Sunday, May 31, 2009

One officer kills a comrade, and another kills our progress.

"FN, this was nice. Now tell this to the *wife of Officer Omar J. Edwards, 25, a black officer was shot died by a white officer in NYC.Do you think she wants to "Sit down and have an honest, open conversation...guarantee equal rights, opportunity, and justice for all of our citizens". How do you think she will raise her children to "educate and teach them while they are young." ~DuchessDee~

I feel DuchessDee's frustration, who among us doesn't? Officer Omar Edward should be alive today, and if it wasn't for the color of his skin, he probably would be. It's frustrating, it's sad, and tomorrow it will happen again. The person might not die, but somewhere in A-murder-ca injustice will be done.

As sad and angry as this story makes me, it doesn't make me as angry as how I felt about that incident in yet another state that I wish would seriously consider secession from these divided states, Oklahoma. What that state trooper did to EMS driver, Maurice White, Jr (That's what you get for leaving Earth Wind & Fire) was beyond inexcusable. It smacked of racism and ignorance. And I can just imagine how many times this storm.., whoops, I mean state trooper had pulled this little stunt in the past. But White was lucky, he lived to star in a movie about it. Edwards was not.

Had Edwards not been shot and worse, lost his life; what he [the state trooper] did would have probably been worse than what Andrew Dunton, the man who shot Omar Edwards,did. Dunton made his decision in a split second. (This state trooper had ample time to think about his ignorance and how he was acting) In the split second that it takes to make a life and death decision, he made the wrong one thanks to a life time of false perceptions and stereotypes. Oh you will read about what a good neighbor he was, and how he loved his community blah blah blah. I am sure he did, but I am guessing that his community didn't exactly look like Omar Edward's community if you get my drift. Dunton pulled the trigger that killed Edwards because he probably didn't know any other people like him [Edwards] other than the ones who wore the uniform of his employer. People like Omar Edwards, to him, were all on the wrong side of the law. It's a shame, because, as we have tried to say on this blog countless times, all it would take is a willingness to be open and an effort to see other people as just people. So when he jumped out of that unmarked police car in East Harlem, there was no doubt in his mind that he was taking action against a law breaker who was preying on an innocent citizen. But tragically, he was wrong.

Edwards wasn't wearing a NYPD uniform, he was wearing his human one, and it cost him his life.


Visibility said...


There is not much to say to this story. The tragedy is overwhelming.

And what is sad, is that while WE feel this loss profoundly, there are many, who don't share our color, that feel that the officer who shot him was well within his rights and just made a mistake. You know, they really do think that most of the time, we browns and blacks are just disposable, lawless creatures of the night, and therefore deserving of instant capital punishment.

What i don't understand, is how, after years on the force, officers can't shot to stop, not shot to kill. The body is big, you can't aim for arms, legs, hands, feet, shoulders? Or how about a few warning shots?

Mr. Noface said...

From the Article:

"Any African-American officer will tell you that, when they hear sirens, they are not saying 'Hooray, here comes the cavalry,' " Adams said. "They are saying 'Oh heck, I hope they know that I am an off-duty cop.' "
-Eric Adams

...And that right there is a damn shame. What I got from the article is that the city authorities seem to treating this as simply failure to recognize fellow officers in plain clothes, when they really need to be addressing the racial profiling that goes on in the minds of these (notice) white officers and how then leads to the accidental shootings of black police officers.

SickupandFed said...

What will make the NY thing worse is, nothing will be done about it. Sure, his widow will get some money but no one will pay the real price.

I wonder if that asshole in OK. will be the first to be charged under this new law just signed last week.

Gov. Brad Henry has signed legislation to protect medical personnel from assaults.

The measure by Rep. Marian Cooksey of Edmond authorizes a felony charge against ANYONE who assaults an emergency medical care provider or emergency medical technician who is performing medical care duties.

I wonder how they will let this thug go?

Saleema said...

I heard about the cop shooting another cop but I didn't read it.

I did watch the video this morning and HuffPo and it stayed with me all day.

Good thing that man had a camera with him (a phone camera?) and recorded it all.

The way the cop put his hand on that man's throat, I thought surely I'm gong to see a dead guy pretty soon.

That cop looked so mean and nasty, a killer, and the black guy up against the ambulance looked dignified.

I haven't been scared of cops, I have had good experiences only, pulled over for traffic violations, thrice, for tickets. But this scared the shit out of me.

I did not see the cop conerned about the lady in the ambulance. He was acting so coldly.

I hope they people sue him and sue him good and be able to get his uniform off.

Bob said...

NYPD's flexible crime suppression units are pretty effective, & widely copied by other urban depts, but they have to reconsider the prior street experience of the cops they assign to it. Four years on the force, Dunton may not have had enough.

Anonymous said...

What I have to say may sound insensitive, but it needs to be said. Officer Edwards' death, like all untimely deaths of young people is a tragedy.

But the worse tragedy is ongoing and can, in no small part, be laid at the very feet of those who feel the most aggrieved. Those brown skinned members of the brotherhood in blue, who yesterday joined arms (literally and symbolically) with Rev. Al Sharpton must have felt no small measure of hypocrisy. These Black and Latino officers are daily both witness and participant in the very behavior which they now publicly decry.

But that rings very hollow indeed to one who knows who the Blue line works. In fact, this is the classic case of "chickens coming home to roost". These officers of color, and very likely Officer Edwards himself, have turned a blind eye to the actions of their brother officers. Perhaps even to the previous excessive force of the very officer who ended Officer Edwards life. And now the shoot first and ask questions later tactics that had previously been at best ignored and at worst encouraged, has resulted in an unintended, though certainly forseeable, tragedy.

Forty years ago, Blacks were not allowed to be police officers in most of this country. The few places they were allowed were primarily to keep their own populations in line. One of the tactics of the civil rights movement and other racial equality activists was to push for more Black police officers. The thought process was that these officers would be more responsive to their communities, less inclined to use brutality as a control mechanism, and also would serve as a check on the activities of their white counterparts, who could not be expected to make an immediate 180 degree turn from centuries of heavy-handed law enforcement practices in the Black community. It seemed like a logical idea.

And forty years later you will find a significant minority presence in every urban area. Blacks and Latinos are head of many major metropolitan law enforcement agencies. Yet here we are forty years later, still marching down the same streets about the same thing. Instead of the minority officers changing the police culture, it appears that the police culture has corrupted the minority officers. That's the only way these incidents of excessive police force and general police lawlessness and depredations could continue to plague our communities.

To be fair, some of them really are trying to make a difference and help their communities. But that gets lost in a misguided police culture that requires a certain loyalty, and evaluates job performance by arrest stats. There is very little chance that an officer of any color can be in it, but not of it.

But that cannot excuse them. Claiming to be working from the inside to make things better only goes so far when the observable signs of your work indicate that you have become part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

I'm not speaking hypothetically. I've been there, and I know exactly what I'm talking about. I;ve seen it with my own eyes. Those black officers with Rev. Al probably feel doubly devastated. They have turned their backs on their community in solidarity with the Blue line, but they have to know that they are only honorary or provisional members of the club. they have all probably bee the victim of police profiling; something they generally shrug off because they have a badge that gets them out of most hassles. Something like this should bring home to them that they are part of a serious problem, and that they are all the more culpable because they know it and yet have chosen not to act.

It's not what most people want to hear, especially on the heels of a death like this one. But unless somebody in a position to make some changes stands up and says it, tomorrow as Field suggests, will be much the same as today.

Anonymous said...

WELL once again another BLACK MAN is DEAD!!! at the hand's of a WHITE POLICEMAN, this is no accident, these people are sending message's, and black men need to take heed, it matter's not to these angry people what position you have, if you are a black man you are a target, I have never ever heard of a ambulance being stopped like this, the truth is the WHITE MAN is so angry that they are breaking every law in the book! and they are doing it boldly, they were choking that BLACK MAN in broad daylight! and they could have cared less about who saw them, at the end of the day this is about the PRESIDENT! what make's it so sad is that, those were YOUNG WHITE TROOPER'S, and they were inching to kill that poor BLACK MAN, but, not so!

GRANNY i need to hear from you on this matter, WHITE PEOPLE have gone CRAZY, did you hear about the doctor that give's abortion's being killed! these people keep sending message's!

RiPPa said...

If I'm not mistaken, isn't this the third time this has happened to an off-duty police officer of color in NYC in the last 3 or 4yrs?

I'm thinking they need to arm them with plungers instead of guns. Sure brothers may feel a lil sore when it's over like that one brother several years ago. But at least they won't be shot by overzealous police officers.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the first time a non-white officer was killed by fraternal fire, nor will it be the last. As i mention on another blog with reguard to yhis incident, Officer Edwards will be held liable for his own death and Officer Dunston(or Dutton as has been reported in other accounts)will be (and already is in some accounts)made the victim. In the end, cop or not, it's just another dead Black man.

Swiff said...

SickupandFed inadvertently reminded me with his link:

88 years ago, at about this time of night, they started setting the fires in Tulsa.

God Bless the Dead.

matw said...

Would be nice if the report offered details of the affair. There are so many possibilities, and much is left to our interpretation. Not knowing anything else, it seems extreme to shoot a guy 6 times while he is chasing somebody else.

A tragic death. May he rest in peace, and his family find solace.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"I'm thinking they need to arm them with plungers instead of guns."

That was kind of funny. But might not be a bad idea. Better yet, maybe, our black males need to start painting their face white, and wearing white gloves, and cover themselves front and back with a big signs that says, "I'M NOT A CRIMINAL" before they leave out the house.

All this talk about we living in color blind society. Yea, we live in a color blind society alright. Only it is like the kind of color blind a bull sees. What I mean by that, when a bull sees red, they go crazy, all they see is red, and it makes them want to kill. Seems to me when white police see black or brown skin their just like that bull all they see is black and brown and they just want to kill.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

After two hundred and something years, racist whites have went from beating, burning, lynching, and tasering to shooting black men.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Exodus Mentality:

What you stated was very profound.

Prophetess Wallace:

Yes, they are angry and a lot of it does have something to do with electing President Obama. However, it is not all whites that feel that way, its just the two percent who have and always will hate people of color. There are many white people who stand behind President Obama one hundred percent and they are voicing their outrage as well. Many of them are as sick and tired of the racism as people of color are and want us to all to be able to live in peace with one another.

The Lord has been shining the light on the leaders of that two percent for the whole world to see and the majority of people do not like what they see. Their eyes are opening up. Those who are full of hatred are digging themselves deeper and deeper in their own mess and it is having a boomerang effect that is hitting them all upside their head and showing them up for the evil, hateful creatures that they are.

When a person's light is shining, it has that effect. Darkness cannot abide with light. Can two walk together unless they agree?

When in spiritual warfare, you aim for the head first, because when you destroy the head, it weakens the power of the enemy and the rest will flee. Picture it that way in your mind. Some might call it chess moves, some call it political strategy. It depends on whose lenses it is being viewed through. I pray that you understand what I'm trying to say.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

"He shoveled my driveway in the winter," said Robert Garrett, 84."

"I can't believe this. There must be an explanation that we don't know," said Bob Olsen, 56, whose daughters attended high school with Dunton, the city cop who killed a colleague in a friendly fire shooting."

Now, those are the highlights of that article you provided a link for to me. common those sayings have become. I know those lines by heart now as I am sure every other person of color does. It is like watching a rerun over and over and over... You know what they will say before they say it to the point that people of color are clairvoyance.

It just one question though, I'd like to ask that really puzzles me. How is it that when someone shoots a collegue they consider that "friendly fire". What in the world is friendly about it? I mean were they smiling when they did it or laughing or elated about it? Shouldn't it be more like an "accidental firing", I mean that is if it was an accident. I'm sorry but I just don't see nothing friendly about shooting someone.

Oh, the shoveled my driveway in the winter comment, now, that one deserves a cookie or a gold star. I'm sure that Edward shoveled someone's yard in the winter too. So,whoopie! They have felons locked up in prison that have probably shoveled someone's yard in the winter too, like a sister, grandmother, mother's yard, etc.

Then we have two sentences about Edward and one of the sentences states that Edward was carrying a gun. He is a cop, don't cops carry guns? There is nothing stating how Edward's wife is heartbroken or how she is feeling or if his child was crying. It's all about Dunton and how great of a neighbor he was.

Lord help us all today! I'm going to go get down on my knees and pray. Us Americans need some serious prayer going up in behalf of our nation.

Anonymous said...

I Bullet am sorry

grinder said...

Both New York cops were plainclothes, so in theory that shooting could have been accidental, but horrible and depressing.

But the Oklahoma EMT one? I can't imagine on God's green earth any legitimate excuse for that. What's worse is that I bet nothing will happen to the goddamned fuckin' Nazi.

biafrablk said...

Another black man dead because of ignorant racial profiling. I remember another case where the son of a decorated black officer was also killed in the line of duty and nothing came out of it. Something has to be done in situations like this. It seems only dedicated bloggers like you FN and Al are up in arms about this madness. As long as I am black, it will happen again and again until our country recognizes our worth.

field negro said...

Exodus,those were great comments. You left us something to think about.

"Plungers"? Rippa, you are too funny.

Anonymous said...

Ca Ca Ca Can't We all just get along???? Day-um y'all Speer Chuckers really do keep at this 24-7... Don't y'all have some basketball to watch?? Movies to go to and annoy the whites by talkin loud??
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Now go get your effin Shine Box...

Frankie "the Weasel" Drackman

Black Diaspora said...

Maybe I'm missing something here: Plainclothes cops see a black man chasing another man, with gun drawn, and they assume that the black man is without cause and shoot him?

The man doing the chasing could have been a victim, himself, (which he was).

He may have had his gun drawn for his own protection: the man he was chasing could have been "armed and dangerous."

The man doing the chasing could have had a license to carry a concealed weapon (which he did).

The man doing the chasing may have just witness the person being chased gun down a relative, a friend, or just a bystander.

The man doing the chasing may have been a plainclothes cop himself, or just off duty (which he was).

And on the flip side:

The man being chased may have been innocent and running from a pistol carrying nut job (not the case).

The man being chased may have witnessed a felonious act, and was fleeing the scene to avoid being hurt or killed (not the case).

How in the Hell, then, did these plainclothes officers sum of the situation so quickly, find the black man guilty, and shoot him multiple times without giving, as someone suggested, "a warning shot," or a call out, "Police officers. Stop or we'll shoot!"?

Had the white officers followed (I have to believe it exists for these very situations) police protocol, the black man would be alive today.

The only reasonable conclusion that may be reached here is that the white officers saw the black man's color and that was all that they needed to shoot.

This was taking the philosophy of "shoot now, and ask questions later" to a new height.

The only mistake that the black officer made that night was being a black man with a gun.

That's a lethal combination for any black man in this society.

Black Diaspora said...

"Y'all here KFC is givin away free Watermelon this week??" Frank Drackman

Frank Blackman, you may as well come out of the closet. We know you're passing.

Changing your name to Drackman was a weak ruse to throw us off the trail.

We know our kind. And I'm dead certain that you're one of us. So just come clean!

You know all the things we like, you speak like we do, and you like our hip-hop music. We know that you don't really mean it when you run it down.

We won't tell Blackman. We'll keep your little secret.

We embrace all blacks. Those passing and otherwise. You're with family now. You don't have to pretend anymore.

Dr. Nuwang said...

Tragic story, but the comment by Exodus was on point!

La♥audiobooks said...

Exodus Mentality said: "In fact, this is the classic case of "chickens coming home to roost". These officers of color, and very likely Officer Edwards himself, have turned a blind eye to the actions of their brother officers. "

Profound. Very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing.

It doesn't surprise me how certain white people would see this as an "accident". Some people just don't seem to get it. Must they always pacify white racism? Why must they always come up on the half way fence?

A plain clothed black person with a gun will always equal criminal in the eyes of racist white cops/society. How "accidental" is that?

Anonymous said...

MAY 29, 2009

The shooting death of NYC Officer Omar Edwards may be only hours old; however, the known facts thus far combined with the police experience possessed by members of the National Black Police Association (NBPA) reveal that the shooter, Officer Andrew Dutton, was reckless and shot without identifying himself as a policeman and worse, failing to give Officer Edwards a chance to drop his weapon. As has been the case in all shootings of black officers by white officers ---by example the shooting of Officer Ridley in Westchester and the shooting of Officer Young in Providence, the shooting officers recklessly mistake black officers to be criminals and then commence fire without warning. This shoot first and ask questions later behavior clashes with the caution and protocol that we as police officers are supposed to undertake when confronting individuals with guns. Furthermore, consider that coroner’s report shows that Edwards was shot in the back. Consider that Dutton’s weapon is limited to a three round burst. Six to seven rounds were fired. This means that Dutton pulled the trigger at least twice. By the end of the first burst—Dutton had to know he was aiming at a man’s back and wrongfully firing his weapon. Two other officers were with Dutton, yet Dutton was the only shooter. Lastly, after Dutton shot Edwards----Edwards was handcuffed and lay dying in his blood. The officers rendered no assistance to their dying black comrade. It was not until the paramedics arrived that Edwards was tended to. Without significant efforts by the New York City Police Department to cause officers to be more open minded, there will be many more black officers killed by fellow officers. Writer & Member: Christopher Cooper: 312 371 6752 (E-mail:; Executive Director: Ronald Hampton, 202 744 2897 ( National Chairperson: John Hayes
National Black Police Association
30 Kennedy Street-NW, Suite 101
Washington, DC 20011
(202) 986-2070

changeseeker said...

"This state trooper had ample time to think about his ignorance and how he was acting."

This was what creeped me out so much that I couldn't post on it, Field. The guy LOOKED like a storm trooper carrying out his "duties" (storm trooping) and it scares me to death. Anybody that thinks he would only do this to an African-American doesn't understand the storm trooper mentality.

As to the Christopher Cooper comment: Mr. Cooper, I would argue that at least part of the problem is encased in your line "recklessly mistake black officers to be criminals." First of all, in most cases of unfortunate premature execution, the shooting officers are killing suspects, NOT "criminals." There is, under the law, a presumption of innocence. Even if the victim was caught red-handed in the middle of committing the crime, death should not be perceived, I would argue, as more "reasonable" then.

In fact, your use of the word "protocol" reminds me that, given the many cases of suspects -- innocent or otherwise -- summarily murdered by the police rarely if ever held to any version of responsibility for their willful action, I would say the "protocol" is exactly what it appears to be: killing at whim. Shooting someone in the back could never be considered self-defense and shooting more than once could never be construed as an accident. What we have here (to quote the warden in "Cool Hand Luke") is NOT a "failure to commuicate," but a communication loud and clear that a uniform of any kind makes every day open season on African-American men. As long as that is the case, there is no rational argument to be presented and continued tragedies will occur -- on both sides.

uptownsteve said...

"If I'm not mistaken, isn't this the third time this has happened to an off-duty police officer of color in NYC in the last 3 or 4yrs?"

22 times since 1971 a white cop has murdered an off duty or undercover black cop.

Take a gander at the comments over at the New York Daily News and the racists are out in force.

"If you blacks don't want these kind of things to happen, stop committing so many violent crimes."


uptownsteve said...

Exodus Mentality,


Jody said...

Exodus Mentality says it all and said it well... nothing further to add.

alicia banks said...

excellent post fn!

what enrages me is that obama immediately released a formal statement regarding the abortion doctor who was murdered at his church...

but STILL not a peep from him about these racist killer kkkops ETC...


alicia banks said...

charlie rangel on obama's trip and killer kkkops in nyc:


lincolnperry said...

@Alicia Banks
Thanks for the nytimes article, I read article in the times yesterday that said the first black officer killed by white officer occured in 1940, nearly 70 years of this nonsense!

Here come the protest, citisen tribunal, and internal investigations for apparently deep rooten problem in nyc law enforcement cultural, regardless of what mayor bloomberg thinks!

field negro said...

Anon,I am not sure if you are from that organization or not,but thanks for that statement and the contact numbers.

alicia banks said...


my pleasure!

i expect more to call obama out as the black bodies keep falling in these INCREASING state/municipally sanctioned public executions by these gangsters in blue...

one of my fav rap songs of all time heals me:

devils in a blue dress
will villainova


Anonymous said...

That abortionist killed more blacks than the entire LAPD...
Not that there's anything wrong with that,

Anonymous said...

Abortion, I mean...

The Politics of Fashion said...

a bad week in race relations.The media barely took notice of this story but how will NYPD explain this one away? Another trigger happy NYPD officer shoots a black man several times to his death....what's new?

grinder said...

I will be interested to read the followup stories on the NYC shooting. The stories I have read seemed to suggest that the slain officer didn't follow the police protocol, which calls for undercover officers to wear their badge on a lanyard around the neck, with that lanyard being the "color of the day."

The shooter, on the other hand, was wearing a badge around his neck, displaying the color of the day. That's why I am thinking there might be an explainable accidental factor here.

The Oklahoma case, on the other hand, sure as hell looked like pure abuse and racism to me.

uptownsteve said...

"That abortionist killed more blacks than the entire LAPD..."

In rural Kansas?

Shirley you jest, my nose pickin' friend.

Whitney B. said...

I'm back from a 9 day trek to big bubbaland, KENtuckee

Well, this is how I see it. The bad cop shot at the good cop 6 times, 3 bullets entering him. So, my question is, why did he keep shooting after the first bullet hit? The next thing is that I have seen cops take down people with guns (Downtown Chicago and the South Side are full of cop action, places to witness this at least once every 2 years.) The cops I saw always said, "Drop your weapon" or "Halt, police" or something like that and the perps did or got shot.

I actually witnessed a black cop shoot a white dude almost point blank who looked like he was reaching for a weapon (which he was) after he had been warned to put his hands up. I bet they kept THAT guy off the force for a while, just 'cause.

Plungers? I saw an episode of Dragnet in my mind played out with plungers when I read that!

Deep and profound is what I'm saying!

I hate those stories about what a good egg someone was. Hitler, GW Shrub and Ronnie Ray-gun were probably good to their mommies and neighbors, too. WTF!

The guy may have made a "mistake" but his execution was wrong and he should be punished for his deed, that's the bottom line. Yes, I believe it was profiling in the worst sense.

While I was in big bubbaland I read that story of the Philly mom in the local paper. That thing stunk so bad I could smell it in KENtuckee! It's bitches like that that keep the rest (some) of us divided and nervous.

equa yona(Big Bear) said...

Of course there is an "explainable accidental factor". Black dude had a pistol and the white cop shit his drawers and pulled the trigger. He didn't set out to execute a fellow cop, didn't know the guy WAS a cop,but he didn't bother to find out. The white folk's fear of black men is one of the powerful and pervasive effects of racism. This Dunston may not have been a conscious bigot or a hater, but our ingrained systemic racism trumps conscious thought when the poo hits the blades.
Explainable, sure. Excusable, never!

Anonymous said...

GRANNY, thank you for your word's of wisdom, I hate to use the term WHITE FOLK'S, all WHITE PEOPLE did not kill that BLACK POLICEMAN, but, when a WHITE MAN kill's a BLACK person sometime's we hold the entire race responsible, this go's all the way back to slavery, each time I think their is progress, wickedness raise's it ugly head, but, that's part of the battle, GRANNY, I look at it this way, GOD know's the trial's and tribulation's of our people, but, yet he doe's not remove the THORN, the thorn is RACISM, their is one thing we as a people know, we know when one of our people have been mistreated unjustly.


Mena said...

The thing that killed me about the Daily News article was how they made this guy seem like some fairy tale prince. " The tall slender cop with blondish hair". Ok... is this an article about a murder or some sort of personals ad?

These are the keywords to let white people know, hey this guy is one of us. I dont even know why white people feign shock and surprise. They dont give a shit about Omar, dead or alive. Just one more dead and gone negroe to them. We need that Jew mayor out of nyc!

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"These are the keywords to let white people know, hey this guy is one of us."

I once read a book and the author made a few statements in it that were interesting and might explain the "my good neighbor" excuses. Here is what it said:

"I am inclined to carry it back into the beginnings of the race, back to the period of pre-historic law and to that psychological origin which antedates the records of history, in the strict sense, to that part of racial history
indeed where men commonly act rather than write. The idea of prehistoric law is that obligation exists only between people of the same blood. Originally, charitable and decent conduct was expected only of people of the same family. Even though the family was by fact or fiction extended to include some hundreds or even thousands of people, the fact was still true. The law which bound a man limited his good conduct to a relatively few people. Outside the blood kin he was not bound. He must not steal from his relatives, but if he
stole from another clan, his relatives deemed it virtue. If he committed murder, he should be punished within his clan, but protected, if possible, by his clan, if he murdered someone outside it. The blood kin became the definite limitation of the ideas of right and responsibility. This was true between whites. All whites were not members of any one man's blood kin."

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

President Obama hasn't said anything about it for a reason. His lack of speaking out right now on it is not the way it appears on the surface. He does care, and eventually, he will speak out about it. Right now, he is trying to get Sotomayor seated and is not trying to give those crazy folks any ammunition to take and twist, exaggerate, deceive, and lie about.

Those crazy folks are constantly working on and trying to figure out deceptive ways to kill his influence but it won't work. He has been well prepared for this day since he was a child, and he is going to rise up the occasion.

President Obama intends to keep his campaign promises and he meant what he said during the elections. The reason for the step up of assassination ads and cartoons and backlash is because they know this.

However, like I keep telling everyone, he is up against some folks that don't want to see a United State of America that includes every single citizen, no matter what race, gender, creed, or sexual preferences. They want it to stay a Divided states of America. The people he is up against are very powerful and their tentacles are far reaching. MSM and financial institutions to name a few are some of the main ones.

President Obama said he couldn't do it alone and needs our help, the man wasn't just saying that to say it, he meant it.

alicia banks said...


i respect you as my elder
and i respectfully disagree

obama was not "silenced by sotomayor"
when oscar grant and sean bell were executed...


RiPPa said...

@Alicia Banks:What's up Alicia, how you been.

Speaking of holding Obama accountable:

Check this outAnd Alicia, this one here is just for you:

HOMOPHOBIA & THE BLACK CHURCH@Granny: Thats not a bad idea with the white masks and that sign; it'll keep them alive. But if the cops were given plungers and they use them on Black men as they have done once in the past. At least brothers can sue and get paid for having their civil rights violated. That whole shooting thing obviously isn't a violation hence the reason it continues to happen. Besides, in this economy, brothas sure can use a check.


alicia banks said...

thanks rippa

you know i love your blog!

i will asap...


alicia banks said...

ps rippa:


i blast the black church routinely for its rabid sins and hatreds against homos and the rivers of homo blood awash upon black holy hands:

and the church folk in DC really have chosen THE marion barry as a "moral leader" against gay marriage

now that is their best joke on us ever!:


equa yona(Big Bear) said...

There you go Alicia.
"I am shocked and outraged by the murder of Dr. George Tiller as he attended church services this morning. However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence." ~President Obama

Anonymous said...

Is this a homo blog now?

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Alicia, sugar, granny wants you to think back during the elections about the racism accusation towards Michelle and Obama, the Reverend Wright episode, and Sean Bell murder all happened during the election process. After the elections the Watermelon pictures, Hannity, Becks, Rush false accusations, etc. all were still going on during the Grant's murder and a lot of mess is still going on.

Those false accusers of racism haven't let up. Those people doing the racist cartoons are so-called educated people their not poor people. Nevertheless, he is going to eventually speak out about these types of issues, and when he does, he is going to deliver a knock out punch. He is still trying to get some of the jobs filled in his adminstration. President Obama administration is not yet working in full capacity.

I understand your viewpoint, how you feel, and you raised a good point that most concerned citizens in the minority would ask.

There are a lot of job openings under his administration that need to be filled, look like people who are unemployed would be standing in line with their job applications. The thing is most people don't want to go through what the GOP is putting them through in order to get the position. No one wants to publicly be dragged through the mud.

Dr. Nuwang said...

Why is it too much to ask a Black president speak about issues affecting Black people?

Keep up the good work AB!!!

Dr. Nuwang said...

I'm not one to tell a person what to do with thier blog but as long as people can post as anon, bull$hit comments are going to continue to the detriment of this wonderful blog.

In themeantime, if there were a way to automatically ignore them without having to go through them all, that would be great!

lincolnperry said...
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lincolnperry said...

Its freedom of speech, and alot of the anon comments dont really detract from fields blog, and the substative comments and freeback outweigh alot of the nonsense.

Its the censured blogs, that dont offer balance, and varying opinions, and comments.

Try to pull up your blog.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Asking the President that question is not too much to ask. He has a Web Site just for that purpose to ask him questions and to add your comments. All you have to do is go there, post your question, and ask.

Dr. Nuwang said...

lincolnperry said...
"Its freedom of speech, and alot of the anon comments dont really detract from fields blog, and the substative comments and freeback outweigh alot of the nonsense."

I guess that depends on whether or not the cow $hit (thrown by cows of course)is being slung in your direction, LOL!!. I have no problem with freedom of speech, but the ability to post disparaging comments as anon allows people to say things they wouldn't otherwise say if they had a traceable profile.

Homo blog? Come on, where's the untility in a comment like that?

Hathor said...

For those who criticize Obama, have you emailed the White House or his website with your complaints?

Vérité Parlant said...

I like how you tied both incidents together because they are indeed linked, reflecting deadly racial assumptions. I also think what you said is true about the time difference between the man who shot the officer and the state trooper who choked the EMT. I think the latter was a case of conscious hatred and feelings of superiority of black males. He wanted to put Maurice White in his place, and one witness said she feared the trooper would pull his gun on White.

Just finished listening to you on Dyson's show. :-)

alicia banks said...


yes...and i send obama all of my blog posts that blast him
including those i posted today...since he ran in 2008



we agree to disagree

i say that obama is also a racist as his silence on ALL black issues = consent!

why are black voters the only ones who must be silenced/patient/ignored etc?

much respect and love,


excellent statement
that is the one i referenced
and i am
still waiting on a similar one re: racist public executions by police


GrannyStandingforTruth said...


"we agree to disagree"

Amen! However, I don't feel that blacks should be silenced or ignored. They should speak their mind and voice their concerns as well. Close mouth don't get fed. That's why I said what I did about his Web Site. Post your concerns and if others do likewise, I'm sure an answer will be forthcoming but more than one person has to speak up.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Now...back to the topic at hand. There is a difference in how shootings are dealt with in America. For instance, whenever, someone white shoots someone, we have come to expect the "good neighbor" or "good" comments. Mounds of sympathy and compassion for the shooter, one or two sentences about the victim, a galore of psychological excuses and request to do a research and study on what caused them to go wrong. As far as punishment goes, a slap on the wrist or probation in serious crimes where they can't come up with a good enough excuse.

On the other hand, whenever a black shoots someone, we have come to expect a thorough background check, if accused has record, it and mugshots included it will be plastered on every news stations in the USA. The accused whole family tree will be investigated, the word thugs and violent criminal will be used liberally. The whole black neighborhood will be put under a microscope with every problem in black neighborhoods being highlighted. No compassion or sympathy, tried by public opinion, demands for the maximum sentence, and death penalty if they have it.

Granny does not believe in shooting human beings no matter who they are. Life is too precious and I feel that everyone that walks this earth has a right to live in peace and free from bodily harm in any type of shape or fashion.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Off Topic:

"Tancredo PAC Backs Staffer Charged In Racist Assault"


Is the Latino community speaking out for Sotomayor? I don't mind speaking out for her or backing her up because we need to help each other. But now, her own community needs to step up to the plate and do their part as well.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


One word of advice, and you can take it for what it is worth or not that's up to you. But please when you write President Obama voicing your concerns don't use words like Nazi Obama and those other terms you've used on this blog in addressing your issues with him. Unless you want your letters to him to be discarded, ignored, and unread use tact because it goes a long, long ways. I'm giving you that word of advice from prior working experience as a government employee for years. (smile)

La♥audiobooks said...

"don't use words like Nazi Obama and those other terms you've used on this blog in addressing your issues with him. Unless you want your letters to him to be discarded, ignored, and unread use tact because it goes a long"

Granny! What are you saying? You don't know what you are talking about. Of course HE will get them. Let's hope she uses her real name, all her hundred web links and her home IP address too.

(wink wink)

alicia banks said...


i appreciate your advice

but as a comm scholar, there are times when all true comm must be completely uncensored

as a black lesbian female in america who is not rich, there has been no more frightening time to be alive

and when i call blind worshippers/excusers/masochists... "obama nazis" i mean that in my soul

their blind worship and vicious attacks upon those like me who refuse to blindly worship obama are TRULY like what i know and learned about hitler and his nazis...

i mean you no offense granny
but i have to speak as my mother and granny raised me

and they raised me to tell rebel truths like the loooong lines of my field negro kin

i will continue to cc obama all that i post both of my sites...unedited and uncensored...

i have built my media/radio legacies on uncensored rebel truths...they work for me


alicia banks said...


i was a govt employee too once

and i was a rebel there too granny


alicia banks said...

even mike dyson is coming around to agree with his wife and i about obama

see more at:

starrie said...

very tragic...i'm curious as to what the killing officer will ultimately be charged with...

grinder said...

Alicia, overstate much?

alicia banks said...


i had a michelle moment
excuse me

i am 45 and blessed..
i have felt free all of my life


Anonymous said...

dead cops ya gotta love it,when your black & join the the police force[klan]you loose your black for blue,stooopid ass negroes in blue all deserve death for joining a faggot ass uniformed club for white men not smart enough for college! good riddance & good night!
God of the perfect black 33

Daktari said...

field, I don't think it's whites not seeing blacks (in general) as people. It's more specifically not seeing black man as people.

I can't remember the last time I heard about an accidental shooting of a black woman. I can't remember EVER hearing of the accidental shooting of a black woman. Being a black man is like that old Far Side cartoon (

Anonymous said...

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