Monday, April 13, 2009

A purpose driven vetting.

"The LORD abhors dishonest scales, but accurate weights are his delight. The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity. "~Proverbs 11:1-3~

Looks like my man Rick Warren is in the news again. Apparently he made a little slip up (I am being kind)while talking to that hard nosed reporter Larry King. ( I kid of course, there is nothing "hard nosed" about Larry King) Seems pastor Rick was for fighting against Proposition 8 out in California before he was for it.

But how could the purpose driven pastor be less than honest with an entire country? I thought only politicians do these types of things? Wait...... "You know, Larry, there was a story within a story that never got told. In the first place, I am not an anti-gay or anti-gay marriage activist. I never have been, never will be. During the whole Proposition 8 thing, I never once went to a meeting, never once issued a statement, never -- never once even gave an endorsement in the two years Prop 8 was going." No pastor Rick, there is a little video of you that shows that you did issue a statement *against Proposition 8. [*Actually my fact checker, Woozie,was right. Warren was for Proposition 8, before he was against it...I think]

Now I don't like to bash a man of god, because someone.... I take that back. A lot of someones believe in the man; he is their pastor and spiritual leader and I really don't want to disparage someone else's spiritual leader. I am not religious, but you won't get me to bash someone else's faith. To each his own. Live and let live as far as I am concerned.

Here is hoping that Rick comes clean and tells us where he really stands on this issue. And if he did tell a little fib he has the man upstairs on speed dial, that's all.

And speaking of religion: You Obamaholics won't like this, but I hear your boy is looking for a church. LOOKING FOR A CHURCH? Apparently it's what presidents do. They try to find a public place of worship that can be easily protected by the secret service. His O ness went to St. John's Episcopal Sunday, it's right across from the White House, and it seems to have been the de facto church for past presidents. So why should his O ness be any different? Besides, Episcopalians are cool I guess, I am sure they will welcome the first family with open arms.

"With a search underway for a new church for the Obama family in Washington, advisers have said that the vetting will be careful to consider the history of the church and its pastors - a measure of how troubling the Wright saga was for Obama, who publicly denounced the "incendiary'' words of the now-retired but former longtime pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ after Wright's railing about racism in America from the pulpit was publicized by videos on the Internet. "

The "vetting" will be careful? How do you vet a church? I hope Granny or one of my other online friends who are more connected to the man (or woman) upstairs than I am can tell me how that works. I always kind of thought you belong to either church A or church B. And what denomination was Reverend Wright? Was it an independent church? If not, wouldn't they go to the same denominational church in D.C.? I mean it would be a different Pastor so A-murder-cans could relax. I am just saying.

"Since Obama left Trinity last year, he has been without an official house of worship, relying instead on a close circle of advisers and pastors for private counsel."

Now I can get with that program; "pastors for private counsel". Nothing wrong with that, getting his spirituality on in a private way can't hurt his O ness. If he is a true believer only good things can come form such an arrangement. I just hope that Rick Warren isn't one of the folks doing the counseling.


Anonymous said...

nice post field. nothing to add. szpork

Swiff said...

Harry Kalas is dead, man.

*tears up*

SickupandFed said...

Get the rubber room ready.

He seems to be losing what little grip on reality he had.

Purpose driven my ass!

Anonymous said...

President Obama needs to look up Rev. Jim Wallis out there in DC.

Mark Fidyrich and Marilyn Chambers also died today. *sigh*

Jody said...

Listen, as a member of the rainbow community, if Rick Warren has now come out in support of gay rights, all I have to say is....


And, too bad he couldn't have seen the light when it mattered on Prop 8. On the other hand, I welcome him speaking out in support of gay rights in the future on all the upcoming intiatives and/or court decisions.

givehimamask said...

I remember there being reports of Obama not going to church since he's been in office. To me this isn't a bad thing, honestly. Having an official religion is one of those things that seems to be a requirement to get elected, and by official religion I mean Protestant religion. Kennedy even had to say that his faith would have nothing to do with his politics, which is what all elected officials should be required to say, but he had to do that because people were afraid that because he was Catholic that the Pope would be whispering in his ear.

The man is dealing with multiple crises at once. The last thing people should worry about is whether he's picked a church yet. Even if one were to disagree with him, one should appreciate the weight of the issues on his plate.

But yeah.

Sorry for that long, fairly unrelated response.

I hope things are well. I haven't heard much good news from Philly in a while.

momo said...

The first time we took our daughter to her grandparents' church, she was five. The preacher was all, "Sin! sin this, sin that." She turned to me and said "Who is Sin?" I tried to shush her but she really wanted to know, and turned to her dad "WHO is SIN?" I realized then that we had failed to indoctrinate her into the idea that she was sinful by nature, and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Whatever church President Obama picks, it should be his and his wife's own personal choice. Different churches have different types of ministries and he needs to find one that will fit his spiritual needs and that he will feel comfortable in. He doesn't need to be listening to so many different advisors on which church to choose, because that is the quickest way to confuse a Christian. He should be able to choose the denomination he is comfortable with and most of the time it is the same one that he had before.

Although, some folks have switched denominations before and were happier when they did. Denominations is a man-made thing, anyway, and separates the body of Christ. He should pray about it and ask the Lord to lead him to the right church.

Kellybelle said...

Oh! You hit him with the scripture!Go'head Field!

The vetting for Obama will probably be to see what pastor can withstand ridiculous scutiny and replay on FOX.

Anonymous said...

I could be wa-a-ay off, but I think the Obamas are still trying to heal from spiritual wounds left by Rev Wright. It has to hurt when an advisor, or a spiritual teacher you trusted for many years tries to bury you publicly for no good reason.

I hope the Obamas will find a regular place of worship where they can be comfortable. However, I bet it's going to be a big change for them...hopefully for the better.


Anonymous said...

it's too bad he has to have a church at all. God forbid we don't have a church goer in the white house.

Woozie said...

Obama should be a Pastafarian. I know I'm not the only one that thinks this.

Also Warren was for Proposition 8, not against.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"I could be wa-a-ay off, but I think the Obamas are still trying to heal from spiritual wounds left by Rev Wright. It has to hurt when an advisor, or a spiritual teacher you trusted for many years tries to bury you publicly for no good reason."

Nah, you not off track on this comment. You got it right.

Anonymous said...


I'm with you on that one.



Anonymous said...

Poor Rick,
No one knows what he believes now. And that includes Rick, his followers, and God. That's a tough mental state to be in. It's like being lost and alone in a hot desert without a compass, or the living waters of faith. It can make any human fearfully neurotic and crazy.


TiredOfTheHypocrisy said...

If only the "believers" would use their beliefs to do some good for someone else, then many of the problems we have in this world would have a possible solution.

"Believers" have not done much to put a dent in crime in the black community in spite of there being a church on every corner. Or done much to help the homeless; not that black churches spend much time concerning themselves with the homeless who live on the streets around their churches.

Dressing up in sunday-go-to-meeting best hasn't helped unemployemnt, or bettered the math scores of black students, or helped them to learn/speak standard english, or helped clean up their neighborhood streets of trash and garbage.

I could care less what church the President attends. I just hope he is able to solve some of the problems we are faces with in this country. It is none of your business what church the Obamas attend.

And all of you believers who spend hours and hours sitting while some so-called spiritual leader reads scripture to you need to find something useful to do with your time; like go out into the community and actually do the work that religion says you should be doing.

And stop donating your money to build mega-churches that take up whole blocks. Religion has nothing to do with mega-churchs. It is what you do with religion that counts. And from what I see, very few of you "believers" do anything useful with your religion.

And for the love of all that holy, please stop making those so-called religious videos that play incessantly on access cable channels.

field negro said...

"Harry Kalas is dead, man.

*tears up"

Swiff, let me go ahead and shed one with you. :(

Robbie, as a life long Tigers fan, the death of "The Bird", at only 54 no less, is a particularly hard blow.

"If only the "believers" would use their beliefs to do some good for someone else, then many of the problems we have in this world would have a possible solution.

"Believers" have not done much to put a dent in crime in the black community in spite of there being a church on every corner. Or done much to help the homeless; not that black churches spend much time concerning themselves with the homeless who live on the streets around their churches.

Dressing up in sunday-go-to-meeting best hasn't helped unemployemnt, or bettered the math scores of black students, or helped them to learn/speak standard english, or helped clean up their neighborhood streets of trash and garbage."


momo, thanks for sharing that little anecdote, that is too deep.

"I hope things are well. I haven't heard much good news from Philly in a while."

givehimamask,it's been a tough few months. But hey, what's that saying? "The darkest part of the night is right before the dawn."

Woozie, I thought he was against Proposition 8 before he was for it. Or is it the other way around? Hell now I am confused.

Bob said...

I'm pulling for the Methodist church they're checking out. It's a bit upscale, but it's a "Reconciling Congregation" (gays welcomed). Methodism doesn't need to carry a lot of doctrinal baggage. If the Obamas choose a church that's too small, their presence alone will change the character of the church, which could be resented by many. They're looking for a good Sunday School for the girld & some local missions they can tap into.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I was raised Methodist. Other than the no drinking rep, it is a pretty open minded religion.

Some of my AME and Baptist friends say Methodist services are too boring but I like having service from 11-12. Not 11-2. Plus the covered dish dinners were outstanding.

TrueBlue said...

Not to put too fine a point on it, but why is every single last one of these evangelical Protestant ministers such a sanctimonious, hypocritical, lying shithead?

Is there a Sanctimonious Hypocritcal Lying Shithead factory somewhere that we don't know about?

Shabazz said...

TiredOfTheHypocrisy said it best here.
As bad as times are I see new mega- churches popping up all over my neighborhood. I live in the ghetto. Absolutely nothing has changed around here except for the fact that more mega churches are springing up everywhere.
99.9% of these preachers are nothing more than greedy money hungry liars who prey on people's situations to get into their pockets. They're nothing more than fire strokers and snake oil salesmen. I still see the same problems, I see the same homeless people, the same drug addicts and prostitutes in my neighborhood every day. The same unemployed young Black men and women, the same kids out of school, but I guess it'll all be worth it when we die and go to heaven. They feed us the reward in heaven crap, but people all around me are disease ridden, dying (physically and mentally), hungry, and homeless. Don't get me wrong; I don't knock someone else's faith, but let's be real here. There is a serious problem here when people would rather send some racist, lying cheating piece of shit prick to the presidency (remember george bush?), because he claims to be a christian. Me personally, I'd rather have an athiest for president, at least I know my religion would not be the determining factor on alot of issues. The earth is going down the tubes faster than a fiend chasing a hit, but people will still feed off the propaganda put forward by the federal government and your forefathers. The level of stupidity of people never seems to amaze me.

Christopher said...

It remains a shame, that Obama elevated this Rick Warren cretin to a position of nation prominence by inviting him to perform the inaugural invocation.

But, now the entire nation knows who Rick Warren is, and there's no turning back now for the minister of the Saddleback Church.

The greasy, obese, Hawaiian shirt wearing Rick Warren is obviously not ready for primetime, as is evidenced by his backpedaling on his support of Proposition 8.

Poor Rick, his flaps his piehole and bathes in the warm glow of the media spotlight, then forgets about camera phones and YouTube and the power of technology and the internet.

I too, hope Warren isn't Obama's newest spiritual adviser. Obama has demonstrated less than stellar judgment when it comes to choosing Bible thumpers to dance with.

Maybe the president needs to stick with psychics and Tarot card readers? They worked reasonably well for witchcraft Nancy Reagan, even if they cost the American taxpayer $5,000 an hour.

Anonymous said...

We get it Chris, you don't find Rick Warren attractive. Don't you have some Virons to spread...


Anonymous said...

And you're using the term "Cretin" incorrectly:

a Cretin refers to an unfortunate victim of congenital Hypothyroidism, resulting in severe Mental and Physical Retardation, the condition is almost unheard of in industrial nations since the adoption of Iodized Salt in the 1920s...

You're just using it as an insult, say, like "Turd Burglar", "Peter Puffer", "Ass-Bandit", "Dirt-Road Cowboy" etc, etc,


Shabazz said...

"You're just using it as an insult, say, like "Turd Burglar", "Peter Puffer", "Ass-Bandit", "Dirt-Road Cowboy" etc, etc,"

Are those monickers used to describe yourself frank?

RisingTide said...

Obama's church, Rev. Wright's church is from the UUC... If he found another from the same denomination, it would probably be a lily white, small church (like pastordan's from streetprophets) -- not the proudly black, evangelical Trinity of Chicago.

So I think it's understandable that Obama is looking for a new home -- Trinity is ... pretty unique for it's denomination (and the UUC folks are rightly proud of it!)

You "vet" a church by watching the 20 years of video tapes that Rev. Wright had on local TV. What's that? not everyone gets to be on TV during sermons? So Much The Better!

Seriously, Rev. Wright is a great dude, pride issue aside.

But Obama wants a church which won't be too "anti-gay" (something that could be troublesome in some black churches), probably one that isn't lily white (really, this shouldn't need to be explained!).

"don't create waves" is one of those presidential dictums...

Lady-Cracker said...

Tell it like it is Shabazz!

Lady-Cracker said...

Off topic:

For both Black Diaspora and Field,
the book; "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins has a whole chapter that answers one of the specific questions that BD asked.

For example: 'If there is no God, why be Good?"

I bought it on the strength of its preface a couple of weeks ago and have barely opened it. What I have read appears to be well written.

Anonymous said...

"Seriously, Rev. Wright is a great dude, pride issue aside."

He might be a great dude. I have no way of telling. However, it's hard to believe, considering how he acted in the media, and towards Obama. IMO, he tried to derail Obama's Presidential campaign during the primary. He put Obama's election at risk, and in the process, he caused a lot of heartache to members of Trinity and to the majority of Blacks, including some Whites, Asians, and Latinos. He acted more like a "HN" than a Reverend.

I DO agree that Rev. Wright has "great Pride". Isn't PRIDE the Mother of the seven deadly sins? After a career preaching about God, one would think that the good Rev. would have developed a 'little bit' of 'humility' while in the pulpit.

Instead, he seemed to have developed a "great" E.G.O. (Edging God Out). I hope the Obamas will find a suitable church for their spiritual nourishment; and stay far away from any church connected with Rev Wright...Sorry if I offended anybody.


alicia banks said...


rick warren is a renowned coward and a pathological liar...

his documented vulgar rabid gaybashing can be erased from his bogus websites.

but he can never delete its documentation in droves of other sources nor wipe it from his soul/karma...

the more visible this fool becomes...the more he exposes his own foolishness...

see more on this evil fake lying bastard at:


alicia banks said...


i am spiritual
i have no use for any religion

i adore rev. wright and his sacred afro church that welcomes gays too...

rev w. knows obama much better than any of us...
rev w. is no obama nazi
and neither am i!


Anonymous said...

This Easter you appeared to be making some good progress, morally, mentally, and emotionally. Now you seemed to have had another relapse. What happened? Are you drinking that moonshine again?

Anonymous said...

OT: Field, I can not figure out the PWA, and I'm dying to know, do a sister a favor and spell it for me please and thank you:)

Anonymous said...

Obama "publicly denounced the "incendiary'' words.....after Wright's railing about racism"
This makes it sound like Obama had to denounce Wright's railing about racism. Obama had to denounce Wright praising and giving a big black mind award to a black Nazi. It Liberman (when running for VP) had a rabbi that gave a great jewish mind award to someone who ridiculed or praised the lynching of Emit Till the shit would have hit the fan for ever. Even more so if that rabbi, like Wright, grinned and laughed off blacks who were angry and hurt about it.
Wright also used the phrase "white greed" yet I have seen nothing that indicates blacks are less greedy than anyone else. If Hillary had had a pastor that talked about "black greed".. that would have followered her around for eternity. These things WERE inapporopriate and if Wright has no problem forgiving someone who praises Hitler a few years ago why is he still bitter over being called boy half a century ago?

Doc L said...

Comin' out from under my rock for a sec. But knowledge from the fields still get under that rock daily.

IMO, until we learn to accept that everyone, God-fearing or not, will on more than one occasion, be guilty of outright hypocrisy, duplicty, double-standards, etc. we will continually be shocked, appalled, by what folk say. All of life's disappointments can be categorized as expectations not being met. We expect too much from clergy. But why? They are people just like the rest of us.

And so is the O man. Somebody is always gonna be mad at him because he didn't do what they expected him to do. One may or may not like what he's done, but h's accomplished more in 84 days than any predecessor in recent history.

And, as POTUS, he will, more often than we'd like, do what's politically expedient. I suspect that his church choice will reflect that.

Big deal! I more like the idea that what he does USUALLY is on some level, spiritually(not church or denominationally) informed--like his referencying the wise and foolish men in today's speech. And when he does "sacrifice principle on the altar of expediency"--oh well, he ain't perfect.

I didn't like what I thought was, or at least close to buffoonery that Rev. Wright ended up lowering himself to, but he didn't ask to put in spotlight to the level he was. And he had told Barack a year previously that the candidate would one day need to distance himself from his outspoken pastor. But it's amazing(though not at all surprising) how a man who served his country in the military, even gave surgical anesthesia to the President of the U.S. could somehow caricatured as an anti-American racist hatemonger. Yeah, he was proud, and definitely to a fault, as it shouldn't have been about him. But I'm pretty sure I'd want to protect a legacy of service and uplifting my people that had been reduced to out of context sermon snippets incessantly looped. I'd just hope I bit less outlandishly.

Anonymous said...

Here are some great quotes from James Cone, the father of Black Liberation Theology

"Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy. What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love.'

All white men are responsible for white oppression. . . . Theologically, Malcolm X was not far wrong when he called the white man 'the devil.'. . . Any advice from whites to blacks on how to deal with white oppression is automatically under suspicion as a clever device to further enslavement.

Hey jody, check out that last part-it applies to you perfectly.

field negro said...

"OT: Field, I can not figure out the PWA, and I'm dying to know, do a sister a favor and spell it for me please and thank you:)"

*field sighing*

Okay I wil give it to you: Condi has been MIA for awhile, thus the back of the milk box. Isn't that where we usually see pictures of the missing?

I admit, that one was a bit hard.:)

Anonymous said...

*field sighing*

Thanks Field! Please don't be impatient with me, this fellow islander( i'm from Haiti) has mad love for your blog. Peace

field negro said...

Sa pa se Anon. I have mad love for my Haitian brothers and sisters, so it's all good. :)

Shabazz said...

Anon. 6:58pm, you hit the nail on the head perfectly. I tell people the same things repeatedly (my wife included)the same things. It's like we're either seriously delusional or scared to fight. We are some of the most resourceful,intelligent,ingenious as well as ruthless (Anybody watch american gangster?) If more people like myself and anon.6:58 came together, we can defeat them. We're survivors, our ancestors came from Africa, shit, I don't know if I'd survive living yhere, but I'm not afraid to try. We all have a purpose in the fight, from the drug dealer to the president. As Black people, it's our duty to know our roles and fight the good fight. I'm only 34 years old, but I've seen first hand and learned enough shit that often I get tears in my eyes because I know we're worth more than that. I've had few friends growing up, and the only people I ever really spoke with were older folks. For some reason, even when I went to prison, older folks always made it their business to look out for me and school me on lessons about life. I thank them all for what they taught me. I guess now I feel like it's my duty to school others, ya dig?

Shabazz said...

BTW- People shouldn't think of rev. Wright as some type of villain. He's an older Back male living in the u.s. - Who knows what that man has been through for people to pass judgement on the content of his words. Only him and God knows what that man has probably been through.

Hi Granny!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hi Shabazz!

Anonymous said...

“…He's an older Back male living in the u.s.- Who knows what that man has been through for people to pass judgement on the content of his words.”

He is an older black man living in the US, but there are other older black men living in the US -like Minister Farrakhan. He was smart and HUMBLE enough to keep ‘silent’-and stay out of the media-to keep from jeopardizing Obama’s chances. Many Blacks appreciated him for doing that. He showed his true colors, which were for Obama and his people. But Rev Wright’s colors showed something else:

Rev Wright was Obama's minister. Rev Wright’s supporters claimed that he was well-educated and bright-that he was truly a humble man of God. Yet, nationally he came off not too bright, disdainful, and arrogant- when interviewed by the media. It was quite ugly. He made millions of Blacks 'cringe' before their TV sets, watching him make a fool of himself; while he simultaneously hurt Obama, embarrassed Trinity, and his entire race.

Even today, Rev Wright has not apologized. Imo, his pride and self-centered inflated ego won’t let him. He may have followers, but I wouldn’t follow him one block. What he did to the Obamas was uncalled for.

Shabazz said...

Anon. 12:39am - I agree with you to an extent. IMO- Rev. wright said what he felt as a Black man in america. I will say though, that he picked the wrong time and place to vent his frustrations.
I don't believe he owes anyone an apology though. If anything america should apologize to him.

alicia banks said...

pray tell:
what should rev w apologize for?!!

he said nothing that was untrue!!!

i recall him stating:

aids was bio war
(that has been proven)


america was racist and elitist
(it still is)

that bo was a typical lying amoral politico
(that has also been proven in spades via checks to bankers etc...)

obama owes rev w the apology!

for pimpimg his awesome and revered afro church membership for political power in chicago...


RisingTide said...

aids was not bio war, please, get the FUCK out of here before you are not only a fool, but a blinded-by-her-own-ignorance fool.
No, seriously, it's just not biowarfare.
The us gov't did not create aids.
That is a foul lie, which has been disproven repeatedly.
and by repeating it, you denigrate all of the sacrifices and ordeals that Black America has been put through for the sake of science.

And by resorting to MAKING UP shit, you denigrate all the sacrifices of our Jewish and Chinese brethren, who have also suffered for the sake of medical advances...

alicia banks said...

those nazi doctors used jews to perfect the bio war that led to aids

your arrogant ignorance and vulgar denial will never protect you

and do not hate rev w because he has bigger balls than obama and a larger IQ than you

see the truth about the bio war of aids here:

shame on you!

alicia banks said...


your selective empathy is both revealing and amusing

the african-american holocaust is ONGOING!!!


Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentaion on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present
by Harriet A. Washington

Anonymous said...

"...I will say though, that he picked the wrong time and place to vent his frustrations."

I agree. It WAS the wrong time and place. That's 'why' he needs to do the right thing and apologize. He caused undue anxiety not only to Obama, but to his own race. Obama, a truly worthy black man, was running for President of the United States! Yet, Wright chose to use that historic golden moment for his own selfish purposes. In so doing, he hurt Obama's campaign. Imo, he almost derailed it. Wright should thank his lucky stars that did not happen.

To say Wright owes no apology, is to trivialize what he did to the Obamas not only politically, but SPIRITUALLY as well, which is the worst hurt and pain anyone can inflict on another faithful human being.

I am baffled why 'some' folks continue to defend Rev Wright when he was clearly wrong in so many ways.


alicia banks said...

the truth it its own TIMELESS defense

there is no wrong time to tell truths that could save millions

from genocide by aids or banks or obama...

the new world order is in progress with the blackish face of the mythical obama at its helm...

and we can NEVER blame rev w...he told us so!


alicia banks said...

rev w is a hero

obama is a hoax

i do not see obama as "worthy"

i see him as a genocidal puppet


free online at youtube


Anonymous said...

"there is no wrong time to tell truths that could save millions"

There is a time and place for everything under the sun. All saints, sages and politicians throughout history have said that telling the truth-(or anything else for that matter) at the wrong time and place) won't get you very far.

A great saint and sage once said, "If what you are about to say is the truth, but will hurt or destroy people, don't say it. If what you are about to say is the truth but will be helpful to people, WAIT for the 'right time' to tell them."

There is a BIG difference in telling the truth to 'level' with people versus using the truth to 'level' people.

Of course, this type of reasoning makes no sense to angry people with no self-restraint. Their justifications and rationalizations makes it ok to 'blast away' at people with words at anytime, without thought.


Anonymous said...

"rev w is a hero

obama is a hoax

i do not see obama as "worthy"

i see him as a genocidal puppet"

Good thinking. LOL. The Southside must be proud of you, also.


alicia banks said...

we disagree

i did not grow up on the southside

i grew up on the gold coast in lakeshore


alicia banks said...


obama is no native of the southside either

he just pimped the area for political gain

just as he did rev w and his TUCC


alicia banks said...

I want to be leveled with unconditionally and immediately
24 hrs a day

that is why i tend to avoid all cowardly politicos like obama as diligently as i do the ebola virus...


your sarcasm amuses me

chicagoans know obama better than most and droves of us are not his fans

those who are truly concerned with the "leveling of people" as you feign to be are keeping a body count of those leveled via the pen of obama and his banker pupetteers

it is ominous that you dare to pen such soulless drivel on tax day...further evidence that you speak only for the obama nazis/sheeple...baaaaaa....

spare me,

alicia banks said...

to those who are awake and wise and refuse to drink obama's grey kool-aid, "angry" is no slur

actually, it is a badge of honor

look at the mess that is america/the globe today...i am literally afraid of anyone who is not angry!!!

"To be conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage..."
James Baldwin


RisingTide said...

do you have kids? DO You?
What would you do if someone said "Do this, or I'll kill your kids?"

Okay so you probably wouldn't believe them.

What if a Mafia Don said it (don't tell me they ain't got none of those in Chi-town.)?

Those banksters have threatened Obama's two daughters.

Chew on that, my lady bitch.

Anonymous said...

Considering you have called Obama a pimp several times and Rev Wright as your hero, it is clear that you are angry-full of rage- and out of control, like your hero, Rev. Wright. BTW, adults can express anger without coming off as some ugly dragon-child. No one is moved or interested in that. FYI, there is more to life than foaming-at-the mouth anger.

I lived by the lake in Streeterville for over 20 years, before recently moving out West. I did not know much about the 'gooood' Rev. until Obama decided to run for President. And, I must say that I AM SORRY that I ever heard of him, as many others are, also.

I am aware that Obama is not originally from Chicago. However, he chose to move to Chicago, and I am very glad that he did. FYI, Chicagoans are very proud of Obama, and very proud of their city. Except you, of course.

You keep calling Obama a pimp. Obama is no pimp. He did not become our President by being a pimp. Domestically and internationally, he has been well-received all over the globe. That is a far cry from where America was under the Bush Administration.

Intellectually, psychologically, emotionally and SPIRITUALLY--I prefer Obama anyday over your hero, Rev. Wright.

You can defend and praise Rev Wright until hell freezes over, but he has already shown NATIONALLY that he lives at the epicenter of neuroses. I say this without hesitation, because I know you 'love' the unvarnished TRUTH.

In any case, Chicago is a beautiful and great city.


Anonymous said...

My comment @3:39PM was directed to Alicia.



Hey there!

I realize that I am late to this conversation but Rick Warren needs to have better public relations! There are PLENTY of times when I have said "I never did...." and it doesn't mean that I was lying to cover the time I felt I was actually being accurate.

However, Rick is a public figure and he's been around long enough NOT TO make "never have..." statements without checking with his team to make sure that he's speaking accurately.

Rick Warren teaches that homosexuality and lesbianism is identified in the Bible as a sin. I teach that homosexuality and lesbianism is identified in the Bible as a sin.Here's the rub...

I still have gay and lesbian friends and they know what I teach.

Teaching what is in the Bible doesn't make me "anti-gay" or "anti-lesbian" which would imply that I am AGAINST those who choose to be gay or lesbian (and yes...I do believe that it is a willful choice and I do not believe that homosexuality and lesbianism is not embedded in anyone's DNA).

Just because I teach what is in the Bible doesn't mean I am "anti-Muslim" or "anti-Jew" either.

This is where the media-machine goes into full time slander-mode.

In the media, being pro-Christian means being anti-every other person! Teaching that lesbianism and homosexuality is listed as a sin in the Bible means you are AGAINST gays and lesbians...this is precisely what the media wants to present.

I disagree.

I live my life and others live theirs. Their decisions have NOTHING AT ALL to do with my existence.

Perhaps Rick needs to explain publicly that his theology about lesbianism and homosexuality does not mean that he does not acknowledge that there are gays and lesbians who profess to follow Jesus who do not agree with him.

I also think that having sex prior to marriage is a sin and...GASP I actually have friends who are doing "the deed" and aren't married!! Imagine!

And yes...I have committed that sin myself...THAT was prior to the taking of my celibacy vow.

I am against sex before marriage now. This doesn't mean that I am harboring hatred towards those who choose that.

I have the same position with my stance on lesbianism and homosexuality.

I am not sure WHY Rick Warren can't just frame his position correctly and be done with this foolish back and forth mess that goes in during his interviews. It makes him look like a fool.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

alicia banks said...

i adore chicago
when did i otherwise?

only obama nazis equate disgust with obama with degrading chicago
...what a foolish assertion!

this evil racist world does not deserve the fruit of my womb, i have never been pregnant and i am childless by choice

when both of you fools are done impressing me with your extensive vocabularies and miniscule scholarship, know this:

rev w will still be a revered legend in chicago

and obama will still be destroying the world in dc...

you obama nazis grow more ignorant and blind each day

it is truly petrifying to behold,

alicia banks said...

poor sinner lisa:

real biblical scholars ignore bigoted fools who blasphemously pretend that the bible
bashes gays...

only those who have never read their bibles teach the gaybashing lies about it that you and warren do...

see more:

wake up

alicia banks said...


read this:

then try to wash carl's blood from your holy hands


alicia banks said...


to call you a moron would be unfair to millions of morons

malia, sasha, and your imaginary mafia hits have nothing to do with the actual genocida agendas of obama and his puppeteer bankers who have snuffed the real lives of you and your children out long ago...for decaded to less than 6 mos to boot

you would be wise to watch less "sopranos" and study more political history...


alicia banks said...

cowardly anon:

obama is indeed world renowned as the ultimate pimp

he had to be that in order to morph his paper thin resume into his supreme puppet post at the helm of the nwo

and pastor manning is to bo what warren and lisa are to gays

obama's well deserved moniker "pimp" pales by manning's comparison:


Anonymous said...

"this evil racist world does not deserve the fruit of my womb, i have never been pregnant and i am childless by choice"-Alicia

Have you chosen to be alone and isolated too? Of course not... That wasn't your choice. You just haven't learned how to relate to humans.

"when both of you fools are done impressing me with your extensive vocabularies and miniscule scholarship, know this:"--Alicia

Know that I don't want to impress you. I was just speaking English. But I'll be glad to translate for you. What words were too hard for you?

"you obama nazis grow more ignorant and blind each day"--Alicia

There's an old Chicago saying, "if you can spot it, you've got it." I will accept you as the expert on 'ignorance' and 'blindness'.

BTW, I identified myself as B#. Did you miss it? There's nothing cowardly about that. I call that my ID. Regardless, from your comments I get your 'drift' as follows:

You hate the world because it's evil. You hate Obama. You hate people who love Obama. You hate people who disagree with you. You hate your life; you have been dealt a bad hand in life. And.... your favorite drink is Rev Wright Kool-Aid!

You have a lot of anger, rage, and hate. You have my sympathy. I hope you will find some solace and peace in this evil hateful world. May you find someone to love you in your lifetime.

alicia banks said...

news flash:

millions of happy women have no children
millions of miserable parents breed incessantly

i have a wonderful lover who is also
childless by choice

we love our lives

how is yours?
says who?
i will compare my resume and life to yours anytime...

in fact
we have both dedicated our lives and careers to hundreds of children

what do you do besides pen bs about strangers herein???

i bet you do not even take care of your own moronic heathen spawn

like all of the toxic breeders who have ruined public ed

i am very familiar with your cowardly tactics

you cannot defend obama
the documented bio war of aids

so you try to attack me

you do so in vain

millions of people who do nothing to rear or civilize or educate or pay for their own children
dare to bash superior educators like me
simply because we are gay

you do so in vain

you know nothing about me or my lover or the noble work we both do for droves of children so they do not grow up to be bigoted blind fools/obama nazis like you

none of the lies you spew herein will make obama give you back one cent/vote that he has stolen from you!!!


alicia banks said...

here is the correct url:

read about the rotten seeds you obama nazis sow!


alicia banks said...


do your homework on bo/me/aids etc....
then, you may look less foolish herein


alicia banks said...


enjoy the evil fruits of your holy labor here:


TiredofTheHypocrisy said...

Field: This alicia banks is a nusance, and delusional one at that.

Enough of her incoherent crap. It is taking away from those who have something of significance to say.

Can't you block his/her access?

alicia banks said...

how about dealing with the valid issues that i have raised

rather than encouraging fn to be an obama nazi coward as you are!?!


RisingTide said...

click on Name/URL down at the bottom, and you too can be identified at the top of your posts like everyone else!
(I too was a n00b once)

B# said...

Thanks RT.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Lawd help! Reagan really did not do us a service when he let the nuts out of the nut house, did he?

alicia banks said...


obama just left you a new trick:


alicia banks said...



happy fathers' day!


alicia banks said...

i am no demon

but i do think that living lies = hell

re: anger

To be conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage..."
James Baldwin

i am proudly enraged


alicia banks said...
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alicia banks said...

when jermaine was real about the adult mj: