Bunny Easter said...

11:45 PM
RiPPa said...
Ok, so I wrote about this heffa

Excuse me? But where does a hippopotamus get off calling someone a Heffa?

Anonymous said...

A fitting response in our "post racial" era to those who are slow to learn:


Sharon from WI said...

Professor Zero said... but I do notice the misogynistic discourse in this post !!! Example A: freaking on breastfeeding. Under 2? La Leche is for it and d*** straight, it's a lot better than soda… Should maybe someone reach out in kindness to the obviously stressed out mother now in question? Yes.

Professor, a driver tried saying something to this woman and the mother blew her off with a snotty remark.

Now, regarding your mom. I don’t know how old you are, but there was a time, before airbags, that kids rode in front--some even in their mom’s laps as dad or some other drove the car. So depending on what year your brother got hurt, his standing in front without a seatbelt would not have drawn the reaction it would today.

As a matter of fact, there was a time that cars didn’t have seat belts (and the speed limit was 80 – 90 mph on freeways), much less society having laws mandating car seats for kids.

However, today we know better--she knew better.

I am not so concerned about the child’s age as I am about the prospect of a child flying through the windshield if this woman had been rear-ended or had to brake suddenly. Mother’s milk is best, but a good dose of mother wit to pull over and nurse helps as well.

Minnie said...

Misogynistic???? There was nothing wrong with this post. She was breastfeeding a baby WHILE DRIVING. If you can't see the insanity in that, then you are just as insane as she is. Breastfeed the kid until he's 18 for all I care, just not while you're driving.

If she would have swerved off the road injuring or killing herself, her children and others then you'd all be commenting on how stupid she was.

Anonymous said...

To: browngrl177 --
Naw, sister...
When a kid starts WALKING to you, THAT's way past the breast
gig. The girls don't need to come out any more for the kid.

Anonymous said...

I'm willing to bet that the woman's child was a boy. And I'm willing to bet that when the child grows up the mother will be overly protective of him, there will be separation issues (by the mother), and from this behavior, I sense that if the child becomes an incorrigible young man his mother will be the first to proclaim his innocence and defend his actions regardless of who is a fault. What this little story says is that a lot about of psychological attachment will probably be the norm in their relationship with each other. It would be interesting if the pair could be tracked for a few years into the elementary school years.

Anonymous said...

FIELD NEGRO, you should be writing about the TEA PARTY REVOLUTION! a segment of WHITE AMERICA are STOCK PILING GUN'S and you are writing about BREAST FEEDING!

A segment of WHITE AMERICAN'S begin to buy GUN'S the moment BARACK became the PRESIDENT, so what are they saying?

Their is a website called the FREE REPUBLIC, and their website is set up in FRESNO CALIFORNIA, so that say's a lot about CALIFORNIA being a LIBERAL STATE!

Sorry people, but, I could care less about BREAST FEEDING, when we are surrounded by GUN CARRYING LUNATIC'S!

field negro said...

I hear you anon.But what if I am on my way to stock up on guns for the revolution, and this idiot takes her eyes off the road to feed the baby and hits me head on?I am just saying.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...the breast feeding part did not shock me. Like a lot of women on this discussion I was a little happy to hear that. I think she should be punished for putting herself and her child in danger, but I am not at all for the way she's being humiliated. The way to teach someone something new is not through calling her a "heffa" and being verbally demeaning to her body. The way to point out someone's mistakes is not through condescension and rudeness. I don't even get why this is a news worthy story. Punish the women, let her gently know what she did wrong, put her in some classes that teach her how to safely breastfeed (I BET there are some classes out there like that lol), and let her be on her way. I don't really like the tone in the air about this story. It makes me uncomfortable and quite frankly it makes me want to protect the woman. She made a mistake, but there's no need to be mean.

field negro said...


Sorry, I don't feel for her, I feel for her child.

Sheeez. :0

Anonymous said...

What we need here is for someone to shoot a slow motion study of crash test dummies in that situation, with and without an airbag in the steering wheel. Maybe the car companies already have one?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Last week, kids need to be hit more. This week, cut off that breastmilk before the child becomes a serial killer!

And we wonder...

Anonymous said...

While I agree that the breastfeeding itself is what caused this story to make the news, I would argue that it IS a little more serious than just having the child in one's lap.

I don't care how second-nature the breastfeeding process is by that point, it would be more of a distraction than simply having the kid in lap, which is already supremely dangerous. Also, the kid's head would likely be closer to the airbag than if simply sitting in lap.

Also, the very act of breastfeeding WHILE driving is potentially going to make heads turn more than a woman on a cell phone doing her makeup, potentially leading to other people having accidents.

And as Field has already noted, he now realizes he may be in the wrong about the "age limit" for breastfeeding (not that there is one, I know someone whose kid just weaned at 5, and there's nothing messed-up with the kid or the mom)...so y'all can lay off him now. He's admitted the mea culpa. No reason to expect him to go back and rewrite the post.

Grata said...

Meanwhile in Mecca, a woman has been arrested for, driving!

Anonymous said...

Stupid comes in all colors.

Anonymous said...

the irony is overwhelming...she cares enough to breastfeed the kid till 2 but not enough to pull over...

Sharon from WI said...

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Look, for some reason your posts are comprised of wingdings and characters.

Tafari said...

I think homeboy was being a bit of a bitch, but the mother was being a fool. I'm not sure that I would have followed her & went all commando on her but he did the right thing.

I died laughing @ "'You want to pop your titty out and breastfeed this kid?'" Classic!


Anonymous said...

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Dawn Wolf said...

I am a great advocate for breast feeding. I like to breast feed, and I think babies should be breast fed. She is wrong feeding the baby while driving. That is obvious, but I find the outrage hypocritical. Most of the readers, and the people upset with her most likely will justify talking on their cell phones, and performing other tasks while driving.

The American culture we live in exhausts me with a lot of 'idiot' reasoning to justify being pampered as we are in a rich culture to do dangerous things. That woman reacted naturally to defend herself. Shame initiates defensive stances, and people often will lie and deny at first when shame is a weapon coming their direction. If this mother was feeding her baby she loves the child, and taking her child from her to satisfy your sense of righteousness is mean, and it is wrong. This was a teachable moment for the young mother. An elder should have held counsel with this young mother, and held her in the truth of revelation, and embraced her lovingly. She would listened better in those arms.

Western culture needs sacred rituals, and ceremonies to be an intimate part of all aspects of living life, but sadly it is not deemed necessary in the US of A. It is often seen as evil, of the Devil in the language of Western Chrisitanity. No matter what their dogma is the need is evident, and our young people have to have the ancient and fundamental teachings of Natural Law, the Priestcraft training, the lessons of Impeccability, the initiations into Adulthood, and so forth, and so on. This child needed the critism she got like she needed a hole in the head. Where is the communal responsibility in action when parents exposed mistakes, and bad judgement calls are international news? Why do parents have to cower in fear of the judgement, and constantly fret about the consequences of laws, and the terror of accusations?

More and more parents in this generation have lost their creative approach to parenting to their fears of what other people think of them, who might turn them into the authorities, and who will arrest them, and take their children. I have never seen anything so pitiful in a nation. The United States makes boasts about its power over the world, and God’s favor exclusively reserved for its citizens alone forgetting that living on Earth, our Mother is a communal activity, and this fear based culture has had a detrimental affect on our children. Thousands and thousands of children graduate from schools across this country to become killers, and thieves, and addicts largely because of this fundamental set of paradigms, and trained behavior patterns adults accept as American, and the only way to be. The authenticity of self is a feared subject, and it terrifies most people to be their authentic self.

These are my words spoken as Dawn Wolf, Keeper of Stories.