Monday, March 23, 2009

Those trashy Obamas: Just don't shoot them Tammy.

"From the March 23 broadcast of Talk Radio Network's The Laura Ingraham Show:

BRUCE: But here's Michelle Obama explaining to some kids what it was like for her growing up because she sounded like a white person, whatever that means.
OBAMA [audio clip]: I did do my best, getting good grades was always important to me, and it wasn't because my parents were -
BRUCE: It's all about her.
OBAMA [audio clip]: -- hounding me or that they had the expectation, it was just something that I wanted for myself. I wanted an A. And I didn't care whether it was cool, 'cause I remember there were kids around my neighborhood who would say, "Ooh, you talk funny, you talk like a white girl." I heard that growing up my whole life, and I was like I don't even know what that means, but you know what? I'm still getting my A.
BRUCE: What? What? What -- what is that? And then she devolves into that weird fake accent, like Hillary did when talking to black people. What? What is that? That's, that -- you know what that is.
DAVID AFTER DENTIST [audio clip]: Is this going to be forever?
BRUCE: Yeah, that - remember nitrous oxide kid, on You Tube. No it's not going to be forever, nitrous oxide kid. It's not. Can you -- can you believe that?
OBAMA [audio clip]: So do I need to introduce myself?
BRUCE: What a shame. That must've just ruined her damn day. "I wanted the A for myself, and I wanted to do it, and ooh, they said you sounded like a white person, I don't know what that means, but uhh." Huh?

Man, oh, man. That's who he's married to, what does that tell you? This is what we've got -- you know what we've got? We've got trash in the White House. Trash is a, is a thing that is color blind, it can cross all eco -- ecosocionomic kind of categories, you can work on Wall Street or work at the Wal-Mart. Trash are people who use other people to get things, who patronize others, who consider you bitter and clingy."

I would like to thank Ben Dimiero and the folks over at Media Matters for hipping me to that little gem.
I know some of you Obamaholics might be incensed at the thought of some right wing loon on the radio calling your boy "trash", but I am not, I expect this kind of shit from extremist. And to be honest, I might have called the frat boy a lot worse. Thing is, I am pretty sure that he was well into his presidency and destroying our country before I resorted to calling him such names.

That's not the case here. Not with this Obama guy. The distaste is real, and the hatred is so genuine you can feel it. It leads one to wonder if they hate a little more about the guy than just his politics. Hey, I understand hate and politics, in my home country we kill our political opponents, but that's not the A-merry-can way. We are a little more civil to each other here. At least that's what we tell ourselves.

So what is it? Is it his looks? His [too] perfect family? The fact that he was editor of The Harvard Law Review? The fact that he has stifled the politics of identity and fear? I am guessing it's all of the above. If you are one of these right wing losers with their troubled personal lives, their social pathologies, and all of their outdated politics; it's easy to see why they would hate the guy. Throw in the fact that he is black (or pretty damn close to it) and the gumbo of hate and envy is complete.

So get used to it Obamaholics, this is just the beginning. But honestly, if the Dow keeps hitting 450 plus days, it won't even matter.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Field. I am already used to the name calling. It really doesn't matter. I am not sure if anybody with half a brain is listening to those nuts.

Christopher Chambers said...

Field, the sick thing is we've had enough of the "ignore these wingnuts" strategem from the White House. Sometimes you have to strike back hard. It gives credence to the underlying criticism behind that "The Rock Obama" skit on SNL. Do his daughters need to hear this crap? He can't depend on bloggers and Keith Olberman.

Anonymous said...

Damnit that is one ugly sea witch.

Why is it when White women like her, Bachman, Coulter & Co. are regarded as individuals (crazy yes), yet we don't hear about the Angry White Woman?

Another thing that drives these lunatics crazier is that Barack and Michelle don't seem fazed by any of the venom thrown their way. For pieces of shyt like this chick, limbaugh, etc. just the idea of an Ivy League educated Black person alone drives them into hate frenzy-now one is their president. Let's hope they self combust before 2012.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know why it is necessary to denigrate Michelle Obama to attack her husband? If they have an issue with Barack and how he is running the country they should simply state that. Of course they think nothing of attacking a black woman because we generally speaking are at the bottom of the race and class hierarchy. I am absolutely sick of this.

They have no idea what she means by what she is saying because they are so caught up in their white privilege. They have never taken the time to learn what is to grow as a MOC let alone a WOC in the less than equal United States.

Lola Gets said...

This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. They are truly stretching.


Anonymous said...

Tammy Bruce is so focused on what that black bitch (c'mon you know she and all the Michelle-is-tacky-for-showing-her-arms people are calling Michelle Obama a black bitch) "said" about white people that she doesn't realize (or care) that Michelle Obama is not talking about white people she's talking about BLACK PEOPLE and how certain BLACK PEOPLE think education=white=bad. And Michelle Obama saying education=good.

Isn't that what all the rightwingnuts are forever telling black people we need to do?

But I'm sure you'll have a sucka like Uncle Juan or that black lady with the horrendous weave or that black guy whose eyes are going every which'a way co-signing Tammy Bruce.

Anonymous said...

Trash yes. But not the Obamas. Trash is the exploiters of the low lifes who listen to, and believe this shit.

They who think their third grade education makes then superior to any person of color.

Hathor said...

Bruce just described herself.The right wing punnuts have no ideas, so they have to make a living somehow.

isonprize said...

Town, 10:20pm -- every which'a way?


Blinders Off said...

It does not surprise me that people HATE President Obama…that is just the way THEY are and always will be in order to feel superior. What is troublesome is when an active duty military public speaks against the POTUS.

"Until Mr. Obama releases a 'vault copy' of his original birth certificate for public review, I will consider him neither my Commander in Chief nor my President, but rather, a usurper to the Office -- an impostor," 1st Lt. Scott R. Easterling states in his letter published at

There was a time in the US when a soldier speaks against the POTUS…their Commander and Chief that was grounds for TREASON. I am still waiting on the MSM to talk about this story and I like to know if 1st Lt. Scott R. Easterling received a dishonorable discharge. Many active duty young men and women did not believe in former President Bush, but they did their job and respected him as their Commander and Chief.

Anonymous said...

Field, some days, I wonder if I might be happier emigrating to your nation of origin, regardless of whether folks kill their political opponents. I swear if the crazies get any crazier in the right wing around here...

Anonymous said...

I ain't getting my pressure up over this off-brand, attention ho.

:: the hand ::

Knock ya'll selves out! LOL

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Tammy said that because she feels she can get away with it. You see, she won't be pressured to make a public apology or have her career ended behind it or ostracized or vilified or forced to resign. Nor will it be blasted by the media day and night for the next six months or year. That only happens to black folks. Nah, they'll just make up a bunch of excuses for her. They'll say that it was taken out of context or you black folks are way too sensitive, etc.

Anonymous said...

I hate when people like this get attention - they don't deserve it. But I'm glad you posted this, Field, because people with good sense can't forget that they have an enemy out there and that the enemy is real, self-righteous, willing to spread ignorance, and can't wait to use loaded guns. I don't listen to these people, because I see it as noise pollution. But it's important to know what they're up to and what I'm up against.

Anonymous said...

"Throw in the fact that he is black (or pretty damn close to it) and the gumbo of hate and envy is complete."

Your writing always gets my attention and that is why I can't miss a day of your Blog.

thanks for your way with words......
As for the radio wingnuts, they are twisting themselves into pretzels now that Obama has won and has such a high rating in ALL polls. Their radio shows are probably going down in popularity and if they had to get a real job it would be a shock to their systems.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"As for the radio wingnuts, they are twisting themselves into pretzels now that Obama has won and has such a high rating in ALL polls."

Amen, it's tearing them up inside. I'm waiting to see what they'll come up with next. When President Obama was laughing during his interview on 60 minutes, that's probably what made him laugh. He probably was thinking about how juvenile, ignorant, bufoonish, and insecure those type of people are and couldn't help laughing.

President Obama is not paying them no mind. He could care less what they have to say. The man is above their pettiness and ignorance.

MuscleDaddy said...

"So what is it? Is it his looks? His [too] perfect family? The fact that he was editor of The Harvard Law Review? The fact that he has stifled the politics of identity and fear?"

Um... No.

See if that clears things up a little.

- MuscleDaddy

Anonymous said...

between this and the idiot who called Mrs. Obama a bitch, here:

I think I may be going to my hubby's (and Field's)homeland for an extended vacation. How do I frame this for my children - especially my daughters?

May they choke on the vitriol they spew...slowly asphyxiating as we ignore them.

God Bless the President & First Lady...and keep this nonsense from their girls.

Unknown said...

So he calls Michelle trash when the last First Lady killed a guy? Ok.

Minnie said...

The disrespect is and has been out of hand. But what can you do? Just scrape the doo doo off of the bottom of your shoe and keep stepping.

Bob said...

"Trash are people who use other people to get things, who patronize others, who consider you bitter and clingy."

No way. Trash have a rusting, wheeless car on cinder blocks in their front yard, & in the back yard they grow tomatoes in an old toilet bowl filled with dirt.

Anonymous said...

Who is the dude in drag with the gun?

Anonymous said...

Y'all so proud of bein Black howcome y'all gotta copy white hair styles?? I ain't seen a Black Bee-Otch with a big Angela Davis style Fro since Beyonce in that Austin Powers sequel...I'd love to grow me a Sly and the Family stone Fu-manchu, or some Bob Marley Dreads, but I gotta work damnit..

Anonymous said...

Stop listening to those trailer park radio wingnuts. Just Stop. It's not good for your mind; it's not good for your heart. Rise above it. Don't wallow in the mud with those brainless turkeys. Take the 'High Road' with the Obamas. You will feel much better and be a lot wiser.

"Listen to fools, and they will lead you astray,
Listen to the wise, and they will show you the way.
Give attention to the evil ones, and you'll end up threadbare.
And in the fruitless end, no one will care."

Anonymous said...

Who believes we live in a
post-racial society?

Is Tammy Bruce and the other conservative women mad that the first African American President is married to an African American woman?

Anonymous said...

Frank-"I'd love to grow me a Sly and the Family stone Fu-manchu, or some Bob Marley Dreads, but I gotta work damnit.."

Who are trying to kid? You are too stupid to have a job.

Anonymous said...

The Hatred is due to ignorance.
A sense of misplaced "superiority" coupled with a country that will back up any misguided, vacuous thing that is uttered. Not surprised it wasn't worse.

Black Rose

Anonymous said...

Considering their homophobia, I'm surprised the GOP's pup tent is big enough to accomodate Tammy Bruce. She reportedly has the same taste in women as a lot of us dudes.

Anonymous said...

Hey R.J., your POTUS is a Homo-phobe AND a Retardo-phobe...can't say as I blame him, seein as how you darkies make up over 1/2 the Hivie cases...I know, I know You're HAITIAN....reminds me of a funny joke about the coloreds showin up to get some "AID"...and didn't see the "S" at the end of the sign...

Anonymous said...

While everyone is rightly up in arms over Tammy Bruce's comments. There was another far more offensive, insulting, racist and downright ignorant set of comments made by Burt Prelutsky on the Townhall site {{}} that flew right under the radar.

And please be aware that Prelutsky's article has been edited somewhat. The following comment is no longer included in Prelutsky's article -- "The burning question in my circle is: if the First Family gets a female dog, will she be the First Bitch or will she have to settle for second place?" I have no adequate words to describe the sheer outrage I felt when I read that. But you will still be able to get your blood pressure rising through the top of your head by reading Prelutsky's dumbass comment that the First Lady is a James Brown lookalike.

Brenda Kay

Christopher said...

After last year's primary, I grew a thick skin when it comes to Barack and Michelle Obama.

Everyone from the radical, rightwing to the Borg Queen and the usual conspiracy freaks, threw everything, including the kitchen sink at the Obamas and nothing worked.

Barack, according to them, is:

1. a drug dealer
2. a drug user
3. on the "DL"
4. a Muslim
5. a foreign national
6. falsified his college transcripts
7. an alien from another planet

Am I leaving anything out? The haters are kooks. Consider the source.

Black Diaspora said...

"Trash are people who use other people to get things, who patronize others, who consider you bitter and clingy." Bruce

How prophetic! How pathetic! Now we know who Bruce's audience is, and who she's trying to reach.

And the description above suits her more than it does M.O.

Is she not using other people to get what she wants, an extended contract on radio?

I guess she wants to be the female version of Rush Limbaugh.

I guess in these recessionary times people will do whatever they must to survive, but I didn't think that extended to selling one's soul.

Man am I naive!

field negro said...

Frank D, you know what's funny? No matter how hard you try to get a rise out of the folks here, it doesn't work. I think they are used to your ignorance by now. I don't know if that's good for you or not. But keep trying. You represent a large segment of the population so having you here is like training for us. :)

"Who is the dude in drag with the gun?"

Laugh track for soapbubbles. 0:

ebonyl, and Brenda, I will have to check out that article. I can't believe it flew so far under the radar.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the "Haitian" crack Field, I was just bein an A-Hole, didn't realize you WERE Haitian...and how come there's not ONE single Haitian in Major League Baseball? or the NBA? I understand the NHL but c'mon, there's gotta be some guys who can lay down a drag bunt somewhere in Port Au' Prince...

Anonymous said...

Christopher, Obmama has admited drug use.

Its so funny after 8 years of hate and wishing the assassination of Bush you Obama supporters forget your hate and you now act like your above it all.

Obama supporters can dish it but they can't take it.How sad.

Anonymous said...

Amy Bruce is angry, and bitter, and it's all because she actually can't call President Obama the N-word. I'm waiting for one of them - i.e. the Right-Wing Crazies - to slip up and say the word. Then, all proverbial hell will break loose.

Wait and see. It's coming.

Anonymous said...

Oops! Tammy Bruce - my bad!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. I frequently hear from clueless white people something along the lines of "all black people need to do is apply themselves, not 'talk black', etc. and they can be successful because, of course, there is no such thing as racism." Well, here you go. Here's a couple who did everything right, and look how they are treated.

Anonymous said...

If I didn't understand that "trash" was code for "black," I would be really confused by this. There's nothing remotely trashy about anything Michelle Obama's said or done, and I'm a pretty harsh critic of trashy.

Anonymous said...

Why are y'all getting all bent out of shape about this trailer park skank Bruce?

She's just hatin' on her betters.

La♥audiobooks said...

"Is Tammy Bruce and the other conservative women mad that the first African American President is married to an African American woman?"


From one black woman to another... You seem to have been the only one that nailed it on the head. This is the core of Bruce's anger, it's not about The Black Man, it's really about "That's who he's married to, what does that tell you".

[insert my evil laugh here].

momo said...

Just for laughs, try Googling "who the hell is Tammy Bruce?" and see what comes up.

Anonymous said...

Big one before the Supreme Court this week, which will have a lot to do with the gun gal pictured above does business in the future, and the ability of wingnuts to fund their noise machine.

If this one comes down (expect 5-4) against the Reich Wingnuts, it will mean that they will have to identify their donors, and the people who fund them. Lot of their donors don't want that sort of light shined on their nefarious activities -

Was Hillary Movie a Campaign Attack? High Court to Decide
By Bart Jansen, CQ Staff

The Supreme Court is poised to define how — and whether — a fast-growing faction of political advertisers can spread their messages before an election.

The case revolves not around traditional TV ads but a for-cable documentary, “Hillary: The Movie.” At its heart, though, the case is about how much nonprofits can influence elections despite longstanding prohibitions against corporate spending on campaigns.

“This is a high-stakes moment,” said Laura MacCleery, a deputy director of the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School, which represents authors of the disputed campaign law.

The court scheduled oral arguments March 24 and a ruling is expected by late June.

The movie’s producer was the nonprofit Citizens United, a 501(c)4 corporation with a $12 million annual budget. Such ideological corporations, named after the section of the Internal Revenue Service Code under which they organize, range from the Sierra Club to the National Rifle Association. These groups and nonprofits that foster business interests, under 501(c)6, have grown into a significant political force through potent advertising without naming their contributors.

Citizens United argued that its movie, which was released in January 2008 in the midst of then-Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton ’s presidential bid in early primary states, wasn’t a campaign message.

The movie, which was sold on DVD, criticized her for a variety of reasons spanning her time as First Lady, her Senate campaign and tenure, and her positions on job creation, health care and national security.

The producers ran afoul of Federal Election Commission regulations when they sought to distribute the movie through video-on-demand on cable for $1.2 million.

A provision in the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (PL 107-155) orders the FEC to regulate “broadcast, cable, or satellite communication which refers to a clearly identified candidate for federal office” airing within 30 days of a primary or 60 days of a general election. Any group advertising in that context must identify anyone who contributed at least $1,000 since the start of the previous year.

But unlike Section 527 groups, such as the group that ran the Swift Boat ads targeting Sen. John Kerry in 2004, 501(c)4 groups generally keep their contributors confidential.

Citizens United said 25 supporters gave at least $1,000, including two $2,000 contributions from for-profit companies. But the group scuttled its cable plans rather than name contributors.

Instead, the group asked a three-judge panel of the U.S. District Court in Washington to stop the FEC from enforcing its regulations. The panel rejected the group’s arguments, and Citizens United appealed to the Supreme Court.

Naming contributors is a concern for these sorts of groups. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce studied the 30 biggest-spending groups on such “electioneering” ads for the 2008 campaign and didn’t find “any significant number” of corporate contributors.

Anonymous said...

Dayam! Now THIS is cold blooded!

Report: Jenna's Secret Service Vehicle Towed

Baltimore news outlets are reporting that a vehicle in Jenna Bush Hager's "protective detail" was towed from her neighborhood because of several unpaid parking tickets.

WBAL News and InvestigativeVoice.Com cite sources with the Baltimore parking authority saying that a car, described as a Secret Service vehicle, had been towed. Jenna and her husband Henry Hager bought a house in south Baltimore last year -- he's working in the city for Constellation Energy -- and moved there shortly after their May wedding.

In Charm City, it takes three or more tickets to get booted and towed. WBAL quoted a city transportation department official who declined to say whether the towed vehicle was a Secret Service car, citing a "protective matter of national security" -- but she did say the agent in charge of the "protective detail" is taking responsibility and making for the towed vehicle to be released.

Anonymous said...

Y'all so proud of bein Black howcome y'all gotta copy white hair styles??

How come white bitches keep running to the black man? Why can't their bitch ass stay in their own fucking race?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the same group of conservaho's has been making friends up North as well...

The Canadian government has demanded an apology from Fox News for "despicable" and "disgusting" comments made on one of its late-night programs.
The government was incensed by a recent talk-show segment on the American conservative cable network that poked fun at Canada and the Canadian military.

A group of pundits took turns trashing Canada and its reliability as an ally in fighting terrorism last week as four more Canadian soldiers were killed in separate attacks in Afghanistan.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay requested an apology just before leaving for Canadian Forces Base Trenton, where he was to attend a repatriation ceremony with the families of the latest soldiers killed.

"It's crass, it's insensitive, it's in fact disgusting, given the timing," MacKay said.

"There should be an apology - to the families in particular, and to the Canadian Forces and to Canada generally - given the sacrifice and the commitment that we've demonstrated in Afghanistan." [...]

A spokesman stressed that the Canadian government specifically wants an apology from the panelists who made the wisecracks - and not just from the Fox network at large.

"These are despicable, hurtful and ignorant comments," said Dan Dugas, a spokesman for MacKay.

"I think that so-called comedian should stare in the camera at his first opportunity and apologize to all of the families of people he's hurt with these despicable comments.

"And he's got to say, 'I was misinformed. I was ignorant of the truth and the contribution of the Canadian Forces to the war on terror, and I want to take it back. I know as a comedian that I can fail sometimes; I failed miserably at this so-called comedy.'

"And his panelists should say the same." [...]

The segment features American panelists suggesting Canadian soldiers need time off for "manicures and pedicures." [...]

"The Canadian military wants to take a breather to do some yoga, paint landscapes, run on the beach in gorgeous white capri pants," Gutfeld said with a sneer, adding: "Isn't this the perfect time to invade this ridiculous country? They have no army."

Another panelist, Doug Benson, said he didn't even know Canadian troops were in Afghanistan.


Anonymous said...

Isn't there some way we can organize a campaign to identify and publicize the advertisers and their clients who pay the salaries of these neo-con right-wing nuts? And then, uh-oh! how 'bout a boycott? For example, there was once a little green book that identified/listed the names of the corporations (and their subsidiaries) that financed apartheid in South Africa. The consumer could make informed choices when shopping. Or, when the Imus dude made the "nappy headed hoes" comment, it was only when some (Black) execs at AT&T (huge sponsors for CBS)threatened to pull advertising did (parent-company) CBS get the Iceman fired. That did take place, yes??
Why can't we take on the advertisers and clients at CNN, FOX; the poop-butt talk radio stations should be easy targets. I dunno...

alicia banks said...


i despise tammy bruce
she is a liar and a racist


michelle is routinely attacked far more viciously than bo due to rabid colorism

her blacker skin fuels more hatred than his yellow swirl...

see more:


Sharon from WI said...

Sorry about the "Haitian" crack Field, I was just bein an A-Hole, didn't realize you WERE Haitian...

Frank, Field is from Jamaica. In case you are unaware, Haiti and Jamaica are two different countries.

Anonymous said...

Another ho pandering to her customer base. Uneducated, racist yahoos eat this shit up out here in the sticks. Tammy is no doubt using her time on someone else's mic to jack up her price for giving GOoPer pleasure.

Kim said...

Wow these "folks" are getting desperate. They still won't get a won't be given a second thought by Obamas..

Anonymous said...

Again, later for this chica and the dumb sh*t!

I say we talk about something important, like FOINE Dhani Jones!!

Is anyone watching Dhani Tackles the Globe Monday nights on the Travel Channel!

The brotha is gooooooooooooooorgeous and the show's premise is pretty fly, too!


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter to me what they say or think, but I consider myself fairly normal. There are psychos on both sides. Someone is going to start targeting these antiobamaites; and then the race wars continue. At least it keeps the media save in having a job. Those writing for papers are suffering but on the tv things are looking good for the next 8 years.

Anonymous said...

OH, so the code word for BLACK is TRASH? where have I been, this is getting serious, now some of you can brush this off, but, I can't, RACIST are capable of any and every thing, I can only imagine what his security has to encounter! the media isn't talking about it because it could truly get out of control!

I knew this would get bad, but, LORD, these people are beyond RACIST, they are way out their! they want the OBAMA'S out of the WHITE HOUSE! and people get ready, MALIA and SASHA are next! the RACIST are after BARACK! and let's not forget, you have to wake up pretty early in the morning to beat the RACIST, these people can come up with some evil device's, and the sad thing about it is, they don't even blink an eye in the process! any time you can call the FIRST LADY a B!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Tammy Bruce"?

Is that what Bert from Sesame Street is calling himself these days?

Man, times are tough.

Anonymous said...

CINCO, no, that's what you want! but, not so, it will not be a RACE WAR! and if you think for one minute BLACK PEOPLE are not aware of the tactic's of the REPUBLICAN'S/ CONSERVATIVE'S then you need to think again!

FURTHERMORE, I know how to PRAY, and I also know how to listen, I stay in tuned NATURALLY and SPIRITUALLY, AFRICAN AMERICAN'S are not screaming "BLOODY MURDER" because most of us are taking heed to the PRESIDENT'S reaction to what the RACIST are up to, he know's they are calling him out! he know's his wife was called the B word! he know's his wife was called TRASH! and if the PRESIDENT has to restrain himself from speaking out publicly against the attack on his wife, then we must follow his lead, because when it is said and done, GOD will repay all the RACIST for their wicked deed's, he will let them live long enough to REAP what they are trying to SOW!

Jody said...

In 1993, I was lucky enough to be at the national march for gay and lesbian rights. There were a million people there. It was the first time I had ever been in one place with so many gay and gay friendly people.

As we were walking down the street, a young kid (local) called a man in front of us a "faggot".... The man turned around and said, "that's Mr Faggot to you!".... everyone around cracked up laughing and then and only then did that kid realize he was surrounded by gay people and the look on his face was priceless...

I tell this story because the truth is Michelle Obama is in the white house, her husband duly elected by millions of us. Ms. Bruce is more like that little kid, and if we can summon the dignity that the man back in 1993 had, we will all get through these times. I do not want to dignify crass, ugly, rudeness. I will keep smiling, knowing that Mrs Obama is in the white house and in five minutes, Ms. Bruce is yesterdays news.

Christopher said...

Frank, Field is from Jamaica. In case you are unaware, Haiti and Jamaica are two different countries.

Sharon, ROFL! Well done.

Anonymous said...


I agree that there are crazies on both ideological ends of the spectrum, but the left-wing crazies don't seem to trend toward violence and inciting hatred. Their craziness is sometimes cranked up to near fascist-levels of trying to control people (and thoughts) but I can't think of any left-wingers who have been as scary as the right-wing wingnuts.

NOLOVE said...

How come white bitches keep running to the black man? Why can't their bitch ass stay in their own fucking race?

11:16 AM
Becuase white men are too busy fucking children.oh yeah white school teachers do that too.some white woman want a penis that hasnt been in a sheeps cooter! white woman want to feel loved.nan i love fucking white woman,the easyest pussy on the planet!no excuse for you white boys if my black ugly ass can fuck the finest of your woman.
Mr.Cooty splitta

Anonymous said...

There are two things the far-right can't get their heads around.

1. They are irrelevant. In a sense they always were of course, but really, truly, nobody cares about them or what they say any more. The invites to the big parties have dried up, and they are left on the outside with their noses pressed against the window. That must be hard to take.

2. The best that they can hope for is that Obama fails, In which case the nation they claim to love will be flushed down the toilet. Worst case, America rebounds out of the recession in 2010 and policies they have (idiotically) labelled as Socialist or Communist will have saved America!

I almost feel sorry for them.

Swiff said...

Limbaugh Attacks "Barack Ogabe" And His "Angry" Wife

Sharon from WI said...

Sharon, ROFL! Well done. :-)

Unknown said...

HAH! As someone who comes from proud (white) trash, she is being totally disingenuous with her definition of trash. It is merely a cover for the racist terms she wishes she could use in public, and surely uses in private.

The illogical, nonsensical verbal contortions these haters manage to keep inventing to masquerade their outrage that a black family now lives in the White House (and not as servants) is astounding, even if their racism isn't. For that is what it all boils down too, doesn't it? God forgive me, but I truly hate these people and their inhumanity.

Anonymous said...

All the nasty and hateful comments on this site and you people want to whine about something this woman said??

Sharon from WI said...

All the nasty and hateful comments on this site and you people want to whine about something this woman said??

You are surprised that people responded to this outrageous woman?? What did you expect?

Other than the trolls that frequent this blog, I'd say the folks here are a downright friendly lot.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

03 24 09

I disagree with about 85% of Obama's policies and decisions. Yet, there is no need to look for ways to insult his wife or children. That is really low and sick of this woman. And for what? Because Michelle Obama had motivation and goals?

Instead of attacking the President's wife, they need to attack his ideological basis and poor decisions in monetary policy and support of the oligarchical tyranny in which we now reside ala the bailouts.

But clearly this is coded racist language and I find it not only distasteful but completely unacceptable. And I don't particularly care for President Obama but c'mon now!

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

If she or those other contrarians had REAL POWER they'd be working behind the scenes to undermine PBO and FLOTUS Michelle Obama. Instead they're carping to the public like 5 year olds, evil 5 year olds. We should monitor them of course but why waste the time getting upset?

Anonymous said...

Two Nations,Black & White, Separate, Hostile and Unequal
by Andrew Hacker

And when you finish the book..pass it on!
Case closed... Enough said!

Anonymous said...

60 minutes asked if he wasa punch drunk sunday.those wacky libs, always kidding around


Anonymous said...

umm, maybe they just don't like his policies... I know I'm going out on a limb here.


rikyrah said...

Tammy Bruce needs to STFU.

I call BULL on the 'Trash is a thing that is colorblind'. If it were, then your lying, racist behind wouldn't have had to made the qualifier.

Some of you White folks just better get over it. The Black Man with the Black Wife and Black Children WON The Presidency. He's smarter than you. He beat Country Last and Caribou Barbie mercilessly and made it look easy.

And everyone Black knew exactly what Michelle Obama was doing. Made perfect sense to us. White folks weren't even in that room when Michelle was talking to them.

Michelle Obama was doing what CONSERVATIVES are always telling Black folk what they must tell the ' Black Underclass', about ' pulling oneself up by the bootstraps'.

Yet, when Michelle Obama does exactly that - we get mess like this from Bruce. Which proves what I always thought - their talking this crap is exactly crap. Because, what happens when you have Black folks that talk about 'doing for self'?

They're called ' reverse racists', hence the criticism of Trinity UCC. Part of the reason the Obamas liked Trinity was because Rev. Wright was all about ' don't go begging the White man to do for you what you won't do for youself.' That's what he told his ' Uppity' Congregation all the time.

FN, are you going to cover the mofo that compared Michelle Obama to a DOG and JAMES BROWN? Second time that Michelle Obama has been compared to a MAN...what's up with THAT?

Anonymous said...

Claude Vilgrain played in the NHL nearly twenty years ago and he's from Haiti.

Anonymous said...

MAHNDISA RIGMAIDEN, why do we need to hear from you? you pretend as if you are offended by the remark this TAMMY BRUCE spewed! you could care less about the OBAMA'S, you speak out of both side's of your mouth, and you spew as well!

I'm so sick and tired of you people, what would you suggest, the PRESIDENT do about all the PLAGUE'S that have overtaken this COUNTRY?

RIGMAIDEN, you say " they are attacking the wrong person" where have you been? he is attacked on a daily basis, but, I guess that's not enough for you!? and you have a nerve to post your PICTURE! you look as if you are doing pretty good for yourself, and it's alway's people like you, that are the first to say " I don't agree with the PRESIDENT POLICY'S! and to put icing on the cake you add "I dont particularly care for the PRESIDENT" it is because of BLACK FOLK'S like you, that give the RACIST the okay to ATTACK the PRESIDENT and FIRST LADY!

mattie said...

THANK you RIKYRAH!!! it's about time!
MICHELLE has been sending message's to US, from day one! and yet some of US, just didn't get it, but, I did!

RIKYRAH, this may be 2009, but, look at how the RACIST are being exposed, and that's a good thing! they are running wild!! but, yet, the OBAMA'S, continue to press, they have a work to do!

I am reminded of the SPEECH "HILLARY CLINTON" gave at the DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION, she said during slavery time, when the SLAVE'S escaped for FREEDOM, they were told "IF YOU HEAR THE DOG'S COMING, KEEP GOING" and the OBAMA'S have DOG'S after them, but, they keep going, they have come to far! they can't turn back, they have a work to do!

It's a sad day when HUMAN BEING'S have to be compared to a pack of wild out of control DOG'S! but, look at how the REPUBLICAN'S/CONSERVATIVE'S are acting!

Anonymous said...

La Incognita,

I truly believe if Michelle Obama was a white women she would not get attacked by Bruce and other conservative women and men.

Anonymous said...

I still think Bruce looks like a drag queen. And anytime I hear the word 'trash' I always picture white women.

Anonymous said...

Sandra, if Michelle wasn't a a crazed racist bitch, Obama wouldn't have married her. I mean it. What a waste of good air.She needs to be locked up whereever they hid crazy uncle Joe Biden until after 2010.


Anonymous said...

NO SZPORK, your day's are numbered! if you think for one minute the PRESIDENT is going to allow this to pass, then think again! trust me, he know's about you, and all the other RACIST! so you call the PRESIDENT'S wife a CRAZED RACIST BITCH!

SZPORK, we have the PRESIDENT, and then we have a BLACK MAN as the PRESIDENT! he is a BLACK MAN with POWER! and trust me, he stay's in tune with what is going on, and TAMMY BRUCE should be hiding out!

SZPORK, MICHELLE knew for a fact, this would cause controversy, she was flushing the RACIST out! remember the word's were "WHITE GIRL" and look what happened!!

No MICHELLE is not a RACIST, but, she know's what it take's to push the true RACIST BUTTON'S! what a smart woman! I can't wait to see what she doe's next! this is called STRATEGY!

Anonymous said...

Meyer_Lansky said...
If I didn't understand that "trash" was code for "black," I would be really confused by this. There's nothing remotely trashy about anything Michelle Obama's said or done, and I'm a pretty harsh critic of trashy.

I didn't know that "trash" was code for "black," or hey why would this cracker be trying to get promoted to trash? There are some bootstraps alaying around here somewheres.

Have we ever had a First Lady as accomplished and as educated as this one? She has the background and imagination to empathize with all classes of this nation. I bet she will have as much impact for the good on this nation as Elanor Roosevelt had.

joy316 said...

Tammy Bruce used to sub for the Larry Elder show in LA. She is the classic gay racist who is in it for the money. It sickens me to think that she is still, somewhere on the radio spewing nonsense.

Sharon from WI said...

Lady Cracker,

You are not the first to make this observation. She has the drive of Eleanor Roosevelt, along with the charm and fashion sense of Jackie Kennedy.

Lady M said...

Everyone else pretty much covered my thoughts, but dead at
"Country Last and Caribou Barbie" (Rikyrah)

Anonymous said...

Come on people, we know what word TAMMY BRUCE really wanted to use! what amazed me is, this woman feel's at ease attacking another woman! but, oh, their are BLACK WOMEN with website's that are attacking the FIRST LADY! now that's deep!!!

let's see we have, SOPHIA NELSON, and the CONSERVATIVE BLACK WOMAN, and the list go's on, these are the new LIBERATED BLACK WOMEN, they are out their fighting against the good, that the PRESIDENT is trying to do! they are bad as TAMMY BRUCE! these BLACK WOMEN give RACIST the okay to attack the OBAMA'S!

alicia banks said...

see more on tammy now:


Anonymous said...


You know Michelle Obama is not a racist. You must be one of those conservative women I was talking about. She represents something you will never be, an African American woman who is the First Lady.

Barack married Michelle because he saw a beautiful, intelligent, spiritual woman who would be a good wife and mother. Obviously, Barack made the right choice, he is President and she is First Lady.

Michelle is the Frist Lady the world has been waiting for.

I pray for people like you. I'm sure the Obamas pray for people like, too.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Anonymous 9:08:

That's disgraceful, trashy, low class, and crude how they call the First Lady out of her name. "My people perish for lack of knowledge."

I don't understand some of these black folks and how they sell their soul for praises of men, a pat on the head, and a few coins to help racist degrade and demean one of their own people. Smh!

I totally agree with you folks will reap what they sow. That's word and is so true. Look at the GOP party, for 8 whole years, nah I take that back, because the GOP did some scandalous things when Clinton was in office as well. Anyway, they are reaping what they sowed for the last 8 years, right now, and they're blind and can't see it. Whelp, let the blind stay blind and those who can see, see. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

I see szpork's real nature is coming out. I'm shocked an appalled that he called the first lady out of her name. Whelp, that let's me know he has no respect for women. Typical GOP male! Just think he probably had the nerve to complain about rappers using that word in their rap songs and probably was one of the main complainants. Smh! Whelp, what's in the dark always comes to the light.

Whelp, it's time to sit back and watch all the little racist folks show their true colors. You ain't seen nothing yet. Believe me, they're going to put on a show like you've never seen before for the whole world to see. Yup, the world is watching it too. But I guess folks haven't been paying attention to all of the little disrespectful remarks some of those other world leaders have made, lately. Although, I'm not surprise, because their just following some of our American racist citizen's lead. Softheaded folks that are making the President's job hard because of their pure ignorance and hatred. If they don't stop they're going to be the downfall of America achieving peace. Some people can't see the forest for the trees. Nevertheless, President Obama is gonna keep his promises that he made on election day and do good, but I tell you, if it was left up to me, I'd tell him to let them have that old, filthy, defiled White House and forget about trying to clean it up and help these ungrateful Americans.

maria said...

yup, i can read, in contrast to you.
let's see--this family announces they aren't going to buy from anyone who's not black. they flat out announce their racism. and you all spin it, sugarcoat it, defend's shameful. they are racists, and you celebrate this and hold it up as some kind of model.

shameful. and ignorant.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Let me ask you a few questions? How many white folks support black businesses? Do they shop in black owned stores or use their services?How long have they been supporting them?

Since you seem to be an authority on what is racist and what is not, you should be able to answer my questions with ease and facts.

Anonymous said...

This book explains why AIDS is in Haiti, Africa, and Brazil

alicia banks said...

and see much more on AIDS here:

i am shocked that obama nazis allow obama to boldly deny the genocide of AIDS...


Negrosius said...

I'm not the only person that thinks that this women looks like Cruella Deville?

Karen said...

Field, I'm not incensed at this woman calling Obama and his wife, trash; rubber and glue, right?

But I am incensed at her calling the President of the United States and The First Lady of the United States, trash.

Incensed is mild, frankly. I'm outraged and I'm outraged that Americans are not asking for her head for such disrespectful comment about our President.

Karen said...

If you don't mind my saying so, you ought to stop calling him Obama as if he were just some guy off the street, and those who consider him their leader as Obamaholics.

All due respect, you ought to finally step over this liminal place you've been hanging out on and commit yourself to the obvious admiration you feel for your president and his wife.

You know, I get a little tired of this hands-off approach to principle as if making a commitment to something or someone makes us somehow vulnerable to being discredited.

I believe our President is going to lead us boldly and I believe that he has surrounded himself with people who will see to it that he is safe. I trust him. I'm not being naive, I'm just jumping in with him with a sense of adventure.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


Amen, Karen!

Verdigris said...

So you feel that way about Trump, if he’s re-elected?