Sunday, March 01, 2009

This lady, to the GOP, is a tramp.

Never in the history of mankind has one lady done so much damage to a political party. The lady in this particular instance is Katrina, and she is still hurting the republican party. Her most recent victim was one Bobby Jindal, the governor of the great state of Louisiana. It seems Jindal stretched the truth a little when he gave the republican response to his O ness Tuesday night. Bobby bragged about being in the middle of the action during the big storm, and standing shoulder to shoulder with Sheriff Harry Lee while the action went down.

Well, not so fast. It turns out that Bobby, like a certain frat boy, was not exactly in the heat of the action when things were going down, and his recollection of that day was a little shaky at best. And talk about irony. The man and the party who perpetrated a fraud on the A-merry-can people and had us believing that they were competent and efficient were exposed while in office by Katrina. And the man who would be the parties standard bearer in 2012, was exposed as a liar thanks to the big storm as well.

Thanks to Katrina A-merry-ca saw the real George Bush. They saw a man whose presidency was guided by having political control and power, and whose decisions were made for political expediency. Flying over New Orleans and looking down from Air Force One might have made for a nice White House picture, but it exposed a side of the "compassionate conservative" that most A-merry-cans did not know existed. He came across as aloof and out of touch. Just like the party he was leading. The repubs have never recovered from that. The vast majority of independents and middle of the road voters started leaning blue and never leaned back. Now they are left with the likes of Rush to give them marching orders and be the face of their cause. (And what a face! Did you see him in that black outfit yesterday at the conservative [CPAC]convention? He was the rock star, the one they came to see and he didn't disappoint with the red meat. Rush said FOX did a broadcast of the entire thing so it was his first ever "address to the nation") And somewhere in California the gipper is turning in his grave.


Anonymous said...

When Jindal talks about government not helping the victims, he begs the question, whose government and which party.

Anonymous said...

Field, did you complete this post?

Anonymous said...

Field, did you complete this post?

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder why LA has a repub Governor? New Orleans sucked befort the storm and it got worse. Lot of people screwed up the response. Two friends of mine were down there working for FEMA and they had them take off their jackets for fear of attack. You know who did a good job? Wal-Mart.


Christopher Chambers said...

Natural disasters are bullshit enemas. Especially when such devastation occurs within a so called advanced society. They expose what's at the core of folks' beliefs, their flaws, etc. Let us not forget the other side of the coin--all kinds of thugs and miscreants who left the city and turned their adopted towns into mini Killadelphias or introduced other drama. Now, I'm not trying to state a tit for tat. I'm just saying there were instances where we folk showed our ugliest side as well, including a trifling black mayor.

This is a situation where old people were left in ther beds in hospitals and nursing homes (despite what happened in Benjamin Button), rather than evacuated. This should tell you something. Under those conditions the fantasy world that many wingnuts inhabit shatters...

...and Field, God will punish me for sayign this, but that hurricane may be the best thing that happened to this country. Pain and death, as the price for growth and rebirth.

Now of course, if Yellowstone blows in a caldera-volcano catastrophe, or an asteroid hits, or a landslide tsunami from across the atlantic makes it so you can surf in West Philly, I'll eat my words. Then I might be stealing rations from Rush...

On the other side, look how CPAC folks like Peggy Noonan are becoming Obamaholics. It's amazing.

Christopher Chambers said...


Who is this prick szpork? The word sounds like the noise his mom makes when I...oops...that was mean. LOL

? said...

I'm not sure Katrina was the death knell for the Republicans. If the economy had not crashed last year, I believe Obama would have lost: Even after all that he didn't win by a big margin.

Grata said...

As for Jindal, what a way hit the ground sinking!

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Well we of course keep discussing the rupture of the levies as being on par with the actual storm. Had they remained intact that mass flooding would not have occurred. It wasn't natural causes that brought on the results of the storm with that intensity. I watched CPAC and had a good laugh. He said he wants "conservatives" to dig in their heels and to never change. I hope they comply. The more hard-nosed the better. I have no idea why Jindal would lie like that when the info was easily verifiable. That was just dumb! I'm surprised you didn't talk about the Tavis annual shank-fest, SOTBU.

Anonymous said...

Dayum, even a redneck like me knows enough to get outta the way of a Cat 5 Hurricane, what are Y'all Stew-Pid???

Anonymous said...

Jindal used the federal government's poor response to Katrina as reason not to have faith in it. Too bad he didn't mention Bush, the man in charge during Katrina. I guess Jindal thinks the Katrina response was a fiasco because of the evil socialists!

I shudder to think some wingnuts are ecstatic about a Kenneth the Page/Caribou Barbie ticket in 2012. If so, I only hope the press delves into the shadiness of Louisiana politics as much as they criticized Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Gee, that line about black being a slimming fashion color is BS because it didn't work for Rush at CPAC yesterday. It looks like all the weight he lost two years ago returned with reinforcements.

Anonymous said...

If I remember right there's a law dating back the reconstruction era that requires the state to approve most federal action before it takes place. Gov what's her face was slow on this and the mayor's evacuation was a disaster all on it's own. And Miss was hit harder and more people died there. New Orleans may have the worst legal system in the whole country. It's just kangaroo city. It's not as one sided as you mitht think, Even the Indians told them not to build there.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

The majority of my relatives lived in New Orleans on my dad's side of the family. My family had been there generation after generation since around 1803. I watched one of my cousins who is a nurse get lifted off her roof during Katrina on TV. Another one of my cousins was home on military leave stranded on that freeway. Then I watched another one of my cousins come in and rescue those who had been left stranded for days with no food or water.

What still amazes me is how they kept secret the fact that they made a lot of people turned back that tried to leave before the storm even came in. Yup, it was a lot going on during Katrina that will never told. The night before Katrina happened there were some men in an aol chat room joking about how they were going to watch those the "N" word drown tomorrow when Katrina hits. They said that and a whole lot more. They way they were talking and from the conversation it made me think that they knew the levies were going to break.

Whelp, all of my family made it out safe, but I'll never forget watching people die right before my eyes and how the Republicans thought it was no big deal. They labeled half of the population of New Orleans thieves and welfare recipients and this was their excuse for letting them die on that freeway. They made it seem like they were subhuman and deserved to die. I hope Bush and McCain enjoyed that birthday cake. I wonder did Jindal get a piece too. Bush has blood on his hands because of Katrina and Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Cuba...the communist country that wingnuts like to holla about, can protect its own people from hurricanes. But the United States of America cannot and will not. Not a damn thing has changed since Katrina. If another hurricane hits New Orleans this year, a lot more people will drown. And it wasn't only black people in New Orleans that died waiting for help. So did white folks in Mississippi. The National Guard was halfway around the world, in Iraq and Afghanistan. And Obama is content on leaving them there. The power of the Israel lobby owns us all.

Another thing worth thinking about: the first thing Bush did was to use Katrina as an excuse to pay foreign workers poverty wages to rebuild. Our leaders are nothing more than water carriers for opportunistic vultures...and we call this "liberty".

This country's propaganda machine is a sick joke and Katrina exposed it to the world as such. Instead of taking a good hard look at why the levees failed and who drowned because of it, we've been busy trying to sweep our dirt back under the rug for the last three years.

Jody said...

It is really sad that the death of 3000+ of our fellow citizens silenced so many in 2001 and the death of 1,500+ more in 2005 woke us up.

Hathor said...

All civilizations built cities on rivers, bays and sheltered beaches, because waterways and ports provided the major source of commerce. A totally mercantile country, the Netherlands is completely below sea level and Venice is a city of islands. The way nature is, their is no safe place for humanity; one fourth of the continental United States was underwater in 1993.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

That is so true Jody. It always gets dark in order for the light to shine. But you know, inspite of it, we still as nation of people pulled together to help our fellow citizens in their time of crises and tragedy. I still say that the majority of Americans have compassion for each other. It's just a small percentage that is a drop in the bucket that don't.

Bob said...

Only in Louisiana could Repugs appear less corrupt than Democrats. But give Jindal time. I can't see him making it to '12 with clean hands.

Black Diaspora said...

Bush handled Katrina the way he handled the war in Iraq-- unwilling to bring enough resources and manpower to bear for a quick and timely resolution of the problem.

We all knew, even as Bush and Rumsfeld denied it, that more troops were needed to tamp down the insurgency and end the war sooner.

How long did it take them to implement a surge?

Mind you, I'm opposed to the war, but I'm even more opposed to drawing it out longer than need be.

Bush and Rumsfeld decided early on that they would fight the war on the cheap, and many lives later, on both sides, we're only now beginning to see some break in the violence, but not much.

And now we've seen the favorite pastime of politicians--they resort to lies to build up their resume.

And now, the rest of the story:

It seems that lying is a disease that infects politicians when they want to appear as something they're not.

Is being able to tell a lie convincingly one of the prerequisites for running for a political office, and holding it?

Now, I suspect that Governor Jindal, more likely than not, has been cheating most of his life--high school, college, and during his professional career.

How do you overcome this blatant attempt to deceive, if you're Bobby Jindal, if it's your desire to run for president someday?

Well, I guess that he could do a Sarah Palin, and insist that the press set out to intentionally destroy him.

No, somehow, I don't think that's gonna work....

field negro said...

Yes anon. I completed the post. But just barely.I was in severe pain last night thanks to a racket from my playing partner indoor tennis) to my thighs. I could have had a few more lines, but I couldn't take it any longer.

"It is really sad that the death of 3000+ of our fellow citizens silenced so many in 2001 and the death of 1,500+ more in 2005 woke us up."

Jody, that was deep.

"Bush handled Katrina the way he handled the war in Iraq-- unwilling to bring enough resources and manpower to bear for a quick and timely resolution of the problem."

I co-sign with that as well.

R.J., My man Rush needs to get another color.Cause he sure can't bet on black. :)

Anonymous said...

"ActsofFaithBlog said...
Well we of course keep discussing the rupture of the levies as being on par with the actual storm. Had they remained intact that mass flooding would not have occurred. It wasn't natural causes that brought on the results of the storm with that intensity."

Why do people keep skipping that point? Who was responsible for the levees that crumbled like a sand castle? Who is on video sitting in a room listening to engineers tell them the levees wouldn't withstand a strong wind years before Katrina was ever thought about? Who? I can tell you who it WASN'T...It wasn't Blanco and it wasn't Nagin.

Anonymous said...

Granny, one bridge was closed by the sheriff on the other side. I think it was Baton Rogue. The rest were open. Maybe 1/3 of the us was underwater in'27 but not '93. Seriously, the tidal swell in Miss was 9 miles. It went past the interstate! I walked some of that land before and it's happened before. I like to fish swamps and can read what the dips in elevation mean. What would happen to NO if a 9 mile surge hit it?


Anonymous said...

ActsofFaith sez - "...the rupture of the levies as being on par with the actual storm. Had they remained intact that mass flooding would not have occurred."

I think a tour through Jefferson Parish might clear that up for you. Substantial portions of the two Parishes south of NO are now seabed - 40 - 50' under water.

Even without the levies breaking, there were 9 oil refineries underwater, as well as several major oil and natural gas depots.

The Slumdog Gov told another lie that there were no major oil leaks. There were 27 separate major oil spills as a result of storm damage, including a Exxon Valdez class spill as a result of a major oil terminus being swept away in the gulf. When the Bushit administration realized major news organizations had gotten reports on this, and that satellite imagery from a number of commercial satellites was being used by the news organizations to track the extensiveness of the damage - they issued the unprecedented order to shut the birds down.

Porkzchopped sez - "Seriously, the tidal swell in Miss was 9 miles. It went past the interstate!"

That would be "storm surge", and a storm surge 9 miles high would bury Mount Everest. The 1927 flood was not due to a hurricane, it was due to massive flooding from rain upriver.

Obviously New Orleans survived the '27 flood. It also survived a near miss by Hurricane Camille in 1969 which had a storm surge of 24 feet.

One of the reasons for the difference this go-round is that the major contributing factor to the levies breaking was the water flow through the MR-GO which allowed huge quantities of water to pile up against the levies and be channeled against a fairly small section of the levy system. As such, the second disaster in New Orleans ...

Was largely man made.


Anonymous said...

A little cheesecake for the Field!

Damn! Some brothers have all the luck.

Beautiful, intelligent, a wonderful mother, character...

Thank You, Madame First Lady.


Anonymous said...

Off-topic, and completely unbelievable...

Under the heading of "Naw, he didn't do that, did he?"

This one from Drackmouse...

Feb 27th 2009
By Matt Glazebrook

Overgrown schoolboys that we are, we always giggle at those erectile-dysfunction-tablet advertisements, where a man with a serious voice intones over soft-focus images of kindly, silver-haired couples, "In the rare event of an erection lasting more than four hours, seek immediate medical help." For one Russian man, however, this disclaimer read like a challenge.

Twenty-eight year old mechanic Sergey Tuganov reportedly accepted a $4,300 bet from two women who claimed he didn't have the stamina to endure an all-day sex session with them. Twelve hours and a whole bottle of Viagra later the dirty deed was done.

Unfortunately, so was Mr. Tuganov.

According to Moscow police, the heroic grease monkey thrusted his last mere moments after winning his wager, the victim of a somewhat predictable heart attack. Suggested new health warning: "In the rare event of a Russian all-day Viagra orgy challenge, politely decline."


RiPPa said...

What I couldn't understand was him using Hurricane Katrina as a triumph for the common man without the need of gov't intervention. Hell, I thought that was the reason Negroes were pissed off about the event and Kanye had to usher those now infamous words.

Christopher Chambers said...

Classical One: Even McCain's campaign projected a loss (but a squeaker) had the economy not crashed. But the economy crashing, Palin being a bizarre wingnut ho and McCain acting flaky was a forgone conclusion. And the reason the margin of victory wasn't even bigger (though his victory was only resounding one in how many elections...hell Al Gore won the popular vote and still lost...Obama turned in a 50 state strategy) was--Field, everybody who's head isn't up their asses, all together now--HE'S BLACK! Even Republicans (ie all of my friends and neighbors) admit that when you pump them full of beer. The young people, the people who didn't suck off the system like robber barons, the non-NASCAR dads--they came out in force and tipped the scale.

Szpork: USDOJ now is about to open a book on the bridge. I'm sure you dont trust Frontline or CBS (as corporate as CBS is) in their clear and convincing evidence of what happened on that bridge, but GOP placeholder attorney general Judge Mukasey is turning over evidence collected to Holder's people. So don't be naive or knee jerk. This mess on the bridge was real, and at the root was violence and hate. How does that make you stronger, happier, more empowered by denying it?

Field--are these trolls or bona fide cynics?

MartiniCocoa said...

Beware people who work for the government who say they want to get rid of government. Bobby Jindal, Grover Norquist and all the others only want to get rid of the government that they feel will benefit the poor, alienated and unworthy (in their shifty theiving eyes.)

Bobby Jindal's words are cognitive dissonance in action.

Winnowill said...


Sorry to derail but I had to tell you if no one else has. I had a Lark sighting this weekend! Seriously! I was laid up ill on the couch this weekend and was too tired to change the channel from VH-1, which meant I watched 4 hours of David Alan Grier hosting "Black to the Future", one of those "I Love the 70's" style shows all about black culture. Anyway, Lark was one of the talking heads shown on the 70's and 90's episodes, and maybe the 80's and 00's too; I dozed off so I'm not sure on that. My glimpses of her were too quick to see if she has maintained her Lisa Turtle form, but there was no mistaking her. So check it out in reruns, field. And don't say a sista never did anything for ya!

Anonymous said...

Re: Mentoring.
Nice pic. I do the same in Minneapolis. We read to kids on Wednesday afternoon. Better than United Way donation IMO.

Anonymous said...

I came across this on the site Free Republic. The writer is a former reporter with Newsmax. It has got to be the most racist crap I've seen written by someone in "journalism" thus far regarding the President. Please take a moment to read how sick these folks on the right are:

Anonymous said...

Chris Chambers, I never denied the bridge incident happened. How'd you get that? It was a four lane bridge going to a NO suberb and it wrongfully blocked off. Is there more to this story than that?


field negro said...

Winnowill, I need more details!!!Was it VH1? What was the name of the show? Anything else you can give me.

And thanks for looking out for a brotha. I owe you one. :)

"Field--are these trolls or bona fide cynics?"

Chris, most of the folks here are bona fide cynics. MOST. Every now and then we have to issue a troll alert. But folks like szpork are established in the fields. We might only agree with 25% of the stuff he says, but I am not mad at him, he seems genuine.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 5:29:

I just read that article for the link you gave. I'll be passing it around. Yes indeedy! He is very racist. He was calling Clyburn a "N" on the sly. Now, see these the kind of folks that make me have to fan myself to cool off. Granny gone write him a nice nasty letter.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I gots to go cool off, because whoever that piece of dung is who wrote that article right about now I'd like to use him for a spit container.

Anonymous said...

I love to be the bearer of good news so here it is.
Obama and Holder just sold out Bush big time!

Anonymous said...

Anon - Such is typical at both FreeRepublic and Newsmax. Liebman was a special nutcase for the Newsmax folks, who published one weekly rant or another for the 5 years...

Until he was axed back in 2004.

He was the writer behind the TV show "The Munsters", before apparently losing his mind.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Is Norman Liebmann a member of Stormfront or Hal Turner's bunch? What he wrote is like something they would write.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you didn't read the article so I will summarize it for you.

Justice Department memos from 2001 are seen in Washington Monday, March 2, 2009. The Justice Department on Monday released a long-secret legal document from 2001 in which the Bush administration claimed the military could search and seize terror suspects in the United States without warrants.

Now why would they release this unless they weren't trying to uphold justice. I mean Bush allowed the CIA to intrude our privacy which is in direct violation of the 4th amendment. He even lied about the interrogations in G-Bay so he wouldn't be thrown in jail. Honestly, it looks like a Bush will be finally be put to jail. Now that seems impractical to put a president in prison,but the law is the law. Hopefully this won't be ignored.

Vérité Parlant said...

I linked to you and then had a mishap that caused me to change the URL. Bobby, Piyush, or Gunga Din. You remember Gunga Din, right? Strikingly similar to the house Negro but in India.

And did you read today that Michael Steele is correcting media saying he's the head of the RNC not Rush Limbaugh? LOL. He had to turn around and say he greatly respects Limbaugh. So, Steele's already overstepped his so-called leadership position.

A.F. said...

Thanks, Field, for blogging on Bobby Jindal. We need all the help we can get down here in Louisiana, where he's declaring war on us, just so he can play out a sick fantasy that in 2012, he'll be a Republican hero for refusing unemployment benefits and laying waste to state-funded health care and higher education.

Just last year, the Department of Health and Hospitals offered grants to health care providers who would practice here to help Louisiana recover from the devastating shortage of health care providers since Katrina. My husband was one of them, and that was the only way that we could move back here. Now, if the governor has his way, those state jobs will be eliminated. Jindal's unnecessary cuts already ended my job in higher ed here, too.

From the beginning of his career, Jindal has had an insane antipathy for all state services, including health care and higher ed, and for the most part, he's using the economic crisis as an excuse for cuts to these services. The 300+ million state tax cuts he signed into law his first week in office last January account for a huge portion of this year's state budget shortfall. Now he wants to deny unemployment benefits to many of those who were just beginning to get back on their feet after Katrina? Just for his own political gain? I cannot believe a person would be so callous.

Anonymous said...

Granny quested - "Is Norman Liebmann a member of Stormfront or Hal Turner's bunch?"

Not that I know of. Norm Lie-bot hates everyone with equal fervor. Women, blacks, Hispanics, A-rabs...

He even figured out the Bushsquat was a failure sometime in 2004.

He's sort of like Ann Coulter...

before the sex change operation.


Anonymous said...

Uhhhhh ... Anon 10:29 (who apparently is related to Anon 7:06 - but, despite the best work of dozens of psychiatric professionals - hasn't reached the personality re-integration stage with Anon 5:29 yet)...

I was responding to 5:29.

Mayhaps if you, like myself and several others whose various security systems upchuck the cookies sent by Google's "service", would consider rendering your "X" at the bottom of the post...

Even you will be less confused about whom, is talking to which of your multiple personalities!


Anonymous said...

One more thing, Anon 10:29...

As to -

Honestly, it looks like a Bush will be finally be put to jail.

While such would be just, and the righteous consequence for the criminal Bushits, under that aegis of the Grandmother's list of wise things she told you (Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time.), but you ignored until your ass was situationally challenged by one or more stupid behaviors...

And you mumble in a single life defining moment... "Oh, so that was what she meant...".

Yeah, he should be locked up...

Along with his capos and other indicted and un-indicted co-conspirators.

Hard Core Michigander said...

This is an economic Katrina hitting our nation and messing up my State.

What Katrina did by nature, Bush did by neglect when they moved all of the manufacturing out of the country to avoid hiring American minorities....

We will return..

Anonymous said...

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