Friday, May 08, 2009

Give me chicken or give me death!

Ahhh hell no! Sorry, I am going to have to get with my patio dwelling friend, Oprah, on this one.
Oprah, have you lost your mind? Why are you lending your name to a KFC giveaway? I know times are hard and I guess you want us black folks to eat right by eating that new grilled chicken they are serving up (not going to work, my cousins love them some fried chicken and the original recipe too damn much), but you have got to stop it. Your little stunt damn near caused the folks in New York to have to call the National Guard. FREE CHICKEN? IN THIS ECONOMIC CLIMATE? AND IN NEW YORK? Oprah that's just asking for trouble. Some news outlets are even saying that your giveaway, or lack of it, sparked "civil rights era protest" . CIVIL RIGHTS ERA PROTEST OVER SOME DAMN CHICKEN? So this is how a revolution starts: Promise a bunch of chicken loving A-murder-cans freebies and not deliver.
Black folks are crying "fried chicken racism." Come on field, it is racism. I bet if they had freebies at Starbucks they wouldn't run out. Can't you see it field, it's the man trying to keep us chicken lovers down. Oprah should be ashamed of herself. Well yeah, she should be ashamed of herself. But it should be for agreeing to do this promotion with KFC in the first damn place. Like she needs the money. *

Look Oprah, you don't need this right now. Not when some of my blogging buddies have been ripping you---and rightfully so--- for supporting the latest in a line of celebrity loons.

And black folks can we talk? What the hell is it with you all and these damn chickens? (Even though all I see are white people in *this pic. [Except for my two cousins in the back. Get out people!]) Field don't front like you don't love you some chicken. OK I won't front. I love me some chicken, too. But damn it I won't stage a sit in if I can't get a two piece with two sides. That shit is embarrassing. And white folks if any of you were involved you ought to be ashamed of your damn selves as well. In fact, I know some of you were involved because the free coupons were on Oprah's site and you all love Oprah.

Oh well, all is well that ends well. I think Queen O has said they are getting things together and everyone will be able to get their free chicken. The president of KFC has issued a formal apology, and A-murder-ca is back to normal. No more chicken riots.

Go figure, swine flu and chicken riots. I know one thing; I would rather be a pig than a chicken in A-murder-ca right about now.


Anonymous said...

Chicken breasts are 5.29 a pound. A little milk or egg and some panko bread crumbs and you've made a LOT better chicken than KFC. And don't forget about doro wat either. They can keep their coupons.


Mr. Whitey said...

Oh Mr. Field, cant let you black folk take the ownership of the chicken, fried, grilled, baked or roasted. People of ALL color love the bird.
It is the perfect politically-neutral food. Dont know of any religions forbidding the comsumption. Even the PETA folks cant have too much of a problem eating such a beast. It aint cute, cuddly,cant do tricks,seems stupid as a rock. Cant remember of any stuffed chickens I played with as a kid. Not too many cartoon chickens, Foghorn Leghorn was a paternalistic know-it-all. Kill and eat with no guilt on any level.

The colonel does it well, but $45 for a bucket seems a bit pricey. What ever happened to the "corn and cluck for under a buck"? The asians do it with fruit, luv me the orange chicken. Cant beat Mrs. Whiteys chicken masala with fluffy rice. Heck, throw a bird in the oven with some lemon and garlic and le' bon ton roulet. Im sure the word "jerk" might just make Mr. Field moist with emotion.

YUP. Its even better the next day.

Didnt Oprah give cars away one show? Now its chicken? The economy is worse than I thought.

Marketing Diva said...


Did you photoshop the KFC bucket on her head. There is no way she has slipped this far back into the house.

Please Field tell me this really is a joke, Oprah is not wearing a chicken bucket hat

I will not lower myself to address the reference that this so called protest was civil rights area in scope. These damn people have let the Fried Chicken go to their heads.

Anonymous said...

Hi Field, I know this isn't relevant to the post, but I thought you might be as outraged as I was over this New York Times obituary. Its headline reads: "Harold E. Fischer Jr., an American Flier Tortured in a Chinese Prison, Dies at 83"

The description of his time at prison: "For most of that time, he was kept in a dark, damp cell with no bed and no opening except a slot in the door through which a bowl of food could be pushed. Much of the time he was handcuffed. Hour after hour, a high-frequency whistle pierced the air."

This is the same paper that uses the phrase "harsh interrogation techniques" to describe what the Bush administration approved.

As a person of color, I can't shake that old familiar feeling that some editor over at that paper thinks that when a white person does it, it's called "harsh interrogation techniques." When a not-so-white person does it? "Torture."

Luckily, it looks like at least a few "lefty" journalists picked up on the glaring contradiction of terms.
PS - I'm a big fan of your blog!

cinco said...

"...again with the God damn chicken!"

Although famously said in "Little Miss Sunshine"...I echo these seniments.

Nothing seems to get more people together/involved then 'free chicken.'.
Pathetic, but too often true.

field negro said...

No Marketing Diva, I did not. But that's a good question. I will have to see if someone did, because if they didn't... I might have to agree with you. To the House with her.

"Didnt Oprah give cars away one show? Now its chicken? The economy is worse than I thought." LOL!

szpork, what's your favorite way to cook chicken?

Anon. thanks for the love, and for that NYT link. You make a great point. Oh the power of newspaper editors. The things they can do with words.

And speaking of words: when did Kentucky Fried Chicken become KFC?:)

Anonymous said...

I'm mad at Oprah for telling everyone about the KFC Grilled Chicken Now I can't even get into the store!! The Grilled Chicken is a definite hit for KFC. Much better than the regular old grease sticks they normally portray as chicken. I'm with you on the KFC vs. Kentucky Fried Chicken thing. They switched up the name in the 80's or early 90's to sound less, shall we say, "Kentucky". I mentioned Kentucky Fried Chicken to a teenager the other day and he looked at me and said "What's that??" He never knew that KFC stood for Kentucky Fried Chicken!! Stupid kid! I snatched his colored card for being so culturally ignorant!! If there is anything a Negro should know is what KFC stands for!!

Dr. Nuwang said...

I craved 2 things when I came out of the hospital a last month: Some KFC and a bottle of hot sauce, LOL!!

I NEVER, EVER eat KFC as in the last time I had it before last month was 3 years ago because I like my fried chicken much better, but after 4 days on a liquids only diet, my body was screaming for KFC!

You know Oprah can't win for loosing. She had Martha Stewart on her show and Black folks complain. She gives away fried chicken, which I know you southern negros especcialy love, and you complain.

Funny, I bet some of you guys were down with Oprah back in the day before she became filthy rich and well liked by white folks. But the richer and more popular she got, the more your support for her started to wane.

And people wonder why Blacks are often referred to crabs in a bucket.

Dr. Nuwang said...

And Field you know you wrong for putting a picture of Oprah with a KFC bucket on her head. DEAD wrong, LOL!!

Hathor said...

KFC is more appropriate since the CEO speaks with a southern English or is it an Aussie accent.

field negro said...

"And Field you know you wrong for putting a picture of Oprah with a KFC bucket on her head. DEAD wrong, LOL!!"

I swear I didn't photo-shop that pic.

"He never knew that KFC stood for Kentucky Fried Chicken!! Stupid kid! I snatched his colored card for being so culturally ignorant!! If there is anything a Negro should know is what KFC stands for!!"

Yeah that kid needed the "Drop Squad".

Fans and Friends of Lydia Cornell said...

Glad to read you are tongue-in-cheek! I was beginning to think you were rather confrontational. I banned some bloggers for threatening each other.

I love some of your other posts and left comments there.

Love this from the sidebar:
"..While most of what he writes is tongue-in-cheek, his space is a safe house for candid discussions about race, especially in the comments section, where people of all colors meet."

~~~Daniel Rubin, "The Philadelphia Inquirer"~~
"I had no idea, for example, of the extent of the African-American blogging world out there and its collective powers of dissemination.But now, after reading thousands of anguished, thoughtful comments posted on these blogs reflecting on issues of persistent racial discrimination in the nation's schools and courtrooms, what's clear to me is that there's a new, "virtual" civil rights movement out there on the Internet that can reach more people in a few hours than all the protest marches, sit-ins and boycotts of the 1950s and 60s put together." ~Chicago Tribune Reporter, Howard Witt~

This is a great site. Please check out my article on Militia media too:

Anonymous said...

This is one of those times when I didn't have to worry about long lines at KFC. I went to the one near my office on my way home and there was *one* car in front of me at the drive-thru.

I'll blog about my experience later tonight.


Rudy said...

Why do we lose our minds over free trivial stuff?

Luckily the deceased Jim Jones wasn't serving Kool-Aid (actually Flav-Aid) with the free chicken...jeez!

Anonymous said...

Last year a herd of folks in the state of New York busted down the doors of a Wal-Mart store and trampled a person to death while stampeding through the door for a sale. But this time, they only staged a sit-in for two free pieces of grilled chicken with two side dishes and managed to not kill anybody. Now that's progress.

The KFC scene in NYC made the Popeye's chicken scene in Minnesota look dignified.

Dr. Nuwang said...

Rudy said...
Luckily the deceased Jim Jones wasn't serving Kool-Aid (actually Flav-Aid) with the free chicken...jeez!

At the clinic where I volunterred in SE DC, wehad to "bribe" women to come in for a free mammogram.

Yeah, I'd say that Black folks as a whole really have their priorities mixed up!

Max Reddick said...

I can't say that I was shocked at black people's reaction. That fiasco on Earth Day should have been a clue. When I was coming home from work on Wednesday, the overflow from KFC actually had the streets blocked and the police were out directing traffic. Absolutely amazing!

Anonymous said...

One of my professor colleagues was running around the other day with a coupon asking if she could borrow someone's computer to download this coupon for the free chicken. I didn't know anything about this Oprah/free chicken deal, but she was desperate --I thought I saw the woman perspiring she was rushing about so -- because she was running out of time, and she wanted to make sure she was well within the time limit to print the coupon or whatever she needed to do to get this free chicken meal. Mind you, this is a woman who makes $80K. The last thing I saw before I left for the day was her sitting at someone's desk trying to download the chicken coupon. Goes to show you: We're all looking for something free. Doesn't much matter what it is. Could be a free bag of clothespins or a pack of inkpens. We don't care. As long as we think we're getting something for free. Oprah oughts to be 'shame of herself, but of course she's not. I suppose that's her way of helping to stimulate the economy. Give away some free chicken.

Unknown said...

i really loathe oprah for this.. have been side eyeing her for a while now...
the lovely *gushing* michelle obama meanwhile did the sesame street ad with elmo to get kids to do some exercise...
maybe michelle should have a word with oprah...
and i fear the 'undercover brother' chicken conspiracy theory may be coming true...

grinder said...

When I heard about the free chicken I must say I was astonished that KFC would do this at a time when the unemployment rate is nearly 9%, and much higher for blacks and Mexicans.

I thought to myself, what happened, did someone at KFC misplace the decimal point on a wholesale chicken order form?

grinder said...

By the way, Field, just so you know, this white man grew up on barbecued chicken. Of course, my father always burned the shit out of it. Never did much like it fried, though, and I have always especially hated the Colonel's version.

Bob said...

My online 60 year old ladyfriend from Johnstown sent me the free chicken coupon link. But the KFC is a little take out place on the other side of the tracks near the hospital that closed few years ago, if you get the picture. I got fifty bucks in my wallet & there's a Burger King around the corner. Free chicken over that way counts for something.

Say It Loud said...

"If there is anything a Negro should know is what KFC stands for!!"

Everybody knows that KFC stands for Keep your Fingers off my Chicken.

field negro said...

Anon 1:37PM. Don't be surprised. I know atty's making long $ who will knock you over to get to the donut store for a free coffee. And don't even get me started on the Wal Mart fiasco. (I think I blogged about it at the time)

Rudy, Jim Jones had Kool Aid. Some health people would argue that the folks at KFC and Popeye's are no better than Jim Jones.

"Everybody knows that KFC stands for Keep your Fingers off my Chicken."

Say It Loud, it's too early for me to be laughing this hard. Stop it!!

field negro said...

Lydia, I will check out your site.

Blaque Swan said...

Are we really upset or like Lydia said, tongue-in-cheek?

Rudy said...

In the end, the chicken is not free for those who value their time. I value my time too much to stand in line for hours for something non-essential.

Dr. Nuwang said...

no1kstate said...
Are we really upset or like Lydia said, tongue-in-cheek?

If you have to ask, you probably need an enema, LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Oprah messed up with this one. Though honestly couldn't she have picked something better than free KFC to giveaway. KFC is only marginal as far as fried chicken goes. I'll be honest though and say had it been a free Starbucks giveaway I would have been all over that. LOL

Javier said...

Amen, Rudy?

Chicken?! Check out factory farm conditions at to see what all of you put in your mouths. KNOW YOUR FOOD, PEOPLE! And you wonder how more and more virulent strains of disease enter the population.

Next time any of you go to your local supermarket to pick up some chops look to see if the USDA grades it. Yeah the gov't doesn't grade pork. Not that grading ensures quality meat is making its way to your table. The FDA doesn't even have the manpower or the "teeth" to enforce the disgraceful condtions in the meat industry.

What is amazing is how we Americans haven't really been able to put it together. We are the most obese industrialized nation in the world. Cancer, Diabetes and cardiovascular disease are rampant in the population. We are able to prolong life because of advancements in medical technology but we do very little to prevent disease. Pharmaceuticals treat the symptoms of these lifestyle diseases all while causing other problems (seven different pills for one symptom?) and we wonder why people are dropping like flies.

I challenge anybody to eat no animal protein for one week. Fruit, vegetables, grains, etc. You may hate it for a while or even the whole week but you'll have more energy, your cholesterol and blood pressure will go down and you'll see common GI problems lessen in severity or go away entirely. Nothing to lose and your health to gain.

kid said...

I made this up myself.OK, that's a lie .My friend Cali Tejeno hook me up to this. Hope you like it:

Popeye's Style Chicken Strips

5 chicken tenders
2 tablespoons white pepper
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
2 teaspoons paprika
1 tablespoon salt
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 Cup all purpose flour**
2 Eggs
1/2 cup milk
Blend milk and two eggs in a bowl to create egg wash. Mix all dry ingredients into another large bowl. Dip chicken tenders into egg wash and then roll in dry mixture until all surfaces are coated. Set chicken tenders aside for 15-20 minutes. Once cooking oil in deep fryer is at the correct temperature, fry chicken tenders for 5-6 minutes. Remove chicken tenders from cooking oil and place on a paper towel on a plate for 2-3 minutes to allow excess oil to drip off. Serve with ranch dressing or your favorite condiment.

** For crispy strips, add 1 tablespoon of corn starch and subtract 1 tablespoon of flour from dry mixture.

kid said...


1 Tablespoon Salt

2 heaping teaspoons of Black Pepper

1 Teaspoon of Accent or MSG

1 cup of Milk

1/2 cup of flour

2 eggs

1 whole chicken

it taste BETTER than the real stuff.

Cook with a lid on.

Anonymous said...

Just to save Oprah from the House, you can tell that pic has been photoshopped 'cause there's no shadow of the bucket behind her like there is of the rest of her.

Anonymous said...

Whats next, Free Watermelon at Chuck E Cheeze??? Seriously, what do y'all find so attractive about shitty Pizza served by a Cartoon Rat?? Or greasy chicken served by a Confederate Colonel?? OK, sure, I'll get me some Popeyes every once in awhile, but only from the drive through, so I can use my fake Black voice (Its GOOD...) so they don't fry Chucky and put him in my 3 piece Spicy with Dirty Rice...


Rudy said...


Yes, the American diet is a factor in the obesity epidemic. However, I will say that technology and work are greater factors.

Many Americans just do not exercise. We drive everywhere. We sit on our collective asses all day then come home thinking that we are physically tired, when in fact we are mentally tired.

Some Americans who own homes, could do some justice by purchasing a treadmill, some weights and other cheap accessories and commit ourselves to entering the garage for a workout before entering the home to sit on their fat asses.

I am preaching to the choir though. If one hasn't been socialized to exercise at a young age, then one hasn't internalized this important value and is probably incapable of making it a part of his/her lifestyle.

I am glad that I was born and grew up before the technological boom.

Dr. Nuwang said...

Rudy, I just got back from working out, so AMEN to your last post!

J, as one of the resident Scientists on Fields blog, I can assure you that folks aren't "catching" viruses by eating them unless the poultry is extremely undercooked. Influenza cases that have made the news in recent year are Zoonotic infections, or those that are primarily spread from animals to humans through direct and intense human contact, not through consumption. The problem comes about when these viruses mutate, become more virulent or more infectious, and gain the capacity to be transmitted from human to human.

If you or any else is really concerned about preventing viruses from becoming more virulent, stop coming to work when you know you're ill.

Anonymous said...

"Everybody knows that KFC stands for Keep your Fingers off my Chicken." LOL! I stand corrected. Can I have my colored card back?

Dr. Nuwang said...

Kid, you do realize that MSG is linked to numerous adverse heath affects, right?

So go ahead, eat up!

Rudy said...

You say viruses transfer from animals to humans by way of intense contact, not consumption.

Since that is the case, can one reasonably assume that human sexual contact with a pig is a source of swine flu?

This is not an attempt at being facetious. Beastiality does exist and probably accounts for some of the diseases in our midst.

Anonymous said...

QUESTION: If Oprah had offered a coupon for a $10 free book of our choice, say, at a Borders or Barnes & Noble, do you think the masses of us would have stumbled over ourselves to get to the bookstores? I think not. For all of Oprah's glamour, prestige, influence, and global presence, she really is not far from that old stereotypical, slave-thinking mentality: Offer a coupon for free chicken to a few million black folks and watch them act the pure fool. Oprah's a savvy and smart business woman. Surely she knew that such a thing would be a debacle. But that is not the point. The point is that many of us have embraced this cult of celebrity and have come to accept whatever offers a celebrity feels is worthy of their giving and thus of our acceptance. Our acceptance of such "presents" (or presence)places us within the psychological sphere of the celebrity, as in "I got this from Oprah. Oprah gave me something. Thank you, Oprah. I love you, Oprah." This chicken giveaway also emotionally endears us to her (and her to us), which allows her to continue her public therapy of issues related to her childhood, issues that she is, at age 55, still working through. This whole "chicken giveaway" thing is, from an emotional perspective on her end, a way for her to capture an audience of people who may not necessarily be engendered to her. Oprah still needs to emotionally bond with people in an effort to feel whole and complete.

Just my two cents.

(This is Anon 1:37 PM)

Anonymous said...

Clarification on my ^^ post:

"... Offer a coupon for free chicken to a few million people and watch black folks act the pure fool."

I don't want to suggest that the coupons were intended for black folks only or that we are the only ones who enjoy fried chicken. Quite the contrary.

Javier said...

I don't recall claiming that you can eat a virus.

I think I segued, right? Is that what you call it?

Let me expand on my point in case you missed it. And I apologize because I'm not a patient typer so perhaps the segue wasn't that smooth.

My point is simply that technology has so far removed Americans from food production that we put an enormous amount of trust into food producers that care less about the condition of the animals they put into the food chain and a gov't that cares just as little about ensuring the quality of said food.

This in turn allows unsanitary conditions in factory farms where animals live in their own filth in cramped, overcrowded cages for the entirety of their short lives (I'm no PETA activist but you have to see the living conditions). The workers are at risk of picking up pathogens that are spread to their loved ones and you can take it from their. This is exactly how this latest strain of flu spread across Mexico.

Rudy, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Exercise is yet another component of the holistic view of health care. But when you have a patient with coronary artery disease, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, Ejection Fraction in the 20s and 90% blockage of the LAD try telling them to go exercise. They won't be able to walk their dog without feeling tightness in their chest! One the other hand if you can get them to cut out meat from their diet and increase their consumption of fruits/veggies and grains they can see a reversal in their condition and prolong their life. People have weaned themselves off of insulin by modifying diet alone!

To use a simple analogy would you keep putting 87 octane fuel in your '09 Ferrari, not change the oil for 7000 miles and then open it up on the highway? No. Of course not. That goes for any engine tuned for high octane fuel.

So if your assumption Rudy is that exercise is more of a cause than diet for the decline in health in this country I respectfully disagree with you.

Fly is absolutely right about MSG. There are a whole host of additives that are, well, added to processd foods that have been found to be addictive (keep you buying more of it). Ever wonder why you can't eat just one chip. Not to mention the neurotoxic qualities of a lot of these additives.

Children are especially susceptible to the ill effects of food additives. Yet, children have been weaned off of ADHD medications by modifying diet.

Corny as it sounds, you are what you eat.

The difference between committing suicide and eating garbage is that eating garbage just kills you slower.

I was raised vegan up until the time I was four when my father introduced me to the happy meal. Coincidentally, my father is the patient I was talking about earlier. I can't remember when I stopped eating beef but I gave up chicken cold turkey (ha!) in 1999. Have been vegetarian since. I'm 5'9" 195lbs so I'm not starving! And if I took up Rudy's advice I'd be down to a nice healthy 180!

I DO NOT plan on having a heart attack like my father and run the risk of open heart surgery for something that I can prevent from happening.

Javier said...

Oh! My mother is the diabetic that weaned herself off her meds by changing her diet! Mom setting the quiet example to dad. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Lady-Cracker said...

Agree with you totally J. You are what you eat.

Somewhere yesterday on MSNBC there was published an article that gave the results of a food study. They had some carefuly weighted, calculated formula. The bottom line was that we Americans really just eat too much, it is not just not getting enough exercise. That is my family's problem and I am sooo guilty!

Rudy said...

Anon 1:48 PM:

Alas, the answer to your question is no.

Also, I can't attest to your quasi-psycho-analysis of Oprah.

Rudy said...


Exercise isn't the panacea for all health woes. However, it is a great preventative factor if one starts early.

My runner friend has had a dirty diet for years, but his arteries are clean, has a blood pressure ro 110/70 and a resting pulse of 28.

I think his investment in running miles (70 miles/week when preparing for a race) plays a main factor in excreting impurities from his body that would otherwise lay and fester in his body were he a sedentary person.

Javier said...

Sounds to me, Rudy, like your friend is the recipient of great genes!

Ever hear about the marathon runner that collapsed from a heart attack.

I AM with you on the exercise though. We don't do it enough, coupled with poor diet marinate with some work-related stress and some bad genes for garnish! Bon appetit!

Rudy said...

Yeah, his name was Jim Fixx.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

This is not about chicken but it is a good laugh for you good people. I vote yes to all she is saying too. (wink)

Anonymous said...

Wow, how can the press analogize a sit in over chicken to a sit in to desegregate lunch counters and bus terminals. Have we come so far? Check out what I think about this on my blog

Dr. Nuwang said...

J said...
Chicken?! Check out factory farm conditions at to see what all of you put in your mouths. KNOW YOUR FOOD, PEOPLE! And you wonder how more and more virulent strains of disease enter the population.

J, it's easily implied by this statement you made that eating chicken leads to more virulent starins of viruses'. Personally, I buy 90% of my meat from Whole Foods not that the sources there are perfect but because of my schedule, I tend to eat out a lot which introduces non organic foods into my diet. Luckily though, folks in my house aren't all that big on eating meat.

Rudy, human sexual contact with any animal I imagine could leave one susepctible to any disease the animal has. However, when I refered to direct contact I was more referring to contact with chicken blood via Cock fights, or that which is gain from working at a chicken plant or farm.

With that said, Black women need to be borderline petifired of sexing Black men due to the AIDS risk in the Black community more so than eating Porky or Chicken little. The pandemic in the Black community is AIDS NOT SARS, H1N1 or H5N1 (Bird Flu).

EzMun said...

I 'get' Field's tongue-in-cheek post on the chicken fiasco, but I think some of you good folks have taken him a bit too seriously. No where in these reports has anyone said that it was only Black folk who were clogging up KFC's lines. In fact the picture Field uses to document shows a room full of White folk. White people watch Oprah too.

Javier said...

Fly, I'll give you that. Perhaps I give too much credit that people can make the intellectual leap to what my stream of thought. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Field, I like making rotisserie chicken best. Those first couple of bites are always amazing.


Dr. Nuwang said...

J said...
Fly, I'll give you that. Perhaps I give too much credit that people can make the intellectual leap to what my stream of thought. Sorry.

You know I could have first called you a dumb ass for implying that eating virses was a major source of infection and virulence, completely ignoring the fact even if that were the case, the heat used in cooking chicken, especially frying, would inactivate most if not all zoonotic viruses.

So the next time you decide to hurl an insult just do it, instead of hiding behind passive aggressive language and speech.

Anonymous said...

"Corny as it sounds, you are what you eat."

I agree except I would add that only your BODY is what you eat. It is what you feed it. However, your body is not ALL of you. It reflects 'A' weakness in your MIND but it is not ALL of "who you are."

If your mind lacks discipline and doesn't understand or care what 'good' food REALLY is, then KFC will seem like it's "finger licking good." Unfortunately, it's going to kill you just as dead as Jim Jones Kool-Aid. Except you are going to suffer longer because it's going to take longer to kill you. And it's going to cost you some money for medication(s) and as you go in and out of the hospital. Jim Jones kool-aid is more hospitals or spending a lot of money to stay alive, you get to die the econo-way--no mess, no fuss.


Christopher said...

Poor Mama O.

She goes and does something good for a nation mired in recession and what happens? She gets her ass handed to her by her critics because KFC acts like a douchebag.

You go, Oprah. And when you send me the keys to my new Mercedes, I would like a 500SEC in black with leather seats and a moon roof.

cinco said...

Moderation is the key!!!!

As an RN I've seen a lot of people die-young, old, athletes, vegans, chicken only eaters, alcholics, anorexics etc. You can follow all the latest health 'rules' and still die from 'natural' causes.

My family is from Mississippi/Alabama- most of my 'great'relatives cooked in lard, ate chitlins, hog maws, fried 'everthing', used lots of butter and grease and never used low fat, calorie reducing anything. They rarely if ever went to any doctor and they almost all lived to @ least 95, with the oldest so far dying @ 104.

Nothing is so good for you that you should always consume it- even excess water consumption can be toxic.

Dr. Nuwang said...

cinco said...
My family is from Mississippi/Alabama- most of my 'great'relatives cooked in lard, ate chitlins, hog maws, fried 'everthing', used lots of butter and grease and never used low fat, calorie reducing anything. They rarely if ever went to any doctor and they almost all lived to @ least 95, with the oldest so far dying @ 104.

Yeah, but without talking about what they did for a living and other personal habits, this isn't even close to being the complete picture. Lots of my relatives ate the same thing and lived long lives but worked in the fields and never smoked or drank alohol and maintained a reasonable body weight.

Anonymous said...

I really hate food nazis who think that they are morally superior because they don't eat one thing or the other. Get over yourselves! If I hear one more person tell me that pork is evil and that I should eat Turkey bacon (whatever that is) I think I'm going to flip out!! Vegetarians are at just a great a risk of food borne illness as anyone else, especially those idiots who eat everything raw. Ever heard of E. coli? It gets into spinach too. So, if you don't mind, I have a cow to eat.

DuchessDee said...

One of my favorite movies is "Undercover Brother". Billie Dee Williams play Gen Warren Boutwell, who "the white man" uses and tricks to endorse GFC Chicken to masses. The chicken is to brainwash the masses.
Has Oprah become Gen Warren Boutwell? Has she been captured zapped out of her right mind and into her left. lol. In the meantime I will leave the chicken to youse folks, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, no1kstate, you can't say nothing without getting called out.

Damn, girl.


Anonymous said...

Frank-"...I'll get me some Popeyes every once in awhile, but only from the drive through, so I can use my fake Black voice (Its GOOD...) so they don't fry Chucky and put him in my 3 piece Spicy with Dirty Rice..."


rikyrah said...

how could KFC underestimate the power of 'O'? and. it was GRILLED, not fried. Her 'O'ness was trying to get us healthy , Field.

unokhan said...

So this is how a revolution starts: Promise a bunch of chicken loving A-murder-cans freebies and not deliver.or how a revolution dissolves into a sad puddle of bling-in-grease

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Well gosh, what a surprise. . . upper crust big city lawyer from a highly educated and worldly family won't stage a sit in over a broken promise of a two piece with sides and a drink.
Wassamatter? Can't show no unity with your cuzins?

Abel Pharmboy said...

Field, wow, thanks for my pronouncement as one of your "blogging buddies!" I didn't do much reading this weekend and hadn't realized I had secured this lofty title until I looked at my referral logs this morning. Wow! I don't know what to say.

I was actually hoping to get a word in with Oprah yesterday as she was here in the Town-That-Tobacco-Built giving the commencement address and receiving an honorary doctorate from Duke University. I was spotted immediately by security and Tazed.

Nomad said...

KFC must be trying to compete with the delicious McRib sandwich from McDonald's; it's hard to resist those yummy painted-on grill stripes...