Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I swear, this must be boys in blue week here in the fields. The hits just keep coming from some of those who have taken an oath to protect all the citizens of these divided states but don't always seem to do so.

Anyway, have you ever wondered what some police officers are thinking when they are in the privacy of their patrol cars? Well thanks to a Temple University student, who went for a ride along with one of Philly's finest, you can now get a glimpse of what goes on in the minds of some of our officers.

"By DAFNEY TALES Philadelphia Daily News
talesd@phillynews.com 215-854-5084
A college class assignment may have gotten a Philadelphia police officer into some hot water.
William Thrasher, a white cop in the 22nd District, at 17th and Montgomery, has been put on desk duty after an article written by a Temple University student quoted him describing his disgust for black people in the district where he works, likening them to animals and calling their problems "typical n---- s---," or "TNS," during a ride-along with the student Jan. 30.
The article enraged The Guardian Civic League, an organization of black Philadelphia police officers, which is calling for his dismissal.

'[Thrasher] took an oath to protect all people,' said Rochelle Bilal, who heads the group. 'If that's the way he feels about black people, then he needs to be off our streets.'
The police Internal Affairs department is investigating. Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said that that kind of inflammatory rhetoric will not be tolerated within the department.
'I'm not happy with this at all," he said. 'I take this very, very seriously. It's not supposed to happen. You can't serve people you don't respect.'

Thrasher, 24, of Tacony, joined the force in February 2007, and was assigned to the 22nd District, a mostly black area of North Philadelphia."

Hmmm, so that's what "TNS" means. And here I thought it was an acronym for one of Ted Turner's TV stations...oh wait, that's TBS, sorry.

Seriously folks, this has not been a good week for Philly's finest. Oh field, relax, so one poor cop out of thousands slipped and made some off color remarks, and a Dominican drug dealer claims the cops violated his civil rights, what's the big deal?

It's no big deal; not if you happen to live in Mexico, but this A-merry-ca, and it just might be a big deal here. The people who are paid to protect us should protect all of us, and there are laws that they should follow like the rest of us do. No one is above it. (Unless your name is Bush or Cheney of course) If police officers are going to be my last defense against the Barbarians at my gate, I want to have the comfort of knowing that they won't be one of the Barbarians trying to get in.


Dirty Red said...

This has been a bad month for the Fuzz Field.
4 die in Oakland at the hands of a #1 Male, then the community throws the cop killer a parade, A cop here in Dallas stops a man from saying his final goodbyes to his wife's dying mother and he might get his badge taken and now this.

What is this, bash the Poo-lice month?

Anonymous said...

again to rieterate if this piece of trash would have got killed in the so called line of duty (harassing blacks no doubt)this clown ass "Field" would no doubt have him in the side bar as a hfnotd no matter how many black folks would have caught hell from this sham ass fake cop in his short time on the force and you know i'm right to quote my nigga pac in the film Juice in your heart you know i'm right. So please hous i mean Field stop biggin up cops i don't care if they dead wit a newborn baby these cops is the military arm of the white power structure and they don't serve our intrests. I've said it before here and i will continue to say it Niggas in the hood celebrate when a cops dead. and one more thing in the words of Assata Shakur (who this clown who writes this blog would probly want brought back to the states to be prosecuted to the fullest extent) "I HAVE ADVOCATED AND I STILL DO ADVOCATE REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE" i mean anybody poor should feel the same way
EastNewYork Brooklyn where the cops don't have cameras on their dashboards so they could just Redrum Backwards niggas oh and everybody needs to check out that ziegiest movie its on youtube

cinque said...

I have been reading blogs all week about this kind of stuff. When I think of police in general, I see the Majority of them as I see the officer in the beating video of the 16 year old girl in Seattle not long ago. But not the officer who beat, slammed, pummeled with his fists to the ground and dragged her to her feet by her hair, but the other officer who watched all of this happen and did nothing to stop the other officer and will no doubt either not testify for the girl or testify for the criminal officer who administered the beating. Or the other officers in the Oscar Grant case who stood by and watch the event unfold. That is the police I see everyday, turning a blind eye to all the misdeeds in their department. (anyone ever heard of the blue wall of silence??) I don’t care how many good police are out there, if you don’t turn in a fellow officer for misconduct then you are dirty as well. Too many officers participate in this “Blue Wall” and because of that I can’t feel any sympathy for them. You say what you want about me, but I am not alone. Police don’t snitch on other police. So in my book they are all under suspicion……….just like I am when they see me. I wish I could feel sympathy for them but I have seen “The Riders” in Oakland, The Ramparts in L.A, Louisiana Police corruption, NYPD racism, corruption, Police lawlessness, corruption and racism in Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Boston, Boise and Baltimore first hand. So even if you see a good officer, if that officer lets one bad act by fellow officer go, he is just as bad. We are to hold these persons to a very high standard and if you can not deal with standard……find a different job!!! What are the mental tests they give officers now. It must not be a priority to find out if you have closet bigots trying to join the police dept.

Jody said...

Yep, the boys in blue in philly are having a really bad month... in addition to this racist cop, there were 3 other cops arrested in the last couple of weeks for drug dealing, robbing a store, and robbing drug dealers.... 2 of them came out of the 18th district...

In addition, not to keep crazy just among the boys in blue, we also have a methed out former DA, who was busted for taking crack into a prison, who had an ankle monitor for house arrest while out on bail.... removed his ankle monitor and according to news reports fled the city... but wait, more bizarre.... he was last seen in front of the White House trying to flag down Obama's motorcade and was detained by Secret Service... they let him go, but the story is he was trying to contact Obama about the rogue CIA officers that were trying to control him.... Bench Warrant out for his arrest now......

Must be something in the water...

D C Cain said...

What irony: I find myself saying "TNS" to friends and family on a daily.

Anonymous said...

His sgt should have a talk with him, no more action needs to be taken so long as it goes on his permanent record. Just my opinion. szpork

Anonymous said...

We must stop blaming the victims on this site.White cops are doing the best that they can.

Black racism is the cause of most problems between cops and blacks.

In almost all black communities,black people would rather murder a white police officer, throw a block party while his dead body is still on the street, than they are to say thank you.

If blacks would have more respect for the law and white police officers than things like this wouldn't happen.

Anonymous said...

Anon. at 10:25 pm

All I want is police officers who do their job which is to protect and serve all citizens; not to cherry pick due to race and socioeconomic status.

I'm tired of hearing from police officers who seem to be unclear what exactly my tax dollars are paying them to do.

If it's that hard for these knuckleheads to understand -- go get another job!

True Blue Texan said...

Anonymous 10:45: Black racism. Really. Have you seen a lot of these so-called "Dead White Cop" parties in "almost all black communities"? Do you think the officer in the hospital parking lot with Ryan Moats was "doing the best he [could]"? Do you think using the N-word is appropriate behavior for a protector and servant of the community? And Terrence Jones, the retired police officer . . . maybe you think he has no respect for the law?

At least Field can use the Temple student as a NFNOD if he's looking for one.

Anonymous said...

Blacks should know by now that the majority of white cops are racists. We keep saying it's just a few who are corrupt. Blacks are so good at denial. We have been in denial for centuries. Yet, we keep lying to ourselves. I guess the pain is too great for us to face the truth that white cops, along with the majority of Whites in A-merry-ca, think negatively of us. They don't see us as equals, they see us as less than-at the bottom rung of humanity.

Please look at this video on white privilege. It's comical, but also sadly true.

Anonymous said...

If I see 4 white dues wearing low-riding pants and hoodies, I don't t hink twice. If the dudes in hoodies are Black, I start paying attention to where I am and my best escape route. Does that make me a racist?

Mostly I see Black on Black crime, but I still see Blacks making excuses for low-life n***rs. That dude in Oakland who killed the 4 cops? He also raped a 12-year-old girl. Want to bet her color? Black.

There's some sad shit going down these days, brother Field, sad shit. I'm hard pressed to say you N****rs ought to take some responsibility for your shit, but you know what? You N****rs ought to take some responsility for your shit.

If a White dude kills 4 cops, I promise there ain't going to be a parade saying he's a nice guy who's getting a bad rap.

There may be a Black man who's President, but there are still n****rs running wild in the streets. You N*****rs better wake up. It ain't White folks who are getting murdered and robbed like ther's no tomorrow. It be Black on Black crime.

What can us Black folk do, you ask? I'm not sure, but maybe you ought to stop giving cover to the lowlife who is victimizing you.

If it was white folk fucking everybody over, I promise you there's be vigilantes hanging a few thugs. That's the difference between white folk and black folk: you put up with the shit. We don't.

Anonymous said...

B on B crimes fine with me, like they said in Godfather Part 1..."Keep it in the Colored Areas, they're animals anyway, let them lose their souls..."

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"If it was white folk fucking everybody over, I promise you there's be vigilantes hanging a few thugs."

Did your white vigilantes forget about Bush and crew? Seems to me they did that to the whole world, and they did it nice and slow. Was your vigilante group on a coffee break?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:11p-"If it was white folk fucking everybody over, I promise you there's be vigilantes hanging a few thugs. That's the difference between white folk and black folk: you put up with the shit. We don't."

That's because you Whites are world-class law and order vigilantes. Everyone in the world knows that. Blacks know how you are. It comes from being terrorized and hung for centuries by self-righteous white Christian vigilantes.

And now you have the arrogance to judge us. That kind of arrogance is the reason why the world hates A-merry-ca.

But you have a good point. We do need to clean up our neighborhoods. We will, right after we clean up those corrupt white vigilantes dressed in blue.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


You really don't want to get me started on you. Trust me!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 11:11:

BTW, this is one of the definitions of nigger straight out of the dictionary copied and pasted into this message box.

Used as a disparaging term for a member of any socially, economically, or politically deprived group of people: "Gun owners are the new niggers . . . of society" (John Aquilino).

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Anonymous said, "Black racism is the cause of most problems between cops and blacks."

WTF is Black racism? Do you even know the meaning of racism?

The echo you're about to hear is some wisdom I'm imparting in the hollow space between your ears...."Go back to school and finish your 6th grade education; take notes when the topic of racism is discussed."


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hmmm...so according to the dictionary, which I did not write, nor did any other black person write it, that term now applies to the GOP, Rush, Beck, Hannity, and the rest of the corrupt GOP crew and all those folks that ran out and brought guns because Rush, Hannity, Beck told them to.

Anonymous said...

Since y'all be gettin your panties in a bunch over acronyms...here's another one..... "FINS"...immortalized in that Jimmy Buffet Song of the same name, you know it..."Fins to the Left, Fins to the Right" thats right Sports Fans, if you're at the Sixers game, and you here a white guy say there's a bunch of "Fins" in the crowd...he's not talkin about sharks...

Anonymous said...

It must not be a priority to find out if you have closet bigots trying to join the police dept.
Only bigots would want it,think about this.
Pigs are on the street to maitain a system of racisim & white protection from the poor,why do you think the white community is armed to the teeth,they know they live a lie & they live in guilt,they cling to thier guns & bibles.the cops are thier first line of protetion for thier stolen land & thier angry Xslaves,It's all comming down i tell ya. The gutters will run red very soon.change is ugly & many will die unlike the bullshit change the big eared african is talking about.

Black Diaspora said...

"There's some sad shit going down these days, brother Field, sad shit. I'm hard pressed to say you N****rs ought to take some responsibility for your shit, but you know what? You N****rs ought to take some responsility for your shit." Anon 11:11

I probably shouldn't respond to your diatribe, but you know what? I'm going to respond to your diatribe.

First, you know you want to use the 'N' word, so what's holding you back? Those little asterisks aren't fooling anybody.

Man up! Get it out of your system! We already know you're chomping at the bit to say it, and we've heard it before, and generally from those of you who presume to tell us about our shortcomings.

Let me clue you in. You're as much the problem as you believe blacks to be (maybe more so).

Those streets that you're asking blacks to clean up reside within the Continental United States.

They're not in some African country heavily populated by blacks, but in a country that says we're all Americans.

At least that's what we're told, but we all know how quickly some whites begin to divide the country into your streets, and my streets, your neighborhoods, and my neighborhoods, your people and my people.

It's the balkanization of America that is the problem.

You, my benighted anonymous friend, are as as much to blame for what goes on in those streets as I am.

But you won't accept that. You'll brush it off as a black problem, rather than an American problem, and in some self-righteous way insist that blacks take all the responsibility for solving the problem, without acknowledging your participation in creating the problem in the first place.

That's called alienation. And many whites are really very good at it.

As long you see two Americas, or a multiplicities of Americas, then the problem will remain.

You are, I'm afraid, what's wrong with America.

You can't see a whole people as separate and apart from all others, treat them as separate and apart from all others, and then expect them to go along with your agenda as though they're not separate and apart from all others.

That's not how it works.

That's perhaps how you would like for it to work, but then if it worked the way you wanted it to work, you wouldn't have the satisfaction of coming to this blog, and, with the superiority befitting a white of your exalted importance, lecture us thusly:

"That's the difference between white folk and black folk: you put up with the shit. We don't."

Perhaps you're right: we've put up with "shit" like yours for centuries.

We should have adopted your solution to the race problem:

"If it was white folk fucking everybody over, I promise you there's be vigilantes hanging a few thugs."

I must admit: not a bad solution.

Whites have fucked us over for years. Using your solution to countering those years of being fucked over by whites, we blacks got a little catching up to do.

Should we start with you?

Christopher said...

Believe me now?

Cops are douchebags. Never, ever trust a cop.

I don't care if your White, Black, Hispanic, man, woman or something in-between. Cops are bad news, especially if you happen to live in a large city or a small town in the south.

Black Diaspora said...

"Never, ever trust a cop." Christopher.

I don't. Other than trying to get steady work during a recession, I wonder what attracts someone to the profession, to become a law-enforcement officer, a cop.

We're told that cops wish to bring down the "bad guys," to "protect and serve."


I honestly believe that they join the force, not for something noble, and altruistic as many would have us believe, but to satisfy some character deficiency, or to make real some power fantasy.

Sure, some are perhaps attracted to the work for all the right reasons, but, for many, I expect it's because a Cop gets to Crap On People, protect their own asses, and serve their own interests.

You know: the way our politicians do.

Unfortunately politicians and cops are a necessary evil of society, with society having far too many corrupt ones to really protect and serve the people they're sworn to protect and serve.

false1 said...


Things are really getting heated in Post Racial America®. I have to agree with Anon 3:49 and expand it to say that the "troops" perform the same job on a global scale, protecting the rich countries from the ghetto countries. Making sure they stay poor to provide cheap labour for god fearing Amerikkkans. I don't get off on violence but I'm fresh out of sympathy.

Chicken or Egg? It's clear that we didn't sail over here on our own accord. It's also clear that the "authorities" have been on the front lines of lynchings, Jim Crow, and slave catching for centuries. Black folk didn't wake up and start hating cops for no reason.

BTW: why don't white folks protest when some white dude shoots up a school full of white kids? It barely makes the front page. Where's all your precious weaponry then?

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for White Cops Wayne Williams would still be killin little Boys in At-lanta... Maybe Ya'll are right....Cops DO suck...
and before any y'all Spear Chuckers accuse me of supportin Chile' Killin, I'm bein Ironic, like Jonathan Swift in "A Modest Proposal" to point out how dumb y'all FINS are...


field negro said...

Jody,don't forget about the cop who was a former crack dealer allegedly caught trying to strong arm drug dealers for their cash.

"33" did you call Obama the "big eared African"?Wow! No love for TFBP,huh.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I got an idea how about you pick up a gun and stand abreast or stop your whining.......bunch of arm chair quarterbacks !

Public Shit

Javier said...

I think you're on to something Black Diaspora.

Listening to some co-workers talking at work you would think Eastern Massachusetts looked more like Europe with its many fluid borders separately ethnic groups. Neighborhoods and towns are safe for their daughters to live in based upon the racial make up. I had one young, white woman say she had a panic attack as she drove through Dorcester.

The way I hear some talk they speak as if this were Palestine. Perhaps that is why white, elitist America is so closely enmeshed in the problems of Israel -- a country that has been proven to repeatedly spy on us all while accepting our welfare check to expand their apartheid-like assault on Palestinians.

The us and them mentality is the same mentality that allowed us to be lead by the hand into a disastrous war that has leveraged our future for temporary profits for the elite. I shouldn't have been shocked with the hysteria of 2001. Our leadership did a masterful job of manipulating our internalized hatreds for one another and globalized it.

Getting back to cops...

I've witnessed good friends change when they're given that shield. It changes those who allow it to. I know good people who are good cops and that speaks to who they are. Being a cop is their job, not their identity. Most of the bad cops are those who had no real identity beforehand and so they hide behind the shield.

I have to agree with something gun nuts tout as wisdom: Guns don't kill, people do. This couldn't be more true for police officers. Most never have to remove their service weapon in the line of duty in their entire careers. This younger generation of cops seems to relish the chance! It's legalized murder as long as cops continue protecting their own. It is so hypocritical of cops to become angry when citizens do not come forward after witnessing a crime. They do the same thing. Difference is ordinary citizens are afraid for their lives. Cops do it out of a false sense of duty to their "brethren." Shame.

Javier said...

What's up with all the anonymous commenters trying to swing a big dick but hiding in the shadows.

This isn't the wild West, Anon 8:07am. Don't be slow. We don't need to carry and use guns to elevate or legitimize our commentary on public safety. If you look at the states with the highest gun ownership per capita in the nation, the highest incidence of crime is guess where?

There's nothing wrong with owning a gun, it's who owns it and why that worries me.

Christopher said...

Other than trying to get steady work during a recession, I wonder what attracts someone to the profession, to become a law-enforcement officer, a cop.

Black Diaspora,

It's been my experience, based on the unfortunate fact that I have two cops in my immediate and extended family, and in dealing with law enforcement regarding a major criminal act committed at my parent's business, I am left to conclude that cops are motivated by and dig, power.

The personality type that gravitates to law enforcement often sees the world in simplistic, black and white terms, and when the reality that much of life falls somewhere in the gray areas in-between, they become threatened. They love violence and committing violent acts against people who they see as weaker.

White cops are frequently racists and there is a high percentage of white cops who are also cardcarrying members of hate groups. This is a well established fact as determined not by me but, by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Cops are jackals and hyenas in blue uniforms, who get to carry a gun and live relatively comfortable lives at the taxpayers expense.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:11 is the average white American with the typical racist mentality against Blacks. Certainly there ARE exceptions, and I am glad there are. But there aren't enough in America, 'the land of the free, and justice for all'.

It "feels" like we are headed for big trouble but nobody seems to notice or care. The election of Obama has triggered the kind of hatred and violence that is gaining momentum. Racism, hatred, mistrust and violence are rising.

Racism is crap, dangerous crap. 'Hatred' is its middle name, and if we aren't careful, it will destroy America.

uptownsteve said...

Didn't this idiot Thrasher know that he was being interviewed for an article?

I guess he didn't give a shit.

BTW, an internal investigation of squad car emails within the Montgomery County Maryland Police Department a fews years back revealed widespread racism amongst police officers.

A poster asked what would motivate one to want to be a police officer.

Having grown up in NYC I know that for many, it's a license to f^ck with niggas and get away with it.

Nan said...

I think Christopher nailed it. Way too many people go into law enforcement because they get off on the power. Once they've got that shield, they're not really interested in the "protect and serve" part of the job; they're just interested in walking roughshod over the powerless -- or those they perceive as powerless.

Anonymous said...

The breakdown is a lot higher than just in Law Enforcement - it's also in the judicial system -

This case in Virginia -

Marchers Challenge Virginia Killing Verdict

Tuesday 31 March 2009

by: Phil Wilayto, t r u t h o u t | Perspective

Richmond, Virginia - In a scene reminiscent of the 2007 grassroots mobilization around the case of the Jena 6, nearly 700 people marched yesterday from a Baptist church to the courthouse of rural Powhatan County, Virginia, about 30 miles west of Richmond.

The majority-black protesters, which included a sizable number of local white youths, were denouncing what they charged was a racially motivated decision by a Powhatan jury.

"Premeditated murder" is what Commonwealth's Attorney Robert B. Beasley had called the shooting death of Tahliek Taliaferro, 18, a popular African-American local high school athlete. But on March 23 a nearly all-white jury convicted Ethan Parrish, then 24, and his cousin, Joseph "Joey" Parrish, 18, of the much lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter, recommending a sentence of just 11 years. Both Parrishes are white.

Taliaferro died last June when Ethan Parrish, by his own admission, fired a semiautomatic AK-47 assault rifle at a car in which the black youth was riding. Shortly before, according to a witness, Parrish had attached an 83-round drum clip to the weapon, saying he was going to "smoke" Taliaferro.

Also shot in the attack was Taliaferro's friend Courtney Jones, then 15, who survived but had to undergo surgery to remove part of his colon.

At his trial, Ethan Parrish said he had only been trying to scare the car's occupants when the assault rifle "got away" from him.

A semiautomatic weapon can only be fired by pulling the trigger for each individual shot. Ethan Parrish fired six times...

More here:



RisingTide said...

Shit. that last line? you better be DAMN glad you live in Philly.

Because down south, they are LIKELY to be the Bribed Barbarians at the gate.

You'll see.

SickupandfFed said...

I hope no one is surprised at this.

He is typical of many in police departments all over this nation. And he should be fired. If not for expressing his feelings, for sheer stupidity.

Freaking moron!

SickupandfFed said...

BTW, on your sidebar piece on Ken Whitewell, Ken proves once again he lies for no reason at all.

He knows full well the effect of the Black participation in the blogosphere from his own ill-fated run for office 2 and a half years ago.

And how that negro ever LEFT the lawn is a mystery to me.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately black people are at fault for racist cops like these.

Black people are shooting and murdering white cops everyday.Black people are attacking white police everyday.Black people are calling white police officers racist names everyday.

Do you really expect white police officers do like and respect you?

Its time for a change. Be nicer to white police officers and they won't kill you or give you a beat down.

Anonymous said...

Whew, some hate and discontent out there. I don't have the answers but I know one thing. All you motherfuckers - the educated white bigots to the home boys on the block - had better figure a way to
work out our problems. Cause when the rest of the world comes to get back all the stuff AmeriKa has
'appropriated', it won't make a difference if you're hunkered down in your suburban bunker or running the mean streets of the inner city.
Yeah, we have problems in the hood. Poverty and despair does not promote a healthy law abiding mindset. Now maybe white folk can have vigilante groups handling lowlifes. If black folks try it, they'll be call in the air strikes!
So we rely on the police. BUT that doesn't mean we don't keep an eye on them. This young officer is not smart, talks too much. Do your fucking job right and leave the race shit home. If you can't do that, there always Walmart (well maybe not)

Anonymous said...

"Its time for a change. Be nicer to white police officers and they won't kill you or give you a beat down."

Considering the racial history of this country, maybe it's the other way around? People don't develop a fear, dislike and mistrust of law enforcement without the consistent experience of abuse from a corrupt law and judicial system. Of course, you aren't interested in the truth, nor do you care. You need to look down on Blacks to cover up your own inadequacies about yourself.

"Racism rests upon and functions as a kind of seesaw: the persecutor rises by debasing and inferioritizing his victim."--Albert Memmi

Anonymous said...

OK here's a strange one...

John McCain seeking a pardon for Jack Johnson, the heavyweight figter from the early 1900's...



mellaneous said...

Hey Field thanks for putting this out there. Of course the problem with the police is the system of policing that encourages misbehaviour on the part of police officers though it is most often done covertly, but sometimes their choices of where to invest their resources and who to view with suspicion displays a covert contempt of black folks.

And lets face it cops reinforce social prejudices as well as class status. They are not really there to protect our interests, but those of Wall Street and the other Capitalists. All you have to do is to go on strike in front of any business and you will see clearly who the police really " serve and protect."

But if you believe that they really are there to provide a community service then the Police Commissioner was right when he implied (my paraphrase) that you ought to at least be required to respect the folks you reportedly serve.

Dr. Nuwang said...

Seems to me that the "best" line of defense against a racist White cop, is a well-trained Black lawyer aka Johnny Cochran style.

Anonymous said...

"Seems to me that the "best" line of defense against a racist White cop, is a well-trained Black lawyer aka Johnny Cochran style".

I agree. That's "one" of the ways to defend ourselves, provided we have a few Johnny Cochran-type lawyers with his skill. I don't believe we do.

I think the real solution to ending racism in America rests with the people in power...the ones who started it in the first place. If the majority of Whites had wanted to stop racists cops from abusing and terrorizing the black community, they would have done it a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Police planted a gun next to a suspect they shot 8 times. The jist of the story is there's no way the kid could've had the gun they found because police had recovered it earlier in the day during a robbery. Full story here


Why is the word verification word "insest"

DuchessDee said...

Okay what are my choices when I go into the certain neighbors to see my clients...a) gun toting tricker happy drug slinging young boy who dropped out of school at 15 or ...b) gun toting tricker happy drug stealing reselling young man who didnt go to college..

I think i am ready to arm myself.

Dr. Nuwang said...

DuchessDee, I go into the "hood" all the time to do breast cancer outreach in DC. I've never felt the need to be armed but then again, I grew up within blocks of the 'hood, and know how to act when I'm there. Basically, I carry myself with confidence keeping aware of my surroundings. Not looking like a scary cat probably helps too.

You know now that I think about it, that's the exact same way I carry myself on G'towns campus as well. Crime is EVERYWHERE contrary to popular belief.

Rudy said...

I believe the vast majority of white cops chose their profession, because it is one of a few where job security is high, the pay is relatively good and there peers look like them and all you need is a high school diploma. The other profession is the armed forces. But since, deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan is almost a certainty, the enlistment has dropped.

Marc B said...

He works the streets and knows what he sees, so obviously his experiences color his opinion. What he was not referring to was a disdain for black people, but resignation that a large percentage of the black community is on an insane loop of constant self-inflicted ultra-violence and depravity that confound reasonable people of ALL races.

In an ideal world, police officers would view each new experience with an open mind, but we are quite far away from that. He is a cop in one of the most violent cities in America, and his only documentable offense is honesty in PC world that doesn't allow you to call a spade a spade without repercussions.

Christopher Chambers said...

Field, maybe it's time for you to contract a little on the highlight the f-d cop posts, for it's brought a lot of fools out of the woodwork, and I know you don't ascribe to this stuff.
Here's what BLACK cops say to me, even when I was at USDOJ (before my slide into journalism and academia): it's only (and only's a bad term, but hey...) maybe a third to 25% of these white boys who are dickhead racists. But the other 75% never see the good stuff about our community. "When you are exposed to the sh*t 24-7, you start to think we all are like this. I think the best thing you can do for these fellas is rotate them out, because they get crazy."

Inother words, seeing "TNS" all the damn time causes them to use terms like TNS.

Ergo...I have no problem carrying two ideas in my head at the same time:

1. Lovell Mixon and is ilk should be dead. The drug dealers and other nihilists are keep desolate communities desolate. We have troubled, stupid parents giving birth to troubled stupid violent kids. The police are there to keep order, track down the predators, protect and we're better off with them than without them. We should support their efforts while we CLEAN UP our own backyards.

2. These cops aren't "rogues" because rogue implies against the norm. The norm is that white cops are being allowed either by the command structure or white politicians to victimize, indeed terrorize the community. The whole culture must be broken down and reconfigured, and racist/exclusive communities should be subject to outside oversight and indeed prosecution under civil rights laws...and shamed by the media, boycotted.

Guess what--we don't need to choose sides. We can do both. Intelligent non-ideologues understand this.

Christopher Chambers said...

BTW Field--

Imagine all the yardies in Brixton cheering at the images of a black POTUS hangin' wid de Queen in London.

Tears of joy, they say...

Unknown said...

After hearing this, I'm beginning to get like Frank White where I just don't have any remorse when I hear a cop is gone. Why do the good one's have to be gunned down while the crooked one's live?

Anonymous said...

Just Maybe the ones who were gunned down WERE crooked... I mean, Lovelle wasn't even charged with raping that 12 year old, and I understand in your community, thats accepted anyways...Just curious, what is it that keeps y'all out of Vermont/New Hampshire?? My brother in law the State Trooper says they hang bars of soap at the border...really, there's more blacks in a Clayton County Quick Trip than the entire state of Vermont...

Javier said...


Instead of showcasing your lack of intelligence by attempting to bate others into joining you on the lower rungs of decency, dialogue and IQ why don't you run along to a blog full of people that have the same small-minded ideas they picked up from their bitter daddies at the dinner table growing up and leave the dialogue to the adults. You serve no purpose here. I hope the same isn't true in your life. Perhaps if you actually spoke to someone that didn't look like you, you would gain a different perspective than the one you've developed in the absence of an education.

Javier said...

Mark B,

A spade a spade? Really? So if I call you an ignorant apologist would that be calling a spade a spade?

I'm sure Mark you are a very courageous gentleman because you must frequently call every black person you meet a spade.

"What he was not referring to was a disdain for black people, but resignation that a large percentage of the black community is on an insane loop of constant self-inflicted ultra-violence and depravity that confound reasonable people of ALL races."

I REALLY like the logic of your quote here! NO disdain, just a LARGE percentage committed to their self-destruction. I LIKE THAT! You are a scholar and a gentleman. I especially like how you introduced the word percentage without an actual, or factual for that matter, number attached to it all while speaking for the racist cop and his lack of disdain for blacks.

REALLY? REALLY? Piece of advice don't blog and hold your breath at the same time. Those brain cells need that precious oxygen.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Granny thinking to herself out loud--> The GQ magazine needs to put Field and Christopher on the cover of their magazine. That would help boost and stimulate the economy. Although, President Obama still has a lead in the smile department and also nice looking to top it off.

Anonymous said...

1: at least I knew who my "Daddy" was...
2: Last time I checked America's still a free country, learn the rules..
3: You misspelled "Bate" dumbass
4: Suck my balls


Black People Suffer From PTSD said...

LOL Frank....don't start on the child molestation. White men have the monopoly on that one. Ever watch to Catch a Predator? The National Sex Offender registry? Maybe that's why you like your women so thin...because they remind you of children..or better yet..young boys? *shrug* Who can fathom the minds of pink people.

I like how you're on a Black blog site trying to stir shit up...but umm...we dumb "niggrahs" are on to you. You're just another cliche to us...oh and thanks for the blog hit and for making Field Negro as popular as it is. Tell your friends to stop by too. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to understand why the cop pulled the gun on an unarmed grieving family and then lied ahout it. I live in Dallas and initially the cracker denied pulling the gun. But why do you think that Moats was rationalizing with this pig? Because he had pulled his weapon and Moats' wife said "fuck him" and took off for the hospital to get to her mother. Moats was scared the cop was gonna shoot his wife in the back! As a Black Woman, I have not had to deal with DWB the way that my brothers have. I once got pulled over. I had driven from one side of Dallas to the other with no lights on drunk. I got a block away from my home and got pulled over. The white cop let me go (my short skirt may have helped). I realize that had that been one of my brotheres, he would have been ticketed, perhaps hauled in and in worst case scenarios beaten. I didn't understand the acceptance of the apology. I could not have given it.