Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey Texas, when are you going to start this little secession thing? The rest of us are getting impatient.


That was the sign on Gayle and Sheila Muh's property in Liberty County, Texas. Seems like they are serious about property rights down in the -soon to be-country of Texas. You all remember the case of old Joe Horn (Didn't he play for the Saints?) down in Houston, right? He walked free and is now appearing at a "Tea Party" near you after killing a couple of illegals who were breaking into his neighbor's home.

Anyway, back to the Muhs. Unfortunately the Coffey family either didn't see the sign or chose to ignore it, and as a result, it cost their seven year old son his life. The poor little guy died at a Houston hospital just a couple of days after being struck in the head with shot gun pellets.

Apparently this unsuspecting family had the nerve to be off- roading near the Muh's property and stopped to go to the bathroom. According to the Houston Chronicle the couple fired when they "mistakenly" thought the family was trespassing on their property. And apparently in the great state of Texas, killing trespassers is a family sport.

"Liberty County Chief Deputy Ken DeFoor said Sheila Muhs fired a 12-gauge shotgun once, then handed it to her husband who also fired once." (It's a good thing that they[the Muhs] didn't have kids or the whole [Coffey] family would have been wiped out. The family that shoots together stays together) "DeFoor said Sheila Muhs then called 911 and told the dispatcher: They are out here tearing up the levee, so I shot them." See folks, in Texas, levees are very important. But there is just one little problem; the levee in question belonged to the subdivision and was not on private property.

So now a seven year old is dead; a family friend is in serious condition; and a wounded father is left to mourn the loss of his son. But hey, that's how they roll in Texas. I bet governor "good hair"loved this story.

You know Governor, I was thinking; maybe that Ordinance Of Secession wasn't such a bad idea.


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allheavens said...
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allheavens said...
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allheavens said...

A 250 IQ puts you above Physicist/Engineer Kim Ung-yong with a verified IQ of 210, Marilyn vos Savant who scored a 228 as a child and Michael Kearney with a recorded IQ of 300. But these are all ratio IQ scores, translated into what is use to score today (deviation IQs), their scores are 179, 186 and 203, respectively.

How did you manage to go completely unnoticed with an recorded IQ higher than anyone in human history?

Sorry alicia but the human race would be required to produce more than 16,000 times the number of people it already has in all of our collective existence to create someone with an IQ of 220 let alone 250. Producing a score of 228 or 250 is a virtual mathematical impossibility in a world population of only 7 billion.

Above (or below) a certain threshold, IQ performance is simply noise. If you extrapolated all the way to IQ 200 (and if you were that smart, you understand why you can’t), you’re scoring a whopping 6 standard deviations above the mean and will have to look elsewhere for your intellectual equals. Since 99.9999998027% of a normally-distributed group falls within 6 standard deviations, the number of members of that uber-Mensa is six (6). In the entire world.

In all those AP classes you took to acquire that 5.0 GPA I guess Statistics wasn't one of them. If you had said 160 I might be able to get on board but 250...umm, sorry that train is leaving the station without me as a passenger.

But I commend you on your other accomplishments.

cinco said...


Can't we all return to the post headlines? Address the topic and move on.

I know it's hard to respect the opinions of others, even when they're mingled with craziness; with fabrication and with nonsense!

There are plenty of well thoughout opinions on this blog. I wish the comments would register from where I last viewed them so I could skip the pointless rhetoric...but what can I say? One thing for sure, if the hatred and foolishness presented here is an example it can only make you glad that you only know these idiots as posters and not in real life.

cinco said...


Can't we all just get along?

There are no real rules here on the internet. Opinions can be just that or they can be based on fact. But who cares? I like the times (lesser and lesser these days) when inteligent discussions result.

MsNegroEsquire2004 said...

I'm still stuck on the fact that the two people in those mugshots are 45 years old. Impossible!

Mack Lyons said...

Alicia doesn't need help. She's beyond that.

She needs to be put away in a mental institution. Locked away nice and tight from the rest of the general public.

Anonymous said...

"Can't we all return to the post headlines? Address the topic and move on."

We can only move on when we have given AB the attention and honor she deserves. Let's face it, AB is an EXCEPTIONAL human being that no one can match. With an IQ of 250, she is the smartest person EVER! I insist that we acknowledge this great truth. She is also so beautiful that she makes Nefertiti look ugly. We should bow to her awesome beauty. Only then can we get back to what Field posted.

Remember: "AB always comes first." Just ask uptownsteve...he KNOWS.

Anonymous said...

Alicia Banks. Get a life. You have problems.

Anonymous said...

Uh lee see uh:

What I would like to know is why, if one Googles you, all that shows up is your blogs and "fan" based links.

If you were so effing accomplished and such a Who-Whosie, there would be a lot of Google data on you. I can Google my next door neighbor and see a lot more accomplishments and plenty of web sites related to him (and he's just a small town prosecutor). I can even Google my own mother and see more web-related links about her and she, quite frankly is NOBODY (but an artist and writer).

No one can access any of the "accomplishments" you have listed. If you're so damned impressive, why do you not show your curriculum vitae on your blog?

You are without a doubt the most puffed up person I have ever seen. And, you have nothing to puffed up about, nothing!

Your picture shows all of us, ("worth a thousand words") the type of ego maniac that you are. Are you always in everyone's face? Do you have any sense of personal space? Doubtful! A regular femme Nazi I say.

The fakery of your written profile is truly humerous and pathetic. And, where did you get that 250 IQ idea. Was it a typo and now you feel you have to stick with it?

Why are you not listed in the alum roster of Urbana? I had an alum friend check it.

I know I shouldn't be wasting my time the way you waste yours ruining the Field's blog with your egotistical/egocentric ridiculing and churlish behavior.

You really should stop throwing mud at people and try to stick on point. People are allowed to disagree with anyone, but to be so nasty and to take things so damn personally is very childish.

Obviously you grew up never being called for your behavior.

By the way, I hold several degrees from Northwestern, you know Evanston, IL.

I'm a volunteer literacy advocate and mentor. I also mentor young people in the building trades.

I was a freelance reporter for the Rolling Stone while at University. I have several national awards in advertising and film.

I give over 15% of my gross income back to the community, church and world at large.

I work with civic organizations and local charities/food banks for the betterment of the community.

What are you doing to improve the lives of those less fortunate than yourself?

Anonymous said...

I think this two ton AB broad is off her meds. I bet they don't fill her script again until the 15th.

Got to learn to take them properly!

Ivan Ivanovich Renko said...

Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

How could a rational discussion go so far off track?

A little boy is dead because his family was on someone's property.

Not stealing, wrecking, or any damn thing else-- just there.But could we discuss that tragedy? Nooooo. We have a bunch of people who's friggin' egos won't let them stay on the goddamn topic.Field, my deeply esteemed brother-- I think it may be time to start doing some comment moderation- or outright banishments.

Now, to step off-topic myself-- when's that run gonna be, my brother?

Anonymous said...

Hey House Negro Im a Black who will choose Texas over Penn in any given day.

RiPPa said...

Is it me, or does the couple in the pic look like the product of inbreeding at the hands of a crazy meth-head brother & sister team?

krystalxlyte said...

when I first read this the killers looked exactly as I imagined. This state really blows.

krystal from dallas

krystalxlyte said...

@ RiPPa

no its not just you. Where ordinarily they'd stick out like a sore thumb anyplace else in Texas you're certain to know someboy that know somebody that looks like these methed-out fools ...they should have a birth control law to go with the gun control law for these types of people. I'll bet they're republicans too..if not distant cousins of the Bush family...sad and pathetic.

krystal from dallas.

cinco said...


After researching in several areas just to kill my curiosity, I can't find anyone listed with an IQ of 250. No one dead or alive!

So to ab, I will skip over any future comments by you as your opinions are foever tainted.

Anyone that would embellish their identity on a blog is full of shit; and not worth any communication. So now I know for sure.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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