Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's your call.

I need everyone reading this, just for tonight, to pretend that they are family court judges.

I am going to give you all a hypothetical situation. This is a made up scenario, so if the name I use is the same as a living person in a similar situation, it is totally coincidental. Anyway, here is the deal:

You have before you, John Smith, who is 35 years old and has ten children with six different women. Unlike Travis Henry, (whose sperm cells can probably bench press more than he can) Mr. Smith has no income or assets. Five of the women receive cash assistance from welfare, and Mr. Smith doesn't have a job, and doesn't support his children emotionally or financially. In fact, he lives with a woman who has two children of her own (not his) and she gets welfare, herself.

A child support order was entered against Mr. Smith in three cases for four of his children, but after the wage garnishments started he quit his job. Subsequently, Mr. Smith went out and had six more children with three different women.

Now Mr. Smith has been found in contempt of court for failure to pay his previous child support orders, and he stands in front of you. How do you sentence him? Oh, and forget about the sentencing guidelines. You can give Mr. Smith any sentence you want. It can be as harsh as the death penalty, or you can set him free with zero jail time.

Your Honor, we await your ruling.


Anonymous said...

Is there anyway the Court can require the man to work, no matter what?? His entire salary could be divided between all of his children. He should not be allowed to quit his job. If he does quit he goes directly to jail but that would not solve any problem except keep this sperm donor out of the neighborhood. Maybe he should be required to wear some sort of identification to identify the problem so that unsuspecting females would have a "warning" before even speaking with him.
Respectfully submitted from Maui by Makaii

Anonymous said...

Can a V-job be instituted as punishment?

Christopher Chambers said...

Is this dude black? If so can we just sacrifice him, Apocalypto style, to Red Staters, killer cops and Rush Limbaugh in return for them leaving us the f-- alone?

I'd sentence him to probation and stret sweeping, working on the street, in public clinics, for foster care agencies. Jail means having to care for him. Oh and chemical castration should be discussed. He's a public health hazard.

Anonymous said...

Can be creative and a little unusual? How about this, if the women are willing to find jobs, he can will be required to care for them. Meaning is responsible for seeing that the children attend. The probation will make weekly visits to see if the father are looking after the children. He does not get paid, and can spend his free time at a halfway house until the last child reaches the age of 18.

field negro said...

Maui, you are such a thoughtful jurist. But would the warning help? It might even make him more popular. I am just saying.

Chris, I expected no less from you. But I do like how you put him to work in the community.

And yes anon. you can give him the big V if you want to.

field negro said...

hennasplace, I like how you are thinking, but can we trust him to care for the minor children?

Anonymous said...

Dude's gotta be breaking some kinda other law - if nothing else fraud on one or more of the women and/or the government. Find out what it is and prosecute him for that.

Anonymous said...

Make him babysit Octomom's fourteen kids.

Anonymous said...

I second the chemical castration sentiment.

I'd sentence him to work 12 hours a day, six days a week in a cloth diaper cleaning facility. Got the idea from this:

His full wages shall be garnished by the state with a portion paid directly to the halfway house in which he lives and eats and must report in every night.

The bulk of his wages go to pay off all child support arrears. Then he must work to fund a support account for his children to the tune of $19,0000 EACH. I chose that figure after quickly googling the amount it costs to raise a child to the age of 18.

THEN he must work to fund a 529 (college fund) for each child, starting each child off with $5000 in each account.

On his day off, he gets to spend a supervised hour with each child.

Anonymous said...

He can be shadowed. You will need the probation officer, social worker, and teacher working together. You will need someone to be with him while he is caring for the children because we have to make him fulfills his responsibility of the court order. Technically, he is doing time just under a different setting. Trust me when knows what it feels like to take of children, he will beg to go back to work.

Anonymous said...

I have to go with the castration plan , but please...chemically? Lets just get it over with. And the sentencing, how about a life sentence at Payless Shoe Source? He gets to sleep in a back room and sleep on a mattress filled with the paper that fills the toes of new shoes.

BlaqueHonesty said...

Remove that thing between his legs, required 60 hour work week, publically admit that he's a horrible example for his people, babysit all kids each saturday of the month and a few other things

Saleema said...

Give Smith the Vasectomy, even if he doesn't want it. Then force him to work, and if he doens't jail him.


AbdulAlim said...

Work two jobs, get a vasectomy, and get an intensive 7 year course on the responsibilities of black manhood from Minister Louis Farrakhan. Failure to comply with any of these will result in immediate jail time with no parole.

Anonymous said...

In addition to highly reccomending that he gets himself a vasectomy, I'd provide him with an education at a state college and a job. If he continued down his wayward path I call in the D.R.O.P. squad or send him to Gitmo.

Anonymous said...

Takes two to Tango. Not sure why he is any worse that the slut women who bore the children.

How about - tie all their tubes. Put them in a camp making little gravel out of big rocks, while being paid $6.00 an hour (and fed and housed) - of which $5.00/hr goes to the welfare of the kids who are kept in foster homes.

Use the gravel for these big infrastructure rebuilding projects Obama is talking about.

Don't want to do that - put them in the Army, and give them jobs as IUD Safety Experts driving Toyota trucks in front of our convoys...

Minnie said...

I'm going to go with physical castration and tied tubes for the baby's mamas. Supervised visits/babysitting with all of the children while the mothers work or attend schooling/job training. If octomom can do it, so can he.

Anonymous said...

First,I would give Mr. Smith and the women involved a kick in the a**..

The women will have to get some type of education or job training. While the women are working or going to school, Mr. Smith would take care of the children. After the women get home, Mr. Smith would go to jail for the evening. He'll return the next day.

Smith would get job training, take parenting classes, and get a VASECTOMY.

Anonymous said...

This is one of those situations where you're willing to let one in 100 million get off with less than he deserves instead of letting one in 100 thousand get more than he deserves.

Because, like, this is the same kinda extreme example case that gets people executed for maybe being nearby when a liquor store gets knocked over or tortured for herding goats nearby someone who might be a terrorist because someone wrote a TV episode where a terrorist had a ticking time bomb that he would tell the secret defuser code to if only some FBI guy beat it out of him 00:00:01 before it was set to go off. Bogus.

There are no easy answers here. The answer is more diffuse and does not fall on this guy; the answer falls on what made this guy exist. This guy will always exist as a 1 in 100 million guy. If he's a 1 in 100 thousand guy, then we gotta ask how to mitigate in a way that will actually redirect other happy johnsons.

With respect to this guy, first, make sure he doesn't do it anymore, second, make sure that what you do to him pour encourager les autres doesn't cost so much that what you just spent on that doesn't absorb the resources that might otherwise prevent 100 lesser images of his bad example.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ben above. The whole "chop it off" and "tie their tubes" thing has been tried, and it opens up a whole eugenics road we can't go down again.

All paternity issues aside however, he is definitely a public health menace as a high risk carrier for STDs/HIV. At the very least there ought to be some court mandated health testing. While you're at it, offer to pay for the vasectomy if he wants it.

Thinking of the overall cost to taxpayers if he gets locked up, why not some sort of psychological therapy for a year (under penalty of being locked up if he bails). Costs less than prison, and hell, he might work out whatever issue it is that propels him to keep him to keep making babies.

MartiniCocoa said...

I vote for a vasectomy. He can still have sex but not procreate.
And I also want to talk to all those women who had children with his trifling ass.

When a man shows a woman that his modus operandi is so lame, the best response is not to fall into bed with him but to get as far away as possible!

More women need to get this through their heads!

And yeah, I don't have any children because at the first hint of foolishness from a man, I change all my numbers.

Anonymous said...

This is an irresponsible father, man and citizen who has abandoned his responsibilities to his children, community and nation.

The court has determined that the defendant may have psychological and emotional problems that have caused him to be a sexually ill-driven man with a heartless and distorted outlook on life.

To prevent him from having more children than he is capable of supporting,

1.He is to have no sex with any woman for a period of 10 years. This length of time represents one year for each child that he has brought into the world.
2. He is sentenced, without leave, to an institutional prison run by psychiatrists and psychologists for mentally and emotionally sick sex addicts.
3. There he will work six days per week to support his children until they have completed high school.
4. He will attend Debtor Anonymous and Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous meetings each day for a minimum of 10 years.
5. Most importantly, he will be evaluated and taught how to be a responsible father, man, adult, and citizen.
6. A report of Mr. Smith's progress will be submitted to the court each year.

Should the report indicate that he is beyond rehabilitation by the age of 45 years, the court will be forced to consider assigning Mr. Smith to "Wildlife Island"--where all other sexually driven inhumane failures reside. There he will spend the remainder of his life on an island with dangerous wild life that roam burdened with similar unrestrained sexual desires and heartless propensities.

God bless America.

Daktari said...

Mr. Smith should be thrown in jail on contempt for failure to follow a court order (child support) until such time as he agrees to seek meaningful full-time employment. Presumably, in jail he cannot father additional children (but just to be sure, let's not assign any female guards to his wing.

I would order him to live in a half-way house with all or most of his wages going to his children. (If they can do it to Pete Rose, by God, they can do it to this idiot.) I wouldn't grant him visitation rights because I wouldn't want that bastard's ethics rubbing off on the kids.

Black Diaspora said...

"You can give Mr. Smith any sentence you want. It can be as harsh as the death penalty, or you can set him free with zero jail time."

Johnny Appleseed went around the country sowing appleseeds. Now he didn't stick around to see whether the trees actually produced apples, he was content with the sowing alone.

That's the myth; that's not exactly how it happened at all. But it makes my point:

Children don't belong to parents alone; they ultimately become the inheritors of society, and the hands, minds, and spirit of a nation.

To say that it's the sole responsibility of Mr. Smith to support materially and emotionally these kids is to say that ultimately Smith is the sole benefactor of their presence in this nation of ours, and not us.

Mr. Smith may become a recipient, but ultimately his children, and the children of others, benefit the society in which they're born.

If society's benefit is greater than Smith's, why wouldn't we wish to share in the kids upbringing--providing them with emotional and material support?

Sure there are those who will take upon themselves this responsibility as a personal one, primarily because society has conditioned them to do so.

But not all are going to be so disposed, and Smith is one of those persons.

If kids are a social asset or should be, perhaps we shouldn't treat Mr. Smith as harshly as some have recommended here.

Maybe, we should reorganize society to accommodate those like Mr. Smith, who's going to sew his seeds far and wide in any orchard that's willing to accept them, whether we like it or not.

Let's see kids as who and what they are--assets--and give them as much attention as is needed, and an opportunity to grow strong and healthy so that they become productive members of society--a society that's only as strong as the kids it raises to support it.

Because kids support society, we should support kids.

As judge, I say spare Mr. Smith's testicles, and his life. Rehabilitate him if you must, but set him free with zero jail time.

By addressing his need, he addressed the need of society.

Besides, I'm not hearing great numbers calling for the Octomom and other careless women to have their uterus ripped out, or to undergo sterilization.

field negro said...

Some of you are in the wrong profession. You have some great suggestions. From the Big C to trying your hands at some straight up social engineering.

But I have a queastion: Would any of your sentences be any different if Mr. Smith was impregnating women of means, or women who all had jobs and didn't depend on the state to get by with their kids?

Is Mr. Smith's biggest crime the fact that he chooses women who are down on the socio-economic ladder to inpregnate?

Bob said...

Crown him King of the Bareback Riders & introduce him to Octomom.

Anonymous said...

Interesting question.
I would suggest Mr. Smith and Co. ALL be mandated to go to psychotherapy and to complete their education to the level of college.
This is assuming they didn't.

Secondly, I wouldn't suggest any punitive measures, instead additional education in child rearing and sex education which it appears, on its face, that all participants were lacking.

No, to your second question. Their socioeconomic status is not a factor. Anyone who consistently behaves in this manner has issues , deep seated ones, that first have to be addressed before any others.

Sadly, we live in a society that perpetuates the myth that the "stud" gets a proverbial pat on the back, while everyone feigns moral outrage against the very virility that our culture lauds in our own music,culture,etc.

The answer is a complex one, jail and/or castration is not the solution. It hasn't worked thus far.
The slippery slope is how far to the right, the left has gone with this very type of example.

Black Rose

Anonymous said...

Y'all oughta give Mr. Smith a Medal for fatherin Barak...

Hathor said...

I think all men who haven't paid child support for three children should be required to have a vasectomy. I am also including divorced fathers.

It should have never gotten to ten children.

Dorian Mode said...

If he was impregnating woman of means, who could afford the children no problem, but he and the mother of his children are dependent on the state for support, I'd say we make him work,and pay child support, even if he only gets to keep 5 dollars of what he earn to himself, Hay like my father always told me "Make em Takem "


brohammas said...

No vascectamy, that just enable's. I say we remove not the ability to produce sperm but render him unable to deliver it to its desired destinations.

Then sentence him to live out therest of his life in one house with ALL his Babby's Mommas, "Big Love" style.

I'm sure those ladies can punish him better than the system ever will.

Anonymous said...


Is Mr. Smith's biggest crime the fact that he chooses women who are down on the socio-economic ladder to inpregnate?

what a stupid comment.

i AM a woman of means. i still expect, demand and deserve child support from my X husband.

no, his biggest crime is procreating and then abandoning the offspring.

what a stupid comment, seriously. i sure hope you aren't a family lawyer, field.

libhom said...

He should be sentenced with the maximum amount according to the law because he deliberately quit his job to avoid paying child support.

Anonymous said...

I am a family law lawyer and as someone who has had to advocate in these situations, I can tell you that ALL you can do is send him to jail. Taking his licenses and intercepting his taxes aren't going to help. The Constitution forbids us from interfering in his or the women's reproductive rights, so vasectomies and sterilization aren't an option. We as a society are stuck with the fact that some people make seriously stupid decisions and we have to pay for them. In order to stay sane, you have to repeat to yourself, "We're in it to save the children." I don't know how many get saved, but to dwell on the idiot parents is the path to madness.

Mrs. Chili said...

Put him to work in the system - he can pick up garbage or work in the prisons, it doesn't really matter. Give him the barest minimum of his salary so HE doesn't have to collect assistance - everything else goes to his children. Oh, and before he reports to work, he submits to a vasectomy.

Christopher said...

Straight people are a riot. Do they think babies are delivered by God and left under the palm tree out back in a basket?

Guys who screw everything in sight and are too lazy to use a condom and women who screw everyone in their building and refuse to use birth control, then expect the court system to sort out and enforce their child support matters, are too clueless to be parents.

Too often, straight men seem to think their masculinity is defined by the number of babies they have with as many women as possible.

And please, don't even try to tell me they're poor and can't afford contraceptives because in most states, condoms and the Pill are made available free to whomever needs them.

Back to Field's hypothetical, you can't force a man to work with threats of jailtime because the reality is, for some people, jail is a better shake than the outside world: three meals a day, a gym, TV and medical and you don't have to pay rent.

Anonymous said...


How about the Sno' Ho's illegitimate get?


Anonymous said...

Let him go free. It is the woman that carry a baby in her body/her womb. There are waaaay too many products on the market for women to have unwanted births. And I bet his arse is butt-ugly, (most be a tiger in bed though) Why else would a woman do this to her body and life. Not to mention have an ugly baby. (yes folks ugly folks are discriminated against)

...these women are stupid and deserve very little welfare.

Anonymous said...

make the father take job training services (mandatory) award him joint custody of all his children, and mandatory visitation which consists of splitting the time spent with each parent equally...see how he likes having the actual burden of taking care of his children himself...make the women go to job training and get a job and end their welfare within 3 months.

Anonymous said...

also add in mandatory child parenting classes............perhaps even theraphy.....

David Sullivan said...

Sentance him to be a nanny for the Octo-mom for two years and all proceeds from the "reality show" will go toward the care of his ten kids...oh yeah...cut his balls off, that probably can be a reality show unto itself...

Antonio said...

I would offer him a choice: either find a job (and produce paperwork proving you are looking) or go to jail until your last child turns 18. I'll agree with Anon that his biggest crime is not supporting these kids emotionally, but it's basically impossible to get him to do that. At the very least, he needs to support the kids financially.

ArtMaggot Hysteria said...


Nan said...

Wow. People sure are fast to want to start down that eugenics road. Read some history, people. You start with castrating one guy who's an extreme example of a problem, and pretty soon it's any poor man is a likely candidate for the knife -- after all, if someone has sperm, he might get someone pregnant and not be able to pay child support.

Instead of focusing on the sperm donor (who appears to be pretty much a lost cause) or his women, how about thinking about ways to break the cycle so his kids don't end up repeating his mistakes?

EzMun said...

I've got a slightly different take on things. The court has no real role or mandate in "fixing" Travis Henry (mentally, sexually) in the context of a ruling on child support. So all of the talk about forced vasectomies or neutering are, IMO, a bit extra-judicial.

Now if we're talking about a forced vasectomy in the context of either a criminal sexual battery charge or a civil suit brought by the state (claiming that Henry--a man of some means-- is unnecessarily burdening the state by fathering children he does not intend to support) THEN I could see some of that judicial activism coming into effect and all of the talk about forced vasectomies would be valid.

But as to the child support issue(s), the question for the court is how do I ensure that an innocent minor child is cared for by the child's father if (as in this case) said father has means to provide a decent life for the child, but where the father is making extremely reckless decisions to piss away the child's share of the father's money? Answering this question in a vacuum you have to conclude that the GA judge's decision to establish a trust from Henry that would be used to care for the child was the "correct" decision and despite not having precedent makes a lot of sense given Henry's profession.

In the short term Henry is going to make some very decent money. He's shown contempt to the court by failing/refusing to willingly turn over child support monies. He's shown his lack of self control by buying gold and a mercedes in the face of child support arrearages. So, the easiest way to ensure that the child is protected from an ignoramus of a father is to take some of that present money (garnish it directly from Henry's employer) and put it in trust to ensure that they child's life can be financed.

Courts have little role in determining who can or can't carry viable sperm or eggs no more than we want the government in our bedrooms determining what sexual positions we can engage in. Travis Henry's issue isn't that he likes sex. Many people enjoy and have as much sex as he does (lest we forget the 'freaks' that Field Identified in the FN poll on sexual partners:). Henry's issue is that he (and his partners) are riding 'raw' and are not willingly making a decision to stop conception... even when reality suggests that he should be concerned after so many children.

tjwash said...

Sentence him to a lifetime of taking care of Nadia's kids. Or at least a lifetime of helping her give bad TV interviews, and beg for handouts from gullible suckers who listen to tabloid tv. They could even make a reality TV show..."octo-mom and deadbeat dad" with the proceeds going to help abused or neglected kids. couldn't be any more stupid than the Osbournes.

And I co-sign with Jody...yes, some straight guys CAN be a crack up. All I know is I WISHED I got as much action as this guy obviously does, when I was younger.

David Sullivan said...

Don't be stealing my stuff TJWASH! LOL Great minds think alike ;)

Jezebella said...

I should've known some anon creep would show up and start yelling "slut" even though this is about John Smith, and we know nothing - NOTHING - about the women in his life.

Misogynist BS, I tell you whut.

Suppose we offer JS a thousand dollars to get a vasectomy, first off, and stop this ridiculous castration talk? The man has a right to have sex with whichever consenting adult chooses to have sex with him, jeez. It's the wanton procreation that's at issue here.

Anonymous said...

Y'all just don't get it...these guys are doin the kids a favor by not bein around...

rorysmomma said...

If he is not going to take care of these kids he should sign over his parental rights and never get to see them. he shouldn't have the right to interfere in their lives if he isn't going to take care of them. Plain and simple. If he impregnates anyone else from this point on and refuses to take care of the offspring pelase require him to go to jail.

Anonymous said...

The women who "barebacked" with Travis are clearly lacking self- respect. Chances are they grew up seeing this kind of disfunction in their own family life. Guess what? Those children are now going to grow up without a caring, supportive father figure and they may well repeat the pattern in their own adult lives.
I doubt that Travis Henry grew up in a home with a loving supportive father either. I would send him and the various mothers to parenting classes as well as counseling in self-esteem and adult responsibility. These folks need to learn what their parents apparently never taught them

Anonymous said...

Sterilize the perpetrators, male and female.

Anonymous said...

Jezabella croaks - "Misogynist BS, I tell you whut. "

So the women who chose to get knocked up by this dude (apparently twice in one case)...

Were all sweet little virgins, as pure as the driven snow?


Only a FemiNazi chauvinist pig could see this is solely the man's fault.


Anonymous said...

just as likely is that he was raping 16 year olds who don't have enough self respect to be able to say "I was raped"... even if they never said no. consent is consent is informed consent.

Very few women get down and bareback without thinking of the consequences. Them's the type that deserves to hang out with this creep.

Anonymous said...

Sentence him to weekend on a desert island with LaShawn Barber.

That'll help him keep it zipped up.

Anonymous said...

I am not with sterilization as this country has done a great example with the Lynchburg experiment and sterilizing Fannie Lou Hamer. I am not with giving the state that kind of ability to something like that because giving human nature always plays a role in bringing out people's worse side. Also, that was done back in 1991 when the city of Baltimore wanted to implant Norplant in women who were giving a choice either to receive the surgery birth control or receive no money if they should have another child. That goes against reproductive rights and cannot legislate morality, and there is the issue of discriminating against poor or people society may deemed unfit. Then we would have to deal another issue with racial overtunes. That is just opening up a can of worms.

I think it would better where the court make him fulfill his legal parental duties, and we know he is not going to work because he will quit his job. However, you can allow the women of the children to go into the workforce, and make him the caregiver where is supervised to protect the minor children it probably would set a better example. I like the hybrid solution of doing community work as well.

This reminds me of a guy a met. He wanted to go out with me, but he told me he had 10 children by four other women and I told him that he did not have time to date. In fact, I told him that he should not date again for the rest of his life. I wouldn't go out on a date with him. I consider that a deal breaker because it gives me the idea that he is an irresponsibiity person with commitment issues. I just have a problem with a person who refuses to care and rare his or her children.

Unknown said...

Yeah, here comes my dissenting view. Since there are 10 kids over 6 women, I can safely assume the guy double dipped, which means with at the most he stayed around 2 years with 4 women, or maybe 1 just in case he didn't stick around for the second kids. Now 4 women got pregnant in a relatively short time of meeting him. What does that say about the women? No protection along with probably a one night stand and they have the right to ask for anything? That's messed up. If I were the judge, I'd put them all on trial. In fact, my sentence would be that they get a plot of land in Mississippi that the mothers, kids, and the dad would have to live on and they all farm like when my parents were growing up.

Anonymous said...

Hey guy,

Been lurking for a coupla months. This old white woman loves this blog. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The women here appear to be the down-low version of Octo-Mom.

Guys - suppose you woke up one morning and found out you were Octomom's Baby Daddy. Which is exactly what happened to the dude who "donated" the sperm.

I mean, the only taste of sin that dude got was looking at a magazine wanking into a test tube - probably to make a few extra bucks to pay the rent in college.

Hell of a moral conundrum. Like it or not, they ARE your kids, and Octomom is waaaaaay too f'ed up to be trusted outide of a padded cell, much less with raising anything.

On the other side...EIGHT?


credo said...

Mr. Smith
I sentenced you to two hours of community service. You will work free 5 days for a year. If you chose you can get a full time job you eill not have to volunteer.

You will spend 2 hours of supervised visitation with your children. This will be on a voluntary visitation determined by the mothers. This sentence will be for one year.

If visitation are missed. The time spent with your children will be increased.

Support in arrearage will continue to be paid at $20 dollars a month. The arrearage will be reviewed again in a year.

No you can make you become a responsible father. But the court can hold you responsible for the contributing to the best of interest of your children.

If jail time will serve as a incentive for moving you forward. I will gladly sentence you to jail for failure to follow the sentencing.

Anonymous said...

He would be ordered to have a mandatory vasectomy. He will then have to get a job working 60-80 hours a week Monday through Sunday. After work each day, he would have to spend time with his kids...all of them at once. All of his check will be taken except enough for him to scarcely live on. Then after rendering my verdict, I would jump over the bench and personally beat him down for the disservice he did to his kids by being irresponsible.


Hello there Field!

I think that the women who get pregnant by no-count, trifling male adults who have illegitimate children are JUST AS irresponsible as the fathers who abandon their children....

Both parents should be just as sternly punished...

Swiff said...

Compulsory vasectomy and a full time job or compulsory castration. I'd let Mr. Smith choose. To quote Biggie:

"Don't get mad, UPS is hiring."

La♥audiobooks said...


Do you think men who impregnate women that already have multiple children for different men are irresponsible and should be punished for adding another child in that household? And what if that child is his only child, and he may not have a problem paying CS? Would that make him any better than the women who get pregnant by Mr. Smith? Just curious.

La♥audiobooks said...

Field, you know you wrong with that sidebar. Well, I guess Iman didn't consider all those nappy headed Obeah women around deh place.

Marc B said...

1 Month in prison for each child he owes support.After completing his sentence, he would then be placed on parole until the youngest child turns 18. Parole is conditional upon his timely child support payments for each and every child. Even if he has to work 3 jobs to do so.

Anonymous said...

He should be required to seek counseling and parenting classes. After he has been deemed fit to be around children, he should be required to spend a set amount of time with his children and participate in their lives such as going to PTA, meeting their teachers and attend all school functions such as plays and recitals, sporting events, etc. He sould also be required to check all homework, give hugs/kisses and develop a healthy relationship with the mothers. Oh about the mothers, they should be required to do the same!!!!

Hathor said...

I don't think as punishment a vasectomy is forced sterilization. It is not castration and it is possible to reverse it. If this guy refuses to work how would he ever pay for a reversal.


I often thought that if those women were offered the choice, they would opt for sterilization. We also think that everyone should have enough knowledge about birth control: we would be wrong in that assumption. There is still a perception out there that condoms fail most of the time.

Between the church expecting everyone to be an ascetic and the revolutionaries preaching genocide, it will take quite a while for the culture to deal honestly about sex, which includes the responsibility of having children.

The A said...

One word sentence

[with extreme emphasis] WHACK!

The A said...

Ok serious answer:

Order him into custodial custody and parenting classes with a pending jail sentence for child neglect should he not become the Ward Clever of his block

vanishing point said...

hmm, well Field, you asked a great question, what if all the women were financially secure and able to take care of the children? There are so many rich and famous people with multiple spouses, and blended famiies with lots of children, who says this guy can find a job, or has an education that will help him find a job. I know one guy who had a bunch of kids, then one of his wives had a kid with somebody else, they took so much money out of his paycheck that he had about $15.00 left, he was sleeping in the locker room!!!

Constructive Feedback said...

Filled Negro:

Why should this be a matter for the constitutional government to handle in the first place? All of the CIVIC/CULTURAL admonitions against such behavior has been thrown away being that they are JUDGMENTAL in nature! DO IT IF IT FEELS GOOD!!

Is any of these court proceedings anything more than "going through the motions"? I thought that "justice" was more than just the motions of a string of legal proceedings but that it actually meant something in order for it to be JUST?

The kids and their mothers have WELFARE from the government. Ultimately isn't the state of BEING IN RECEIPT OF BENEFIT what you are an activist for? Why notate that the man provides for no particular emotional support for his offspring? The local government entitlement distribution center is just as COLD and UNCARING.

He is not forced in any way to produce income LEST HIS PROGENY STARVE TO DEATH.

The "sperm injector" is dutifully ABSTRACTED from the consequences of the INJECTION OF GENETIC MATERIAL into the human 'petri dish' that is otherwise called the "female womb".

What we are looking at, Filled Negro are the consequences of these women NOT CHOOSING to terminate the pregnancies and donating the remaining human genetic material for the cause of advancing stem cell research. Maybe THEY made the wrong choices - in your mind - not the man. I learned on the recent "International Woman's Day" that women are EMPOWERED based on their choice to HAVE BIRTH or NOT HAVE BIRTH based on their OWN choosing.

Isn't this ultimately an extreme example of "the perfect storm" of YOUR beliefs?


Anonymous said...

This says a lot about the women AND the man. I think the man needs a vasectomy. Period. I think women who sleep with men without protection in this day and age need to think about some sort of sterilization as well.

Anonymous said...

AbdulAlim said...
"get an intensive 7 year course on the responsibilities of black manhood from Minister Louis Farrakhan"
Mr FarraKKKhan, Grand Dragon of the AfriKKKan American KKKommunity, needs a course on the responsibiliteies of manhood.
Finding new and improved ways of blaming EVERYONE from the problems that stem from ones own actions is not manhood, it's being a whiny little boy. Farrakkhan is a buffoon, and it is sad that there are so many black males like him- loudly proclaiming to be a man, but acting like a child. When I picture his I invision a klansman,... only darker complexion

Anonymous said...

FIELD, I assume you are talking about a BLACK MAN? why else would you post this, and someone even said something about sending him to FARAHKAN! so most assume this person is BLACK!! and as usual this is BLACK PROFILING!

I would make him go to CHURCH, so he could know that he is living a sinful life style, you people can give every opinion in the book, but, sin is the reason he is producing illegitimate children.

People when you serve the LORD, he will CONVICT you of your wrong doing, he stay's on your case, and if GOD can't do it, no one can!

Christopher what's wrong with straight people? and are you saying that this man is out of control because he is STRAIGHT? but, yet, if he was GAY he would be a more responsible man, as far as protection is concerned, is this your logic? it has been reported, that some gay men are just as irresponsible as this man is, as far as having multiple partner's, at the end of the day both men are careless human being's out of control! and they are dangerous to mankind.

Anonymous said...

Judge Me - No sentence. I fear the power of the State more than I fear Mr. Smith.

People are gonna do what people are gonna do.
We can make things a bit easier for folks by implementing a Universal Basic Income and trying real vouchers for health care and education.


Constructive Feedback said...

Please forgive me Filled Negro for I had forgotten to enter in my closing line:

This news that you have presented convinces me that Obama must terminate those damned ABSTINENCE ONLY EDUCATION POLICIES of Bush!!!!!

Clearly the dude that you are talking about is a VICTIM of these ridiculous Bush Era policies. No one ever told him what happens when you fail to "Wrap It Up".

I bet he "didn't love them ........."

Anonymous said...

It's unconstitutional, I know, but I'll be kind and vote for a vasectomy for the poor guy.

Anonymous said...

Constructive Feedback-"Is any of these court proceedings anything more than "going through the motions"? I thought that "justice" was more than just the motions of a string of legal proceedings but that it actually meant something in order for it to be JUST?"

Of course, it's just going through the motions. America has a great penal system, but a lousy justice system. It's all about negotiations and competing for the best deal...for both sides. It has nothing to do with "Justice."

Anonymous said...

No one's touched on the reason these women go on to have the kids in the first place.

Welfare. WIC benefits. EIC.

End those FULL STOP. Once the mothers have to get off their asses and actually work to support all of their children, they'll think twice about letting Mr. Smith bareback the night away, or even letting him romp at all.

As for Mr. Smith, jailtime isn't gonna be that much of a deterent, as Christopher stated. Garnishing his wages will only cause him to walk off the job. The only way it'll end is if he himself ends it (by learning some self-control) or if someone or something ends it for him (venereal disease has a way of doing just that). Hell, just give him herpes -- no woman wants that and they'll either tell him flat out "NO" or tell him to put a damn rubber on.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like typical black male behavior. And I don't blame the man one bit. I put 100% of the blame on all the dumb ass desperate women in his life...Starting with the one that birthed him. All the women in his life are "enablers." They're the ones that enable him to keep up this same ghetto behavior. These men will always find a "womb" to crawl up into. The scenario goes like this: Black man lives at home with momma till he's damn near 40. Then he may get married and move out (and always with a woman that has a job or a steady income a.k.a. welfare check, and her own roof over her head whether she works to pay for it or whether she gets section 8). Also, he makes sure he looks for a woman that has a car. Before long the wife realizes that she married a good for nothing scum bag whose only goal in life is to "pimp" her and she puts his ass out. Then he crawls up into the womb of the bitch that he was was talking smack to on the side (cause he knew that his wife would smell his shit sooner or later and after all, he'll needed another place to flop once wife kicks his ass out). So he moves in with girlfriend and when the "sexual kool-aid" wears off and she realizes that what's between his legs ain't gonna pay her bills she puts his ass out too. Then he goes crawling back to the "womb" that gave birth to him... You guessed it. He goes back to Dear Old Mom. And the cycle repeats itself all over again. Hell, in my next life I'm coming back as a black man. I won't have to go to work for the clothes on my back, the food in my stomach or the roof over my head. And oh, the supply of free "pussy" from every dumb desparate black female is endless. And if and when that runs out, I can get the same luxury at the state penitentary. The only people I feel sorry for are the innocent children that these psychos bring into the world. They don't give a damn about how mentally,physically, and emotionally damaging this shit is to their chilren.
...These comments are not not intended for the "few" black brothers that were raised the right way and know how to keep their shit in check.

Anonymous said...

Castrate him; sterilize the women in his circle. Period.

Unknown said...

1.jail for parents who refuse to care for their children-work camp type jail where they do real work and the pay is garnished for their children's care.
2. child abuse and neglect criminal charges for parents who refuse to care for their children/refuse to pay child support.
3. free birth control and sterilization for anyone who wants it in the country.
4. sterilization incentive tax rebates/payments for people who are having more children than they are willing to care for, those who don't want more children, and lots of education for ALL about this option
5. An extensive, eternal, scared straight PR campaign to educate everyone about the dangers of having unwanted children and how f**ked their life will be, featuring documentary and testimony from TRavis, Mr.Smith and their women.

Anonymous said...

His punishment might not be as harsh, but I will still kick everyone in the a**

He should have a relationship with children.

isonprize said...

All who sentence dude to "parenting classes" and taking care of the kids -- Why should the kids suffer thru this assholes inability to care for them? He doesn't want the children. Now the kids need to KNOW that?

The kids will still get the short end of the stick. And that is a heartless way to treat children.

Okay, he can't/won't pay his child support. Cutting his dick off is going to help the kids he always 'has'? I think not.

I say, take the $$ that you would spend on putting him in jail and find someone who connects with dude for some psych counseling.

The real issues is that as a society, we have to improve the systems that care for children ALL children.

Of course, the women need to make better choices. But until we value children, until we treat children better, it doesn't matter how many men get locked up for not paying child support, it doesn't matter how many women have babies without thought,

-- CHILDREN DO NOT ASK TO BE HERE. And you can't send them back, once they are here.

Some of ya'll are just hateful. I'd hate to see what you would say if some of the kids were born with special needs or if dude was mentally challenged, which he may very well be. DAMN.

Anonymous said...

I sentence him to DEATH!

Anonymous said...

Mack Lyons, why don't you read the post and stick to the point, this has nothing to do with blaming the woman today. We are talking about Mr. Smith, and the issue HE placed himself in. You Dumb fuck.

Ray Bridges said...

Make a hit movie about him as well as a #1 hit music video and make sure anyone who sees the movie and hears the music will be reminded of just what a self-absorbed, selfish, cynical creap the chap is. Make his brand so poisonous and unattractive that everyone spits when his name is mentioned. If he is indeed a symbol of what is wrong, then make sure no one is mistaken as to what he stands for.

Other than that, I don't think there's much else we as a society can do. The dude doesn't give a shit about much other than getting off, and as long as he doesn't boink minors, ain't nobody going to snip his semen delivery system.

Just because you can't do something about it, that don't make it right.

Unknown said...

snip snip or go to jail for life

momo said...

Anyone here old enough to remember those Laugh-in shows on TV? The first thing that came to mind was "Bailiff! Whack his pee-pee!"

Is the question about justice, revenge, or accounting? If we want justice, we have to put the kids first, figure out systemic changes, and find a way to hold this man accountable for laws he has broken (failure to pay child support, not engendering children). If we want revenge, we can fantasize about various ways to whack his pee-pee. If we are most interested in not having the state subsidize the crappy parenting choices of individuals, then we lose because the only way to do that (cut off the women!) is to inflict suffering on children.

I say, make him run naked down Broad street! while we all whack his pee-pee with sticks.

Anonymous said...

Vasectomy or castration.

Anonymous said...

I was being facetious about supervised babysitting with the children. If he doesn't want to be involved in their lives that's his loss. I would never advocate for forced visits with a child.
He had the mental capacity to walk away from a job once his wages were garnished. I stand by the physical castration. And tied tubes for the women if they knew of his history of not caring for his children. Some people are just trifling and no amount of counseling will change that.



Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]America has a great penal system, but a lousy justice system. It's all about negotiations and competing for the best deal...for both sides. It has nothing to do with "Justice."[/quote]


I'll ask you what I typically ask socialists in order to trigger the typical "deer in the headlights" reaction from them:


(If you say "Cuba" I will climb on the top of my roof and jump head first to the ground)

Anonymous said...

Set him free. The kids will grow up one day, and as many as there are, there's sure to be at least one to exact revenge...Besides,he can only live a miserable existance anyway with this immoral behavior

daedalus2u said...

By not supporting his children he has committed child abuse. Put him in prison for that as well as contempt of court. Prison does cost a lot, but it will probably be cheaper than letting him stay out and father 10 more children. How many of the children he already has are going to end up in prison?

This guy is an irresponsible slime, as are the women who had children with him. I would haul him and all 6 women into court, and force all 7 of them to support his 10 children. Any that refuse would go to prison.

I know it sucks for a woman to be forced to support step-children, but at least those children have the same father as your child. That makes for more of a moral obligation than unrelated tax payers have. When you pick someone to be the father of your child, pick someone responsible or it may come back to bite you.

Anonymous said...

I would have the man work and live under supervision, with all of the proceeds going to his upkeep and his children's upkeep until each child reaches the age of majority. I think there should be state and/or federal work camps for deadbeat parents - not like chain gangs exactly. There are other ways for prisoners to make cash. Manufacturing. Construction. Public maintenance work crews. Plus the dads get a skill they can use after the last of their kids reaches majority and they're released from custody.

I think that having to work in custody for each child they make would be enough of a deterrent to making more kids.

I wouldn't force a vasectomy or visitation, but if they parent wants visitation, in some cases maybe they should get it under supervision. You know some of these folks claim they don't pay because the mothers keep the children away. Maybe visitation would be a motivator. Maybe these fathers can tell their sons to their faces, "I'm in work camp because I was irresponsible. I don't want you to go this route," so it doesn't go down through the generations.

And why not give offenders the opportunity to leave camp after they've caught up in their arrears? Some of them might actually be responsible on their own from that point forward if given the chance.

Anonymous said...

Another thing I like about this is that it may be a crime deterrent as well - if you're not on the street working under the table to avoid garnishment, you're probably not in drug trafficking. You're probably not sponging off some other woman, either.

Lola Gets said...

I work for a pro-choice organization, and I can tell you that there are LOTS of women out there having non-protected, birth control free sex out there.

If I could start a self-esteem building/safer sex (yes birth control too) promoting group for teens, I would, but you American society wont let you speak honestly and openly about sex with teens.

There was an article in the Wash Post Thurs that said that the teen pregnancy rate continues to rise, despite the all the abstinence classes teens are forced to take. Hm, ya think??


Anonymous said...

I am a Social Worker. I will leave this one alone.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daedalus2u,
You said...
"I know it sucks for a woman to be forced to support step-children, but at least those children have the same father as your child."

Supporting the "bonus" kids has had the most incredible payoff of my life. (I wasn't real keen on supporting "her" though.) Women don't usually spend their entire adult lives raising their kids. Not having other producing skills can just so damage a person's life.

Thnk about it--kids are life's last greatest luxury--and assets to us all.

Anonymous said...

Constructive Feedback-


I don't know. Does it matter? I live in America where justice is rare. When it does happen, it is an accident of the court. It's like hitting the lotto...a complete surprise to all involved, including the lawyers and judge.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it isn't something funny nor to poke fun at; it is the sad truth of our society. The society is at fault for its past ills (slavery, the broken black family, the hatered we have for each other, etc..) these are all part of the psychology of the "baby daddy" syndrome - - African Americans have almost have to start all over and pull themselves up and start supporting and buying from each other (no one else is going to do it for us). We have to start over and stop doing and having what ole master is doing and has. Take care your your families, teach your own children, be there for your FAMILIES, stop splitting up over small things and move on (the bigger picture is community, but start first with taking care of your family). We have to get rid of Bigger Thomas (John Smith) and his kids and baby mommas (I say his kids because the cycle will continue, that's for sure).

Anonymous said...

When men like that do that to women and the innocent children, it is really pure hatred he has for himself and his race as a whole. It is the norm for the African Americans (A psychological hatred).

Anonymous said...

I think dead beat dads should be placed on blast. In my neck of the woods , law enforcement as resorted to bill boards to help locate missing and wanted individuals. I think they should use bill boards for dead beats with a list of their offenses and warnings not to get involved with these types of men. Just my two coppers.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]There was an article in the Wash Post Thurs that said that the teen pregnancy rate continues to rise, despite the all the abstinence classes teens are forced to take. Hm, ya think??[/quote]

Lola Gets:

(This is so frustrating folks)

Could you DOCUMENT FOR ME the number of public schools in:

* Washington DC
* Baltimore
* Philadelphia
* Baltimore
* Chicago



How does a $14 million per year program that was ONLY DEPLOYED in a few districts in Texas and Indiana is standard policy in LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE school systems around the nation?

The FACT is that these school systems DO NOT have "Abstinence Only" policies!!!

Thus I struggle to understand how you can say "a drug has killed people".....when "the drug" is not available but for a limited set of cities? (Note - the 'drug' is a metaphor that I am using).

You need to focus on the POLICIES THAT ARE PRESENT in the given community and schools.

Unfortunately this would cause you to be critical of the PREVAILING PROGRESSIVE POLICIES in these HIV ravaged cities.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote] I live in America where justice is rare. When it does happen, it is an accident of the court. It's like hitting the lotto...a complete surprise to all involved, including the lawyers and judge.[/quote]

(This too is frustrating)


Can you define for me what YOUR concept of "justice" is?

Can you detail HOW YOU prove that it is present when YOU see it?

It is important that you shift from being arbitrary to being more definitive as a means of detailing the veracity of your claims.

Constructive Feedback said...

Correction: $14 million is what the state of Georgia had been receiving for this $100 million per year national program.

Thus for "AA" to be labeled a failure there only needs to be a substantial amount of students who had taken the program choosing to have sex.

IRONICALLY - despite the increase in STDs and HIV among places that have REJECTED ABSTINENCE ONLY EDUCATION (the cities that I have listed) the rampant increases of STDs and HIV Is not enough to have these same critics attack "Wrap It Up" and other progressive programs.

In the face of an STD and HIV epidemic many of these people say we need MORE condom advertising. Few of them will state that we need a CHANGE IN CULTURE among the people who are most at risk lest they perish.